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"I never cruise L.A. without a gat in my lap..." With "R.E.D." right around the corner let's roll the clock back to "Midnight" for an O.G. story from Iceberg.


  • UK-G

    Aww man Ice-T's OG means so much to me as it was the very first Hip Hop tape that I ever bought and I remember bumpin that album on my walkman or on my stereo at home, to me it was a coming of age thing, when I went out in to the world on my own. It's a classic album no doubt and Ice T was the man back then for sure.

  • Benny Dub

    WOW! Lotta hate in the c-section today. I can't front - I just put this back in my car to bump again. I am an Ice-T fan. Never listen to Soulja Boy. Not sure why every artist has to be "the greatest ever" or "completely wack." U don't have to like Ice-T, but you should at least know and acknowledge his impact on Hip-Hop's history and culture. As far as paving the way, he is one of the few who can TRULY say that he did the shit he rapped about. Back in the day, u couldn't talk about it if u didn't live it. Now everybody is frontin' and acting like they r gangsta, even thought they r acting. Ice-T and Ice Cube scared the holy living shit out of middle class white america when they first came out. 20 years later, they are rolling in dough, working in TV and movies, control their own music and money, don't need a record label to do shit for them, and have generally got it fuckin made. Soulja Boy is NOWHERE near their level. In the words of Ice Cube - "Now let's see big bank take little bank..." Respect the pioneers. Do the knowledge before you come on here shouting "stan!" and and defending the flavor of the month...

  • Camodenverzoo

    Listen to my nine millemeter go bang!

  • Lazlo Panaflex

    Flashback to my rural ontario teenage years scarin' the olds and the rednex.

  • 718rob

    Salute to DX for respecting the O.G.

  • Bboi

    @Bart Masterson Jr Notice you have more posts on here than fans of the music..You ever notice when someone talks crap about someone for no reason the response is sometimes "get off my dick"? You doin more dick riding than anyone. Neway off the loser on the topic: song is ok, then again the only gangsta rap i liked back in the day was Snoop. As others have said rappers like Ice-T, Cube, Eazy, Dre paved the way for GRap as a whole. Ill give it a 3

  • jaydiggs

    Ice-T = True O.G.Legennd

  • kraal

    i remember when it first dropped ... the 'it was six in the morning ' line had the whole corner going banannas

  • NowIcee7

    and by the way...fuck soulja boy WUAHAHAHAHAAA :D

  • NowIcee7

    All the og's feel this! Ice ice ice and Respect Listen to my 9mm goes BAAANG!


    Ice-T is a legend:He's put out great HipHop for a long time now but in 2009, when he was in the middle of his prime Soulja Boy ended his career:He and Soulja went back & forth on the web until Soulja Boy said "enough is ENOUGH" and delivered a devastating KNOCK OUT diss in "Turn My Swag On" and with one song, he killed a legend:Ice-T could not defend himself because the diss from Soulja was just too powerful:All of Ice-T's fans went over to Soulja's side and now Soulja is having great success and Ice-T is doing Law&Order: 0/5

    • IAmControverse

      Try 100/5. Iceberg is one of hip hop's greatest revolutionaries. You can't kill a legend. That's impossible because once you are a legend, you have already left your mark. DeAndre (I refuse to call him "Soulja" Boy) will never be a legend of anything if he keeps up this swag crap which I'm absolutely sure he will do. Unless it becomes cool in the industry to have meaning in your lyrics.

    • Camo denver zoo

      ¿Serio? I would beat sougirl boys ass for ICE T probably yours too HA

  • Mark

    Funny thing is...I have this cd in my car right now, kicked ass 20 years go...kicks ass still!

  • Anonymous

    I guess I'm more into the flow and wordplay of today. To me Ice T is before my time but I respect his legacy. He's more of personality than a rapper to me. There's nothing wrong with that either

  • Scrimmy

    Used to love this jam back in the day! Wheel dis riddim and come again selector!!! Hot CHUNE! More fiyah!

  • Mat Lloyd

    One of the greatest of all time!!! Setting the bar for the rappers that came after! Fuck all you haters!!!! #fltg


    Fuck the haters, Ice T is dope as fuck. No one else had the balls to speak the truth in the rap game back when Ice was starting out. He changed the game for the better and STILL kills it. #FLTG

  • Truesdell

    yall crazy this classic

  • trckstrj

    @Crip Kev - for sure!

