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The opening track of the album that is predicted to break 400,000 copies sold this week. Frank Ocean on the hook.


  • bob michaels

    everyone check out my ghetto website: youngmolla.com

  • bob michaels

    so ghetto but there is a church in the wild: Africa

  • Je Levista

    Kanye really took control of this album his beats are crazy fire... Jay was just the medicine

  • Anonymous

    i like the beat but thats where the liking stops..

  • Anonymous

    This shit is real good.

  • Brian Lazzar

    Beat Puts In Work. Makes Up For The Douche On The Hook

  • Jesse Scotto

    Plies = Illuminati

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah! JAY AND KANYE ARE DRITS! http://www.dritsclothing.com Thats where its at! ARE YOU DRITS? i know i am!

  • Kee ease

    How you gonna go from Jesus walks to this shit!?? nigga needs to make up his damn mind. The song is catchy no doubt, but they need to get off this illuminati shit like its cooL or somethin, fuck all that. 10 years ago all you would see is iced out crosse, not to mention Ye's Jesus piece....??? Be;ieve what you believe, and respect good music for just that.. God is Goood!

    • Anonymous

      those "jesus pieces" kanye wore were more idolatry-based if anything. wearing jewellry is self-glorification, like the worldy kings of the past had worn. and to use an image of who is supposed to be jesus to be worn as jewelry is damn near blasphemous and rightfully should be labeled as so.

    • Strizz

      Bro, I'm Christ all day! But the pieces were fake. Those chains made people no closer or further away from God. It's not about the Illuminati anymore than it's about an iced out cross. It's about whether or not you know CHrist. Flat out...

  • Anonymous

    Splitting the universe into good and bad fractures your view of reality and creates false attachments. What people call God is inside you, but you can't see it if you are stuck in between the polarizing "knowledge of good and evil" that dropped us from the Eden of our true perception.

  • Yung Castro

    great song!!!!!!!

  • Alex J Lewis

    shit was stuck in my head all day today at work

  • anonymous

    for the dumb fuck who said "everything has a creator buildings that were built in manhatten have creators " really you dont know shit do you stars and planets are formed everyday created out of what you think is nothing but is really gasses and pressure in space .......amoeba was found in mars a single cell life form which most life forms evolved from things can just be spontaneously created in the universe we live in and it has alot has to do with the enviroment and atmosphere around it.....all u worshipers and extremist are just stupid....ignorance is bliss

    • Anonymous

      hey dumbfuck. Gases do not appear out of nothing. Same with planets. Same with amoeba. No one found amoeba in Mars. You're a fuckin idiot. Nuff said.

  • C-dot Cole

    www.reverbnation.com/cdotgemini check out the truth

  • C-dot Cole

    This song is really good...and one of my favorite tracks off Watch The Throne

  • Shawwzee

    One of my favs from the album

  • Andre Cooper

    Drake is better than both of these losers, they don't even get pussy at all. Drake gets all the ladies & men, he's soo cool. Drake is so hot right now, he's the best.


    Prolly the best joint on the album. Frank Ocean with the best hook I've heard IN YEARS!

  • Smine Nasdaq

    Whoa. This is really on point.

  • TamuLawrence

    jigga n ye doin it large, beats bananas dudes is on another level....untouchable...ya heard lil wayne they outta ya reach son

  • Yusef Thompson

    jay punished this shit

  • wishworks

    Look, let me make this brief, If ya man came to your crib in said that he saw someone get shot, 5 min. later your girl says she saw when it started to when the boy pulled the gun in started shooting, this is a story that is seen by two people who saw the same thing but had different views of what happend. This is what all books of faith is based on, it does mean it didn't happened, its just told through another's point of view, which sometimes creates disbelief because some get caught up in the small things that some poor man wrote about his homie that got beat down from town to town, of course his vision of what happened will hd damm near, to what he saw, thru time the story was talked about things was added in , things were taken out but it does not excussed the fact that it happened



  • kaffir

    u illuminati nutters piss me off, this song is dope fact, religious idiots r always fightin science truth of matter is science rocks where do u think the cpu came 4rm? the bible!!! ha ha u dudes r jus silly do nt fight the facts brother!!!!

  • Leaf buck

    Y'all need to stop worrying about these peoples personal lives it doesn't matter who the hell cares all this jesus stuff stop it y'all christians are miss informed u actually believe a man created us human beings kill you're self there only one god and that's Allah yes I'm Muslim but I don't blame some of y'all some religions are driven by greed such as christainty but back the song it's that fire

    • wishworks

      can't say that when he whom you dissed( Jesus = yashua = horus one in the same, only horus lived first in the flesh, son of Ra = God,)hey don't belief me look it up, they suffered the same fate and did the same things, funny most of the world belief in past lives, or reincarnation, if God made this circle, WHY CAN"T HE BE APART OF IT. Jesus = yashua = horus is talked about in all three books of belief, study what you read in try again

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up you muslim peiece of shit... go blow up a country or something you faggot dissing everyones religon.. i would kill you

    • (c

      Fuck you and fuck allah. Dont believe in fairy tales.

  • sigmund freud

    paying attention to one line at a time takes away from the general meaning of the song. if you really listen to this its about human moral in its rawest, most natural form. this can actually be taken in as deeply philosophical once you stop thinking that the illuminati is attempting to take over the world. what you learn in the wild could never be taught to you by a controlled society, and you gotta ask yourself which lessons are more useful.


    ALRIGHT IGNORANCE IS BLISS ALLOW ME TO GET ON YO ASS...First off homie you can say what you want about ur beliefs thats cool..U aint fooling nobody who has had any experience with CHRIST JESUS HIMSELF and his spirit. His word alone is more than enough. It's only CHRIST words and prophecies that were written down ages ago and are unfolding still today. Yes God created the earth and us humans. How dumb do we have to be to believe we don't have a creator. A huge building downtown took creators to make..your brain itself and the way your body operates is much more complex than a huge building and the building didn't jump up and create itself..so telling me I don't have a creator is IGNORANCE. Mr. Ignorace is bliss lmao sorry that you don't know that God and his spirit is real but thats your issue you have opportunity to seek him and find out. Now Jay and Kanye both probably will feed of this illuminati thing duh. any slow person can see that. Point Blank period if youv'e done your research you can see plain and simple what Jay z took from Alestier Crowley who was a known gnostic(former of religion thats against Christ) and satanist, and practicer of magic..etc the list goes on and on. Ignoranceisbliss...Go get some knowledge then before you try to mislead the ppl with your theories as you lean to your own understanding but not seek God for truth. Proverbs3:6

  • ignoranceisbliss

    alright. everyone needs to get off jesus's and hovs' dick for a minute and start focusing on everything around them. everyone has the right to be entitled to their opinion, if you get mad at that opinion because it is against yours, suck it up because the next guy maybe with you, and the next guy after that wont be. Everyone can plainly see these cats aint illuminati, kendrick lamar says it best, "who says a black man in illuminatti, last time i checked that was the biggest racist party". yall need to swalllow your egos, you aint robert langdon from angels and demons. There is a reason these rappers drop lyrics that refer to such controversial topics because its a topic at large at the moment. its 20 fucking 11. If you still beleive some man snapped his fingers and created the world and is always watching us, wake the fuck up. there is a better chance we are all a giant alien science experiment then some supernatural forces at work. These two ARTISTS are nothing more then artists and to be an artist is to break boundaries and to push for newer ones. and referring to them as gay and saying they are gay is the lowest form of intellectual based arguement , its about as relevent as bringing up barney in this conversation. This song is mad ill, frank ocean is the next big ting, jay and ye killed it. All these other rappers that diss are either trying to bite off other rappers plates to further their success or its a friendly sort of competition ordeal. ALl you religious nuts are the ignorant ones here, im not against faith , im against religion. Watch the throne is the best album put out this year, bad meets evil is good to but doesnt musically touch watch the throne.

    • Anonymous

      the fact that you've only focused on the minor insult at the end of the argument tells me that you can't refute it so you might as well not say anything. Btw, SMH stands for "Shaking My Head". It's not like I hear you crying about people using LOL or WTF. People say SMH on the internet so deal with it you retard.

    • Anonymous

      @anonymous As if anyone would take your use of "smh" and childish insults seriously.

    • Anonymous

      ignorance is bliss... You must really take that phrase to heart, huh? Smh. Your argument is terrible and you need to get your facts straight. How can anyone even take you seriously when you think that Christians believe that God is just "some man" who "snapped his fingers" to create the world? This is exactly the type of mental incapacity I'd expect from headstrong atheists like yourself. You have absolutely no clue about what is written in the bible and you think you can criticize it. That's cute. You sound like a fuckin retard. As for the kendrick lamar quote... Smh. It's clearly obvious that the hip hop industry pushes sex, drugs, violence, and stupidity further into the black community to degrade itself, and that quote is what you're relying your shitty little argument on? Wouldn't it only further prove that the Illuminati does in fact run the industry with its own racist agenda against black people? SMH You're the one who needs to swallow your ego because you're way in over your head. In fact you should probably swallow less jizz and more ego, dumbass. FOOLISHNESS

  • andy

    This is the HARDEST song on their album. I just wish they coulve have signed that dood ohsoaktive earlier before dropping this shit so ghe can get a spot because he is firee the whole Roc nationa and GOOD music are a force especially with that new guy ohsoaktive being affiliated widd it

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Cool beat, I like how the guitar riff made me think of the wild west. Cool beat, so-so rap.

  • Anonymous

    this is not for me ,this are 2 best rapper in the game thy should do better than this

  • bruh

    bruh pain really ain't cheap nice track

  • Truth

    Why every ignorant person gotta say something about the illuminati or the devil or some shit, nobody knows whats true or there they just beileve...not seeinng is beileving. thats why you BEileve in god, you dont know if there is one, religion ruinns peoples minds, and people who bring up the devil or some shit every song they hear are scared, religions for people afraid of whats gonna happen to em smh, you are your own god. you make ur decisions in life not a White jesus, smh 5/5 but damn yalll got me fucked up .

    • MosDef

      @anony cosign!!

