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Whoa, Bobby Ray is coming for Tyler, the Creator's jugular after those lines he spit.


  • IAmControverse

    B.o.B is not only a nice lyricist, he's a SMART lyricist on top of that. For the record, I like Tyler, and Hopsin, and B.O.B. Can't we all just get along? #OccupyHipHop

  • Jukka Seppälä

    nuff said


    The only people who know who Odd Future is and listen to them is high-school kids...enough said.

  • OddBarbie

    oh & Wolf GAAAAAAANG! Swag.


    il crash that fuckin airplane that that faggit nigga bob is in .OFWGKTADGAFLLBB

  • Fuckchrisbrown

    And fuck B.o.B he fucking sucks.

  • Fuckchrisbrown

    Fuck Chris brown. He's fucking gay. Tyler and the whole Odd Future Wolf Gang crew is the fucking shit! OFWGKTADGAFLSYNWTFWA!!!!!

  • Royce

    Fuck this faggot muthafucka :]

  • Carnagethug

    Anyone talk in about bob getting this dude might wanna go listen 2 Tyler b4 u go running that mouth homie is why better then bob the stacks rip off

  • Simon Magus

    garbage ass return to one line. This new generation is too sensitive b.o.b could have mentioned them in a line like they did now he giving them mo pub and since he is the pop guy now he can be used as a stepping stone.

  • odd future


  • Hubert Jubberman

    If this diss escalates, B.o.B will bring out better lyrics and murder Tyler.

  • bkstylz

    Not a bad flow I was impressed (considering it was B.o.B.), but I wouldn't consider this much of a diss track. I am digging Odd Future...more specifically, Tyler but I don't understand why he needed to throw those lines in there about B.o.B, Bruno and Hayley.

  • June Piedra

    why people hatin b.o.b is nice son!! and thats comin from bk!! i like odd future to but b.o.b is lyrical and he from the south not that common to be lyrical and from the south hes one of the few!

    • jaketheshape

      are you fuckin kidding me. the south is full of them. Goodie mob, outkast, killa mike, magic, ghetto mafia, pastor troy, old ludacris. we have shit ones like waka and stuff too, but damn. at least they all use southern beats. B.O.B.'s beats do not sound southern. he might as well move to a gay community in hollywood somewhere. lyrical southern rappers not that common! get outta here with that B.O.B. ballhuggin shit

  • haha

    hahahahahaha! woww that was so soft compared to odd future! golf wang b.o.b! you suckkk. wolf!

  • Jake

    It's better than Common's "The Bitch in You". . . but not by much

    • Talib

      Bullshit. Respect the legends. Don't compare one of the weakest diss tracks I've ever heard (from a well known rapper at least) to a legend taking on Ice Cube, at a time when he was that dude no one wanted to fuck with, and won because of it.

  • Devin Whittler

    b.o.b no genre look it up it goes hard

  • dizzle

    this nigga is spittin....NO Forreal really listen to it and i dont even like the nigga...im a NIKE nig

  • Finest_21

    Not gonna lie, not the biggest fan of B.o.B. but dude went hard.

  • Anonymous

    B.O.B. just went in dont be fooled by the pop tunes he realesed. this nigga can actually rap!

  • Tim Alonge

    If you guys don't think B.o.B is legit two words "no genre" Look it up.

  • dasf

    i knew it would be a wack ass beat. lol @ ambercrombie raps

  • Paul Garcia

    how is this square ass fool!!!! going to diss Odd Future... Get out the way FUcken DORK! B.o.B. go make tracks for some Disney Kids.

  • Allen Lamont Underwood

    he going in he nice!

  • Jesse Scotto

    Nothing impressive here. Straight up Abercrombie raps here....

  • Anonymous


  • Christopher Parker

    damn i am not a fan of B.o.B. but this shit is hard lol sorry

  • damon

    worst diss song ive ever heard in my life

    • ssssssssssss

      mad cuz even tyler said the shit was hard hahaha.thats a bitch move unlike none other.b.o.b said "they were expecting different results".tyler sits in silllllllence.quickest rap beef ever hahaha.its gonna be commercial length on the next BEEF dvd.

  • Joshua Young

    y everyone thought he was overrated? and airplanes was a sick song

  • Henry White

    Sup Mehn you reall got da tune go hard.

  • DezD

    "Yo Wolf Hailey fuck her i crash that fucking plane that fagot nigga B.O.B was in and stab Bruno Mars in his god dam esophagus and wont stop to the cops come". Golf Wang bitch. Odd Future are fucking samurai's they cut bob skinny ass in half look/ at the fucking aftermath/blow some fucking hash laugh. Odd Future Wolves!

    • Anonymous

      Fuck her wolf Haley robbin em and ill crash that fuckin airplane that that faggot nigga bob was in and stab Bruno mars in his god damn esophagus an wont stop til the cops come in is the real line. Wolf Haley is Tyler the creator alter ego he did not say anything about the chick who sings the hook to airplanes

  • Marcel Robinson


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Louis Creativity Guthrie

    hot 2 def

  • James LNation Veney

    bobby ray comes off on this one?

  • Anonymous

    Man i thought he was overated........ He goes hard

  • swphillyp

    B.O.B. goes hard, this is the rapper that i thought was hot not that airplanes nigga. Tyler anit got shit on him

  • Andrew H. Smith

    B.O.B GOES

  • Psyntax

    Comming from someone who is not a fan of either: Tyler the Creator is much more talented.

  • Anonymous

    Something Serious

  • Anonymous

    DOPE! Odd Future..

  • Vincent Neal Miller

    The irony in this, is that by acknowledging Tyler's line from the song and especially crafting an entire (good) song around that line, he's going to boost Tyler's relevance even further. Good song too.

  • Anonymous

    DECENT DISS....can you smell hip hop in the air :)

  • fightnite

    who the fuck is rick fouche and why niggas keep talkin bout him...hes not that hot!!!

  • King Lamont

    Straight Killed it.

  • Chad

    Funny fact...Sharks are afraid of dolphins xD

  • Tell_EM

    Rick fouche is on roc nation???

  • Anonymous

    Both sides needa step the bars up.

  • Anonymous

    Rick Fouche is working with B.O.B on his next album. Where the hell did this guy come from??

  • Dez_nutz

    i really dont like this joint but BOB is HOT! I thk rick fouche is working with him on his next album

  • fells23

    wow!!!!! that rick fouche arcadia mixtape....WOW!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this is different for BOB... but odd future and that kid rick fouche is what im bumpin right now... http://www.datpiff.com/Rick-Fouche-Arcadia-mixtape.215070.html

  • Jesus

    omfg he went in. i love this B.o.B

  • Adolf Hitler

    he's only trying to build hype after having an alright show at sxsw

  • Adolf Hitler

    he needs to stop being a little bitch and not take shit serious

  • Jamel James

    they not fucking wit him

  • da2ielko

    bobby cant fuck with wolf gang.

