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One more before "Tha Carter IV" drops tomorrow.


  • angel

    i love this song its so calming to me thumbs up for this song

  • dUKE.

    i love to hear it slowed down !

  • K_Sexi

    I love how everybody is a damn critic. Wayne and John Legend did the damn thing on this song...if you disagree, I'm pretty sure Weezy don't give a fuck...he'll be paid regardless since only 4 of the 9 million other people that have listened to this song think it's trash. Get some new ears...this shyt goes hard!! And if you don't like that, then go make a song yourself so we can hate your shyt lol.

  • Andre Cooper

    Cool track....I swear you bitch ass niggas be fronting on wayne...Giving his shit one star but you faggots be listening to every track he puts out!!!! Be real with yourself this is a banger 4/5 hating ass niggas

  • Anonymous

    this shit was hot this is baby makin music

  • Lekell King

    decent track john legend made the song hot tho youtube.com/productsofchicago

  • neo

    great combination j. legend and wayne. nice track to play for that "special" someone

  • Antionette Inge

    "Now I'm itching and scratching..."? That doesnt sound healthy...Anyways 3 out of 5. I love J Legend on the hook

  • Jukka Seppälä

    bunch of wack shit.LIl waynes features amde this album sound good not lil wayne. This song is so special in bad way

  • Andre Cooper

    jay-z is winning y'all beyonce is preggo!!!!! WTT yesssssssss

  • jozel86

    this song is a hit.. the carter IV is a hit... all the faggots that says the cd is wack is all the 1z slappin it on theyre ipods.. STFU!!!!

  • ymcmb

    C4 is a classic. fuck all u haters. Intro/Interlude/Outro - 5/5 Blunt Blowin - 5/5 Megaman - 5/5 6 foot 7 foot - 5/5 Nightmares of the Bottom - 5/5 She Will - 5/5 How To Hate - 3.5/5 John - 4.5/5 Abortion - 5/5 How To Love - 4/5 So Special - 4/5 President Carter - 5/5 Its Good - 5/5 I Like The View - 4.5/5 Mirror - 5/5 Two Shots - 4/5 Overall: 74.5/80 = CLASSIC!

  • Anonymous

    Legend killed the hook


    Carter IV is a joke:The best songs on the album are those in which Wayne himself are NOT on them:Since Carter II, he's been non existent: Carter IV MIGHT go platinum but it will be a street flop like Carter III: Wayne = Absolute trash: 1/5

  • Sisi

    Like it ! Good joint ! Weezy tight !

  • Aunt Bee

    Lil Wayne is a huge Penis fan, he fucking loves the cock.

  • ColeWorld

    Legend killed the hook.... Wayne fucked up the song with his whack ass lyrics

  • HyeongJun Park

    Legend is cool Weezy suck

  • Isa Dalwai

    Another Wayne song about pussy. Lame.

    • JFranks

      The only good thing this dude did in his entire rap career was give the world 500 different terms for eating a chick out.

  • Sikander Kahlon

    Damn! This Is Something SWEET!



  • Lol

    I don't give a fuck avenuuuuuuu

  • Yeah i Said it ...

    This hook and beat was 2 good 4 wayne 2 make this song about hoes its call so special he coulda talked about why he's special or what he brings to the game that makes him derserve the crown but no smh wayne made another song about pussy smh ... and the album is just slighty above average because the features which is good because when i first heard i thought it sucked ass but it grew on me lil bit da kids and bitches and will like though ... 3/5



  • sg carte NY

    all i know is blunt blowing is da only shit that brings way back on that c2 flow megamind is the 2.everything else fall short and the album becomes very very soft from there on

  • jr88

    does anybody notice these young money "artist" dont have any concepts just random dumb shit..they all need to replace there ghost writers...its all girls and money....they are all r&b rappers...switch it up .....make a concept album or somthing....geeeeeeeez!!!!...c4=biggest let down of the year!

  • JFranks

    Oh and BME of course.

  • JFranks

    Listened to the whole album, WTT and RED are way better. Its not even close. Only track I really like is the outro, and Wayne isnt even on that track.