    • Anonymous

      This Jesse faggot is a fan of jersey shore

    • JesseTheAngryAthiest

      LOL faggot ass whiteboy comin' to the rescue!.. For real though, what the fuck are you doing on a hip hop site? But I digress.. For the record, I never said I believed in the Illuminati (which is PROVEN to exist even in its different forms such as the CFR, or freemasons). Also, what the fuck makes you think I'm going to stop posting anonymously? Are you THAT gay that you'd beg to see what other dude's look like? Posting as anonymous doesn't mean I'm ashamed of being a Christian, it just means I don't bother to login or create, for that matter, a shitty little facebook account just to make a comment on HHDX. And I'm not a faggot white piece of shit like you whose culture provides gay little storytales like Santa Claus, which means I never believed in Santa to begin with, unlike your gullible ass. FOOLISHNESS

    • Jesse Scotto

      But you also believe in the illuminati, and you probably still believe in Santa Claus too... stop posting anonymously if your opinion and belief in God is so strong. Christians believe that no man should be ashamed to openly believe/worship in God/Jesus... thus you contradict yourself and all your beliefs "anonymous". Take a walk....

    • Anonymous

      See? This is the type of thinking that they got you stuck up on. Making you believe that you are god. This is the culmination of pride and ego. We're all human. We all bleed. When you were born, you cried your naked little ass off while the doctor cut your umbilical cord. God is real and he is the realest thing that anyone could believe in. Quite frankly, if you think there is no God, you're stupid and incapable of critical thought. Nothing physical like the universe or us can appear out of pure nothingness. 1 does not equal zero just as a billion or trillion does not equal zero. Its math. And math is objective. Believers believe because it makes the most sense, not because we are "scared" as you put it. What the hell do you mean "religions for people afraid of whats gonna happen to em"? As if you know the outcome of each individual believer's lives smh. FOOLISHNESS

  • Anonymous

    thanxgivin + white man invade the blacks of north america with small pox blankets "germ warfare" and declared manifest destiny that there god was wiping us out so they can inherit our property land woman etc. they feasted and hoarded off of our crops and when they ran out they ate our ancesters dead bodies after they dug em up from the dirt, after that they ate themselves. theresa book called "the lies my teacher told me"

  • Anonymous

    no fool he puts the vatican and the low life fuks who control organized religion in the likes of the mobsters. the originators "blacks" where detached from t he universal truth to the point we think its antichristian. when christian technically is anti melanin according to 666. 6 electrons 6 protons 6 nutrons = the genetic code of the hue man. knowledge is power

    • Anonymous

      Stop spreading your bs. Satan is not carbon. That shit does not coincide with the bible, you retard. So stop trying to tie in the biblical Satan with your dumb theory. smh. FOOLISHNESS

  • Anonymous

    I dont like the hook! This nigga puts God in the same category as Mobsters and Kings, wtf nigga? Wack Illuminati shit. God is not human

    • holier than thou

      Then go listen gospel music and stop complaining

    • Fado

      he said "whats a god too a non believer that don't believe in anything" that's a question. How is that offensive? God was never categorized in with a king. Do you listen too music or do you just skim through it?

  • ricky

    it should be a kanye west ft. jay z album these are all kanye beats and jay is following ye this whole albums ye is deffinattly the man behind this... ye is the man period, makes jay sound good even when he's on dumb shit. crazy ass album tho. im deffinately getting a copy. for kanye's hard work cause i know jay coulda brought shit way harder.

    • Fado

      what are you talking about these are not all Kanyes beats on the album....And yeah Jay coulda came harder but he still held his own, Kanye didn't make him look bad....

  • That's Right!


  • Jay Gonzalez Rojas

    this cd is a 5/5... better than the last jay-z n kanye solo albums. this shit cray!!!

  • DeThrone

    If hip hop is dead, than these 2 clowns killed it.

  • G MON

    Gay chrous, was that auto tune? Man, shit like that ruins a song, quit having gay hooks and spit some bars for shits sake. Jay spits only 16 bars Kanye 18, can we get a little more material from the alledged best in the game?

  • Last real nigga alive.


  • Anonymous

    too much chorus........need more lyrical shit...... like Em

    • Anonymous

      i agree em is washed up, the last albums he put are pretty mediocore. Dont get me wrong, i loved em in the 1998-2002 days, no matter how many awards or whatever he wins, he still dosnt make that great of songs, like the last two albums he put out recovery and bme i couldnt finish half the songs cause it was the same excessive unnesasary vulgarity with yellling raps every verse and i was like this annoying. I would much rather listen to wtt then em right now and serioulsy, em isnt that lyrical if you ask me. Go listen to some lupe fiasco's food and liquor if want lyrics

    • Fado

      yo calm down lol...if your definition of "Washed up" is winning countless mtv video music awards, Mtv Europe music awards, peoples choice awards, grammys, vibe magazine awards, and having ALL of your albums go 2x platinum if not Diamond, having the best selling album of 2010 all while struggling with drug issues and family issues then your correct Eminem is washed up. What does that make you though?

    • Life Accordin' To Dutch

      SHUT THE FUCK UP..LIKE WHO..THIS is Jay and Kanye..they are they own bosses.Eminem is washed up and has been for at least eight yrs..he dont do shit but pick wack beats..fucouttahere..im sick of u lames..this nigga gets no play but ppl always talking abt be like him..fucouttahere



  • DOPE

    MFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For those who don't kno what MFF stands for (MOTHA FUCKIN FIRE) peace

  • a$$hole

    this shit is weak....

  • James Omar

    Love THE song and the video, the video looks simple... but I think alot of thiking when into it. HOV,YE!NICE!

  • Ultra808

    http://www.soundclick.com/Ultra808s http://www.soundclick.com/Ultra808s http://www.soundclick.com/Ultra808s

  • ashyknuckles1

    One of the dopest tracks on the album

  • Anonymous

    Hot Joint!! But whats up with the lion growl at the beginning end of songs.... Nas had it on Queens Get the Money

  • daboo

    Awesome beat,chorus and verses

  • wilks

    best song on the album imo. fire

  • Shawn Georgia

    i thought jigga said no to autotune??? he's associated now lol

  • Stevev

    GUYS COULD U PLEASE VOTE FOR ME JUST TAKE ONE SECOND AND SUPPORT SOMEONE WITH A PASSION TRYING TO MAKE IT ITS FOR THE GAME CONTESThttp://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/preview/a6907256773d1b2a077752f8df74a3ba/220

  • Jake

    Meant 3.75/5 for what it is. Again I prefer super dope emcees like Elzhi, One Be Lo, BLU, Slaughterhouse, Diabolic, Copywrite, Apathy, Kool G Rap, Black Thought, Black Star, Common, Pharoahe Monch, 96-03 Em/Jay, Nas, Juice/Percee-P (underground chi/ny legends), Tonedeff (along w/ Cunnin Lynguists w/ KNO killing production and alot of the Qn5 team), Louis Logic ILL Bill, Kendrick Lamar, AOTP, Lowkey, Rhyme Asylum, Pun, Big L, Lupe @ his best (not recent ish), Fashawn, Slug, Brother Ali, Canibus @ his best, Rakim, BDK, Ice Cube, De La, Tribe, Big, Pac, Redman, AZ, Cormega, Old Mobb Deep, Wu, etc.... For what it is (2011 mainstream trying to be diff pop over the hill rap) it's a solid hit or miss record (about 50-50 w/ only 5 or so tracks i can say without a doubt, yeat those are hot). It MAY make my top 20 projects of 2011, we shall see. It's in there right now b/w 10-20 towards the middle.

  • Anonymous

    my favorite on album

  • Jake

    Not a huge fan of this album that some kanye/jay stans are slobbering all over, but THIS is one of the dope tracks on it for me along w/ New Day ("Me and the RZA connect"), Murder to Excellence, & The Joy...some other decent tracks, but these 4 stand out to me personally....Lifeoff is pointless and awful and probably the worst track on the album yet they put it number TWO?!?! THIS track is a 4.5/5, album as a whole is probably a 2.75/5

  • itsacoleworld

    sounds like some nostalgia/ultra stuff, nice work frank ocean

  • Charles Benévolo Singletary

    Love this song. Not all the songs were to this level, but its a good album nonetheless. Check out this review of Watch The Throne. http://moprofex.blogspot.com/2011/08/watch-throne.html

  • wishworks

    now i understand why common left GOOD, How's that new religion working for you , i hope it was worth it ye

  • Anonymous


  • Espi

    This song captures the feel they we're aiming for. Classic! I can see this track going cinematic as well. Not let downs here. 5 stars

  • King of Kingz

    I'm looking at these comments, and only one word explains the mindset of those making certain comments, DUMB! There is no word which explains enough how DUMB some of you ppl are. It is almost obvious that alot of you are some young kids who aint had the time to learn and grow yet. JUVENILES. FIrst off....those who keepo making the GAY comments. Y'all are GAY for making those comments. Jay got one of the Hottest girls in the game wearing his chain. If Jay got on the phone with ANY of you who claim he is GAY, u fags would be that first to get on his dick. Y'all feel tough saying that shit on DX, bet you'e at some point bought/downloaded a jay track/album. It's amazing how much bullshit can come outta ppls mouths....almost funny. So You DUMb muthafuckas, either listen n shut tha fuck up, or dont click on anything that's Jay. And IF you think Jay is Gay...SHOW ME!!! FOr those who made tha religious comments.....I do a lil more respect for you guys than the Gay commentors - hooooooweverrrrrr...Peepe this. From y'all comments im taking that you are religious ppl. This is art ppl!! For centuries ppl have been saying things that may be deemed disrespectful to "religion", they have been challenging religious establishments, because the soul goal of every World Religious Establishment is to control. Not to say Religion is bullshit, NO! BUt criticism for religion has and Will Always exist. They have done it for centuries with the Catholic Church, for Judaism, Islam and even Buddism. Every religion. And maybe you "Religious" ppl who feel so "offended" by this should peep why. Rather than criticising Artist for expressing themselves however they hell they wanna (which is a DAMN good thing, coz at least some ppl in society are real and not just a bunch of ignorant "followers") - y'all should look at those who run your so-called religious establishments and those who run your countries and states, and see WHO is really disrespecting religion. What about the priests who say to ppl in africa not to use contraception, knowing fully well that it increases the spread of AIDS. What about your world leaders who are amongste some of the most "religiously claimed" hypocrits. These men go to church on Sundays, then drop bombs on innocent ppl on MOnday. Who is disrespecting religion? You guys are entitled to your opinion (not the Gay ppl, coz y'all just DUMB), but before you claim that 2 lil dudes, who in comparison to the debate on religion are so daamn insignificant, be a lil objective...!

