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Let's all pray to the label gods that this one doesn't get pulled down.


  • Anonymous

    asdf asdf asdf as df asd f sdf as df asd fsad f asd f w34 we e e e e e e e e e e werwer sdaf w12313 1315w441f23851f 56a4w34r 6w3 r wea ra w4e 23 4 ag gw3 4r 23 2 SEX! 541561 6846 8 69 69 6564 646 8 6481 65561688

  • jimilynnckondon

    (; love it.

  • gunit dickryda

    got dat 50 cent feel on the hook ,when he dropped get rich or die trying

  • Jeff

    Video coming Monday on 106 & Park. Ladies are gonna be all wet once they see the video. Cole World.

  • Hip Hop Head

    Man this track is too smooth. So relaxin. Light up a blunt to this, and see what u think.

  • jeff joe


  • OUCH

    Cole is on a producing hot streak. Boy is on fire. XV - Watch Me Go (produced by J. Cole) Kendrick Lamar - Hiii Power (produced by J. Cole) J. Cole - Work Out (produced by J. Cole and Elite) Wale feat. J. Cole - Bad Girls Club (produced by J. Cole) He could be the next Kanye. Imagine how dope the Sideline Story beats are gonna be. daaamn. 9/27 Cole World

    • gunit dickryda

      big krit is a better producer and makes more soul full beats they both dope in rapping but producing krit is far beyond amazing

  • Anonymous

    Paula Abdul is my idol.

  • Worlanyo Danny De Don

    work out or grow fat

  • Hahn

    Listen to last 15 seconds of The New Workout Plan by Kanye from College Dropout, that's where he got the beat and chorus..

  • mike

    same chords as that mya jayz shit best of me

  • ka-as

    sounds like warren g produced this

  • wilson

    frsh like he always is

  • WOW

    YOOOOO I JUST HEARD THE NEXT 50 TYSON!!!!! BUT WORST!!!!!! FUNNIEST SHIT EVER!!!!!!!!!...hahahahahhahaha revernbnation .com /shardyardy

  • da nigga

    this shit hawt nigga.....fuck the drake groupies

  • Wocka Flocka

    Wocka Flocka shits on this nigga!!! Fuck J. Cole. This isn't hip hop. Wocka is spitting that real shit, J. Cole can't go hard on the paint

  • Anonymous

    nigga said She bad and you know it, some niggas save Hoes I’m not that heroic Could you be my escort Cause just like them two door Fords Damn, they don’t make ‘em like you no more

  • Anonymous

    word J COLES page.story life true

  • Anonymous

    when u niggas can drop sum shit like this hoffa at me...drake and cole are in collaboration together if u stupid fucks knew anything

  • Anonymous

    u all hatin ass niggas

  • bullshit

    This shit trash drake make waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better songs this this keep it real cole nice but drake just a better artist

  • wow

    wow this is utter trash its sad theres so many sheep following this guy, its either trash like this or the same old simba song with different names, even worse than gucci, at least gucci is retarded this guy is just pathetic

    • Jeremiah Kelly

      thats dumb. drake is the singer if anyone. listen to drakes mixtape then compare it to anyone of j. coles

    • FROSTY

      Have you heard The Come Up and The Warm Up? Cole is just having some fun on this track trying to get some radio play. Is it his best work? Absolutely not. To call Cole pathetic, you obviously must be a Drake groupie.

  • JAY

    hahaha he starts singin paula abdul at the end that's some funny shit.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this isnt on the album, it doesnt have a classic song feel at all. Its great for a mixtape but for a album id skip this one. Big sean learned the differences between a mixtape and a album, the music on his album sounded very well produced and official, this sounds like a good mixtape song. I hope cole isnt producing most of his album, he needs to get some big boys on that shit, the drumma boys or no id's, hes a decent producer but his beats are pretty sleepy, and dull.


    You fucking Drake fans are about some gay ass mother fuckers, Fuck Drake! this is a J Cole song, keep your gay ass comments on Drakes page faggots.

  • Gay & Proud

    Yeah, he is cute, I would suck his dick for sooo long & let him bust bareback into my ass & let it drip down my crack all over my balls, J Cole is the man.

  • Drakes Lover

    This would have been so hot right now with Drake on it, he's cool, but Cole is kinda cute too.

  • wtf is wrong wit ya

    this song is better than anything on the radio rite now

  • Richmond TagorJnr Addi

    its nice man... whats the problem wid y'all?

  • Juliun Kinsey

    COLE WORLD! 9/27/11!!! This song is on point!

  • Kritique

    Weak track at first, but he steps it up the last half of the song.

  • mike

    song gets better every time i listen to it

  • ns

    Hot Cant Wait Cole World:Sideline Story

  • Anonymous

    he needs some 9th wonder production. nc

  • Nucca

    this is fucking dope

  • Anonymous

    im sorry peoples but is it me or friday night lights was his last decent mixtape i mean... where as he has not put a consistent mixtape wit different songs i dunno man i mean he still one of my favorite up come n mc s btw him currensy(covert coup) n cyhi the prynce(prynce of jacks , royal flush 1 n 2)j.cole was first but cyhi the prynce is n the lead now

  • Anonymous

    Still not sold on J Cole yet

  • bmw ryda

    ,cole krit yelawolf dropping on da same day damn gonna some hot shit for sure

  • Meat

    Future Of Motha Fucking Hip Hop, I cant wait for him and Jay to jump on a track together

  • JohnnyBottleRockets

    At 1st listen I didn't like this too much, but now it's on my ipod. Cole having fun on this track kind like college boy from the come up.

  • ####ROLOX

    he should hv featured snoop dogg on dis joint

  • ......

    Damn I'm Really liking what J. Cole been bringing, Hes coming out with some good shit!


    this nigga aint got nothin to do but to rap SMFH

  • snuggie

    Cole Summer. album better come with a snuggie!

  • R COLE

    Hes notin but the best ..!!!! all u haters keep hatinggg!

  • O'g Gzz

    gud song...but lil mr.kanye west in him....ahh

  • ColeyCole

    cole summer ya'll

  • coldstacksbeats

    Check out http://www.soundclick.com/coldstacksbeats/ for rare sampled production. never thought i would promote like this buy why not give it a try.. $20 leases for an original sound. one

  • Rich T. Sammons

    this track is ill

  • Meow

    cole is THAT nigga right meow.

  • Doyle McFuck

    Can't fucking wait till September 27! COLE WORLD NO QUILT!!!!!!!!!!! COLE WORLD NO QUILT!!!!!!!!!!! COLE WORLD NO QUILT!!!!!!!!!!! COLE WORLD NO QUILT!!!!!!!!!!! COLE WORLD NO QUILT!!!!!!!!!!! COLE WORLD NO QUILT!!!!!!!!!!! COLE WORLD NO QUILT!!!!!!!!!!! COLE WORLD NO QUILT!!!!!!!!!!! COLE WORLD NO QUILT!!!!!!!!!!! COLE WORLD NO QUILT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    COLE is easily one of the hottest rappers today.

