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"Coco Mango" remix by maticulous of Fat Beats Records' newest group The Union. Fans can rejoice as Crustified Dibbs and Metalface finally share a track.


  • gsands212

    damn, so ill. 5 Stars

  • 19hunnerd89

    MF Doom special herbs off the head freestyle, no writtens http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GelzpD8ysUY

  • cody pershinsky

    Never really listened to MF before this song. I am really diggin it, and when you add R.A it is a truly potent mix. I just don't just dont get a lot of the references they make. but thats why we have google! lol.

  • R2die

    38/38 perfect rating says it all! nothing more i can add to this

  • Another Level

    Damn... Just great. R.A. + DOOM = PERFECTION

  • Anonymous

    all of you idiots get off EMs dick..first off EM is a fucking legend from underground all the way up..RA is real nice but why is it everytime he comes out with a track everyone brings up EM?

  • Damian Morentin

    Man I was waiting for this collaboration

  • Anonymous

    white rappers rule!!!!!! blacks r boring fukers and no fun an there voices all sound da same there out of date and sound old sory an r.a much better than em!!!!

  • DJFoxhound

    Doom & R.A.?! Thats some serious shit!

  • Bobby Bonus

    oh, and by the way, who the fuck is Eminem? r.a. has the dopest verses ever!

    • Anonymous

      Bro shut the fuck up please ..who the fuck is Eminem? listen im no stan but damn hes a fucking legend with as much respect in the game as anyone..also a global icon whos fucking going down in history as a classic artist

  • Bobby Bonus

    Fucking sickest shit i've heard in a while. cant wait to buy that shit!!

  • Halfabrick

    get off EM dick y'all. RA would probably slaughter EM in a battle. Em has never extended his hand for anybody white or even anybody better than him..D12?? Gtfoh!! Yall some ignorant mofuckas! RA is a legend in the underground. Fuck a skin color!!

  • mz

    Eminem doesn't do tracks with rappers better than him, that would be suicide. Though he did an ep with Royce, but I wouldn't say he's better than Em, on his level though.

  • bill

    sure are a great number of stooooopid people throwing out opinions. opinions are like assholes, we all got em.

  • Rome

    Nice track. My favorite rapper and lyrical legend on one track! Straight fire

  • fakename


  • kush

    R.A. and Eminem should never be mentioned in the same sentence. R.A. isn't a sell out whiney bitch who cries about his mom. R.A. IS THE TRUTH!!!

  • Kevin

    fuck yeah dope fucking track, RA kills eminem ... RA and Doom 2 of the greatest artists from da underground!

  • mz

    2 Hip-Hop legends! Sick Track!

  • Anonymous

    R.A is dope as fuck

  • Sheldon

    R.A. is a fucking monster!!!

  • Anonymous

    come in paris some dayz , we love dat shit

  • Anonymous

    Why does RA look like Captian Spok?

  • DaMaDViLLaN

    RA...strong islands finest....DOOM..genuinely doper skiller...

  • anonymous

    stfu white rappers are good you cant say it's racist just because the cream of the crop are white guys right now, ignorant fuck

    • mackdoogs

      haah only respectaable white rapper is eminem??? hahaha thats all you had to say to make your opinion worth less than shit to any REAL hip hop fan, RA murdas eminem in every way shape and form. end of story

    • ugh.. educate yourself

      Eminem did NOT base his persona upon RA, they're both totally different. in any interview i've seen from eminem, when asked about his influences, he always talks about heads like naughty by nature, run dmc.. never a mention of RA. to say this is fucking retarded dude. you can't just say things and hope they pass at the truth. show me where Em said he based his persona around RA.. prove it to me.

    • ChronicLeavez

      Eminem actually based his persona on RA, who was a massive influence for him. Lots of ignorant idiots on here..