    • Jamil Juke Johnson

      right and wrong are determined by your personal perception....others may AND WILL VIEW DIFFERENTLY smarter the fuck up...

    • LOL

      Aye Man i started to read your novel i mean comment but that shit was too long don't let these kids get u upset everyone knows that people like to make the most ignorant comments on here but stay silent on the streets when approached

    • Anonymous

      So-called religious leaders have no authority over true Christians. They are only human like everyone else. Those that killed in the name of God in the past aren't Christians at all because those who worship God do as God had instructed. When God said not to kill but instead love your enemies, that is an order that true Christians follow and those that don't follow are therefore not Christian because they defy God. So let me ask you this. How can you blame an individual's behaviour to judge a whole? If you're going to generalise entire groups under so-called religious leaders, then why dont you also take into account those atheistic leaders like Pol Pot, general Mao, Hitler, and Stalin. How can religious people NOT be offended? It is our GOD that they are mocking so of course those with a strong faith would be offended. And your claim that it's okay to do so as long as it's for the good of "art" is just plain stupid you artsy faggot. Seriously, anything under the veil of art has no boundaries? Then as long as the slave trade, Great wars, Holocaust, Manson Gacy and Dahmer murders, Columbine, V. Tech, and any other horrible occurance throughout history can be viewed as "art" in realtime? Listen to what you're saying, fuckhead. Do you see how stupid you sound? This is the fact - If boundaries between right and wrong don't exist, then right and wrong don't exist at all. Now what type of society is that and who are the progenitors of it? Atheists. Why do you think every form of organization is hierarchical? There needs to be a leader or else they would collapse from within. This isnt even something that you would need to research. It's just logic. If there is no God then it becomes absolutely impossible to enforce morals. There's billions, if not hundreds of millions of distraught members of society out there. Do you really think they wouldn't go out and steal or kill for food if not for the binding restriction from their religious views or otherwise held moral guidance? Maybe you say you wouldn't, but think about the millions that would. Especially in times that we're living in now. So if you're going to be serious, instead of blaming religion or blaming critics, blame those particular individuals that cause the "wrong" in the first place. It's not okay to kill in the name of God and it certainly isn't okay to criticize other people's religion.

    • wishworks

      I feel you about the gay shit who cares , but religion, naw number one religion is born from the greed of man( there reason to do whatever they want in claim that God is with them on it, when clearly he is not) This is all man made, the one person whoever saw God in the flesh, funny all religion come form via his son's, man, saw money in this, in started selling our GOD for money KNOWLEDGE IS POWER

    • Pazuzu

      Fuck God, he better respect me.

  • Anonymous

    Theres no such thing as religion you dick heads!!! Theres only one God and thats the Supreme Creator Of All. Aint gonna find God in no church either.

  • I

    Religion should be talked about in Hip Hop wether you believe or not. The point of hip hop is discussion and its hard to ignore such a large topic. Just because it's your belief doesn't mean it's right or untouchable. Atheists aren't offended by religious songs. You shouldn't be either.

  • Anonymous


  • triple5real

    This was nice...Hov is really sic with it, most listeners don't hear the type of bars this man puts down(double rhymes). Not many can do it like that only a select few. Ye is getting better and better but Hov @40 is > then 90% of his peers...that's astonishing.

  • Just Sayin'

    It's true!! 'Ye sounds like whoever he surrounds himself at that time. He used to sound like Consequence - now he sounds like Pusha T. Next album, Jay-Z! (watch this space) Good song nonetheless

  • Royce Da 5'9''

    "I'm the magnificant, with the sen-sational style/ My wedding with the streets got the cake with no vows/ I'm arrogant as fuck, who cares you suck/ Rappers talkin' bout we the best and been to paris too much" -2nd Place

  • Bart Masterson Jr #GoRedsox

    I'm a big believer in Jesus Christ and i find these lyrics very insulting and disrespectful. If you don't believe in Jesus .. fine but don't make it your mission in life to let everyone know you're anti Christ. Even the title of this song is blatant disregard for religion. There are religions that i don't like and don't feel is right but i'd never disrespect those religions or personal beliefs. If you think this is okay in any way shape or form you're wrong. Respect other people's beliefs.

  • smh

    if you people want to hear a 5/5 classic album, go download, i mean buy Success is Certain by Royce Da 5'9''!

  • Ja'Tavious aka Calsaw

    Whether you do or don't believe in God, it has no place in the hip hop world. This album is too religious (or anti religious if you will) for my liking. If I wanted to hear Gospel, I would have bought a Kirk Franklin album. Whether you love a religion that's already established or you want to create your own, it should not be apart of rap. A wise man once said "if you have friends and you want to stay being their friends then don't talk about religion or politics". Too touchy and too personal. I also turned away from this album because it's too damn commercial. Not enough lyricism for my liking. Kanye has fallen so far off with his lyrics. He use to be one of my favorites but know he sounds like a worser version of Lil' Wayne. His raps use to have so much meaning and soul behind them. Now it's all the same money, hoes, cars, Christ, clothes stuff that has seem to also make Jay-Z a average MC today. I like both of these guys but between their religious rants and Kanye's commercial production, this album is average. 6 out of 10.

    • Anonymous

      Isn't it obvious? Jay-Z and Kanye are introducing religion into hip hop to push a certain agenda of sorts. THINK

    • Anonymous

      I may connect the dots that probably shouldn't be connected so lets just say gays in hip hop and the illuminati in hip hop arent real....... or are they? But you wouldnt know because you par-tay... to fuckin much

    • Anonymous

      can't believe you just quoted Maino to make a point. Shows you know nothing about hip hop. WTT is a great album btw. Take it for what it is and don't let bias bullshit come in the way.

    • Anonymous

      WTT should of been titled The Ambiguously Gay Duo "The higher you get, the more homosexual it gets"€ -Maino

    • Anonymous

      I got 99 problems but a bitch aint one... DURRR cause your gay

    • Anonymous

      You spelt gay wrong... it's gAY, not gOD. What's the first story you see once you hit hiphopdx? Game making fun of Gay-Z for his lack of baby making right? Well, what I say to that is... of course a gay man wouldn't make a baby with a women... he's gay

    • I.R.F.

      Ur a stupid ass hater. Jay Z is God WTT

    • Anonymous

      Kanye had soul before he sold his soul to the devil for a few toys and a happy meal.

  • RapSkills

    Jay, 20 years into his career. Spitting better than Nas in his absolute prime on Illmatic. I listened carefully to Nas in his prime and nothing comes close to Jay's lyrics from a technical standpoint. Even the verses, which are praised, like Let My Niggas Live are nothing but pure fantasizing bullshit. This wouldn't be bad if it were done better and more thought out, like someone Lupe is able to. But not Nas. Not a single clever line and a small vocabulary, no double or even triple-entendres and a really whack rhyme-scheme that was even bad for this time. Same bragging as Jay, only done in a much worse way. I'm not saying that he's that bad by any means, but what makes him so great that some people call him GOAT? I didn't notice a verse, and I've heard probably 90% of them, that would put him into consideration for this spot. I don't even talk about flow, anyone knows Jay's is much more fluid and that he's able to ride way more different types of beats much better. People aren't realistic. Jay can do everything Nas does, but Nas can't do it vice versa. That should be enough. I believe it's because people see the streets in Nas and the industry in Jay, blaming someone for having success is a real bad behaviour especially when Nas in an interview ,from 1997, said that everything he wants is to be mainstream and one shouldn't be dumb enough to think otherwise after everyone witnessed the pathetic attempts of selling out from the so called rap savior Nas. Even after the 'I dumbed it down'-line, Jay is still way more intelligent when it comes to crafting well thought out verses than Nas was in his best days. The only one who comes close is Lupe.

    • Carlos

      I respect your opinion, but I disagree that Kanye and Jay-Z are "the two dopest MCs around today". Although I've liked Jay-Z for years, he's never been one of the two best MCs in the world, at any given time. I certainly would say he's in the top-ten, because of his eventual influence in the business and for the classic, "Vol. 2. . .Hard Knock Life". But, that's about it. His content has allowed to have longevity, but musically he's below the ranks of several of his contemporaries. He's business saavy, and there's no arguing that. But, you stack him up against the likes of Tupac, Tech N9ne, Eyedea, Twista, Rakim, Nas, Mos Def, Common, Talib Kweli, Slug, Devin, and he looks less impressive. When you're one of the two best alive, there's not much of a comparison. Kanye's not even in the discussion as the best rapper alive. Not even close. Now, as a producer, he's very sharp.