  • Corey Weston

    B.O.B did his thing he went HARD.... ive been down with Bobby Ray sense the who the fuck is bob mixtape just got into odd future both are great keep the beef raps up... both will do well if they can keep it going back and forth with i think they both can.

  • Rexhep Gashi


  • Clint Swag H

    fuck Bob, OFWGKTA!!!! this aint got shit on tyler, hes probably salivating just listenin to this, and if yall think bob is better lyrically then Tyler yall got his dick up your anus. KILL THEM ALL TYLER DOMO HODGY LEFTBRAIN TACO JASPER SYD EARL DESHAY SUPER3 5thEchelon MATT and the whole gang even CASEY VEGGIES

  • lol wow..

    first off.. who is odd future or w/e? never hearda him.. second.. B.o.b went in on this, he isn't usually heavy with the lyrics but he spit on this one and it was pretty dope..

  • TimelessMusic301

    Asian rapper sickkkkkkk!! DMV TALENT UNSIGNED NEW HYPE 1080P MUSIC VIDEO!!! 32 BARS FATAL - THE TRUTH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kjs-k5-waaI

  • kolt

    had to hit replay =} sick shit furshizzle

  • Anonymous

    Took him long enough to come up with a comeback.

  • Hater

    Haterr pussy boii.. Dis shidd wentt hamm..

  • Anonymous

    Apparently you dont know shit cause if you name drop bob everyone would think your a fag. Hype beast bitch.

  • Anonymous

    tyler odd future yall can never see BOB. yeah you have good marketing. but lyrically Bob better then you. i heard the song where you dissed bob and i was like wtf. people think this is hot? you burry your vocals into the beat cuz if people realized you didnt use one metafor or punchline throught the whole song they wuda said that shit wack, in fact name droppin BoB is what made that song popular. Bob- 1 Odd Future and Tyler the Triceratops- 0

  • Bryan SanChez

    Esta bueno el tema

  • Roddy Fame

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> STFU

  • black

    this is tight and he was more like this earlier in his career.

  • wu4life

    i love odd future but this track is pretty dope. Everyone that says this is wack needs to stop being so closed minded just because they prefer one over the other

  • Anonymous

    Woah where did this come from. I'm not saying BOB is wack I'm saying I didn't actually expect him to respond. And its pretty damn good

  • Anonymous

    I never been A BoB fan either but he spittin on this.

  • Anonymous

    I like how b.o.b. tried to come out like nwa and shit. Fucking faggot is just mad that he cant make his own shit and has to have bruno mars help help him make some faggot shit so ppl can know who he is

  • John Carter

    ILL track 5*, but i never thought of bob as the beefing type its a bit of a let down

  • GrandHustle

    B.o.B needs to be recognised as a top class spitter

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ has an odd past with a bright future

  • son son son


  • Ado Cob

    Can someone tell me why this is so sick? Also, can someone send me some Odd Future tracks that makes one believe they're better than B.o.B? Every track I've heard so far is on some dumb shock value shit, no actual lyrical content. I'll wait.

    • Anonymous

      There is a song where he clearly says "Fuck BOB" or "Fuck Bobby Ray and Bruno Mars" or something like that. I do remember a song where he dissed him. But I don't listen to Odd Future like that so I don't remember the song

  • kkaye

    Wolf gang are going to eat him up!

  • Anonymous

    What is an Odd Future?

  • Anonymous

    B.O.B just lost all respect from me. odd future is the shit. this shit is weak an hope he knows dolphins kill sharks.

    • Anonymous

      He reacted when someone called him out on a track, and he lost respect for you? GTFOH, like you wouldn't be doing the same shit. Also, your last statement is false. http://www.elasmo-research.org/education/topics/b_corner.htm

  • theTruth

    Bob went in on this. Tyler went out of line when he called him a faggot. but Tyler the creator is young and trying to get attention though so I understand

  • Anonymous

    vote for 2pac http://www.ology.com/sports/best-hip-hop-artist-tournament-elite-8

  • Sheeit

    This is the dopest thing bob has put out since 'Who the fuck is Bob?'

  • bumbaclot

    "im a great white and your a dolphin" damn thats a fucking embarrassing line b.o.b. u be snitchin on yourself man, tellin everyone just how wack u truely is

  • Johnny Zotos

    bob is fucking weak hes just another cash cow shit rapper for the media to suck off until there ain't shit left, not to sound like an ofwgkta fan boy but there shit is tight and bob is fuckin with pop music, that ain't rap.

  • Anonymous

    When he's not singing. My Gaydar goes off when I see this dude. Stop making feminine music and you won't get dis. Tyler was right. That song you wrote was female estrogen.

  • Anonymous

    This dude raps the same on every track.

  • Joey Palack

    what the fuck is this... people need to wake the fuck up and realize that b.o.b. another corporate pushover. fuck him and fuck steve harvey

    • The One

      You talk tough on the internet but you're gonna be squealing like a pig when i fuck your ass-pussy everybody is tough until their buttholes get stretched out

    • Ice T

      @ the one ur the one to gargle my nuts bitch standing up for ur little girlfriend....gaybitch take dat gay shit somewhere else n go play in your mommas asshole....get yo kneepad wearing ass outta here

    • The One

      Hey young man leave his mom out of it how about I fuck your asshole so be nice unless you want my dick in your rape hole

    • Ice t

      fuck steve harvey?.....nah i'll fuck ur moms ass hole instead

  • lolol

    Uhh funny how all these B.o.B. haters and odd future dick riders say this sucks and what not. yet this isnt a diss tape and Tyler the creator bitched out on twitter about this track hahaha so you say it sucks yet the guy you love thought it was "dope" fuckin retards

  • Anonymous

    mneh.. punch lines weak. wolf gang is just more creative than this homie he's just got a good delivery that's it.

  • thetruf

    damn that was wack, at first i thought this was some kind of joke.. almost everything about this shit is bad

  • Michael Zayas

    this is not odd future diss,this was wack as hell and all that but not even a diss,i think b.o.b even said that on his twitter.

    • waka

      lol this is clearly an odd future diss. its titled "no future" afterall. he talks about not taking shit from these rookies referring to the whole crew. they are trying to play goodie goodie on twitter though

  • Corey Weston

    i like both B.o.B and odd future but Bobby ray will fuck Tyler up lyrically and thats just the facts

    • Anonymous

      WHO THA FUCK iz odd future aint neva heard of tha nigga yet he dissin b.o.b. Get serious B.o.B GOT BARZ PERIOD. If niggaz took tha tyme 2 listen to his trackz maybe u bitch azz haterz would learn sumthin. was odd future nominated 4 grammyz I DNT THNK SO

    • theTRUTH

      NOOOOOOOTTTTTT. youre stupid if you actually believe that. B.O.B. is one of the biggest sellouts in the game haha

  • Anonymous

    B.o.B. won't have a career when Earl Sweatshirt gets off whatever imprisonment he's in.

