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With "Welcome To: OUR HOUSE" finally hitting stores June 12th, Slaughterhouse drops their next single featuring a hook from Cee-Lo Green.



  • Trentimus

    Someone please tell me how getting Cee-Lo on the hook is selling out? SLAAAAAAAAAAAUGHTERHOUSE

  • hiphop needs a make over

    the fad of old dance tracks being sampled is getting old and a bit corny! wiz khalfia and eminem and lil wayne ...know the group that supposed bring that real hiphop back is nothing but fail that commercially wont sell!

  • BEAN

    get a hook from frank ocean and they got a hit! this song aint getting no spins! not even in new york! shady artists cant sell! horrible single choosing!

  • ehh

    damn this track is wack as hell

  • Talksick

    meh...kinda weak

  • Anonymous

    youtube Green Nation Mafi G2

  • njd

    the lyrics are still good, its a little pop. but dont you want them to get radio play and more fans? they deserve it! they are probably the best hip-hop group thats come out in a long time.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think this is a sell out song at all? They still have fly lyrics, and this is an alright hook too, i dont see why y'all got a problem with this?

  • Anonymous

    They Didn't Sell Out, They're Helping Out The Industry & Trying To Help Them Make GOOD MUSIC.

  • fuck you haters

    This song is sick fuck you haters

  • Does It Matter?

    I love how people are saying this song is trash. Really? How many of you people that are down talking Slaughterhouse can spit bar for bar on any track? None of you niggas! So why sit back and hate on one of the hottest groups ever created?

  • Here's the thing...

    To all of the people saying this song's garbage & too mainstream & saying that they should stand up for what they believe in & make more records like "Microphone" & "Lyrical Murderers", I've got something to say: If you want to make money, cause yes, ALL rappers wanna make money. Whether it be in the mainstream or underground, they all want to make money. So at some point, either you stand up for what you believe in & remain broke, or you go with the trend. So the sad thing is is that a lot of rappers have to go with the trend at some point & time. They have to jump on a certain type of beat or they have to make a track with a certain artist cause THAT'S what's gonna help them sell their record. They have to do that, especially rappers on a mainstream label. It's sad, but it's a fact of life.

  • anon

    SMGDH fuck you niggas expect? y'all are constantly saying Slaughterhouse is watered down, they sold out or they're pop now cause of a song that has a radio friendly beat and singer on the hook? smh dumb niggas first y'all bash Slaughterhouse for making nothing but "battle rap" music and making songs with "no hooks" now you saying they sold out? I hate you dumb ass niggas yo. So what you bitches are saying is basically they shoulda stayed underground and eventually ended up washed up, forgotten and never shoulda made moves? this is their very propper introduction into the big league, they have a hit and you mad? this will/is easily the best shit on radio right thee fuck now and "TRUE FANS" are gonna rock wit 'em straight to the top.. so you punk bitch "Hip Hop Purists" can fall the fuck back. Welcome To: Our House IN STORES June 12th LET'S GO!

    • yep

      I agree with everything you said, but they shouldn't go too mainstream with it where it makes you cringe...this is reminiscent of the Lighters song off BME... At least the lyrics are on point, though, especially Crooked

    • stee

      i agree. am i crazy about this song? not really.... but who cares? the CD will probably have 2-3 songs that are more mainstream. just to give them a chance for some sales/play. and all the other songs will be the normal gritty hip hop. just skip the mainstream songs if you dont like them. but i do have to admit... that you can make mainstream music that doesnt just sound terrible. and this fails to do that

  • don

    beat is whack! I'm a huge fan of slaughterhouse (minus ortiz) but dam this beat sucks. Lyrics are tight, but I guess since the rap game is weak and all the masses are pumping minaj and drake etc they had to do this soft song. Hopefully the album is more hip hop

  • Tremurda

    This is going to grow on all of ya'll and by the muddle of June you will be walkin around singing the hook cuz it will not get out your head. It's going to be one of i'll be damned trying the joints just like Take Care with Rhianna was with Drake.....eventually undeniable Hammer Dance followed by this is a nice setup. Joe Budden releasing his song with Lil'Wayne mid June I suppose everybody will hate on that too

  • SyDeWayz

    Im reading a lot of stupid comments from people that havent done shit, i dont hear your tracks on this site!! Go out and do somthin instead of slammin people that are contributing to the game! and no this isnt the best track but at least they are putting out music that will appeal to some .

    • umm

      We're fans, not aspiring rappers, like you. Your shit will never be on here, in case you got that twisted.

  • yo

    niggas actin like this shit didnt grow on em lolllll this shit is dope

  • Troof

    LOL @ all the negative comments. Ya'll are so irrational and jump to conclusions. Fucking know-it-alls. Fuck outta here. Don't you know Slaughterhouse is signed to a MAJOR label? Of course they're going to have a song or two that appeals to the mainstream. Just because it's not what YOU specifically want doesn't mean it's wack. Fucking wannabe A&R's. I'm not saying you have to eat everything up and love everything......but understand that artists have to take risks...especially when they're on a major label...and I think this time it worked in a good way. Listen to the lyrics. They're dope. So fucking what if the chorus and beat are different than what they usually do. This is 2012. Hip hop has changed. It's not like this track is corny as fuck like Roll Up by Wiz Khalifa. This is a dope feel good track and they all murder it as per usual. Guy below me is right. Hip hop fans are stupid and whiny as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody "surprised" by My Life isn't a very smart hip hop fan. That's the formula at Shady - and at most record labels. A slick maybe-pop first single (Fast Lane, Not Afraid) and a straight-up-pop second single with a Famous Person on the hook (Lighters, Love The Way You Lie). Also, uh, have you heard Slaughterhouse's first album? The One is as poppy as My Life. Like most artists, SH is in a no-win situation with whiny b-tchy hip hop fans. If they put out brag rap, "they can't make real songs!" If they put out songs, "they've sold out!"

  • Anonymous

    are you really gonna be listenin to this shit in your car? no its corney as fuck

  • NV80

    Hey Eric..... They are holding a class called hiphop 101. I think you should attend.... Best in the game....LOL

  • Anonymous

    None of these dudes can do a album by self. Not hateing but that's real talk

    • Anonymous

      You're a fucking clown. Joell's The Brick destroys everything you could've thought about while writing that shitty post of yours. Fall back, idiot.

    • hello

      U sir are a retard Death Is Certain by Royce is better than your fave album

    • hello

      You sir are a retard Death Is Certain by Royce is better than your fave album

    • hello

      You sir are a retard. Death Is Certain by Royce is better than your fave album

    • Anonymous

      Joe Budden Mood Muzik 4 was an incredible album (I think he called it a mixtape but lets be real that was an album pretty much,) and Success is Certain, Street Hop, and Death is Certain were all great albums by Royce..

  • Anonymous

    They really shouldnt be on a beat anything like this..slaughterhouse should be dark or full of scratches..

  • KidOnTheCouch

    This is like listening to a team of sidekicks. All this shit needs is a feature from Memphis Bleek, fucking call up big boi for the remix and that high yellow dude Busta carries around. Weak track take that shit back to the hospital and say it ain't yours.

  • Eric

    y'all weak with the bad comments...the dudes are the best lyrically in the game right now by far!!! Bars for weeks!!!

    • Anonymous

      Black Hippy would lyrically slaughter these dudes any day of the week, and they actually know how make music instead of just writing verses.


    If the album full o corny ass shit like this ima delete the torrent 4 sho

  • NV80

    LOL I cannot people jock hiphop like this.... The beat is so trash and song is flat and boring.... As for Cee-Lo hurry up your gonna be late for the voice adam levine is waiting....

  • oprahsUGLY


  • Reece

    This is a straight up T.I. beat. You know what I mean? Sounds like something that could've been on Paper Trail

  • Cealix

    lol y'all still bitching over this track and saying they sold out? Did y'all forget what happened after BME released Lighters? You fucks complained and said they sold out as well! And what happened? H:TS was lyrically better than WTT by FAR.

  • Anonymous

    This is wack sorry nice try . beat is weak

    • DjZZEro

      Bro its not about the beat all the time. This dude lyrics killin most of the mainstream shit we hear now a days anyways. It makes up for it.

  • 313rd

    this beat is so cheesy

  • michigan

    here goes the radio jam they needed to get more fans fucking with them. I can't wait for this Slaughterhouse album to drop

  • tracerONE

    Can't wait for this album. Shady!

