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"Call me Richard cause I'm a d*ck..." After a thirty second snippet the full version of Obie Trice's "Bottoms Up" track with Eminem finally leaks.


  • dadcoolfool

    Its funny when people talk about their race like its going to make someone give a fuck about what they have to say. It doesn't matter if your white or black, your race doesn't make you any more of hip hop fan@!

  • Anonymous

    Ready to die was 94 and illmatic was 93. Everyone knows that you dumbass

    • Nobody Famous

      Illmatic came out on april 19, 1994 ready to die came out september 13, 94..both had songs off them released between 92 - 94

  • cmonet

    Love this i honestly think slim is the best rapper ever and dont think i dont know shit. ive got all of biggies albums and pacs and others he is the king

  • @CJonno90

    Don't get why Interscope dropped Obie his 2 albums went 5 & 8 that's dope

  • isaac

    you guys are so dumb eminem is the best there is and if you hate him then you can leave

  • DR_Jam


  • Starrbux

    I Like this shitmmaaannn!! Ya'll Should Check Out my new video. One of the hottest unsigned Artist in Brooklyn, ny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNoijhekMl4 StarrBux A.K.A GuapStarr.

  • Tave


  • dylan

    Em needed a funny song like this.. I love when he acts obnoxious.. Been a little too serious lately.. The best ever

  • RMAC


  • Anonymous

    like the whole album, beats aren't what they used to be.

  • 1love

    wow probably worst Eminem verse ever

  • Tayloe

    on all of the other songs on hip hop dx by eminem for the past 4 years people have bitched about wanting the old eminem back, well compare this to the slim shady and marshal mathers. stop bitching a real fan will follow with the artists progression. a real stan would understand

  • Rush

    Eminem is the best rapper in the game right now and I say this even though Nas is my favorite rapper. But sales and lyrical versatility included in that assessment, Em is on top. Yall can hate all you want. Sorry. $4 million albums from Recovery alone. $2 mil from Relapse and that was his worst album. Dude outsells Jay. The song could be better tho. Im not a fan of the beat. Lyrics are dope tho.

  • cinavenom

    I swear Em gets worse with each new song. I would think a Statik beat would revive him but corny as ever.

  • Anonymous

    Song it's hot em killed it but why nigga's still biting Nas illmatic cover? Smh

  • Anonymous

    Hey may I ask u all for an important favor ? Im an aspiring rap artist and I am in need of exposure and I am trying to do so in anyway possible. Im a hungry artist and I am far from your stereotypical rapper. I make meaningful music. I was wondering if you could maybe follow my tumblr and take a listen to some of my material and maybe help spread my message. All I need is the chance to be heard and recognized so that I may someday make this dream....a reality. http://americogalindez.tumblr.com/

  • Spida

    This is dope... love it

  • Andy

    this is what i call a real fan ! im like u, dawg. fuck the haters, we aint givin a shit about them.

  • Angel

    Love Em's flow on this song I've missed hearin Em & Obie On a track together Shady 1.0 & 2.0 Representin Idgaf if y'all say I'm a stan or if i'm riding his dick if y'all were real fans you would see this is real hip hop instead of the other shit Props to Em and Obie for a Bomb Ass Track can't wait for Slaughterhouse and the next Em album

  • John

    I'm black and I can honestly say eminem is lyrically better than anybody in the fucking game. The hook is amazing SO FUCK YOU BITCH ASS PUSSIES Y'ALL SHOULD BE USED TO THIS WHEN YOU LISTEN TO WAYNE, LIL B OR WHATEVER SUCK ASS RAPPERS YOU LISTEN TO

  • Eric

    Are you fucking deaf? Eminem's verse in this song just shows how lyrically talented he really is. Did you not listen how EM manipulates words to make them rhyme? I want to see Lil Wayne putting words together like that so they can sound the way Eminem made it sound. I guess you just another idiot who thinks Eminem lost his skills. You can't loose TALENT IDIOT

  • Dan

    swear nobody is ever content with what he does anymore. He uses a high pitched voice, people complain. He adds a little more anger and yells a bit, people still complain. Now his punchlines suck. Please stfu. I'd be mad, too, if someone perfected every flow possible. Good shit, Em. Keep it up

  • DKP

    Love this instrumental

  • Gwap


  • boob

    its his slimshady character but i think in this time in hiphop it dosent have the same effect, but wat other rapper has lyrics like this! he's still experimenting and larning new flows and technique, unlike that fat bastard ross!



    • row

      this dude is trolling dont feed the troll theres no way hes serious about the rapper who's 10 year old albums still move 10k a month and who's last album went 3x plat in 2009 which is almost impossible these days

    • cinavenom

      Who does he outrap? Rihanna and Katy Perry? Lil' Wayne? He certainly doesn't outrap Royce when he is on a track with him.

    • Anonymous

      your a fool...and no hits for decades?? are you for real..hes been back since 2009 and has had several hits and he has continued to out rap other rappers on their tracks

  • Anonymous

    Some of you clowns amaze me at how easily you all forget everything Em has done...he gets praised all the time as a legend..you hear one or 2 verses you don't like and he's washed up and wack..you think he's really going in on some of these features? ? He fucks around with different flows all the time ...he killed hell the sequel and destroyed that BET cypher and he's fucking almost 40 .....some of you so called rap fans need to check yourselves and your ignorant comments

  • Anonymous

    I use to be a huge Em fan as well as DMX and I'm sad to say but both of these niggas fell off hard!

  • Anonymous

    Damm Everybody from BIG, WEEZY, and Now TRICE bit NAS ILLMATIC album cover..... Em fell the fuck off!

  • Dizzle2323

    Eminem is, was and will be one of the best that ever did it, all you peeps talking about he's finished??! Get a clue man!

  • Anonymous

    Em needs to stop clowning hoes and focus more on the shitty rappers like kanye west n shit.. just fuking rip him one Em and see waht happens.. lets make rap interesting again, if worst came to worst you got slaughterhouse on your team to fuck shit up to

  • realest quote

    All you new hip-hop fans (15-25 yr olds) have horrible attitudes about life and music. You don't even discuss the music like we did back in the day when Run DMC, Nas, Wu-Tang, Rakim, Biggy, Pac, etc. was running the game. ALL you guys do is have your little online race wars and cry about Eminem vs whoever or Jay-Z is illuminate or who's "real" or not. Worst of all you think there is one way to rap or one style to floss. You guys are too myopic, boring and ignorant to call yourselves "hip-hop" fans. It was never like this in the 80's and 90's. Black and White kids grouped up and pushed for better race relations. We were too smart to suck on the FOX news or CNN teat. This is what's frustrating the pioneers of rap music and new well rounded rap artist. You FANS, YOU FANS, have lost ALL perspective.

    • Sayithowitis

      You got your inion and that's fine. But if you don't like the conversations taking place on these websites, why you still on them? Gtfoh

  • hi my name is richard

    w8 yall weak ass niggaz tell me that thhis verse is wack then gonna tell me that evidences verse is hot. honestly yall hip hop prists dont like mainstream then just burry yaself in the underground's ass then. em's been progressing in his rapid fire flow. if u dont understand that then u are not a real mc or hip hop head. youre not critical youre just hypocritical

  • shady83

    its like the new sober 'SlimShady' not just as good like but not bad!