  • Sergiz

    5 days ago it took this song to sell me on Cole javascript:void(null)

  • MEAN

    damn girl you meeeeeeeean. song is meeeeeeean.

  • King of Kingz

    I don't mind if you got rnb guys on a rappers track. Even an rnb cutie would do ( Val young, 2pac - To live n die in L.A)...but IF your gonna do that, DO IT RIGHT DAMNIT!!! Don't sacrifice the production, don't sacrifice the lyrics, don't sacrifice the project. It still supposed to be hiphop, thats what the 90's did properly! No matter the collaboration, it stayed hiphop, n the hardest dudes wud be bumpin' that shit.... Now....???You got pop artists being called rnb, pop artists being called rappers!!!Thats y dudes like j.cole r headed in the right direction, hopefully that will stay, regardless if trey songz, chris brown, wheover gonna be on it....keep it real, keep it hip hop, keep it bumpin n let's keep doin it forever n ever!

  • Eddi Cash


  • relaxation

    It's a chill song you can dance to. I like it.

  • da1

    Wow this song is so so. This could be a hit but his voice is boring and lifeless.

  • hotdog

    It's a Cole World after all

  • King of Kingz

    This track is sick!!! A dude below sad it reminded him of 90's, hella hella tru! Also tru that it won't likely get any radio play coz there is no CORNY idiot singing the chorus. Although I think Jay has taken his time putting Cole out there, i hope its for tha greater good of REAL hiphop....fucking circus music thats coming out now.....!!!

    • Blizzy Ballard

      I thought the same thing until i heard it on the radio earlier tonight...I thought it wa satelite until i lookd at the display. needless to say i fux wit this...some good summer shit!

    • Anonymous

      Yessir homey, Cole reminds us of 90's cuz he raps like rappers used to rap, with skills. Most of his production is tight too. A majority of cats in the game now are RnB, Rap N Bullshit, skills take a back seat and all the production sounds the same, bunch of copy cat mother fuckers. Cole has been breathing life back into Hip Hop.

    • TrueTHAT

      Hit the nail on the motherfuckin head my man! But Cole is supposed to have Trey Songz on a hook on his next single. I hope that joint isn't corny!!

  • Danja

    This is dope. but the MAIN single/song that's going to make Cole BLOW THE FUCK UP is going to be the song that features Mr. Steal Your Girl Trey Songz produced by Danja. BANGER! Truusstt meee.

  • Cole World: The Sideline Story

    Cole World: The Sideline Story is going to be fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  • FRoSTYtheSNoWMaN

    Cole got the best flow in rap right now. Even in some of his songs that I don't particularly like, his flow is unstoppable.

    • ..

      cant say that man... his flow is good, but there aare tons of different flows. all persnal preference bra

  • ItsTheRoc

    it takes awhile for some songs to catch on. this takes a few listens to get used to. people will catch on to it.

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    this song is getting no buzz on this site

    • Anonymous

      cause it falls short of j coles expectations. I'd rather be bumpin simba. how many years ago was that?

  • Rondo

    Refrain and chorus>>>>>>>>>>> Verses could be hotter. Sick track regardless. Beat and sample are bangin!!

  • Anonymous

    yall high??? this song is good

  • Richmond

    wait for it, wait for it, can't wait for lunch break, wait for it.............Dope.

  • Anonymous

    not a song for hipster douche bag backpackers. this is for the ladies, club and radio so don't get bent out of shape. his album will be the best of the past year with my beautiful dark twisted fantasy and watch the throne and nas' next album.

  • TheRealTruth

    Yeah it's not going to be a hit because it doesn't have a corny female singer on the chorus. The song is hot. it's reminiscent of a 90s hit rap song.

    • Meh

      Yeah, 90's. That was what? Over a decade ago. I bet any "corny female singer" could have helped him to put together a better first single...

  • Thetruth

    Overrated Song...not hating Cole is nice but this song is not a hit

  • Radio

    Call into the radio stations and request this song!! Cole World!

  • lol

    Why everybody acting like he didnt do songs like this before? What about "Blow up?" or "Higher" two of your favorite Cole songs im sure. relax.

  • Anonymous

    dont like it...not enough passion

  • Tharula

    The next gr8 artist?

  • Anonymous

    totally fucked up the last comment COLE summer, COLE fall, COLE winter, COLE spring, COLE WORLD!

  • Anonymous

    cole summer, fall summer, winter summer, spring summer, cole world

  • ColeWorld

    This is legit. COLE WORLD! This sample is dope as fuck

  • Migs

    J. COle is on fire! I am impatiently waiting for his album!

  • B James B James

    Follow me on twitter! @BJAMES3ONE3 ,.. I was on Scarface mixtape Dopeman Music! #FREESCARFACE also! www.datpiff.com/B-James-Almost-There-mixtape.143568.html appreciate all the niggas that bang my shit! SALUTE !

  • Doyle McFuck

    damn cole. boy is blowin the fuck up!!!

  • Burgundie

    J.Cole never dissapoints.

  • NC

    Cole world. NC represent.

  • nigga

    yo i dont give a fuc what you think about cole...yall niggas stopped listenin to music, you just fight over some bullshit..this song is strait fire, so many ill lines nigga fuc all you dumb niggas talkin about stupid shit bump this in yo car, roll an L, fuck a bitch and shut the fuck up

  • O12


  • Miggy Martinez

    This goes hard.

  • Anonymous

    Cole is one of the best young mc's but i don't want a whole album of songs like this! He gotta go harder, darker beats, not all girl songs dammit

  • Orpheus

    cole got swag. summer anthem right hurr

  • Nasty

    This should have at least 20,000 views. Everybody bumpin that Nasty by Nas. good week for hip hop. dopeness everywhere. Cole world no turtleneck.

  • JoeM

    For those who still don't believe.. try bumping this with a subwoofer. Shit is Dope.

  • Anon

    This sample is perfectly done. The ONLY minor complaint is he coulda spit more bars. The love is over priced line is dope. I wanted to hear more bars!!! Chorus is addicting.

  • Anonymous

    if you say this is his most pop song, then you dont listen to cole. this is 1 of the 5 songs hes released in the last month, and there all fucken dope, you internet nerds dont understand cole wants to get money off the radio also.

  • Anonymous

    Dope track catchy beat and the rhyming good always Cole World

  • Anonymous

    This got a nice vibe to it. This a new sound from Cole. Haven't heard one song from him that dissapoints.