  • Anonymous

    as much as we all wanna hate...they need radio songs...this is a good radio jam...i jst hope this album isnt like yelawolfs CD or eminems recovery...with mad singing on the chorus?...that is not cool...and we def. do not need songs like this from a super group dat says they hip hop! but this song is good..for a mainstream song?? come on now... crooked killed it!

    • stephenp

      Or maybe because their fanbase doesn't buy their albums (last album sold 44k, hammer dance didn't take off), they need to get listeners who will actually pay for their music.

    • Anonymous

      Why do they need radio tracks? To betray their real fans to gain the support of all the dumb 15 year olds who listen to this type of shit?

  • tristan

    Nice song, need to ask this album for my birthday (2 days after the release of the album :p) it's funny, in 2011 Bad Meets Evil released Hell: the sequel on my birthday and this year 2 days before my birthday Slaughterhouse release an album :p Shady Records 4 ever!!

  • Anonymous

    Eminem totally picked this gay ass beat

  • Anonymous

    They are above this. This feels slapped together to market to a wider audience like everyone else has been saying. The only one that sounds comfortable or natural on this beat is budden. They should be pulling out more visual concept driven material like "Stan" That would suit them way better than this.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree with the budden comment..crooked rode that shit.

    • S6boy

      I disagree with the "slapped together" comment as i feel this is actually a good song for what it is.....however i totally agree that they should be looking at more concept driven material to crack the mainstream. It does seem abit of a cop-out to release a pop type track for radio play. As an out n out hip hop group they should be looking at more creative ways to get a hit and ultimately widen their audience.

  • Anonymous


  • paperboy

    no group out there fuckn wit them not mmg or young money n im talkn bout lyrical wise

  • Anonymous

    This is straight fire, we all know they great spitters, now they finally startin' to make real songs.

  • Balla

    This is a high class song, you blue collar niggas wouldnt understand......

  • T real

    This is one of those tracks that sounds better when you listen to the whole album straight through. Y'all haters wish you was these niggas.

  • Anonymous

    not bad considering its purpose. Some people know they can spit bars, now they just trying to grab the wider audience that never heard of them lol. Well lets see if this scheme works. In the mean time im still listening to their first album for the less pop types beat.

  • r.c.

    this shit is lame as fuck lmao...they got bars but they cant make dope songs at all. they all lame individually....swaglesshouse. they like the niggas in the hood that rap and can spit they as off but when you look at em you just be like man this dude so lame lmao

  • Brizz

    Think they spittin dope as usual but the music is too pop for me, hoping for some grimier stuff on the album. 3.5

  • jake

    man that verse from joell ortiz reminded me of how eminem spits. had that feel that eminems verse from no love had..kinda just kept going and never let off the gas the whole time..this song is pretty incredible im feelin it

  • King

    this song go hard the beat could have been better but it was made by cee-lo green what more need to be said

  • sean

    FUCK slaughterhouse, i think they blow ass. cee lo is pretty crap too but hes got a great voice and some good tracks. this song though, i really dig it. i was expecting to post a comment totally hatin on SH, but i did this a lot. and no i aint some mainstream fanboy, the only ish i really ever listen to is Strange Music

    • Anonymous

      strange music sucks, fag. its for mainstream fans who want to think there hardcore. tech n9nes caibou lou is not the most lyrical rap. thats called party music, pussy.

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    This knocks. That snare talks to me and the synths and pads are full, I think this is a good lead single. Possibly.

  • AjReys

    Glad to see Slaughterhouse showing some versatility. We know they can all lay down mean verses over a grimey beat they got a 100 of them, this album needs to show some growth and their ability to make SONGS. As far as this song goes...i like it, impressive lyrically and Cee Lo was catchy on the hook hopefully get some radio play. Solid 3

  • tek

    They already made the song n it's out so stop fuckin' complainin'

  • Anonymous

    This whole thing with people hating on "radio" jams is getting ridiculous. In music there are different genre's. In hip hop there are different styles. With different styles come different preferences for different people. Some people like hip hop with instrumental beats, some like gangster beats, some like raw beats. One hundred percent preference. What can be scrutinized and should be scrutinized, is what is said as far as lyrics in a song. That's what makes hip hop and this jam has a nice beat, sick flow and great lyrics. So if it ain't your style, move on to the next one ..

    • tron

      radio is bullshit. to each his own though but this poppy shit nowadays isnt hip hop, there's no lyricism just methaphors for swagg and stupid shit. i fell in love with the personal aspect of it. saying how you really feel and not just some bullshit just so people will like it.

    • Respect

      Respect and truth... If only everyone understood this.. too many stupid people in the world.

    • brehll

      finally sum1 speaks the truth...respect


    Yea NO FUCKIN SHIT they have to make a record for radio but it doesn't have to sound like this!! This is absolutely, complete utter shit! Come on Shady Records, WTF is wrong with you? I can't even believe how bad this is. What a goddamn joke. YOu can still make an ILL ass single that is both commercial and dope at the same time. This is far from it!

  • Bizzalls

    MAN WTF?!?! I KNEW when I first saw "featuring Cee-Lo" this shit was gonna be fucked up. What the fuck kind of beat is this for a Slaughterhouse track? This is absolutely pathetic. Shady can do wayyyy better than this, comethefuckonson.

  • Anonymous

    the new bravehearts http://youtu.be/1dTo6IhJEeo

  • Anonymous

    this is growing on me, cee-lo is cool for a hook but the beat is way too mainstream to me. Lyrically its still good and I think good for the radio, if this makes it on the radio, it could make lyricism cool again rather then just punchline rap/pop bullshit like Nicki and Drake.

  • Anonymous

    anyone who still thinks slaughterhouse isn't "mainstream" is lost. and there isn't any problem with being "mainstream," just put out hot rap, which they do

  • Ortiz

    This is my motherfucking life my life Oh yeah Catchy song,great song,great artists

  • Joshua

    NIce considering it's purpose.

  • ReaperCro

    SlaughterHouse!!!!! Verses were on point!!!!

  • Juan


  • b

    I mean honestly,I love Slaughterhouse but I wasnt that impressed wit this single. HammerDance was more in my lane than this. Im just not a guy thats really into mainstream radio friendly HipHop but I do understand that this a business and the point is to sell so Im not mad at em...wit that bein said, Im still very confident that they will bring the heat when the album drops in June...

  • DjZZeRo

    Not sure why people are hating on this track? I know it's more pop than the rest of their songs. But it's a way to reach out to a bigger audience. As long it has the lyrics to support the pop/mainstream beat i'm all up for it. Everyone should know once they signed with shady they had to sell out a bit in order to get some sales. Just be glad they aren't souljah boy making shitty ass songs. Just be glad for good music! one love.

  • Richie Rich

    Don't usually comment, but THIS IS S.H.I.T.

  • One Son

    Hot Joint...Funny reading this comments, the same ones dissing the song are the same ones downloading and won't support...You can't blame them for reaching out to a broader audience when people like you won't purchase.

  • Royalb100

    Love crook on the hook this song is fuckin crack especially for a radio hit! I'm buying this album without a doubt

  • thefucking retardedinsane guy

    radio shit right here, hammer dance is better

  • Gunn Starr

    this is so fuckin terrible its not even funny. I knew from the moment they signed with shady they were over. This may as well be am not afraid pt 2

  • come find me

    i hate 808s its ruining the rap game. what the fuck happened to the boom bap? these shitty ass beats are breeding one dimensional rapping. i like slaughterhouse alot but this seems a little to pop for me.

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      I feel you, but it works for this song. This song makes a statement when it plays, the drums make it distinctive, those snares are running laps around the verses. That's production.

  • Anonymous

    This shit is fuckn stupid dope!!!!!!! Fuck who better than these dudes no1!!!!

  • Ha?

    Come on, son. I thought they were joking and the beat was going to switch up. But ti didn't. wow. Hip Hop LOST when slaughterhouse of all people are rapping on some 808 with the double time flow. Everyone can't fit into the same box.

  • Anonymous

    All of their deliveries are unreal. Great song.

  • fruit

    jets fly private, s5 hybrid, test drive my whip JUNE 12th support hiphop

  • Raider707

    hottest shit out. love these guys

  • suave colione

    they gone change the game

  • fredipito

    this is too pop for me, too radio type of beat. but i guess they are happy, they deserve it, and its honest music not fake.

