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Brother Ali is readying his next album "Mourning In America & Dreaming In Color." Here's a track to kick off 2012 that looks like it will also be on the album.


  • Dabowski

    Killin it. Underground Rise Up!

  • Paul

    Maan, I had to listened to this again. Dope lyrics all the way through. 301 is in the house/Maryland

  • open

    Great track. Enjoyed listening to it. If you like it you can get the lyrics for it at the link bellow. Please suport us and like us on facebook :) http://www.dvdlyrics.com/lyrics-b-brother_ali-writer_s_block.html

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful Music from a Beautiful person quit with trying to find whats wrong with everything and just enjoy.

  • Anonymous

    he kinda sounded like jay z when he started the verse. But I like this guy better, Jake-One is crazy. dang nigga.

  • @StayHigh85


  • Anonymous

    Refreshing to hear an MC with substance, lyrical ability and vulnerability. Dope! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^http://one-of-many-chosen.tumblr.com/ Follow me @iamtaylormusiq

  • R2die

    i listened to this track 3 times to let it really sink into my conscious and it just seemed to get better each time i listened.. gotta love Ali

  • @solofordolo

    No cheap hashtag punchlines. Just some real lyrics. Gotta respect Ali for that. Is Jake One producing his whole new album? That could be a dope change of pace.

  • bmoc

    this is just a demo. it wont be on the album

  • huz


  • bmoc

    the album will be legit

  • cj

    brother ali can rap but he's a fat fraudulent fuck in the same vein as rick ross. when brother ali first dropped he was an albino black muslim. that was his stroy. until his shadows of the sun started getting a little heat and buzz, and people were able to trace his root story, that didn't add up. he went from being black, to being raised by blacks, thinking he was black. story changed like that. that's why there was so much confusion early on. "is he black?" "is he white?" i'll never forget that shit. fuck brother ali. jake one is the ish however.

    • Poetic-B

      CJ, you a straight cold bama. He has only claimed that he was raised by black men. Did not want to be claimed by white men because of the shameful history of how whites treated other races throughout history. History is a sucky subject, fuck black and white and hispanic, muslim, catholic, jewish and different culture bullshit. We are all human in the end, we all bleed the same color blood. What color are the tears that role down your eyes? Exactly, clear. So let's shut the fuck up bout the race thing period.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      I don't know much about his bio, never cared much, so I don't know if he was trying to pass himself off as black or not. But I do know the line "You're lucky I'm a righteous black man" is a quote from "Do the Right Thing" (Buggin' Out says it), so I never took the line literally.

    • Anonymous

      I told him, "Listen stupid, I know what you're here to do But we're not gonna do it This is a movement that I'm part of it You're lucky I'm a righteous blackman" And you thought I had issues now, really had em back then - Brother Ali, Win Some, Lose Some Sounds like he's saying he's black, but he just had identity issues.

    • Thought, You Need It

      Man you are an ignorant fuck for saying some shit like that. He addresses the issue in the song "Daylight." People need to start looking past skin color and focusing on the music.

    • lowery

      ignorant ass people like this is hiphops problem. bet hes loves soulja, wakka tho. giving no love to people who love what they do and put real lyrics in their songs and arent just out for money. hes an albino man with white parents but he grew up in a black area. get your facts right before you run your mouth. and he can slaughter damn near everyone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1wTb6F7swU

    • Anonymous

      fuck all that! and there are albino black men. being albino has nothing to do with the real color of your skin, you have no pigment, being albino doesn't change your ethnicity or your race, just your appereance. if you're a african american albino, you still african american, you know albino black man you can look up: Krondon (of Strong Arm Steady) peace

    • Anonymous

      he's said in interviews that, as an albino, he felt alienated by his fellow white peers, and thus identified more strongly with black culture, which was also marginalized by his white peers.

    • ambig

      did he actually every say i'm black? OR did he give stories from a blacks perspective b/c those are the ones that raised him and fans/media just said he was black... Got a song or an interview where he actually called himself a black msulim? i dont recall anything... Dope track

    • Word?

      Dude, you're an idiot. Have you ever seen an albino black man? If you actually think that brother ali thought that he could pass himself off as a albino black man then you must not think very hard.

    • GMONEY

      Your just stupid if you are confused with his story. Ali is real hip hop

  • Anonymous

    dope track. on the real brother ali is probably the dopest artist to emerge in the last few years, even though he's been around for a while. "the undisputed truth" is a classic. i hope jake one can craft tracks memorable enough to match ali lyrically

  • gamma11

    dope ish, real hiphop brother ali tight flow