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Japanese-only bonus track off Limp Bizkit's brand new 'Gold Cobra' reunion album. Here's Freddy and The Chef over another Allah Math gem.


  • Killa Cam

    What does it say when Fred's verse was better than anything Weezy or Odd Future have done? Fresh beat from the Wu, like usual.

  • Zigmārs Bertuks

    they are BACK bitchezzz

  • p tone

    Beat is OP, raps too

  • Ancel Shwell Robinson

    Good vibe. Rae came correct as usual. was just wondering what happened to this group though. Durst always came off as trying too hard.

  • Anonymous

    Rae loves some variety. Bizkit should have left this one alone. I give it 4 for the love of the wu

  • SutterKane

    Never could stand this band, I give credit where its due to bands like Rage against the Machine and even Linkin Park has made some great stuff here and there......... .........But Limp Bizkit is horrible, The band itself is a 2nd Rate Korn Knockoff and Fred as a rapper is a 2nd Rate Vanilla Ice knockoff...... So Overall, there a Knockoff act that imitates Artists who already sucked bad enough in their original form Nonetheless, this beat and Rae save the song, like Meth did with that other track back in the day, but hearing fred rap is reason enough to only listen to it once

  • Almar

    The Beat Is Dope, Raekwon's Verse is dope, But Im Just Not Feelin Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit anymore, When I was 12 and 13 they're shit was dope, not so much anymore.

  • Mike Meraz

    I'm disappointed in the album,.. "WALKING AWAY" and "LOSER"Are the only truly great songz on the album. This tracks dope though, way better than that wak ass Pall Wall one. "Shotgun"'s pretty dope too. LIMP BIZKIT!!!

  • Anonymous


  • mcmastermind

    I couldn't wait for this fucking track. True shit. Yall gotta stop hating on Limp Bizkit he been working with true artists for a minute and he can actually spit. This beat is so fucking fire too, but leave that to Mathematics.

  • fuck anonymous

    because its a hip hop track you friggin idiot, nothin new this is like the 5th or 6th one they did n 2 gether now SHUT THE FUCK UP with method man produced by dj premier KEEP ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN with meth, red, dmx, produced by swizz beats

  • Anonymous

    i thought limp bizkit was a band why do they need a producer to make beats for them??? justin bieber, fred durst.... i bet raekwon will do a verse with my dad for the right money,

    • Almar

      Are You a Dumbfuck? DJ Premier Made The Track "N 2Gether Now" For They're album Significant Other back in '99, It Featured Method Man, DUH?. Dope Fuckin Track, Look It Up Son.

    • fuck anonymous

      cause its a hip hop track you idiot, nothin new this is like the 5th or 6th one they did n 2 gether now SHUT THE FUCK UP with method man produced by dj premier KEEP ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN with meth, red, dmx, produced by swizz beats

  • psyber

    damn, Fred Durst just spit a better verse than most these mainstream artists LOL

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Gatdamn!!! Allah Math dropped some mf'n HEAT for this Limp Bizkit ass nigga. Sad to waste such a heatrock for Limp Bizkit and not have this be a posse cut for Wu Tang. (prepares to listen to it again just for the beat and the Raekwon verse)

  • Anonymous

    This is...bizarre

  • Anonymous

    limp bizkit is back i copped the album it is fire somethin fresh!!!

  • Benjeem Sampson

    People still hate Limp Bizkit!? Damn, must be a Rock thing. Don't know the story, but it still a hot track!

  • what

    shit goes hard!! up there wit the first method man collab, fred durst on his ll cool j shit, damn boy

  • Anonymous

    Heat!! Fucking haters.

  • Anonymous

    for production and the chef

  • Lol

    Gonna give it 3 stars because of Raekwon. Limp Bizkit ain't worth shit.

  • Anonymous

    on meth, losing teeth

  • Portmouth face

    Limp Bizkit are actually one of the worst bands I have ever heard, what a waste of a good beat and Rae verse.

    • Portmouth Face

      I have listened to about 90% of their stuff due to friends/family liking them and they are truly awful, absolute trash. They are dumb, un-inspired, corny and above all talentless. Sorry man, i'm not a hater but that's the truth.

    • Mike Meraz

      Give em a chance..don't listen to just the shyt they play of them on the radio. Their actually one of the best bands Lol!! Listen to.. "One" "Don't Go Off Wondering" "Boiler" "Re-aranged" "N 2gether Now" "A Lesson Learned" "Living It Up" "It'll be Ok" "My Way" "Down Another Day" HahA! Download all them and you got yourself a "Best Of Bizkit" album.. a true "best of".. If you don't like those songs Guy...I don't know what the fuck is wrong with ya.. but yeah their new album isn't great, maybe I need to give it a 3rd listen to tho idk.. PeacE