  • prewoz

    Radio or not. I'd rather hear this than wayne on my station.

  • teddy

    this is my muthafukin life!! slaughterhouse june 12th support lyrical hiphop

  • Anonymous

    cachy & hard at the same time

  • stan

    embarassing to hip hop!? no ymcmb is embarassing to hip hop get your shit right

  • stan

    This is how you make mainstream music none of that basic dumb shit

  • donald bowden

    love this song,grab my ear from the beginning of the track.plus the lyrics are on point as usual,got to have the album.shout out to SHADY

  • Anonymous

    Nice, can't wait for the album

  • Gangsta Jibb

    Look out for me, I'll be on the album!

  • aniggnigg

    wtf is this shit... embarrassing to hiphop



  • pigface

    summer anthem..slaughterhouse killin everything..june 12th

  • Anonymous

    this is not about selling out. it's about music. Cee Lo is great but his hook based on "this is the rythm of the night" is as corny as the original song. Like it was the only thing they could come up with.

  • k-bo

    hope slaughterhouse didnt get on that corny shit for the entire album

  • Anonymous

    this albums gonna be amazing. the lyrics r sliiightly watered dwn on this track but hopefully its not like this thruout the whole record. but overall im really liking this album.

  • Jose

    Nice SH is legit. It's obvious who the target it audience is I respect that.

  • Anonymous

    this the kind of song that gets ya pumped the fuck up before a game.. 4.5

  • Yessir is a faggot lol

    Bad SH track, good radio hit. Why hate? They just want they're other music on the album have a bigger audience. It's only right.

  • allyallstupid

    man im so proud of these dudes....they made it

  • kurtz

    love it. hope we get this on radio

  • mr.x

    Cee-Lo was a rapper in Goodie Mob. "Big hip-hop fans" should learn some hip-hop history... Cee-Lo is pop? Listen the Cell Therapy, and after that you can say bullsh.. things.

    • phuckyall

      I approve this message. Cee Lo is lyrical giant listen to the whole Soul Food album. I fucks wit the Gnarls Barkley r&b pop shit he does also. They was goin for a big sound wit this jawn. I highly doubt the whole album will be like this... And this aint that bad

  • Anon911

    You same haters were listening to POP music singles before Slaughterhouse decided to do ONE... go find your favorite mainstream artist song catalog, you'll find a pop song...

  • realness

    probably the best song i could imagine hearing on the radio..SH destroys any other rap group.....groupie fans/stans won't accept it....haha they will eat their own words soon

  • LV

    i mean its not the best slaughterhouse song ever, but if i heard this on the radio (which i wouldnt, because i dont listen to the radio), i wouldnt turn it off. quit bein fuckin haters. Its obvious what they were tryin to do, let em get their buzz... nobodys favorite eminem song is "Shake That Ass" but you gotta do songs like that to get people to buy the album... all yall "hip hop heads" and "purists" are just gonna download it and bitch about it anyway.... 2/5

  • ETK

    not liking this track, and I don't like Cee-Lo Green... much. but they're tryna hustle with a radio single and I respect them for that, still gonna check out their album and any turncoat sumbitch who just gave up on them because of one song needs their pussy split

  • 3Street 1 Lord0

    "Yo deez niggas is haters" *Jay Z Voice* you got damn back packer hip hop purists need to shut your fuckin mouths.. fuck your comments. see your way off this page yo.. how you really gonna be mad that Slaughterhouse dropped a DOPE "radio" record? for real.. y'all mad that their winning, finally foh.. an stop blaming Em too you fuckin retards Slaughterhouse already said he gives them 100% creative control.. so stop that bullshit. It's dope take it for what it is. Be happy for 'em and celebrate this big win they 2 an 2 right now with this an "hammer dance" Let's Fuckin Go!!

    • Anonymous

      Celebrating life and success, a thing miserable haters can't relate to. Well, I could give a fuck less what they like or not. Slaughterhouse is completely right with moving on, you please these unthankful fucks for years with your music and then they turn your back on you. But Slaughterhouse doesn't need them, they don't buy albums anyway. Look what the last 'backpack' albums sold.

  • Anonymous

    slaughterhouse showing they can do any type of song!

  • The Observer

    sad there won' t be no HRSMN no more...you kids are left brainwashed into believing this is the hottest rap group in hip hop....HRSMN were the only hip hop most quotable...if it was their song, comments would be quoting either lines from Canibus, Ras Kass & Killah Priest. thats something you don't see with SH....coz they making Juicy J, Wocka Flocka type of songs

  • The Observer

    they should change their name to Hoe House - this shit sounds as corny as fuck. like some Britney & Christina Aguilera shit...the only person that fits this song is Joey

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly what they need to be doing, SH doing big things this year


    Fucking epic! 10/5 stars

  • @Mardigraz718

    This joint is crazy! I already anticipate the small minded hate. How come everybody else can make music for radio that isn't half as good & get less shade but just because it's Slaughterhouse, automatically it's the worse thing in the world? & LMFAO! at the idiots sayin Cee Lo ain't a rapper! WTF planet did you just arrive here from!? Do the knowledge! Cee Lo one of the illest breathin from out the south! Damn! Save the hate for where it belongs! Go to a post about one of the hundreds of weak asses YOU allowed to be on top by not supporting great artists like this! 5 stars just because!

  • real talk

    the people talking shit are the ones that wont buy the album no matter what. its a SINGLE for a album not a mixtape joint!!enjoy it losers and stop crying they sold out. your broke ass living in a basement isnt buying the album so who cares what you think haha



  • Shady 2.0

    Yea....not one of my favorites but least my fav group showed some diversity cause real rap doesn't get the buzz it used too. 4/5

  • fjalksdfjls

    This is a good song! of course they have to have make a song for the radio they are signed to shady records. the album will be crazy.

  • mal 617

    Like slaughter house, but fuck this radio bullshit

  • Anonymous

    Shit seems like some gay ass american idol song

  • RealHiphop360

    The chorus is mad corny....I thought it was Ortiz signing the chorus....

  • liger05

    This is a shocker. Keep it real SH lol. Best Rap Group in Hip Hop? Rhyme Asylum!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Slaughter Mob

    Man its just like J. Cole said, it's easy to put out a radio single LOL the rest of the album will probably be crazy...but i do have one question...didnt Royce diss Cee-lo on the cypher??? "get off the camera with ya b-roll bling you know ya flow is wack" ring a bell?

    • Slaughter Mob

      First off, when did i say Cee-Lo was a rapper?? And 2nd my bad for asking! Damn! When i hear him directly say Cee-Lo that makes me think he's takin a shot at em which i could care less about cuz i dont fuck with Cee-Lo lol but Slaughterhouse is my shit...kickback a bit homie...

    • SOB

      first of all Cee-Lo's not a rapper...2nd Cee Lo and Royce know each other from way back since they did "Politics" ...so no that line isnt about Cee Lo

  • fdf

    Slaughterhouse track : 4 radio track : 5

  • drob

    this shit is corny as fuck

  • Anonymous

    This shit is so dope

  • Bigg Mike

    Why is this rated so low?? I would probably have given it 4 stars BUT...to make up for some of the hate I'm giving it 5.

    • Anonymous

      no need to get so mad over it. people doing it all day on here with their favorite rappers. and voting 5 by default is no worse than all the guys hating on slaughterhouse since they blew up.

    • Anonymous

      wow. dickriding faggot. making the rating systen even more corrupt than you claim it already is. and how the fuck is a 3.88 low fucking moron. isnt that .12 from your original rating? but you give it a perfect score because you think that's low? not only does you logic make no sense but its clear that you dont know how to judge music. fucking groupie.

  • YungTeezy

    Slaughter killin it right now

  • YoYo

    So the "backpackers" gettin mad the Slaughterhouse decides to throw 1 song into the mainstream ring to get publicity? yall fuckboys are disgusting. A mainstream beat and yall go nuts. Expand your horizons and learn to enjoy music for what it is. Shit just dont revolve around what the fuck you think it should be. The Em and Slaughterhouse showin that real rap and real lyrics can make it in mainstream. To change the game, you first gotta play it, and thats exactly what alot of these new lyrical up and comers doing. grabbing mainstream by the horns and forcin new shit down its throat..

  • Jay

    LOL @ all ya'll backpacker fags claiming Slaugterhouse sold out. This track goes hard!