  • Darryl Greer

    J Cole, BIG Sean Taking over this Rap Sh*t

  • Smoothoperator

    HOT SHIT! i'ma call in and request this for radio stations to play. smooth melody.

  • PoP E.BLaK

    J.COLE this is a CLEVER sAMPLE AND NICE FEEL GOOD HIP POP TRACK! You versatile and that is ILL SKILL*

  • xxblockburnerxx

    cole is my nigga. but this shit lame. worst track i ever heard from him. too bad you have to "crossover" to be successful.

    • billy

      Truth, this shit sucks, he could def do a better radio friendly track than this outdated shit, matter of fact, this shits so bad it wont even get radio play, the paula abdule biting is hot tho

    • depressed

      Sad to see how people think the need to become popular or blow up justifies mediocre music. This is trash, and while I get that it's a radio track or whatever, that doesn't take away from lack of quality (lyrically). The beat is flames though.

    • Trutheola

      your an idiot,. let dude get some shine , what they gonna play on the radio dummy, "disgusting" , "see it to beleive it" "relaxation" your stupid as shit,.the track is sick BTW

  • Kalakuta

    J. Cole is unimpressive.

  • AM33

    Could you be my escort Cause just like them two door Fords Damn, they don't make 'em like you no more I like this track, you can lay back and relax on this track, fantastic lyrical skills by J.Cole.

  • gasoline

    i cant hide my disappointment..its a weak attempt to get on radio..i understand the pressure to sell and get a radio hit, but damn j.cole...this is from a fan, dont try too hard, do u...

  • 106

    Beat is in my head now can't stop it. I think coley Cole got a hit.

  • nyystateofmind

    1/5 i have higher expectations from cole. even on a throw away track

  • Allan

    blah blah blah thats all i hear from the haters...its gonna be a Cole Summer!

  • Yaowa

    this sample is...fuckin ridiculous *RZA VOICE* Cole got somthin here......

  • Drexel M Warren

    like the freakin of the kanye work out 2

  • Drexel M Warren

    straight knock!!!! turn ya bass alllllll the way up and knock this......then turn it down and listen to my nigga spit that ish

  • Danjahandz

    Finally got around to listen to this track. People on my TL were bashing it. This is poppin though. Cole could have a hit. I think the song with Trey Songz will make Cole really really blow up though...trust me. I haven't heard it but I have an inside guy. It's a banger and then some.

  • Chris

    The dude is good. Haven't heard one song I don't like yet.

  • dardan

    you niggas is stupid j cole is the best rapper in the world exept he needs to come out wit his album alreadyy

  • V

    dope! we will see how it goes

  • Anonymous

    j. cole has had these type of tracks before. not every fucken song has to amazingly lyrical, hes released return of simba and lost ones and those were fucken ill. this is catchy and has the possibility of catching on with the radio.


    This shit remind me of that Higher track off Friday Night Lights...zone out music. I like the variety Cole has...you can't have a super lyrical track every time where you just spittin, I like how he mixes it up. And for the record, the lyrics on this shit are still dope, you gotta listen....The Future

  • XOrockstarmuzik

    Let me know what you think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucZDC0qFYXY Fire in my shades

  • listen

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Rw0UDjSWWM&feature=related tell me what you think

  • Mac

    All he needs is for someone else to sing the hook and its summer fire!

  • Darren C.

    @AllDueRespect...Could not have been said better, my man. Can't wait for the album

  • C-Bo

    Not bad at all, I like that his production is evolving. At least in the sense that it doesn't all sound the same. Lyrically, it's not his best work, but that's fine.

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koN-yF4ySQs&feature=related Skywalker - Barton Block

  • alex

    Props to cole for doing something new and refreshing, not jumping on the alex da kid/skylar grey bandwagon and not having a big name on his first sngle. I just hate the noises in the background, it's hard to listen on your beats with them noises playing in the back. but overall, great firt single cole, gonna be a warm world for you now

  • Anonymous

    lol j.coles fans are probably the biggest posers in rap. You talked all this stuff about j.cole changing the game... then he comes out with a typical radio record and you say "he needs to conform to appeal to the masses"> what happen to game changer? S---M----MF---H.. I dont care that he made a radio song.... I'm shaking my head and you stans and your contradictions. If I song is good Ill support it... but this aint all that. sorry.

    • Brother Teresa

      ON THE REAL: J. Cole might not be "changing" the game, but he sure as hell is progressing it. He's got a collegiate flare mixed with hood sentimentality (which is why he's been getting LOVE by both urban & suburban kids). An obvious student of the game with Great storytelling (Slick Rick), witty vernacular (Jay-Z), and the ability to spit his heart onto a track (2Pac). Am I a dick rider? Maybe by your juvenile definition, sure. BUT the truth of the matter is: IF you're as good as Cole, you deserve to get your dick rode. So keep cussing, keep name calling, STAY ANONYMOUS. The rest of us adults will be sharing perspectives that actually matter. Peace child.

    • Anonymous

      Scared of what? Having a fair opinion? my name is anonymous because its the default name. I'm not being racist... I'm not making threats. I dont need anonymity to disagree with a dickrider. shut the fuck up

    • stairwaytoBK

      Return of Simba was commercial? Disgusting was commercial? You sound like an idiot. Plus, your name is Anonymous, scared bitch

    • Anonymous

      This is on the album. Just Listen: http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/en/play/s/c997863-324614/

    • AllDueRespect

      Listen J.Cole is a game changer. He's changing the game back to lyrics but at the same time you have to understand he's on a major label. He's has to generate revenue and get air play. Once he has peoples ears via radio people will start to pick his album where the lyrics are. A lot times we say the label didn't push the artists songs but if you can't get on radio where people hear music there is nothing to push. This song is like a cover to a book don't judge it too quickly.

    • will

      this guy does have a bit of a point ^ even if he was too scared to share his real name

  • Shane

    Autotune. Singing. Then the rhymes start - and they are pretty shit. No doubt this type of hip pop appeals to plenty, but not to me. Count me out of the J. Cole hype.

    • Drew420

      Try listening to Come up, Warm up, and Friday Night Lights (along with his recent releases) and maybe you'll understand the "J. Cole hype". This is just a single so you might wanna do your homework before you start hatin' on the best upcoming rapper.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, talkbox is not autotune in anyway. And the beat is cool. BUT I have to agree it's not really that great. a lot of singing, its a main-stream record.

    • Evan Nielson

      School up. It is a travesty to call the talkbox autotune. Fail.

  • Spartan23R

    Sounds ill, a lil bit empty like there's something missing but the beat is crazy though. #COLEWORLD!

    • nasfiasco

      That's the same thing I thought when I first heard it. Still a good beat/song though, maybe more will be added in on the album.

