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One dude in the G4 Boyz says "ho" like 16 times within the first 30 seconds of the track.



  • Truth

    So jay and kanye can come out with songs called niggas in Paris & that's my bitch and doesn't set us back! But a group called makes a song called g4 Boyz makes a song called everything gucci and day does? If you want to make a point don't single anybody out

  • Paynow

    Not everybody is a "queen" And not everybody is a "hoe" so stop tripping! Y'all praise lil Wayne or tyga web they make "hoe" songs all day! Smh but like drake said "hate to call the women bitches but the bicthes love it"

  • Paynow

    Idc wat y'all say this song hot. Y'all take takin sh*T so serious. Not every song can be bout Savin the world. Smile! Damn and Sorry 2 inform u. There is hoes out here! Hoe! Haha

  • Anonymous

    Just when you thought the hood couldnt get any more ignorant the G4 Boyz swoop in to save the day.

  • c

    Ahahaha thats cute.. They got matching shirts just for their photo shoot. Besides that this is the worst shit I heard since soulja boy came out. No swag, no orginiality, mysogynistic, completely materialistic. How empowering. Then we wonder why they call us "Niggas." Keep your day job "ho", maybe someday you'll grow up and act like a real man. SMH..."ho"

  • tyler

    how is there a market for this shit?