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This should have never happened, but listen anyway.


  • monie

    i love kesha nd andre im soo glade they made this recored.. ;) i love it

  • jesus

    my respect for ANDRE could NEVER fall off, (for real) this dude is without a doubt the truth

  • Lil Rascal

    this just shows that Stacks demolishes any track whether it's rock & roll, hip-hop, techno, house music, anything, he'll rip it.

  • john redcorn

    smh at people "losing respect" for 3k just because he got on a pop track. the song is bad, but he still rips the track.

    • true

      if anything, more respect should be given that he keeps proving that he can rip anything given to him. i only wish he came out with stuff everyday like wayne did. he'd put wayne in his place.

  • dibi

    woooow lost alot of respect for 3k even tho he did kinda rip this

  • Torian Broadnax

    Its funny that no one caught that Andre verse was telling a story of how people (females) start off sweet, and how divorce leads to girls acting "sleazy". C'mon man...how many times has this guy got on a track without a meaning? Zero. He did the same thing on that Walk It Out Remix. Listen to the song , before you start calling him a sellout.

  • hotnew

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxe-JRmoBes white kid blunt cruisin and spittin'

  • greg232

    Dre what the fuck.... respect levels for andre3k slowly falling

  • Lit

    So rappers like Cudi and Drake can't get Andre on a feature...but Kesha can? Wow.

  • www.iambadnewz.com

    It's alright...3000 killed like he kills damn near everything, check us out at www. iambadnewz .com

  • ThatKidWithTheCrown

    Andre kills everything.

  • Anonymous

    music belongs to everyone scottie, and andre benjamin is that fire, any other rapper this would be wack(just my opinion)

  • Dre

    first off this song is eh but not tht good. Secondly 3k isnt relevant cause 3k dont want to be relevant. Andre has and one of the nicest flows to grace the rap game and to those racist hicks/niggas out there one of the rappers that can even come close to 3k's flow happens to be white aka Eminem a ghetto is a ghetto and the struggle gunna be te struggle no matter the race... yea im black by the way and from the hood ive seen all races. Trust me color has nuthing to to with talent..

  • Troof

    dudes like scottie minor ruin this site...good music is good music...plenty of diff races are from the hood...you can tell a poser from somebody real. You think dudes like Paul Wall is faking? That man is from the hood 4real...prolly had to struggle harder than u ever have... anyway...stacks verse is mean...I see it as a move to re-establish himself as relevant by hoppin on a pop track. aint no reason to worry about him goin all FLO-RIDA on us though...(not like florida was ever nice...but that nigga is more pop than fergie)

  • Lock and Load

    3 Stacks!!.....and only a 5 cause of Andre...cant feel this chick tho...and fuck that little punk who's posting that bowlshit...i guess you have to make up for a small dick for somehow..yea scottie little league...

  • wickwickwack

    better waste a verse on kesha then on the yellow bus rappers gucci,wacka and them ...

  • busta-hophip face

    scottie so stupid, my balls are darker than you.. before you speak so durrr go get a tan you pasty being... being should i even say that about you? hmm no not really, should just keep it at IGnorANT... ps im a whiteguy HIPHOP is in my blood/not my culture..moran

  • Nathan Harvey Malcolm

    obviously Ander 3000 does good. & i like Ke$ha's Music allot but I don't think i like the song all to much

  • Scottie Minor

    a white person shouldn't have a right to comment on rap.. itz not a part of their culture .. they don't know nothing about the hood or the struggle... so how can they relate to what we go through ,,,people leaving comments calling other muthafukers coons and racist shi!!!... first off if u not even black why are u on thiz site ... thiz site iz for black people ... go and get on cmt.com ... white mutherfukers or another race iz allways trying to fit in and be black... do u know how stupid it looks when a whiite person trys and act or dress black... u have to feel me on thiz.... u ever seen a white boi wit a pair jays on and baggy jeans and a doo rag.... that shit looks toooooooooo funny lol lol lol ... why u think they made the movie (malibu most wanted) it was to show people how dumb white people or another race look when they act black.... when white people try and dance or move they body like a black person ... that shit look too funny...

    • Steven Ireland

      why do you keep posting the same shit over an over???

    • C.JayDee

      Ignorance at it's finest.

    • read a book

      Once again another ignorant idiot putting his half cent opinion in.... Music is an art for everybody to begin with, so get that bigot idea only black people can apparently listen to hip hop. Secondly what is your ignorant stereotypical definition of "acting or being black?" Because now your categorizing an entire race to act a certain way. So if you're black and don't like rap then what? You're not black? ... Jesus honestly... THINK before you speak. And if you can't THINK then get EDUCATED.

