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Don't expect Fox News to choose this song next time the White House invites Common someplace. Here he is with a guest verse on Colbie Caillat's 'All For You'.


  • No

    My daughter (who loves everything Colbie has ever sung), made me rip the cd, remove "favorite song" and then burn it again so she wouldn't have to eve hear it again. I agree with her. This song has no place on All of You and sticks out like a big sore thumb.

  • V.I.A.H.W.

    its ok ....truth is the only reason i like this song is cuz i wanna fuck colbie caillat

  • Anonymous

    Wow I haven't herd a good radio song in ages. This is no where near as gay as the crap I've herd. I Need a Doctor and other homo hippop tunes you lot dick ride are much more gay than this.

  • Brandon Nixon

    Colbie Caillat > Lil B

  • HoustonTX

    I wouldn't be mad if I found this in my little brothers playlist lol. 5 stars for the haters.

  • shane

    If funny how alot of "feel good music" just pisses me off lol. Call me bitter but i can only take so much corny happiness. Listening to this minus common is like watching glee.

  • Gabriel Reed

    honestly, this records speak to the summer vibe of beach bumming and guitar strumming, but also reflects on monkey wrenching the fire hydrant and cooling yourself off. A bit girly and flirty, but it also has the head bob of the hip hop fan-base. Its a taste of 40’s in a coconut shell with a straw and umbrella. I give it a 4.0. I dig it

  • Anonymous

    this song is amazing! it is just funny, colbie calliat's rhymes (but i like what she says) just aren't as good as common's, and i was expecting them to be lol.

  • swagga

    colbie calliat has hits , with common. this is cool. i can smell radio hit

  • SpikeSpiegel

    Sorry haters but i like this. Colbie makes that feel-good music and Common always comes through. 5 stars easy.

  • anom

    Lol this beat sounds like Billionaire. 3 stars.

  • Anonymous

    Common is dope, this cat is making paper, not to mention that he still flows ill. Common's one of the G.O.A.T.s if ya'll wanna talk about this being wack what about kanye working with JUSTIN BEIBER?! exactly, it doesn't matter, it's all about creating. peace. 5. (haters)

  • Anonymous

    forgot to rate.. 4 4 the hatas

  • Anonymous

    why the fuck are people so ignorant? why cant you like when a fucking girl sings? like why cant people that like rap also like taylor swift? what wrong with that? it doesnt mean youre soft pussies. youre gay and extremely ignorant if you only like rap. music is about change... hip hop came from regae and block parties by black people in new york...

  • I respect

    this shit...it sounds decent...i mean cmon...these two just came together and made a decent record...give em credit....aaaaand the chorus just came on....just got a tad gay...

  • Turrible

    It's just a bad song in general, I gave it two stars just cause I felt bad for Common.