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Some more heat off Kendrick Lamar's #Section80 out now.


  • Jarrett David Grimes

    So ILL!!!!

  • Jermaine Brown

    what the hell is this shit!!

  • GOAT

    way ahead of his time... dope shit! don't anyone go comparing him to anyone in the game now... 5/5

  • Miguel Thomas

    I can dig it but the beat is a bit too soft. Kendrick would sound good over Kno's production though.

  • bigtimeshina@rocketmail.com

    Brilliant. He reminds me of me.

  • Eddy.

    Kendrick holding Album Of The Year (Sorry Sai) at the minute, Kanye and Jig, Yela, KRIT, Cole, NaS, Slaughterhouse etc. have a lot of work to do.

    • Anonymous

      anno said everything on point niggas need to stop being 2 different an have all around skills i mean he rap dope a.f but his production need to be more alive seem like ross da only 1 wit a ear 4 dis rap shit

    • Anonymous

      Ok i like kendrick but this album is way to hipster, beats are to soft on some jazz shit, and delivering such a rebellious messege falls short because it lacks energy. Coles single work out is weak, yela's is to. niggas falling short.

    • LivePono

      cole will drop his you can count on that! coleworld boyee but what im waiting for is kendrick and j. cole tracks they did to drop!

    • cheepono

      cole will drop his soon to come i think in september but what i can't wait for is cole and kendrick tracks to drop!cuz that was some fiyahh


    DX, Why do you keep leaking his songs man? your not helping the cause. Make people buy it and here this guy man.

  • notYOU

    FIRE.. kendrick lamar holds title for album of the year.

  • Anonymous

    not bad lamar got talent!

  • Its Um

    And he's a cali dude, we're coming up.

  • musicears

    this guy is being slept on

  • TAntonio Parker Jr.


  • Gamble

    Song is Great by the way...dont know where the "boooring" part comes in to place though. I guess only a hopeless sheep would say that..in other words the government is got you right where they want. You're so dumbed down right now that you wont even give it a chance unless its really upbeat and all bubstep and techno sounding like whatever they play on the radio. i can say this cuz i recently heard the radio after a year in a half and song after song it was just all sounding the same, like club music...which is cool i guess for some people, but you got to learn how to be diverse and switch it up sometimes. Cant be stuck on the same drumbeat all the time. Besides this Kendrick Lamar track is music for the SOUL which is what most of us Americans need right now. Believe me when i tell you that times running out and you need to get in tune with yourself. Dont believe me though and ignore what i said if you want. Stay in denial and continue on the same frequency and you will suffer miserably. Enuff said...no need to preach, message has been given out..take it how you will.

  • Gamble

    This album is always so much DOPER the second time around. I listen to it everytime right before i go to sleep. Music, naw check that the MESSAGE is unlike nothing out right now.

  • Wattslocster

    This young brother bringing that fire!

  • Anonymous

    #3 on itunes. get it now and help save hiphop... its a little Food and Liquor a lil Illmatic and all original and creative and unique every song is worth it i promise

    • Eat good live good

      i like kendrick but this is just another one, beats are to mellow to hipster. lyrics are there but its missing energy from the beats, this is like the type of beat you would hear in brooklyn bar, instrumental hipster shit.

  • Jack Merridew

    boooring :yawn:

    • Davis

      the last thing you can call this album is boring! Get a grip, compared to the other shite thats out these days, this album is a throwback to when Hip Hop meant something!