  • jjjjj

    Eminem is done. Just retire, you already destroyed your legacy.

    • Anonymous

      How did he destroy his legacy?? Relapse was like 7/10.. Recovery was almost 8/10... HTS was like 9/10.... His recent feats are like 8/10...

  • ASEE

    Eminem that dude. Wish he'd rhyme over beats like this more often.


    like this vibe

  • Lumba

    I'm glad I looked at the comments, because you guys really lowered my expectations for the song only for Em to shatter them. Great song!

  • dubs

    Beats a bit odd but Obie and Em both kill it. Shhhadddyyyy!

  • Anonymous

    just call him richard

  • dont be dumb

    Em's verse is crazy, dont be dumb. the beat is pretty wack though. obie did his thing on this but his mixtape is wack as fuck.

    • fja,

      youre the first person to say the mixtape was wack....if you like obie and like this i dont see how you can say it was wack..

  • D-Marz

    Bout time the underground got some recognition. That said, Em's verse is wack...

  • stansdead

    eminem is done. wack. washed up whatever. whats next?

  • josh

    Oh hey, that Em verse sounds exactly like the same Em verse he's been spitting since 2010. Dude's weak now. Obies severely underrated, imo. But, Eminem did good on that hook.

  • Anonymous

    Em spitting some sublimals

  • Anonymous

    Can't get enough of this beat!

  • Anonymous



    What beat Em can't spit over he and Obie Trice make a good combination together always come hard tight azz lyrics!

  • Gucci

    Em is going at Ross on this track, listen to his verse,

  • Talksick

    Soon as I heard Statik produced this shit I knew it was game over. THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE KIDS!!

    • bizzalls

      WTF are you talkin about man? This beat is fuckin trash, just like 90% of Statik Selektah beats. Statik is fuckin so trash it's annoying. And you're dumb as hell.

  • mylie

    Good to see em and obie back together again 5 stars!!!

  • RJ

    Go obie. sick that these two are still homies. thats wassup.

  • r

    Im a fan of both but aint feelin this at all, beats annoyin and Ems verse is weak as fuck! on the real

    • Anonymous

      real rap..em dissapointed me on this one..the beat would have been a whole lot better if Em really flowed on it..Obie was solid tho, rocked to the beat

  • Anonymous

    Royce always comes correct

  • Anonymous

    Obie always nice

  • kick ass

    collab brings up sweet memories

  • Amirhossssein

    dope ! but gotta say em at it's weakest >>> whole YMCMB+MMG

  • DuB

    Gotta love Obie n Em collabos!

  • John

    5/5 Em reppin' the D like usual. Nice hearing some Obie again with him. They're a good pair.

  • wishworks

    yo this is crazy long live em 5.00 simply because em back on his shit obie been nice, always thought em should have just took Royce, proof, and Obie, they were the illest ones that em put on from Detroit, Post 50 pre slaughter house,yellow wolf,and from what the buzz is, a soon to be Redman What???? Please say this is true somebody please say this is true, I hate rumors love the truth though 5.00

  • Dizzy Drake

    Em probably wrote this verse up while takin a shit one day. Obie kept shit correct tho. He never drops a wack verse.

  • Anonymous

    Shit isn't wack, it's just not for me. Little tropical Nickelodean sounding beat kinda ruined the song. Em should have produced the song himself.

  • Anonymous

    Even at his weakest Em shits on the current shit thats out. I'm not a huge Fan of Statik Selektah tho, the beat kinda kills it but whatever, shits not bad, 3/5

  • ab

    more like eminem featuring obie. sickest verse i've ever heard. to those who're hating, write em's verse down and look where and how it links up. it's a bit more complicated than your Jeezy chant, but you'll see that he's rapping in 7/4.

    • ETK

      "scientific shit" basically means you don't understand or make an effort to over none of that shit. you say the flow matters over all those things? congrats, you just proved why Rick Ross is so hot today. flow is important to a point, that's why I bump niggas like T.I. or Lupe, or whoever's flow you prefer(stricly matter of taste), but sayin nice metaphors n' lyrics don't matter is basically giving power to MMG and those other suckanigga labels.

    • reply to anonymous

      yea coz most of dem new suck ass niggas aint got the brains no more to understand few twists in words theyd rather listen to someone sayin bitch and niggas 7 times as rhymes while smokin they asses off..

    • Anonymous

      It dont matter how well it links up with internal metaphors, subliminal meanings external references and all that scientific shit. What matters is the flow and how well the verse sounds with the beat. Niggas don't wan to sit in the whip with a pen and pad analysin niggas verses

  • richard

    you're all a bunch of richards!

  • Anonymous

    (intro gibberish) I would like to introduce my (second bride) sec sec..SURPRISE....HI it's IKE...let me get my ICON ike-on with a life supply of wife beaters and my nik's on and a white-t over that I am might lookin FLY tonight..think I might act a spider bite (bite sound) come back as spiderman and park my peter in her dyke (bike?)...

  • Anonymous

    I really want Em to diss jay z, lil wayne and kanye. jus wanna see if they reply

    • Anonymous

      eminem is da greatest rapper of all time no 1 can compare 2 him lyrically even game admitted it on an interview and so did wayne that they cant fuck wit him add me on facebook justinkramer38@yahoo.com

  • Anonymous

    Em is the real GOAT. Embodies all the qualities of a true MC.....Lyrics, Flow, Clever and Complex Rhymes, cultural impact, Sales, Acclaim, awards, Money.....you can name it urself.

  • Sonny Rene

    I'm feeling this. This doesn't really sound like Statik Selektah's production work, dope nonetheless.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what the crybabies who show up to complain every time a new subpar em track appears will do when he retires??

  • P.h.d GGg

    O.trice Suck Eminem's dick

  • Colione

    Man i ass fucked this nigga after i ass fucked em/ if they wasn't so shady id ass fuck again/Fuck this corny horny little bebop bitch/eminem you the same come and suck my dick/Colione from the J.u.s.t.i.c.e league number 1 in the game/don't even try to fuck with us/ ya shit be 2 lame. HAHAHAHAHAHAH COLIONE NUMBER1!!!!!!!! HAHAHA i'm better than all u niggaz!!!! HAHAHA J.u.s.t.i.c.e league number 1 forever!!!!! Nothing can stop me I'M COLIONE HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  • Anonymous

    haha who gives a FUCK. its music just let it be. listen and enjoy. yes, eminem has had better but as he said "Look where these random thoughts get me". Your falling right into his hand.... and so did i. TRICE

  • Anonymous

    Eminem is the best hands down, im sick of people hatin on him, he still comes up with the dirtiest rhymes out there and the nastiest flows

  • Slappy The HoodRat

    fuck this clown ass nigga...obie trice is a fucking joke along with eminem...dude has never been able to rap...my retarded bitch gma could put together more complex bars and metaphors than him...seriously yall?? what happened to good rap...gangsta ass shit...some fucking trap music.. thats where it originally came from...yo gotti,gucci, jeezy, ti, timbaland and magoo, no limit...trap music is real rap speaking of real life shit and the struggle we blacks go through on a daily basis...fuck eminem and nas who speak false lies and cant rap worth shit...Stand up everyone and lets get rap back...or i will buttfuck everyones mom and nut all over the fucking face..goddamn im sick of this shit...trap music till death...i will kill off all other fake rap...black america yall..we go through way to much for this fake ass punk niggas..

