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After taking offense at certain lines in "Grew Up Fast" and "Purple Rain," Diggy fires back at J. Cole on the diss track "What You Say To Me."


  • Anonymous

    the best f u j cole

  • GroGreen&FighttheMachine

    Its kinda hard taking Diggy serious, though you have to give it up to him. I may not like his style, but he is definitely able to put it down on paper. I imagine these 2 verses will appeal to the younger hiphop generation, not b/c of D's age but b/c the song is just empty for a diss.. someone says diss tracks & I think Hit em Up or Ether. From beginning to end each bar is murder. In my opinion, 15 years after the RZA Told you MOFOs "you Cat in the Hat ass rappers You Dr. Seuss, Mother Goose, simple minded Stop runnin up on niggaz with all that wack shit".. and even today I would say that is 95% of hiphop and rap today.

  • OH you mad cuz I'm stylin on u

    Beef just aint what it used to be. Don't know if its cuz im older or just think that ether was the last diss track with substance. Diggy merked cole on this.

  • Anonymous

    Diggy's flow is a complete no. Fuck You for going at J Cole ! No life ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    This little nigga better watch himself, i'll ground this lil boy myself lol , he like 16 tryna come at a dude that would kill him in a real battle, SERIOUSLY. Cole just talkin about a jawn that he messed wit, so what how many rappers do that all the time. I never liked diggy flow, he needs to talk about high school and dating like a lil bow wow FOH. COLE WORLD NO BLANKET

  • Anonymous

    These J Cole fans r funny. J Cole is not running around terrorizing rappers like that. But this was a funny diss, kind of light but funny

  • 5253

    get out who do u think you are u sound like a little punk ass 3 year old beef with someone at your talent level wait for cole to spit fresh rhymes about your awful music COLE WORLD

  • AJS

    Straight trash, Cole World ain't phased in the least.

  • Real Talk

    This would be the lamest beef ever, Diggy is 16(sumthin like that) and J Cole is around 24ish(Too lazy to go check) but yea man, no denying that this is a good Diss Track with a legitimate beef since J Cole did mention Vanessa, who knows if there is any truth of them fucking, but I don't think a man should be beefing with a youngster, it be more fitted if Jo JO came at J Cole, even tho Jo probably cant spit as good as Diggy, but that would be a better match up.

  • LOS

    if i was j cole i would smack this little nigga lol diggy kinda killed him, cole can come back though

  • A.M.

    J. Cole can be the better lyricist if he actually tries, but Diggy has a serious chance of beating him. This song shits on Grew Up Fast and Diggy's mixtape Airborne is way better than J. Cole's album. Granted J. Cole's mixtapes are unfuckwithable and are fucking classic, but Cole has changed up his style and is now more commercial with it. So Diggy might actually outdo him if they do beef forreal.

  • Anonymous

    Both these niggas are wack. This is a pussy ass beef, lmao

  • Jay

    Diggy got lyrics but i jus cant get into him for some reason. and cole prob did hit vanessa, how the heck he know. so he sound kinda corny even addressing it to me. and cole will murder him lyrically

  • Tony Mack

    It was a hot verse. Diggy got at him.

  • ldfkj

    hes talkin about jcoles clothes and look at the pic.wtf is this clown wearing?not a bad diss from wat i heard.lost interest and concentration

  • Anonymous

    i think people havent realized this song is old. listen to what diggy is sayin. He made mention of J. Cole never dropping an album. Here it is april. cole dropped in september. this shit is mad old

  • Anonymous

    Diggy just ended his own career.this Diss was not bad but he just dug his own grave straight up. Worst career move ever

  • emass

    Diggy Swagged out on this..No you don't have to fake a struggle to be nice on the mic..He's being himself while everyone is Dick riding...1X for Diggy...What u say to me???? Huh

  • Yup

    LOL! Diggy told the truth about Cole's boring flow. Dude got lyrics but don't spit them right AT ALL!

  • Anonymous

    Diggy: 1 J Cole: 0 I'm a Cole fan but Diggy just gave it to him... there's no denying that. As for J Col responding, he better. He's used Diggy in 2 songs and now he's going to leave it a dead subject? Nah he can't do that

    • AJS

      Haha uh yeah he can and probably will. Responding won't do anything for Cole. This so called diss isn't even worth a response. This is right up there with the worst of the worse diss tracks of all time.

