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Here's the other Pac unreleased track from Mr. Xclusives where Pac is getting Nas, Biggie, and De La Soul.


  • PDirt

    "dyslexic so you backward ass niggas will notice me" lol

  • Fado

    Damn you heard the passion in his voice when he said "aint nothing sweet about my technique" , he could just say that over and over with conviction and it would shit on %80 of rap music nowadays.

  • jackson

    2tup is still the best repper to me ''makavely

  • EmB

    Hey guys I'm an inspiring rapper trying to make it big and if you could take a little time out to check out my channel and my facebook page it would mean so much to me, I promise I you guys won't be disappointed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFPvSjarkdc http://www.facebook.com/pages/EmB/248645808482384

  • Anonymous

    betta watch yo mouth bitch!!! 2pac all day fuck that frail shit if you feelin that air it out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e42iKGVcPQ

  • Anonymous

    This the real outlaw. Fukk that new 50 cent shit. Nigga went in. So sad he was used as a pawn and how this murder case still goes unsolved till this day. Somebody now. Trust me. RIP to the one the greatest rappers to ever touch a mic.

  • Korey Kenneth Brown

    lol good song

  • Anonymous


  • still dreamin beats

    outlaw for LIFEEEEE

  • Anonymous

    omg the beat is a little outdated but pac goes harder than any fuckin rapper out right now. half of these bitches wouldn't even be able to be put on if pac was steal here. AND THEY KNOW IT!!! ....the good die young

  • rigga

    Hey Im a also a Fan of Wayne and esp Drake... but im not an idiot! Putting their names in the same conversation as 2Pacs is like comparing this years NBA Rookie Of The Year to Micheal Jordan!

  • Matt Parker

    Wake up people wake up people

  • Matt Parker

    Watch your mouth!!

  • Matt Parker

    What the fuck!!! That nigga Hopsin by dissing Tyler dont deserve to get ahead of the legendary Pac! Wake up

  • DirtyDog

    Who said drake is # 2 after Pac I pray u die n burn n hell

  • Joseph Jermaine James

    classic!! http://reverbnation.com/j3akajthrizzle new orleans best kept secret!!

  • Bk Reppin

    Hot song! I respect Tupac for his courage. he wasn't like these other rappers who have beef with someone...but you never know who the hell it is cause they don't mention any one's name in their song....FOH...Be a man...Mean what you say & say what you mean...

  • Omar TaylorGang Moreno

    Yea son !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew Wood

    tired of this shit

  • damon clayton

    im very high btw

  • damon clayton

    what if pacs ALIVE AND IS TALKING ABOUT WAYNE HOW HES RECTIIN HIM AND TALKING ABOUT HIM SO MUCH and notice he says let me rest n peace.

  • suuwu

    Tupac was a faggot for real. Look at videos and his mannerisms, etc. He was gay as shit.

    • adamsinc71


    • realnigg

      nigga u a homo. Pac got mo pussy in a month then yo internet dick beating ass will n a lifetime!

    • A.R

      That's why you wearing skinny jeans right now listening to lil wayne.. AHAHA

    • Shaan Mirchandani

      2Pac was raised by his crackhead mom bruh. Lets just remember that. He had no proper male role models in his life. He even says it himself in his interviews. No homo btw.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      you got an eye for queers

    • cinavenom

      He is a dope emcee but I can see how you say he is gay. He did have very feminine manuerisms

  • Lekell King

    hot shyt he said "the very essence of my poetry is dyslexic so u backwards ass niggas will notice me" who said pac didnt have lyrics youtube.com/productsofchicago

  • illegal ass foo

    even tupac has been saying it, dr.dre takes forever to make a beat

  • B@nksy

    Why the fuck does weezy get brought up on every Tupac post? Weezy becomes what he needs to in order to sell records and make money. If being socially couscous and poetic in music was whats popular in mainstream weezy would do that. Notice when he came into the game he dressed like a hood now he wears skinny jeans. I could say hes not a real nigga or whatever, but who am I to judge him?..at the end of the day he works his ass off. Tupac was just at a different place in a different era, he saw the bigger picture.

  • Anonymous

    I just wish Drake was on this song, he is so cool, he would make it so cooler. Drake is #2 right after Pac, he is just so cool, the coolest even.

  • Matt Parker

    The more I Listen to this song the more I realize that this is pure classic, though it's a beef song. And of course it's good to hear some unreleased and "Unheard before" song from the legend!

  • UnderRated

    The best ever.

  • Ahsan Riaz

    untouchable. He's on his own level. People mentioning Wayne?! Get the fuck outta here

  • ThugG

    Pac Kill all them..

  • Anonymous

    biggie and nas still best rappers OF all time. Dre is lazy ass hell

  • Anonymous

    I think nas can take PAC

  • Jason Hdz

    Cant Go Wrong With Pac

  • lil'ghost

    can't touch the man

  • TRC

    no one more real or harder in the game today.

  • Kevin

    That's the question...fuck new school

  • wilson

    pac..dopest flows and could talk about the same shit every one does but his always fresh...like sean P said...niggas be rhymin bout nothin, i rhyme bout nothin n it sound like somethin...but not a top notch pac track still dope thow...im gonna give it a 3 but thats compared to other pac song, all u motherfuckers need to start rating songs properly u should barely ever here a track that rates 5...when ur comparing single tracks not album that shit a different ball park u r rating compared to other single songs not from this week from foreva cunt

  • WOW

    YOOOOO I JUST HEARD THE NEXT 50 TYSON!!!!! BUT WORST!!!!!! FUNNIEST SHIT EVER!!!!!!!!!...hahahahahhahaha revernbnation .com /shardyardy

  • Lee Thompson

    I'm surprised this wasnt released earlier. His street cred is questionable before he got signed, but you can't deny his talent.

  • TonySincere

    lol yall are so retarded... you wouldnt even be all on Pac's dick right now if he was still alive. I hate how everybody sees him as Rap Jesus. He was dope, but he wasn't the GREATEST EVER. Big said it best, "you're nobody till somebody kills you". He was a good actor, his poetry was deep, but as a rapper he really didn't do a whole lot for me. but thats just my opinion.

  • cali

    tupac fakest rapper ever! 1. went to performing arts school(never was a gangster) 2.was a dancer for digital underground 3.did not have a police record until he became a rapper in todays era of who's real and who's not he would have had his background called into ? dont get me wrong when he turned G he was hard but facts are facts

    • Anonymous

      nigga ur dum as fuck, get the fuck off this post, pac was the realest. u kno nothin about hip hop if u think thats the truth. Fuck u ignorant ass kid behind a screen, respect the DON! He's the realest rapper to ever bless the game, nowadays we got fakes runnin it. so realize what ur talkin about before u say

    • Anon

      Dude got killed by a drive by shooting.. how real is that?

    • B@nksy

      Him going too an arts school doesn't negate any urban background he had or would experience afterwards. Becoming a dancer for the digital underground was necessary for him to get in the game, your saying that if you knew becoming a backup dancer for the digital underground would lead too your success and making millions you wouldn't do it cus what street guys aren't supposed to dance? Him not having a police record till he was a rapper makes him unreal somehow? please elaborate. Tupac never claimed to be some hardcore gangsta before he made it in the game thats what you fail to realize. He even said he only sold drugs once and the hustler was like "you dont know how to do this". Hes a legend that is immortalized through his music and you are a nobody, facts are facts.

    • Anonymous

      nigga fuck u!

  • Jay Kras

    How did people go from listening to stuff like this to settling for bullshit like Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Drake, Soulja Boy, and all that other bullshit out there??? People should be ashamed of themselves!

  • shelton

    man i agree this the REALIST NIGGA TO EVER DO THE GAME fuck everybody else and for the dudes that say lil wayne and all them "rappers" are the real deal...its all fake shit man NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY touches PAC. and if you ask anybody n the game today where they got there inspiration they will say 2 pac....point proven RIP PAC!!!

  • Tyler

    Dr Dre DISSED hard on this!

  • Anonymous

    weezy alreay past dude up long time ago with da drought...wayne best to ever do it, dont forget.

    • Anonymous

      fuck u again,u need to b slapped for that shit.

    • Ahsan Riaz

      I've never laughed at a comment before in my life until I read this. If you don't have the wherewithal to analyze lyrics on your own and need the help of some clowns on a website to do so, you should probably steer away from Pac's music. Too complex for your peasant ass.

    • Glenn Tucker

      Wayne cool but he cant fock with Pac

    • Anonymous

      @weston, if you gotta go to rap genius.com, stop listening to rap right now. You're a lost soul. Weezy can't even hold Pacs jock strap.

    • Brandon Caminero

      umm.... good sirs... let me know when wayne get a collage course about him...? ill wait...or even better when he starts to inspire "artist" ...ill wait for that to...wayne been in the industry for...15 years or so... pac was around for like 5 6 maybe and he had a larger impact! just saying! wayne is nothing!!!!

    • weston

      i agree. wayne is to deep for niggas to understand. go to rap genuis.com and loook up wayne, its breaks down every one of his lyrics and explains it

    • ILLMATIC77

      HAHA! You're a cornball son, you just made Pac turn in his grave. R.I.P.

  • Don Dada

    back n tha day, on some war raps type shit. gotta understand the perspective to see the flow truthfully. killuminati, p.s.-check this shit out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmL910txoFE&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

  • Allan Lindsay

    day lights here...

  • Chris

    4.30? This is definitely a 5, how can you give this anything lower.

  • legend1914

    This is classic Tupac (War ready) music. The beat is sick and the flow is untouchable!Althought the track is sick, this particular style is not/was not completely Tuoac. What made/makes Tupac the GOAT to me is that he mastered all the styles and could flow with anyone. Te bickering about who is the greatest is uncalled for because there is no absolute answer. Just enjoy the music and look to uplift our people in your own way. As for his start as a dancer and roadie,that is humbling and teaches humility. This is not "sucking someone off"! That is the problem with alot of young people, you all think that if you work for something or someone to get to where you are going that you aren't real; but truthfully you aren't real when you don't!

  • L.Banga Da Don

    This nigga hands down the best to ever do it. Luv this nigga Rest In God Pac

  • anon

    tupac got into the game by sucking niggas dicks.. backup dancer/roadie for digital underground.. went to fucking art school and took ballet classes.. yeah tupac is a real nigga.. a real GAY nigga.. dont bite off more than you can chew

  • blitzlegga

    classic Pac but its hard not to chuckle at his statements at the end of the song aimed at Dre "you see where your're at and you see where the fuck i'm at"..........for a smart nigga, he was such a pawn

  • AAaaronandersonMUSIC

    Hi, my name is Aaron Anderson. In memorial of little Caylee Anthony I have created a song and video. Please watch the video on my page and repost as much as possible! Thanks for the support! My youtube name is AAaaronandersonMUSIC and the link is http://youtu.be/cvGXBBkxWlw

  • yes

    FINALLY someone dissing that fake trash dr dre this is proof 2pac wouldve destroyed Eminem and Dr Dre im so fucking happy

  • therealjosephlandry

    I see alot of people sayin nas over pac nah i don't think so. Illmatic was a classic and i'll give stillmatic a classic. Lyrically he is a beast but don't put him over pac he was never on his level.

  • BettyBoo


  • lee

    Nas and Biggie might be better overall MCs in terms of depth or songwriting, but I don't think they could hang with him in a beef on wax. Tupac was a master of diss songs. Also, why the outrage about De La being called out? They criticised a certain genre of rap, should the rappers of that genre have to remain silent simply because De La have been around for ages? I don't remember people being so up in arms when WC dissed Q-Tip on Westside Connection's Cross 'Em Out and put a K.

  • wishworks

    yo anonymous stop wearing pac panties in dig in the grates ok the man was a good mcee i'll give 'em that, but against the likes of who he named, fuck outta here, put the cane down you got something on ya lip homes.

  • Drakes Lover

    Drake is way cooler than Pac, he's #1 forever mayne.

  • sunspect

    As much love you got for Pac it's still unfortunate he gets at Nas and everybody else.

  • Anonymous


  • smitt

    I'd agree lyrically Pac wasn't close to Nas, Biggie or the Soul. Give his due, he was the messiah and mad cats followed. I loved his first album to death.

  • wishworks

    tupac is one of the illest no question, but mic against mic nas would murder tupac, let alone plug one or two, then you put busta in the mix, R.I.P madd respect tupac, but a watch you mouth, because anyone of these mcess you named could have crushed your career, had you still been alive to release this.

