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You knew it was coming eventually. "Bronsonmania" is the new PF Cuttin single featuring verses from Bronsonlino. Dirty version now available on iTunes.


  • Big Minneap

    Nice hi-hats and good raps. This is hop hop.

  • TaZzZ

    Since when does an MC's weight matter? Everybody knows fat dudes don't give a fuck, thats why they make the best rappers... Dudes the illest. This song might not be the hottest, but anyone that listens to Dr. Lecter straight through and still denies this guy is the future doesn't know hip hop. He can spit for days, reminds me of the first time i heard L or Pun. Not saying he is or ever will be on their level, but you gta admit he has the potential. And the gourmet food references are genius... "2010 got me buzzing like a beeper, round table discussion, conference in Geneva, Meet me at the table, poli over nasal, 47 minutes from the time I lit the basil" If y'all could actually understand what he's actually talkin about you'd be hangin from his nuts, as you should be...

  • Dean

    Are you crazy? This joint is bananas!! And that beat!!!

  • Anonymous

    my cock just exploded from diabetes and i'm supposed to pretend this is quality?

  • Anonymous

    no standards rap 2012! i go into insulin shock just listening to this trash.


    too many wack haters in these comments, this shit is dope, dont like it gtfo

  • Blubber Lang

    I vote for Blahzay Blahzay.

  • ill

    bronson must've been fuckin your women, bruh be snappin

    • Blubber Lang

      only thing Bronstein snappin at is every goddamn item on the buffet table. can't believe anyone is really fool enough to think this douchebag is 1/1000th the MC that Ghostface is. He ain't even the white Biz Markie!! the thought of Bronstein fucking is nauseating and i doubt there are many women with arms and stomach strong enough to find this fucking slobs cock underneath all the blubber.

  • Flushing Town Hall

    even if the library is free, you gotta question any asshole who's spent more money on laughably bad tattoos than books 0.0

  • 350 Pounds Of Shit In A 150 Pound Bag

    Bronstein is OVER save the heart attack-- hold on Elizabeth, this is the big one!! PF Cuttin' is A LOT nicer than most of the no-talent hacks Bronstein usually wheezes over but his lack of content and flows are glaringly obvious.

  • Anonymous

    you'll never know the type of pickle you in, till you wake up in a cell and nuts will tickle your chin! haha. Action Bronson spittin that heat!!! keepin that real 90s hip hop alive

  • Anonymous

    nvm ive just heard this shit months ago step ya game up hhdx bitch ass niggas

  • Anonymous

    this guy is terrible just like this website.


    "silk n linen what im rockin when the eagles win it" ??? haha you gon be bummy a long time fat boy go eat some cheese curds. Steelers, bitch. 4/5 - this shit fresh