    • ICE T

      You odd future faggots piss me da fuck off....bunch of little homo hipsters....go suck aids dick bitch

    • what?

      you think a guy named "Earl the Sweatshirt" lol will end someones career hahahahaha your stupid. The dudes like 15 and has been rappin for like 3 years BoBs been in the game for a long time and is signed to Grand Hustle and is compared to Andre 3000 yeah sure a sweatshirt is gonna end his career lol

    • Anonymous

      first off, that earl kid is only 16-17 and he's not in jail, his mom took him back to LA and grounded him ROFL. odd future are for faggots

  • Just I Ce

    he made a dis over one line -.- C'Mon Son!

  • Anonymous

    ok.. the nigga went in. set aside your obvious biases and admit that

    • smh

      I agree..I don't even like B.O.B. but this is dope....B.O.B. is better then Tyler the Retard as far as rapping goes...not even a question

  • AT Feezy

    Fresh to death, Ill see you in the afterlife - cant believe yall aint recognize how dope this guy is, and i Didnt even really like The Adventures of Bobby Ray - but this is the same shit hes on on NO Genre, best mixtape Ive heard from anyone in awhile

  • of?

    weaker than alize wita chaser bob. tylers gonna cut you than rape the wounds pussy

  • ehhhhh

    B.o.B. too weak on this one. His wordplay was smooth, but the punches were weak as hell. Odd Future will devour him.

  • jskeelo

    nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tylers too dope for him lol

  • Lloyd C.

    Fucking awesome beat and good lyrics 5/5

  • Schlitz

    BOB sucks...Golf Wang bitch

  • dsf

    People giving this 5 stars obviously is just a dickrider. Fucking hell, it's wack as fuck. Damn you people suck balls, go hang yourself. Mainstream hophop dickriders, go fuck yourself. No reason mainstream hip-hop should be called hip-hop. It's fucking POP. One of the worst disses I've ever heard, BOB should be ashamed, listener should be ashamed, fans should just kill themselves. Fuck you.

    • your dumb

      HOW DUMB ARE YOU? B.o.B. has been in the game since like 06' he was underground forever and had like 6 mixtapes all of them sick. Your just one of the many new odd future dick riders lol. And this isn't a diss tape retard. Funny how you say this is weak yet the man whose dick your suckin even said on his twitter how hard B.o.B. went lol then he backed down hahahaha your stupid educate yourself on music first you don't know hip hop or rap.

    • wu tang forever

      true niggas need to listen to ether that is a REAL DISS wtf is this bullshit

  • Lol

    Wack diss. Odd Future sucks, B.O.B sucks. Learn how to diss before you release something like this. Embarrasing.

  • Rachael Misek

    Like the milk man, delivers every morning.

  • Maverik

    WHAT. that was a diss track? i mean his flow was dope, but i wanna see these two GET AT EACHOTHER.

  • ~*~*:.G1GGL3z.:*~*~


  • ~*.:G1GGL3z:.*~

    H1P H0P DX B3 BULLSH1TTN S0M3 T1M3z.! D3Y 1NzT1GAT1N 0N D1z 1 0N DA R3AL.! DAT zCALLYWAG Azz N1GGA B0B D1DN't 3V3N WR1T3 DAT S0NG Az A D1zz.! H3 3V3N SA1D DAT SH1T H1Mz3LF 0N D1S V1D. H1P H0P DX B3 BULLSH1TTN S0M3 T1M3z tH0.!

  • act1

    That was weak as hell, if you're gonna write a diss track at least put some fucking disses in it. Not just stuff about how damn successful you are, nobody gives a fuck about that.

  • Anonymous

    all you odd future faggots can eat a dick. cuz ur fuckin queer. these bitches only appeal to little ass white trash honkies. or afroamerican rejects thatre white-washed enough to be brainwashed by their trash. forreal. these faggots lack content and they only rap about stupid, retarded shit for the sake of trying to sound hardcore. and all u stupid fucks are stanning to this shit. all u faggots saying "swag" and "free earl" need to get a fuckin life. ur lame as fuck. just take a fuckin xanax and wash it down with a bottle of clorox.

  • ayyeeee

    i didnt know who tyler the creator was until hearin this track... he is pretty cold. he'd eat bob.

  • Alex Hayford

    I like B.o.B and all but I honestly think that Tyler the Creator would eat this nigga alive in a diss track.

  • Squidhunter

    Nice Subliminal's!

  • Jake Bourey

    i love tylers music and earl, but this is still great music...wish it was directed at justin beiber though

  • Anonymous

    Prime your a Guito Faggot!! f

  • Joshua Prime

    isn't he a rookie.... and he's calling others rookies. no weight fake wanna be tough niggas. I love whippin them around in the gym!

  • Nez

    Stop hating on Mac Miller. No one's saying hes an extraordinary writer (Nas, etc) but you listen to some rapper FOR FUN. He has good flow, style, and charisma. If you're much better, make your own damn mixtapes and be an XXL rookie.

    • potface

      nez is speaking the truth... preach

    • G($)

      "No one's saying hes an extraordinary writer." Don't cut him short man. I think he shows glimpses of greatness. Its that FOR FUN stuff that's holding him back IMO. If he wasn't always on that "good time" shit, he'd be as good as Wax (Scrublife).


    bob why this nigguh now switching up the flow and yelling on his shit like eminem nigguh just go back to singing airplanes and the shooting stars like you do


    finally somebody steps up to theze skateboard homeless faggotz who the fuck are theze fagz anyway they aint hip hop fucking skinny jean wearing new gen fagz,AND IF YOU disagree you skinny jean fag just like them

  • $$mike

    oddfuture represents raw hiphop...BOB is mainstream...from all you fucking hipster dx'ers im suprrised you like this shit

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ has an odd past with a bright future

  • Michael Daniel Inniss

    B.o.b to soft for this

  • Neight

    Who want it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Ice T

    only hipster pre pubescent girls listen to dat odd future crap.....FACT.....gargle my nuts if u mad

  • Anonymous

    all you odd future faggots can eat a dick. cuz ur fuckin queer. these bitches only appeal to little ass white trash honkies. or afroamerican rejects thatre white-washed enough to be brainwashed by their trash. forreal. these faggots lack content and they only rap about stupid, retarded shit for the sake of trying to sound hardcore. and all u stupid fucks are stanning to this shit. all u faggots saying "swag" and "free earl" need to get a fuckin life. ur lame as fuck. just take a fuckin xanax and wash it down with a bottle of clorox.