    • ETK

      Half sure this guy's a troll but even if not Trap music is a sub genre of hiphop... Why you catchin feelings here, this music obviously ain't for you

    • SHADY

      shut the fuck off bitch eminem is been in the game for 20 years doing music way before u bitch ass existed, em is been doing his thning way before u where still hanging on ur moms cunt and suckin her nipples u fucking bitch

    • Anonymous

      so who do you like....?

  • d

    idk what you're talking about.. i hate eminem nowadays but this sounds a lot more like his old stuff than anything he did recently

  • Ricky Rozay

    RIP the old eminem 1999-2005, the bawse is runnin the rap game now BAWSE!!!!!!

    • ChuckD

      If you are talking about Rawse at this point you weren't a Shady from 99-05. You just say that because you see other people do it. That's also why you like Rick Ross.

    • Anonymous

      I hope thats a joke. Your favorite rapper is fuckin ex correctional officer who raps about sellin drugs and shit and he stole his name from a real g. How the fuck do you sleep at night. Dude wants to be biggie more than he wants to be Rick Ross. Because he's not Rick Ross.

  • Anonymous

    Unusual beat - Really like it.

  • Hip Hip Fan

    What the hell, I like Em and all but this type of flow is really annoying and sounds stupid switches halfway and it I know Em can do better than this.

  • Anonymous

    dope! better than 80% of songs out there but aint perfect though

  • Bmannn

    Eminem spits fireee


    Anyone who says em's verse is silly or bs think about this: if you were in the studio your jaws would DROP.

  • Anonymous

    shitz wack!! who the fuck would bump this in the wip?? Em spitting another silly bullshit verse like the one he spit on yelawolfs album..

  • Anonymous

    I've heard better from Obie and Em but this is still nice

  • NIAG

    I don't understand how you think this isn't good. this is 5 stars period.

  • someonel

    ETK is the biggest dickrider in the history of hiphopdx comment section. can't someone ban and muzzle that faggot already? he has a full time gig defending rappers and weak shit. this is one of the worst eminem features of all time. period. he can still come correct but he did not come correct here. and the beat sucks. how is this so hard to understand that some em fans don't like this shit? gotta like everything and if you don't like it stfu about it? NAH you stfu you dickriding pansy. the second em stops trying so hard his music will improve, i'm sure of it. i don't understand why he's always going with this overly animated busta rhymes type shit since recovery, just spit like you did on the 8 mile soundtrack or the eminem show that was perfect then and perfect now. i'm sure he can do it, do it.

    • Jeremy

      Yeah, I'm a borderline stan and I didn't even like this feature very much. I was kind of feelin some of the shit he said, but it just didn't seem to fit the instrumental. Obie trice fit this better than eminem

    • ETK

      someone call my name?? nigga you hilarious another one of those "wah dickriders" niggas, I'm used to that yknow but again.. I never said everyone should like this shit. this is why niggas like you are a lost cause, something enters your ear and goes out the other. you're allowed to say it's shit it's your opinion and I respect it you guys wanna stay stuck in the past? your move. cause Eminem isn't gonna change for y'all. fortunately, I don't have super incredible high expectations like you MFers whenever Eminem drops a verse, bracing for him to go back to his slim shady flow. I already made the math in my mind - it AIN'T gonna happen. and instead of cryin like a bitch every damn time he drops somethin or cryin about an album that dropped TWO years ago, I choose to go with the flow. something you internet niggas will never do. I already posted I didn't like his verse w/ Yela and GB that much. I don't bump Encore or Relapse all that much. I mostly like BME and Eminem Show. I'm no dickrider, I'm just a realist. and that muzzle gon end up right back tugged at yo mom's weave while I fuck her from behind momentarily, smooth n' sailing. chuuch!

  • rez

    fuck u @rapitup eminem sucks balls now lol he his lyrics dont make any sense lol

  • RapItUp

    I am so fucking sick with bitches complaining about how Em used to be better back in the day when he was mad on drugs and shit. Dont you think a 39 yr old man rappin bout rapin his mom and killin the mother of his kids wud just sound plain fucking stupid? every artist changes over time. Em changed. hes still dope. stop hatin an enjoy the music, or just GTFO and let others enjoy it.

  • 80sbaby

    5* haters gon hate

  • kyky

    For me it's a good song and that Eminem's new and old is a problem, for now I'll take both.

  • joey

    You guys complaining are nuts. Em has had a new energy since recovery that he is still riding high on. Crazy verses that consistently outshine anything he did between 03-09. Are you guys serious? This was not his all time best or anything but give me a break. The dude is brilliant on an off day. And Recovery was an amazing album that showed a much needed hint of maturity after relapse. Easily his best work since the Eminem show. You guys are too stuck in the past to enjoy the fact that an artist is going to change over time. He was dope then and he is still dope now.

  • hazzard

    some of you niggas are too butthurt for your own being could just simplify your long-ass rants into "I like Eminem's old flow" but instead some of you are being bitches with all this dickrider shit. "wahhh you stans like everything, dickride, dickride, wah" pipe down and accept not everyone thinks his natural rapping flow is the penultimate best. damn, Em's been in the game for over a decade, sold more than any other rapper. he's allowed to switch it up. you don't HAVE to like it. but quit catchin feelings over it, maybe?

  • Anonymous

    call em lazy but this shit was full of ridiculous word play from him, the key is listening

  • Anonymous

    verse was lazy as fuck? listen to the word play son more complex than anyone out is capable of

  • Anonymous

    Em needs to get dissed by jay z, Lil Wayne and drake so he can get his anger and hunger back. Shit, Nas should come out and call out em so em could get off the bullshit corny punchlines and get back on that grimy battle rap that em is known for. So basically all em needs is some competition or a challenge.

    • Drizzy Sucks

      Fuck yeah!!! Nas should just drop a mean ass diss towards Em for no reason just going in on his daughter and his shady 2.0 crew. That shit would strike a nerve with Em and it would ignite a fire in his soul. The aftermath of this whole event would be so catastrophic that drake would be left shook for even witnessing it.

  • Anonymous

    Ems verse was lazy as fuck!!! Best verses em has dropped in the past 3 years are: Welcome 2 Hell Fastlane The reunion Seduction All tim Westwood freestyles Forever Be careful what you wish for Deja vu Beautiful Music box Bagpipes from bagdad The warning Phycho Underground my darling Insane 3 am When relapse dropped people said it was wack but lookin at it now it's probably the most lyrical album em had dropped in 3 years. Shit is near classic

    • Whattt

      Cold wind blows? above the law? Airplanes verse? cmon man. but you have seduction on here?

    • ETK

      who cares about the references? this is fucking hip-hop. dunno about you but some people tend to, y'know, care about the bloody lyrics flow matters but god damn

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but his flow is not smooth at all. Em is speeding up and down and lowering And raising his voice. Who cares about the references it's about the flow of the verse.