  • Anonymous

    As a Hip hop head I wounder why I it seems like some focus more on the beat and the flow but not on the lyrics that are being said and the meaning behind them. 4/5

  • Jason

    Slaughterhouse needs to put Tech n9ne and Eminem on a song for this album. They worked with Tech before and Eminem is going to be on this album with whole shady 2.0 obviously.

  • sean

    5* great track. SH can go in any route. call it pop or wack whatever u want. songs like this just show the diversity and flexibility or these rappers.

  • JJ

    Come on yall, please stop dick riding. What the fuck was so lyrical about this? Flo-Rida does songs like this all the time and people hate it coz its too pop. And I hate Flo-Rida but this is not lyrical.

  • Anonymous

    Word I don't want to hear powerhouses like these with the lyrical capabilities they have too be on shit like this. The album needs too be like there mixtapes. Still love em but man

  • cantevenstop my groove

    Sorry not really feeling it sounds like some backstreet boy shhhhhh

  • Anonymous

    no thx, I'll listen to Nas instead

    • Anonymous

      lmao. every member of slaughterhouse would murder nas on a track with ease.

    • Anonymous

      Daughters was alright Black Girl Lost 2 sucked and the Don was pretty boring.. This > NaS 3 latest tracks easily.. NaS still top 5 all time though...

  • Anonymous

    not a sellout, just a platform that will attract the masses to find lyricisim

  • That snow globe dwellin hobo

    kinda sucks

  • Neighborhood Playa

    Slaughterhouse is probably my favorite group out now... but as soon as I heard the beat drop I realized this is one of those "this is not us... we just need to sell units". meh.

  • Brenda

    They double time way too much now. It's played out. Enough with the pyrotechnics, just spit bars. And I don't mean punchlines. I mean shit that is relatable and has some replay.

  • Young King

    I love how you lame ass Hip Hop purists call Hip Hop Artists sellouts as soon as they wanna move their music to a bigger platform and take their career to the next level you niggas are corny, unbelievable and obviously ain't real fans. who doesn't wanna see their favorite artists win? this song is dope and definitely a smash it's as close to a "90's" hit you will get in this generation, deal wit it. you dumb niggas forgot? B.I.G. did the same fuckin thing, so why you bullshittin stop bitchin and do what you should be doin Celebrate.. Hip Hop's winning!

    • Young King

      haha. Exactly fam.. SALUTE. Hip Hop's winning with these guys right now.. don't know why these simple minded dudes can't be happy for 'em i just don't get it yo.

    • BearClanSoldier

      Yeah, these *purists* go from fans to haters when they hear a one song. Keep it flowin', haters...yeah, lets never mind what they are really doin'. Bringin' lyrical rap back. An' that one fool gonna say that double-time flow is played out...tha music from Cash Money an' MMG is played out...

  • crack

    this is crack, i hope their album sells the units it deserves to

  • jaceshadoe

    SH's 1st album was strickly for Hip Hop Heads, rap fans, SH fans, fans of pure lyricism. SH's 1st only was only for a specific audence, their 2nd album will prob. be more universial so they cann reach an broader audence.........not only to sell more records but what every artist wants to do....MAKE A LIVING OFF WHAT THEY LOVE DOING.

  • Anonymous

    Not really feeling this. This is one track on Welcome to Our House I will be skipping.

  • czr24

    Crooked I best rapper alive

  • Anonymous

    This is a hit, no doubt, but that "boyband" comment currently stands true. I'll still check out the album.

  • ItsTheTruth

    Votes are either 5's or 1's, you either love what Slaughterhouse is bringing to the game or you think they're lame/overrated or whatever. I'll give it a 4. For a radio single, this isn't bad at all. I'd wait to hear the whole album start to finish before I start judging/criticizing.

  • hustlehard

    get the new book Hustling On The Wrong Block only on amazon


    This exactly what i expected ta hear wen SH signed to shady, sampled pop/dance from da 90's with massively corny hooks, but good luck to em, i not a hater, its an alrite track, goona be a big hit on dancefloors errywere. I still take original beats & no hooks over it anyday o da week. & Royces bars were shiiit on dis. Dont call me a fanboy now but this makes it more regretful that Razzy left tha HRSMN

  • gnigga_pleeze

    i guess when ur on interscope you gotta make some compromises smh. ill hear this in the club and reflect nostalgically on the songs microphone, sound off, raindrops, etc. no matter how dope the lyrics are the beat is everything i hate about modern pop culture when i go to clubs. and with interscope behind them this is sure to be one of those songs. not the lane i was hoping they would take to get their style on the radar. and im not hating im dissapointed. i was hoping these guys would bring lyricism back to mainstream but instead people gonna buy this track alone and ignore their gutter shit. in fact lil waynes gonna freestyle over this and thats gonna sell more then this original. sigh 2/5

  • Anonymous

    anyone who says this is pop is just saying that because of the beat and can not listen to lyrics and feel the meaning this song is dope

  • shut up

    you guys keep sayin pop....its pop but that doesnt mean its not hiphop? It used to be cool for Dr Dre to do a record with Mary J Blige? how is that concept any diffferent from this? Its called urban cross over and its not selling out until the whole album is like this. I guarentee they did this to get on the charts as a business plan for people to buy their record when it drops. This may be the only song on the album that isnt complete hip hop...get over it haters.

  • rob

    This song is a HIT! Stop fucking hatin! Kill ya self

  • The Greatest

    It's pretty funny how a group of such talented artists can make such an awful song.

  • bluntch

    This song bumps in the whip.... Girls do like it... just saying.

  • tom ruch

    idk about the song. Im kinda disappointed that they did a song like this. Its kinda more like pop and not really hip hop. but it is kind of a feel good song

  • jrebel

    some of yall are worse than a group of cooped up housewives. The joint is good message, not a great song imo either but whatever gtfo

  • Justin Case

    I like their solo work, but as a group these guys have no real chemistry and this song is corny. The beat sounds too Recovery Em. The only reason why these guys linked up is because their solo careers were going nowhere. They might see a little more success now as a group, but they make better music as individuals imo.

  • Anonymous

    pop? listen to their verse. listen to it with an open mind ya closed minded suckas. their verse are about them celebrating making it. its a glory song. great song. this song about triumph. everyone has their own taste but dont say this is pop. cee-lo green is an amazing talent. they are rapping their heart up. years of grinding now they got a label backing up their essence why not celebrate it??

  • Corny Shit

    I like all these guys. But their group is fucking boyband. I been saying this...

  • Blove`1250

    The min a group show their versatility there called sellouts WTF!! yall mf's are crazy you don't like a song bcuz of the snare? lol the song is dope it's a celebration of them making it! I'm sure the album doesn't sound like this. @blove1250

  • Anonymous

    Very disappointed again...Hammer Dance was so so and this one is horrible...you can crossover and still be good but this shit is unbearable.I'm not a hater like I can read through this forum: I just like hip hop from the heart not this calculated pop sound

  • ShystyOne

    Love S.H., not sure about this one though. Give it some time I guess.

  • Anonymous

    Why does Tech 9 have more $$$ than all these bums? Why does Doom do whatever the hell he wants?

  • Mr. Ironic

    It's ok....but god dam the backpackers are out in full force with the hate... smh

  • Morpheus

    Hip Hop fans need to smarten up. If artist spent their entire career trying to keep an underground sound, they would stay broke. From now on, when you hear artists with potential create songs like this, think of it as them fishing for ears, not just the 100 ears who are die hard for them and anti-social, but those ears that have social lives and jobs and happen to hear slaughterhouse on the radio, those same ears that say, "Damn, people still rap? Guess I'll start listenin again..." But of course, if you hear their skills fall off, then yeah rip them a new one

  • Anonymous

    Slaughterhouse , dope songs like lyrical murderers, Salute, whack mc, move, onslaught microphone and more. This track is noowere near that, the hook is corny, and they all sound like there uncomfortable on this joint. Eminem fan boys who think not afraid, and love the way you lie are amazing tracks will feel this more then anything. Hopefully this is the wack jonit, cause so far hammer dance, monsters in my head have been cool.

  • Anonymous

    jesus, crook knows how to rip a mainstream beat. he was PERFECT for this. joell not bad either, he's usually my least favorite of the four. at first I thought there wasn't going to be a royce verse and I was about to be PISSED. anyway, great song! can't wait to have another slaughterhouse song to bump at parties/ while drinking. 5 stars.

