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So here's Lupe's version of B.o.B.'s gigantic hit 'Airplanes'. Which version do you prefer?


  • Gully Jewelz

    u best believe im workin on my own take of the wishin track.. stay tuned.. lupe is the shit -- n GULLY JEWELZ IS NEXT! and check the videos and click that LIKE button (not here on facebook but over here -----> www.reverbnation.com/breadwinnaz

  • Jah

    420! I hope my vote doesn`t affect the 4.20 rating but I have to give this a 5. Lupe obviously put some heart into this one. No label bullshit.

  • lol

    B.o.B's version is better.

  • i509music

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  • Chris Casey Stellar Daniels

    Pardon me but thanks man. Hayley I'll see in about 4 years.

    • Jah

      Umm... Next time make sense bud. You aren`t writing a personable letter to Lupe, he probably won`t see that shit... And if he does, I doubt that will make sense to even him

  • Jason Guild

    Damn, could you imagine how quickly LASERS would've been released and how better it would've been if they didn't give this to B.O.B.?

  • Ahmed Khwaja

    Lyrically phenomenal, absolutely brilliant, Lupe is seriously a legend, why can't all hip/hop be like this?

  • better

    this is the orginal and much more better B.O.B is overrated

  • profetic

    much respect lu, another lyrical masterpiece, the fact he gave this to bob is irrelevant, just shows how much respect he has for other artist. props lu

  • Anonymous

    Lupe you're an idiot for turning this record down and letting them give it to BOB you killed it way better than him. I can actually tolerate this version. This version is lyrically and conceptually better.

    • Gary

      Lupe didn't turn down this song, he did this song and the original version of "Nothing on You". The executives of Atlantic records are to blame for both songs being handed over to B.O.B. Lupe Fiasco has had many problems with Atlantic records this being one of the many, they don't want him being so deep and want him to dumb down his lyrics.

  • Rogelio Marquez

    Big fan of Lupe, but wasn't ever really a big fan of Airplanes.

  • Jason S. Smith

    Lupe > B.o.B. Period. Hell, It took Em for me to even tolerate the B.o.B. version

  • J.Dub

    As someone who really dug B.o.B's version, I gotta say lyrically, and conceptually I find Lupe's superior. The only difference is B.o.B added so much enthusiasm when he spit his lines while Lupe was more chill. Definitely adding both to my mp3

  • Gary

    This was way better than B.O.B., don't get me wrong I like his too, especially with Em. But you really gotta listen to what he says in this, he touches some deep subjects especially in verse 2 "My departure from the norm, the parch thats more warm wars torn from the marching of your armies and the dropping of your bombs" plus it's all worded so well, I think Eminem needs to drop verses with Lupe it'd be an amazing collaboration.

  • Anonymous

    B.o.b isnt even close to lupe on this track, B.o.b is garbage ....... If you dont like the song dont listen to it or comment?Lupes a living ledgend



  • Anonymous

    These are the type of tracks I love from Lupe, anticipating that Food & Liquor 2!

  • shame

    its a shame lupe is a pop star now like britney spears

    • Rogelio Marquez

      Why do you consider him gone "pop"? I think we need to draw a line here. Sure, he may get media attention and get the most mainstream beats in the market, but I think that's the goal artists strive for anyway: to be HEARD. To be released out to the masses because their music is GREAT. Unfortunately, you get some untalented artists that somehow WEASEL their way into the market..

    • B@nksy

      No the fuck hes not. He releases one very mediocre album due mainly because of his record label and everyone starts trashing on Lupe. And watch the same people turn back around when Food and liquor 2 drops and act like they were always down. smh.

    • ETK

      he's not a god damn pop star, you mainstream haters take everything too up front, dawm.. Lasers was popish but it's just a phase, F&L II is gonna be pure street beats, straight from his mouth

  • d

    BoB is way better over this track...Lupe is alright...i think people just pumpin him up for most shit

  • Ryan Djzzero Eusebio

    BoB was better, he had the energy for the track. I'd pick Lupe over all the things, but some tracks aren't meant for some Artists. Lupe Fiasco can make good tracks and BoB as well depending on the style of the track. Both are good at their own things!