    • ETK

      you ain't heard lazy. his verse on Yela's Throw It Up was lazy. certain tracks on Recovery were lazy. this isn't amazing by any means but it's not lazy. you got a Chris Benoit reference in here, the Spiderman Park my Peter inside her dyke line, and a lot more shit. I thought it was on point enough.

  • anonymous

    I came up with this.

  • DATDUDE3424234

    Damn,don't know if i should dislike or like it......cause my name is richard,oh well....sick joint ...

  • eminem

    eminem made the song

  • dtp229

    We Back Inside The Time Machine Yesssssss

  • KenDaBeatMaker

    yoooooooooooooooo eminem murdered it. obie was nice but when you have a regular flow and eminem does what he did here, he will outshine you lool

  • Anonymous

    I how people complain "he's not saying anything!$!@$@!!#!@!!!!!1oneone!1 go back to old self!!!" Its a guest verse he doesn't choose what to say.... Also I don't know about what old em your talking about because 70% of his old songs didn't really say anything..... Anyways this track is cool, didn't like this beat at first but it grew on me, and Obie and Em brought it as usual. 4.5

  • Anonymous

    this is awsome people just need to stop hating

  • Freshme

    Fu you, sounds like the old Eminem. He doesn't scream, nice flow good lyrics, Obie trice is good too. Haters

  • Anonymous

    This sounds like old eminem. People want him to go back to old eminem and they dont like it? what the fuck do you want him to do for you. Just enjoy hes getting old.

    • ETK

      more like nostalgic bums cry every time he drops a verse nowadays, his flow is never on point to them, if it's not that they'll quote the worst line out of the verse and use that as basis for him falling, they all want the Slim Shady style back, knowing they'll never get it the proof? Recovery dropped two years ago and niggas still cryin about it today Tyga dropping better shit than Eminem? speak for yourself you mongoloid

    • Anonymous

      Em used to get on tracks with dudes like DMX, Xzibit, Jay Z, Lloyd Banks and em would murk them like nothing. But lately even Tyga and Lil Wayne been dropping better material than em. If em continues dropping wack halfassed corny, cringeworthy shit like this I'm gonna have to switch over to young money. At least they spit on decent beats.

    • Anonymous

      yeah it sounds like old eminem. like a 40 year old washed up, wack, eminem. eminem used to body shit with ease, no corny stop n go punchlines about poops and piss. no im so witty one liners, no fucking around with accents and the volume of his voice. and eminem has a group of fans that swallow anything he drops. they come crying anytime someone doesnt like his new tired bullshit. eminem was so dope, hes a joke now.

  • supacrip

    I really like the beat, something different. Don't understand why everyone's hating..

  • Monkey

    OK, so I guess that most people are too up themselves to enjoy this song for what it is. Eminem always has, and always should, made songs just for shits and giggles. Yeah, its corny and immature, but if you can't just switch off the BS of adult life for just one minute and enjoy a bit of Em being Em then you need to stop listening full stop.

  • Travismilli12

    I really hate the beat damn ...

  • Yes

    Look where these random thoughts get me/ In senseless mind babble, What me? Apologize? labrbrr /Thats just the way the rhyme unravels/ And I wouldnt fucking take it back if I time traveled! Nice

  • nferguson176

    am i the only one kinda feeling this beat? not something you would expect em to rhyme over but not bad for a change of pace. and em's flow was crazy, the verse was pretty good but all he talks about anymore is how he doesn't like girls and is white trash.

  • Anonymous

    ems flow was sick

  • Cudder

    you can like and revel Eminem's older shit if you want, but stop rippin on those who like this shit like you're too cool for school, you're fuckin not, some people choose to not live in the past like you nostalgic bums do and if you bring up the pop shit again I swear... Recovery was two fuckin years ago! there was an LP and a label resurgence since then, let it go

  • Lisa

    Good beat, fun record!

  • bpc87

    not ems or stats best work. Someone put on here the only ppl who think this song was wack are the ppl that dont get ems flow thats wrong because i get it just fine relapse was amazing if you actually listened to it but this was not so good and i know a ton of ppl are gonna read this and be like relapse sucked you have no idea what your talking about but i do take away the beats,stupid accent and content of the songs and justlisten to the flow and rhyming it was genius bottom line

    • Anonymous

      People usually tend to believe everything someone famous says. I bet that every single person that says relapse sucks, didnt share the same opinion before Em's line on Not Afraid, and then immediately they changed opinion and said that sucked. I admit it wasnt Eminems best work but it was still pretty amazing

  • Sensaye252

    ooooh shit, I get it. Lol thats hilarious. "Just call me Richard...'cause I'm a dick/ it's also Richard 'cause I feel like you should PRY YOUR (PRYOR) fuckin' mouth up off of it". Thats stupid but its mad funny.

  • Sensaye252

    I can't believe Statik Selektah made this weak ass beat. Its good to hear Eminem on drugs again though.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck!! Em spit a weak ss silly verse.. Em goin off and on spitting dope and wack verses for no reason.

  • Anonymous

    i could hear a word eminem was saying

  • sg1323

    you fukin morons will never understand how far ahead eminem is from the rest

  • Anonymous

    Only those who can keep up to Em's Rhymes scheme thinks the song is wack. dope!!!

  • zero

    first of all this beat sucks big time statik selektah gets the biggest placement of his career and he comes with a wack beat what a surprise. eminem sounds completely washed up. the my city animosity line is one of his worst ever and he just sounds bad. sloppy as hell. obie musta used this just to get an em appearance. compare this to the eminem that made "love me" with obie and 50. is it even the same guy? what a fall. he can still rhyme and write raps it's just the lines are corny and his delivery took a shit, he doesn't sound natural on the mic anymore. he really needs to start rocking the laid back flows of slim shady, no more overplaying the voice shit is ridiculous. love obie this track sucks though definite skip.

    • ETK

      butthurt nigga, sit down you could've just simplified all of that into "I like Em's old flow" but instead you're being a bitch with all this dickrider shit. I'm personally good with either flow, even though I prefer the older as well. not everyone thinks the rapping natural flow is the penultimate best.

    • Anonymous

      i didnt say shit about encore. LOVE ME was 8 mile sdtrrk when i thought his entire skillset was at its absolute peak. he wasnt rapping about poops and making wack punchline raps with a spaz flow and corny vocal tricks. he was straight spitting, killing shit. BTW the verse em kicked on spend some time demolishes this wack ass flow he uses now. dude actually sounded natural and was rapping about something meaningful for once. this new obie and em song sucks. big fan of both, stop dickriding you liars. compare any joint they did to this, this shit is super weak. hey lady? we all die one day? stimulate? i like how some of yall think i dont know what im talkin bout or hating just cuz i think ems shit here sucks. fuck yall, fake ass fans you're dickriders.

    • Anonymous

      This is miles ahead of Encore era Eminem... 2004-2007 is when he was bad. Now he's making a huge comeback but you people are just riding the bandwagon to hate everything he puts out..