    • wishworks

      Phat Dawg, had to go back in check if i'm totally smoked out or not buy spinning these joints on repeat while getting smoked out, ill give you me and my girl friend (him and his gun) vs. i gave you power (nas as the gun) the hook was better, he even road the beat better, however , both were topical songs, but how nas depicted the story of the gun from start to finish in then beyond was ill, better than me and my girl friend, which to me was just ok i've heard way better from pac. Nas shit was as vivid as hd, over premier and his prime. Oh and i feel you on the fact nas's sometimes drops have ass albums, what about tupac, his only live joints to me the first album, strickly for my niggas, the one he dropped when he got locked, and all eyes on which was ok,it wasn,t the cronic , snoop's doggie style, it seemed like dre gave him throw aways lol

    • Phat Dawg

      @ wishworks: son what are you smoking? First off, in I Gave You Power Nas is rapping from the perspective of a gun and Pac in Girfriend is rapping metaphorically about his gun being like a girlfriend. So you can't compare the two in fact. My opinion? Me and My Girlfriend is the better song. it bumps better. has more feeling. more passion. and better flow. you wanna compare songs? All Eyez on Me and Street Dreams. Or fuckin If I Ruled the World and Troublesome...in both cases pac rocked the beat harder with a better flow. to be honest...and i like nas and respect his ability...nas sometimes got a clumsy flow. as for name dropping some prominent rap artists to prove you're not a youngin....I partied with Kool Herc when he was throwing them parties in the hood...doesn't mean it's true....

    • Anonymous

      mane u triping, pac will ride on anybody in the game,!Now and when he was a live!He been said fuck nas,soul rip pac!!!!!

    • FROSTY

      Check 2:14 of "The Magnificent" by Special Ed. Pac being all Thug Life West Side throw your W's up, my 44 make sure all your kids don't grow and shit. But yeah man, check it out on youtube, 2:14. Believe it or not, I actually like Pac, but he's furthest from the GOAT. I'd much rather listen to Pete Rock, the Roots or Black Star or Wu-Tang Forever. If I want some gangta shit, gimme some Boot Camp or M.O.P. Some West Coast, gimme some Dilated Peoples or Self Scientific. Down South gimme some Outcast or Little Brother or J. Cole, the come up and the warm up were dope! But that's just my humble opinion. Check it out 2:14 "The Magnificent." West Side!

    • Anonymous


    • wishworks

      and so were on the same page that dis song came out(leaked) long after his death, if he were still alive he never would have realest it. And again i'm not knocking pac, but there's a old saying don't bite off more than you can chew.

    • wishworks

      so let me get this straight, matter a fact, im a call it as i see it why not go song for song, me and my girlfriend vs. i gave you power, both realest around the same time,(by the way, both bit off organized confusion's stray bullet )you mean to tell me that i gave you power was not better, fuck outta here, better beat, better word play, better flow. And i'm not knocking pac, but nah famm not in life or any other, in that just nas he named busta bus nigga is you crazy. NATIVE TONGUE = A TRIBE CALLED QUEST, DE LA SOUL, LEADERS OF THE NEW SCHOOL, THE J.BEES , BLACKSHEEP, THE BEATNUTS( WHO BROUGHT YOU BIG PUN'S FIRST HIT, OFF THE BOOKS)NOT TO MENTION NEW NATIVES COMMON, THE ROOTS, AND BLACKSTAR. THESE DUDES ARE THE REASON WHY YOU HEAR MCESS SOUNDING DIFFERENT , WATCH YA MOUTH SON , I'VE SEEN AND HEARD THIS SHIT SINCE IT STARTED. SEEN TUPAC AS A BACK UP DANCER FOR DIGITAL UNDERGROUND, AND THEY GAVE HIS FIRST FEATURE SAME SONG

    • MG


    • Phat Dawg

      crushed his career? how old are you? 16? Hell even 18? Pac was on top of the game when he wrote this...it would've been the reverse of what you've claimed...

  • kaka

    I wrote this song a LONG time ago a REAL LONG TIME AGO, FEEEEEEL ME I wrote this song a long time ago, it was the dopest song I ever wrote...in 94.

  • Anonymous

    dope 2pac 4 ever rip

  • P.T.

    @Scottie Minor The Most ingnorant shit Iv heard in a while. Music is Music, U like it or u dont. People listen to music for the simple joy of listening to music, some can relate and some think about what the ARTIST is raping about, and most of them like u say are rapping about their lives and shit theyve seen. U talking about white dudes wanting to be black, it happens, a white dude grows up in a black neighboor hood. Or a black guy grows up in a white neighboor wood. What u call him? a black guy wanting to be white? Ur a product of ur en,environment. and u say ur Hood is this and the white man and houseing authority that. Dude ur makign ir sound like black people live in the hood and etc. Not saying they dont , Im saying ur making it look bad about now. And the word Ghetto doesnt mean neccessarily mean poor, it means away from. The nazi came up with the word for the jewish ghettos at the time. LOl Im gonna stop cuz i could just continue and w.e but il end up making fun of u.

  • cliff alex

    west side for life.deathrow member............

  • gabw

    The greatest to ever do it. We love and miss you pac.

  • Anonymous

    He murders this shit

  • realmusic

    fuck lil wayne, fuck drake and fuck all these wanna be good rappers! this is real hip hop. not that love shit. no body compares to tupac and fuck all who disagree. if you disagree you obviously have no idea of what real hip hop is!

  • hhix

    its funny how people are taking about someone who died more than 10 years ago and saying that pac is wack when they where 6 years old and thay where dancing to soulja boy 3 years ago hahaha

  • Ahmed Khwaja

    Sure Pac said some shit about nas n shit, but the fact is that even Nas knows that Pac is one of the greatest, and he respects Pac to the fullest, and if Pac were listening to Nas's shit, the feeling would be mutual, and face it, both niggas are arguably the best that have come to outta hip/hop. Both guys are legends in their own ways, any argument about who is better is bullshit, cos each rapper has an area of expertise, I love em both, their both dope, this track is dope, but I think Pac would say this song means nothin, and Nas probably takes it as water under the bridge, cool it down brothers :) oh btw - 4 stars :)

  • Anonymous

    fuck pac! long live de la soul

    • Anonymous


    • pillar


  • Scottie Minor

    ook at all these wiggas on a black website trying to be black…white people still feel they can comment on hip hop… how can u comment on something if its not a part of your culture… white people try so hard to be black.. you know how stupid u look when u try and act and dress black… they made a movie making fun of white people trying to be black (malibu most wanted)… how does it feel to listen to something u can’t relate to… for an example.. when you listen to nas (second childhood)or (destroy & rebuild) or too short (the ghetto)or watch (boyz n the hood)… how can a white person relate to any of those… you cant really get into the song white people because u dont go through what they rapping about… u got some white people on here commenting saying they live in the hood… first off lets define (hood)… just cause you or yor boyz slang a lil crakk and hang on the corner (thats not the hood)…. just cause u and yor boyz own a gun (thats not tha hood)…. just cause one of yor boyz got murked (thats not tha hood)… jus cause u shot someone (thatz not the tha hood)… know in the real hood . the housing authority… when a white person walks through the projects.. everybody starts looking at him for to rob him or sell him drugs.. when a white person shows up in my hood or housing authority .. everbody jus stop and look with they mouth open… cause they gonna either rob that muthafuker or serve him… i seen a thousand times a white wigga come in the hood trying to black and get hiz goofy azz robbed… whu got that (hood 2 hood)dvd… they go through every hood in the united states jus about.. not one white person on the whole dvd… lol lol lol…. to all the white people trying to be black … hip hop is for black race created by the black race… go look at a paul wall video and look at the way he moves his body trying to look black .. that shit never comes out right.. cause white people have no Rhythm…. thats like the funnyiest thing when whites act or dance black lol lol lol lol lol i

    • P.T

      The Most ingnorant shit Iv heard in a while. Music is Music, U like it or u dont. People listen to music for the simple joy of listening to music, some can relate and some think about what the ARTIST is raping about, and most of them like u say are rapping about their lives and shit theyve seen. U talking about white dudes wanting to be black, it happens, a white dude grows up in a black neighboor hood. Or a black guy grows up in a white neighboor wood. What u call him? a black guy wanting to be white? Ur a product of ur en,environment. and u say ur Hood is this and the white man and houseing authority that. Dude ur makign ir sound like black people live in the hood and etc. Not saying they dont , Im saying ur making it look bad about now. And the word Ghetto doesnt mean neccessarily mean poor, it means away from. The nazi came up with the word for the jewish ghettos at the time. LOl Im gonna stop cuz i could just continue and w.e but il end up making fun of u.

    • Anonymous

      Eminems white best selling artist in rap how does it feel

    • Anonymous

      ATTENTION Scottie Minor, YOU ARE WHITE!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Ahahahahaha, a White person talking shit about White people, damn that is precious.

    • scottie minor nigga lame

      the only thing hood about you is the ghetto ass keyboard your typin wit whats wit all the tms and spanish as get a life son

    • dude ur not even black

      hypocrite light skinned motha fucka made cause he got white in his incenstry someone great great gam gam got raped by a white master

    • Ganjarelli

      Nice Fresh Prince reference. I knew that motherfucker looked familiar!

    • W

      Nice Carlton mustache. Cornball

    • Anonymous

      please stop. you sound like an ignorant fuck. - a black guy

    • Anonymous

      You've tried this before dude shut up already noone cares


    practice what u preach watch yo mouth or if pac was still here nowadays he'd have to call this song watch yo fingers, watch yo texts homie, watch yo tweets, u think pac would have a twitter account, and didnt he used to always say "real niggas dont die" so by that logic was he callin himself fake?

    • Anonymous

      Real niggas don't die cause when they do. They live on forever!!! In retard language: pac is still living thru your dumb ass cause your talking about him aren't you?????? So he don't die!!

    • lav2k

      Everyone dies. Not everyone lives. Thug immortal.

  • HRH

    Invented Hip-Hop's Vocabulary! You were, and still are an everlasting blessing. Thanks 'Pac.

  • Anonymous

    fake ass gangster wannabe. started having a big mouth when suge was defending his ass.

  • Anonymous

    get of dead dicks. pac is far for being the greatest! How many songs did he made with sounds the same: thug in heavev, thug in jail, weed, hennesy, bla bla bla and he is the greatest???? lame ass fans


    My 4 4 make sure all your kids don't grow


    Go to you tube and look up "The Magnificent" by Special Ed. Take a good look at the background dancers, there's a nice close up around 2:14 of Pac. The Magnificent is a dope track by the way. Ayyrab: I think maybe your the stupid bitch acting like he knows hip hop. Stay in school homie.

  • Luigi Lusini Brooks

    I Likey!

  • Ayyrab

    You idiots.. if this was released back when it was made, shit woulda hit the fan. pac is the greatest. biggie aint got no unreleased shit still comin out. stupid bitches acting like they know hiphop. shutttthefuckkupp faggotsss

    • Anonymous

      LOL at the dude who said banks or cassidy are the most lyrical rappers

    • Shane Moe Burrows

      Pac is the greatest passionate wise. He put in the most passion and heart into his shit. But nobody can say that Pac was the most lyrical, he had some lyrical ass shit but I would say either Cassidy or Lloyd Banks are the best lyrically


      I like Pac, but he's far from the greatest.

  • J-Byrd

    Always good to hear Pac But everyone always askin why em is yellin,why arent u askin why pac is>

  • fIRE-B

    funny... cause Illmatic is still considered the illest hip hop album! this track was a waste of time, especially right now

    • Anonymous

      You aint gonna make no money sucking nas dick

    • dockevoc

      Funny, cuz pac was on mtv and bet everyday in 1995 and no one even heard of nas...illmatic didn't go platinum till a couple years ago...and I know sales don't mean shit, but in the 90's EVERYONE went platinum...nas and jay had a tough roadblock with pac fucking up their careers (reasonable doubt flopped as well)...i love them all though, just tellin how it really went down...

  • you gotta be kiddin

    I love Pac but why release a 15 year old diss record. Let it go

  • rydersix10

    all of you saying that pac wasn't gangster and this and that..I guess you all forgot the fact that Tupac shot up two police officers...and yes this was before Suge Knight and Deathrow came along...now how many of your so called gangsta rappers have been known to do shit like that??.