  • pOOTIE


  • jubs

    I like it but what the hell is that screamin in the background. Annoying

  • Keezie

    He flipped this Kanye track perfectly. I didn't know how he was gonna do it but this is serious. He is easily one of my top 5 now. He makes the music that any1 can relate to. Don't have to bang, sell anything illegal, go ridiculously hard for the new generation or step outside of his character for attention in the media. He's a true musician. I'm giving this man a 5.

  • ali

    okay , hes got a load of muthfckers on his arse right now telling him to get that album out . now one thing for sure this aint his lyrical shit buh gay-z needs to make money of this dude and in reality if he puts out lyricall shit poeple dont buy no more people wana buy these club tunes etc , j cole had done good here because its a radio tune but still he kept it real , dont expect to see alot of lyricall shit in the album either

  • rapstar

    to be a rap star, to blow up like Cole wants to---you gotta make a couple radio joints. This ain't corny. This ish is fresh. I dunno why a lot of people are hating. He can bring it lyrically like Return of Simba and Killers but he isn't allowed to make a fun radio hit????? Niggas be trippin.

  • Coleworld

    this sample is crack!! Cole world!

  • Will

    J Cole has and has always had the potential to be the best rapper of his generation. But he seems to have stalled a bit. I'm not hating just making an observation.

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/u/0/9vi4NFbxXSg ENTER MY LATIN QUARTERS..GET YOUR HEAD BLOWN OFF INTO A MUSICAL MASSACRE, NO BEATNUTS ON THE BEAT GOING NUTS http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/u/1/EEvorFA5_Ow GET LACED

  • Joell

    Nice Track i like it keep em coming

  • cameron

    if you think about it this would be Coles 4th single. Lights please, Whot dat, In the morning and now Work out. I think he tried the previous three "singles" to get a radio play or maybe not radio play but to build that bigger fan base who aren't into the lyrical and emotional songs cole known for. J cole knows this and from a marketing view this work out song will get him more new fans that will dive into his music or let alone buy the debut album and realize cole is more than just a catchy radio pop star. COLE WORLD

    • Aunt Jemima

      LOL sorry that not everywhere else plays relevant rap and hip hop on the radio. I would think that if anywhere did it would be NYC though. So don't act so surprised son

    • Joell

      IDK where you been but they all have gotten radio play idk where you at but in nyc he get radio plays

  • Anonymous

    this is so addictive

  • Anonymous

    i knew people would hate no matter what. your retarted if thought a song like "killers" or "return of simba" was going to be the first single. this song is fun, catchy and has a nice vibe to it that isnt annoying, and the song isnt even as bad and stupid as these new boyz, pitbull shit you hear on the radio - like this isnt some repetitive over-synthed crap with a gay pop singer featured - lost ones JUST leaked this week so dont get close to calling him a sellout, also this isnt a wicked brand new cole either he already had you got it, in the morning, higher -- now just becuz this is his SINGLE dusnt mean to hate

  • Joe Ramirez

    "Imagine what my shit gon' sound like if I told you that The Warm Up was just a sound bite." my ass!

  • Christian

    Before Cole released this single, all you fans were against the mainstream and now that he went down the route, it's being defended? The fact is that this the same way Wayne went mainstream because his fans would support whatever he went with. If this album was truely "game-changing" he wouldn't be dumbing down his lyrics like this. I mean even Drake brings out more lyrical singles and look what they are, HITS. The song is catchy, I will not deny that, and it will likely get play in my car and the club, but c'mon now if we continually support singles like this all it does is tell labels that this is what the core J. Cole fans want since we are pushing it too. I hope the album is much more lyrical then this, and I will support this album once it comes out. I'm a J. Cole fan but I'm just telling it like it is.

    • Drew420

      Couldn't agree more with that analysis, and second Maciel's comment. I can take one radio friendly single, but it worries me about the integrity of the album. I can't find one Cole track to date that I can say I dislike so I mean I'm sure he'll deliver to the true fans in the end.

    • Christian Maciel

      @Ricardo Yes I understand that. Only thing is that didn't know him before are now going to know him for this song, for this dumbed down style. @Slik A single is supposed to be a window into your album. A representation to the content, the approach of your album. Of course it's supposed to attract attention, but is this how you want the album to sound like? I know it won't sound like this single, but I'm just giving you what a single is supposed to be.

    • slik

      its a fuckin SINGLE, its supposed to ATTRACT people to the album, learn yo shit nigga

    • Ricardo Gonzalez

      honestly i think coles just trying to broaden his fan base

  • lol

    I bet if he just released this as a track n not a single everyone would be asking why is this not his single. lol i just seen the same guy comment three time in a row just to say how wack this song is....now that is the definition of a hater.

  • lyrykal

    U know the song sucks when a fan says “the song is dope … To me” cole is about to experience what drake went through when “over” dropped. Im on one, marvin gaye n chardonnay, dreams money can buy, racks on racks, nasty, how to love, anne, marvins room >>> work out. Premeditated murder, too deep before the intro, 2face, who that, in the morning > work out… I know cole fans gon hate what im about to say but if he want that smash hit, he def need to call drake n 40, boi1da n t-minus for that monster single n y’all know it. If he think he can do it on his own he is looking at 100k – 150k first week. Wiz did 250k and he had black n yellow. What does cole have, workout? I want him to succeed and i ain’t a huge fan plus he is a good rapper not all that talented. Lets be honest, when it comes to lyrics he ain’t the best now. Slaughterhouse will shit on cole with ease and fart in his mouth on a track, he ain’t even near dedication 2 weezy and his stans make it seem he is the greatest ever

  • Anonymous

    this shit is wack as fuck.. fuck cole, nigga suck

  • Anonymous

    a fun song for the ladies and playas. he's swaggin it out on this track and the sample is bananas! U know he finna blow up with all this hate. hate fuels success. lyrically he'll shit on your favorite modern rapper and he can flip a sample to make it dope. Cole World!

  • Slop

    i'd have to call this song flat out wack.

  • Slop

    holy prehistoric dinosaur shit... that was pretty fuckin' wack. SMH

  • Realist

    The way he flipped the sample is ridiculous. And lets be honest, he has already leaked plenty of tracks for the hip-hop heads/internet nerds to be satisfied with. Now its the radio songs, its what Jay-Z signed him for. I mean truthfully hip-hop heads/internet nerds don't buy albums, middle class white girls do.

  • slime

    Dude got hit on hands, everything don't have to be lyrical especially the single.

  • Red P

    Track fine, J. Cole blowin' up, didn't like him at first, but now, i love what he does

  • Yuley

    4.25/5 is right on the money. Song is an ill banger

  • briggz

    cole world make way for the chosen one, sick sample, dope track

  • Workoutformeeee

    I can picture people dancing to this at clubs and parties. u want that really deep lyrical shit? wait for the rest of the album and buy it. smart marketing.