    • ETK

      "Spend Some Time" Em was nothing special, lol

    • Anonymous

      Maybe for love the way you lie? but otherwise thats a retarded comment. Drake and beiber is more accurate. Oh and Minaj

    • ItsTheTruth

      Couldn't have said it better myself. Only kids who are recent fans of Em probly dig this shit. Where's the 'Spend Some Time' Eminem? Obie always been dope, never changed or fell off but it seems like Em has NOTHING to rap about anymore. So he just spews out forgettable, corny punchlines. Maybe it's just because I'm not a kid anymore and I'm growing up? Seriously, Em is most appealing to teens now, after the pop album that was 'Recovery', him and Justin Bieber share the same fanbase now.

    • EAT A DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      lol @ using an Encore song when you talk about Em's prime

  • Anonymous

    Eminem sounds again terrible what a terrible voice and flow. go do a song with Rhianna

  • Anonymous

    It's a leak, so poor quality. I think this will sound better on the final cut. As this could be a pre mastered unfinished version, the word leak suggests this. The quality is somewhat low so I hope this is gonna get touched up and the levels will be corrected and everything otherwise shame on the producer.

  • NJ

    Beat is meh, throwaway Em verse, nobody came through for Obie here.

  • Nvgt

    beat sounds annoying...lyrics r awesome

  • Anonymous

    this songs really good..abit more bass in the beat wud be nice tho

  • Anonymous

    I dunno, I look at Em like I do the TV show "South Park", I liked both at 16 but today I cant remember what I saw in them in the first place Guess thats maturity for ya

    • basterds.

      You stinky twats should listen to hell the sequel and recovery em still murders everybody. Keep convincing yourself that alota rappers are better but the truth is Em is the greatest to ever do it

    • @ MmM

      Correction : Eminem and South Park were once the best at their paticular art form. South Park has become extremely predictable and often cringe worthy and Eminem hasn't released a good album in 10 years (Even though we all know he still has bars, he hasn't proven it on a large scale in some time)

    • MmM

      Interesting... considering both Eminem and Southpark are among the best examples of their particular art forms. You have shitty taste, is what i am saying.

  • dubs

    Yo this is dope, beat could of been mixed better though, sounds tinny

  • Yssup Kidz

    This is good. Nice and mellow. Lyrics were on point. Em's flow was nuts.

  • Anonymous

    Wack ass Nickelodeon beat ruined this song for me,,, i thought dre was gonna produce some shit on obies album?? guess not

  • Arjun

    Production is rather average, but great verses from both Trice and Em! Great cut to possibly feature on his album, but hopefully we get another stronger, better collabo with Eminem that is all around just a better effort...not to take anything away from this song, it's funny F**K!!

  • cb

    ya flow is dope the beat soso sounds like its unmastered...

  • Anonymous

    Fire lyrics...but this beat is fuckin garbage.

  • shady83

    honestly i think the beat ruins it, iv'e listened to it several times and the beat is hard to get used to but lyrics is Dope as fuck!

  • dope

    man this shit is fire

  • thought dog

    I like all 3 involved with this but this shit aint that good.

  • j

    Em is getting there... Obie was never that good, but ok. Highlight of the day tho was Game ft Kendrick Lamar, The City vid.

  • rich

    seriously wtf is this. eminem take some drugs asap and bring back that raw shit!

    • JerseyKidd

      Close Anon but the end of that verse goes like this... "Wrap you in rope and plastic Stab you wit broken glass And have you wit open gashes Strapped to a soakin mattress Coke and acid Black magic cloaks and daggers Fuck the planet till it spins on a broken axis I'm so bananas I'm showin up to your open casket To fill it full of explosive gases And close it back wit a lit match while I sit back and just hope it catches Blow you to fragments laugh roll you and smoke ya ashes"

    • Anonymous

      this is slim > "I'll puke eat and freak you Battle, I'm too weeded to speak to The only key that I see to defeat you Would be for me to remove these two Adidas and beat you And force feed you them both and on each feet is a cleat shoe I lift you off your feet so fast with a round house You'll think I pulled the fucking ground out from underneath you I ain't no fucking g, I'm a canibal I ain't trying to shoot you, I'm trying to chop you into pieces and eat you Rap you in rope and glass, strapped to a soakin matress Coke and acid, black magic, cloaks and daggers Fuck the planet until it spins on a broken axis"

    • Anonymous

      this is not slim....stop acting like you know real em because you obviously dont

    • Anonymous

      This and Hell the Sequel was pretty much the old shady idk what your on..

  • ah

    It would be soo much better without that unbareable beat! The lyrics are str8 tho

  • Anonymous

    obie is wack as fuck, gtfo faggot

  • rainer92

    u know what? i can never sychronized with u niggaz.When u say a new Em track is nice i say ok, now THIS IS HOT.Beat is NUTS and both mcs went hard.Just because its not a typical em flow/verse u dont like it .Fuck this,I like it.And im not an Em fan.track is fire

  • Anonymous

    Fine Sherlock, ur a dick. What does that make Watson? A pussy?

  • Raw

    Eminem is trying to sound like Tech N9ne on this track

  • Anonymous

    its ok not the best is wut i meaan

  • Anonymous

    eminem flow is good agian no shouting man think sounds not great cause beat is really wack lyrics his hving fun he be more serious on his own albumm chill

  • Tylerthedestroyer

    Game f. Kendrick Lamar "The City" song off the day... this sound like shit after listening to that

  • ETK

    you MFers who think Eminem should spit differently cause of his age should drop dead... it's bad enough Slim Shady is gone, now you want him to change his schtick altogether... fuck off then we don't need you

    • ETK

      piss off with your three days, it's been barely a day, and if you don't like it.. well I don't need to tell you what to do, you a grown man. I'm not ranting about music, I'm ranting about some retarded mentality, within reason. because it's contagious.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up already. You've been ranting for 3 days straight about MUSIC dude. MUSIC! it ain't that serious.

  • jamie shields

    i think eminem should release a mixtape. to get some heat and prove hes still no1 or get these shitty raps out his system before the next album.

  • Anonymous

    im a stan... i cant rate this more than a 3 :( so disappointing i cant stay on his dick this time

  • Joom

    Em could have come a lot harder, and that little singing he did was wack as fuck. Obie makes this song stay a 5 for me though.

  • Almar

    It figures that Statik finally made a shitty beat... and bigger surprise...eminem is on it.



  • DC

    Expected to be alot better. Statik's beat is....eeehhhh. No scratching or anything.

  • Anonymous

    Yawl should be listening to Wale, Meek Mill, Big Krit, Prodigy's new mix tape, Red Cafe's new mix tape. Ambition

  • Anonymous

    why would i care what this website says? yall pounding ja rule and chamillione while us real folk know that shady 2.0 (yelaowlf eminem and slaugterhouse) are running shit.. YMCB sighning fred durst and ppl like kevin rudolph all while being sued for stealing shit (LOL) no comparison kids.. lil wayne was down for getting subliminally wrecked by Em on 2 tracks, hes a retard, a marketing scheme for young black youth

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn't usually come in here to defend any1 on YMCMB due to their over abundance of meat sucklers on this site but Wayne did use a line calling his male parts richard in Tyga's song Faded. Em is actually late on this one unless he wrote it & just didn't record it.

  • indepthjaybeats

    Love the production, plus shady kills this. Man is always saying off the wall stuff. lol I'm a fan of this!