    @ The new generation....Go kill urselfz!!!...If Pac were alive all ur favorite corny ass rappers wouldn't exist....


      Are you serious? You do realize that 90%+ of the dope 80's and 90's rappers who are better than Pac are still around and these corny rappers are still here, so I'll have to disagree with your post.

  • dockevoc

    Me Against the World is the best album ever made.

  • Anonymous

    Wow so many PAC stans, average song nothing more people.

  • Reese

    This is the mixtape that's single handedly ruining hip hop, from this punk Asshole named Roamin. Pac would be turning in his grave, even peep the illuminati symbolism on the album cover.. http://www.datpiff.com/ROAMIN-I-Am-A-Hoax-mixtape.245891.html

  • Ludovic Ménard

    2pac is the best rapper , aliiiiive !!!!!! F**k jay z

  • TD

    Perfection...Nothing on Pac now...

  • Anonymous

    i needeed that i was just sayin its bout time 4 that raw n uncut pac 2 drop n he delivered like always

  • Sikander Kahlon

    G.O.D Level

  • @theEnd

    Tupac is real....but the end HE DIED! they alive. So.....*kanye shrug* Life is Politics, you praise Pac cuz none of ya'll have the balls enough to die for what you believe in. So in the end,how you live is personal choice. Can't praise one and be a hyporcrite to it

  • Tommy

    Pac was the realest and for all you coward ass hataz eat a str* dick.

  • Jesse Andersen

    In '95 Pac gave a shout out to De La. Apparently they said the wrong thing to the G.O.A.T. Anyone who rates this below 5 and goes to a modern day track and gives it higher is just crazy. You can't beat this dude.

  • Suntzuu

    My ni@@a Pac was on another level for real,you dont even hear disses from from these Chumps Mobb Deep ,Chino Xl and Wendy but they all started Him.I love Nas but at that time he was trying to defend Mobb Deep.

    • Da Watcha

      Love this right here...but home boy do your research...MOBB DEEP Was THE only East Coast group to fire back at Pac when he was alive...Listen to "Drop A Gem On'em" from their '96 album Hell On Earth. Thats why I have respect for them cause JAY Z, Nas, Puffy,etc., etc, were all scared to reply back to Pac but big up him after death..that alway seem supa phony to me...just stating facts..nothing personal.

  • Gypsyunit Makaveli

    dope... rip tupac

  • Anonymous

    Tupac dissed all the east coast niggaz because of the '94 Shooting he said biggie was involved or knew about it. No one had tupacs back And now a confession came out and TUPAC WAS RIGHT Tupac was a LEADER Need Another Album released RIP

  • Reality Check

    That's what no one understands, PAC WAS THE FIRST TO DO IT that thug shit, tattoos,going out dissing people he didn't give a fuck about the next best thing and he wouldn't give a fuck about a hater sitting behind their screen talking smack about topics they have no relevance in. Pac did his thing, left his mark,sold more then your favourite MC (before eminem passed him this year,though Em been rappin 3x longer) He's a legend, everyone has their flaws, you should hate the Pac fans who overrate him, not the person himself. Bitches should be disgraced dissing a dead man. This happened 15 YEARS AGO, before some of you bitches even learned how to walk..

    • Anonymous

      your wrong 2 pac was not the frist easy-e came out dissing the east side

    • wow morons

      I just said he wasnt perfect, your weak ass comes back talking smack all over again. Im not a dickrider but 'Pac was one in a million.. Look at how soft hip-hop went after he died..Who's having beef now?Who is speaking against all this bullshit while selling millions?none.. Pac isnt a god, but he had the power and the balls to get at anyone, died cause of Suge but he said himself he don't care if he dies.. Fact is that he is still in the top 10 greatest but y'all mad over a dead man being respected so much, watch how many Lil Wayne,Rick Ross and Gucci riders there are..SMH at you fools discrediting a legend. Where the music at now?Poppin pills,drinkin that sizzurp...What's next, heroin and cocaine?Industry is fucked up, y'all arguing over 2Pac being wack n shit, he did more then any other rapper has done to this date, he died with hundreds of tracks just from '95 - '96, he got hundreds of unreleased tracks from '91 - '96 and 90% of that is classic shit deserved to be put out. ''One nation''

    • str82dapoint

      @Not really... that's where you're wrong. He was still hard as fuck on his first album 2Pacalypse Now - see Violent, Trapped, and Young Black Male - and his second album Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z - see Last Words with Cube and Ice T, Strugglin', Holler If Ya Hear Me, and the title track. He created Thug Life and released Volume 1 with them as well as spoke his mind about his depression on Me Against the World. Pac was speaking out and calling out the fakes way before he signed with Suge. People forget that before he was on Death Row he had the #1 album in the country while behind bars in Me Against The World. He was on top of the rap game before he signed with Death Row... Suge was just the first to post bail and say I got you... just come do your thang on the Row.

    • Not really

      Pac was cool but you cats ride dude like her was perfect and did no wrong...When he first started rappin he was talking about black power and revolutionary stuff....Digital Underground was not a thug based group....Pac didn't start all that bullshit till Shug bailed him out...


      2pac was not the first to do that thug shit..there was kool g rap, just-ice,ice t, nwa etc...dissing people was done way before Pac too..look at all the rap battles from before krs one vs shan ll cool j vs kool moe dee..and its the new age how you know pac wont be on the comp givin a fuck about the haters...I like pac but get your facts straight before you speak like you know

  • Anonymous

    the greatest of all time, i dont see how people can put pac and big in the same league, they both died at the same age but the diference is pac left a whole body of work and art, big had one album dont get me wrong its a classic but it cant compare with what pac done. big was a great rapper but couldnt connect with the listener the same pac could, i used to listen to tunes like dear mama and think shit thas my story. pac was also a great storyteller tracks like wonder why they call u bitch, life goes on are stories but also relevent they had a meaning behind them. anyway iv gone off on one RIP the greatest there ever will be


    Pac all day!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Boring!!!!!!!!!!!!! weak flow and lyrics

  • Anonymous

    again the same song over and over again from 2pac. thugs, hennesy, weed and disses



  • Anonymous



      so that makes him fake right...he was born in New York nut repped Cali???? FAKE ASS NIGGA....even if he moved to the West, you always rep where your from. 2 PAC you fake nigga, if your dead, you deserved it, if your alive, come back and go to jail you bitch!!!

    • ^^^^

      but he repped the west didnt he!!

    • Anonymous

      hey dick 2pac is not from the westside


    People that say 2pac wasnt a Lyrcist are fucking dumb man! More People know EVERY WORDS too More PAC songs then any Rapper in the history of the GAME! And sure Pac had his Dumb Side But thats why Even more People love him cuz he was Human Had our type of Problems in the Hood! PAC WAS the REALEST RAPPER EVER! The G.O.A.T!

    • Anonymous

      thats because 2 pacs lyrics are corny and easy to remember

    • Daz Dillinger

      Well stated brother. I just wish that the internet would stop posting 2Pac's negative stuff. I am sure that he would have stopped all this by now.

  • Anonymous

    When you talk to $WonDough$, watch your mouth

  • Drake Fanboy

    Drake is better than Pac ever was, Drake is the best, he goes so hard.

  • Anonymous

    QDIII's beat for this song was better. Sounded legit.

  • Matt Parker

    Tupac Amaru Shakur had a great plan when recording all these songs... His mentality was no play all work!!!

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Real Dope Ish.... If/When they put out an album for Pac all I ask is that they have a couple of DJ Quik and Daz joints....

  • pac fan

    this is a remix it doesnt sound like the lyrics were written or recorded to this beat

  • Umm

    I wish this was still unreleased...there is a reason why this was unreleased. He said he would not release any 'diss' tracks aimed at Nas. Just sayin'.


    how come he looks like dave chappelle in that picture? TUPAC REST IN PEACE OK I WILL!!

  • betty

    Is he really dead!!!!

  • Anonymous

    REAL TALK!!! nobody can touch him dead or alive

  • Anonymous

    that does not sound like a pac beat. definitely a remix.

    • Truth

      Actually, it is the original beat. There was a 1 verse clip of a unheard Death Row Remix that leaked a year or 2 ago. I agree though, it doesn't sound like a 2Pac beat.

  • McNulty

    Pac's big fucking mouth got him popped. Most Overrated of All Time

    • God Truth

      Pac was being bullied by The Jewish Mob who was pushing Suge. You need some time in the business of things before you understand them. Pac was also heavy in the east and west before 94 to HipHop. You should better inform yourself.

    • HIP HOP

      None Ya Respect the response, but the same gangsters/soldiers from No Limit and RRuff Ryders are the same ages as the THUGS Pac came out in the 90's and dudes still be claiming THUGS, so Im not understanding that point. Retard You are what you name says. Just cause you know east coast rappers dont mean the east coast listens to your music, which was the point. Also, answer me this, what is more realer that F**k the police or Burn Hollywood Burn? That's real. If Pac was so real then why did Suge Knight basically pimp him? If he was real he would have been up on game or been up on how not to be pimped, right? Like I said Pac would be cooning like everyone else. Sad thing about all of this is that Pac is one of the best rappers, but people act like he is Martin or Malcolm or Obama. I wonder if the same people that love and ride or die with Pac so much feel the same way toward them three?

    • Retard

      you dumb ass naughty by nature n trech were boys with him way before so do your research. also he was heavily involved with bootcamp they had an album coming out. you just hate on him, realist nigga out. he said wat he felt n u mad cuz of that. he was always thug n kept it 100, drink bleach n die.

    • Zibala

      I am a Tupac fan and i aint gonna tell you to shut the fuck up or go crazy on you.. I respect what you just said and I kinda agree with you.. a lot of rappers are overrated and they get the "Great" status when they get shot and drop dead.. I am also a Proof fan and everybody was sleepin on the homie until he got shot.. all of a sudden he gets 5/5 in the DX and some shit like that.. We only appreciate rappers when they are dead and thats the sad thing about HipHop R.I.P Pac, Proof, Pun, Biggie and everybody who represented this pure art called HipHop

    • None-Ya

      To Hip Hop: To answer your question about "where are all the dogs at that were following DMX? Where all the NO Limit Soldiers? Where all the jiggy players at?........They are all grown now and prob 30+ years old. I hope the same people that grew up on DMX and Master P are not still going around saying "Where my dogs at" and barking like dogs and still not saying "Im bout it bout it" and "Hoody Whoo". Different generations have different people to follow. All the people who followed the people you mentioned are grown ass men or women. My point is, they are no where to be found because times change. 10 years from now we will be saying where are all the punks wearing skinny jeans with rags hanging out there back pocket trying to be like Weezy. I hope they have professional jobs and doing something positive with their life. God is Love, Rev Run

    • Anonymous

      wow you wrote an essay. are you trying to convince us or yourself?

    • HIP HOP

      Thank you. Pac is overrated. I usually dont say anything, but Im tired of all this greatest talk. He was a dancer for one of the softest group of all time, Digital Underground. He had passion, but his energy was used in the wrong place. Dissing De La is crime, like someone has said before, they represent peace. Pac started controversy HIP HOP. It kills me with all these people talking Pac is the greatest, because if you know your history the east coast was not really messing with Pac until he started to act crazy and he started acting crazy because he was getting no respect. East Coast rap at the time was Biggie, Wu, Tribe, Gangstarr, Bootcamp. Pac was no where to be found. At our Homecoming in '94 at A&T this dude was actually booed, cause he could not perform and nobody was really messing with him. When the movie Juice came out he started to take on the THUG Life Mentality as a character. Its funny cause Common said it before, nobody a thug before Tupac came they had parts in they eyebrows trying to be like Kane. HIP HOP fans since the late 90's have been nothing but followers, riding on anybody "so called hot" as soon as they come out or as soon as the radio say they hot. Prime example, where are all the dogs at that were following DMX? Where all the NO Limit Soldiers? Where all the jiggy players at? Now everybody want to be from the South. The real deal is that Pac and Biggie died while they were in there primes. Imagine what HIP HOP would have been like if KRS died after By any means neccessary or if Rakim died after Follwer the Leader or what if Kane died after Long Live the Kane. People act as if they were alive today that HIP HOP would be different. BULLISH, with HIP HOP being commercialized PAC and Biggie would be cooning themselves too. Believe dat !!!!!

