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Before he comes "UNDUN," we get a special treat of some unreleased Thought with none other than Malik B.


  • Hakim

    "Malik B from The Roots" should have been on this album. The concept of this album is similar to "Malik B's" mix tape classic "Street Assault" and his classic never really heard single" Mob Ties". "Malik B" understands the streets as well as the underworld of artist struggling and trying to maintain with in a artsy social net of people. "Undun" is a very unique street concept and should be closely examined. You must understand the mind of "Malik B" as well. Even though "The Roots and Malik B" are fall a part as members of this very huge band. They are combined by the minds of one another. "Black Thought, Dice Raw and QuestLove" have always calibrated even when they arer on separate parts of the globe. "Undun" is a impressive move for the "The Roots". This is a good album. I recommend this album and also I recommend you get "Mob Ties" from Roots member "Malik B".It's on The Haak Blast EP "Speak On It" [[ASIN:B004IU8B4K Speak On It For My Nig Kanye [Explicit]]]

  • LB

    where did u get this????? its my fucking record and was unreleased for a reason.... u bloggers are fake journalist that dont check there sources!!!!!! it sounds like crap cause its not the finished version

  • Shreyas

    Black Thought kills everything, milik is good.

  • SuperNovaPlus

    Damn bro!! This is hot sauce. Too bad the sound quality was garbage. I need to find a quality take.


    Black Thought never disappoints, one of the most underrated of all time! 6Stars

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    This is crazy dope. 6 Stars

  • Ahmed Khwaja

    Perfect stuff from one of the most underrated MC's ever, real and a true G.O.A.T - Black Thought killin shit the illest way. 10/5

  • wishworks

    sounds like was this is off the second album, they should have released this on that album this shit is heat rock

  • daman

    black thought is one of the goat and underated the same time

  • the_situation

    Fake rappers: Rick Ross is a former cop who stole the identity from the real Rick Ross Nas used to call himself Nas Escobar after Pablo Escobar. And was living like a maffia don in his lyrics. 50 Cent stole his name from the real 50 Cent from Brooklyn who used to rob rappers from their money. Az stole his name from the real Az who was a drugdealer and a rapper. The real AZ did an album in 1991! Ice-T former rapper and now TV COP (used to make songs like copkiller) stole his name from Iceberg Slim a real pimp. THIS is the truth and no fiction!!!!

  • PhilaniZa

    Yo this beat is sick & Thought was nice widdit.... Elzhi Nas Raekwon Black Thought Royce Dem niggas keeping hip hop alive PhilaniZA from South Africa

  • philly!!

    black thought drops these dope tracks every now and then..wish he would save them for a mixtape and get a little more recognition for his solo talent

  • Anonymous

    this is 6Mic material.. they should add another star.. lol

  • James Vega

    WOW!! Dope song..

  • Big Trevor

    i'm first, and blackthought is the best ever!

    • Anonymous

      i dont know what drake has to do with anything, but dont be mad cause i was first :)

    • Speak Da Truth

      Black Thought is one of my personal favs. But this "I'm first" bullshit is the nonsense I expect from Drake groupies. Come on son, just comment on the music. This is nice hip hop.

  • Will

    Black Thought and Malik, nothin better. Malik B one of the most under rated MCs in hip hop history.