    • Carlos

      comachonvargas, I never critiqued Nas at all. I simply said that I prefer a number of rappers to the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Kanye, and Jay-Z. You're right, subject-matter is important and if I were attempting to dissect a verse or something like that, I would have taken a closer look at what the rapper was saying. What I chose to place a bigger emphasis on was the way the rapper used their voice to articulate, sub-divide, and accent their words. In short, the musicality, not the lyricism. That being said, I still own Jay-Z's entire discography and have been a listener since I was in middle-school, which was like '96. I was just stating my preferences. peace

    • comachonvargas

      Jake Thanks sir. And take it in blood is a PHENOMENAL track I should have mentioned that one... yeah Nas and Em are truly the two dopest MCs around these days I agree... and LOL @ em's verse on renegade being the best verse on blueprint because IT WAS... as far as new emcees to look for I like Reks and J Elect [both remind me of Nas], and brother ali is ill too

    • Jake

      @comachonvargas Very well said my friend. Anyone who says Jay on WTT is better than NAS ever is obviously an idiotic Nas hater or has not truly listend to Nas since 94. 80-90% of Jay post 04 (kinda like Em) has been subpar (and to me @ least TECHNICALLY AS A SUPER DOPE LYRICIST EM WAS better in his 7 year prime of 97-early 03 than Jay was from 96-03, and Em @ least has an excuse of being addicted to drugs for 4 years, almost dying from 2 overdoses and having to "learn to rap, write, flow, perform again w/out the help of weed/liquor" to help his creativity/sense of humor on the mic/live/etc, but I digress). You mentioned some dope tracks, but didn't even mention TAKE IT IN BLOOD (from IWW and a GROSSLY underrated super dope Nas track that isn't talked about enough and is in my top 10 illest Nas songs). When has Jay done anything as creative as I Gave You Power" or "Rewind"? Reasonable Doubt is a great classic album no doubt, original Blueprint is nice (although overrated imo as ill production carried it moreso than amazing lyricism...hell the best verses on that album are Em and Jay had a year to try and top them...Jay was nice on that track, but Em WHOA) Black Album is a dope mainstream album, but ever since "I dumbed down my audience to double my dollars" line (tight track & ILL Em beat which he should of used for Eminem Show along w/ Stimulate and replaced the 2 worst tracks on it to make it an absolute classic, but again ADD off topic) Jay has truly dumbed it down and only had some solid radio hits here and there. IMO, Nas's ILLmatic, IWW, Stillmatic and Em's SSLP, MMLP, & Em Show are the best top THREE LPs for any SOLO mc ever. Kool G Rap, Ice Cube (although imo two classics), 2pac could also argue for that... Fav emcee in 2011 thought is ELZHI...Elmatic, The Preface LP, Leftovers/Europass Mixtape make him the illest of the last 5 years imo. Other super dope slept on emcees include Diabolic, Tonedeff, One Be Lo, Louis Logic, Blu, Copywrite, Brother Ali, Juice/Percee-P(chi town/ny underground legends), Crooked I (although he needs a solo LP for gods sake), Lowkey, Shad to name a few

    • comachonvargas

      Carlos Verbal intercourse, eye for an eye, any verse on Memory Lane, what goes around, street dreams remix, in between us, ain't hard to tell, understanding, ether and countless others I could name wreck Jay any day of the week... you completely discount SUBJECT MATTER AND SUBSTANCE from your critique of Nas... Nas and Pac are considered GOATS because they rap about so many topics with poetic insight and depth... what does Jay rap about? Money, being better/richer than you and your favorite rapper, gaming hoes, the rob report etc. PLEASE... and don't dare quote that 'skim through music' bullshit line... Jay's attempts at introspection are laughable seriously... This can't be life and where have you been are his only genuine introspective tracks Jay on WTT besting Nas in his Illmatic days? SERIOUSLY? Explain that please... Illmatic and IWW top Jay's entire overrated catalogue... and Jay has fallen off so hard since Black Album its unbelievable... name one Jay verse since 2004 that even comes close to Nasty/Ghetto Dreams/Dogg Shit Finally, Jay can do everything Nas does? That is just absurd... you think Jay could hop on a record with Damien Marley and duplicate the excellence that Nas displayed on DR? I GUARANTEE you, however, that Nas can hop on a Just Blaze/Kanye/RZA production and ANNIHILATE IT... Jay's perceived GOAT status is based as much on his production choices as his emcee ability... Nas doesn't need outstanding production to showcase his superior abilities as an emcee and still merit GOAT consideration Check out DO IT FOR HIP HOP on Luda's album if you think that Jay hasn't lost it and Nas has... THAT is the post black-album Jay... rapidly making his way out of the top ten ever

    • RapSkills

      Didn't expect to see this kind of comments on a site like HipHopDX. This really suprised me. Two people who are able to voice their opinion without resorting to name calling. Cool.

    • Carlos

      I think there are many better rappers out there than Lupe Fiasco, Kanye, or Jay-Z. For example, Eyedea, Eminem, Royce, Andre3K and Big Boi, TechN9ne, Tupac, Biggie, Devin the Dude, Talib Kweli, Common, Twista and a bunch of others. I mean, in terms of technical musicianship, like staying in time, cleanly subdividing the beat, transitioning between meters, articulation, etc., there are many better out there. . .and that's quantifiable, not subjective. Thing is, people like the persona that Jay-Z and Kanye embody, and the production value of their records, thats why they keep coming back. I give the album about a 7, now, but I'm listening to it and its steadily gaining ground.

    • Ja'Tavious aka Calsaw

      No doubt but in your comment you made it seem like Nas was a bum. At least that's the way I took it but power to you fam.

    • RapSkills

      I respect that opinion. Everyone has different standards for lyricism though. I thought Jay won, you think Nas came out as the winner. This could go on and on for days, so I'll leave it at this. I guess personal preferences decide on this level of musical greatness.

    • Ja'Tavious aka Calsaw

      Through out their careers Jay-Z has made the better music but when you're talking about lyrics? Nas wins. You may have forgotten but Nas and Jay-Z went head to head and Jay-Z lost. Nas assassinated him lyrically with 'Ether', 'Everybody's Crazy', 'One Mic', 'H to the Omo', and 'Got Yourself a Gun'. That battle wasn't even close but Nas could not compete musically because Jay-Z was a lot more in touch with the day n' times. From 96 to 2004 no one had ever put out that amount of classic music Jay did. To me, they are the all time greatest. They both are #1 & #2.

  • DjShowtymemusic

    Production is ridiculous. Lyrically inclined, and different swag on the song. Unbelievable. 5 stars to Hov and Ye.

  • Anonymous

    the illuminati agenda is getting rid of religion, and government. In other words Anarchism. Look at all the riots. Look at all the civil unrest.. Its all taking place right now and you guys dont even know about it nor care because the media has taken over your minds. Atheism is the origin of absolute savagery. If the moral institution of religion has no more control among the people, then morals become absolutely subjective to individual's own will and thats how society breaks down

    • Jamil Juke Johnson

      wasnt a disbelief or belief in any religion that caused these leaders to kill it was greed what he is saying is that you should not need religion to decide whether something is good or bad god gave man free will for a reason...i swear some of u guys are fucking idiots...

    • Anonymous

      So basically if the foundation of morals were to be removed then people would do whatever they wanted. You can't just say that people shouldn't murder others because it's "fucked up" and expect people to not do it, you moron. Do you think murderers kill people with the conscience of knowing that it's wrong to kill others? WOW you're dumb. People are inclined to sin, which you should know since you claim to be a Christian. Dumbass. MAN YOU'RE DUMB!

    • Anonymous

      You claim to be Christian, yet you argue on the side of atheism by denoting an example of a country that experiences the materialistic benefit of economic prosperity? You're in effect saying that they are doing well for themselves as a nation because they are mostly atheist. There's no double-standard. Cite my previous example of Stalin's Russia, as well as Vietnam under Pol Pot, and Mao's China. Countries that were at the time and today under Godless communist regimes, who instructed the genocide of millions with no remorse and in the end failed. Given your "separation of church and state" policy stance, you act like you have a stake in politics, which the bible fervently preaches against. "Be no part of the world". On top of that you say that religious ideals shouldn't come in the way of law? The federal law was based on the ten commandments you crackhead. Aside from that fact, you're putting your religious values behind worldly secularism, which means in the event that you'd have to give up your religious views, you'd do exactly that and turn to secularism. And I'm supposed to actually believe you're a True Christian? Your claim that you read the bible every week isn't convincing so why even say such a thing? "Faith is dead without works"- James 2:20. Keep that in mind next time you decide to make weak arguments against your own religion, then claim to be a part of it. "If God does not exist, everything is permitted" -Fyodor Dostoevsky ...In other words, ethical behaviour has no place in society. He's not saying that people can't be good, he's saying that the foundation of morals would be removed, and Nietzsche predicted exactly the same thing.

    • Anonymous

      I didn't say fuck the ten commandments. I said the ten fucking commandments. There's a difference. Context is everything.

    • Anonymous

      A person who claims to be christian and then say's fuck the 10 commandments? Interesting interesting....

    • Anonymous

      Isn't it obvious? Income rises when religiosity declines because those people focus only on making money. Money has become their god. People with faith in god know that money has absolutely no value. Especially when inflation sets in on N. America like what's happening in Euro, and food prices sky-rocket.

    • Anonymous

      your response is funny to me because I am actually christian. but I don't let my religious ideals come in the way of anything else. The only reason why I bring up the atheism example is because unlike you, I believe in the separation of church and state, which means that no religious ideals should come in the way of law. Which also means that people don't need the Ten fucking commandments to know that stealing and killing people is wrong. Oh and you defy someone elses view that murders are justified by saying no person shall kill another for any reason because its fucked up. It's as simple as that. I don't need to read it in the bible, that btw I read every week, to understand that.

    • Anonymous

      to the guy standing up for atheism with his cutesy example of Norway... Listen buddy, how about you take your head out of your ass and take other atheistic countries into consideration as well like the former communist Soviet Union. Your argument holds no substance in this debate. Its common sense. If there's no religious institution then how else can you defy a person's own view that murders are justified? Or any other crime for that matter? The obvious answer is that you can't. But obviously you're stuck in your secular thought process, thanks to the mainstream media and the powers that be. Just remember that you are nothing but a success in their brainwashing scheme.

    • Anonymous

      haha you guys are hilarious. Look at a society that is mostly atheist. Like I dunno, take Norway as an example. The country is 70% atheist (arguably the most atheist country in the world). It has the second highest GDP (Which is good). Unemployment below 2%. Average hourly wages amongst the worlds highest. First in the world in life expectancy. First in the world in literacy. Worlds highest standard of living. Rated most peaceful nation in the world (BTW these all come from statistics, you know something that people look at for facts and understandings about certain countries). And it took a christian lunatic who believed in a God to ruin all that. People don't need a God to understand how to live their lives or differentiate what is right from wrong.

    • Powerphi

      You make a compelling point in your last sentence regarding religion and control. In my opinion, that is what really religion is about - controlling behavior through spiritual morality. If you tell a group don't commit murder because you may end up doing 25-to-life, it will have very little effect. However, if you tell the group that God says not to kill, then many within that group will not kill based on ideology.

