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Here's 'The Announcement' that had Diddy's Twitter boxers in a bunch.



  • stop

    just stop, jay. you're f-ing killing everything. i feel sorry for anyone else out there claiming to be an mc because whoever they are they don't deserve the same job title as this dude. beast!

  • bigtimeshina

    Tell 'em I sent you and your code name's megatron

  • bigtimeshina

    My crew's Imperial

  • BigTimeShina

    Don't sleep on a single metaphor. If you don't understand it, find out. It's too well crafted to be gibberish. This should be more than a five. Every line lethal My view's aerial Your crew inferior My crew superior MC killah's -Milk and Cereal Get it? Forget it. You'll still be connecting the dots with smoking holes in your fitted Those that got it'll be all at the shows throwing fi The light from the dynasty sign froze all the critics An aryan soul got on their frog toes to ribbit Shhhh twas the night before they coming sugar plum candy coated lies for the dummies decoded heiroglyphics in the shrines for the mummies we not illuminate but our eyes on the money my minds on the scripture It's beautiful I see every line on the picture So when the leaves rustle and the cock crows winter Just know that the black god's mingled a bit Then the fingers got pricked Then the single got picked Man, I'm living out my brain I don't dream about shit If I say dream I meant Dream Fresh not Hampton I got a date with destiny I'm definitely not cancelling Romancing The Stone the Roc The throne the elegant celebration send tremors through every nation The stars align like cars at grand central station Elevation Yours truly My duty and obligation The newly appointed ruler who moving, no observation like wd Say my name on a record WW3 I put you niggas in a box like the WB Here's a footnote on the blueprint Whom's fucking with we? Yeah, bad grammar Wide screen panorama Paranormal activity seen on the camera uh-huh so, if you want that turmoil I'll twitter facebook youtube worldstar you rap radar and I'll write two dope you Yo' plans is foiled yo' guns is borrowed We living in tomorrow A tissue for yo' sorrow

  • Malechi Donald

    He is the Greatest.

  • thatkid

    The kid is a problem.

  • foCuS.

    damn this dude is ill.

  • Anonymous

    did j elec just do a "kid cudi" impersonation? LOL

  • Drago

    Dayum...dude be on point...always. 5/5

  • exclusiveKICKS2


  • Yo No Se

    I'm not 100% sold on him. He's pretty nice and all, but he has no charisma! Unless he can get some I don't see him being a "true" success on Roc.You have to have the whoel package these days. What's his actual song-making potential (and I don't mean pop hits) Not hating at all, because I enjoy listening to him, but just not sure exactly what his direction is with his music. It seems scattered, and while he seems to speak upon substance, it's almost like in an abstract way where he doesn't really adress what he's trying to get at.

  • SixstarGeneral

    I want a studio album. One to be proud of though. I'm tired of upcoming rappers giving me hope and then once they get a deal they suck. Like drake. Drake did catch my ear up until he got a deal.

  • Riley

    Jay oughta be proud of his investment

  • UM


  • Right On

    i need some kick snare in this bitch

  • deuce

    Niggaz is all hyped about this man standing out... hes gonna sell out like every single last Muthafucka did... Biggie was born a sell out Lol. Nas sold out, Common sold out, Mos Def wants to sell out... Rakim bout the only person i can think of that didnt sell out. At the end of the day Money Speaks(Fuck that MONEY SCREAMSS!!!) LoL at the thought of Real-Hip-Hop. This is what we have now, industry run hip-pop, take it or leave it, if u want real-hip-hop u have to listen to the old shyt and undergound shyt cuz aint nobody in the mainstream making it...

    • WHAT?

      NAS SOLD OUT? He is the most militant emcee besides Dead Prez probably! Listen to his last 3 albums (including Distant Relatives). He's probably blacklisted throughout the whole industry but he has my support! The greatest!

    • Taurean Washington

      @deuce I get your point as to selling out but what do you define selling out? I mean because someone has work that appeals to the masses and have a "Pop" or popular record, have they sold out? I mean biggies albums were classics but sold out the shelves! Is that selling out? I mean idk selling out is too broad. I think flossing and bragg shit is apart of the culture man...But too much of that is bullshit and that's what most of these one hit wonder rappers and even cats like Rick Ross and them talk about... Nas is versatile but he is a true MC and if you mean selling out by him being successful, then hey he sold out. But Jay Electronica has the freedom with his music in this new deal so dude will be real and have his artistic integrity. Do you do music yourself? I'm just sayin let's just bask in the moment that the underground great now has a deal so he can get the shit that you and I like to the world in a better way! Jay is gonna kill it!