  • Anonymous

    Every track in the album is crazy from the intro to the outro best album I hear in 2011

  • GotMine

    Wayne brings back John Legend just for the Carter 4 great timing to cause the track is sick

  • Vimal

    Lil wayne... I'm 50/50 with his music it seems like all he does is say witty metaphors. that people find intriguing like for exampe. "I let her ride, then I drive her crazy". cool wayne you compared driving someone crazy to sex? where is the substance I do though like the stuff that wayne did on no ceilings. honestly he is a good rapper and a commercial icon. But to have me sold I would like to listen to him talk about his young life in the ghetto and stuff, and no BS like how he used to play Mortal Kombat as a couch potato. It seems that today everyone wants to be a rapper but in the end only the truth will shine not money, bitches, and cars if you tell an emotion inspired story about shit you've been through then people will respect you and remember you like eminem for example. "cause I don't shit else so that shit helps when I'm depressed". that's a bar from the song stan it's like he put himself in one of his fans shoes and created something that people can relate to. Because I'm sure that people don't have shit else in their lives so they listen to meaningful music, and don't get me wrong I'm not an em fanatic, I just want to shed some light on the issue of people calling Wayne crap and the battle of who's better Wayne or em. Nonetheless I will be purchasing tha Carter IV,and I think it'll be a fairly good album, mainly because of the variety and soul like how to love is a good song and he sings it ahha but less of that gang music blood bullshit. sorry but that gets old and I just copped the red album so I'm over that hardcore blood gangsta life shit tell a story people can relate to and make it musical and relevant... (yes I still buy cds lol) because I support hip hop. But yea those are my thoughts, and feel free to reply I wanna know what ya'll think?

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      k, money, j.cole's album gonna be sick. Cole's a million times better than weezy.

    • fgjfgfjfg

      If it didnt matter why say anything..why respond..maybe because you know he's right and you had noting smart to say back..go to sleep nigga

    • W


    • Kashif Ilyas

      Wayne's got substance, its just not in the usual telling a story way. The substance in his songs comes from deep lines that he randomly drops like "I tried to pay attention, but attention paid me" on She Will. The line may seem simple and just a clever play on words, but its more than that. Its a remark on how to succeed in this world, be it in school, or a job, you HAVE to pay attention. Ever since we are little we are taught to pay attention. Wayne didn't pay attention. Rather he worked on his art; which is rap, and now attention pays him. That is, the whole world pays attention to him, he's got 30 million facebook likes, and he gets paid off the attention. There are lots of line like that in his songs, and that's why I believe that there is in fact more substance in wayne's songs than a lot of true lyrical rappers.

    • money

      j cole sucks that nigga is all hype

    • cole world

      cole world: the sideline story september 27 haaaaaaaaaaaaa album of the year for j. cole, youuu knooo


      Don't buy it. It's garbage. Save your money for J. Cole's album.


    NICE!!!! 5STARS

  • Jethro the Unicorn

    Nas is a boring-ass OLD muthafcka! Illmatic is MAD OVERRATED by all these fuckin Nas dick ryders! FUCK NAS! FUCK TUPAC! FUCK BIG L! FUCK RAKIM! DEY ALL SUCK JUGGALO BALL PUBES! SWAG!

    • cole world

      lmao fuck big l, sit down u faggot

    • Vimal

      Fuck Tupac? are you stupid he is a freaking legend his music is still relevant today if you hate all those good rappers I can't wait to see all the whack rappers you like, shit if antoine dodds came out with an album you'd probably buy three copys.... SMFH dumbass

  • hawginnthagame

    weezy hatn suck a dick

  • hov!!

    man r.e.d and carter 4 dont even come close to wtch the thrn... must be alot of weezy fans up in here .. i use to be one til he thought he was bigger than hip hop and start changing his style... album have a few bangers and too many guest appearances but overall i agree w homie below me its better than the r.e.d album .. game idk what happen

  • LOL

    This nigga Wayne is trash.

  • Billy

    Im Gay (Im Happy) > Tha Carter IV > Illmatic > Kidz Bop 15.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone that hating suck weezy big balls

    • weezy not the same

      haha nah thats for, and how you kno weezy have big bawls?? yag if you ask me.. sorry puss ass nuccah, lyricism is making a come back so tell you lover hes bout to vanish from hip hop... ill give u this, carter 4 better than r.e.d ..

  • Anonymous

    Best album of all times

  • et

    John legend killed the hook nd the beat was cazy wayne did his wayne he can do dat

  • et

    One of many bangers on the c4 >>> its a well rounded album he did good something for everyone

  • Real

    3 Stars for John Legend...he blessed the Chorus, nice beat also.

  • weeezy da boss

    ya weezy is so bad...shut the fuck up. That's why all the top artists are recording songs with him. Even Tech N9ne, Nas, and Busta fuck wit em. So all u haterz get a life and fucks wit WEEZY. YMCMB!

  • chris

    wack carter 4 is bunk so far lil wayne is the same old same old

  • josh

    out of 100 i give tha carter iv 82 red album 82 watch the throne 81 all 6's and 7's 82 the best rap album ive ever rated was nas illmatic which i gave a 97 but for this song 80 so 4/5

  • Azhar

    Girl I got that 12 play fo ya! WTF....Lmao... Where is the mixtape Weezy. Oh wait he gone too!