    • StrictlyHipHop


    • Anonymous

      shut da fuck up u odd future dick riders

    • gucci

      burr burr burr wacka wacka wacka ay ay ay i love xanax and vicodinz hoe bricksquadddddddddddd and fuck oddfuture

    • i fucked you mom

      whats race got to do with it ,they appeal to skinny jean wearin faggz of all races and you a bitch too nigger


      Nigga shut yo mouth. Quit bein a queer boy and just don't listen to them. Simple as that. I'm black and I love these niggas music. I like their angle. It aint brainwashing if you know what they're doing, fuckboy. Ignorant ass faggot.

  • harris89

    LOL corny ass B.o.B talking about beating people up.

  • Wolf Gang

    Tyler was talking about raping Hayley(Natalie Holloway), killing BoB by crashing a plane(9/11 imagery), and stabbing Bruno in his fucking throat(Daniel Pearl imagery) Bobby Ray raps some weak ass shit in response. It's easy to tell who's won this battle so far.

  • Frankie

    Wow I like this, B.O.B. rapped really well. I haven't heard much of his music but I cant say Ive liked any until I heard this.

  • Anonymous

    gay diss corny shit

  • Lucio Hikaru Garcia

    Basically BoB made a rap track...that's about it... with cheesy lines... Nickelodeon status... Tyler might be younger but him but he out witty and frankly ALOT better then Bobby-boy... Bob your not a battle rapper so watch ya step

  • Anonymous

    5 cus odd future gay

  • Wake Me When He's Done


  • jack johnson

    maybe he should have got some famous singer or guest rapper to do a chorus on this one too coz its the only reason anyone ever listens to b.o.b.

  • jack johnson

    as a diss its wack, as a song its awful

  • big Brikz

    BoB goes in on this fruitcake.

  • skunk

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr mad mix

  • R.E.A.L.

    B.O.B >> than that fag BOB RIPPED EM!!!

  • Chris Ahuero

    I like this track... Odd Future has a good thing going but threw an unprovoked sucker-punch... I think a response was necessary.

    • Aquze

      A shitty response at that, and BOB is ill. If your going to say anything directly diss em. He said nothing...

  • Right On

    you retards are looking for the old ignorant type dissin.. what do you think hes gunna talk about fucking his mom and killing his dad or some shit, thats exactly the negativity that got the greats killed (pac and biggie) this dis is to show tyler the creator that he aint some pop star bitch and he can actually spit and use legit vocabulary which is why tyler the creator was impressed. this is good shit

  • dac

    shit is whack son...call that a diss?? lol fuck outta hea

  • ben P

    This is sick. I was thinking B.o.B. was just some pop singer/ wannabe MC after hearing his album, but I'm glad to see he's more versatile. This is where hip hop should be right now.

  • Anonymous

    This shit is TRASH!!! 'got my own city, call it Bobtropolis'...'I get head like pumpkins'... REALLY??? This shit is HORRIBLE!!!

  • Will Ishiphop

    dammn... BOB went in...

  • jay-z


  • Jordan Robert St Julien

    idc what anyone says BoB is nice and so is everyone in OFWGKTA they're both talented entities and tyler and BoB obviously dont care about the songs BoB said he laughed at Tylers line and Tyler said BoBs flow on this was dope... friendly competition bitches, enjoy all the music you can! be optimistic not close minded dicks... good day

  • Kanye East


  • Brizz

    Sometimes im thinking bob should come with more grit and quit the pop music. He could be real nice. And man say his name instead of fuckin around. Hoping for a real old school hiphop beef on the mic here. pz.

  • realitycheck

    Seriously, sometimes I get the feeling that people here are just plain hipsters according to their argumentation. Selling out? If any of your broke asses was good at rapping had the chance to sell out you'd be riding the producers dicks in an instant. Seriously just let artists do what ever the fuck they want. If you don't like the results then just don't listen to the music and that's it. Going on rants on the INTERNET just shows what a bored and no-good fuck up you are. I mean I love OFWGKTA, but as sad as I am to say this, they WILL sell out one day, may it be sooner or later. Cause that's how it is if you want to stay relevant with the heavyweights. Either that or they will fade away. This sucks but that's how the world revolves.

  • BillWF

    4 stars but it just sounds weird for him to be dissin someone. like hes soft, he wouldnt do shit

  • Steven Ireland

    5 stars Odd fuckme is as fuck anyways glad B.o.B went in on them.

  • Layton James Miah

    who the fuck is odd future :S

    • Wolf Gang

      Get the fuck off this website, 2dope, and every other site with real fans of hip hop. Anyone that hasn't at least heard Yonkers is a fucking idiot that only listens to mainstream stuff.

  • Anonymous

    i love how you retards say a radio track is gy and just judge an artist off it. izzo, ms jackson, juicy, hey ya, how do you want it.... so, jay, outkast, biggie, andre3k, pac... guess all them weren't hiphop. odd future is trash


    B.O.B. Brought A LITTLE HEAT On This One FOR REAL!!!

  • Laos

    whoever saying shit like tyler didnt do his reaserach on bob , are straight up dumb. Tyler does not give 2 fucks who bob is he straight up said he was out to get kanye west so im pretty sure he just doesnt give a fuck

  • Craig Kraut

    Tylers response to this was "Whoa. I Don't Think The 'No Future' Song Is Even A Diss. But, Ive Never Heard Him Spit Like That. Took Me By Surprise, Cus Its Tight" Thats sad to me cos he obviously dissed BOB with out ever listening to his mixtapes... Yea his studio album was popcorn shit but after being a broke independent artist for so long can you blame dude? I dont care what he does now, his mixtapes were dope as fuck. Generation lost was one of the nicest tracks I've ever heard.

  • acc04

    Bob needs to come with some more shit like this... Wasn't really some kind of OMFGINSANEICANTBELIEVEHEDIDTHAT diss, was just a pretty hot track.

  • music1love626

    i like B.O.B and OFWGKTA...but when i hear this its like who the fuck is B.O.B dissing?!

  • Brandon Caminero

    whoa did BoB just beast on someone? wowzers

  • Anonymous

    i think the best thing to do to a diss-especially one thats as low-key as the one aimed a b.o.b- is to ignore it,look at biggie and i didnt hear biggie make a 5 minute track showing how hypocritical he was

  • G5

    I guess Tyler didn't do his research because BOB been a beast on the mic, he's just versatile is all. Wrong nigga to fuck with rapping though. LOL, I still support the Odd Future shit though. I don't listen to it but I respect the authenticity and originality they have so keep it up Tyler.

    • Santoselhelper

      B.O.B a 'beast?' LOL, you kids do not know about music if you think this popcorn rapper is a so-called'...beast.'

  • BarsBannas

    nice but it couldn't stand up to that kids one line. Still kind of made me want to see so Tyler do it.I give it a 3 for keeping the spirit alive

  • g3kbeats

    want beats now!!! go to g3kbeats.com we got your back!