  • Anonymous

    LAUGHTERHOUSE what a fucking farce. Motherfuckers too stupid to pick the correct words so they just vomit up ** everything ** all at once-- yeah, that's a "problem" alright. Joell should have listened to moms and opened a tire shop.

  • RobOowee

    SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!!!! I like it, it shows there versatility. The way they rode the track was like it was specially made for them. June 12 its going to be a problem.

  • Deewoodz

    I like it, it has that crossover appeal yet stays true to lyricism

  • 80sbaby

    wut up with these dirty south snares thats in all music today it sounds like shit. i was expecting NY beats from SH not this bullshit 1* rhyme skills always on point though

  • j

    Thats still real lyrical for radio. Much better then some B.O.B.

  • Haters Seriously Die


  • Christopher Wallace

    Fuck is this pop-ass beat? Hammer Dance was so much better. Crooked still went in though.

  • Anonymous

    I swear they were just making fun of songs with this type of flash without substance production on their last album. Sell-outhouse

  • 905

    this is brutal...a fucking monkey could make this beat

  • beezlebud

    basically they need to work on Energy and Chemistry coz in all of their songs im not feeling it's because of those 2 things its because they feel emailed in even when they arent and that's not a good thing, it's like their tryin too hard to be something their not and it makes the music feel forced n like their not really having fun making it, I dont get that feeling listening to Wu Tang Clan or Naughty by Nature

  • beezlebud

    anyone who thought they werent gonna sell out the second they signed with Shady is delluding themselves, this is the same cat who went from Infinite to Ass like That this wouldnt even be that bad a song if they actually had some chemistry together on a song but they jus dont, this joint still feels like their e-mailing verses in compare this to the chemistry of a group like Wu Tang, Naughty by Nature, ATCQ, Money Making Jam Boys, NWA it's just not comparable as solo artists I love these cats MUSICALLY but c'mon they havent had an ill track together since Move On, they need an album of Onslaught/Move On level joints not this poor attempt at a crossover, Move On could of easily been a crossover hit with good marketing

    • Anonymous

      Ding Ding Ding-- these clowns, whatever one might think their merits are individually, have ZERO chemistry, ZERO charisma... I think Crooked could have made nice solo records but the rest of them are proven bums... Buddens a has been, Joell a never was with an extremely irritating voice, Royce an alcoholic living off Em's Proof guilt.

    • Amen

      Couldn't have said it better myself.

  • Stunner5308

    Not my favorite SH song, but I can ride to this, and like another poster wrote...my girl likes this. In this day and age you will not get any spins or sells if you cannot reach the female audience. How/Why do people feel they are making a compromise with this song. Cee-Lo is a revolutionary at heart who has achieved pop-success.

  • nasirjones

    i'm a slaughterhouse fan,as a group and as individual artists..but wasn't feeling this one.. but still makes me laugh all those pussies that claim slaughterhouse is whack,they'll say anything to discredit this group that they'll soon run out of excuses to hate..

    • Anonymous

      Every record, every verse that Shady pays $$$ to promote on this sight (all of which is billable against the artists, btw) is another reason to "hate."

  • andrew

    damn crazy amount of haters on this page. i dont get half you nerd. if you hate slaughterhouse why did you click the link and play the song? hell outta here go put drake on and sing while you look in a mirror. its a pop song cause cee lo is on the hook?

  • Nasstill@it

    Mother fucking old heads still hating, not a big fan of these niggas bt this shit is fucking dope. We can't go back to 86 niggas...its time you old heads realised what time it is. 4 stars.

  • Mystikal The Rapist

    dope, beat to poppy for me

  • Anonymous

    How is this rated so highly? Yet more proof that Shady fans know shit about Hip Hop.

  • Anonymous

    like it, great song!

  • jimbo13

    Let me start by saying this is a single its meant for the radio its gonna be 'pop' or 'sellout'. They are never gonna sell any albums if people cant hear them or know anything about them. They gonna make dough of this single and get people that dont like hip-hop buying there shit, my girl likes this. As long as the album is half as good as there first its gonna be dope. Slaughterhouse are lyrical monsters they cant do a whole album like this. Must say tho beat bit to loud cant really hear them rap but hey it will be on the radio and i dont listen to that its full of shit lol

    • Anonymous

      Genuine artists don't care about selling records or being on the radio, don't make excuses for this trash.

  • redbob4444

    give a fucks wut yall say ur jus tryin ta hate now this shit pop and it still bangs yall go back to suckin off ymcmb

  • G-Bee

    I don't care if you get a pop singer on your track, just don't let it be Cee Lo Green.

  • KINO


  • Anonymous

    u know whats funny...Royce said many times that they want this album to sell...and u guys should understand u cant sell no motherfuckin album without 2,3 songs like this and u cant sell the album with Dj Premier's beats all over it...this album's gonna be a mixture if u ask me...i dont know why yall bitchin about ..the rest of the album is gonna be nutz...i see yall forgot about HammerDance and The Illest

  • ffager

    Damn the flipside of a great group signing to a major

  • I Love Orange Juice

    you fucks talkin bout no slaughterhouse i knew they would sell out this sounds like pop bullshit they're whack now.. really need to get directyl thee fuck outta here.. cause obviously you're not fans all i'm getting from you niggas sayin that shit fo real all you niggas are sounding like you mad they got a hit. you mad they're winning finally. whay don't you bitches do something productive and suck on ya mommas tittie.. smh faggot ass Hip Hop purists..

  • Balllin

    good song stop hating

  • disappointed

    Joell fan since '07 and big Slaughterhouse fan. This is not their best work. I hope that the rest of the album doesn't sound like this You guys are breaking my heart

  • falhas

    Slaughterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhouse, in ur faces, dRAMAAAAAAA, kings, guess who's BACK in the businesss, cant stop listening, damn, fuck shit, , fuck cant wait to get 2 copies. SOLID TRACK , everthing fit, nice production

  • dontbetouchy

    Every proper Slaughterhouse fan will say this is weak as fuck!..im shocked,it sounds like a beat that didn't make an eminem album....hate the chourus I knew this would happen!!! after i heard yelawolfs poor attempt at an album i knew this would happen to slaughterhouse aswell come on guys stop hyping up wack songs just because u like the group!! im a huge slaughterhouse fan but this and hammerdance is not good enough this doesn't come close to tracks like microphone and teardrops

    • dontbetouchy

      erm ortiz verse wasnt unbelievably good,budden and crooked always do well lyrically and i didnt say it was WEAK! i said not good enough and i dont think its good enough!! the chorus for hammerdance annoys me....i think its a step back for them to have a chorus about dancing with a gun on him im worried about the rest of the album its gonna be one of those cherry pick a couple songs off album....not purchase worthy!! im white and im sick and tired of rappers making songs clearly directed at white people...because who buys albums more than young white girls and boys?? no one!! ask eminem!!

    • Are you retarded

      I agreed with you until you said hammerdance was weak........all 3 of their verses on there were so unbelievably good words cannot describe it, especially joe buddens verse.

  • hazey

    Slaughter house killin it again!

  • t3ch

    why is it everytime that someone gets major, starts getting known names on a track everyone starts hating for it... These dudes the best in the game, if you cant admit it, then your opinion probably doesnt matter... As for Royce being on Em's dick, theres nothing wrong when someone stays respectful for people that help get you somewhere... Look at the big rappers in the game, the ones that are succesful, they never went around dissing the guy that helped them through... Fuck that shit

    • jack johnson

      Actually i like Cee-lo, its the fact that its auto tuned and on a shit beat and they're all doing double time flows for no reason. Cee-lo is a great singer he doesn't need auto tune, but they did it anyway coz they're trying to sell out, sad thing is this single will fail and if they keep this up they'll lose the few fans they had

    • Anonymous

      What's wrong with Cee-Lo? Dude is dope as fuck but this hook is corny. 76 5 star ratings means that the shady stans are out in full force, this song is trash, Em & Sh know this too.

    • t3ch

      If anyone other than Cee-Lo did this hook, nobody would of said shit... their flows are sick, song goes mad, 76 perfect 5 ratings should be enough to tell you that your head is up your ass if you dont think this is a good song...

    • jack johnson

      knew someone would make an excuse like this, its not coz they're on em's label now, its coz of how this song actually sounds. I know there are royce and em fans that want these guys to blow up, but you can't just pretend you like wack music like this, face it, this beat and chorus is horrible and their flows are on that lame eminem recovery stuff

  • MacRob


  • Anonymous

    Using many words doesn't make you "lyrical" you goddamn retards. These jerks use more words (quantity) in one stupid battle rap than GZA (for example) used on all of "Liquid Swords"... ... Which is more fucking "lyrical"?