  • Dave Moore

    BoB's record is way better

  • ShowTime NY

    This is fiyah. The only thing lupe aint do was really connect his verses to the hook. Thats what BoB did very well. I like both songs for different reasons. soundclick.com/showtimeny Best Unsigned rapper period.


    part 2 with em is better imo

  • g

    not really good, i dont understand how people take this over pt 2 with em in it

    • Anonymous

      your an idiot, you just don't understand complex lyrics from a lyricist, figure out and decipher his lyrics it really connects to the hook

  • Andezchicago


  • jason

    Lupe can't make hit songs

  • Esquire

    This is real. This is Lupe

  • cornell student

    ...um lemme first say, B.o.B.'s 2 versions of this song are dope as fuck. Best example that pop rap doesn't have to completely suck (like so to say, Drake). Lupe's first 2 albums are undoubtable classics, but clearly he didn't give it his all on this track and B.o.B. had a much clearer vision and execution of a concept. but most importantly, i don't think most people realize this hit hook and beat structure was written by a nerdy, white fratboy emcee & producer duo from cornell university. here's the best version, the ORIGINAL version of Airplanes from Kinetics & One Love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BstW1B4yk8s

  • Anonymous

    I prefer this over both pt.1 and 2. No disrepect to BOB or Em but this is crazy

  • Arnold Burnley

    my version! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-4EshJsc94

  • Tac

    i think i like this better

  • queezi

    Why would you do a song that someone else already did already, especially in hip hop?

  • Monique Jackson

    Neither one

  • Taylor Gang & Lupeee

    Ight i see you lupe

  • C. Starr

    Lupe killed it still it's missing something that B.o.B's version had. I would have liked to hear them collaborate on this song.

  • Marcel Robinson


  • lupe fan

    damn the laser delays http://www.reverbnation.com/thereckincrew

  • vive l'dulce

    Lupe is Picasso with words. this song just brings certain feelings. and that's rare now a days.

  • Ron Nizamov

    BOBs version is much better

  • Justin Wood

    Lope did his thing but b.o.b.'s versiiopn is better though still a nice track

  • Marcel Robinson


  • John Mullins

    Dope. Lupe killed this.

  • jason

    1 star. Lupe is so wack. How can anyone like this lame nerd? He ruins every great beat he's on. His version is absolutely garbage compared to B.o.B.'s hit version

  • ntwisp

    Why you people act like that?? First of all, Lupe didn't want this song, that's why B.O.B. got it... and yes, Lupe is a better rapper, and B.O.B. isn't even a rapper, he's a pop artist, and his version is way better to me because he put more passion in it, Lupe sounds like somebody forced him to do this, I'm not saying about the lyrics though.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe was trying to prelude this with Heirplanes on Japanese Cartoon... damn Atlantic fucked his whole career over in one track... he couldnt even get a feature.

  • Anonymous

    both bobs hits were Lupes orginally Lupes... Lupe sounds like Food and Liquor here... this is way better than BOB

  • allyallstupid

    B.o.B's version was dope...woulda been nice to have had Lupe on it initially but thats what happens when your dealing with blood drinking record labels.

  • Stuntmoney

    Wow I thought Bob wrote this song hook and everything guess Bob is nothing special just another below average rapper

    • ntwisp

      B.O.B. wrote his parts, Lupe didn't want this song so B.O.B. eventually got the hook and the beat to do his own song.. And B.O.B. isn't a rapper, nor it's his album a rap album...he's a decent pop artist.