  • slik

    most people here dont know shit about how business or the industry works..small minded people who dont look at the big picture..COLE gives us 100 great mothafuckin tracks, & people start calling him a sellout cause he wants to blow up and be rich by getting on the radio?? bitches please, get a life and stop hatin..this song aint no sellout

  • Anonymous

    i like this song it goes off

  • Anonymous

    doesnt deserve a four, j cole already sellin out.

    • FuckYouSay?

      What the fuck did you just say? Sellout? How? He wants to blow up. To blow up you have to cater to everyone. This song is for the radio and it's not corny like most of the shit that gets played in the top 40. If he had Britney Spears and Katy Perry signing that hook then yeah it'd be selling out. But this is a solo joint and it's dope so fuck off you anti-mainstream douche bag

  • Kenny Cartman

    dope shit, more radio-friendly, but could be a good single.

  • alexillmatic82

    And another thing (off topic slightly) Does anyone else think 'Lights Please' is his best song? If you listen, the song is about talking to a girl about global warming or whatever, but also maybe it is a metaphor for the girl not listening to lyrics? 'I told her all about how we been livin' a lie And that they'd love to see us all go to prison or die Like baby look at how they show us on the TV screen But all she ever want me to do is unzip her jeans' What ya'll think??

    • Lol

      Lol Global Warming? It's about how people never listen to anything someone is telling them and will always go for what they want.In the songs case,it's sex. He's trying to tell her in the entire song that they depict african americans in a poor light and we should rise and overcome that, but all she can think about is sex. Once he gives in, he is basically saying that everyone is susceptible to what they want, not what they need. Getting lost in the moment instead of looking at the big picture.

  • This is the single.....

    The Beats dope but lyrically lost ones has a better performance from Cole...but it's still hot

  • alexillmatic82

    Sounds a lot like 'Best friend' by 50. Better than 99% of the singles rap artists put out these days... Massive fan of J. Cole looking forward to his album. Oh and dont act like you 'hip-hop heads' aint never danced to 'Mo Money, Mo Problems' or 'Hey Ya'. They are as poppy as this.

  • Ruben

    He obviously simplified the verses...for the radio. still had a few nice lines though. Beat is ill, chorus is dope. We got a hit record on our hands. Danjahandz track will be the lyrically dope and catchy hook from Trey Songz that will get Cole even more radio play.

  • Eric Smith

    There's really nothing to be disappointed about with this song. Lyrically extensive or not, It's STILL (Real) Hip-Hop and not some Hip-Pop/Pop-Hop/Pop-Rap MTV/Top 40 Bullsh*beep* that plagues the industry today.

  • Jcolefans.com

    This is just the beginning people. For all your J.Cole needs: JColefans.com ...don't be a stranger.

  • CaliKushBlunt

    Cole is a MotherFucking Beast!!! And from the sound of it he probably made this beat as well.

  • Hasman

    My thoughts on the single. Firstly, I may have been saying I liked the single more than I really did when the live version dropped. I don't know if that was a result of waiting for the track as long as we did, or I was grasping at anything I could to finally see this album's promo and release to be set in motion. However, when the CDQ version dropped, I could hear that Cole had a legitimate hit in his hands. Hov said he and Cole had the one-two punch for this album. Well the first punch was just thrown, and it immediately connected. Before I get in to the track however, let it be clear, that if you were expecting Cole to put out a 'Return of Simba-esque' track as a single to shut down the radio and push this album to commercial success, you need to get the fuck out. Seriously. Many commented on the weak lyrics when the live version leaked. This I agree with, and despite a lot of the mistakes being cleared up with his higher quality leak, the lyrics are still shit. For a rapper praised to bring lyricism back in to rap, this track is embarrassing. But the poor writing can be easily forgiven by the music itself - that infectious melody and that catchy hook is the reason why I've already amassed 16 plays on my iTunes. I think this may be Cole's most layered and extensive beat to date. I'm finding it hard to articulate this point and really bring it home, but while the beat sounds 'simple', the depth in the music is so easy to hear (especially with headphones on). Whatever the instrument is from 3:30 onwards, I want more of it. Whoever produced this did a great job. I think Cole was trying to put out a hit, and he has all the right ingredients for it in this song. If anyone still thinks he's putting out a modern day Illmatic, he's not. Hip hop heads, forgive this cut. Casual music fans (and girls), enjoy. TBH, it irks me when I read blog comments of dumb ass Cole fans saying he should have put Return of Simba or Lost Ones out as a single. Cole is trying to hit it big in the mainstream and pave a path to stardom, not stay a internet mixtape rapper. This song is great. If you don't hear that, sorry.

    • Dope^

      Well put, I especially agree with the headphones comment. I wasn't really feeling this coming out of my laptop speakers >connect sick headphones >beat sounds a lot better and I can dig it

    • JoeM


    • slik

      i agree with everything, up until the part where you said he is not putting out a modern day illmatic...singles are supposed to attract people to buy the album..the album itself will contain the real shit, like lost ones and return of simba kind of stuff..in my opinion, friday night lights was the illmatic

    • Don't Stop

      My man, keep these detailed analyses coming; love to hear this sort of input. Much better than the usual "DOPE!!11!!"

    • Mags

      Well fucking put dude, couldn't have said it any better myself

  • Born in 86

    Ok on the real, most of the tracks on his mixtapes are more Substantial than all the Tracks he claimed made the final cut for his Debut Album.

  • Anonymous

    yea real smooth, i could ride to this

  • Jeff

    Im not the biggest J Cole fan but some of you are retarded. Its his 1st single!!! He’s targeting the mainstream audience,not you lyrical nerds who analyze line by line.

  • Mood

    i think it's pretty cool not the best song in the world, but come on it's a single and it's really fresh to me

  • Anonymous

    Oh no! here comes the anti-commercialists, who cringe at any radio beat regardless of rapper/content! it's like y'all fuckin allergic to that shit, smh

  • b

    pretty good, not worth the hype tho

  • Tharula

    The Next best thing! watch he's space!

  • Smine Nasdaq

    This shit real cool right here. I can dig it.

  • freshonthescene

    lmao @ all you expert hip hop heads. so nitpicky and critical. is the song that bad? nawww. is it so unbelievably dope?? nawww. is it Cole's best work? no. is it a good and listenable track to vibe to? yes. will Cole's album be dope? yes. ya'll haters and dick riders need to quit gettin so heated. thanks for playing.