    • Anonymous

      Lol at J-M-C, Meth, Rae, Ghost, GZA & Deck would absolutely murder any memeber of SH still to this day, you're an idiot to think otherwise, Shady fans don't know shit about Hip Hop.

    • J-M-C

      Another Wu tang dickrider wishing wu tang was still intact and rapping yeah in your minds no body will ever surpass wu tang's "standard" get each of wu tangs dicks out ya mouth and out ya ass they aint rappin no more, they're no longer relevant by the way they aint fucking with slaughter's flow and could never come up with the same kinda punchlines with that ill word play. So go keep listening to wu tang with their scientific mathematical nerdy raps and stay the fuck out these forums if u aint got no love for the best group in the current game SLAUGHTER FUCKING HOUSE!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      the fuck are you talking about? their verses arent that long on this track you clown

  • Anonymous

    Only "Battle Cry" fat fuck Joel Ortiz has is when gets to the drive-in and finds out they're close. LAUGHTERHOUSE = dogshit music for dogshit people. This is abysmal, even if Royce is too drunk on Em's cum to admit it.

  • mr.x

    These haters love the Lil's and Young's, Drake, Tyga and they talk about pop shit??? Their best rappers are clowns in teenagers clothes, with awful lyrics. SH made 1 radio song, just 1, with a good lyrical flow. These so called rapper Lil's do pop songs daily, for money - with horrible flow. Idiots!!!!!

  • ya'll some fucking


  • John

    They will spot you from a far when your a stand out ....... A drunk fourth grader iI mean a loaded 9 If you tired Listening to Liars ....... Joell Make your clothes look like they were designed by bullet holes and shoe prints ....

  • John

    Fire 5-5 Why is there so Much Hate? I'm 29 yrs old from Detroit Royce Joell Joey Crooked worked their way to this position ........ They are not shitting on their integrity or creativity by making a cross over lyrical hip hop song ?.... Royce first platinum single was Lighters he ate real good off of that track it was lyrical fuck outta here with that it's commercial shit that's like saying Mc Hammer sold out back in the day he did not he was the first one that wanted to get money Now everyone does what hammer did back in the day..... Okay so Two chainz can be on the radio all day with those wack raps and be commercial ? But slaughterhouse can't make a lyrical radio friendly track with Bars Crooked Killed Joell Killed Royce and Budden split that last verse and killed ........ Real rap for the summer kids I was born in 1982 Im waiting on that Nas Album in July.

    • Anonymous

      its funny, people who say shit about "songs with meaning" are usually faggots dickriding nas, and dont realize that nas hasnt made a meaningful song for years

    • jack johnson

      these guys have a bad habbit of thinking saying punchlines and rapping fast makes them lyrical but it doesn't. who cares if they're lyrical i'd rather hear some music with meaning, some good beats and some meaningful verses that have good rhymes, not verses that are about them being lyrical

  • Sam

    You fucking retards! Some bitches are sayin that Slaughterhouse suck now!!!!!!!!!!! ONE RADIO SONG AND U CUNTS START CRYING!!!!! MORE LYRICAL THAN ANY1 IN THE GAME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Porter


  • Anonymous

    House in the hills, thousands and mill's Getting wild in the field with your spouse in Brazil On ounces and pills, how does it feel? To count dollar bills that I found off skills enough said

  • Luzh

    Not a bad song but its not a good look for Slaughterhouse

  • yocuz

    Why you guys hate on radio songs? I bet anything your favorite rapper has done the same. Theyre just trying to do the same thing as everyone else, sell records and make money! Damn hipsters

  • yocuz

    Ive listened to this song a few imes throughout the day and I think its dope.Its perfect, The hook is dope ceelo is awesome, and great rap all throughout. I dont understand the hate this is that shit. These guys have been putting in work and I hope it pays off

  • 3Slau1ghter3

    SMGDH fuck you niggas expect? y'all are constantly saying Slaughterhouse is watered down, they sold out or they're pop now cause of a song that has a radio friendly beat and singer on the hook? smh dumb niggas first y'all bash Slaughterhouse for making nothing but "battle rap" music and making songs with "no hooks" now you saying they sold out? I hate you dumb ass niggas yo. So what you bitches are saying is basically they shoulda stayed underground and eventually ended up washed up, forgotten and never shoulda made moves? this is their very propper introduction into the big league, they have a hit and you mad? this will/is easily the best shit on radio right thee fuck now and "TRUE FANS" are gonna rock wit 'em straight to the top.. so you punk bitch "Hip Hop Purists" can fall the fuck back. Welcome To: Our House IN STORES June 12th LET'S GO!

  • EliteSPR

    Who's out right now that is better than anyone of these dudes or has the potential to be better? No One!

  • Anonymous

    stop bitching about it being too commercial...the lyrics are dope. the song is dope. it's too poppy, it's not hard enough, blah blah blah...if the album sounded like the last one or was in the same vein, that is what would really be disappointing...pop your head out of that little small shell you live in and just fucking listen to it for what it is. a good song. goodbye.

  • besttoeverdoitperiodnoquestion

    haters gon' hate for sure, but it is refreshing to hear a radio song where the listener is obliged to rewind to fully appreciate the lyrical artistry

  • oldschool4life

    this is more dissapointing then yelawolfs radioactive album.... I really hope Em didn't produce this. I like it when they don't have chorus's especially when there putting bullshit like this. God forbid this actually make the cut when the album drops. I thought these guys would never sell out....

  • Anonymous

    sorry but slaughterhouse is wack now... lets give it up guys

  • Anonymous

    I fucking DARE someone raise their hand and say they like Joell Ortiz' voice or think he spits ** ANYTHING ** real unless I missed the verse about how "hungry" he is when White Castle is closed?

  • What is this?

    This song is alright because the beat isn't good. It doesn't sound like a Slaughterhouse beat if they are trying to go commercial than it's over for shady records. Eminem has been crappy and commercialized he has lost his touch along time ago. so if he is making decisions like this beat than get him the hell out of there and tell him to go make a song with bruno mars.

    • yocuz

      He needs to get working with dr dre exclusively again

    • oldschool4life

      Sadly enough I agree with you. Eminem needs to be challenged by someone or he'll never get that spark again. I hope redman disses Em that battle would be crazy good and I bet Em would actually put out good music again

    • Anonymous

      cliche, predictable, unintelligent, non-contributing, played out, 8th grade catch phrase. congratulations.

  • Joey

    There is no pleasing some of you fucks, man. Slaughterhouse gotta do what it does to make some kinda pull. Songs not even all that pop. yea its got a synth in it and a singer but they still FLOW, and spit something real. get a grip, and stop losing your shit everytime you hear something with a synth instrument in it. damn.

  • Mags

    Yes it has radio written all over it. BUT. They still rip their verses.

  • ym sucks

    Although not the best from Slaughterhouse it is still 100 times better than anything coming out from YMCMB



    • Anonymous

      this doesnt even fucking make any sense

    • Anonymous

      Funny, because you're calling Slaughterhouse sellouts when Drake is already a sellout. Your quote of " never sell out, but will sell out" is one big stupid-ass fucking contradiction.

    • @YESSIR

      Nigga, nothing you say is real. You're just a YMCMB dickrider who trolls this website constantly.

  • Anonymous

    Hint to Shady street team: true heads ALWAYS thought LAUGHTERHOUSE sucked. Four desperate dispshits who failed alone come together and fail even bigger. Wait until they see the accounting for all this bullshit 'hype' also. Yah, Joell, can't imagine why you're still a 'free agent'!!

  • Anonymous

    Sandusky >>>> LAUGHTERHOUSE

  • Hater


  • 2 all u sh fans stickin up

    these dudes are following trends, not creating their own, this is pure crap!

  • Elite SPR

    This is what hip-hop is about. These dudes can be on any type of track and still be lyrical. They never watered down their music theyre just evolving!

  • Tell it like it is

    Man there is just no pleasing you hipster fags, first you're sick of hearing them do the hardcore battle raps and when they branch out and diversify and do something different and fresh you deem it watered down or them selling out. Get the fuck outta here with your miserable asses, this song is sick as fuck and even though it's radio friendly it' STILL more lyrical than everything else out there. Fuck the hate, stop menstruating and just enjoy the good music 5/5 stars

  • JPipe

    Fuck what y'all talking bout they need to push this track across the board

  • Jayton

    "Hell yeah. A new Slaughterhouse track!" "WTF is this!??"