  • 80sbaby

    pac wouldve ate wayne if he was alive

  • V

    damn that beat doesn't fit his vocals at all

  • Anonymous

    i luv it. RIP king

  • Negsee

    He's a weak ass pussy and he ever was...Biggie and Nas and even De la would slaughter his ass lyrically

    • negsee

      Go listen to ur Thug Life bullshit stans.I understand u have feelings for Pacs tracks cuz he was all like ''Boo hoo me,Boo hoo u'' but don't hate on the truth and the truth is that he was an angry man with paranoidical tendencies and a fuckin rapist...And on the top of that he is probably the reason why the GREATEST OF ALL TIME is dead as well...RIP Big,and RIP Pac

    • retard

      nas was lyrically better so was big, it was a different flow and delivery retard. so they all in their own sense were the greatest. big did not have delivery like or the passion neither does nas. but nas n big r better story tellers. so shut the fuck up faggot

    • Tempoclash

      EVEN De La... De La some of the most under-rated lyricists in hip hop

    • HRH

      your mother's pussy's weak, after me and 4 others eses jose, jose, javier, and carlos made her curl into a ball after we "asked" her to cooperate

  • Enoch Paz

    Imagine being that age. With that mind. In that time. I would have been angrier. #westcoastshit

  • Lucas

    People can't handle the truth. Most rappers use subliminal disses and have sneaky ways. Pac told it straight up and people couldn't handle it (and as these comments prove, a lot of you still can't).

  • Anonymous

    Watch yo mouth...if only Pac listen to his own advice

  • Ramsy

    that main pic is definitely not 2pac hiphopdx. just looks at the mustache. pac didnt look like that. try again.

  • Anonymous

    Pac had a song dissing jupiter and pluto's moons.

  • bswift77

    De La!!!! Pac dissed De La!!!! Man towards the end of his life Pac just got on some pranoid shit. De La is one of the most peaceful crews in Hip Hop. C'mon son.

  • geoffrey Stafford

    click this for me The wait is over! Check out David Guetta's new video "Where Them Girls At" feat. Nicki Minaj & Flo-Rida! http://t.co/3CcdWoF

  • Julius Kane

    @Steve beck dude right you bitch made cave bastard.Read in the bible numbers chapter twelve verse nine ,ten and eleven.All you pale demons gonna get it for what you did too my ancestors.Talk that trash to my face and bring a couple of fella's with you punk bitch.

    • HonestlyReal

      That Steve Beck dude was definitely on some ignorant irrelevent shit, but I read that entire chapter of numbers 5 times and it doesn't say anything like what you apparently think it does... take a class in theology before you try to preach son.

  • Julius Kane

    Its pac everyday til' the end of time.Eye people don't realize pac was profound and lyrical without trying.Love biggie,todays rappers suck and unexcusably terrible.

  • Anonymous

    pac has the dopest voice ever.

  • DeAngelo Staples

    Pac being Pac! Bombin' on dudes!

  • Bitch-Made Punk

    Fuck YOU with ya mama's crooked cheese dripping dick!!!

  • Andre

    Fuck all y'all bitch made niggas. Classic Pac.

  • Rick

    this dude was just a loud mouth bastard......never liked him...........oh yeah FUCK YOU whoevr responds with some bullshit....AND i'm from L.A. BITCHES!!!

    • Anonymous

      lol rick ur a faggot. just admit ur only mad cuz u want pac's dick but necrophilia is illegal and ur too scared to break laws faggot

    • Rick

      hahaha You fuckin faggot wanna be thugs.. Whats with these "thugs" that listen to pac? For some reason they think that listening to pac makes them harder. hahahah. BITCHES!!! And I'm born and raised in LOS ANGELES...not a fuckin transplant like you fuckin faggots! Never Liked Pac never will. Average at best....and for thoses that say that Pac was the best...EAT A DICK...you must not know too much about Hip Hop ...so shut the fuck up........Im here to offend all you sliding up & down pacs cock. Oh, And what kinda "thugs" use anonymous as their name...fake as bitches....fake thugs dont get no love, you get got by hot seeking slugs!

    • Anonymous

      rick ur pussy.how the fuck u gonne write some dumbshit bout Pac and expect ur ugly moma not to get dissed 4 that huh?rick, u ain't from L.A, u may be trying to fight poverty by trying to scavenge in L.A but u ain't an L.A son.Fuck U!

    • Anonymous

      Real recognize real and if u dont respect Pac then u aint real... get caught sayn some shit about Pac out in LA in public and get STOMPED ON bitch

    • Anonymous

      Its OK officer Rick.We can see the bitch in u.And am from Africa u cock sucker....OUTLAW NAIROBI-KENYA NIGGA

  • Gerardo Guzman

    Pac rhymin'str8 from the gut!!!

  • Anonymous

    Pac rhymin'str8 from the gut!!!

  • hallahalla

    Ya favorite rappers favorite rapper!!! Pac still on his shit 15 years later! SMH

  • The FED

    All ya'll dont know shit what ya'll talking bout. If you aint older than 33, you should not be posting shit here. Dont know what the fuck yall talking bout. Some dude had the nerve to ask if Pac dissed Dre on this song. That right there proves these are a bunch of young mofos who dont know shit.

    • actually

      dude if ur 33 or older u shouldnt be postin shit on any site, u should move out of your mommas house grow up and get a FUCKIN life

    • s23god

      he did diss 'doc dre'...hes dissed him openly many times. oh yea..why you cuss so FUCKIN much ? ha

  • str82dapoint

    The cover pic honestly doesn't look like Pac... it really looks like someone trying to be a lookalike. There are so many out there that I feel like I can't trust any pic anymore. But... nobody could fool me with the voice, lyrical, or delivery... this is classic Pac shit to the core and you gotta respect the don Makaveli for his passion. The man was just so real.... it's hard for me to describe to anyone that wasn't alive to feel his shit as he dropped each track/album and did every interview. It was like witnessing the newest form of Malcolm or Huey P. Newton who not only spoke out for his people but was a successful entertainer who was great at music and acting. He knew the best way to reach people and get them to think was through entertainment. I only wish we had more like him now who see the affect that the entertainment industry has on the lost souls.

  • Yazan Al-weshah

    dAMN!!!!!!!!! thAT'S REAL DOPE!!!!

  • ILL

    One thing u can never question was Pac's passion niggaz dnt rhyme with that passion anymore they just record songs they like robots nowadays Pac made you believe wat he was saying...

  • Steve Beck

    2pac is a disgrace to humanity a fucking thug who professed robbing and shooting decent white folk in america who built this country from nothing into a fucking empire, then come these fucking immigrants and try to take away everything my southern grandparents worked for, wtf is up with that? you were brought here by slavery? fine, go back to your fucking africa, be one with your culture (which is witch craft, eating your relatives and dancing naked near camp fires), but leave this glorious country alone! LEAVE COUNTRY ALONE!

    • One Love

      Steve Beck you are fucking NIGGER. That shit you wrote is the most ignorant shit I have heard in a while. If you said that shit in public you would catch a serius beatdown and you know it.

    • Anonymous

      u stupid white piece of shit faggot go suck america's AIDS dick fag

    • Anonymous

      ur mothafuckin ancestors were mothafuckin immigrants too u stupid white piece of shiz

    • Anonymous

      wtf empire???? because of the stupid white people running this country is that we have this fucked up economy crisis!!!! now u stupid white people had no choice but to elect a black man to clean up after a retarded white man that had no idea on how to properly run a country!!

    • Sikander Kahlon

      @Steve Back. I Ain't No Black I Ain't No White I Ain;t No Latin... But FUCK U MUTHAFUCKA.

    • brian

      edgy and controversial post bro

    • Pac4Life

      take ur butt fuckin goatface back to the caucus mountains....smh, u wouldnt say that shit in real life cause ur bitch ass knows u wud catch a beat down....

  • lol

    this nigga pac claimed to have known shit, a supposedly smart person. Well he obviously didnt know about karma!

    • whoa bo

      he means karma caught up to him cause all he rapped about was death, u keep talkin bout death and r infatuwaited with death watch what happens, 2pac, biggie, jim morrison, ...

    • Anonymous

      what the fuck does karma have to do with murder u ignorant stupid dumb bitch!!! so ur telling me that because he died even though he had never killed anyone meant it was just karma, that means that ur dead love ones also got visited by karma right??? you are officially a disgrace to all living things!!!


    why do you have 2 pac with a dead rag on ? 2 Pac wasnt a blood squares . 2 PAC FEAT C-BO , E-40 , THE CLICK - WE AINT HARD TO FIND ALL EYEZ ON ME ALBUM STILL BUMPIN

    • rite

      he jus had M.O.B. (member of bloods) tatted on him, no its for money over bitches rite

    • str82dapoint

      Actually Pac had no gang affiliation you idiot... he respected all, blood or cuz, but since he was down with Death Row he rode with Suge who was a blood. Therefore sometimes he sported red like with the Red Wings jersey but he never declared himself either way cuz he was from NY then Baltimore, then the Bay before he got with Death Row. Get the facts st8 homie.

    • smh

      actually, tupac was a blood you idiot!

  • anonymous

    he dissin dre or was that just me?

    • all dayzz

      Yup, he dissed dre. Tupac said he was going to get in shape, put on some nike running shoes, chase dre down on foot and buttfuck him at 30mph with his chunky ass dick.

  • kris

    Why can't black folks get along with each other? "It ain't them thats killin us it's us thats killin us".

    • kris

      It shouldn't be that way. True artist let their music speak for its self. Promoting violent acts doesn't make an artist better than his compitition.

    • lol

      your not right or wrong, your GAY!

    • Irony

      Funny you say 'why can't black folks' get along, Pac said it best when he said 'They say it's the white men I should fear, when it's my own kind doing all the killing hear'. You're both on point here ,but you must remember that this is the nature of Hip Hop, it's all about competition as much as it is about spreading the message am I right or wrong ?

  • itiswhatitis

    top diss track

  • Dave

    The realest this i ever wrote....back in 94!

  • fuck lee

    who puts a real email?

    • Honest-Lee

      Like I asked before you anonymous gaylord "WHAT HAS GANGSTER RAP DONE FOR HIPHOP?". Listing off a list of rappers doesn't explain much you idiot...gangster rap is brainwashing and it only causes drama. Good thing it's died down. Honestly...i'd rather put up with this brainless rap nowadays than to listen to BRAINWASHING gangster rap music that motivates me to do evil. buster...

  • Honest-Lee

    (Good thing I'm asking this question behind this computer screen so you hostile fag's can't attack me) How has the west coast contributed to hip hop music? The only reason why rappers shout out west coast hiphop is because if they don't, west coast rappers get all butt-hurt and wanna start beef and say "What about us?". In regards to Tupac...Tupac caused a lot of destruction with this east coast, west coast rivalry and got himself killed because for one: talking about death so much that it came and snatched him up and two: Messing around with Suge Knight...the man who got him killed. He released that track "changes"...yeahright...he would've continued with what he was doing. I don't hate tupac at all, he was a great man. I'm just voicing my opinion. --Now let the hate begin... comment below

    • Myan McConico

      dr dre- lil ghetto boy. ice t- 6 in the mornin'. nwa- dopeman. above the law- black superman. ice cube- who's the mack? songs like the ones i named also showed there is consequences to the lifestyle as opposed to glorifying it, which most people focus on. but since you're so hell-bent on shitting on west-coast music (your original question is what you intended to say), they say that the gangsta rap genre started in the east coast. #sowhatyousayin'?

    • Honest-Lee

      LLLike I asked before you anonymous gaylord "WHAT HAS GANGSTER RAP DONE FOR HIPHOP?". Listing off a list of rappers doesn't explain much you idiot...gangster rap is brainwashing and it only causes drama. Good thing it's died down. Honestly...i'd rather put up with this brainless rap nowadays than to listen to BRAINWASHING gangster rap music that motivates me to do evil. buster...

    • Anonymous

      Dre, Cube, Snoop, Ice-T, N.W.A, Spice1, Tupac motherfuckin Amaru Shakur. Honestly Honest-Lee you have smoked yourself retarded.

    • Honest-Lee

      Ok let me rephrase that...Since "3 Headed Monstah" named off dope emcee's that I actually listen to. Qhat has "GANGSTER" rap done for hiphop? absolutely nothing...