  • P.A

    You Illuminati/crazy religious people fucking kill me on this site. You all sound like a bunch of crack pots. Do you not realize that only small percentage of the world are christians? 7 billion people in the world, not all of us worship your god or a god at all. You can believe in a higher power and not in the bible or the god thats described in it. Its only one fucking book out of thousands of great texts in the world. Maybe try reading another one and you all wouldn't be so stupid. Bunch of Bishop Eddie Long ass ninjas.... Oh yeah...and this track is FUEGO!

    • Anonymous

      haha that's what crazy people say in order to make themselves think there not crazy. Hilarious. Oh and next time, don't go around quoting dave chapelle (who is a great comedian but not the best with life lessons, just look at his track record).

    • Powerphi

      Actually, Christians make up about 33% of the world's population, not that I'm protecting Christianity.

    • Anonymous

      P.A... All I have to say to you is shutthafuk up u dumb prick. You don't even know what the bible says. You've never picked up a bible in your life and ACTUALLY read and studied it in DETAIL. So don't even talk shit about something u don't know u dumb faggot

    • Dave Chappelle

      "The worst thing you can do is call somebody crazy. It's dismissive. "I don't understand this person, so they're crazy" That's bullsh!t. These people are not crazy, they're strong people. Maybe their environment is a little sick." -Dave Chappelle



    • Anonymous

      Yup, you're the devil. And without God - you wouldn't exist.

    • cc

      I am the devil cause w/o 666 I wouldn't be melinated. I wouldn't be able to stand in the sun and not be burned if not for 666. 6 protons,electrons,nuetrons give black people color but you know how our white children like to switch stuff up and take credit for our work, so 666 is now the number that represents evil. This is just a small part of Willie lynch syndrome. I'll holla

    • Anonymous

      Oh right.. the Jesus is king tee... colored in red and yellow flames if it were to be a shot of Jesus in Hell... yea, that blasphemous tee?

    • the_truth

      Its true about the "do what you wilt" shirt...... but then I also seen jay-z wearing a JESUS - KING tee.... he is just keeping you talking.... thats all

    • Anonymous

      haha you really are a piece of work buddy. Next time I run into one of those crazy people with apocalyptic pamphlets at the subway, I will think about your stupid post.

    • A-Ok

      And Frank Ocean isn't separate from all this either... He throws up his horns with pride.

    • Anonymous

      oh i forgot to mention... shutthafuk up cc... u devil-worshippping cock-sucking faggotass bitch

    • Anonymous

      shutthafuk up cc

    • cc

      Yo my man they trying to tell you wats real but you can't see past the veil cause you scared. Satan =6 electrons,6 protons,6 nuetrons. you can learn the rest on ya own.

    • Mr Mackey

      If there were to be "no church in the wild," the law as a whole would be "do what thou wilt," would it not? That's Aleister Crowley. Google: Jay-z do what thou wilt, then click google images. Not only will you see Kanye rocking the Baphomet, you'll see Jay rocking "Do What Thou Wilt" This isn't rocket science people...

  • Anonymous

    yo did anybody notice that the closing beat is a sample from dexter on showtime???

  • Derien Henry

    this joint gives me goose bumps!!!

  • Life Accordin' TO Dutch

    Its funny to hear nigz say "JAY aint had a hot album since Black Album..not realizing all of there credibility went out the window at that moment and no Jay fan is even listening to them after that point"..Lames

  • Anonymous

    Enough with illumanati already

  • lmao

    lmaoo the only reason people like this shit is cuz its jay and yey stop dickriding people this album was a trash

  • Anonymous

    "what's a god to a non-believer".. The Illuminati's main goal has been and still is to this day an effort to rid society of religious values. Now who is going tell me any different when I say that Jay-Z, Kanye and most mainstream artists are part of their social regime? Those who try should really take a closer look at what's really going on in the world. This system is at its close. All is vanity. Jehovah God, the Almighty, the Creator. To him, sovereignty belongs

    • Anonymous

      Dear Ill c, Please stop being a mindless drone that only cares about the music without keeping in mind what the lyrics mean. Sincerely, a thoughtful man

    • Anonymous

      the illuminati agenda is getting rid of religion, and government. In other words Anarchism. Look at all the riots. Look at all the civil unrest.. Its all taking place right now and you guys dont even know about it nor care because the media has taken over your minds. Atheism is the origin of absolute savagery. If the moral institution of religion has no more control among the people, then morals become absolutely subjective to individual's own will and thats how society breaks down.

    • Ill c

      You guys are getting way deep...if you like the song say yes if not then shut up.. Stop using god's name in a rap debate

    • Fu** you care

      Actually the Illuminati goal is control and influence over everything while being kept secret.Getting rid of religion is just a small part.

    • truth

      yes to take over the world dumbass !! ,ever heard of the new world order ? 9/11, its coming sooner than later look at the stocks,look at the dollar ,the us economy is on the brink of collapse ,look at the middle east today what do you see? it all starts in 2012 , these artists are only puppets made to brainwashing you into believing that god doesn't exist = money =greed is good=your love for satans world

    • Taon Sauls

      The funny thing is that I have heard many priest who have said the same thing. If you don't put your faith in god he can't help you. But if Jay says it it's the ILLUMINATI, and what is the goal of the illuminati? To take over the world...you know who has the same goals...Dr. Evil from Austin Powers and every comic book villain, y'all niggas need to get a life.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck religion, that's the true "illuminati". Keeping people stupid circa 2000 b.c.

    • Brandon Pope

      AMEN. The last days of this system of things. Jehovah will do away with evil. But I don't think this is illuminati at all

  • kanjay

    shit knocks hard 5 stars fuck hater with wocka flocka and gucci i they ears

  • Staaar

    man kanye weeeent haaaaaard on this, hes better than jay on the album overall. dope track anyway, be ready for mr. ocean!!

  • anon

    let's be honest here, jay z hasn't had a good cd since the black album despite all the hype he gets from dickriders. one star for you dickriding stan ass faggots.

    • Anonymous

      taon.. ur such a jayz dicksucker its not even funny....

    • Taon Sauls

      Ummm American Gangster was better in so many ways than the black Album, so I disagree with that statement.

    • dummy

      blueprint 3 was amazing, your jaded

    • sharksbreath

      Thank you. That's the truth. Besides that this album sucks. It's a monstrosity of mediocrity. I've been banging Thruz since yesterday. His album LA Riot is 10 times better than this garbage. Beats, lyrics, subject mater. You would have to be a Kanye or Jay stalker to listen to this more than once. Which I almost didn't do because the first six songs were so bad I was going to put in the recycle bin. After listening to it that's where it rests. And people hated on Lupe's album which is way better than this. All black everything destroys every song on this hot plate of shit.

  • Jeremy Anaya

    This is too good of a 1st song. Wooh. The beat goes way too hard. I have no idea why everyone's hating. They're flow is on point on every beat on this album. They don't screw up once. Just because these songs aren't very quotable, doesn't make it bad. It makes it unique in which nobody can do it like them. I guarantee you if they released each song on it's on as singles, you would be all over the song individually because everything is sick, but because they released all fire together, ya'll became spoiled brats and didn't appreciate the song nor the messages.

  • Anonymous

    Good song until Kanye starts rapping...This song, Niggas in Paris and A New Day are the best tracks on the album. Kanye ruined a bunch of good beats with his annoying voice.

    • Anonymous

      I smell a little bias coming on here. Sounds like you didn't like Kanye before you even heard this song or the album. That's why you can't critique it properly. To bad for you cause this is a good song. Anybody else put a song out like this and you would be bumping that shit everyday. No room for biased opinions in hip hop. Judge it by the music and nothing else.

  • smakarappa

    PREVAILING WHEEL: CHECK US WE WILL NOT LET YOU HIPHOP FANS DOWN. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuPNhLhcsJM&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ0q5gbcmXk&feature=related

  • Neutral

    If there were to be "no church in the wild," the law as a whole would be "do what thou wilt," would it not?

    • Anonymous

      That's their problem. Kanye and Jay are mixing church and government which is law as the only way we can conduct things. How American are they. Wow

    • Anonymous

      that's your problem. Your mixing church and government which is law as the only way we can conduct things. How American of you. Wow.

  • Gregory Vicente

    Not bad. It took me a few listens to really get into it. Yae killed it!

  • Real

    2nd favorite song on the album for me, favorite being Welcome to The Jungle or Niggas in Paris..

  • Death To Auto Tune

    Watch The Thrown = The Ambiguously Gay Duo

  • GjiggaJ

    They come out the Gate with this one, they let it bubble slow on ya!! WATCH THE THRONE!! Classic Shit HEAR!! lol

  • Nathaniel James Mccoy Jr.

    Human beings in a mob/Whats a mob to a king/Whats a king to a god/Whats a god to a non believer/

  • Anonymous

    franks alright...personally i wuda worked with a total unknown or up n comer like The Weeknd (Canada) or Joey A.X (usa) both of em are on the same style hooks as Frank Ocean. lyrically tho...jay is a monster. u cant hate on him, hes just brilliant on that real ness

    • The Dude

      Depends on HOW you use the money.Kepping the money for yourself like he does is what makes him a sellout.Willingly donating that money to people who really need it is something else entirely.

    • Anonymous

      /\ Unless you live in the woods or in a jungle living off the land EVERYBODY does something for money. So technically everybody is a sellout right?

    • The Dude

      Jay-Z is a great lyricist but the guy is a sellout and will work with anyone or do anything to get money.Damon Dash, Jaz-O and Beanie Sigel will agree with me.

    • Biggie

      Y'all people need to go harder, and F.Y.I. I'm pissed at shawn carter.

    • The Get Up

      Frank Ocean IS basically an unknown. 95% of everyone who buys the album will have never heard any of his music.

  • Kieran S. Maharaj-Borovitch

    one of the only songs on the album i like. dont get me wrong ive been a jay and kanye fan since the reasonable doubt/college dropout days. but i wasnt feeling the album that much. this does knock like fuck though

  • youngblood

    its good, not a huge fan of the beat...everybody should check out a dude named lecrae...he's sick

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Saga

    Im actually a jay-z hater...but this song and album is hot..people just expected a soulful sound beats thru out the album like da old jay.lyrics are on point...ya just aint listening right...ya hear it but dont get da message. but the album is the best album this year...its a new style ...sumthin different...and it scored big. STOP CRYING ...THAT THEY COULDA DONE BETTER.. SHIT SOUND WAY BETTER THEN ANY SHIT OUT NOW...