  • Anonymous

    eminem, yelawolf and slaughterhouse are the shit but i think obie trice and d12 were never anything special.. I think eminem is on this track to help an old friend out but this is not his "a" game, with that said its still better than 90% of the other shit out there, which isn't saying much

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    Not really sure what these dudes are talking about...pretty lame.

  • Mitch 3K

    I'm gettin annoyed by how many people try to defend this guys fuckery over the last 4 years by defending his flow Who gives a fuck if your rhyming 20 times in a 4 bar measure when all your saying is a bunch of cornball "Dippity Zippity Do Da Chickety Rippitty Ripitty Skippety Flippity" bullshit?? Doesnt this guy got a 26 year old daughter, lol, I wonder how embarassed she gotta be when her friends be like "Hey just heard your dads knew song about Dicks & Farts" every time he drops summin?? I was a fan of the first 2 albums but he's gotten consistently worse, dude is 40 years old sitting around writing songs about Diarrhea

    • lmfao

      Lmfao nigga.. 26 year old daughter? lmfao songs about dicks n farts? U made my day bro. For the record his daughter is 17

    • Anonymous

      Yet when he raps about serious things like on Recovery, you guys get pissed off and ask for shady back. I can't stand this dudes "fans" because they either will blindly like everything he has or hate everything he puts out thats new...

    • ETK

      fuck do you want him to rap about? He raps about that stuff because that's who Eminem is. if he rapped about more older shit, even more people would say he fell off... bitches like you say the same shit about him and Jay-Z.. and at the end y'all learn.. age doesn't fuckin' matter

    • abel peralta

      and what did he rap about in his first 2 albums...maybee he sounds different but to me his lyrics are almost the same

    • MobB

      if u dont like the song get outta here hater, eminem is 1 of the g.o.a.t.'s

    • Mitch4K

      hahah You're a juggalo. Wrong site bro.

  • Anonymous

    Beat is so refreshing nicee

  • Anonymous

    Hell yeah, this is no classic, but its a track that you cold love

  • Nasir

    "And when your run is over just admit when it's at its end." You said it yourself, Em. You and Obie need to retire

  • Shady305

    Call me a Stan IDGAF This is some ol' skool Em and he murdered this shit!

  • khedir mathers

    Do u know why the lyrics of this song is not so dope ?! cuz eminem is keeping his shit for his upcoming album!! so he can drive u crazy with his lyrics !! #STAN

  • Jordan's Friend

    Bloody hell bro... your firing at me!

  • Me Luckies


  • Angel Pena

    I like it dude, the beat is nice. Still like weezy more tho.

  • Matty Trump

    Guys... I like this song.

  • Tyler Jones

    This joints banging in Switzerland! Just call me Richard....

  • Adam Elmonairy

    I love it, the Cypher was better though.

  • Dan McWilliams

    Yo Andrew chill you dick, I didn't even make any beats. Em kills this tho. He's on the right way back.

  • Andrew Korz

    This is straight fire! Em went in. He should get his next beat from Dan McWilliams tho or maybe even Adam Elmonairy

  • Anonymous

    4. I dont see whats so great about Obie he's not a lyrical miracle like the 2.0 boys,Black Hippy or any other great mc whos still floating in the underground

  • Anonymous

    How can u call this wack? Shit is dope. And those complaining about Em subject matter, dumb fools, how many of Em music come with introspective contents?

  • 490717

    Oh shit a baby picture used for the song promo...never seen that before...rappers should really catch on to that idea, its definitely cutting edge

  • Anonymous

    Obie Trice - Going Nowhere (Produced by Eminem) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=d1m1sLkZumo FIIRE

  • Milehighkid303

    SOOOOO Obie was replaced by Yealowulf WHY?? Never will get it, OBIE is ten times the MC as him n Royce, n let the comments come in on Nickel Nine n I shut you down, everyone knows kid RAMBLES now instead when he WASNT on he got off! Anyhow I digress, the boy Obie Trice is one of the MOST underrated MCs of this generation. ONE.

  • fkj

    What I meant was that the whole song isnt good. I think Ems lyrics are good and on relapse they werent bad either. On relapse the accent messed things up and on this track here the beat and chorus just dont have it. Its not bad. For todays rap its actually unreal...but overall with obie and em on a track together its gotta be the worst. Drips was unreal, love me was unreal, we all die one day was amazing...

  • Jake

    Eminem is killin it!! Such a sick ass flow man it's crazy as hell!! He's keeping it fresh man! This one of the hottest tracks I've heard in years Mann! And Obie does his thing too! Love it! 5/5

  • Anonymous

    Did they steal this beat from Ke$ha?

  • B$

    It's called "richard" so I automatically love it.

  • be0

    dis is wack & imma Eminem fan but like every1 has been saying, his new music jus isnt really good. He's not spitting hard anymore & jus dnt got it.(Kinda like Jay-Z too) Bad meets evil had a couple decent tracks and Recovery was jus too mainstream for me. He shows flashes here and there but I think the ol Em is gone for now.

    • Anonymous

      You cant expect him not to change, of course he isnt the same Ol Em, but he is still the greatest in the game, and noone can tell us otherwise

    • Anonymous

      His rhyme schems are so ridiculous I don't know what you are on.... Maybe you don't like his new delivery/flow and you are distracted by that cause I'm not hearing what you are..

  • So Icy Boi!

    Eminem has no swag. white men cant dress up like black men. Lil Wayne's clothes are much better... he iz fashionable... Eminem dresses like a 8 Mile character. lol. this cracka need a new stylist. lol. what to say about Obie Trice? that ugly nigga never will be as sexy as a YMCMB member. Eminem dropped him off da label bcuz tha nigga aint hot. swag

  • row

    I think the beat is dope em goes hard. cant wait to see what he does for his next project

  • Anonymous

    worst beat... this would be a better song if someone put another beat on it, and remixed it better. it sounds like eminem is skipping.. wtf

  • Anonymous

    Wack beat Going nowhere prod by EMINEM = FIRE

  • Anonymous

    Eminem goes to hard. Haters gonna hate

  • Sire

    lmao Eminem's verse is wack. He's trying too hard now.

  • lll

    'You get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. I can tell at first glance, you're a hoe. 'Cause your pants are so tight, When you dance with O-Trice, Your implants explode' GOAT

    • lll

      Are you guys stupid or what??? I have every Em song, and most of Nas stuff! It's just nice to praise these rappers for their current effort because all these stupid youngsters consider rappers like Wayne and Kanye the best to ever do it. This is a funny song, it shouldn't be taken as a serious one. And the facts that you compared it to Illmatic is cringe worthy, sorry...just had to say it

    • Anonymous

      He's the GOAT but yeah the dude above is right... If you wanna hear Em's best verses look up Infinite, Biterphobia, 313, It's Ok, Rock Bottom, Welcome To Hell, Brain Damage, etc...

    • Anonymous

      If you think that's GOAT material lyrics you would probably explode if you heard lyrics off illmatic

  • dilllla

    Songs dope, beat is sick, both verses were good, idk what people bitchin bout

  • lll

    Also, this is a feature. Em doesn't get to decide what he'll rap about when it's a feature. He's chilling with his old friend, listen to their collabs they all sound like this! Plus, people seem to hate on anything that Em releases because it's 'NEW Em"!! Faggots! Look up the lyrics to this song and see how complex and genius this verse was! Music doesn't have to be relatable suckers!