    • Stale Ass Cracka

      this kid and the one above me are fuckin bums...feel cozy behind a keyboard...flake ass negro's

    • chef

      cosign@ scottie minor

    • pssssh

      well this song is garbage anyways and dooood you dont know what the fuck you talking about im white you dont know where i grew up and what ive been through and who said all white people are rich n shit?you are a dumb ass come to my block talking all that noise,cuz where i come from it aint about what color you are if you wack you wack and if ure a bitch ull get treated like one..yur mexican or some shit so ur so much more "hood" than me,well good for you what the fucks that mean??

    • Reidness

      Scottie Minor Leagues...You're an idiot. However, you made one point when people leave comments on this site simply saying "coon" or some other racist shit I can't condone that. But anybody, black white purple or green can appreciate good music. Let's all just enjoy quality music together. Kesha is GARBAGE!! Cant believe Andre 3000 did a track with her. Although his verse killed it. Hopefully he got paid a king's ransom for blessing her with a golden 3K verse.

    • shadyvill

      lol look at this dirty sand nigga playing the race card how about you do us all a fav and go blow your self up you light skinned banana bunny

    • ThisGuy

      White people live in the hood you retard, all races do, not just blacks. Looks like you need to think before you comment, maybe you should be the one without the right to comment you mental midget.

    • 2134dss

      White people live in the hood you retard, all races do, not just blacks. Looks like you need to think before you comment, maybe you should be the one without the right to comment you mental midget

    • You are a joke

      A comment as brainless as this doesn't even deserve a response. Any human over the age of 4 wouldn't actually believe something as incredibly stupid as you just said. So since you must have been joking I must say your jokes need some work. ps. Believe it or not, the word "thiz" is actually spelled this.

    • Your an idiot

      First of all there are whit ppl from the hood and struggling and not all hip hop is about that retard

    • Your Argument Sucks?

      I didn't know you were the man who regulates who can listen to rap music or not... You're being just as racist and prejudice when you say go to cmt.com. So basically what I got out of this is that you are a complete idiot.

  • IR_Relevance

    Sounds like something the blackeyed peas would do... 3 Stacks drops ether as always... Ke$ha should like she studied Fergie and mastered the class...

  • Akim

    3000 is dope but Kesha is wack just like the track

  • DubI

    Honestly I love this song. For one by refusing to do collabs with bullshit pop rappers *cough* Drake *cough* and turning around and doing a song with Ke$ha, it seems to say honest pop music>pop music that thinks it's real hip-hop. Plus Ke$ha seems like she has more flow than most of your favorite rappers.

  • Anonymous


  • Cealix

    HAY BITCHES. Club song is a club song.

  • qwerty

    This nigga said it man... "Two parents dwellin' in spellin has been so underrated" That's truth right there. Men if ya baby's momma is crazy at least try n STAY IN YA KIDS LIFE. DRE 3Stack go HARD!!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm a big 3000 fan too but fuck this, this is a fail, what the fuck is this happening for? there is literally a thousand better artists to collaborate with. I mean its better with Andre if I'm force to listen to it but no thanks.

  • Erich Garrett

    3 stacks is back like he never left!!

  • Brffa

    Dre 3000 wrecking shit again. He comes out of nowhere and destroys tracks like usual. We still need that album though. And I don't know, my ears may be fucked up after listening to all this recent garbage music, but does it sound like Kesha kinda got a little flow?

  • flex

    i'll never understand how 3k chooses who he wants to work with lol..fucking love him tho

  • BAM93

    Andre 3000's verse only http://limelinx.com/files/e87036e0f91d1eb6e64c03a5d77301d6

  • For Real

    I don't get it... if Andre 3000 makes a song with Ke$ha, y'all cool with it but if someone like but when Kanye and Raekwon made a song with Justin Bieber, it' shit. WTF? Both songs weren't great but these artists have the right to collab whoever they want imo.

    • Guest

      People hold different standards for different artists. Although they really shouldn't, but that's just how some (most) hip hop fans are....especially underground strictly hip hop fans.

    • Torian Broadnax

      I think the difference is, Outkast (Both Andre and Big Boi) have been known to collaborate with different people and different genres, as opposed to Raekwon usual Wu-Tang collabos.

    • Anonymous

      lol hell yeah haha

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    Andre's verse goes, the rest is sh*t

  • ninjaturtle

    All you haters that didn't even give this a chance just because you wanna show how "hard" you are by not liking kesha ... Kill yourself. Andre 3000 all day!

  • youngweedy

    this white bitch a ho

  • haha

    "she call me andre 6000 cuz im good to her" haha.

  • 2dope

    i dont care if andre appears with britney spears. JUST DROP A VERSE!!

  • Jeremy Pape

    Ill be the first to say GARBAGE not even 3 stacks can save a bull shit ke$ha song

  • amp

    i dont get andre anymore.

  • Brian McG

    3000 solo album please.

  • Sabastian Jackson

    This was fucking dope

  • Brooks Colleton

    3 stacks!!!!!!!!

  • p_rawk

    A lot people (dx included) are going to hate on 3k for this but it sounds dope as hell to me.