  • Cealix

    Someone PLEASE name off a few LYRICAL AS FUCK rappers that have a dope radio friendly single.

  • Anonymous

    im feeling this one!

  • r 000

    its like they made enuff underground songs for yall for free lol let them reach another level for awhile i think their album will have both underground and pop songs mixed together. but i realy doubt they would stop making real shyt all together.their letting main streem get rite again just by them listening to that they will find other songs

  • Slaughter206

    I hate all you niggas yo.. 1st it's the "fuck you eminem you watered slaughterhouse down" than it's the "this was a weak attempt at trying to be pop" and lastly "fuck Slaughterhouse, they sold out" all y'all GET THE ENTIRE FUCK OUTTA HERE.. what the fuck kinda fans are you.. you bitches always got that " i liked it better when i was one of the only ones who knew about Slaughterhouse and when they were underground" mentality smdh a true fan would be happy they made it like this.. happy they're getting this exposure and i extremely hate you bitch boys talkin bout they went pop or are going pop.. you niggas have no idea.. i could understand if it was Lil wayne "Carter 2" to "Rebirth" type of change but man... there's just no pleasing you ungrateful fucks. you don't like it coo.. but don't go on a rant about how they sold out or are about to sell out or they're watered down going pop just express your short to the point opinion that you might not like this one song.. and move thee fuck on.. simple.

  • B..

    I am speechless right now... Please tell me this aint gon be on the album!!! NO SLAUGHTER NOOOOOO!!!

  • swphillyp

    damn!!!!!!!!!!! im raging on the inside. this fucking piece of shit hurt my soul.

  • Edcali7

    Produced by who ? Em ? Boi-1-da ?

  • yo momma

    ho's run to the bone and they far fetched *buddens*

  • Mr Flamboyant

    The infamous "radio friendly/aim for the spins" record. At least it could have been good. This isn't. Not saying this will be indictative of their entire album but this sure isn't a good start. Just let cats do what they do and do that to the fullest and it's all Jesus. It's time to change the culture back to what it was.

  • Anonymous

    I would be able to handle this if it wasnt for the hook being so long, the verses are dope, joey and crooked killin it with content, royce on point with the flow

  • Anonymous

    Not bad. They need a radio song but the " rhythm of my life" hook is played though I even found a beat with that same hook. Better beat too.

  • Anonymous

    I understand making a radio friendly single, but the fact is slaughterhouse doesnt have mainstream appeal even if they make songs like this.. so why bother with the radio single when even this isnt gonna get played, may as well stick to hammer dance

    • 123kid

      I agree man but i think dis was jus like an experiment dat jus was an absolute failure. I dnt even think Cee-lo/Slaughterhouse is a good collab, they should've used a different singer. But I think da best thing they can do to go mainstream is jus feature Em on da hook. His last albulm was really mainstream so he'll kno how to make a good hip-pop song.(not to mention his huge fanbase)

    • Anonymous

      the thing is, what is a "good" radio single? its rubbish like rack city and pop songs that taylor swift and co make.. only and em jay have the fanbase to make decent radio hits that are decent rap songs..instead of trying just stick to what got you your deal, make money off tourin coz the climate now means dope rappers aint sellin SHIT

    • Mr Flamboyant

      And this is the best point I've seen. I never understood why people don't think along these means. At least make a radio single that's actually a good song.

  • Anonymous

    Yall need to chill and realize hip hop does not need to be some raw underground beat and no hook...

  • Stan

    This is a 3/5 for Slaughterhouse, that said, its 5/5 compared to the other shit on this site. Respect

  • Anonymous

    ...fuck you eminem

  • trizzle

    God forbid anyone make a catchy song. This is hot. On point for a first single. Sell out? No! Sell records while keeping still making solid music? Yes.

  • Young King

    SMDH it did the shit again... wtf yo. what I think: trolls, strictly ymcmb fans, and underground heads.. y'all can see your way off this page. "fuck the underground, i do it for the ones who's up and ain't tryna dumb it down" - Royce.. y'all acting like Slaughterhouse is about to sell out or some shit. this is what they need right now something for the radio and to appeal to people further than their core fan base and it's not a bad song at all. FOH.

  • lantz

    if they spit them verses ta some premo beat er alchemist beat u dudes would be like lyrics is in point lol

  • Anonymous

    LAUGHTERHOUSE!! Hey Joell, pay your child support!! And leave some food for the rest of us.

  • Young King

    wow this weak shit didn't post my whole message basically trolls, strictly ymcmb fans, and underground heads..

  • Anonymous

    Crooked I just murderd your fav rapper

  • Young King

    Yo trolls, strictly ymcmb fans, and strictly underground heads..

  • Anonymous

    sounds like joe like's young money.

  • Anonymous

    too many haters, this for radio bitches

  • Joe

    its ok bandwagon fans...Ive been a fan of all of these guys individually since wayyy before slaughterhouse (except crook and joell i started bumpin they shit in like 06-07) Its ok to admit how horrible this song is. Poor attempt at a mainstream single with a throwaway recovery beat...enoough with this PLAYEDDD OUTTT stadium music. Eminem doesnt have an ear for beats like he used to..he said nicki minaj is one of the best rappers out. As much as people wont admit it...Em is out of touch, and slaughterhouse has yet to realize this because they seem to like worship him. This shit aint good homey

    • Anonymous

      Em is out of touch to an extent but surprisingly still makes good music... and this song is really good so idk what you are on about.

    • Joe

      And DONTT give me the record sales argument because Em could sell even if he sang rnb for a whole album..he has the most loyal fanbase

  • Anonymous

    more pop rap. watered down pop beat. where is the hard shit.

  • Flaming Faggot Train

    this song is the sh#t!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm actually glad they've gone more commercial with this single - people complain when Slaughterhouse just jump on a beat and spit and they'll likely complain now too. Crooked is King.



  • yerrrr

    crooked is just incredible. Hes flowing to this beat crazy but aint leave content behind. The left eye side kick line as ridic. He toys w words so easy most people fallfor the fast flow no content on these types of beats, crooked bodied this

  • Gabe-Real

    Man, I guess it's a good track to promote the album like on 106 & radio sh*t, but on the REAL - weak as f*ck! Hopefully this is the only track on Welcome To: Our House with any singin on the hook! Kidz need that hard ass shit we had on the the 1st album they laid, lyrics are ok..and hopefully this isn't the official down fall of the House!

  • l loc

    they no this shit hard thats why so much hate

  • Tha Reason

    It's def not there best shit...but It's a radio Jam...and I rather have them in the mainstream then 2Chainz,French Montana and Gucci Mayne.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone that hates on this song is a hater!!! Slaughterhouse fans need to grow up. The lyrics were on point as usual, the only difference may be the beat but remember they are trying to reach a different audience now yet maintaining their lyricism. If you hate this song, go eat shit or dive off a cliff, head first!!!!



  • Cealix

    Aww....are hip hop fans mad again? Mad cause SH is trying to bring in a larger audience, instead of regular hip hop fans who are stuck on one style? Mad because there's a catchy beat in the background? "Pop is just a short word for Popular" -50 Cent

  • lloyd

    this really isn't bad lol...the lyrics were good and i actually like Cee Lo :P

  • blah

    Imma fan of Slaughterhouse and even I cnt defend dis horrible record. Smh, none of these guys are mainstream so y even make a song like dis? I guess u learn tho from failure and they will learn, this was a terrible idea. It's gonna be heard for them to create a big mainstream record tho so they're prolly just experimenting. Dis tho,WAS AN EPIC FAIL

  • Anonymous

    And to the SH fans mad about this song and Hammer Dance.. remember their tracks before the last album... They gave us The One (a crossover song with good verses,) Wack MCs (a song with a club beat with good verses,) and Woodstock (a hip hop track.) This tie around they've given us this track (a crossover song with good verses,) Hammer Dance (a club beat with good verses,) and The Illest (a hip hop song.) How exactly is this any different... oh wait its because they are signed to Shady and its the trend to hate on Eminem now.. Besides This song > The One The Illest > Woodstock ..

  • The Man

    The song's not that fucking bad, give it a break. Remember they need to make a money, they're going to sell fuck all albums if it gangsta song after gangsta, there needs to be some of this shit in there.