  • flawl

    Haters commin out in full effect! I like this beat it's something new and i haven't liked some of em's verses recently but this is actually dope and funnier than alot of his recent shit. Track is Dope. 4.5/5

  • Anonymous

    man em is the best to ever do it nobody can match his wordplay

  • lll

    Great song, people need to get over themselves. This was intended to sound like this.

  • Stan

    I am a big eminem fan probably a Stan ....... But wtf is this ? Eminem is destroying his legacy with all this garage he has been releasing these days. and his subject matter on all his guest appearances have been about the same shit. Maybe it's time for him to stick behind the control boards.

  • Anonymous

    It's cool as fuck not what I expected but its still ill. Em needs to stop playing and bring that sslp type of flow back.

  • Anonymous

    I'm sorry but this is just too average...have people lost their ears? Artists and labels just cannot work together to make a hit. Its trash like N*ggas in paris, jeezy, souljah boi, wiz, etc. That shit isnt good its just average it isnt timeless. Timeless is cheers. Timeless is every eminem album before relapse.

    • Ok

      Tech N9ne is dope! I think he better than Em! But you have to understand that Im saying is that Relapse is lyrically one of Em's dopest albums....that is all. Im not comparing him to nobody but himself.

    • Anonymous

      tech n9ne continually rhymes sentences and he does it without putting on a bullshit foreign accent

    • ???

      Lyrically , Relapse was Em's dopest album. He used the accent to bend the words and form to making sentences rhyme together. Sentences. rhyme. together. That takes skill. I just seen that album as a master , toying with the art form

  • Anonymous

    i need a new Eminem album in 2012 anyone agree?

  • ESS

    Oops forgot to rate!! Guess I should leave it at that, a F*@kin ZERO

  • ESS

    This is straight garbage & Im an Em & Obie fan. Real disappointed in both these two! What a shame... I think Em just doesn't give a shit anymore! Can't say I blame him though...

  • fja

    I just dont get why people cant make full songs anymore...good beat, good lyrics, good chorus. Like everything they used to do together was really good and now just average on this song. What happened to good music? Obies still talented as hell but come on this beat is boring and thers no chorus really

    • Fke

      thats what making a song is about. You do need a hook not a pop hook but a chorus is important to any song. I love it when you call me big poppa! I'm going going, back a back, to cali cali...Its like the mo money we come across, the more problems we see.....you get the point?

    • Deftly

      you don't need a hook, that isnt what hip hop is about

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck is eminem talkin about ??? this is gibberish , still their 20 fuckin stans suckin his dick praisin him for every bar he spits even though nothing what he says makes sense , he used to be the best now he proves that everyone who gets big eventually sells out , lucky for him he still got his stans

    • Anonymous

      He's been rapping like this forever... See incase you haven't figured this out by now... there's Slim Shady who doesn't really talk about anything but he's funny and creative, there's Marshall who is serious, and Eminem the battle rapper... And how can you say his new stuff makes no sense when Recovery made more sense then anything he's ever put out before as a whole...

  • Jonathan

    What the hell is this song about? Not the best Statik production, I hope this gets mastered better. Is there any bass in that? Em's verse was pointless.

  • Anonymous


  • Josh

    Em has been spitting the same fucking verse for 2 years. Why the fuck does he still have so many dick riders.

    • Anonymous

      The only verse that this reminds me of is his verse on Throw It Up. He's been proving himself for over 15 years, why does he still have so many haters?

  • Anonymous

    this song gon be Wack... Ems verse aint gonna be hot and the beat is wack as fuck

  • row

    the em verse has leaked check it here http://media3.7digital.com/clips/34/17978150.clip.mp3

    • Anonymous

      i should have known.... Ems verse is another one of those throwaway wack verses like the one he spit on yelawolfs album. Ems gettin lazy as fuck the only decent verses he writes are the ones for his own projects.

    • ksmart25@yahoo.com

      you can critique without being vulgar can be criticism supportive instead of being negative.if you can do better then do it if not at least give constructive criticism.smartventure music

  • fuck off

    em will kill this guaranteed and all you stupid fucks will bite your tongue. Chicka chick chick

  • roman

    why is this even on the top 10? its just a snippet, maybe when the whole song comes out but for now 1/5

  • Joom

    This shit is so dope. This and the Slaughterhouse album are gonna be tight as hell. Not too sure about Hop Madness though. I think Hopsin's on some other shit right now.

  • Anonymous

    No Skinny jeans :( lol

  • Anonymous

    Unless Eminems Verse is Fire obie trice shouldnt expect to sell any units.

  • Deuce Deuce

    Dope tracks... I heard Em's verse and it's legit.

  • Anonymous

    beat is fuckin wack.

  • Anonymous

    Obie sounds so fucking Jay-z!!!!!

  • HAHA


  • ???

    Sounds so dated.... e's prolly been sitting on this since 2004

  • ShystyOne

    I like the beat its cooled out and chill....good track.

  • King Zulu

    As far as this song; We haven't Heard the Full Version and Eminem Is in His Own League. #TrueStAtemenT CHECK OUT MY MUSIC! It's WORTH IT. TRUST ME. www.Reverbnation.com/KingZulu Follow me @theSmokeSession Collab?

  • bigfoot89

    Good beat but it seems like he's lost his hunger compared to what he was like on Cheers. Now it just seems like he's reading a book to niggas...

  • Devin

    How the fuck does Lil Wayne and Rick Ross get sick ass beats but these niggas still using wack 60 dollar beats from wack producers??? The only good song on recovery was Seduction because it was the only song that had a good beat along with a great verse. Em needs to stop experimenting on albums and keep shit legit. If he wants to experiment with different beats and flows keep that shit in mixtapes

    • Jack Compton

      @el - Haha, couldn't of put it better myself.

    • el

      Dog, how fucking stupid are you? Eminem has went diamond on three different records. Has sold over 5,000,000 for recovery world wide. He's won 13 grammy's nominated for 23 besides the thirteen he won. He also won a oscar. But you know what your right he needs to stop experimenting and really get on his grind.

    • mike

      I agree, Seduction is the best song on Recovery, in my opinion. He should of made a music video for it. I want to hear Em on a dubb step beat. I've been wanting to hear it ever since "Without Me".

    • Anonymous

      Not Afraid Talkin to maself going thru changes won't back down session one no love cold wind blows space bound(Kinda pop) Love the way you lie(Kinda pop) cinderalla man Those are some sick tracks with very dope beats....Get better ears!!!

    • haha


    • ///

      i agree that the beat is not the best, bt Wack ass produer??? statik selektah is %$%$#$ dope!!

  • Anonymous

    This nigga Obie trice is wack?? He raps like he's reading random words out a thasaurus.

  • Anonymous

    If Ems verse ain't fire this song along with the whole album will be WACK!! Shittyass beats are to blame. Why the fuck didn't eminem get on the track that he or dr dre produced?? Em always finds a way to disappoint me.

  • Stan

    Looking forward to hearing this one. Em hasn't put anything out in awhile.

