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Weezy over Miguel. Pause.


  • zaria

    i love u i love your song baby money over bitches

  • Lilworm

    mixtape is fire but damn only 12 tracks...-.-

  • mimi

    What....the fuck.....is....this??

  • LIL MOMA10

    I like this but i think i like the other version better. Hard to decide cuz I Love Lil Wayne!

  • triple77

    man this shit jam mane

  • Deezy

    if this was anyone else it would be a 5. this mixtape is fire, fuck the haters

    • Deezy

      i pretty much dont like most of the garage hes put out over the last few years but this shit is fire so you might aswell log off too fuck-o

    • Black

      Just because someone critiques doesn't mean they are a hater. It the "yes men" that have Hip-Hop in the state it is now. It's OK not to like EVERY Li'l Wayne song...

  • Yourallwhack

    Now you're all just being haters, this is a good fuckin song. If you're just gonna rate it bad cause it's wayne then don't listen

  • Matthew Bowe

    Basic. wayne can retire now.

  • Kevin

    Furthermore, it's hypocritical of you to say why people with a 'certain frame of mind', see things so 'wrong'. First of all, there is no universal frame of mind that is always right. There's billions of people in the world so it only stands to reason that not everyone is going to agree with your interpretation of a particular stimulus be it music or w.e. Second, people define music in their own way. Some people just listen mainly for things that sound good or have a catchy beat. Others are in it for the lyrics. Therefore, there will be varying tastes and opinions that aren't judged off the same standard. We may disagree with many of these opinions or 'frames of mind' but that doesn't necessarily make them wrong. As I checked, none of us are Gods or above everyone else, as a result, opinions are just that:opinions. Granted everyone will have one and some are more accurate than others perhaps.

  • Kevin

    People like underground artists not because they're broke. But because they still have hunger and don't just regurgitate the same bullshit that passes for music these days. I never said, fuck lil wayne. But I can say that he ruined an otherwise okay song by Miguel. I did not like this particular song. That's my opinion and the way I perceive it to be. You're the one jumping the gun as I did not once state anything derogatory about Wayne. I think he is talented. But then again, he has found his niche and as a result, he knows what kind of music will get him the most money. Therefore, he can make songs that mean nothing and still get millions of hits and in essence more revenue. So, it's only natural for people to have opinions about it. It's human nature to judge people and music is no exception. I agree with you that people can express their opinions in a more civil manner rather than engaging in senseless bashing of artists and whatnot.



  • sdf

    love this shit wayne!

  • Anonymous

    Post it in the mixtape section & leave it at that. We don't need you to put out all the songs individually, DX.

  • Kevin

    Soulja Boy will probably make more money than many of us. Should we automatically love his music because of this fact? What happened to having an opinion? Are we haters just because we don't agree with you? What happened to perception? People have a right to like what they like. You are not the universal standard by which everyone is judge. In fact, there is no such thing.

    • WE


    • HHH

      Why is it that people with your frame of mind see things so wrong? Who said you should love him cuz he gets money? Who said he's imune to critique just cuz he has money? No one. Not one person said that. Yet, that's what dudes like you always assume. If anything it's the other way around, you underground "heads" love that underground shit because those rappers are unknown and broke.. It's like yall can relate or something. Love music for music, nothing else. Hating and criticizing are two different things. Yelling "fuck wayne" or whatever.. Is lame. Being intelligent and using sound arguments when criticizing is not hate.. Understand the difference and stop jumping to stupid conclusions.. That goes for all of ya'll

  • Robbie Biederman

    P.S. Lil Wayne will be more successful and make more $$ than 9/10 of us on this site. Hatings the only option when moneys a fucking problem.... YMCMB W.F.B.

    • Anonymous

      So if Hitler was rich would I have to like him?

    • ILLMATIC77

      Weezy sucks, fuck his money. Good for him, he's filthy rich. Michael Jordan is rich and he's my idol, i'm not "hating" on MJ. Your logic doesn't make sense. Lada Gaga is rich too, and I think she sucks. Am I "hating" on her cuz she's rich? "Hating" is the most overused word in the english language. You motherfuckers don't even know what it means. All you use it for is to defend the wack music that you listen to. Go buy a thesaurus and start using different words.

    • Kevin

      Yes, he will make more money than 9/10 of us. So what? Does that mean we aren't allowed to formulate opinions about rich people? What the fuck does money have to do with the song? This is the problem with everyone these days. Money doesn't equal talent. People judge things off of their perception. Just because he's rich doesn't mean we have to like every song he puts out.

  • Anonymous

    pretty good 3.5

  • Anonymous

    this is st8 weak this dude is the reason hip hop is dead

  • Michael Hernandez

    This mixtape is weak compared to his other ones. Not gonna download this track either. I am a fan of Wayne though. Ehhhhh 2 stars. Not bad but WAY overhyped mixtape.

  • DeAndre

    Its an ok track. 3 Stars

  • Anonymous

    what i don't understand is that weezy will say he doesn't shoot the gun, but then he says he has the glock cocked and he'll shoot. plus this went from hhdx.com to lilwaynedx.com enough of these songs!

  • makavEli139

    This is Hot! best shit from weezy in a while!

  • Anonymous

    you niggas always talking about a nigga looks and what a nigga wearing lol ... the internet has gone to shit because all yall niggas is some gossipin hoes who act and type effeminate shit.

  • Jason Terry


  • Anthony Smith

    Ha this dude looks like a middle aged black woman with a crack habbit

  • Anonymous

    brandon obvisouly theyre going to drop all of the songs off one of the hottest rappers in the games new mixtape, you fuckin idiot

  • Brandon The187Worm Nixon

    More fuckin Wayne man...HHDX dickridin hard...fuck this..turning into XXL...

    • Anonymous

      Go ahead & finish it........Weezy F Baby, there I finished it for you, there you go everyone Weezy Fucks Baby, how do you like that queerness.

  • Bidler Coulanges

    best rapper alive


    BOOOOOOM ... weezy back