  • MCthirty

    Sample is dope, catchy... Hot Track, F*ck off haters

  • SMHathaters

    solid for a single. RADIO and PARTY song. ease up, haters. It will create BUZZ. Most people who hate this song are used to hearing Cole spit straight fire (Simba songs, Lost Ones). The average listener (and people who don't have sticks up their fucking asses) who isn't familiar with Cole will feel this track. Oh and you know god damn well Cole is going to bring fire on the album (Lost Ones is proof). The track was strictly made to create buzz and get radio and club play. He succeeded with it. Fuck off haters

    • Catchy

      i think Work Out is catchy. it'll get radio play. he's trying to get laid so he's hyping himself up on this joint. simple track but it's catchy and easy to vibe to. don't over think it. he'll have deep shit on his album. Disgusting was a satirical joint. if u didn't get it then listen to it again if u have to.

    • Anonymous

      its just that nothing about this shit is catchy.. the hook, then he doesn't say anything particularly special in the verse. sounds more like disgusting.. idk

    • puleo23

      amen to that, im glad im not the only one who realizes this.

  • Anonymous

    I really wish return of simba woulda been the single with the video. . That woulda been monster

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is lacking energy, i feel nothing when i hear it. weak sauce

  • Anonymous

    Ladies and Gents the single is supposed to be something like this. It was probably compromised because of the audience. Its a commercial Track. I will gurantee the album wono't be like this. .

  • Puleo23

    haters need to shut up and go back to listening to soulja boy and lil wayne if you dont like this.

    • Anonymous

      yea well with this j cole sound he seems to be going for the same soulja boy lil wayne audience. Fuck this shit.

  • big coach

    its ight not a big j cole fan yet. Butmabe one day. Still on drakes, waynes, dre, jayz, games,kanyes dick. Dnt know bout em?? Fallin off

  • hipsterswag

    Chill song, follow me hipsterspleadthesaksandfifth.tumblr.com

  • hipsterswag


  • ka-as

    kinda has the regulaters sound, sounds like warren g should be featured

  • LaMar Gch Walker

    i like it

  • Anonymous

    damn this better not be on the album. 2 stars.

  • Sikander Kahlon

    He's A Gr8 Rapper... But This ShyT Is Fucked Up

  • Freddy

    I love the record..alot of ppl aint feelin it cuz its different but thats the main reason why im lovin it. u gotta think of it in the creative sence, he came wit the witty lyrics once again,delivered a fresh hook singin HIMSELF, n he sampled a classic kanye hit. cole is still workin progrees,a new artist n i dont see drake,wiz,big sean, or any new nigga doin something this creative..he took a chance wit something different n thats somthn kanye,eminem,50 hav done n gotten away with.why cn he? im feelin this. its good enuf for the radio,club n the streets *DIEHEARTFAN

  • Fan

    Track is creative 5/5...def a summer party jam

  • Anonymous


    • Anon

      You're an idiot...bossme you said it perfectly

    • bossme

      Bro! Jay is giving Cole the leeway a lot of artist don't get, to really take time to create a masterpiece...any other label would have gave Cole a 2 month deadline, and i gurantee the album wouldn't have been as good as it's going to be, given that he's had about 2 years to work on it

  • Andre Jacobs

    Stop doubting him. The man has endless skills. Some may not like the single but he had to do something thats gon get some radio spins. ITs not like he on some pop sh*t. 5/5

  • Anonymous

    I like the Zapp & Roger sample. Sounds like Cole was having fun on this one more than anything. It's cool. On to the next.

  • Based

    Man, I hate J. Cole's drums. I like the song though. 3,5/5

  • Read This

    You just picked the wrong song as a single Cole. This has 0 lyrics compared to any other song. Dont put this in the album please, invent an exuse and change it. No one will complain

  • Lil Be

    Damn this is dope. This maybe be my summer jam. 5 stars.

  • Lil Be

    Damn this is dope. This maybe be my summer jam.

  • smH

    why every rapper tryna be a singer now? I mean i love the ladies too but you aint gotta be a rnb dude to get.. rappers should be rappers and RNB singers should be RNB singers. If you can sing and rap do both, but if you suck at one do the other. peace

    • Anonymous

      Drake does it very well. But, I do agree that most, if not all, need to stop.

    • Anonymous

      YOU ARE WRONG :) eminem sings all the time on his tracks, 'i said im sorry mommma, i never ment to hurt youuuuu etc' and he had a horrible singing voice but the tracks were still sik this is an ill radio single, the rest of the album is guna be just as sik as this if not better 3/5...... would of bin 4/5 if the rhymes wer abit better, and woulda bin a 5/5 if he didnt sing AS MUCH :) cole world r.e.d album detox

    • Anonymous

      sorta reminds me of 50 cents annoying sing song style.

  • iLLmaTic

    Not his best,a 4

  • TonyYayoSucks



    man nobody riding to this shit damn shit far from hot

  • Mike C

    Nice how he sampled it, thank you sample gods! Cole World!

  • Anonymous

    Its crazy how people will do mental gymnastics to make themselves like a song they know in their heart isnt that good. You guys will not play this song again in a week and you know it. DENIAL

  • Anonymous

    funny how people were saying he sampled "we dont care".. lying to people just so they sound like theyre in the inner circle or some shit. smh

  • Vegard Møller

    Not his best, but still dope.

  • Derrin Foster

    Different from Cole, but I'm liking it alot!

  • Marcus Boss Rountree

    Different but dope

  • galway

    Not his usual super lupe lyrical ish but im still feeling it. this a track for the masses and ppl saying they dissapointed, the chances are you wont be able to get this out your head even if you want to.

    • galway


    • galway

      my point exactly mike code take carter 3 for example whether you like wayne or not it would never have sold what it did without a song like lollipop, lollipop set up sonngs like a milli to do what they did. Cole's trying to gain new fans he doesnt wanna be overlooked by the masses - example nas, lyrically on another planet to 95% of mc's today but ask the average music fan about nas? they struggle

    • MikeCode

      That's the point galway's making, that true J. Cole fans that listen to his music knows this isn't his best work but music fans who will here it on the radio first will like it more. I'm pretty sure we all heard this first on a site and no the radio and we all know music always sounds better in your car. I just hope you there's a difference between radio singles and album songs. This is a song for the radio, How High & Return of Simba aren't.

    • Anonymous

      who cares who its for. if its not a good song who fucking cares what kind of song it is?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else find it ironic that someone is sampling Kanye?

  • Elumination

    Such a creative way to use that sample, catchy tuuuune! Love J. Cole man 5/5

  • Phil House

    im diggin it...reminds me of some old school shit

  • Eddy.

    Not as good as his deep stuff but there aren't many (If any) out there that can make a track with no substance sound so good, he re-worked the sample brilliantly.

  • cole world, r.e.d, detox

    better than most radio shit, hope most of the album has the 'return of simba' vibe to it 3/5 for this track

  • adamn

    SO catchy. u guys gotta understand he has to make a radio single to make more fans...