  • Anonymous

    J. Cole and Diggy Simmons flow is very similiar

  • Real Talk

    Diggy could spit, but no one can ever fell him because there is no struggle, like most rappers rap to make it out the hood, he can choose any school to go to if he chooses not to rap, but he got lyrics, This is actually not a bad Diss track, the second verse he went in. "Shirts don't fit, long arm no sleeves" LMFAO I know y'all see J.Cole with them small shirts, I like J Cole matter fact J Cole is one of the rappers that I listen to on the daily, but I don't feel the need to reply back if I was him, it was a good Diss, but J Cole would look lame if he replied

    • 2Cool

      fagot ass nigga

    • Real Talk

      @Real LMFAO you mad bro? whats with all the caps? Look nigga where in my original post did i say that this was not a good Diss Track? Where did I say J.Cole grew up a hard life? Nigga take the tampon out your pussy and take some advil cuz you acting like a bitch on her rag. All I said is that people will always look at Diggy as the lil spoiled kid on "Runs House" LOL Did you even read my post? The first 3 words are "Diggy Could Spit" WTF is you on? I need sum ASAP

    • Anonymous

      @ 02 spitter He went to college off of a academic scholarship, not a basketball one... he wasn't good enough to do that haha. But I agree with you man, also j cole's mother was a drug addict, so he definitely grew up with some struggles. Just because youre from the struggle doesnt mean you have to be uneducated, thats the kind of stuff that keeps you in the struggle. Diggy went in on this one tho, the line about his tiny jackets is so true too.

    • 02 spitter

      @ real You can tell This ignorant bastard don't know j Cole, just wants to run his mouth, just cuz he went to college don't mean he had an easy life, cause you ain't know boy went to college off of a basketball scholarship, and just cuz his momma bought him a beat maker don't mean he's rich, 50 cents momma was a prostitute, bearly had money but still bought him one, same with jay's, kanye, etc. the list goes on and on. Fact is even though most artist were poor the one thing their parents bought them was a beat maker so that doesn't mean shit or have nothing to do with being rich or poor, it's a music thing. Cole got no need to answer him, good diss but the whole beefs bout some illusion that Cole fucked his sister which isn't true and he never said, in the same song he even gives diggy props and says he'd bring him on tour with him and educate him bout the rap game Sometimes you ignorant ass illiterate niggas need to read between the lines and think before you speak... As for diggy, boy needa get his mind off Cole and worry bout his low ass record sales,...worry that Atlantic records don't drop his bitch ass

    • REAL

      Are you fucking kidding me??? J COLE WENT TO COLLEGE, J COLE IS NOT FROM THE GHETTO, J COLE GREW UP WELL OFF, HE'S DOING THIS SHIT OFF OF A BEAT MACHINE HIS RICH WHITE MOTHER BOUGHT HIM..WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?...What struggle has J Cole had? You listen to J Cole daily??? GET OFF HIS FUCKING DICK AND STOP BEING SO ONE SIDED. I don't give a fuck where anyone is from, this is a good diss song, point blank. Fuck that extra shit...There are no "buts" or excuses...The song is either good or garbage, and in the cause it's good.

  • toby

    The Simmons sisters get around lol. Diggy needs to get used to it. Rev Run needs to tell his kids to stop rapping. http://lovekarmaloop.com

  • Anonymous

    Prep school beef

  • Anonymous

    diggy shut the fuck up. you sell sum records stop liven of the family name and see how yoy get on !!!!

  • ItsTheTruth

    Canibus - Fail Charles Hamilton - Fail Diggy Simmons - Fail If you're irrelevant or not up to par with whoever you choose to diss, it won't work. You just look more irrelevant and lame. You could spit the most sickest 16 at Jay-Z and all he has to do is not respond to make you look stupid. And that's why J Cole hasn't responded to any of these clowns, and I'm not a fan of any said person, including Cole, but Cole is more relevant than the rest.

  • AP

    "Geez, you are such a dweeb, even your shirts dont fit long arms short sleeves, heesh"....lol. At the same time though I was like damn Diggy.....And for the cats that think J.Cole would murder this dude just like that think twice. J.Cole is nice but he aint that far ahead of Diggy lyrically. If at all.