    • Suave

      WTF are you talking about yea there are some good white rappers and good black rappers I know you proud of your fellow white rapper but come on when you mention white that brings race into and for the record there have been way more dope black rappers than white. The only white rappers that should be thrown in the goat castegory is EM and maybe RA other than that thats it. I mean come on Rakim Tupac Biggie Big L Furious Five Run DMC, Ice Cube Snoop Dr Dre DJ Quick Scarface UGK Outkast Nas Jay-Z Kool G rap Wutang Redman Mc Lyte Big Daddy Kane Too Short Naughty By Nature Salt and Pepper. The list goes on and on. At the end of the day it will take 40 or 50 years for white rappers to have a impact on hip hop like black people have on hip hop. If anything White America has fucked up Hip hop.....Im mean hip hop is basically owned by white people Viacom owns BET MTV VH1 and Comdedy Central so where is the platform for real hip hop because black people dont have the power. As soon as Bob Johnson sold bet to the white people that was the demise of HIp Hop.. They sold it in 2002 and now you see where Hip Hop has turned into. The same thing happen to Rock n Roll and now they drain Rock N Roll for everything now they are trying to do it in Hip Hop. I see I have to educate a lot of you new hip hop listeners. I've been listening to Hip hop ever since LL was walking with a panther. See I remember in the 90's when hip hop was considered nigger music and if you was white listening to hip hop you was called a wigga. Kind of similar to how the NBA is looked at as Thug Ball on Nigger Ball and thus a lot of white people dont like it. But as soon as another Larry Bird comes along we will hear the racist commenting again I get it. I know you got pride and like yea somebody white is killing everything but just have more respect. I mean Im black and if they was ever a black wayne gretzky a lot of black people would be like take that but just have respect. Hip Hop suppose to be about peace and love not hate and racism. Its not about white and black its about the culture,music and unity. Peace Im out!

    • Anonymous

      white guys are not the cream of the crop that is a lie the only respectable white rapper is EM and he has lost a lot of that in the last 5 years. Most white rappers have an annoying voice they will never sell a million records. I mean if most white people dont like those rappers then that sums it up for me. Most white rappers are technically sound but lack passion and cadence only white back pack listensers like most of those white rappers they need to step up they swag.

  • Anonymous

    god damn RA tore this shit up

    • qonvex

      STFU !! Talking bout white this, white that. You used the word white in every sentence. Hip Hop is universal and if you have an ear for good music and understand lyricism you'd know that it doesn't matter what your skin color is. Who gives a fuck about record sales anyways?? What are you, some wannabe russel simmons and shit ?? GTFO !! You trying to tell me guys like, Vinnie Paz, Diabolic, Celph Titled, Copywrite, RA, Esoteric and Apathy can't rhyme?? Just because hip hop was invented by the black community as a way to self express themselves doesn't mean its exclusively for blacks. I don't like new Eminem either but why does everyone have to throw his name out everytime white rappers are mentioned. Good is good and wack is wack, simple as that.

  • Gavf

    Damn! R.A always delivers, the production is crazy. NICE.

  • Anonymous

    White rap taking over....yea right. I will take Big Krit, Kendrick, Hopsin, Tech nine, Jay Electronica, Jay Cole, Elzhi, Crooked I, and Royce. I hate that EMIMNEM brought so many racist fucks to hip hop. We dont want you in hip hop go away. Hip Hop doesnt have a color if it did we wouldnt have ever let EM in the game. AT the end of the day you still need someone that is black seal of approval to get respect....Get off that racist shit!!!!

    • Anonymous for a reason?

      you serious? you're telling people to get off the racist shit whilst being racist! and you contradicted yourself, 'hip hop doesnt have a colour - you need a black mans seal of approval'. Eminem is a real lyricist, the technical aspect of his writing process writes most black rappers off. since you want to pull the fucking race card. YOOOOOOOOU people are all the fucking same, racism works both ways, just because your black doesnt mean you'll get away with it, although a black person is more likely to get away with being racist than a white person is. FACT!

    • ChronicLeavez

      Are you serious? Biggie himself even proclaimed RA as one of his favourite rappers..

    • ANIMOS


  • Anonymous

    DOPE......... The production is crazy... Been waiting on Doom for a while...

  • selfone

    wasnt exptecting this.... verry nice waitin on that ra album

  • TS

    Didn't know MF DOOM was a Muslim..thats cool....anyways...DOPE ASS TRACK

  • vkush412

    Mf Doom/R.a. too hard!!! Doom is the best Producer/MC ever... dude is just ill.. and R.A been dope since Cunt Renaissance get 12 beats for $24.99 @ www.buyhiphopbeatsonline.com today!