      >BLACK EYES PEAS >PHARCYDE >MC EIGHT >wc madd circle >coolio >d.o.c >dru down >luniz >spice 1 >hobojunction >Hieroglyphics >blackalicious >jurrasic 5 >Planet Asia >Ras Kass >Dialated Peoples > Alkoholiks >Psycho Realm >Cypress Hill >Living Ledgends LET ME STOP B4 H.LEE THINKS THIS IS A DISS SMH .. KIDS THAT DONT KNO HIP HOP GO EDUCATE URSELF..THIS BET AWARDS WAS FREAKIN HORRIBLE THIS YEAR .. SHAME I HOPE THE HIPHOP AWARDS ARE BETTER BUT WITH WHO OUT I DOUBT IT SERIOUSLY

    • j

      Drama Queen. Surely there are discussion boards somewhere online for this kinda topic? Discuss the song. It is always great to hear any unreleased 2Pac music. He never caused an East/West rivalry.

    • Danny

      N.W.A,Easy E,Dre,Cube,E 40,Too Short,G Funk,DJ Quik,Snoop just off top of my head.

  • Bryan Moore

    I love Pac. But Illmatic alone tops all his music.

    • Thetruth

      In my opinion Pac is the best emcee to ever bless the mic. I'm not saying he was the best freestyler or had the best flow, but he had the most energy and was the most well rounded emcee I've ever heard on the beat not even Big had the same energy as this due because every emcee has a different imprint so when says Nas' Illmatic I say Pac's All Eyez on me, any day that is one of the best and most succeful records of the nineties.

    • blackWasp


    • Anonymous

      Nah, you dumb son...You cant say one is greater than the other firstly. And tupac is def not someone u can brush under the rug like that. Coming from a nigga who knows whats good.

  • Mrnoluv

    Man I wish Pac would have lived long enough to murder that bitch nigga Nas. We know Pac would have destroyed Nas!!! But then again anyone that knows hip hop knows Pac > Nas, it's not even a issue!

    • @L-Boggie

      Nas is highly overrated when comes being a lyricst. Pac as a wordsmith (or metaphorcally) never had the chopps to fuck with a NY Mc... but he did step-up to the bat, ex: Big, Mobb, Nas, and Jay-z... and rock the shit out them niggaz...LOL!

    • L-Boogie

      I fuck wit Pac and Nas but Pac cant fuck with Nas lyrically so watch ya mouth nigga!!

  • Jefferey Mason


  • Don Whyte

    Oh, lord, yes!! 2PAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Derrick

    King on Kings WTF you mean the nigga put out plenty of album befor he died....what did you think the BACKGROUND DANCER was doing on digital underground no body really listen too it BECAUSE IT WAS ASS!! his shit started to blow up when he started talking about the harsh realities and guess that somewhat ended his carrer DUMBASS!

  • Anonymous

    LMAO Pac still mad.....call it a career hommie

  • Tact

    Pac was straight...but not the best..I think him and Big get too much credit..IMO

    • Anonymous

      How can you even say that with a straight face. I hate aruging online but name anybody who's done the same thing for Hip Hop, coming from where they came from with their message especially Pac. That man, I could say died for his message, he was the truest, realest emcee that ever lived and Big neither over are over rated, matter of fact they're under rated. So when they put some one like Em on the same level I get offended, because Em was not man enough to wager his life on his skills. One of my mates said Em got big because he was white, this maybe true and it may not be, but all I know is lyrically I resonate more with Pac than I do with any other emcee out now accept for a select few. The most under rated emcee after Pac I've gotta say is DOOM or even Talib Kweli and the most underated producer was no doubt Dilla.

  • Shamba Menelek

    This shit is whack. Why would they post this shit..shit is just kicking up dust. Dissing Biggie & Nas to Big up Pac is stupid. Stop with all that BIG and Nas aint real niggas. Their music speaks for themselves. This doesnt reflect Pac in a good light nor is he here to explain his reasons nor can he tell you how he feels now. This is some fox new shit! Respect the Legends tastefully! soundclick.com/showtimeny

    • Getyourshitasslinksoffhere

      Your mother is whack dude. This is a post humous track from a late great who clearly helped pave the way for your sorry ass and the least you can do is show a little respect so unless you learn to do that, go and stick your penis in your mums mouth until she bites your cock off you pussi.

  • Suntzuu

    Pac was the most talented ni@@a hands down,no wonder Eminem said that he was the best writer of our time period.

  • TwiliteMic Prod

    Even as a "dead" man, Pac KILLS it!

  • Anonymous

    nas aint real nigga is a secret mason same club as those he speaks about in his song, he fake a coon same goes for jay,dre,ice cube,puffy. pac exposed all these niggaz you stupid niggaz today call real.real niggaz is dead cuz they spoke the truth and were lynched,RIP PAC RIP BIGGIE /FAKE NIGGAZ IS STILL IN THE GAME LYING TO YOU

  • Live by the Pen....

    Ok, we got it. Pac asked to get killed. Stop posting this garbage, couldn't even get through listening to it. "Until the End of Time" and others are better representations of his talent.

  • Holland

    Always good to hear some new (old) 2Pac shit Not a classic Pac song, but keep them songs coming Nice

  • cardan

    I MISS TUPAC!!!! THESE pussies in this pussy ass industry are still scared to death of the realest EVER!!! There is hundreds of tracks unreleased, please just release them as HE INTENDED THEM TO BE RELEASED. R.I.P TUPAC THE GREATEST EVER

  • Ado Cob

    pac shitting on 3/4 of the game with a 13+ year old song, lol. pathetic.

  • old school cat

    Don't get me wrong... I was a huge 2pac fan before he joined death row. After that I lost interest, mainly due to bullshit songs like this one. He didn't like biggie, figure that out on "hit em up". Real talk.... I prefer to remember "the revolutionary" 2pac saying some real shit rather than the Suge Knight puppet acting like the madd rapper

    • sssssssss

      lol you obviously didnt follow pac's career.pac was in northern cali way before getting into deathrow.always in the hood.digital underground.the california gang lifestyle appealed to pac.when pac let Orlando Anderson have it, what did pac ask him?.."you from the southside (southside compton crips)".nobody forces anyone into gangbanging.the lifestyle attracts the thugs.and some of the thugs are smart as fuck.but choose to fuck up.

    • Sensaye252

      I agree. I mean, I like some of the stuff he did on Death Row, but you're right, too much of it was Suge and his goons forcing Pac's hand. Pac was making a million songs because he was trying to fulfill his contract and get the fuck outta there. There's nothing worse than being indebted to a bunch of killers.

    • old school

      well speak brother....

    • LOL

      If you think he was a puppet u must not know a damn thing about why he died or even why he linked up with sk in the first place.

  • aarontodavis

    damn 2pac and Wayne dissed Wendy Williams lol nobody like her..2pac used to diss everybody tho he may have even dissed Hov if he was alive lil longer too..I would've loved to hear Pac and Em go at it tho (dat would've been classic since he dissed Dre)

    • Sensaye252

      He did diss Jay-Z, on several accounts. Where do you think Nas got the "Fuck Jay-Z!" sample on "Ether".

  • Anonymous

    another pac song .....unreleasesd.....how many are that wwe dint heard....pac is the best ever after so many time iu still sing his songs

  • micky

    umm was i wrong to turn dis off to watch a justin tmberlake video on mtv

  • Anonymous

    some hot shit.......

  • HRH

    4 real. Biggie was a rich boy who idolized 'Pac's type. His mother went on to tell us that he grew up in a 5 bedroom house with a full fridge. lol... Studio gangsta!

    • Kaan Özel

      Biggie told stories he learnt from his bodyguard and other friends on records. He was not a gangsta but he sold crack somedays. He worked for someone but the guy tricked him and he was broke again. Then he met Puff. Puff tricked him too and Big got almost no money for his album. He sold copies of his album to have money. Source: Mark Curry's book about Puffy, Dance with the Devil

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      ahahahaha, no shit. Biggie had sucha hard life, he was fat since he was born?

  • big kay

    yo pac is the illest dead or alive

  • iRize

    Nice. Tha strenght of hip hop back

  • Powerphi

    What can one say...this dude was, and is, truly amazing. I love the way he names names - Pac went straight at dudes.

  • @Deknowz

    I miss this guy like a lost relative. Rappers aren't passionately honest anymore. RIP PAC

  • Frank

    This track is crazy. Tupac at his best as usual.

  • MakaveliTrained

    i'm from the East & Pac is my favorite MC. . .he went in on what he would call them "playa-hata'z" . . one love one thug

  • jason

    RIP PAC i read your book of poems everyday. another good man with a soul that was screaming and feenin to be heard.

  • ~L.I.E.~

    There IS NO "Tupac of this generation". NOBODY will ever be 'Pac, no one will reach that level he was on. Period. But Lupe Fiasco is on Tupac status. By that I mean he's on 'Pac status because he puts the media, the government, everyone on blast. He speaks so candidly. "Words I Never Said" he puts out Obama, bank owners, the government, he just speaks his mind without hesitation. But again, there IS NO "Tupac of this generation". Rest Well 'Pac! Hail Mary!

    • Rozay

      TUPAC BACK!!!!

    • Ramiro

      Lupe Fiasco is weak man. The subjects he touches have been said by many other rappers who actually go deeper in the subject matter. Lupe brings things up that he wouldnt be able to back up. I could see through his "conscious" rapper facade.

  • Jerome

    I'm glad 2pac called out weak ass niggas like nas and gay la soul.. them was softer than a dolphin covered in baby oil, tupac keep it real all day even in his past life.. thug life!!

    • Anderson McDougalsworthiness

      Nice cut and paste job asshole. After reading that pile of garbage you posted, it really makes one wonder why this country contunes to amass an astronomical amount of debt and questions about the debt celling are constantly raised. Thanks you Obama. Let go spend some more money in Lybia while we're at it. Fucking libtard...

