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Mary J Blige brings in the Harajuku Barbie to lend a verse to the first single off her upcoming 'My Life II: The Journey Continues.'


  • Franchize

    idgaf out with the old in with the new its nicki's timee !

  • mizalaneous@aol.com

    Yo I can't believe mjb who has been riding with kim would like this corny ass bitch swagger jacker to go in on kim on her track. Well you know what this is not a classic its a flop!

  • Ancel Shwell Robinson

    tHIS DOES NOT SOUND GOOD TO ME. AT ALL. Cant be album cut.. cant be.

  • saint

    fuck, nicki minaj on a fucking wu-tang beat??? wackest. shit. ever. this is just disrespectful.

  • KemaLesle

    Wish I could have given it half a star. The shit is wack. MJB is playing herself hard & this coming from somenone that has her whole album collection w/ some autographed. SMH big disappointment. She just made My Life II a f**ing joke throwing this gimmick on it. Sorry Mary u might win some but you just lost one. Won't be buying this trash!

  • shivara tucker

    Love it can't wait for the album.

  • Nathaniel James Mccoy Jr.

    mjb muthafuckas!!!! The queen of hiphop/soul

  • DRE


  • remrico 718

    this bytch still taking shots at kim ... talking bout washed splish splash ...... kim was soo rite ,,,, nikki whole career is gonna fixed on kim ... basically meaning nikki u work for kim smfh ....... team queenbee allday

  • mike

    WHAT THE HELL IS NICKI EVEN TALKING ABOUT??? Her first first seemed ok, but the 2nd one seemed like she tried to take shots at kim while covering it up like it was about a guy. I mean she's from QUEENS right?? so why mention BROOKLYN?? and saying washed when we know how she feels about KIM.

  • J Peezy

    Just kuz Mary do a song wit Nicki dont mean she pickin sides. I fux wit the Queen Bee all day and I fux wit Nicki. This aint Bloods & Crips I aint gotta pick a side. @iamjpeezy

  • Anonymous

    Wow hating in all its glory. Big surprise. 5 stars jackasses. Fuck Lil Kim. Who the fuck cares if Mary wants to do a song with Nicki?! She's the hottest rapper out right now. Thats the game fucksticks. Learn to like it.

  • bob

    Big let down, I don't get what people like about Nicki she has bad lyrics and a bad delivery. And MJB just betrayed lil kim by letting her get dissed on this song. Can't knock the hustle >>>>> The one feat drake I can love you feat lil kim >>>>> Feel inside feat nicki

  • john mickins

    is this the finished product?! the mix is horrible

  • Milwaukee KING



    All I Can Say Is MARY MARY MARY... WHY WHY WHY Of All The FEMALE FEATURES You Could Have Put On This, You Chose This GARBAGE ASS BITCH!!!

  • SCarolina

    i am a HUGE MJB fan!!!! HUGE!!! But this is a prime example of "music politics".... with kim and mary being good friends, i dont understand how/why mary would allow this.....unless lil kim co-signed it!! anyway, love the sample.... the song would have been better without that harajuku barbie bitch!!!

  • Killalex

    Garbage Minaj on a track that samples 'Triumph', fucking disgrace

  • Hagbutt.

    Just doesn't work, Minaj is a joke.

  • lena80

    there is so many things wrong with this song on every level and btw i am a mary j blidge fan. 1. Mary STOP sampling music... honestly mary is starting to piss me off with this ish.. she samples wayy to many people music..yes i know that sounds like an underhanded statement since ima fan but its the truth. 2. this song does not flow well at all.. to be quite real it sucks. with a colab or not. it sucks. 3. Mary did u see what happen to keisha cole and her lable after she released her debut with nicki minaj on it and how keisha fans reacted? 3. i considered my girl MJB to be grown n sexy.. however i think this song is def. going to rehash beef between nicki and lil kim.. cause afterall once again nicki throughs shots at kim in this song.. 4. KIM PLEASE DONT SAY SHIT.. CAUSE THE MEDIA WANTS YOUR REACTION. yeh i know she dont read this shit.. but fuck it. MJB your a grown woman with a grown fanbase.. u dont have to cater to teenyboppers just seems like your trying to fit in... you have a large fan base already u dont need that. ur music is seeming to go downhill this song simply isnt rockin

  • T-Boye Doe

    I wonder what Lil Kim will have to say about this collabo........ After she barked on Keyshia Cole about doing a song with Nicki & did a subliminal diss towards Kim about having Bk negros kidnapping. Oh, where's my popcorn, this feud is going to be good. I know Mary likes sampling great hip-hop classics, but she could've went original and didn't have to sample Wu Tang's "Triumph" beat. RZA's getting his cut anyway on the publishing

    • rick

      kim hasnt said ish about nicki since the whole black friday business... its just remarkable how nicki is still dissin kim though.. the broad nicki been doing that since 2007. its crazy... and all the talk about havin negros in BK kidnapp and offin people tops towards kim isnt cool. at this point nick has already been disrespectful but now its pass that stage. she really needs to calm that shit down.and Mary is a fool for letting her say that shit.. i dont think i want popcorn for this shit cause somebody anybody might get carried away.

  • dreamman

    you need klil kim mary j....yall chemistry is better than this..."i can love you" was a classic!! google videos it!

  • Anonymous


  • J Peezy

    Fire!!!! Good to see you at it Mary. @iamjpeezy

    • ^^^HaHAha^^^

      You sound like a butt-hurt lil girl. This shit is fire!!

    • Born2Win

      Yo why do this shit sound like it got Wu-Tang's "Triumph" beat sampled all in it? Hip Hop producers are getting real disrespectful with production schematics these days. Mothafuckas will really sample a classic record made within the same decade and not think twice about shopping it to whoever's hot at the moment. Not only that but why in the world would Mary J. Blige and Nicki Minaj have this as a sample on their first collab record? It doesn't fit well at all IMO. But you dick riders will except and love everything and anything ya favorite artists puts out though. Bc ya got no sense of history as to where shit originated or who/what was the original artist or version of the song. Its sickening. This shit gets a 1 out of 5 for that.