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Another Children of the Corn classic that is finally seeing an official release on tomorrow's Big L "L Corleone" collection.



  • Anonymous

    Big L was always one of those that was ahead of his time. This nigga was crazy nice!!

  • Anonymous

    this is the only reason why gay-z is even consider great cuz after bitting big-L and biggy what do u expect but its not his shit cam had that shit right his a bitter not a writer wack ass gay-z

    • Anonymous

      I love Big L but people saying that he would now be a superstar if he lived thats bullshit. Big L didnt had meanstream appeal like Big or Pac. Probably if he would live now he would be one of the rappers that you would say he was back in the day dope but now he is repeating himself. There are a lot of great mc's that arent any interested anymore to listen to.

  • unseen1212

    cam was bout as nasty as big L back in tha day, www.reverbnation.com/unseenva

  • Anonymous

    got this on my ipod ;)

  • @S3QU3NC3

    Big L - this is what Hip Hop is REALLY about!! S3QU3NC3 . bandcamp . com

  • @Sourheadband420

    Damn this why us old heads always talking bout the 90's. U don't need a computer to make a dope record

  • skrap'd up

    everybody went in on this

  • Jonathan

    What asshole didn't give this a five?

  • Sonny Rene

    this is raw. Wish hip hop was more like this these days.

  • Anonymous

    back when hiphop was real instead of those lame rappers nowadays like wayne, drake, 50 cent etc.

  • RTJ00

    You guys a HHDX like glorifying old underground Hip Hop but wont glorify new underground Hip Hop, like its dead or some shit or like you like real shit. Stop being fake and go a hundred!

  • don don

    L was my dude dead ass i remember seeing him posted in front of the chicken spot on 139th n lenox ave every nite... b4 cam n mase it was l n gruff... real harlem niggaz 4ever S.I.H.P MY DUDE...

  • 1love

    big l didn't do enough in the years he was with us but whatever r.i.p.

  • Cansol Em

    I wish L did more than just the hook.

  • Beyandre'

    This is back when Cam'Ron and Ma$e was spittin like crazy. Big L Top 5 DOA.

  • Anonymous

    L could have been one of the best ever...to bad he was taken from us so early "Casualties of a dice Game" is one of the best story raps ever #classic But leave Jay out the comments, L respected Jay as a MC...that was a classic generation of artists, we just lost to many of them

  • Rick

    L, Pun, J-Zone and Sean p always have them funny lines that make me rewind to make sure that I heard what I heard. L was so fuckin' nice....He took Finesse's style and ran with it x 20

  • WRECSworld

    Big L is on my top 5 list. Nobody can deliver punch lines like him

  • JC

    Big L a true legend Real deal hip-hop MC with dopest lyrics. Damn shame kids these days having to grow up listening to trash like Lil Gayne, Drakey, Rozie etc... I grew up listening to the most dopest hip-hop, rakim, krs, epmd, big L, guru, biggie, das efx etc...damn shame for the kids ain't it?

  • Anonymous

    When ever i bring up Children Of The Corn ppl only kno about the movie an not the 90's super rap group... Hip Hop died man lyrics dont matter no more damn shame............. MGK ft Jerz Da Reaper- Wildboy Remix TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/wild-boy-mp3

  • Jis36ngrewuphiphop

    Slavery by another name; the story of blacks in the 19th century being arrested after the civil war on and charged an convicted on spurios charges, then leased or sold as laborers to various entities a practice that lasted well into the 20th century! Sounds like what happens when u catch a felony! Amerikkka is so beautiful! Now free niggers are arguing over musicians and mc's Malcom, Fredrick, Martin, Huey, h Rap, Marcus would be so proud! Read your 13 ammendment

  • Anonymous

    BIG L in 97 >>>> JAY-Z in 97

  • fgdfgdfg

    Just for those who don't know. Big L got killed 1 week before he was meant to sign with Roc-a-Fella Records. His older brother said he could've gotten signed like 6 months earlier but he didn't want to leave his boys behind. That's the kinda respect people lack these days. Imagine if he was alive, Big L on beats by Just Blaze and Kanye West. Who the hell would Jay-Z be?

