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Another raw slice of Copywrite's "God Save The King" which drops in full February 28th. "Love" reunites Copy with Tage Future of MHz over a Bronze Naz beat.


  • pro-pain

    another copywrite song unreleased with kid vishis and dienasty..http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_9366805

  • Tom

    Copy and Tage two of the most underrated MCs out IMO. 5/5 on this one - and the video with them in tophats is clowning.

  • gospel

    Dope as usual from copy and those hating on his new religious side clearly need to prioritise your life because God is king and we are his servants. Rap pays the bills but god feeds your soul..respect to copy for his new found state of mind!

    • Truegame

      Riiiiiiiight, ah anyway NO!People are reacting accordingly to Religious fanaticism. This is a sure fire way to fail in a game Copy has been an active and respected part of for over 15 years. If anyone actually believes that people will respect this move and continue to listen, your crazy. This is sad actually, a tremendous fall from grace(no pun). It would actually be better if he just started smoking crack, then at least we could hope for him to clean up and keep killin shit on tracks. Theres no coming back from this bullshit, he's gone! Can't wait to hear wordplay/punchlines/and double and triple entedres about Immanuel and the glory of ...Fuck this sucks.

  • Trugame

    Incredibly Dope! Tage was dope too. Copy's music has been SO ON POINT lately-almost flawless-so it figures that as soon as all the old "incidents" are now forgotten and his hard work and determination is about to pay off,he goes and gets on all this Jesus shit. We're not talkin normal "pray to JC/thank God" stuff,we talkin: serpent handling,in toungues talking, abortion clinic bomber type "kookoo psycho" Jesus shit. Why does this man hate his career so much?

  • Rympul

    Every Copy album, ( and cruise control and the jerk )have been consistent as fuck. Ive been down since T.H.E Life and time is in my top 5 albums of all time. AMped the fuck up for G$k. preordered at ughh and itunes. Thnxs for solid release for over decade copy.

  • nope

    Wait, he was talking all that God shit? I just heard another penis punchline. Fuck this lame.

  • Wingspan

    Crazy! Copy & Tage are the illest combination. Can't wait for the album 5/5

  • green hornet

    "she's not a fan of gospel but a sucker for an organ" lulz this track goes! bronze naz is a beast for this GOD SAVE THE KING! DROP ALREADY! 5.5

  • Eddie Money

    Every single from this album has been fire so far. Anyone hear any snippets yet? 5/5 on this one tho