    • Anonymous

      i agree man the album is pretty good its a different sound which we all need. like just hear games samples its like nigga that shit we all heard before.

  • Andrew Rockwood

    This shit goes so hard...the album 1-16 is nasty...but this particular track goes extra hard lol

  • CH is Back

    Follow @charleshamilton and tweet to help #starchasers trend on twitter and he'll release new music for his fans. He still has songs w/ Pharell, B.o.B Eminem, etc. that have yet to be released, so at least give this guy a shot. #Starchasers.

  • RED


  • Jason

    how did such a drab beat hit 400,000 wow. and Frank Ocean uses autotune!!! hmmmm

  • EARS


  • Anonymous

    Jay is the wittiest rapper ever. You can hear it on all his albums, from Reasonable Doubt to this. Even Kingdom Come was incredible in terms of wordplay and metaphors.

    • saint

      nah man, face the truth. Jigga fell of big time lyrically. and I mean BIG TIME! listen to his pre-record deal songs like Big L's Da Graveyard and In My Lifetime. And the first couple of albums. Nowadays even Ye kills him lyrically. He's the only rapper alive that can fail on a perfect beat like Death of Auto-tune. It's over nigga, it's over.

  • Anonymous

    I hope everybody who's on this site is noticing how racism is rearing its ugly head with discussions about this album and its content. Whites pissed these boys didn't put out they usually 'pop' single. They hating heavy. Why you all think they keep putting those symbols in the music? It provokes thought, all of us know more about it because these boys purposely shedding light on the shit. Think for one second. That was the purpose of it, to raise questions about inequality and racism. The job was done. "LOLOLOL White America" "All black everything"

  • C-Lo Dubai

    Banging ass track on a top notch 8.5/10 album...No church in the wild one hell of a concept too, no pun intended...Jay's wordplay on here is nuts

  • King Kong

    got the shit on itunes, album knocks,, real music nice wordplay and back n forth shit gform ye and jay 5 stars babay!!

  • Anonymous

    This is Hip hop on the next level! Kanye killed that shit,this is new and creative music 2012 shit.

    • Anonymous

      Never. Apathy is really good, but kind of overrated because he releases independet nowadays. Listen to the Grammy freestyle from Jay-Z or the one with Big L. Jay-Z is, besides Eminem, the only mainstream artist who can hang with most of the underground dudes. Apathy himself would admit it, because he's a big Jay fan himself.

    • Fu** you care

      Even though I like Jay-Z, I still know of a couple white dudes that will destroy him on freestyles.Apathy is one.Check out "stop what you doin" and "1,000 grams".



    • meezy

      u know this ihatehiphop is probably some 12 year old kid just saying shit to piss everyone off. its called trolling and people do it to get a reaction.

  • anon

    I'm high but this song is definetly about rejecting god for power. "lies on the lips of a priest/thanksgiving disguised as a feast" "god love pious... who's bias do ya'll seek" Socrates is considered by many to be the original atheist thinker. the chorus too...

    • Anonymous

      That is exactly the reason why Jay's lyrics are so underrated. His lyrics FLY over people's heads, which was proven here for another. People take key words ot ouf context and interpret the things they WANT to hear, without realizing that he's talking about other, greater things. To me, this is way more substance than the blatant bullshit a concious rapper does. Preaching morals and not rapping about jewels isn't deep. Jay's music is food for thought.

    • meezy

      lies on the lips of a priest/thanksgiving disguised as a feast"---- christian missionaries promoted and aided in the killing of native americans, but thanksgiving celebrates their 'unity' "god love pious... who's bias do ya'll seek" this is a question that has existed since organized religion was created. basically are u a good person because want to go to heavan or are you going to heavan because you are a good person? anti organised religion is not anti god (which is what atheism is). you can beleive in god and not beleive that we should be told what to do by preists/holy men

    • Anonymous

      The upside down cross is a symbol of christianity. Why do you listen to rap music then? It's widely known for highly offensive lyrics.

    • nessm587

      agreed. Why are they promoting atheism so hard on this album. Along with Odd Future and their upside down crosses etc. Devil worshiping has never been so blatent

  • Anthony Sleep Harris

    Definite Classic if the rest of the album sounds anywhere close.

  • Sugeknight662

    This album is a solid 8.5 or 9/10. If you haven't checked it out yet, make sure you do! It definitely lives up to the hype....

  • rideonemjixxer

    i grew up on Jay. that being said, im not as big of a fan but will still check out his music. This track is much better than the HAM and otis. good call on putting Ocean on here, hes dope. 5/5

  • onelove

    Preach! if the rest of the album sounds like this i wont be disappointed

  • Andre Cooper

    I bet a million bucks that every person on here that has hated on jay-z has purchased one of his cd's at one point at life!!!! Matter of fact if jay-z has no talent then how did he do the blueprint? black album? Rd? American g? VOl.2? And now that he is a half billionare y'all wanna turn the other cheek and diss..... Like it or not jay and ye go stay winning...Good day

  • Andre Cooper

    Sharp and lyrical

  • Derrick Suryal Selasie Avornyo

    This Track is WACK..how can u guys support something like this.. do you like jigga or his foolish tracks?..

  • iHateRap

    It takes no talent whatsoever to rap. Rap is a total cop out. While you guys are running late for work (if you even have a job) go and pick up the new Wiggles album. I heard its mad fire yo. Go cop that. Smh. What a load.

    • Anonymous

      ..you sound like a complete fool. if rap is so simple, then rap. I mean, you could be a millionaire right? IT'S EASY

  • beatrixkid

    man this ish is sooooo siiiiiiick!1!

  • JFranks

    This one of the hot tracks...Ocean did his thing.

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter


  • Lil T The BasedFrog

    This is not the NAACP people its hiphopdx so get the fugg outta here with that racist shit 4.7/5 shit is scorture

  • midnighter

    Easily in the top 3 bangers of WTT. Bout time 88-Keys got some shine!

  • Chop That Dick

    This track is fire. Watch the Thrown is a classic.

  • -One+Love-

    On some "Next Level" type shit, which you know nothing if you don't rep what I think you rep, study RZA's complexities. Pharoahe Monche's conscious application of syllables. Killer Mike's social awareness. Listen to Black Republican on Nas' Hip Hop is dead then pay attention to how he indirectly calls out Jay-Z on the same track. Listen to Kweli on Gucci Mane's poltergeist and tell me what you catch. Till then, don't front on some "Next Level" shit because, at the end of the day that's reserved for those who know what the next level is. Jay Electronica being a definite example. Do check your ignorance before you overhype a rapper. That should be mandatory for any blogger.

    • Chop That Dick

      You have no fucking idea of what you're talking about but i would expect that from someone who listens to Killer Mike. Have a seat

  • *Directed at No Typo Nigga

    sorry, the name was targeted at you No Typo Nigga. Study this No Typo Nigga http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/singles/id.16210/title.blu-f-planet-asia-killa-ben-doowhop-prod-alchemist

  • m

    Love the beat on first listen but damn it's like Jay Z isn't even trying to well anymore. Since the Reasonable Doubt bar a few songs his rapping has just been fucking lazy.


    I CANT STOP REWINDING THIS SONG--IF YOUR NOT DOING THE SAME, THEN MAYBE YOU DONT UNDERSTAND THE NEXT LEVEL SHIT.. DONT WORRY BOUT IT THO - jus keep bumping that other shit you been vibing to - its cool also!!!!

    • No Typo Nigga

      On some "next level shit", study mathematics. Adding up dollars and listening to some very overrated superficial shit won't get you to the "next level" sorry. Planet Asia?Yes you fool I'm comparing and contrasting, call it hating. Is on another level. Check out Sleeper Cell.

    • hmm is gay

      toodles? Aye you're gay. Proper enough for you retard?

    • hmm

      Maybe you should get on to the next level of education. Anyone who talks down on someone else in any fashion should use the proper "you're" while dissing. You're an idiot, go back to high school. Toodles faggot.

  • comachonvargas

    I just don't get it. Yes Kanye helmed productions are consistently triumphant, grandiose, sonically superb, whatever etc. Yes Ye and Jay have classic albums. This shit though... not feeling it. Yeah it's original but overproduced and lacking any real substance... cocaine seats been bleached? blood on the colliseum walls? monogamy destroying love? Please explain to me the point of nonsensical bullshit like this... seriously lacking in any real substance I'm all for experimentation... and Kanye has developed a really unique sound since 808s, MBDTF, and now WTT... but the replay value is nearly NONEXISTENT... and Jay is just phoning in verses and looking out of place next to an artist that has eclipsed him at this point... what the hell happened after Black Album Say whatever you like but distant relatives kills this shit

    • Anonymous

      Distant Relatives was pure garbage, get over it. What Nas said there was nothing but pure wanna be knowledge and sooo preachy and obvious that everyone should dismiss it.

    • nessm587

      I agree, but you have to hear what they're really saying. Its about atheism. So why are they so bent on talking about how they don't believe in God. Oh ya, they're promoting it.

    • Shawn

      I have distant relatives, it was nice. Record label didn't market it right. Jay and kanye doing they thing.

  • iHateRap

    What a piece of shit genre of music. Its such a cop out. Anybody and I mean ANYBODY can rap. It's so easy. My pre school teacher had doper rhymes than these dudes. I can't believe how talentless you have to be to make millions. Yes I'm kind of bitter because I work my finger to the bone to provide for my 2 sons and wife and here are these talentless moneys saying bullcrap and making it rhyme and getting millions. You don't have to have a education, obviously any type of sense, any work background or anything. You can just walk into a office and make meaningless words rhyme and get millions? And you people wonder why this country is so fucked up. Teachers making 10 dollars an hour while horse shit like Jay Z and Kanye West make millions for shit? Yeah, this is what Obama call change? Haha. What a load.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah it's Obama's fault! lol Rapping is easy but being a gifted emcee/artist is just that... a gift. These guys work hard too. But maybe instead of complaining about your life on a website, you should spend more time planning out your hustle, to provide for your family. That's what I did, and like Pharell and The Clipse said, I'm Good!