  • Zachary Goulbourne

    Lupe should of had this song. He did it better

  • Roger Rabbit

    Lupe's is better in my opinion he's a better rapper his seems more heart felt it goes wit Lupe's style

  • hiphop

    /watch?v=zmH5OlMJpEc B.O.B - Airplanes Ft Lupe, Emine, Royce Remix

  • ZhugeLiang0

    Yea, I liked B.o.B's version better, though Lupe still had good lyrics

  • datdudefromnyc

    yep. LUPE murdered it.. as usual what else did u expect?

  • Devin Williams

    Dam looks like Atlantic took another joint from Lupe and gave it to B.o.B

  • MVSC

    Lupe's good, BoB killed it

  • Kimarley Hall

    Yo "Lupe Fiasco" should've did this Track!!! Him and "Em" would Murk this shit. "Lupe" is a MUCH BETTER Rapper than "B.O.B". "B.O.B." ain't shit and this Song really didn't catch Hype until "Em" was on it. C'mon "Em" get in the Booth with "Lupe" and make some iLL Shit! (lol)

  • Scott Grunwald

    Both are great. But I appreciate lyrics, so I'll take Lupe's version.

  • Will Ishiphop

    Eminems version is hands down, THE best! but this isnt bad, couldve seen a megamiz or something... but Ems version blows all of the verses/versions out the water

  • Ozep

    I don't listen to B.O.B. as much as i should so i won't compare the two versions but Lupe does his deep lyrical thing on this. We know how Atlantic is though, get that now money aka Billboard top 10 500k-1mill single sales hit money not the sell 200k first week money which just that alone might have put more money in the label and Lupe's pockets. Times have changed but established fanbase from previous albums/shows still > any marketing

  • Jason Bassie

    lyrically this version is hot...but as a radio friendly version B.O.B.'s version is on point

  • Right On

    personally, this song is just straight up dope. i didnt feel anything when i listened to b.o.b.'s version (being played by every fucking girl everywhere) not to dis b.o.b. cause the cats doing his thing and i dig his shit, but i mean god damn lupe blows everyone out of the water his skills are so unbelievably fine tuned and his ability to paint with the pen is unlike anyone else. this version is extremely underated, not a suprise in todays musical environment.

  • Eugene Alford

    I havent heard BoBs version but I like this

  • hkkn

    you can tell that originally this was lupe's song just from the way the song stars. they're sitting on the hood of the car lookin up at the stars. making wishes out of airplanes it goes w/ the chorus. thst's the greatest thing about lupe's work. everything flows together so well and it's all interconnected. it's simply ART

  • Luke Janzen

    when i listen to lupe on this record, i can just lose myself and for me this is what this song is supposed to sound like, B.O.B version was a little clubby party joint but i really felt the emotion and feel of Lupes version better

  • Jake Lopes

    In my opinion, These are two Different artists. Dif. Styles. Diff perspectives on the beat and different morals all together. The Flows from Both are TIGHT. So Good,The mellow but snappy flow of lupe. And The Melodical,Hyped up,Rhythmic flow of BOB. I think comparing artists is really hard. Unless one Just obviously sucks. But the Bob version was a Hit if your playing it in clubs/radio/etc. The lupe Version was a blunt smokin,Hip-hop Jam.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Next version, Odd Future ft. Hayley Williams - Airplanes

  • The.Watcher

    Pfft, this ain't even close. Lupe all the way.

  • jimbrownski

    All you BOB haters fall back...This Lupe Version is good- as an album cut...The BOB version is more up tempo and is more a radio ready hit, but not all that lyrically different. BOB is a dope MC, but just like Lupe the Atlantic machine got to him and altered his native. FUCK ATLANTIC RECORDS!!! People boycott this site!!! How many dope MC's albums have they either shelved or watered down? From Twista, to putting out Little Brother's Minstrel show with ZERO promotion or A&R support on the EXACT SAME DAY Atlantic also dropped Paul Wall's album! What label puts two artists out the same day in the same damn genre? Then of course they benched Apathy for 3 years and no albums, just like the shelved Saigon's borderline Classic before dropping him without relasing shit. Now listen to how crappy Wiz Khalifa's album is vs Kush and OJ - Join me in boycotting Atlantic Records - they are singlehandled killing and watering down hip hop into TRL/106 and park teen pop hell!!