    • Jo Jo Simmons

      I totally agree with u. Diggy is 16, J. Cole is 27...Would it be wrong for J. to respond to Diggy you think? But for real, Diggy might be able to get at J. for real.



  • Anonymous


  • MightyMike27

    Cole's my favorite rapper in the game right now but yeah Diggyz pretty dope, he got skills (that is if he writes his own lyrics)..I can tell Lupe used to be one of his fav rappers. Cole should respond in a couple years when Diggy is a little older cuz Cole would end his career. Fuckit, end it. Cole World.

  • ErrorFile

    A rapper with this kind of voice can not be taken seriously. This is straight trash. Not a fan of J. Cole, though.

  • T_H_G

    This whiny brat is just throwing a temper tantrum because his album's flopping


      HE'll still push 130k+ with downloads. Thats not that much of a flop at all considering the music industry now. For having his 1st real project its some alright numbers-may not be anywhere near J.cole, but its still more then what alot of artist are doing. (Not that sales dictate talent) He gots some flow. I dig it.

  • ThisGuy585

    Hormones make us do crazy things during puberty, now go to your room

  • Anonymous

    diggy your fucking wack lol


    I'm a big Cole fan, but don't act like Diggy aint rip him on this. Front if you want to.


    J.Cole is corny as fuck anyways. The young bull did his thing sticking up for his sister. He doesn't lose because his fan base is NOT J.coles and vice versa.

  • Anonymous

    lol man shit is funny. Dont take younging serious. he don't want it with Cole. Not even worth his time. Make a hot album and mixtapes first then try going at a nigga.

  • jessica

    i love you song diggy...

  • sharp

    lol diggy made a great attempt deffintily better then cannibus and charles hamilton and gotta give em props for standin up for his sister...but j cole prolly laughed when he heard this i know i wouldve..its no competition

  • Prestige

    This is a riotous beef. J Cole dissed Diggy's sister on Purple Rain. That in and of itself justifies Diggy's response. I respect the young man for having the balls to even make this track. Anytime David takes a stab at Goliath respect is due.


    HAHA lil nigga going at Cole. aight i aint gon lie...2nd verse was good i'll give him that. but c'mon. its not a fair fight. Cole can finish Diggy's 20k career within 16bars lol.

  • Anonymous

    this is not bad im kinda surprized!



  • Real215

    hate biased mufuckas.. If it was drake spittin this track everyone woulda hopped on it.i never respected doggy but the lil nigga went in.idk wtf is wack in this whole track. Of course j cole will do something way more sicker but ya can't just say this is wack. Ya must listen to kreyshawn or soulja boy.gd shit diggy. I actually mite give an ear to ur music.keep it real u judgemental ball suckers

  • Anonymous

    young boy go and sleep j cole did not mean no harm......

  • Beex

    And Diggy felt disrespected so he came right at the bul Jermaine. If that aint real hip-hop I dont know whst is!! If it aint real I dont feel em like cilicone titties lol

  • Anonymous

    cole dont respond, if u do, u might end up on tour with this kid, ugh!!

  • Lucas Thompson

    I Really Hope J. Cole Don't Respond, Seriously I NO ALOT OF TEENAGE GIRL WOULD BE HEART BROKIN WHEN SIMBA RIPS THE HEART FROM HIS CHEAST JUST BEFORE THE REVS SON CAN RUN. Get an Album Out Before You Have to Apoligize He got The Tools To Do It. Dreamville Stand Up.

    • Anonymous

      You're all idiots (Not Lucas). Is J. Cole the best rapper alive, or even out? No. But he's probably top 5 in the mainstream. Diggy is just sucking on his Dad's teet hoping that his name alone will bring him success. Newsflash- IT WON'T. These fucking morons that control the radio's have no clue who Rev Run is, or who Run DMC is for that matter, and they couldn't give half a dead rat's last bowel movement. Cole is good, Diggy is just a little cunt. Enjoy your food stamps and your 5th grade educations you ignorant fucks.


      J.cole is lame

    • 905

      J coles trash...listen to some real hip-hop not that soft ass shit.

    • Lucas

      I'm Just A Loyal Fan Sir. Try Not To Be Consumed By The Real Shit. Jermaine Cole is Better The Diggy Simmons Period.

    • Anonymous

      do these niggas pay your bills or something? why you claiming niggas ans shit grow up