  • gtfo

    all yall hatin on bob and cocksuckin odd futre go kill yourself fo real bitch ass pussy niggas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shame

    I wanna say i like Odd Future more then B.O.B but this was an good track, not a good diss song but a good track. Im sorry but Tyler's (if he responds) will tear Bobs asshole apart.

  • Steve Rio

    dude. bob just murdered the battle before it began. sick. feeling Tyler, and I'd listen to Bob if he spit like this more often too. Bob got soft but that's what the industry does. this is a hard 32 tho. sick.

  • really??

    BOB>odd fuckers entire life!

  • damnbobkilledit

    damn bob just murdered this fool. wack ass odd fucker. grand hustle!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ has an odd past with a bright future

  • kyle

    tyler the creator is so wack. dude worships the devil and disses kanye and b.o.b thinking hes tough

  • john

    b.o.b goes haaaaard on this, sounds like the stuff he used to spit before he went mainstream.

  • aaron

    looks like a good battle is in store

  • Anonymous

    most of the people on here are just retards who think that B.o.B's album was what did his whole career. Maybe if you retards listened to any of his older mixtapes you'd realize this dude is sick why else would T.I. sign him. He's been compared to Andre 3000. Get some knowledge people stop blowing this guy who named himself "Tyler The Creator" when hasn't done shit compared to B.o.B. The dude came at Kanye and like wtf your not close. B.o.B. made one mainstream album because THAT'S HOW YOU BECOME FAMOUS RETARDS. Look what Wiz Khalifa is doing. Please stop making retarded comments about shit you know nothing about. Odd Future is cool but you really think there that good? They just get really mad say ridiculous shit and have mediocre lyrics......You call B.o.B mainstream but your just one of the very new dick riders to Odd Future...Hop on the Bandwagon. A dude with a shaved head has more flow then Tyler the Creator no one listens to real music these days get your head on straight

    • suggamatic

      You're out of line. B.O.B is a wasteman. most artist wait til atleast their second album to sell out and go mainstream. That nigga B.O.B sold out on his first album. Airplanes? Magic? bruno mars? Sure he CAN rap. but after such whack ass mainstream abominations, he forgot what hip hop stands for. If anything saves hip hop from its miserable condition, It'll be odd future. not B.O.B

    • Alex Garcia

      except tyler is decent

    • Alex Garcia

      couldn't have said it better.

  • NOLAnuffsaid

    B.O.B. shouldn't have given Tyler any fame with this track. I never heard of Tyler bum ass and after some youtube-ing i see why. he attention starved and corny. good at rhyming though. i hope his sorry skate boarding ass get hit by a bus and live.

    • mccusk

      haha exactly this dude wants so much attention he makes stupid ass comments comin at kanye. like this dude wears skinny jeans to his knees and he talks shit?

  • Akuma

    My grandma spit harder than that B.o.B like .......Really........Wake UP PPL


    he reverted back to mixtape B.O.B. on this. thanks for giving him the motivation tyler

  • Rico Johnson

    oooo B.O.B went hard on his ass

  • Tyler The Creator

    i didnt take this as a diss,wow cuz can spit tho....still hate the airplane song tho hahaha

  • hiphopfan27

    lol wtf this aint that good!!! You guys obvs missed that song Budden was on yesterday if you think this is lyrical. And I dont even dig Budden usually. Fuck BOB mainstream fake ass

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    B.o.B. > Tyler, the Creator

  • DL Dub

    Whoa Whoa Whoa. Flawless victory nigga. Brutality. I hope they dont try to come after this dude WHO SHOULD HAVE SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR!!!

  • Milan Ray

    however odd future>bob by a long shot

  • Milan Ray

    the truth is that both of these dudes are soft as fuck

  • Shxtfased


  • Anonymous

    this shit is old hat. ugly tattoos. letting a youngass kid get under his skin, wolf haley is the S H I T.

  • fagggy Mcfuck

    got nothing on ofwgkta


    Well the track isn't great but I give him credit for finally repping Grand Hustle and not trying to distance himself from anything TIP since TIP keep getting into dumb stuff. The man did sign and co-sign. I heard BOB used to rap raw. I guess this is just a sample. Good to battle every now and then, its part of life, we all have them.

  • RAWB!

    Weak!!!.. This fool got his panties all in a bunch cause some underdog barked at his lame ass pop songs!? and you retards cheering this bullshit on, are just as weak as this non sense this chump pulled..

  • jberg

    the only bob song i heard was airplanes. i saw him at sxsw before he blew. not impressed by anything he's done. this is especially wack. if he's gonna diss, at least call them out by name. i saw odd future at sxsw and they were fucking dope. they're really a breath of fresh air for hip hop

  • naniee

    this fuckery you call a song is stupid. it sounds like what all the other mainstreams rapp about. i've heard these lines way too much. the fact that he wasted his time & money making a whole song just for this is ignorant.

  • Andy

    LMAO when Tyler of Odd Future heard this shit, he f'ing ran. Said the song was tight and wasn't a diss to him in his opinion. Yea right, you know you messed with the wrong nigga, your weird punk boy shit is nothing against real talent. You best recognize it when you see it.

  • this is sick

    this is to sick , lol id like to see the diss tracks keeep coming

  • Edwin Mojica

    b.o.b is the best rapper

  • jww

    Bodied these weirdos, didnt expect that bob

  • Jarrett David Grimes

    slayed dude

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  • greggo

    I hate beefs, but I'm all for a good old traditional MC battle. This could be an interesting one.

  • LAnative

    DAYUM! Flow was on point. Didnt know B.O.B had it in em. good shit.

  • CiscoKidd409

    I'm disappointed at these reactions. All hip hop fans do now is complain about how poppy rap is and shit and OF comes in and fucks shit up and people get all mad. He wasn't necessarily dissing BOB he was dissing Airplanes and Nothin Like You. Shit I bought BOB's album cause I was looking forward to it and I listened to it alot, but OF is fucking dope and when that's my favorite part of Yonkers when he throws that shot. He was dissing poppy rap not BoB. Shit, if anything we should be THANKING TYLER for bringing back the mixtape BoB for a day.

  • The Dude

    Solid. Good flow.

  • SuperGucciRap

    LOL that nigga B.o.B is extremely wack. Gucci Mane is the best rapper of all time From all the words of wisdom in his rhymes Been murkin' faggots like Eminem, Nas and Drake Kill off B.o.B and crash that plane in a lake Kid Cudi and Wiz Khalifa are fuckin' gay Rappin' about weed with nothing important to say Fuck everybody hatin' on my nigga Justin Bieber Real class talent that even got me a fever. It's Gucci Time!

  • shane

    Did any one else notice that i dont think said one personal thing about odd future. And i dont meen like personal as in a good diss but i meen mention their name at all. Its like how lil wayne raps in all his songs(sounding angry and talking about killing hypothetical people). I'm not saying it was bad even though i hate B.O.B.. Just it was about the most passive agressive diss track i've heard in a while.