    • me

      you, my friend, are on the wrong website...

    • iLoveRap

      Jays obviously has a kind of intelligence and mentality you can't get through the best education. Fucking idiot. He has 100 times the intelligence you have, otherwise, you would have made hundreds of millions dollars by now. Read Empire State Of Mind: How Jay-Z went from Street Corner to Corner Office and kill yourself after you've realized what a worthless piece of shit and disgrace to humanity you are.

    • Anonymous

      He's right its not about race because the rich "white" republican billionaires who run the record companies allow rap music to be sold. (Sarcasam) And the funny thing is they wouldn't hesitate to wipe their ass with a $100 bill and give it to him. Everybody struggling man. Don't come to a hip hop website and talk that shit. Last I heard rock/country musicians make a good amount of $$$ and waste it on booze and coke. But that is ok since we don't hear to much about it.

    • iHateRap

      Hip hop fan gets it wrong again. I never said monkeys. I said moneys like the "brothas" from New York like to call people son, B, & money or are you not aware of that either Al Sharpton? Save your reverse racism for some one else. When I look at people, I don't see skin color. I see people but when people start acting like animals and start jumping around on the tv bragging about how much money they have and how many weaves they've sweated out, then it becomes a problem. A bunch of animals with jewelry on. Talentless bums is what they really are. Obama cried change but hasn't changed his damn underwear. This country is going straight to hell thanks to Obama and his "beautiful" wife. Haha. What a load.

    • None of Your Bidness

      To respond to your rebuttal, you're the one that injected race into the entire conversation. Initial post you obviously typo'd the slur MONKEY by saying "these moneys", we'll chalk that up to illiteracy though...then you blame the President when there have been countless other Presidents (all of them white mind you) that have been in office since the creation of rap music. Since it's a brotha though it's gotta be his fault. He clearly got elected to make change in the entertainment world...not to deal with REAL WORLD issues right? I swear man narrow minded people like you are what's wrong with the World. Tea party soundin' ass...it's 2011, you don't like hip hop...don't listen to hip hop...better yet, don't visit hip hop sites to spread your message of hate either. Go to www.georgestrait.com or whatever the hell kind of music you like where you don't have to worry about us "moneys" dickhead. And I'm done acknowledging ignorance.

    • JFranks

      Troll harder man.

    • iLoveRap aka Fuck Whoever Doesn't

      Ur name is iHateRap and ur on a site called HiphopDX. Somethings wrong with that picture.

    • iHateRap

      I'm not racist at all. @and1mothing is clearly the racist but none of you will ask him about his racial slurs against me will you? Didn't think so. Stop making this about race. Rap is a piece of shit genre. End of story. If rapping is a talent then where are The Wiggles record deal because I've heard them rhyme better than these dope homeboys. I don't care who invented what. Rap sucks.

    • President Obama

      What do I have to do with this?

    • Shawn

      Not anybody can rap, it requires talent. You probaly just racist. If yo hate rap why go to a hip hop web site. I'm calling you racist. Black people invented jazz, rap, r and b, blues,and rock n roll. Elvis and jerky lee Lewis was singing black songs initially. He'll country music ain't nothing but blues. I ain't racist. Hip hop has brought people together.

    • Princ3 0f Th3 D

      Better yet, why are you on a hip hop site if you dislike rap? I would never go to a website where the content does not interest me. I hate when people say rap is such a easy business to get into. If it is so easy why don't you and your preschool teacher start a rap group and start making millions. This bitch just wants attention!!!

    • iHateRap

      To comments 2 and 4 I'm not sure why you two brought race into this but the fact that you two are hip hop fans tells me all I need to know. Your lack of intelligence is just what America needs isn't it? People like Prince Jimmy is the reason this country is the way it is. See Prince Jimmy is demeaning the hard working middle class families and promoting talentless bullcrap like Jay Z and Little Wayne but Obama is in office right? Its time for change right? Let's change the world. Haha. What a load. No wonder a lot of Obama supporters are hip hop fans as well. It goes hand in hand.

    • None of Your Bidness

      Obama...SMH...you do know people were rapping before 2008 right? Narrow minded asshole. You do also realize WHITE people are the largest consumers of RAP music right? If you're going to be mad at rappers you might as well be mad at the entire entertainment industry, singers, actors, comedians, athletes, all of em'. Matter of fact, how bout we just get rid of entertainment as whole so we can all enjoy the same drab lifestyle I'm pretty sure you're used to. Stop being mad because somebody had a dream and actually achieved it and you're stuck making ten dollars an hour because you didn't have the balls to take a chance to make something better of yourself. Hate isn't a good look, especially when you make minimum wage.


      LoL:I think it's the funniest thing ever when lames bring that "teachers only make such n' such amount of money" argument to the table and i'll say what i've been saying since the beginning .... once people start paying tens of thousands of $$$ to see teachers do their jobs, THEN you'll see them making money: Get over it:People will forever find ways to make money and survive:

    • and1mothing

      Crackers hate to see a young black man makin yo money. selfish redneck bitches.

    • dumbass above

      And you are here why?????

  • andre cooper

    5/5 hate or love it get over it

  • musa

    fuckin amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck a hater!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Mogul

    There is something wrong with you if you rate this less than a 5. .


    So i rated this song a 0 and on a 2nd listen .... i have to admit i made a big mistake:I clearly should've rated this a -1:That's how awful this is: 50 Tyson > Jay-B Seeing that Jay-B is beyond washed up is as easy as 1+1:

  • Anonymous

    Kanye is the king at having the perfect sound. Frank Ocean goes hard. I just wish they'd rap about things people could relate too, not to crazy about where this new hip-hop is heading too.

    • lol

      niggaz rap about guns and killing and sellin drugs n i guarantee 75% of the people that buy those songs cant relate to any of that shit.

    • mindrelated

      Why should they have to compromise what their craft and their art to relate to you. I swear Hip-Hop is the on genre of music where people expect everything to be the same. The people who say Jay verse is whack, do not understand and do not want to take the time to upgrade their education and vocabulary. I just wish one day fans of Hip-Hop and members of the culture will allow forthe expansion of the culture and support artist like Jay who rep the culture harder than any artist since Tupac.

  • Anonymous

    this is fire would love to have heard wale on this track with them thats the only way this track could be better!!


      LoL:I'm not surprised that a Jay-B stan is willing to bet his house on a hot Wale verse but sadly he'd be homeless to my satisfaction:Wale is almost as trash as Jay-B:Both are sell outs but the only difference is that Jay-B is a legend:He's actually put in his time unlike the trash that is Wale:Wale sold his soul before his first LP:It was record-breaking sell outism: He [Wale] turned his back on his true fans and went Pop in less than .3 milliseconds:A total disgrace to the HipHop world:A clown beyond human belief: 50 Tyson is better than Wale:Don't EVER speak his name when the topic is HipHop:

    • ayo

      hell yes. he should've been on the album.

  • il do che

    What a fucken intor to the album!!! Bangn track!! Frank ocean need to leave them no talent Odd Future fucks, they will only hold him back!

  • Andrew Rockwood


  • Jarrett David Grimes

    Smh... shit is INEXPLICABLY hard... 5 stars any day of the week... Hip-Hop at it's finest.


    The illuminati is NOT real:Why these two continue to play into it is beyond me:This shit is weak:Watch The Throne will be like Jay-B's last 3 albums .... great production with bullshit lyrics: Jay-B is a complete sell out. Guys like Wayne, Game, Drake, Ross, are not afraid to take shots at what's left of Jay-B:He's a complete joke but you can bet your house that no one in the game is crazy enough to challenge or disrespect Nas because they know Nas is the goat and would lyrically punish any rapper head-to-head: Life Is Good > Watch The Thrown: 0/5

    • Anonymous

      Nas is a joke and has soooo many whack lyrics that you question yourself why he gets rated so high. Anybody who listens unbiased, should realize that Jay is 10 times the rapper Nas is. Listen to his Grammy freestyle and Supa Ugly and compare it to the unoriginal and laughable schoolyard insults on Ether (the most overrated diss track in the history of this genre). Nas got MURDERED on wax and nothing else. And saying Nas would punish anyone head-to-head is beyond delusion. Nas is so fucking overrated, it's unbelievable, he does a lot of things, and nothing besides storytelling, well. In fact, anything he does insted of it is pure garbage. Nursery rhymes on every track. He couldn't think of a clever punchline, metaphor, analogy or double-entendre if his life depended on it. No skills, just gimmicks.


      That hurts because i really care about what you think about my credibility:

    • lol

      Kingdom Come? stfu ur credibility is lost on that comment.


      What do i gain by coming on a HipHop website and "hating"?And you boys need some new words:The word "hating/hater" died a few years back:I have no reason to hate:If coming on here to "hate" got me $10,000 a post ... then i'd gladly hate from the bottom of my soul but it doesn't: Jay-B fans are foolish in defending him:Pretending like you don't hear those bum-ass bars:Fool is saying absolutely nothing:Kingdom Come was his last good slice of music: Life Is Good > Watch The Death Of A Legend:

    • Shawn

      I bet you going to buy that album when jay and kanye drop, you sound like a hater dawg. If you a nas fan cool, listen to what you listen to but don't hate.