  • Bart Masterson Jr #GoRedsox

    People have the tendency to hear old school music and automatically bash new school music. When the truth is, there was bad music made in the old days just like theres bad music today. Theres good music today just like there was in the old days. Stop acting like you need to pick. Stop judging the music on era and generation. This shit is pure trash. Ice T was wack then and would be wack now. Era has nothing to do with it. LAME

    • Benny Dub

      Go figure...Bart's a Red Sox fan...probably as of 2004... Get a real team! Learn about real hip hop! U r officially a bandwagon clown in both sports and hip hop.

    • Bart Masterson Jr #GoRedsox

      Oh now you want us to believe you're a real Crip? Lol. Yeah, you're quite the gangster on your keyboard huh? Fake ass Ice T wannabe.

    • Crip Kev

      Bart Masterson = Text book hater.. Sounds like Iceberg stole your bitch. hahahaha.. Come to South Central LA with that BS. Go kiss Solja Boy.

    • Bart Masterson Jr #GoRedsox

      This shit is wack bro. I don't care if he sold 20 million copies. I don't care if it was made in 1988 or 2011. Wack is wack. Ice T paved the way? For who? Who in the game today sounds like him? Who uses his delivery? His lyrics style? No one and if there is some one who emulates him, they're garbage too. He's no legend. Ice T is ass.

    • Anonymous

      Fags always pull the record sells card. Get a fuckin life. Record sells dont mean shit. 50 cent and lil wayne did huge numbers on albums that had Lollipop and Candy Shop as the lead off singles. Homo

    • Crip Kev

      If it wasn't for Gs like Ice T ... There would be NO new school rappers.. Garbage?? The man has 7 consecutive Gold & Platinum albums.. NOT ringtones homie. You sounld like a fool..

  • Crip Kev

    Real Hip Hop. Before the bitch boys destroyed it.

  • Ja'Tavious aka Calsaw

    One of the most overrated rappers of all time.

  • I.R.F.

    Didn't he lose a rap battle to Soulja boy? Fuckin' garbage.

    • True Bermudian

      Ha! That's funny Bart cause you would know allll about riding dicks. Saw you in front of the Bijou back in the day blowing dudes for some spare change to make a phone call. Why you don't like prostitutes? Cause your Moms is one that's why. Saw her the other day suckin' dick for some krills and when money nutted on her ugly ass busted face he jetted and she was left sperm gurgling with no money and no rock. Sad really. Kinda funny though cause she had your picture taped to her ugly ass forehead so when money nutted it was all over her head and your chin. Your little girlfriend Soulja Boy and you seem to have a little boof buddy thing going on. Don't cry cause your ass is so used up it's as wide as the Holland Tunnel... Soulja likes it like that. Heard you make the rounds with Richard Simmons and Soulja like a see saw while they tag team your faggity ass.

    • Bart Masterson Jr #GoRedsox

      @True Bermudian is riding dick harder than a prostitute. Give it a rest weirdo. Ice T is ass and here you are spilling your heart and guts out defending him like he's your father. You must be upset that he almost lost to Soulja Boy huh? Go somewhere else and cry about it bro.

    • True Bermudian

      So Anonymous (you to scared to even have a nickname?!) are you saying that you shouldn't defend someone who busts his ass and works hard to get to where he is? You would rather people stay poor and broke just so your retarded brain can feel better about itself. FUCK you and your high horse. Ice T gets the MOST respect for making it in lieu of his odds. Orphan growing up on the mean streets turns super successful? That's the American DREAM assfuck. So either you are a communist or a terrorist. Which is it douche fuck? Ice gets the MOST respect and big up EVERY time. And fuck ya'll that say different cause your just jealous hating bitches who WISH you had the talent and the love of a strong dedicated woman like he has. Nuff Said.

    • Bart Masterson Jr #GoRedsox

      He didn't lose to Soulja Boy. Smh. It was a tie. Lmao

    • Anonymous

      y defend ice t when he got coco and he living comfortable?

    • True Bermudian

      Fuck Soulja boy. Fucin' little punk can't hold a candle to Ice T's hotness.