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FYI, French Montana got hoes. Another Coke Boys / MMG collaboration off the new "N*ggas Wit Coke" mixtape.


  • Word

    You looking for that blazing,classic,raw hip hop? You u need to check my dude kaotik aka Bruce reignn out. He got a tight freestyle out now available for free download along with more amazing hip hop!! http://kaotik.bandcamp.com/track/dj-akido-freestyle

  • mega

    im a fan of real hip hop as well.i hated on french for a minute. he sucks lyrically, but his flow comes correct and the beats go hard. some strait hype up music.

  • Anonymous

    Worst song on this site. I rather listen to nials on a chalkboard than this wack nigga's attempt at rap

  • Anon902

    Five for the haters, Five for the Loyal... you haters are Loyal...

  • Anonymous

    people need to start understanding that sometimes music is meant for you to bob your head to, not to be inspired by the lyrics and shit...this one dude was right, if kendrick lamar got on this track everyone would wyle out ohhh k dot killed this shit 5/5 nigga 5 all day..fuck outta here, i love kendrick but i like listening to this shit just to get psyched up again, bob your head, laugh a little..when you're listening to kendrick you're focusing on lines you can quote and tweet..APPRECIATE THE MUSIC

    • Black Man From Brooklyn

      but french is only 1/3 of the song. the beat is dope, wales verses were dope and french was whatever french is. so 2/3 of the song goes in my eyes and people cry like they wanna hear introspective shit from a guy who is from a crew called the coke boys. some shit u listen to just casue it goes.

    • Lets Be Real

      Sorry but it hard to just bob you head to this weak shit.The doesnt psych anyone out. It only infuriates most real MC who had to grind just to get in the game just to have wack music like this being blasted instead of music that they put their blood,sweat,and tears into. Face it, French is a Wack.

  • Anonymous

    Beat is catchy. U faggot ass niggaz just hating b/c its frenchy but wale saved this song. 3/5. If K.dot got on this beat, ur gay niggas gon give it 5. smh

  • Haters

    This song ride all y'all need to stop hating an go get you some money cause thats what they doing

  • U Need To Pray 4 Talent

    For the love of God, Please stop rapping. Please....Lord have mercy

  • kumar

    this is fckin' terrible

  • Anonymous

    whao!!..no comment

  • WHY GOD WHY!!!!!!!

    Oh My Good this has to be the worst song ever in creation. Is he trying to be like another garbage rapper named Future. Wow!!! He cant write a hook, He cant come up with any new topics for songs.You took a classic song like C.R.E.A.M and butchered. You and your crew should rename yourselves U.N.A.A.J (U Niggaz Are A Joke) Mr Potato Head needs to get a ghostwriter or something cause damn that sucks. Stick to fluffing Diddy's balls and wiping his ass.