  • dillaDOOM

    hip hop can rejoice two of its most individual and frankly, best rappers join forces to spit more words than i knew there was, not there best stuff but still good to hear

  • HipHopObama

    This shit go hard! BTW Canibus vs. Dizaster battle. coming in june via KOTD!

  • Jonathan


  • Talksick

    Doom is one giant line stretched out...no structure...never liked his lyrics. R.A is a mf monster. WHITE RAP taking over the game. Em - best ever. Apathy - most polished. Yela - best up n comer. R.A - most underrated. Nuff said.

    • qonvex

      your just as big of an idiot as anonymous. why don't you do your homework before commenting on shit you have no idea about. Some of the best lyricist to have ever lived are black, having said that, there are white emcee's out there that murder most rappers in the game at the moment. As I mentioned to Anonymous. Skin color has nothing to do with lyricism. Either you can rap or you can't. Go do some homework you fag. Check out Elzhi while your at it and learn what lyricism is all about. To me he's one of the best out rightnow simply because of his skill level. nothing else.

    • Doubl Negative

      @ All the white dudes above me; Mac Miller - wack, Yelawolf - wack, MG Kelly - wack, Em - Nineties ish dope, post 2000 - wack. I don't know what kind of point you're all tryin' to make, but if you're gonna have allegiance to a rapper through racial solidarity, at least try and pick some quality white emcees. Ap & Celph, Copywrite, High & Mighty, Necro & Bill, ALC, House of Pain, 3rd Bass and Edan have all released dope hip-hop over the years that matches their Black counterparts. I know it's not cool to be politically correct, but I don't care about a dude's colour when it comes to hip-hop. As long as an emcee's spittin' raw, intelligent lyrics over dope beatz, I'm cool. I swear, sometimes I the "DX" in this site's name stands for "Dick-ridin' Xenophobes"

    • hippaToDaHoppa

      @Anonymous R.A. wack? You're tripping. Dudes a lyrical beast. I feel like most of you dudes don't know anything about Rugged Man. Dudes been in the game 20 years, and stop with this white rap taking over ish, it's just stupid.

    • Anonymous

      White rap taking over please. Nobody is fucking with Kendrick Big Krit...lol.

    • Anonymous

      doom is a legend. you have to be smart and cultured to fully understand doom. you are neither. r.a. the rugged man is wack. try hard wannabe that sounds like a drunk bozo flipping words.

    • MrHereWeGoYo

      You can always spot a noob.

    • dillaDOOM

      aww man your stupid the first half of DOOMs verse was very structured,its dibbs that does the word mash thing with no breaks, not only dont you know what your talking about, your also sir a dick, i disagree with the idots saying EM hasnt been good in years he was spitting some fire on recovery, and white rap is on fire i agree but dont for get mr muthafucking eXquire slaughterhouse hopsin earl sweatshirt pack fm m.e.d are are black and i just scratched the surface no colour rap just great rap please

    • Anonymous

      if you dont like the lyrics your just to slow and young minded to comprhed the truth. Mf goes in the hardest on any beat no matter how good or how bad

    • cinavenom

      I would agree with you Talkstick except for the fact that Em hasn't made anything that wasn't wack in ten years and Yela is corny as fuck. There is some dope ass white rappers though, i.e., Ill Bill, Necro, Vinnie Paz, Apathy, Bekay, Slaine, R.A., Evidence, Alchemist etc. But not Em and Yela man c'mon.

    • Anonymous

      i agree except apathy and yela...yela is fuckin garbage so youre an idiot for that comment ra is more polished than apathy id take asher over both pabst and jazz was amazing

  • Anonymous

    So fucking ill, two of the best and most creative ever.

  • R2die

    MF and the ruggedman? it gets no better than this

  • bill E.

    Rugged Man is untouchable right now.

  • Anonymous

    mf doom murdered this. hot damn. 5/5

  • Gary

    Fucking ill. 5 stars for the villain.

  • $oNNy RENE

    5 stars. Song has a great vibe.

  • Klass

    Dope! The Damu's Y Society Remix is hot as well.

  • Itsy Bitsy Zygote

    Prefer the original but still cool

  • G-Zus

    Its DOOM! Get it right DX.

  • Anonymous



    This shit FILTHY