    • Real

      Stop parroting that Obama is a weak president bullshit that the devil is peddling to YOU!!! You have to be a complete idiot to believe that shit! You probably listen to that shit they say to portray Martin Luther King as a drunken womanizer and fraud too. Every positive black figure to emulate they will tear down. Facts: ETHICS •Ordered the White House and all federal agencies to respect the Freedom of Information Act and overturned Bush-era limits on accessibility of federal documents (2009) •Instructed all federal agencies to promote openness and transparency as much as possible (2009) •Placed limits on lobbyists' access to the White House (2009) •Placed limits on White House aides working for lobbyists after their tenure in the administration (2009) •Signed a measure strengthening registration and reporting requirements for lobbyists (2009) •Ordered that lobbyists must be removed from and are no longer permitted to serve on federal and White House advisory panels and boards (2009) * Note: After saying he would not hire lobbyists, a few have been hired in the Administration •Companies and individuals who are delinquent on their taxes or owe back taxes are no longer allowed to bid for federal contracts (2009) •Initiated the "e-Rulemaking Initiative" (in cooperation with Cornell University) to allow for online public "notice and comment" of federal laws and initiatives (2010) •Issued the "Open Gov Directive" ordering all Cabinet departments to promote transparency and citizen participation in their policies (2010) •Signed extensions on banning lobbyists from serving on agency boards (2010) •Developed the "Don Not Pay List" with data on contractors and recipients of federal funds who are deemed to be ineligible because of fraud and abuse (2010) GOVERNANCE •The White House website now provides information on all economic stimulus projects and spending, along with an unprecedented amount of information on our government (2009) •Ended the Bush-era practice of circumventing established FDA rules for political reasons (2009) •Ended the Bush-era practice of having White House staff rewrite the findings of scientific and environmental regulations and reports when they disagreed with the results (2009) •Limited the salaries of senior White House aides (salaries cut to $100,000) (2009) •Has urged Congress to adopt "Pay-Go" (whereby each dollar of spending is offset by a dollar in cuts or revenues, which was used in the `90s but abandoned in the `00s) (2010) •Has been holding open meetings with Republican leaders, although they complain of a lack of access and information (2010) •Signed the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act (2010) * Note: To curb wasteful spending •Tasked federal agencies to develop plans for disposing of unneeded real estate and then to eliminate unnecessary or non-economical lands, properties, etc. (2010) NATIONAL SECURITY •Phasing out the expensive F-22 war plane (which wasn't even used in Iraq/Afghanistan) and other outdated weapons systems (2009) •Announced his intention to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay (2009) * Note: The closure has been delayed due to massive opposition but it remains on the agenda. •Stated his interest in housing terrorists at a new federal "super max" facility in the US (2009) * Note: this has been delayed in the face of massive opposition but it remains on the agenda •Cut the expensive Reagan era missile defense program, saving $1.4 billion in 2010 (2009) •Canceled plans to station anti-ballistic missile systems in Poland and the Czech Republic (2009) •Replacing long-range, expensive missile systems with more efficient smaller systems (2009) •Increased US Navy patrols off the Somali coast in response to pirating (2009) •Established a new cyber-security office and appointed a cyber-security czar (2009) •Ordered the first nation-wide comprehensive cyber-threat assessment (2009) •Instituted a new Nuclear Posture Review, revising US nuclear deterrence policy to encourage more nations to join the 1996 Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (2010) * Note: Components of the policy include: a pledge to stop nuclear testing; a pledge to not build a new generation of nucs; identifying nuclear terrorism, rather than a launch from another nuclear state, as the major threat; a pledge to not use nucs on a non-nuclear state in a conventional conflict; etc. •Executive orders to block payment, transfers, exports, etc… of individuals and organizations support the regimes of North Korea, Iran, Somali pirates, and other foreign threats (2010) •Presidential Memoranda to extend certain provisions of The Trading with Enemies Act which was to expire in September 2010 (2010) * Note: This includes freezing assets and banning trade that benefits the Cuban regime; however further efforts at normalizing travel to Cuba are supported •Signed bill for southwest border security and increased funds and agents on the Mexican border (2010) •Signed the Comprehensive Sanctions, Accountability and Divestment Act to deal with foreign regimes like Iran and North Korea (2010) •Ordered the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden (2011) IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN •Began the phased withdrawal of US troops from Iraq (2009); continuing the withdrawal (2010) •Changed the US military command in the Afghan conflict (2009) •Tasked the Pentagon to reorganize US policy in Afghanistan; the new policy includes 30,000 additional troops deployed, priority training of Afghan forces, developing agriculture and infrastructure, limiting aerial bombing, etc. (2009) •Ordered the Pentagon to send additional helicopters to assist US Marine units and Special Forces in Afghanistan (2009) •Increased unmanned drone strikes on Taliban and al-Qaeda targets in Afghanistan (2009) •Ended the Bush-era "stop-loss" policy that kept soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan longer than their enlistment date (2009) MILITARY & VETERANS •Ordered the Pentagon to cover expenses of families of fallen soldiers if they wish to be on site when the body arrives back in the US (2009) ••nded the Bush-era "blackout" imposed on media coverage of the return of fallen US soldiers (2009) * Note: The media is now permitted to cover the story pending adherence to respectful rules and with the approval of the fallen soldier's family •Ended the Bush-era "black out" policy on media coverage of war casualties (2009) * Note: Full information is now released for the first time in the War on Terror •Ordered better body armor to be procured for US troops (2009) •Funding new Mine Resistant Ambush Vehicles (2009) * Note: The old Hummers were very vulnerable to roadside explosives and an alarming percentage of our soldiers lost in Iraq were on account of IEDs •Working to increase pay and benefits for military personnel (2009) •Improving housing for military personnel (2009) •Initiating a new policy to promote federal hiring of military spouses (2009) •Ordered that conditions at Walter Reed Military Hospital and other neglected military hospitals be improved (2009) •Beginning the process of reforming and restructuring the military to a post-Cold War, modern fighting force (2009) * Note: Bush announced in 2001 his intention to do this but backed off the reforms after 9/11, which include: new procurement policies; increasing the size of Special Ops units; deploying new technologies; creating new cyber security units; etc. •Ended the Bush-era practice of awarding "no-bid" defense contracts (2009) •Improving benefits for veterans as well as VA staffing, information systems, etc. (2009) •Authorized construction of additional health centers to care for veterans (2009) •Suspended the Bush-era decision to purchase a fleet of Marine One helicopters from suppliers in favor of American made helicopters (2009) •Ordered a review of the existing "Don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays in the military (2010) •New GI Bill for returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan (2009) •Signed bill providing assistance for caregivers of veterans wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan (2010) * Note: The omnibus bill does the following: Training, funding, and counseling for caregivers; promoting pilot childcare programs for women vets under treatment at the VA; independent oversight to prevent abuse; readjustment counseling for National Guard and reservist units; etc. •Eliminated co-payments for veterans who are catastrophically disabled (2010) •Fulfilled campaign promise to have combat troops (90,000) out of Iraq by August 31, 2010 (2010) •Established a new interagency task force to assist veterans owning small businesses (2010) * Note: The efforts include promoting federal contract opportunities, improve access to loans and capital, mentor assistance programs, etc. •Signed The Families of Fallen Heroes Act, which covers the moving costs of immediate family members of those lost in service (military, intelligence, and security personnel) (2010) FOREIGN POLICY •Closed the Bush-era "secret detention" facilities in Eastern Europe (2009) •Ended the Bush-era policy allowing "enhanced interrogation" (torture); the US is again in compliance with Geneva Convention standards (2009) * Note: Obama has permitted some controversial interrogation techniques to continue •Restarted international nuclear non-proliferation talks and reestablished international nuclear inspection protocols (2009) * Note: Bush withdrew from non-proliferation talks and dismantled the inspection infrastructure •Reengaged in the treaties/agreements to protect the Antarctic (2009) * Note: These were suspended under Bush •Reengaged in the agreements/talks on global warming and greenhouse gas emissions (2009) * Note: These were suspended under Bush •Visited more countries and met with more world leaders than any president in his first six months in office (2009) •Banned the export of cluster bombs (2009) •Overturned Bush-era plans to increase the US nuclear arsenal (2009) •Authorized the Navy SEALS operation that freed by force the US shipping captain held by Somali pirates (2009) •Restored the US commitment to the UN population fund for family planning; overturned the ban on providing funds internationally for family planning (2009) * Note: The family planning efforts were suspended under Bush •Instituted a new policy on Cuba, allowing Cuban families to return "home" to visit families (2009) •Extended an offer of engagement (free from sanctions and penalties) to Iran through December 31, 2009 (Iran did not accept the offer) (2009) •Sent envoys to the Middle East and other parts of the world, reengaging in multilateral and bilateral talks and diplomacy (2009) •Authorized discussions with North Korea and the private mission by former president, Bill Clinton, to secure the release of two Americans held in prisons (2009) •Authorized discussions with Myanmar and the mission by Senator Jim Web to secure the release of an American held captive (2009) •Renewed loan guarantees for Israel (2009) •Signed the USIFTA trade agreement with/for Israel (2009) •Authorized a $550m advance for Israel (six months prior to the scheduled date) in order to accommodate Israeli's economic and financial needs (2009) •Continued agreements with Israel for cultural exchanges, immigration, etc. (2009) •Spoke on Arab television, spoke at an Egyptian university, and met with Arab leaders in an effort to change the tone of US-Arab relations (2009) •Ordered the US to finally pay its dues to the United Nations (2009) •Attended the Summit of America's meeting in Trinidad and Tobago (2010) •Dispatched several envoys and initiated talks with numerous nations (2010) •Signed a nuclear limitation treaty with Russia (2010) * Note: The agreement calls for both countries to reduce their nucs by one-third (1,500) and launch systems by half (800) •Hosted nuclear non-proliferation summit for several nations (2010) •Executive Order to establish support offices in the State Department to assist the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan (2010) •Presidential Memoranda to continue drug interdiction support with Columbia (2010) ECONOMY •Increased infrastructure spending (roads, bridges, power plants…) (2009) * Note: Bush was the first president since Herbert Hoover to not make infrastructure a priority •Authorized the US auto industry rescue plan and two GMAC rescue packages (2009) •Authorized the housing rescue plan and new FHA residential housing guarantees (2009) •Authorized a $789 billion economic stimulus plan (2009) * Note: 1/3 in tax cuts for working-class families; 1/3 to states for infrastructure projects; 1/3 to states to prevent the layoff of police officers, teachers, etc. at risk of losing their jobs because of state budget shortfalls •Instituted a new rule allowing the public to meet with federal housing insurers to refinance (in as quickly as one day) a mortgage if they are having trouble paying (2009) •Authorized a continuation of the US financial and banking rescue plans initiated at the end of the Bush administration and authorized TARP funds to buy "toxic assets" from failing financial institutions (2009) •Authorized the "Cash for Clunkers" program that stimulated auto sales and removed old, inefficient, polluting cars from the road (2009) •Convened a "jobs summit" to bring experts together to develop ideas for creating jobs (2009) •Ordered the FDIC to beef up deposit insurance (2009) •Ended the Bush-era policy of protecting credit card companies (2009) * Note: In place of the old policy, new consumer protections were instituted and the industry's predatory practices were banned •Authorized the federal government to make more loans available to small businesses and ordered lower rates for federal loans to small businesses (2009) •Placed a 35% tariff on Chinese tires and a few other products such as pipes after China was found to be illegally "dumping" exports below cost (2009) * Note: Clinton, Bush I, and Reagan all refused to "get tough" on China's predatory trade practices; Bush II refused four times during his presidency •In November 2009, Obama extended unemployment benefits for one million workers and expanded coverage for some existing homeowners who are buying again (2009) •Called on Congress to deliver a "Jobs bill" (2010) •Credit card companies are prohibited from raising rates without advance notification or arbitrarily if customers are paying bills on time (2010) •Signed a bill to extend unemployment benefits set to expire (2010) •Signed historic Wall Street reform bill (2010) * Note: Designed to reregulate and end abusive practices and promote consumer protections •Signed the HIRE Act to stimulate the economic recovery (2010) * Note: The bill includes: tax cuts for small businesses who hire someone unemployed for at least two months; small businesses can write off their investments in equipment this year; etc. •National Export Initiative established to enhance federal support (technical assistance, training, trade missions, etc.) and coordination efforts to help US businesses export products and services (2010) •Initiatives to promote a "Wireless Broadband Revolution" (2010) * Note: Among other things, broadband is finally being considered as necessary infrastructure, with efforts to expand use, access, and spectrum… •Expanded agricultural credit to farmers during current economic crisis (2010) •Signed bill – US Manufacturing Enhancement Act (2010) •Signed bill – Single Family Housing Mortgage Insurance (2010) TAXES •Negotiated a deal with Swiss banks to permit the US government to gain access to records of tax evaders and criminals (2009) •Ended the Bush-era policy of offering tax benefits to corporations who outsource American jobs (2009) * Note: The new policy promotes in-sourcing investments to brings jobs back to the US •Signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which provides small tax cuts for 95% of "working families" (2009) * Note: The tax cuts were not as big as was suggested during the 2008 campaign •Convened an advisory board that is looking into simplifying the tax code (2009) •Ordered the closing of offshore tax safe havens (for individual and business tax evaders) (2009) •Reduced taxes for some small businesses to stimulate the economic recovery (2009) •Extended the Home Buyers Credit for first-time home buyers (2009) •Proposed doubling the child tax credit (2010) •Called for the repeal of the capital gains tax for small businesses (2010) •Proposed rolling back the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans (2010) * Note: This would be for families earning over $250,000/year and would return their tax rates to the 1990's level BUDGETING •Ordered all federal agencies to undertake a study and make recommendations for ways to cut federal spending (2009) •Ordered a review of all federal operations to identify wasteful spending and practices (2009) •Established a National Performance Officer charged with saving the federal government money and making federal operations more efficient (2009) •Overturned the Bush-era practice of not listing certain federal programs in the federal budget (2009) (2010) * Note: Bush did this (so did Reagan) in an effort to hide programs and make the budget look smaller; such "off budget" items are now included in the annual budget •Full appropriations for war are now included in the budget (2009) (2010) * Note: Bush did not list many of the appropriations for Iraq, Afghanistan, and War on Terror •Funds for emergency appropriations are now included in the budget (2009) (2010) •Proposed a three-year freeze on federal discretionary spending beginning in 2011 (2010) •Is in the process of cutting 120 federal programs identified as either wasteful or unnecessary (2010) •Established a bipartisan commission on fiscal responsibility, staffed by House and Senate members and private citizens, tasked with submitting proposals to balance the budget (2010) * Note: In the face of Republican opposition, the powers of the commission were watered down •Established a bipartisan commission on the future of Social Security, tasked with submitting proposals to preserve and strengthen