  • Omez


  • jayy

    fuck y'all corny ass niggazz sittin home on yo computers bumping underground music all the fucking time. Go out, get a life, learn to enjoy different types of music, then come and listen to this shit again. This shit goes hard

  • Anonymous

    nasty nas bitches

  • Anonymous

    fuck this shit dododododo

  • shadyaftermath

    cole world! just so nice.

  • yoyoyo

    its the single, need to grab the masses, 5

  • smh

    J Cole is the most overrated rapper since Soulja Boy, hes been making the same song for years and when he makes something different (like this) its utter trash

    • Anonymous

      is not all rappers the same. j cole is a beast. whats sad is we still looking at nas, krs 1, jay, still lookign at pac big to give us real music

  • NJ

    The start of his first verse was awful and I was dreading the rest but it got a lot better, very good.

  • Anonymous

    It's not bad, didn't expect him to sample that Kanye song. Hope it does well in the charts, for his sake. The rest of the album better have some real rhymes though.

  • Humberto Uberto

    I mean this single is corny but kinda cool and catchy but the original workout plan was corny too and people still call kanyes college dropout a classic....this is just ONE song calm down people

  • usuckball

    wtf why cant anybody just appreciate good music ?? so much garbage and then there is quality like this and people shit on it cause people are shit

  • yugang

    Not Bad! Lets pray to the rap gods that j. cole finally releases his album (and jay electronica's too)

  • Anonymous

    im a huge j cole fan, and I know he tryah switch shit up... but this is pretty wack was expecting more for cole

  • Joe Ramirez

    You gotta be kidding me with this shit. How can you guys say this shit is even worthy of listening to? Rookie ass rhymes, nothing ill about it son. & we waited for the Kanye sample to hear this? Wow. Who Dat is better than this. I know this is his commercial shit, but he can do waaaay better than this. I'm a big Cole fan but I am disappointed, big time. I really hope dude don't flop. If he flops, all his mixtapes & hype is down the drain, then all we have for hope is Jay Electronica. Disgusting, How High & this shit are wack.

  • Gabe-Real

    Aight, Cole is officially startin to suck! That flow is becomin a Wayne Drake rip off, thr fuck happend to the kid spittin nuttin but fire slayin tracks?

    • huh?

      Did u not hear his recently leaked songs like lost ones, return of simba, how high, and killers? the only wack song he had recently was disgusting..this track is cool for a first single for the radio.. got that 90s commercial vibe lol

  • Dont Hate Articulate

    Eh, This is alright, I dig Cole but this is average.


    . C . O . L . E . W . O . R . D .

  • Nathan Harvey Malcolm

    dont hate or love it... but wasnt to crazy bout the kanye song ethier, still lookin 4wrd to the album


    J Cole, Drake, Big Sean, Wiz, and Lil B all the leaders of the new school are wack. You young dudes have some wack representers.

    • Anonymous

      J. Cole (nevermind this track tho), Jay Electronica (an older head thats a new comer), blu, kendrick lamar, freddie gibbs, fashawn, ab-soul, nitty scott mc (new upcoming female mc), skyzoo (even tho he been around for a minute now), fortilive and king mez.....the newer & young cats are doing just fine. U sleeping!

    • Anonymous

      Forreal, take j. cole out of there. U probably didnt listen to the come up, the warm up, FNL or his verse on reflection eternal's song Just begun if u think hes completely wack smh....but cant lie, this single aint that good....STILL, lets wait for the album before we declare cole as a good artist turned shit

    • far and wide

      i don't know any of those dudes well but i do know them well enough to know that j cole should be separated from the others you listed and also lil b is separated but in a bad way and i like big sean he's nice with the word play n flow but the voice be gettin robocop like drake

  • far and wide

    OMG no he didnt yall know this a kanye sample right this shit is retarded hard to hate on music this good

  • Anonymous

    damn! cole world real shit. Better than anything on the radio now a days.

  • sdf

    This is a Banger! oh my god i played it like 9 times! Man YElawolf, J.cole, Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T are the best!!!

  • 2nPac

    Ya'll expect too much of this man...this is a feel good, fun SUMMER song. Perfect timing for this song IMO. Chicks gon' dig it, and the fellas can get down to this too. and STOP with the sellout BS.

  • Anonymous

    dick riders vs. haters.... lets the war begin.. The truth though? J.cole is not nearly as bad as you claim he is... nor is he nearly as good as you say he is.

  • Anonymous

    4 stars? 5 stars?????? denial is a powerful thing.... smh I think you guys want him to be the savior of hip hop so bad that you're even willing to lie to make it more believable. The truth always comes to light though. I like cole though. Best of luck to him.

  • Anonymous

    How the hell can any genuine J. Cole fan give this a 5? It's not garbage but it ain't nothing J.Cole should put out for a single, and I trust he won't. Props on the beat and that's pretty much it. Come on people this is a 3.5 at best

  • xenon

    Agree, although both r decent. It's just we know the countless gems being slept on. Bet a blunt this won't be on the album

  • James World

    J. Cole is the best rapper out right now !!! Period!! Not of all time , just right now

  • Rick

    man...this kid http://www.youtube.com/user/wbivan?feature=mhee reminds me of j cole... chek him out yall

  • kc the god

    WOW YALL SLEEPIN ON THIS wORD IS BOND camden NJ what up world

  • Mike Meraz

    It's dope. Nothing crazy, a tad Popish but not too much.. I Dig it!! No homo..Man I can't get enough of J.Cole's music, the beats, the ryhmes, can't explain it..

  • HAHA

    lol im feelin this!! this is like one of pacs fun songs he did...and he didnt sell out with this single just some fun shit i thought he was guna be autotuning on this lmao

  • Mario Pumper Walton


  • lilniggafrommiamibutfeeltheville

    J. cole a monster, killin on shit like this too!

  • Rival X Jordan

    This song is dope. The album is going to be sick.

  • Joseph Dancy

    its catchy doe, type to get stuck in ur head

  • Zach

    Not great, but I can tell this is gonna get unnecessary hate. It's pretty decent, and is for sure gonna be a hit.

  • Anonymous

    atleat he aint fully cop out like wiz khalifa n the rest of the industry.. not his greatest thats for sure but aint bad ill give it a 3/5

  • ColeWorld

    Whoever thinks this is wack, is wack. Easy 5. What a sample.

  • bouttablowup

    this will get him the exposure he needs. he's on the verge of blowing up

  • JoeShon Monroe

    I agree with people that I would have expected Cole to go a different route for his first single, but I still have this song playing on repeat.

  • Brian McClean

    Not feeling this. Forced radio hit and he sounds weird in it at that. I'm a fan of J. Cole just now this song. I didn't like "Who Dat" either. I think they are pushing the wrong songs for his singles.

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    Why are you guys pretending this isn't garbage?