    • Laoss

      it doesnt directly point it at OFWGKTA buut when the song is called no future implying that odd future has no future its kinda a OF diss

  • NemboKid

    Fuck Odd Future. Fuck those spoiled kids with no brain. It's easy to be provocative and mosh on a stage. Being consistent is something else. They are not going to last more than a year.

    • B@nKSy

      A year?, naa oddfuture is dope. And if its so easy to be "provocative" and "mosh on a stage" I want to see you do it.

  • Mann

    Foreal Mann, why he even make this song. #fail, No Future in battle rapping keep it moving! Next, what we gonna have Bruno Mars singing a diss to this nigga tyler called un-beautiful future? c'mon son!

  • Port Lyfe

    I would expect him to say something if a nigga tried his manhood but to be honest I dont know who Odd Future is

  • Meh

    Once again people, it's not a diss track. HHDX is just trying to stir up some shit.

  • Anonymous

    Some of the weakest rhymes & lines I've ever heard and that in a diss track. Damn, this sounds like a parody on rap and it s lame punchlines, but this guy is serious. LMAO, dude is garbage.

  • Anonymous

    how you gonna rap like this for a diss song but rap like a soft pussy on all your other shit?????

  • Anonymous

    this dude sucks balls, terrible voice its wiggity wiggity wack


    No Genre had very similar flows to this, so to whoever thinks he's just pop - listen to that damn mixtape. I love B.o.B. when he spits and I love Odd Future, so I wont vote - but I wish B.o.B. would do more spitting.

  • Anonymous

    B.o.B. is ridiculous.

  • Sickfit.ca

    Odd Future is more important to hip-hop than any of you realize. These kids represent what hip-hop was when it was cool. When NWA, Pac, Biggie, Wu-Tang and Eminem were all at their prime was when they had that "I don't give a fuck" attitude. Hip-hop has evolved so much now to a point where it's commercialized too much. B.o.B. is an artist that anyone can listen to; parents, kids and especially the ladies love shit like "Airplanes". Not that B.o.B. isn't important to rap, he is, it's just he is not in the same class as OFWGKTA. B.o.B. has dirty tracks; that No Genre tape is dope...however, Odd Future is something completely different. These kids are bringing back that NWA, Wu-Tang "fuck the world, I'm atheist" swag that's been missing for so long. Eminem doesn't do that shit anymore, Wu-Tang doesn't do that shit anymore and Dr. Dre is now synonymous with Britney Spears with all his goddamn commercials. Odd Future is the future, whether you like it or not. These kids make their own beats, they've created a cult like following and they don't care what you think. They are incomparable to anyone in the game right now and I know I'm going to get in shit for saying it but these guys are the new Wu-Tang. There, I said it. Even GZA posted Tyler's video for Yonkers the day it came out. If you can't appreciate the genius of that song then you should not be on here. Go back yo your Gucci Mane, Waka Flockas and Jeezys if you want that thoughtless "thug" shit, or fight the system and KILL THEM ALL.

    • Sickfit.ca

      @REALMusic I get what you're trying to say and I know it's pretty bold of me to compare these kids to Wu-Tang. Don't get it twisted though, just because I'm supporting these kids doesn't mean shit about how much I know about music. Visit my site www.sickfit.ca and take a look at the artist's I support. I love B.o.B and yes I agree Pac and Big and Dre all had their different approaches. You're not hearing what I'm saying. I'm saying what made them successful is their attitude and the image associated with the attitude. Wu-Tang created a brand with a logo and had one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever. They took over the fuckin world. And please don't lecture me about Wu-Tang, that's my shit right there lol. I got the Wu-Tang Zippo lighter, all the books, all the CDs, Wu-Tang is my shit...I`m just saying these kids are EASILY comparable. And you don`t think there`s intelligence to their raps? Have you heard Yonkers? Do you even know what it's about? It's lyrical genius and GZA (THE GODDAMN LYRICAL GENIUS HIMSELF) co-signed the song. If you can't see how monumental these kids are, you're blind. Sure Pac was political, Big was glamorous, and Dre...well Dre is a sellout and was never a thug and say what you want to say but do your homework first. I'm a huge NWA fan but come on son, Dre fell off. Yes I'm mad at him for gettin his paper cuz he doesn't fuckin need it anymore, share the wealth. And let's not speculate on what a dead man would do, cuz you don't know shit either.

    • REALmusic

      man you dont know shit about music..I can tell because youre misrepresenting and disrespecting every artist you compared ODD future to. They ARENT wutang! Wutang was on some fuck the world on an intelligent tip...yea sometimes they weren't sayin shit either, but they were touching on more political subliminal rap....and really every member of wutang has a diff style but all talented in their own right. Biggie was about glamour and balling but describing it in a witty way....tupac was on some political and poetic steez via Gangsta rap...you compare Dre to britney spears??? because he's in commercials and getting his paper!? NWA reached millions of ppl because they were outspoken and in their own way shedding light on the projects in compton, bringing those issues to the forefront when no mainstream media would toich it! what in the hell is odd future saying!?? Theyre creative and I salute them for doing their thing and grinding hard but don't dare compare them to the greatest rappers in our generations history without ONE valid point or comparison. BOB is SICK, he's original, MUSICAL, creative, and in his own way addressing issues through his music that also need to be talked about, like ppls obsession with FAME. He's a REAL musician! Dre is alla bout making MUSIC, not just RAP but real music which is why Aint nothin but G thang and other classics will REMAIN relevant cause their REAL songsm gangsta or not! THe more commercial you become isnt evidence of selling out but evidence of resonating with a larger popullation! We dont need any more party or BLING or Weed smoking rappers, we need rappers with a REAL message! If TUpac were alive, do you REALLY think he'd be listening to ODD FUTURE or BOB..lets be real!

    • yup

      The first poster was pretty much spot on...Ive been listening to hip hop since the 80s and its been a long time since a group or mc came on the scene like the odd future kids. Nowadays all mcs take the safe route and do whats been done before just to keep their career alive. Im not a huge fan of their music but the energy and creativity they bring really is what hip hop used to be about.

    • FromN.O.withluv

      Wow, I couldn't have said that shit any better. Look essentially the last few rappers were successful due to co signing of other rappers, Heavy budgets, and whack bloggers. Odd future on the other hand was co signed by no one, lended beats or vocals from no one. B.o.B coomme on son, that was not a diss track, at least I hope it wasn't. Please don't do that shit anymore, stick to winning awards and making hits songs for chicks. You no longer apart of hip hop, Really can anyone tell me what section a lot these so called rappers are in at bestbuy and I tunes? Anyway to everyone who hates odd future please listen to Earl sweatshirt, strange name I know but I promise it will be the hottest shit you've heard in a long time

    • Anonymous

      comparing these losers to the clan is the funniest thing i've heard all day. thanks for the laugh. this guy is a mf doom wanna be. trash. the future...hahahahah, retarded

    • Anonymous

      alright, valid point, but they have no rapping skills. there flows are mostly garbage, their lyrics are pretty funny, the production seems to be all the goddam same, and ive went through a good amount of their music. great, they dont give a fuck, but i like to care more about the music than the fact they love saying the word fuck 400 times every 5 minutes.