  • da1

    Lupe is a better lyricist theres no arguing that. It sounded like he had a different take on the song. Lupe's version is very poetic, deep, and somber, while B.o.b had more energy and was more up beat. Lupe's version would sound great at some library or some political rally, while B.o.B's version would be great at some party or club(white people's club.) I may be bias but I prefer Lupe. Both versions were good.

  • themighty

    B.o.B's version was better, don't know why it gets so much hate. Lupe was spitting though for sure.

  • Alex J Lewis

    different !!!!!

  • Jose Vasquez

    Never did like Airplanes because of the beat, still like Lupe though, wish Lasers had more of All Black Everything

  • Anonymous

    damn this makes you realize how much atlantic was able to influence Bob's album as well. Bob's definitely had more energy and something everyone could relate to, Lu's obviously has the better lyrics though lol

  • barbarian

    the most retarded rapper i have ever heard is won dough.. he sounds autistic,retarded,add,drunk..and listened to too much odb.. i saw this chemical ali on the other site..and realised its won dough.. what a fckn joke..lmfao....i dare you to do a show

  • Chris W. Thompson


  • Eh

    Im not a fan of either song but Bob's version had waaaay more energy.

  • Sean Dorsey

    didn't care for B.o.B's version all that much but Lupe actually made me like this and appreciate the beat more. still dont care for the hook though. just to bubblegum for me. Dope Lupe!

  • Nazim Elnur

    This is a 5 without even listening to it

  • Zane Lemos

    This song is dope. Eminem and Lupe should both drop verses to this song. It would make it so much better. But, B.o.B. did his thing on this beat. But I would much rather listen to Lupe's version.

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ be smoking airplanes

    • Devin Whittler

      b.o.b had more energy on this song thats why i like the other version better. but Lupe still went hard...

  • Anon

    This is sick! But I'll always love eminems verse on the remix. Reminded me of the raw old Em that I missed

  • Jesse Breese

    I personally prefer lupe i think hes an all around better rapper but he should work on his hooks like on LASERS i didnt reslly like hooks but all verses were awsome

  • asher1985

    this is straight, but honestly any rapper who is decent at his craft could murk this beat. i mean this a hit put right in your lap. my opinion though BOB did a lot better with this track. i will admit thought, the minute i heard "nothin on you" i immediatly thought of lupe fiasco. not the same with airplanes though atlantic is a business and they def made the right decision for their label and for fiasco

  • Nedas Punys

    LASERS wasn't so bad imo. Lyrics was great. just the sound was lil poppy I think, that's why so many dissapointments. Choosing this way Lupe wanted to be heard by masses. but it's still great to me. *fuck the beat, listen to the words of the damn song* (DMX)

  • STOP


    • JDuese311

      You've got to be kidding me. If anything there are more talented artists in the game, than there ever have been. Most are up and comers, who release their shit for free just to get there name out. Therefore, if you're slipping, you better step your game up, or you'll be irrelevant at the blink of an eye. Everyone knows Lupe can spit, dude just made an awful album.

    • Anonymous

      why is it not ok to admit that album was trash? why are you fans in such denial. It's really sad. you fucking Lupe or what? there is no way you listened to Lasers and came away thinking it was a good album. come on man. be real. thats all i'm saying. I love Lupe. I'm just not his dick rider and I refuse to lie to myself and say the album was dope when its not! That REKS album goes hard by the way you guys!!!!! Mr. Nobody is dope as fuck!

  • Hmm

    I'm sick of women singing on rap songs, sick of rock hooks on rap songs, sick of the rap version of R&B...