Social Security (2010) * Note: In the face of Republican opposition, the powers of the commission were watered down •Cut $20 billion from federal budget and has pledged to cut at least this much every year (2010) •Ultimately decided to cancel planned new presidential helicopter fleet and stick with marine One (2010) •Freezing all discretionary spending for next three years, except on national security (2010) •Presidential Memoranda to freeze discretionary awards, bonuses, etc. for federal political appointees (2010) •Beginning to use "Pay-As-You-Go" (Pay-Go) to offset budget expenditures with budget cuts or revenue enhancements (2010) HEALTHCARE •Removed Bush era restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research (2009) •Federal support for stem-cell and new biomedical research (2009) •Expanded the SCHIP program to cover health care for 4 million more children (2009) •Established an independent commission to make recommendations on slowing the costs of Medicare (2009) •Reversed some of the Bush-era restrictions that prevented Medicare from negotiating with pharmaceutical firms for cheaper drugs, allowing government to again competitively bid (2009) * Note: Obama had promised to lift all restrictions but, while he did negotiate with drug companies for them to lower their costs the deal only lifted some restrictions •Expanding government vaccination programs (2009) •Issued new disease prevention guidelines and priorities for the CDC (2009) •Authorized the FDA to finally begin regulating tobacco (2009) •Tasked federal labs to prioritize research on and deployment of H1N1 vaccines (2009) •Asked multiple congressional committees to bring forward a healthcare reform bill; held dozens of public hearings and town halls on the issue (2009) (2010) •Established a new council on National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health to be chaired by Surgeon General and charged with promoting healthy lifestyles and integrative healthcare (2010) •When accusations to the contrary arose, an Executive Order was signed to reaffirm that federal funds are not to be used for abortion services (2010) •Historic healthcare reform bill signed – $940 billion over 10 years (2010) * Note: 32 million additional Americans will receive healthcare coverage and costs will be lowered for most Americans, but many of the goals are phased in over four years Components of the bill •Prevents insurance companies from denying coverage to individuals/family members with pre-existing health conditions; a temporary plan is being developed to cover high-risk individuals with pre-existing conditions until the full reforms go into effect in 2014 •Prevents insurance companies from placing lifetime limits on benefits •Bans "rescission" so insurance companies can't cancel coverage if individuals keep their policies current or if they become ill •An individual's out-of-pocket healthcare expenses are capped •Closes the "donut hole" (Part D) for Medicare prescription drug coverage (under Bush, Medicare helped pay for drugs up to $2,600 and above $4,550, but individuals had to pay 100% of the costs in between these amounts); now Medicare helps cover costs irrespective of the amount – seniors will now pay only 25% of drug costs up to $4,550 and only 5% of drug costs above that amount •In 2010, an emergency provision will offer seniors a $250 rebate on the costs incurred within the "donut hole" •Individuals living at or below the poverty line were eligible for healthcare under Medicaid, but by 2014 individuals/families living slightly above (making up to $14,404/$29,327) the poverty line will also be eligible for benefits •Individuals/families making less than $43,320/$88,200 per year will qualify for government subsidies to help purchase health insurance •All individuals must have health insurance or face a government fine; all large (over 50 employees) employers must offer health insurance to employees or pay a fine •Small businesses can get a tax credit if they offer health care •There are hardship exemptions if individuals can't afford health insurance •Families can keep their children in college on their plans through age 26 •Promotes health insurance "exchanges" so consumers can buy "wholesale" •Creates consumer assistance offices to help consumers file complaints or appeal decisions from insurance companies; beginning in 2011, insurance companies can no longer make excessive rate hikes without justification and approval, and those doing so may be barred from participating in new health insurance exchanges Funding sources: •Large employers (over 50 workers) that don't offer health benefits will be charged a $2,000/worker fee; if the employer offers coverage but employees instead purchase federally subsidized insurance the fee is $3,000/worker receiving federal subsidies or $750/worker (whichever is lower) •Annual fees on pharmaceutical companies ($27 billion), health insurance companies ($60 billion), and medical device-makers ($20 billion) •Annual penalties on individuals who do not have health insurance (up to a maximum of $695/person) •Increase in the Medicare payroll tax from 1.45% to 2.35% for individuals making $200,000+ and families making $250,000+ •3.8% tax on unearned income for millionaires •Insurance companies will be subject to a tax on each high-end insurance plan (so-called "Cadillac" plans) they offer Miscellaneous: •Illegal immigrants are not eligible for insurance or subsidies •By Executive Order, such federal funding can't be used for abortion •The federal government will assist states by covering all of the increased expenses of expanding Medicaid coverage (90% of costs after 2020) ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT •Removed a ruling that now allows individual states to enact automotive fuel efficiency standards above federal standards (2009) •Offered attractive tax write-offs for those who buy hybrid automobiles (2009) •Overturned Bush-era rule that weakened the Endangered Species Act (2009) •Announced plans to purchase fuel efficient American-made fleet for the federal government (2009) •Ended the Bush-era policy of not regulating and labeling carbon dioxide emissions (2009) •Signed a measure requiring energy producing plants to begin producing 15% of their energy from renewable sources (2009) •Announced that the federal government would reengage in the long-delayed effort to clean up "Superfund" toxic waste sites (2009) •Announced the long-term development of a national energy grid with renewable sources and cleaner, efficient energy production (2009) * Note: Much of Obama's energy reform was killed by Senate Republicans •Proposed a new refuge for wild mustangs (2009) •Canceled several Bush-era mountain-top removal and mining permits (2009) •Reengaged in international treaties and agreements to protect the Antarctic (2009) * Note: Bush had withdrawn from such efforts •Asked Congress for an energy reform and "cap and trade" bill (2009) * Note: The Congress failed to pass such a bill •Developing plan to lease US coastal waters for wind and water-current energy production (2009) •Overturned Bush-era policies that allowed uranium mining near national parks such as the Grand Canyon (2009) •Expanded the Petrified Forest National Park (2009) •Signed the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act that protects millions of acres of scenic, historic, and recreational lands and trails (2009) •Requiring that government buildings and facilities be retrofitted to save energy costs (2009)* Note: These green retrofits are moving very slowly •Authorized studies in several western states to determine how to support large-scale solar installations (2009) •Attended the Copenhagen talks and, after the talks were stalled, negotiated an international (voluntary) agreement on reducing carbon emissions and raising funds to assist developing nations in offsetting carbon emissions (2009) •Banned importation of pythons in response to a growing population of pythons damaging the Florida Everglades (2009) •Committing the federal government to increasing research and use of renewable, clean energy sources such as wind, biomass, etc. (2009) •Executive orders establishing a federal initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all federal operations (2009) (2010) •Called for exploring the possibility of additional off-shore oil drilling in the Gulf, Atlantic, and off Alaska (but not in ANWR) (2010) •Agreed to consider increases in nuclear energy production and requested a study on the feasibility of nuclear power plant construction (2010) * Note: Nearly all energy initiatives were defeated by Republican opposition in Congress •Increased investment in clean energy projects (2010) •Executive Order to develop a new strategy for and commitment to ocean and lake resources, and for scientific research on water quality (2010) RIGHTS •Instituted enforcements for equal pay for women (Lilly Ledbetter Bill) (2009) •Appointed Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina, to the Supreme Court (2009) •Held the first Seder in White House (2009) •Appointed a diverse Cabinet and diverse White House staff (2009) •Spoke at the annual dinner of the Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights organization (2009) •Signed the first major piece of federal gay rights legislation that includes acts of violence against gays under the list of federal hate crimes (2009) •Reversed the Bush-era practice of politicizing Justice Department investigations and prosecutions against political opponents (2009) •Pushing for some of the 9/11 perpetrators to be tried in federal court (2009) * Note: The process has moved at a snail's pace and, in the face of opposition, Obama has remained quiet •Signed an extension of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Bill to provide federal research and support for treating the disease (2009) •Allowed the State Department of offer same-sex benefits for employees (2009) •Proposed that the Pentagon repeal the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy; placed a "freeze" on current efforts to remove alleged homosexuals from the military (2009) •After eight years of neglect, the Justice Department and EEOC are again enforcing employment discrimination laws (2009) •Convened the White House Tribal Nations Conference, inviting representatives from 564 federally-recognized Indian tribes (2009) •Provided increased school projects for Indian lands and increased funds for the Indian Health Service (2009) •Signed an Executive Order mandating that his Cabinet develop plans to work with and consult Indian tribes on issues impacting Indian lands (2009) •Commissioned a study to develop alternatives to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (2010) •Called for federal agencies to look into recognizing gay partnerships in terms of benefits (2010) •Signed an Executive Order for the President's Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (2010) •Increased funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (2010) •Signed Executive Order to promote the federal government as a "model employer" when it comes to hiring the disabled (2010) * Note: This includes new efforts to increase the recruitment, hiring, and training for the disabled •Programs to assist Spanish speakers with the US Census (2010) •Elena Kagen appointed to Supreme Court (2010) •Tasked all federal agencies to develop new strategies to address HIV/AIDS (2010) •After organizing studies on the topic in 2009, tasked the Pentagon to eliminate "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (2010) •Signed Fair Sentencing Act (2010) * Note: The Administration continues to deescalate marijuana interdiction and raids; increased dramatically the amount of cocaine one must possess to be sentenced to jail; eliminated mandatory sentencing for first-time drug abusers and simple possession EDUCATION •Authorized construction funds for high-speed, broadband Internet access in K-12 public schools (2009) •Increased funding for school construction (2009) •Increased funding available for student loans (2009) •Expanded the national youth service program (2009) •Streamlined the federal student loan process to save $87 billion over the next 10 years (2009) •Changed the rule to allow students struggling to make college loan payments to refinance their loans (2009) •Beginning discussions with Congress for education reform (2009) * Note: Much of Obama's education reform has been sidelined by opposition in Congress •Initiated a "Race to the Top" competitive federal grant program for states who develop innovative policies (2009) •Instituted a "judgment review" allowing families with student loans to petition to have their current financial status determine the loan rather than the previous year's finances (2009) •Launched "Educate to Innovate," a public/private partnership making $236 million available for science, mathematics, and technology education programs (2009) •Proposed capping the maximum amount students must pay on student loans (as percentage of their income) (2010) •Proposed reducing student loan obligations for individuals going to work in community and public service jobs (2010) •The federal government will offer direct student loans, cutting out the cost of private banks ("middle man") who increase the costs in order to make a profit (2010) •Increased investment in technologies for schools/education (2010) DISASTER RESPONSE •Ordered a review of hurricane and natural disaster preparedness (2009) •FEMA once again reports directly to the president (2009) * Note: Bush removed FEMA (prior to the Hurricane Katrina disaster) from this status •Demonstrated an immediate and efficient response to the floods in North Dakota and other natural disasters (2009) •Ordered that funds be released and red tape be streamlined for the ongoing Hurricane Katrina recovery effort in the Gulf Coast (2009) •Timely and massive relief effort in response to the January 2010 earthquake and ensuing humanitarian crisis (2010) Components of the response: •The FBI's National Center for Disaster Fraud was tasked to look into possible fraud with organizations soliciting funds for relief •Announced the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund •Established an emergency Haiti Task Force in the State Department •Established a website with information, resources, and a posting of a "person finder" online to help families and friends to locate loved ones •Joint aid and relief planning with the U.K. •Sponsored a resolution in the UN Security Council for additional security and police forces in Haiti •Dispatched the US Navy floating hospital (USNS Comfort) and, within 5 days, 9 naval and relief ships, 5 Coast Guard cutters, 8 Coast Guard aircraft, and 12,000 US military personnel •Initial dispatch of several ships and cargo planes full of humanitarian aid and supplies, 6 search/rescue teams (500 personnel), and 265 Department of Health & Human Services personnel for emergency medical and aid support •Established a mobile US air traffic control center at the destroyed airport in Port-au-Prince •After the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a freeze was placed on new deep water projects (2010) •Executive Order to establish new security measures to minimize accidental release of bio and chemical agents; new strategies for public health and bioterrorism response (2010) •Established a national commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon spill to examine facts and report a plan of action; new efforts to prevent offshore spills (2010) •After a slow start in responding to the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the White House is promoting a long-term plan to reconstruct the damaged Gulf and negotiated with BP the establishment of a multi-billion dollar trust fund for victims of the spill (2010) •Extended national flood insurance program for those in need during current economic crisis (2010) OTHER INITIATIVES •New federal funding for science and research labs (2009) •Signed national service legislation; expanded national youth service program (2009) •Increasing opportunities in AmeriCorps program (2009) •Instituted a new focus on mortgage fraud (2009) •Ordered the DEA to stop raids on medical marijuana usage (2009) •Ordered a review of existing "mandatory minimum" prison sentencing (2009) •Signed an order to limit airport tarmac delays and the time passengers had to sit in the plane/on the tarmac during delays (2009) •Restored the EPA to "Cabinet level" status (2009) * Note: Bush removed the EPA from this status •Beginning discussions with Congress for comprehensive immigration reform (2010) * Note: Much of Obama's immigration reform had been stalled by opposition in Congress •Commissioned expert panels and reports from NASA; announced a new direction for human space flight that involves funding a new heavy lift-launcher and jettisoning the Ares 1 program; boosting NASA's budget by $1 billion in 2011 (2010) •Ordered a ban on text-messaging for all commercial truck and bus drivers (2010) •Signed bill – FAA Air Transportaiton Modernizatin and Safety Improvement Act (2010) P.S. IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING… •The Obamas paid for the renovations of the private living quarters in the White House with their own money rather than using the funds provided to all new first families (2009) •The Obamas reused many Christmas ornaments from previous White House trees rather than buy new ones (2009) •The Obamas used LED energy-saving lights on White House Christmas tree (2009) •Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize; donated the award money for the prize to several charities (2009) •Planted a garden for the White House's vegetables and flowers (2009) •Installed a swing set/playground for the Obama daughters and children of White House employees (2009) •Held over 150 public town halls, press conferences, interviews, etc. in first year in office (2009) * Note: Official numbers are not available on such things, but this seems to be a new record high •Less than 30 days of vacation in first year in office (2009) * Note: Official numbers are not readily available on such things, but this seems to be a new record low