  • Anonymous

    Check out this underground guy i found, he needs some comments and likes/dislikes my fellow hip hop heads http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daEyxzhZ7KU

  • Anonymous

    Rofl at this 1 troll (MAYBE 2) that posts 20+ comments on every SH song about how bad they are and reuses the same joke every time. Trolls you are supposed to piss people off, not humour people with your stupidity.

  • Anonymous

    what a fucking trainwreck... nice tattoos on these assholes though!!

  • Anonymous

    Dope 5 Fucking Stars Fuck The Haters



    • BIGED


    • rdcj

      Yeah maybe at making "radio songs" but when we talk about lyrical Hip Hop they blow Young Money out of the water. They are real Hip hop artist not like the POP artist that you dig. Even when they try to make a pop record like this the rip it like very few can. This real hip hop son so you stay on MTV.com or whereever ignorant fans go.

    • Royce

      Chill out son this just there radio single for the sales the real shit comes June 12th. Stay tuned be patient.

  • chris primmer

    dis shitis jus disgusting...in a good way lol. jesus that was the most fucked up track ive heard dis year

  • anonymous


  • no one cares what you think

    this doesnt sound like anything they've done previously which means they're evolving as a group. if ya'll thought they were jus gonna do gutter street shit on thier major label debut then you are retarded. and they RAPED the verses on this shit. wait till the album drops tho everyone hatin gonna be bangin that shit OD. HOUSEGANG!

  • NYYstateofmind

    crooked i is so wack when he raps by spelling shit out. he has the most talent, but he lacks the emcee skills to put him on the top.

  • Anonymous

    Uh O Slaughterhouseeee Leggo OMG this right here is about to take the fuck off cant wait till the album drop.................. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5WCC5PLVmo

  • Jay

    I dont give a fuck that they make a DOPE commercial single.....but this shit right here is horrible. They tried wayy too hard to sound commercial on this and definitely sounds like a throwaway recovery beat....Boi Wondas wack ass prob produced this lol

  • Anonymous

    I understand the negative review, but i think those views are missing the essence of the song. I will buy the album as they are expressing a feeling. That being this is their life and not yours, support it if you wish. Music is art never forget that. If you dont understand, that is fair, but congratulate someone for their achievements otherwise recognise when people do the same to you you have no leg to stand on. Hammerdance

  • mylifeohyeaaah

    *Hi Haters* *Bi Haters* Slaaaaaaaaaughterhouse!

  • Tyrannical T

    For a radio single sound, you got to appreciate Slaughterhouse's lyrical approach

  • Anonymous

    man, I really like SH but they need to come with some better shit for a single..

  • Anonymous

    sound of impact of a plane crashing shits on this one can't believe anyone would 'defend' this dogshit ain't gonna be a hit either oops

  • Anonymous

    Asher Roth's / meek mill's mainstream tune shits deeply on this one.

  • Anonymous

    only the dumbest of Shady 'street team' asslickers pretend this isn't utter crap on EVERY level. 1) this won't sell DICK to women-- nor should it. 2) just when I thought these guys couldn't be any worse than the four-time loser bums they already are... WOW!!

  • Anonymous

    Should've had a verse by Cee Lo instead

  • Anonymous

    They have to have joints like this if they want to sell.. All you REAL HIP HOP heads is broke as shit and aint buying shit.. If this can get spins it will be a hit.. 4 Stars.. Sell hose records SH..

    • Anonymous

      exactly, wu tang dont need to sell cd's or downloads. ever herd of touring? thats where the money is made, and merchendice n shit. unless slaughterhouse make some t-shirts they aint making wu tang numbers.


      Lets see how many records Wu sell when they next drop, I guarantee its not going to be high. People aint buying albums no more, only dudes doing high numbers are Em, Wayne, Jay.

    • Anonymous

      ever listened to wu tang clan? how many tracks did they do with fuckin yechno pop beats. and they are the biggest hiphop/rap group of all time, and will always be. and yeah, this aint getting spins, if they were going to make a pop track they could of sampled something better.....worst beat and hook EVER

    • u confused

      this isnt getting spins

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahaha seriously? sounds like it should be a bonus track off recovery (worst hiphop & eminem album ever) THIS IS POP LMAO THEY SAMPLED 'THIS IS THE RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT, i actually cant stop laughin.....shit fuck this music. 1/5....

    • Anonymous

      i kno what u mean and i suppose i am putting him in my top 5 based on SSLP, MMLP and the eminem show, i kno what u meen about rakin and canibus and other sick rappers like az n shit, but they havnt made 3 'classic albums' from start to finish, like eminem has. he will always be in my top 5 becuase i will always listen to them albums. you said there were countless better mc's but i dont think thats true, eminem still has barz, but its just the flow what gets to me....and again, the beats he chooses.

    • Anonymous

      idk if he would be in my top 5...There's countless better MCs. Although with the production backing him he makes better music than nearly every MC except kanye. Can you include those albums to his music and say he is top 5 or are you not including them and just including his best work? If we were all judged on are best work then canibus and rakim would be in everyones top 5

    • Anonymous

      not afraid and lighters wer equally weak tracks. eminem is still top 5 in my opinion, based on his 1st three albums, not including infinite. i will always listen to them albums, tracks like rock bottom, brain damage, remember me. eminems old radio friendly tracks wer my name is, the real slim shady, shit like that. so i dont understand why he feels the need to change his flo so much, and pic pop beats for his album. i hope eminem isnt on detox (just thought i would add that in) him and dre dont have it no more. relapse had nice beats, but the accent pissed me off. GO ON YOUTUBE and listen to eminem and proof freestyles back in the day on 'tim westwood tv'....actually, just type in eminem freestyles. his flo was soo sick and his lyrics wer sick. i dont understand why rappers what start making weak music dont just listen to their old shit and say 'ok so thats why im one of the greatest' ect. fuck recovery fuck pop fuck hip/pop

    • Anonymous

      The beats were somewhat popish but they were still good..... Not Afraid wasn't bad although it wasn't really good either.. If you want to complain about pop beats talk about LIGHTERS that was horrible..

    • Anonymous

      IMO relapse was he worst effort....Encore and recovery probably tie joint second place though. For the so called best rapper ever to numerous stans to have released three utter garbage albums such as these puts things into perspective. No matter if it is the same rapper who gave us MMLP and the eminem show. Nas gets grief for releasing nastradamus which is mostly considered his worst album but apart from that he has released above average to downright classic albums.

    • Anonymous

      recovery is 100% eminems worst album....FUCKING POP BEATS. and im not a fan of his new flo, i didnt like that hell: the sequel shit either. that ep/lp should of come out when they 1st did bad meets evil. and did you hear 'im not afraid'.......most homosexual song ever made. this is eminem, one of the best rappers EVER. and he made an album full of tracks like like.

    • Anonymous

      Recovery worst album ever? Are you a joke... Recovery had great lyrics and was actually deep... Your Never Over.. Going Through Changes.. Talking To Myself.. No Love (Lil Wayne wasn't even terrible for once) Come on. Ems worst is Encore and thats far from the worst album ever (although its pretty bad)

  • shady

    This song is dope and perfect for what it is, a radio ready single. Slaughterhouse all day. Royce n Crooked be killing anythin moving

  • MyName

    Would be dope if this got big, great song

  • Anonymous

    Our house is going to be an awsome album you can tell they have a range of stuff from this track to hammer dance there is variety its not all going to be the same and with the influence of em i hope they make so much damn money they deserve it also fuck young money and to the dicks on here if you dont support the DOPE lyricism these guys are showing then you dont support REAL hip hop

  • Anonymous

    royces flow was impeccable yet again over all a weak 4 though

  • trooth

    pop rocks.... i'll give it a pass if this is the only song like this on the album.

  • Anonymous

    not the best Slaughterhouse has to offer still worth 5 stars.

  • Anonymous

    That TLC line at the end of Crooked I's verse was a good shout out too Left Eye.


    SHADY RECORDS bitches, fuck YMCMB, MMG And good music is all about SHADY/AFTERMATH . take over begins

  • Hank

    don't like it but don't hate it either...if it gets them better exposure then they've done their job

  • jaceshadoe

    Not bad, rather hear an Cee-Lo Green collab then any other popstar collab anyday. This is pretty good.

  • saul

    kiddy rap to the fullest..very lame cheesy rhythm of the night chores come on man!