  • Playa

    Cole doin big thangs!!!!! This song will get him even more pussy. This nigga knows what he's doing. U gotta please the big wig execs but this is dope for errbody.

  • straighup

    I fux with this. hot joint for summer clubbin'

  • T-Rance Latray

    T-Rance LaTray APPROVED !!!!!!! Cole World !!!!!!!!

  • noooooooooo

    cole nooooooo..... id rather a coming home type single ... but hopefully back to the drawing board for the single ... and as big a cole fan i am im not voting because i really dont wanna tell the truth about it but nooooo....

  • Bless

    I'm ready for the album. "It's like they only hear what the single is/and single that out/to be the meaning of what he's about/ HOV. Cole album is gonna be a classic. Mark my words. U gotta feed radio lukewarm shit to give the masses that 4 alarm blaze shit Cole is known for.

  • Brooks Colleton

    like the sound JCole is experimenting with

  • oofgoof

    nice....now im ready for the hardcore singles...no more r n b bullshit Cole

  • Zale

    Damn, this will probably peak at 80 on Hot 100 then fall off.

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    Cole made a raido single, but I don't know if it'll do that well or not. I remember when we heard his Coming Home demo, maybe he should've went that route, but we'll see what happens. I personally like the song, it'll grow on you the more you listen to it, it's far from a classic though

  • Freshman

    This is a banger, always on point with the beat and samples are crazy. Did a damn good job, needs this to hit radios and thats exactly what this kind of song will do. Cole World.

  • simba is back from afica

    aite single so no panic,album will sound different though

  • MVC

    Beat and hook are dope. Verses coulda been better but this track is is good.

  • Shizzy

    nice trtack but ... not a single ... how high couldve been a single maybe

  • Gamble

    This is the kind of song that the more you play it..the more you really begin to appreciate it. I'll admit it wasnt what i expected at first but i really feel it now. ANd of course this is just so it hits mainstream and all that radio play. Real Cole fans know that the Real album is gonna have all those concepts and lyrics we all have come to expect from him..which is of course the reason why we all like his music.

  • zach

    this shit is ass lol. this sample is terrible wtf.

    • Ricardo Gonzalez

      i get what ur saying not what i expected either but who gives a fuck about the single the album is where its at... i think the song will catch on though

    • Gamble

      You're ass...Zach your brain is obviously the size of a peanut(but just the shell cuz the inside of your brain is hallow)Stop thinking about yourself all the time. He needs to get airplay and be as much mainstream as possible so that his name becomes a household name, this is a VERY CATCHY song which will attract attention of others who havent heard of him..therefore his album will sell what it deserves. Support the movement and quit bitching/hating.

  • Justice Baiden

    cole world

  • Yeezy

    It was ok Return of Simba should have been the single

    • 2nPac

      This ain't for us honestly. Return of Simba would just go over everybody's head. Plus you can't release a song without a hook nowadays.

    • Jluv

      I agree...return is wayyy better

    • Yeezy

      relax there young simba lol you taking this too serioous lol

    • What?

      What? Return of Simba isn't single worthy. It won't even be on his album. It's a great jam but it's just the third part of the Simba trilogy that was made to hold fans over. Work Out is a radio friendly hit. A good quality radio hit at that. It's not corny like Wiz Khalifa's Roll Up and other radio rap these days. This is a straight banger. Be satisfied that Cole made a radio friendly hit that's of good quality like the radio rap was in the 90s.

  • Anonymous

    this is straight banginnn

  • Anonymous

    this is fucken dope....and the first catchy j. cole song hes made. no idea why any of his songs havent caught on yet

  • DeeJay S.

    It's like I cant get enough of Cole's music. If his album sells like a Eminem or Wayne album put together I won't be suprised.

  • Zachary Goulbourne

    Not what i expected but good none the less

  • Allan

    smh i see the hatin below me this is for the mainstream hes proven that he can rap wit the best of em cut it out...its only fittin the single gets cleared on the annyversary of the warm up

  • 106

    I can see this working the end with the Straight up shit I could do without.

  • CDUb

    I see the game plan Cole. I'm With U. Cole World

  • Jace Sime

    this guy is over-rated, rookie ass rhymes

    • 2nPac

      Fukkin' trolls man...click on a link knowing before they even hear the song they automatically gonna hate.

    • Jace Sime

      lol, deepthroating the mic? Sounds to me like y'all are deepthroating J. Cole's balls, haha

    • jace sime fucking nazi wigger

      fucking wigger look at your picture you look like you are deep throating that mic homo ass wigger

    • jace sime what kind gay name is dat bitch

      hey bitch that shit is pretty good this is a single u stupid fuck every rapper dropped a single for the clubs and ladies wait till the album drop ,till then go fuck your self in the closet then come out faggot

    • Simba

      This is meant to be a fun radio hit/club banger/song for the ladies. It's not supposed to have amazing rhymes like Simba, Return of Simba, etc... It's a catchy radio hit for the ladies a la How Do U Want It by Pac and One More Chance Remix by Biggie. Fuck off. Cole World.

    • Jace Sime

      HAHAHA! CHOSE ONE?! look at his first verse... She like them bar with the big old chains Ride around town in the big old Range I knew her when I riding big old chains Now the little nigga doing big old things Would you look at that, I came back for her Just to give it to her, like you asked for it Man that thing in them jeans too fat for her It rebounds so I caught it off the backboard I told her, baby girl come here Know I run the town even when I aint from there And I brag hardly but just to show up at this party I made What your nigga make in one year, thats unfair but So is life, take a chance roll a dice Money can’t buy you love cause it’s over priced Don’t overthink just hope it’s right I’m only here for the night TAKE A SECOND TO JUST READ THROUGH THAT VERSE. THE ONLY DECENTLY GOOD RHYME IN THERE WAS THE LOVE IS OVERPRICED LINE. I WROTE BETTER RAPS THAN THIS WHEN I STARTED RAPPING

    • Anonymous

      your fucken terrible. cant believe your talkin shit to the fucken chosen one. get the fuck off this site

    • Jace Sime

      check out this cat "Ca$h Flow", the song Fresh N Fly, sick! www.reverbnation.com/cashflow605

  • ColeWorld

    the Kanye sample is too great, album is highly anticipated

  • Romar

    been waiting for this!!!!!

  • DopeYo

    pleasantly surprised. Catchy as fuuuuu. dope sample. Banger!

  • ColeNation

    I can see it now, Mad ppl hating on Cole for this, bc it's not classic Cole lol let him release something catchy so the mainstream ppl can notice him first. Ways of the rap game now

  • Nikiy

    this nigga is by for my favorite rapper . hes raw talent , talent that narrow minded people cant grasp. nd that worries me .

  • Anonymous

    1st drop the return of simba video one more single and J.COLE go platinum ill

  • TEE

    Its aiiqht..first to comment tho : )