  • Right On

    yeahhhhhhhh!!!! hell yeahh! feelin this shit lets get some competition back into hip hop. cant wait to see how this shit turns out

  • Глеб Буглов

    stop killing hip-hop!

  • Nick Crookshank

    It's alright. He can spit when he wants to. Its just he's more of a "Lupe Fiasco of the South."

    • da1

      I wouldn't go that far thats more like andre 3000. Or maybe lupe is a andre 3000 of the mid west. Anyway, that is a very undeserved label you just gave B.o.B. You should just smoke a blunt and call it a day.

  • Essex

    I personaly really don't like Odd Future. I would really whup that ass.

  • unda

    This was ok, but I've heard B.O.B. spit a lot harder in the past. To everyone who's surprised he spits like this, do your homework and listen to BOB's mixtapes. The kid can flow and spit fire. He may do his pop thing on albums because he wants to make money, but when he gets on his mixtape shit, its crazy. Don't forget he's still a hood nigga from East ATL

  • Steez Diamante

    never heard a diss track to a beat like this...doesn't really jive. also, there was nothing really that personal about it to make it seem directed towards odd future...it's like a canned diss.

  • sica

    I like it.. i thought B.o.B. was pop.. this ain't the hardest... how is this a Odd Future diss.. fuck this site's jumps all over drama.. any little jab and they put diss in the title.. talk about stir'n fuckin drama

  • Javier Martinez

    This pop muthaf**ka can't possibly be serious. Where was this hard-body sh** on your album???

  • Akuma

    My grandma spit harder than that B.o.B like ...Really

  • No one234

    http://chronokhalid.bandcamp.com/track/dreamin If you want eclectic creative hiphop that resonates with the likes of lupe, nujabes, joe hiasishi and other fly shit!

  • tylershouldvenevercreated

    looks like tyler created a monster lmao. get em bob! airplanes was a fuckin classic. dont agree go bang urself

  • tylerwho?

    damn b.o.b went in! fuck that clown tyler the faker. his songs are wack as fuck. b.o.b real shit. yonkers = worst shit to come out a black mans mouth. fuck him and his wack as crew! grand hustle 4 life!

    • Javier Martinez

      Wow. I've literally never heard someone be so wrong about anything. Every single word you used is just false. Where the fuck you come from, the Twilight Zone? Retardation like that has to be from another dimension...

  • Jeff van Leeuwen

    uhh he went off on this, well done.

  • C-Lo Dubai

    I copped B.O.B's album from the corner store off the strength of a friend's suggestion before his music took off...this dude is seriously talented and he keeps impressing me with the bars...he aint no super killer tho so I know he's bound to have some low life hate coming at em!

  • Thomas Augustus Grice

    shits dope. still ridin wit OF tho

  • currycreative

    homie gets an "E" for effort. He got heart, but unfortunately, BOB needs to stick to the Top 40.

  • YourMomGoesToCollege

    damn, didn't think he could spit like this. thought he was just another pop tart. he might gain another fan if he keeps doin stuff like this

  • William Scooter Jones

    I like how this track has 5 stars 27 times but still pulling a 3.75 .. thats all them "golf wang" dick suckers!! And free Earl???????? HE'S IN FUCKING BORDING SCHOOL!!! THAT'S LAME AS FUCK DOOD!!!

  • lol

    That had to be one of the worst diss songs Ive ever heard. Im not a fan of either group but this shit was corny.

  • Anonymous

    he should stop rapping LOL

  • shut the fuck up boy

    stupid muthafuckaz killing the hip hop...

  • Haute

    hahaha this isn't even an odd future diss! DX heard "No Future" at the end & decided to aim it towards them. Do i smell an instigator?

  • F. Rap

    I'm just hyped he kicked it off on they dumbass! I wonder will oddpresent respond ? I doubt it, they seem pussy underneath all that satan worshipping. LOL, thanks B.O.B for making my mornin...LET ME GO GET THIS MONEY !!!!!!!! WAR

    • 2nPac

      He didn't kick it off. BOB did go in on them though. I like OFWGKTA, but Tyler the Creator came out of left field on BOB on Yonkers, so I'm glad BOB responded.

  • Anonymous

    who is odd future.... bob been griding..his album was for the masses, but 3 strong mixtapes b4 that. hi my name is, and who the fuck is bob was hella tight

  • da1

    Tell me why it sounds like Will Smith ghost wrote this shit. lol

  • josh

    That song is gay! better than his radio shit, but still have major homo-erotic undertones, A casting call for more dick and less energized vaginal discharge, That nigga B.O.B is just gay to the fullest, he don't represent ATL. thats whack Holla at ya boy T.I.P



  • big

    Odd Future is a mentally retarded Wu Tang Clan

    • andre

      Man, please don't bring Wu-Tang's name up into this no matter what your intentions.They are gods! Both Odd Future and B.o.B. are too wack to be mentioned in the same sentence as them.

  • po

    Who the fuck is odd future?

  • Ashley

    I've been waiting for someone to call Odd Future out on their wackness.

  • Meh

    Man, some of you need to take in B.o.B's mixtape shit. Not saing Tyler doesn't have skilss, but ya'll are missing out.

  • 905

    Fuck B.o.B. and fuck Oddfuture.

  • eb

    BOB always gon be the man.. these fools aint even done shit, what they double aluminum?

  • John Penn Rodgers

    he smashed!!

  • Anonymous

    I aint gonna lie he went harder than Ive ever heard him

  • jayj

    not the dopest diss track, but pretty tough coming from Bobby. I'll give it a 4

  • Cochise

    I dont even fuck with dis lame ass cat...but he spit that shit on this track. Odd Future is dope as fuck though...Ty aint even gonna waste his time, the fans will speak for him...

  • ciiph3r

    wtf??? since when is b.o.b a top class rapper?? his hooks (done by other people) are the only reason his songs sell his verses sucks. he does such predictable rhymes.. put him up against anyone who aint a bum and he wont stand a chance

  • webbz

    This dude's trash, he doesn't even rhyme on most of the bars. OF is gonna light this booty ass nigga up!

  • Ryan Davis

    Baked like muffins son LMAO kindergarten raps


    im glad u went at odd future, cuz now he can come back kill ur career. ur wack dude. ur have been over hyped.WOLF GANG ALL DAAAAAAY

  • Johnny Massacre

    This song was about as intimidating as Vanilla Ice. Horrible rhymes too. And the fact he didn't call Tyler out, what a pussy!