    • Dominique

      Cosign. That's how Hip-Hop was creating taking drum breaks from Rock music and Blues melody sammples. You can hear every single from of music in Hip-Hop dummy. Its people like you who make Hip-Hop music wack by wanting the samething over and over. I find it kind of hard to listen to hiphop and not like the sounds of other music lol IMO

    • Luke Janzen

      Totally agree but some genres just dont go to together,jazz and hip hop are nice, but i just miss that good ol lyricism, now a days it not as important for rappers i guess, not rappin as intellegent as thay used to

    • Anonymous

      hip-hop has had rock infused in it since the very beginning. Like Maverik said, hip-hop's infused with all kinds of genres and always will be.

    • Gregor SelfHood Scott

      Cosign Maverik! Hip Hop has always been about the mixing or crossing of genres, so why not keep pushing it further. I may not like some of what comes out of it but at the same time, if we all kept to the same formula music would become very boring very quickly

    • Maverik

      Then stop listening to hip hop.. cause hip hop is being innovative, and mixing all types of genres you FUCKING fool. Go listen to Lil B.

  • Shaolin

    I think people are still upset about LASERS. that shit was so wack that people are turned off to Lupe I think. I am a huge Lupe fan. LASERS was absolute garbage. It seems like I'm the only Lupe fan who isn't blind to that fact. This track is dope though. reminds me of why Lupe was my favorite MC. This is the Lupe I want to hear all the time. Not that techno bullshit he had on LASERS.

  • K.S.

    I like B.O.B's version it's cool but Lupe's is better for sure. So now we got a total of 4 dope tracks that should of been on "Lasers". Wack Record Label could of given us 16 bangers instead of just 12. Even tho he forget the lyrics to my favorite Hip Hop group A Tribe Called Quest on Stage I still got props for him. Keep doin your thing Lupe you're one of the new School cats that I listen to and rate.

  • LaMar Gch Walker

    im feeling this

  • Joshua Williams

    lyrically lupe murdered this shit. but its a reference track... ANYWHO, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IR'S A PROMISE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • lilmobb

    Fuck all the haters. B.o.B did his thing on the track, but the song was for Lupe who did a good job 2 if not better. Lupe + Em would have killed the pa LASERS!

  • Anonymous


  • Michael Barnes

    eminem and B.o.B. for keeps, they go so much harder

  • dope

    how is anyone complaining about this? it's so much better then b.o.b.'s version...I agree though the hook is so annoying...someone needs to edit this...erase the hook...and ad eminem's verse on the end...someone do it!!!!

  • Anonymous

    You people need to leave Lupe the fuck alone HE IS ONE OF THE GREATEST MC WHO have ever blessed the MIC. Live with it or GO FUCK YOURSELF

  • Anonymous

    Like Lupe Fiasco so much better than those B.O.B. corny Lyrics

  • Lankh

    It sucks, Lupe hasn't B.o.B's voice and energy on Airplanes.

  • Truth

    Oh, give me a break. Yes, Lupe Fiasco has made better songs and albums than B.o.B, and is a better overall artist. But Lupe's "Nothin' On You" and Lupe's "Airplanes" suck, and are a lot worse than B.o.B's versions. How is Lupe even better lyrically than B.o.B. on these two songs? He sounds bored as hell, and doesn't have one good line. It's the definition of phoning it in. Just because Lupe is a better lyricist than B.o.B. OVERALL, doesn't mean EVERYTHING he does is better than B.o.B. It's easy to see why the label rejected this. Mediocre at best.

    • Truth

      @ Idiot / Some Idiots Where is the source for this information? And what artist is this a "reference track" for? On every reference track I've heard, it's painfully obvious who the track is for. You can't just make up sh-t, with no source, and try to cover your ass by pretending you're in the industry. Lupe Fiasco is rapping like Lupe Fiasco on this track. And he's doing a shitty job. You can't say he did a shitty job on purpose, b/c it was supposed to be for a mysterious "other rapper." And yes, the label DID reject Lupe's two songs. That is why they were given to B.o.B. Literally every reputable music website has confirmed this, and reported it as news. But I guess you know the REAL truth, huh? Give me a break. Weirdo. People who pretend to be in the music industry shouldn't be talking. They should be killing themselves.