  • Anonymous

    Let me break it down.... 1.They purposely made sure they didn't have a single that was radio friendly, its was a statement saying we can make what we want. That's good shit 2. The production takes different style beats from different era's in Hip-Hop history. (Just go listen, that's why they have RZA, Pete Rock, Neptunes, Swizz, Mike Dean, even took the electronica sound that's origins are in Detroit, etc.) The samples alo highlight some our best artists of all time. 3. This album is saying "F" white America. Just listen...Quick track breakdown 1. 'No Church'No explanation needed, talking about not believing in the system 2. 'Lift Off'Interlude track,basically saying get ready for whats next 3. 'Niggas in Paris' This track is talking shit to people who think just because you black in Europe don't mean you can BALL. Just listen to the skit, its a joke at how whites don't really understand what the substance in HIP HOP is really about. 4. 'Otis' just a little flexing over a sample of one of the best AA artists of all time. Who left us way to early. 5. 'Gotta Have it' they get right to the point, F white America. That's why Kanye comes in with 'LOLOLOL White America" Discussing how society hates rich blacks. Just peep the sample. 6. 'New Day' Just some insight on how they are rea people too, who worry about raising they're kids. 7. 'Thats My Bitch" Jay-Z shines on this talking about how black women aren't given respect as beautiful as they are. 8. 'Welcome To the Jungle' talking your way through the hood. Jay highlights the tricky nature of the hood. 9. 'Who Gon Stop Me' the name says it all. Kanye shouts 'millions of our people lost'. Highlighting the the progress of successful blacks. 10. 'Murder to Excellence' if I have to explain this then you probably haven't heard it, or is totally oblivious to the struggle of blacks in America. 11. 'Made in America' talking about how we have made a name in America as blacks, but we need to build on it. 'we need a million more' 12. 'Why I love you' Jay talking to Beans and the rest of the camp that he feels are disrespectful to him, and other critics of his legacy. *wont break down the bonus tracks, but primetime, the joy, and illest alive should have been given to all..Buy this album!!!!! *Sorry for typos, was typing fast

  • bkstylz

    Really liking this track. The beat is nice and Frank, Jay & Kanye all came correct.

  • i'm wondering...

    how many haters that have talking shit and rating down the Watch the Throne songs rated this one up just because Frank Ocean is in it...bunch of faggots, "We hate Jay-Z and Kanye West, but we love Odd Future, because it's so underground" haha

  • Tony The Two Timer

    They shoud've had Yung Berg featured on here. It's still a nice track though.

  • LJbigbang

    Watch the Throne! Gon get on Fri when it comes out in the UK.

  • Rodney Starkes

    anybody else hear the beat stronger in there somewhere?

  • chocbelafonte


  • 215boy

    not that bad 3 stars is about right.. kanye sounded like pusha T on dis joint too

  • blackula

    Great intro. One of the best joints on the album. Dope beat, nice bars. But I wonder what Jay's stance on autotune is now since its on this track and a couple others. That D.O.A. looks real gimmicky right now. Had people thinking that movement was for real...lol.

  • Extremely anonymous

    Type 'WTT HULKSHARE' in google, click on the first result and on the resulting page click download. There you have it...WATCH THE THE THRONE. If you like the album, go buy it...else, delete.

  • CliffNasa16

    frank oceans steppin the fuck up , i see you odd future boy. and as for kanye n jay too legends...nuff said

  • Yeast The Beast

    That bassline is sick. Can't stop bumping this shit.

  • Listen 2 J. Cole

    Watch The Throne

  • so sique

    The song would have been better without the autotune but other than that, it was a great song.

  • Just Saying

    There is one God and his name is Jesus, every one of you when you get in trouble or come on hard times will call on him to help you out. Think back on the times when you did that. Now ask yourself how did that work out for you? How did that bill get paid? How did you get out of that dangerous situation? Why didn’t you get caught? How did you or your loved one get healed? Keep playing with Jesus and maybe the next time you or a loved one call on him; he won’t answer.

    • God

      You niggas need to know I am fake. Fuck all that bull shit. I was just a normal kid from brooklyn doing my own thing when they thought I was the one.


      Fuck outta here dickface!! The bible is a fairy tale for gullible fags like YOU!! And you only expose your ignorance by assuming that everybody is as dumb as you and prays to a make believe being in times of need!! What a fuckin dummy!! I've experienced hardships like any body else and I NEVER "pray" for SHIT!! Cuz prayer is fake bullshit and so is your sant claus "god"!! I'm not a stupid fuckin child that tries to "solve" REAL WORLD problems by chanting some fuckin words, you moron!! I solve my problems like REALISTIC ADULT, NOT A SUPERSTITIOUS CHILD!! And there are MILLIONS of children around the world DYING of starvation and dehydration, AND ALL THEY DO IS PRAY FOR JUST A LITTLE FOOD OR WATER, AND GUESS WHAT???? THEY STILL FUCKIN DIE YOU FUCKIN DICK HEAD!! SO TAKE YOUR BIBLE, YOUR PRAYERS AND YOUR RELIGION, AND SHOVE UP YOUR FUCKIN ASS YOU FAGGOT!!

    • Fu** you care

      That's right Jesus does care.In fact just the other day a group of his followers were praying to him in a local church when he decided to bring the roof down on all 23 of his followers.Now I'm just saying but that's love.

  • breezy

    3rd favorite track on the cd

  • Anonymous

    I only like the song due to Mr.West.That big lip figga was straight gaaaarrrrrbbbbbbaaaaagggggeeeee!

  • Listen Up

    Chorus is so-so, beat is decent. Lyrics are nice. Auto-tune fucked this song up though!!

  • That's Right!

    This Bullshit was made for guppy white people!

  • Anonymous

    This shit straight nasty. Do the damn thing Jay and Ye. Kings.

  • Anonymous

    song is fire. 5stars, o yea,you'd rather hear some "atmosphere" or"wale"

  • Phadiga

    Taking a dump after i ate dis song.....ewwwww!!!! trash.

  • anon

    let's be honest here, jay z hasn't had a good cd since the black album despite all the hype he gets from dickriders. one star for you dickriding stan ass faggots.

  • Eric Frazier

    I'm feeling the production, but I'm not feeling the atheist content that probably went over a lot of people's heads.

    • Eric Frazier

      I'm a music lover...I'm a hip hop lover. I'm a producer and a writer, but I ain't feeling nobody saying or thinking they're equal with God. Do you think God blessed him with all that he has??!!! Satan has th epower to bless as well.

    • LJbigbang

      Wow. You're effin' stupid. Religion's got you all mixed up, sir.

  • diamondespn

    shit is fire grown up hiphop hate on jay all u want but this nigga knows what sells

  • Powerphi

    Tough to hate on this - everything is there: concept, rhymes, production. Perhaps not the greatest beat, but overall a good song. 4/5

  • IDontPlayNoGamez

    One of the only tracks on this album that I liked/loved.

  • Donny Dickshinski

    didn't listen and won't until i buy this...

  • Anonymous

    Yo Watch the Throne is sick! Not a classic but I didn't expect it to be. Stop bitchin and just kick back to some of the best music you'll hear all year.

  • kinghueber

    gotta be braindead to not give this at least a 4

  • Truesdell

    how can u hate on this?

  • 7sixes

    Death of auto tune? Still a sick ass song... 5*

  • Anonymous

    I like this. It's fresh.

    • Extremely Anonymous

      Type 'WTT HULKSHARE' in google, click on the first result and on the resulting page click download. There you have it...WATCH THE THE THRONE. If you like the album, go buy it...else, delete.

  • ultimatabape

    i dont like the beat :/

  • Anonymous

    Sun glasses and advil, last night was mad real....smh....this is TOUGH

  • aubrey

    odd future sucks dick.....fact theirs a video of them doing it

  • dude

    sick ass track..cant say other wise

  • SimonSez

    Just give it 1star, because i hate mainstream. Comon, hate me, trash me, you just as fake as those fake ass illuminati rappers.

  • cole world

    one of the best tracks on the album OFWGKTA coulda done without the autotune in the middle of this track

  • Fu** you care

    There are alot of good tracks on this album, this one included. But the Apathy/Premier track is WAYYYYY better than the entire album overall.

    • Anonymous

      A track that has 20 comments and sounds like every generic underground track I've heard all year better than this? Can't believe the level of delusion here.

  • Anonymous

    3.95 lol you have to be kidding...song is fuckin sick

  • George Lee Jr

    let that bullshit illumanati shit begin...

  • james

    sounds like the jay-z blueprint album! classic s***!

  • Mike

    This album is DOPE!!! Its so original and thats what its about folks. Cuz personally i cant stand waka,gucci and shit that sounds like that. This that shit you pay good money to see.

  • Ismael X

    Jay-Z forty years old and millions of dollars deep still rapping about coke lol. Both verses are corny and lack any real substance expect they do what they want...I was hoping Kanye presence in this collaboration album would add real substance to the music, but it has only added nonsense. You guys are GODs...illumanti bullshit

  • ali

    classic stuff rite here

  • Anonymous

    Jay will always be the greatest. Pure Dopeness!

  • onelove

    yall will diss anything you ain't,,,Dope!!

  • Anonymous

    It beats the song with Beyonce on it at least

  • KING

    Nothing too special...Kanye killed it tho. Facebook.com/CBBmusic

  • Money

    great song and great album!!! Kanye has always been a dope MC but he really stepped it up on this album.

  • yea yea yea

    rebirth of autotune i guess? lol the stans will justify this somehow..smh ..frank ocean can't save this

  • mike

    All I gotta say is we need Nas back.


    its ok... this is the same dude that said death of auto-tune



  • hatemenow

    The daughters of music shall be brought low...Ecclesiastes 12:4

  • Anonymous

    i liked the album its one of those slbums like the cool where the whole album makes a story if you get what i mean

  • Jimmy Young

    this shit is weak. lol

  • Six

    OFWGKTA!! frank ocean really did show out on this album.

  • Anonymous

    I haven't heard the album but If people are saying this is the best song on it, then i dont really want to listen to the rest of the song. 3/5 DOPE BEAT! Cant front

  • BGG

    best song off the cd if u hatin on this clean your fuckin ears out and listen again this fire

  • LaDarren Fshosaynomo Smith

    Prolly the cleanest cut on the album & that's saying something!

  • asfdjk

    maybe this is one of those songs that grow on you......lol

  • rigo1392

    This shit better not get under 5 stars..

  • 10thAve

    "Cocaine Seats/ All White Like I Got The Whole Thing Bleached" Jay just snapped!!!!

  • rozay

    best to rappers alive j-hov the goat aint nobody fucking with the homie man

  • Anonymous


  • Jason

    One of my favorite songs from Watch The Throne!!

  • tyler

    one of the better cuts

  • Drake

    Best song from the Cd!

  • Anonymous