    • krome

      Jerome, Pac shoulda called out your weak ass.. NAS and De La Soul are real niggas.. Pac really respected Nas and you could tell because the disses towards Nas werent even that serious.. he took a few shots at him and that was it

    • Anderson McDougalsworthiness

      DLS is dope but Obama is the worst president this country has seen since Carter. When was the last time we had a senator as commander and chief? He is literally selling us to China as we speak.

    • Anonymous

      you calling Nas or DeLaSoul gay is like an ant calling Obama the worst president of all time. you have no voice and prolly jam to faggot ass Drake & wayne. #novoice

  • Anonymous

    For my niggas down south

  • Steve

    Oh and he also dissed someone called J-Rule. So much for Ja trying to be like pac.

  • T-Streets

    2Pac is the greatest of all times! been a fan ever since he was with Digital Underground...but tryna figure out why he went at Wendy Williams, was she even known by then??

  • Steve

    Where the hell is the OTHER TRACK THAT HAS LEAKED? NY 87 - Tupac and Dogg Pound. Kurupt MURDERS Biggie on the track with a great last verse from Pac in the end. Kurupt was a bet back in the day and if he had released a solo album back in the day produced by Dre, it would have been Death Row's best after The Chronic. Yes, even better than Doggystyle. That's how good he used to be.

  • FlashFixter

    Tell'em why you mad, son! Tell'em why you mad!

  • k 2 the

    What a dickhead for holding this heat for so long. did he keep it to him self and get off on it. Mr. Xclusives about 20 years to late!!! pow

  • Nino Clown

    "2pac felt De La Soul dissed him in 1993's video “Ego Tripping” , in which Pac felt they were dissin his image from 'I Get Around'..." "Being the real nigga Pac was, he got in contact with De La Soul and confronted them about the video and told them he had love for them and asked them why they were dissing him. They told him it wasnt directed at him and he said ight and everything was cool" "Pac later shouted them out on his 1995 album MATW (Me Against The World) on 'Nothin Like The Ol Skool'"

    • R.Pgh

      that's what I don't get. He shouted them out on Old School, but within a year later he sent shots at them. This song was obviously after Old School because he mentioned Death Row and in the MATW days he didn't have the issues with Nas, Busta, etc.

    • RT

      "on 2011, Pac had sexual relationships with your mother on multiple occasions" .. cite your references u dumb ass nigga

    • herp

      well... that clears things up

  • W3Z

    this is some real shit - didn't think i'd hear anything as raw as this in 20011. for everyone bitching bout how he sold out to the thug shit. if you watch the interview he's was doing it for more money to put back in to the community to help his people. & as far as dissing - im sure by now they'd have worked everything out - look at nas & jigga now.

    • masssp19

      Pac was definitely killed by illuminatti...Probably they made him an offer .....pac replied fuck you!!!!! and left... ya'll mutha fukas should already know that hiphop is controlled by a black man and white man that control the gangs and most of the major lables.....pac and biggie weren't really revered lyricists until after their deaths,the only videos they played in mtv we're "Brenda's got a baby" "I get around" and changes in 98" for biggie it was "Juicy" and hypnotize video.....I mean the fuckin media fed off of the fact that pac was paranoid of everyone not to mention pac was gonna become emancipated from his death row label.....Pac was gonna become what he was ment to become an independent artists that sells trillions of fuckin records.....jimmy iVine can't have that shitttttttttttt.In other words pac woulda proved that an underground artists could sell millions......And biggie was killed just for kicks.........this initially inspired other rappers to sell-out....The eminem doesn't get killed because,lets just say eminem isn't preachin a message,eminem is the best rapper of the unstructured hiphop without a message...Pac is considered the best because,he lived every fuckin thing he rapped...Am I sure bout that decision I don't know,but I definitely respect that decision...However there are so many underground artists that are absolutely just dope as hell!!!!!To not mention them is just absurd.....thats why the fuck I just don't have a favorite!!!!!!!!!!!.....What I do know is that pac was a very humble dude and even like to hang out in house parties and shit initially thats what fucked him up in the end,when he got accused of sodomizing a gurl and all this other shitttt biggie even told his ass "watch the company you keep nigga" pac was raisin awareness bout illuminatti so much towards the end of his last albums when he was alive...Illuminatti needed a fued to distract the media from actually solving the murders that we're gonna take place...Let me just tell ya'll when these two legends died who the fuck raked most of the cash off these legends deaths behind closed curtains? or better yet why has their murders been unsolved till this day? jam master jay was murdered probably by the same guy that excuted the pac and biggie murders thing is if he talks,he dies in prison,because to snitch is to snitch on an organization that is powerful that has ulterior motives against these two or hiphop artists that is popluar in the charts......They prob didn't kill lupe cus illuminatti picks their battles.....iight I'm ghost im gone

    • Willy


    • Hmmmm

      I always knew Tupac was a philanthropist -- Always donating his money to charity and helping old ladies cross the street. I never knew he participated in in this thing you kids now days call "hip hop". Thank you Sir Tupac for feeding hungry families and keeping the peace among the people.

  • R.Pgh

    I'm wondering what made him go at De La Soul? Me Against the World came out in 1995. He had a song called Old School and he shouted out De La Soul. Pac died in 96'. What exactly happened within that year that he was from looking at De La as old school cats he looked up to, to putting them in a diss song?

    • IDK

      it could be because at 1996, De La Soul released "Stakes Is High" and that album basically addressed hip-hop at its dying and wack state because there was so much negativity in hip-hop such as violence, sex and drugs. 2Pac could have seen this as an attack at him because he raps about stuff like that in All Eyez on Me. so yea, this could be the reason

  • da1

    Why did pac hate nas so much? This has to be the 5th or 6th song I heard him diss nas on. I guess thats where 50 cent got his mentality from. Just because someone is cool with someone you don't like doesn't mean they are against you.

    • guugle_et

      google it kid. before if ppl didnt know shit its cause they werent involved in the street shit. if u asked u looked at crooked cause wasnt anyone gonna tell u unless u were involved. now u can google things, im sure u will find it kid.

  • Al-B

    Hot shit no doubt, BUT maybe he should've watched his mouth!

  • EminemWakaLupeFan

    While I respect this fellow's flow, there's no need to slag the dead (Christopher Wallace) or STEAL a dead gentleman's (Tupac shakur) hip hop moniker ("Tupac"). Plus, he sounds an awful lot like that guy from the movie Juice. Just sayin'!

  • Nash Benjamin

    And this is supposed to music! Images don't make music...instruments make music! Cancel out everything except his musical performance, and his skills are up to par with the dudes from Fu-Schnickens. (not Chip-Fu!!)

  • Nash Benjamin

    Tupac had a mother who was a revolutionary. Tupac started with this revolutionary delivery, which I give respect to, but after Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z., he completely sold out to the "thug" image. You can hear the change in his voice, lyrics, music, etc. So all the conscious hip-hop heads were down with Tupac until he made this transition. Then all the "wanna-be thugs" jumped on his dick, and have been there ever since! My point is Tupac was dope when he was down with Digital Underground and Raw Fusion, but when he switched to Dr. Dre & Death Row, he fell off real quick! The fact that his records sales have gone diamond, shows that mass society hasn't changed since the Greeks were running things!

    • mlkg721

      I'd have to disagree with you on your statement regarding Pac. Pac kep his revolutionary mind even with his move towards the thug image. I'm surprised that you didn't include Me Aginst the World as one of his revolutionary albums. And even on All Eyez on Me he dropped Jewels. Tupac has the only rapper who could appeal to everyone with his music. He had a life where he could address thug shit and he had his revolutionary side as well, they went hand in hand. I dind't love all of his thug shit, but I also think the media a job in magnifying that precense as opposed the focusing on all the positivity he brought to the table.

    • Marcus_Aurelius84

      Dudes on point with it. And all you internet thugs that were peepin pac after he died need to step off. You the reason all that negativity gets play and you wonder why your life sucks. Get fucked. Kid knows what he's talking about. Idk why you hate on white kids, they moer hip hop heads than some of you suckas on big Lil whatevas dick singing auto tune and what not. don't believe me? Go to Rock the Bells. Real heads support their artists,

    • chris

      @zxy.d23 statements like that are what kept hip hop from garnering the respect and attention it's deserved for the last 20 years. ignorant ass fuck. nothing to do with the statement made anyways.

    • ZXY.d23

      lmao shut your whiteboy ass up. what do you white people know of the hardships of growing up as a black kid in new york???

    • HRH

      fuckin' jewish queer

    • Uhhhhhh...

      i think i wouldve liked you more if you would've posted as anonymous...but now i clearly see ur general opinion is worth very little on this subject matter. good day, sir.

    • jr_rider23

      Yup, you're gay

    • daC

      Pac was always a thug dont get it twisted facebook hoe

  • TheThinker

    The only reason would I give this a 1 star is because it's fight/hate music. There's no doubt about whether Pac was talented or not. It doesn't matter if he's top 5 or 10 or whatever, he's not here to enjoy the fruits of his labor. I can feel the passion and the pain but its lyrics like this that drive/drove people to do ignorant things. There's one part where he says look where I am now and look where you are. Those are the truest words he ever spoke. I don't want to take away from his ability and I can't, the proof is in the fact that we're still listening to music he made over 10 years ago. It's just sad that he couldn't past the anger. It would have been nice to see him make it to 26.

    • Jerome

      judging from your comment your probably a whiteboy..

    • Woodruf234

      Your papa must have lived 50 years without hitting his first 100k. how come you hating on a nicca with attitude rap ? You need get some ink on your balls if that will make you hard sucker

    • AN D

      your effn retarded. 26? ya....says it right there. he would be 40 right now. 14 years short dumb shit. get the F outta here middle schooler. obviously know nothing about the 90's

  • Cool

    For all ya'll that saying "Pac was a retard with all this beef shit". There's still a shit load of unreleased "One Nation" tracks, and there is also one track he did with DJ PREMIER. Its funny to see Tupac headlines on a hip hop website in 2011, this nigga left a big mark on hip hop.

    • not cool

      uhh which one is it bruh, r u defending the beef songs or the one nation songs, cause the one nation songs was suppose to be everyone comin together east and west coast squashing all the beefs, so id rather hear those, this isnt one of them this is prolly a studio freestyle that didnt make any of his albums

    • cool

      You'll be the faggot listening to the new leak of DJ Premier and 2Pac song on HipHopDx 15 year old lil wayne lovin prick

    • RX.g23

      lmao dj premier never done a track with him while he was alive you dumb ass fudge-packing faggit

  • George Zee

    and thats why PAC is 1 of the illest.. he could take a beat like this and kill it while most couldnt compare

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    Joe Budden is the 2Pac of this generation. Let legends rest and support current talent.