  • GQ

    Yo Big L was legend but i dont think its right to take away from jay yes i think big is better but big l never really blew up & when big was murderd in 2000 i think. jay was already huge but they both fuckd wit each other so it was nothin but respect wit each other so I just think that says alot when they say jay isnt street anymore or whatever he was tight wit big since along time ago. but i wish big was still around to show dumb niggas like every1 in ymcmb what real shit is bout!! RIP BIG L

  • Anonymous

    Big L is one of the greatest it is so sad that he passed away. He is the whole reason Jay Z even had a career

    • Anonymous

      stupid fool jay Z was already rapping in 1989 with JaZ O.

    • Anonymous

      big l murdered jay-z live. had jay-z stumbling, sounding shook, like he was an amateur. that was in jay-z's prime. big l hadn't even peaked yet. big l forever mothafucka. would destroy any rapper out today without breaking a sweat, and i highly doubt he would ever do some faggot shit with kid cudi or bon iver.

    • Jis36ngrewuphiphop

      @dre gayz was on big l first record way b4 the roc homie! Hahahahaha this is what im sayin NIGGER please do u got big l first album cause i got bothe homie! Dont be a dummy n say what u think u know, be sure of what your talking about only assholes open up and let shit cum out! Hahahahahahaha

    • dockevoc

      @dre: Wrong. They did come out together but L already had a major label deal and was part of the already successful DITC Crew. L brought Jay around with him and Jay was just as underground as L as he attempted to push wack records on Dj's (In My Lifetime????) with no success. And L turned down the Rocafella deal. No hate, just history. And no doubt those L/Jay freestyles are some of the illest shit I've ever heard.

    • dre

      lol....That is a lie.... Jay-z and big l both came about around the same time...Big l just was underground....I remember jay and big l used to freestyle together. And before big l died jay-z was gonna sign him to the roc!!!! Just another jay-z hater lol.....Jay-z been having respect for big l.....Troll trying to make people hate on jay-z

    • Jis36ngrewuphiphop

      I love when people know the truth! R.I.P to Big L, you never got the probs u deserved! I hope youngins pay attention n see hip hop didnt die just cause of pac, big, n pun. Big L was 1 of the illest cats to do it also!

  • dockevoc

    Big L Corleone is too advanced for ya'll...

  • OPM

    cam'ron destroyed this track

  • room2roam

    no disrespect..may he RIP however if he was still doin it today he would not be a "huge" star. not if his sound was anything like this. y'all just have to accept that this sound just isnt for everyone... moreover the subject matter is not universal..so he may be what u consider good but he's no different than a lot of other artists out here starving

    • Anonymous

      Who cares if he'd of been a huge star, todays huge starts are homo's with feminine traits and retards, not being a part of that group is a compliment to a real dude

    • dockevoc

      No one is "doing it today" like they did in 1999...He would have had his run for a few albums and cemented his legacy as one of the illest...And "no different than a lot of other artists out here starving?" He owned his own label, was part of an iconic crew (DITC), turned DOWN deals to sign with Rocafella, and was universally regarded as one of the nicest alive...A little different than Big Noyd, J Hood, or Krumbsnatcha. He died just as he was hitting his prime, unlike most of the other fallen MC's who had already reached their pinnacle.

    • Anonymous

      fuck that boom map to the fullest, fuck the mainstreamass girly shit fucking faggot ass drake bumping corny motherfucker

  • Anonymous

    Every time I hear a Big L joint I get pissed off thinking of all the potential the world lost the day he died, why couldnt dude have shock a wack MC instead??

  • Jason

    would be a 5 probably but the quality is so terrible. so.. not even going to rate.

  • mist

    miss ya L. what a beautiful spirit. in the day nikki minaj, drake, and lil wayne dominate rap, and katy perry and bruno mars get headlines on DX, this is a welcome surprise. one official album and still one of the greatest rappers to ever live. i'll take 1 big l joint over any homo rapper rocking today. RIP to a real hero and champion of music

    • Anonymous

      what are yu doing talkin bout nicki minaj and katy perry on a big L joint??? stop being a hip hop purist and just enjoy the pure hip hop

  • professionality

    Big L is so ill man.. my top 3: nas, guru, big L.

  • London

    Big L "L Corleone".... "collection that is seeing a release tommorow"

  • marvdeep25

    why have i neva heard this dope as fukkk

  • Lil L

    Corleone holds the throne. That, you know in your heart.

  • mcmastermind


  • Chase

    Dope, definitely getting that release tommorow.