    • Anonymous

      ^ well then stfu

    • Michael Barnes

      Im not in the music industry, but i can tell you this version sucks regardless

    • some idiots

      the label didn't reject these last 2 songs...they are reference tracks...you can tell by Lupe's energy and tone that these weren't being recorded to be released....he was recording reference lyrics...people who don't understand how recording/the industry works should not be talking

  • Tony Lassic Alabamatlac

    the lyrics may have been better but B.O.B delivery was way better. thats why B.OB's version sold

  • Anonymous

    Vanilla lights shining bright krayzie bone drop a solo album I would buy it 4sho

  • Anonymous

    Vanilla ligts by krayzie bone im feeling that shit on youtube its just a snippet tho where is the complete song

  • Unknown

    better than bob's original? yeah. better than bob's remix? hard to say.

  • fly girl

    Yea I love vanilla lights by krayzie bone I like that a new life video by Layzie bone 2

  • Anonymous

    Vanilla light by krayzie bone def sounds like it could be classic need to hear the whole song

  • Arjan Boer

    lupe spits to lazy on it, thats why the label passes it to B.o.B. Lupe doesnt come powerfull enough with his delivery on this track, so it wouldnt be picked up by the audience.

  • Anonymous

    KRAYZIE BONE vanilla lights snippet on youtube

  • Anonymous

    KRAYZIE BONR vanilla lights listen to the snippet on youtube

  • Anonymous

    That krayzie bone song is called vanilla lighs def was banging classic bone shit

  • Tashawn

    Krayzie bone vanilla sky snippet on youtube banging off his upcoming album Chasing the Devil

  • James Vega

    I like Lupe's better.. However, the only criticism I have about both versions of this song is I HATE the hook.. It's retarded as fuck and the girl's voice is annoying.. Seriously, the hook is what kept me from listening to B.O.B.'s version.. 4 stars

  • jon

    i wish this version got leaked first. lupe killed it, but i can't jam it kuz the hooks so played out.

  • justin g

    Youtube krayzie bone vanilla sky snippet and I love my haters classic material still around krayzie one of the best

  • Mike Meraz

    This one shits on B.O.B's....Lupe's Lyrics are on point. But I still Don't really like either track because of Hannah Montana but I guess everyone's trying to get on Radio Disney nowadayZ. Free Lupe!! Release The Real Lasers!

    • RainMan

      Im not sure if you're serious but in case you are thats not hannah montanna..her name is hayley williams and she is(possibly was may have broken up) the lead singer of paramore

  • P

    Lasers just got one track longer. This one goes right after Stereo Sun.

  • Trizzle

    Lupe didn't pass on it... his label rejected it from him. Weird. Especially since obviously Lupe is a better rapper than B.o.B. And it's further proof that B.o.B. sucks. I mean, he also jacked "Nothin' on You" from Lupe (thanks to the label again). I think I could have had a hit w/ both songs. And I suck.

  • Brooks Colleton

    Lupe did his

  • Ardchi

    unreleased 50 Cent/Game DC love Thing. 1 Click play. http://www.zshare.net/audio/887336583c6cb06b/

  • Derrick Beauregard

    Lupe is nice, deep track kinda curious as to why he passed on this track

  • Ardchi

    unreleased 50 Cent/Game DC love Thing. Enjoy http://www.mediafire.com/?4mrggbtxo6f2ss0