  • shane

    Its not a sick song or nothing but people are hating chorus and beat are nice and wayne had mostly good lines some sick ones and some stupid ones. The pussy says thank you and the lorena bobbit shit was funny, but that down south line and the loose leef paper shit were like first grader status.

  • Anonymous

    3 because John legend is awesome. A weaker song of the album though. Probably his best if not second best album of his career depending on your opinion on the carter 2 and still the best mainstream album this year so far. Best verses of the album were from nas and tech n9ne and without some of the features i may not have been pleasantly surprised and pleased by the album as much I am. Well done Wayne, just when I thought you had all but dried up you proved me wrong. Wish I could say the same about Jay z though who still painfully disappoints me.

  • Hurricane Irene

    Eminem would of killed this track.. Hide yo kids and yo wife!!

  • Powerphi

    This album is not rounding out very well. This is average at best.

  • ;....

    This song wasn't that bad i gave it a 4 because, john legend is tha shit!

  • Shlomi TalentDisplay Samya

    Hook is too crazy for this song to have 1 the most popular vote.

  • Brazszo

    I give it 2 stars because John Legend Carried this song on his back..

  • the finishline

    Its average cause his lazy bars. Hook and beat on point. All that time he was locked down and don't have anything conceptual or deeper to say. That's why Carter 2 is his best album. But Carter 3 sold more! He wanna eat too, stop supporting ya favorite artist when they dropping weak ish. Trust if they don't sale they'll switch it up quick!

    • Beast Mode

      IMO C2 beats out C1 BARELY.... I personally just liked C2 more, but they were both really good... C4 is a step back to that slowly, but he's got a ways to go.

    • Anonymous

      dude tha carter was his best album far lyrical and conceptual then all carters so far.

  • Brazszo

    Who told him this song should b on the album this song is trash !!!!! I mean damn the beat is wack.. dumb fool should of paid them producers now Ur beats r lame the song is not even mix tape worthy it should of been a solo song for john legend not the lazy flow rapper

  • Lupe Espinoza

    Dope beat & smooth hook.

  • Robert Smith

    this is decent i'll give it 3 stars

  • smfh

    wtf with this shit? reason rappers dont sell much these days cus websites like dx post the leaked material before the albums even drop. yeah blame it on the fucking economy niggas

  • Maxwell Harkness

    wayne has been straight lazy since he got out of jail, he just throws punchlines out with no feeling. I really like what wayne used to be, but now hes becoming hackneyed and boring, like the most of the rest of his label. Song is bleh like everything off Carter IV except for maybe 6 Foot 7 Foot.

  • RIght On

    the carter IV is gunna be the bullet that ends lil waynes career. we are looking for new different shit, if you cant make a good song with john legend then your run in the music business is over. thats why the motherfuckin roots are about to make another album cause they made a dirty ass song with john legend. fuck this fame money stupid bravado bullshit talk we are sick of it and im not buying into that bullshit. gimme jay electronica, nas, the roots,fucking anyone who can truely experiment with hip hop and see where it can go and bring some fresh air into the game. carter IV belongs in the trash, the lil wayne era is over.

    • Yea I Said It

      Nigga this album is average nothing special i say i'll probably listen 2 4 about a week if u think this is a classic album your taste in music is awful ... she my honey bee buzz buzz - Kill yoself wayne lol

    • Neffite Davis

      hey you wouldnt bet yo pay check on that hating his going to be Wayne best commercial success album of his career!!!! Talking bout Wayne career over? HA HA , Damn you hate wayne that much? Damn what did that nigga ever do to you? Like wayne said, He getting hated by the seasons/ fuck ya niggas for hating for no reason!!! LOL

  • Maurice ItsMotion Fisher

    For the beat and hook

  • weezy da bomb

    Carter IV is a classic. Fcuking haterz get off HOV nd Ye dick. YMCMBWS!

    • irv

      word but nah im a 90s baby n i agree with you he also dosnt write his lyrics either another reason y he sucks he only focuses on punchlines and every song i hear him say life is a bitch or the game is a bitch like alright we heard that shit already damn come up with something new

    • Wayne sucks

      How are millions of people on this guys bandwagon. He sucks real bad. He doesn't rap. He mumbles and rambles on every track he makes. It's such a shame this guy has so many fans. He is the biggest joke in rap, notice I didn't say hip hop. Anyone who knows music knows this monkey is a clown. Anyone who gives this homo their money is partially retarded too. I come on this site and every Wayne post has like 250 comments with people saying the best rapper. When does he rap? Mumbling and seizuring over a beat isn't rapping. All you people are fooled. Bunch of 90s babies giving this guy a huge ego. HE BLOWS