  • God

    Eminem = Legend. Obie = Faggot D12 = Useless cunts Thats good Em bringing up slaughterhouse instead of pricks like these who dont know how to rap for shit. I know niggas will start hating that they can and shit and what not, if thats the case then you obv dont listen to real hiphop. It makes niggas in d12 looks dumb as fuck. Bizzare is a fag btw

  • Tyrannical T

    You know you're good when people hate on a song that you haven't even said a word in yet.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody on this site saying Obie isnt lyrical just flat out doesnt know what there talking about Em's fall off is almost as bad as Prodigy from Mobb Deep, lol @ the people trying to convince themselves they dont suck in 2012, face reality This beat is decent and Obie sounds alright over it, but my fear is that Em is gonna come on with another of his "I hate women, Dick Joke, Corny Punchline" verses, screaming it at the top of his lungs.... but at least he isnt doing that pedophile accent anymore, thank god for small favors

    • wolfman

      Wow, everyone put down the drink... So much brain damage in one conversation. Recovery bad as people think? As in the 4x platinum it sold alone in the US? I'm not disillusioned. Eminem changed his style and I'm a bigger fan of his past music, but to put Prodigy in the same category? Sorry, Mobb Deep hasn't even sold as many albums all together as Recovery has worldwide. I'm a fan of Prodigy too, but dude hasn't even been lyrical close to himself in over 10 years since HNIC. Eminem, still has sick lyrical ability. Maybe his content isn't as gripping, but he's still more than capable of producing bangers. Prodigy is kind of a lost hope for returning to his former self.

    • Anonymous

      Uhh Relapse and HTS were lyrically insane. Recovery wasn't nearly as bad as everyone says it is..

    • Anonymous

      Em fell off? Lmfao yeah ok keeping it real he don't use that same sick flow anymore but his intensity and wordplay make up for it

    • Grimes

      your fear is that EMINEM is gonna ruin an OBIE TRICE song? lmao

  • Anonymous

    did eminem say, 'not', at the very end of he song??????????

  • Me

    Obie is definitely not lyrical, but he is entertaining. Somehow it works. Cheers was a good album.

  • Keenies1167

    Obie said he wanted to put a few cool summer tracks in there. I could imagine listening to this whilst chilling in the sun haha.

  • Donnie

    Obie Trice ALWAYS delivers!

  • Shady

    Beat is nice. Obie`s flow sounds like Jay though.

  • Anonymous

    damn shitty beat

  • jesterxxl

    I'd die to hear a big fuckin track with Shady, D12 (can't believe Bizarre has gone... yea, yea I know he wasn't lyrical but he got jokes) Slaughterm Obie, 50, Banks & Yela ona track!!!

  • glafflin

    not sure what the hype is for obie, he has been decent but not great. and his album will sell almost as bad as ja rules new album. the beat for this song is average at best yet people are rating this a 5?? some of u just want to like what is not popular i think. eminem was a well respected underground artist then he blew up and you have all the people saying he fell off and sucks. this song gets a 3 out of 5 nothing special so far.

  • Anonymous

    I don't really like statik, and I don't like this beat too much. I hope Obie has some good quality beats on this album.

  • DutchWeazel

    @ Gram Where did you heard Em's verse?

  • DutchWeazel

    Always good to hear those two together

  • Fouth


  • MyLittleKony

    Sick beat, cant wait to hear it in full

  • gram

    beats wack, i like his flow, eminem turned pop.

    • Anonymous

      Dumbass...You had to correct yourself, not the other anon. That was stupid. HTS was a classic !!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Dumbass....Em asked for bruno, not Royce. Recovery was dope, Relapse was dope. HTS was classic !!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Dumbass....Em asked for Charet Jai, not Royce. Recovery was dope, Relapse was dope. HTS was classic !!!!

    • Anonymous

      No he didn't.. Relapse - OPPOSITE OF POP (minus maybe 2 songs) Recovery - Pop but still good HTS - 10% pop (Mr porter had claret jai on it and royce asked for bruno mars, so not eminem's fault..)

    • Anonymous

      it's like BME and the cypher verse left everybody's heads, people only remember what they hate

  • lukebritton

    obie a real emcee

  • Anonymous

    this shit garbage ass hell! the beat corny ass hell

  • war22

    few days till this shit drops...can wait...

  • da1

    I never thought Obie Trice was nice. But people swear up nd down that he is lyrical. No he's not!!!!!

    • D90

      *My Exodus will never be from a violent outcome shitty lyrics sites

    • Anonymous

      The white boy's cool, but refuse they brothers So we, cock the tools, and shoot our own color This ain't Detroit Red, you won't (X) me out (Malcolm) I exit this, whenever be from a violent outcome I turn Exorcist on niggaz wit extra clips Exit on my ethics, is no longer present X-rays show, I was this close to Heaven So for future reference, I stay this close to a weapon but yea ur right obie isnt lyrical at all *rolls eyes*

    • Anonymous

      Obies word play is genius

  • Anonymous

    if you actually listen til the very end you can hear eminems voice on at least a hook

  • Anonymous

    its obv good song and u can tell form second of hearing eminemn its a verse and not a hook

  • Anonymous

    Sounds right. Haven't looked for an Em or Obie track in a while, but I'm waiting on this.

  • Jose

    Sadly this sounds like a beat Eminem would only to a hook to. Eminem's been quiet lately, is he gonna drop another album or is he retiring? Anyways dope beat, sounds Dre produced. Looking forward to this album for sure.

    • Anonymous

      Crooked I says he's in the studio all the time and recorded alot of songs. Who knows though, I think he's going to focus on Slaughterhouse, then try to revive D12, then work on solo projects. Of course I don't know him so I have no idea.

    • Horrorcore

      ... So... who's D12 again? (that really hurt to type, as a fan of them)

    • fff

      Em is working on southpaw I think. probably not that much time yet

    • yerrr

      Em is doing what he issupposed to be doing as a boss, paying attention to his crew, slaughter house and yela. Unlike Jay Z when he was in def jam lol EM is excited to be associated with this younger lyrical killers and I m sure hes enjoying the time w them and doing songs w them, w out him having to make an album him self

  • jesterxxl

    I just got word that Slim is only doin the hook wat the fuck I wanted a Shady verse he has unbelievable chemistry with Obie!

  • sick mc

    neva was a fan of obie ! and not a fan of statik what eva his name is em is in my top 5 for over rated shit is wack ! hiphop is just flat out bull shit now !

  • wizandkush

    this is a nice beat for obie. but i cant imagine eminem spittin over it. but i think it'll be a good song

  • firealarm

    sounds dope but we can only hope Eminem doesn't spit some stupid wack shit...

    • Anonymous

      He really hasn't had that many wack verses since Encore, especially post-Recovery. Now if your talking wack lines that a little different, but overall it should be good.

  • Ill JuJu

    wasnt lookin for this... but saw statik selektah produced this so imma give it a chance. Something new from obie and em

  • Sonny James Rene

    nothing special from the snippet, but it is only 30 seconds and kind of pointless to release tbh.

  • Anonymous

    Good, cant wait till i hear the rest of the song, I need something new from Em

  • Anonymous

    cant wait for this