  • Dustin6595

    Lasers was not a pop album is was made a little more Radio Friendly like Recovery is for Eminem, i Will say that Lasers is 10x better than Recovery, but neither are pop. People need to stop saying Lupe and B.o.B are pop because there far from it, there now mainstream artists, but that doesn't make them pop, its like saying if Raekwon or Nas got a new hit record on the radio that it automatically is pop. The Adventures of Bobby Ray was a classic in my opinion, B.o.B has a lot of talent in singing, rapping, guitar, drums, and piano. The only song on the album that sounded pop to me was Nothing on You, the rest were all deep emotionally creative songs, like Ghost in the Machine and Don't Let Me Fall, which neither were pop, Airplanes was not pop, people just like to say that because Halie Williams from Paramore sung the hook, which its a good hook by the way. She has a lot of talent and can sing really well, but just because its a female singer on a rap record, it becomes pop to you people. stop, Lupe and B.o.B are real Hip Hop.

    • Right On

      very true shit. b.o.b. and lupe are both ARTISTS which means they are not pop. but number 1 recovery was better than lasers and number 2 this lupes version is better than b.o.b.'s

    • burnin

      lasers was good, but homie ya nuts if you think lasers was 10 times better than recovery. recovery a much more solid and better all around album.

  • Yo

    This song sounds like it belongs on the cool tbh i feel its better than the original


      What? Have you even listened to the Cool? This sounds nothing like it...sounds like a Lasers track all the way. Anyway sounds good, better than most of the stuff that made it on the album. But I don't know I just associate this beat with the fucking pop hit so it turns me off automatically.

  • yomomma

    I wish Lupe blew up off this one. but b.o.b is way more ear friendly to 10 year old girls. Alex da Kid and Skylar Grey win in the end.

  • Charles Benévolo Singletary

    I love B.O.B......but man I wish this would have been on Lasers with the Em feature...

  • Moses Esan

    Lupe did his thing as always. This version is very good, so is B.o.B's version. They are both different so comparing them isn't necessary.

  • Anonymous

    Too pop for Lupe so he passed......

  • VD

    Here's my theory behind this: 1. LASERS was going to have this song or Words I Never Said. I think it was either or. Both were produced by the same guy. Personally, Words I Never Said was slightly better for Lupe, in my opinion. B.o.B. killed Airplanes. Thus, it was good that this was not released

  • Killervibe

    Its interesting to see the difference in Lupe's approach to B.o.B's. Had it remained with lupe, it definitely wouldn't have been the hit it became. Same beat and hook, two vastly different outcomes. This version brings a lot more depth to the song but it does not have the same punch B.O.B's version has.

  • Kyle Barboza

    this is a lot deeper then B O Bs version but I still like them both

  • Lupe the Jedi

    meant to say he didnt like the album*

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    Lupe's a bum

  • musicears

    Lupe....enough said

  • Killervibe

    Lyrically, this pretty much kills anything on Lasers...

  • obanik

    now i see why they took the track away from him, I love this a lot better, but B.O.B did his thing...the record label did not want to put this out cause they thought it would not sell, but i think it would have done damn good.

  • NJ

    Always had a feeling this might have been meant for Lupe. Guess it was just down to Atlantic to decide which one of their artists they wanted to destroy first.

  • Ernest Dale Hodge II


  • O

    Lasers WAS like this. Dumbass.

    • William Scooter Jones

      the production was horrific.. He def dumbed it down some but I still heard fiya lyrics

    • Lupe The Jedi

      1. The beats for the most part were awful...pop/club beats that dont fit his style 2. Lyrically was the worst ive seen from lupe on an album 3 The fact that he did like this album believes me to think he didnt put in the extra work to make it great jus my opinions...only song I feel is on par with his 1st album is All black everything

    • Anonymous

      the beats were great idk what the fuck the guy above me is saying the depth of his lyrics were completely dumbed down

    • Damnsonson

      Fuk you talking about? The beats on lasers were horrendous. The lyrics were also the problem, but do not sit here and try to defend those beats

    • jay

      No it wasn't the beats in lasers were not the problem it was the lyrical depth.

  • tntking

    to bad lasers could not be like this

  • Dewitt