  • kingtrue

    B.o.B that was nasty, I love odd future but damn bob sending it back

  • Devante Introspective-Dialect Bennett

    This isn't the first time he dissed someone... Look up, "Hollywood Nigga"

  • anonymous

    Why is everyone hyping up this song. For starters if it's a diss song, it's not very good, seeing as how he never really called Odd Future out directly. That one line Tyler spit, was way more damaging, seeing as how when I was at SxSW it was the one line EVERYONE at the show shouted out louder than the music. I doubt this is a diss song. And this song just comes off as forced. He should stick to covering Vampire Weekend his music is better when it's more laid back.

  • yo

    also don't prematurely judge ODDFUTE who knows what they will sound like in the future since they have more creative outlets don't let their old music fool you. if that was the case they wouldn't be where they are in the first place. and B.o.B sponsors only can do so much who cares about a.d.i.d.a.s when you have the chance to do other ventures in the actual industry than just model cloths.

  • yo

    B.O.B is made because tyler is right all of his songs have the same progression and pretty much sound the same. if B.o.B went hard on tracks instead of trying to be andre 3000 he probably would sound a little bit more creative. but to say ODDfuture has no future is pretty stupid. they are in the line up to have a pretty damn good future. left brain was in the studio writing and producing for Beyonce, tyler was in the stu with pharell, they are writing and i think producing for adult swim those are just a few things that they have been in the news about. at the end of the day B.o.B needs to get over it. sooner or later like many other artist B.o.B will be in the dark and his music will just be a phase he has to do more than just make tracks with the red head girl and bruno mars.

  • Tyler the What?

    Decent, but not good enough

  • Anonymous

    My nigga B.O.B getting rid of bums

  • EBtheruler

    im tryin to figure out why people are surprised by how he flowed on this, man people gotta listen to the mixtapes. all b.o.b does is spit fire on no genre.

  • okstatetw

    B.o.B went iiiiiiiiiiiiin. Odd Future sucks anyway.

  • support

    tyler blew the first shot and now B.O.B snipe his ass....hhaha beef is kinda pointlees now but dont start nothin if u aint prepared for the response

  • Devin Williams

    Dam B.o.B need to come hard like this all da time!

  • Brandon Lekyle Alsberry

    B.O.B. can spit in case people didn't know before he went ALL THE WAY pop. But nonetheless people who talk about Odd Future as if they can't spit are people looking through glass at a zoo. Tyler and not to mention Earl are not lyrically incompetent. The brothas can spit and they DON'T have a filter to what they'll say in retaliation. I hope B.O.B. doesn't think he won this one simply by one record. This was okay, it wasn't that dope especially since he's spit WAAAY harder then this in the past.

    • Devante Introspective-Dialect Bennett

      He can spit even when he's doin pop shit... Airplanes Part 2 was remarkable

  • GoodSong


  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ has an odd past with a bright future

  • Meh

    I think beef in this day and age is pointless. Tyler fired a shot and now Bobby fired one. Let's call it even.

  • guerilla jones

    thank you!!will SOMEbody please put these weird ass losers out to pasture?damn!all i hear is odd future is hot!!hot like brand new shit!!this horror core bull shit wasnt even good when it was new!!

  • Earl Sweatshirt

    wow i didnt know b.o.b. had it in him to diss a nigga after all that soft ass mainstream shit he been dropping. but ive always known he can spit and even i fuck with oddfuture to the fullest, this right here is nice even tyler, the creator thinks so. i hope tyler busts back tho

  • Malcolm J. William Ault

    Love how Tyler liked this song, and still dissed his poppy single. Man I think Earl Sweatshirt could wreck B.O.B.

    • DMAYNE

      haha Earls fire. Bobby can spit though, check the mixtapes may 25th, b.o.b vs bobby ray, and no genre. gets away from his mainstream crap

  • William Scooter Jones

    This is just a warning.. Chill out Tyler, yu playing with fire rookie!!

    • Malcolm J. William Ault

      you really go by grammy's man? fuck outta here. it's never the best that wins at the grammy's. It's the most popular. And platinum singles ain't shit but mainstream radio stations getting paid to play certain songs. Watch, BOB will be back on that pop shit hard on his next album.

    • rakim maan

      are you retarded? they arent even getting close to the attention BOB got.5 grammy nominations and how many platinum singles? odd future will never have either of those. odd future is over hyped and whack as fuck not to mention probably the worst live show in the game. who just runs a background track and then screams the whole time? and their excuse is cause one dude has asthma? then why are you screamin? no wonder why their own fans throw soda cans at them

    • Malcolm J. William Ault

      B.O.B. is a rookie himself man, get real. Both Odd Future and B.o.B. have been making music since 07. B.O.B. is just mad he got dissed on one track by a guy from a group that 1) Made Mos Def go nuts on TV and 2) has been getting more attention than he did when he started.

  • Chupps

    Pretty standard 1st rounder, can't really say i care who wins if this is taken any further. But Odd Future ain't my type of music. They're talented but their music is sounds like it's made by and aimed at some pessimistic, i-hate-the-world, hipster? teens that really don't have alot to be angry about.. Maybe I'm ignorant, but that's just the vibe i get.

    • MellowHype

      youngins? b.o.b is 22 & tyler the cretor is 20. hes a youngin too so no bob is not immature for this. tyler shot so bob is just shootin back. but i hope oddfuture wins this battle cuz they all my niggaz

    • Brian Heim

      are you joking? ODD FUTURE can do nothing but GAIN popularity from this, while BOB will make himself look nothing but IMMATURE for battling these young'ins

  • Mr. Hudson

    That faggot actually rapped, but a pack of wolves will be at his door soon.

  • iAreConscious

    That was corny. It's 2011, make music.

  • O

    3 stars cause BOB can do better than that. All rapping about where he from and how he smoking weed, how is that a diss??

  • Anonymous


    • O

      I bet you the next time he writes a Diss to OF he tries to actually impress himself with a few clever lines here and there, ones he might actually get a kick out of rapping. He sounds bored with himself and not to concerned with his adversary either. The next one will be better trust me,.

    • O

      PLease... That was some 1st round shit... if ever. Take a second to picture what Bobby Ray really murdering these fools would look like? He would have to bring a killer instinct w/ him.

  • Jeremy F Taylor

    funny thing is...Tyler, the creator said on twitter he likes this song

  • Ronald E Luellen Jr

    on the real.... that was okay. i'm a glad didn't put a hook in there. lol. he shouldn't have said shit tho. dude is to big for that. smh. o well. it's funny to me. -iz

  • Ice t

    fuck odd future only homosensuals listen to dat shit

  • Cameron LaRay Brawner-Rodgers

    Damn son!

  • hiphopfan27

    Tylers finna kill this faggot! haha