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A few hours after taking the stage on The Voice, a reunited Goodie Mob release their new single "Fight To Win" on iTunes.


  • Darius Bobo

    I love Goodie Mob since 95! Glad they are back

  • Stakk

    I'm feelin this track a real motivator. Of course it's different it's a. Hangs some people can't deal with change in a anything! Change is good and yea I listened to goodie mob way back then it was hard denna bitch, but understand that people evolve and being different is a gift I'm excited to hear this new album welcome back goodie mob

  • Anonymous

    They can just stop calling this Goodie right now, this aint sh!t. I had to dig out Soul Food over this last winter, wheres that passion!? guess I'll just stick with that and say that old Dungeon Family is dead and gone...dudes grew up, started acting and lost that fire.

  • CallingItWell

    I can dig it.

  • Mrobe

    After watching the performance it seems more like Cee-lo's group mates from GM are just out to supporting him. At least the guy is calling himself Cee-lo again :). I miss the old southern dungeon family and wish they would bring it back but it ain't gonna happen.

  • RellyRell

    They need to link back up wit Organized Noize.

  • AtlHoe

    Different but dope!

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    Lighters in the air...

  • jay

    yes it is pop. but it is refreshing. why should they sound like 1995?

  • ADE

    Song is not hiphop or goodie mob...but the song is not bad.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this one is just a song to start a buzz before the LP drop...no rap and just Cee Lo singing? I want soul food not pop Gnarls Barkley shit...

  • Stop Hatin

    Yeaahhh... This isn't a Goodie Mob song... Cee-Lo is obviously trying to get some money in his homeboyz pockets tho. SO... If you support Goodie Mob, go support this song. It's just that simple.

  • nickrazor2000

    Holy Shit! This is not a Goodie Mob song, It is a cee lo song with some guys he used to know talkin at the end. Its not even a rap song!?!? I thought they were gonna take it back. I dont know what that was. It is not looking good for the new album

  • Anonymous

    How was that a Goodie Mob song? I didn't even hear one verse

  • Bryon McCane

    And HiphopDX way to spell check....GOODIE MOB!!!!! Not Mobb!

  • Bryon McCane

    FInally. Been waiting over 10 years for this moment. Goodie MOB coming with a fresh new sound. True Cee Lo was featured but they need to get the buzz going then once they do the 4 horseman will ride again! Goodie MOB 4 LIFE! ATL 4 EVA!!!

  • hmmm

    Wow... I mean it's cool, but this is not at all what I expected a throwback album to sound like. They didn't utilize Cee Lo as a rapper, they went really pop with it.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^ LOL, I wasnt being literal man, I guess sarcasm really doesnt register as well online as in person But you know what I mean, Cee Lo out here livin the life and there all but forgotten, I'm sure they want to get a decent check out of this


      CTFU @ living on public assistance...I hope that was joke, GM one of my all time favorite groups. Hate to think that the guys who delivered the music that they did, would be doing so bad

    • Anonymous

      LOL, what did you expect, Cee Lo lives in a mansion and the other three are on public assistance, of course they want Cee Lo's pop fans to buy it, its the only chance they have at making money