    • deuce

      @Podge Ader Dwyer nas sold out with in his 3 and 4 album when he glorifies money and all the bullshyt mainstream music puts out... but he come back to his roots in stillmatic, streets disciple, untitled, and distant relatives, so he can say he was tempted and he took the bait, but he did come back so i can clarify that, but at the end of the day he was a sell out. I never said mos sold out, he never got big enough to sell out... LOL BTW U the dumb fuck for not studying your shyt. Ol bitch ass cracker coming at me like u stupid or some shyt... fuck what you heard.

    • Almar

      Raekwon Didn't sell out? Dude did a song with Justin Bieber. C'MON MAN!!!!!!

    • Killakal

      Preach on brotha man

    • Podge Ader Dwyer

      you are a retard how did nas n mos sell out u deaf cunt

  • deuce

    Nigga is Suppa Whack, He aint for me sorry... And I think he is Illuminati Lol... Damn this shyt sucks... WTf is he talking bout. 2/5

    • Anonymous

      Get off this page then man! Dayum! I mean if you don't like him, you don't but I wonder who you do like because they are probably wack!

    • leeroy

      he's just talking about how he signed with the roc and he doesn't give a fuck about what a peon like u has to say

  • thank me lata

    even tho he spit this very same rap like yesterdayago the lyrics are pristine besides the beat 3/5

  • Dustin6595

    he reminds me for some reason of Mos Def

  • bf

    i dont get the buzz around jay electronica? i think everyone hears something i dont? his flow sucks, i dont even think he has one. i gave this track a chance but i just cant get hooked on him like i did with j cole. 2/5

  • Anonymous

    cool piece production wise, Sticking to what its important, sociology, political, philosphical, I know it sounds gay but foreal knowledge gives him raw rhymes with creativity and emotion. And I'm not even the biggest fan, think he could get better.

    • deuce

      I been deep into political hip-hop lately, but Americans are blinded by Bullshyt so it aint worth it, and this mans lyrics were not politically at all... a couple of references don't mean shyt.

  • Dylan -Di Hudson

    If yall get a chance show some love and head over to http://hudsonproductionsmusic.com the official website of hip hop artist and producer B.Hudson 'Incredibility' coming 12-2-10

  • Nastynas4life

    short track but its dope! 5/5

  • bkstylz

    This is an incredible track. Jay killed this.

  • Articulate1

    Said it before and Ill say it again: Jay Elec is the most interesting and best lyricist to come out in the last 10 years. I just hope Jigga doesnt fuck up his career by not releasing his albums or making him watered down and poppy...Please no songs with Rihanna's no talent ass or Will's spoiled bitch of a daughter.

  • 6p6e6n

    Holey Batman... So Dopeness

  • Yo

    Dis nicca Ill...diddy mad lmao thats what u get fag bout time somebody gave u a taste of ur own medicine...shout out to Jay Hov lol...The Roc

  • RH

    gotta agree with some of the above, I like JE too but I've heard better stuff from him

  • SteveV

    Ill track glad he signed with a label with some money so he can rip nice beats but seriously yall need to shut the fuck up about all these rappers and pop stars being illumanati its just fuckin stupid yeah fuckin kanye and jay electronica are plottin evil schemes to get us all damn did you hear that song its so secrete society like like seriosuly shut the fuck up there rappers not in a secret government

  • naji

    jay is dope.real hip hop!!

  • s

    Let's hope that Jay-Z doesn't play the "Check-out-my-new-thing-that-I'm-keeping-to-myself."

  • billy

    dope track, but i got to ask, what do the illuminati researchers have to say about jay elect signing to jigga's label?? i jus hope hov put fire under this dudes ass so he'll finally dope an album

  • Rain

    that shit was Dope, Jay killing it like usually


    I am going to tell yall now....This could be one of the greatest of all time...We just need to hope that Hov lets this man do his thing without holding him back...

  • Hob

    download it @ www.thehustlafidecorner.com

  • DugeyD

    jay too dope man his flow mad crazy... a J cole wale and Jay collabo would be very dope

  • Jprime

    How niggas given this a 5 it ain't even like a complete song. Like I'm loving jay as much as the next but you niggas be mad dick riders. Afive star song only comes once in a while. For y'all niggas it's like every second song.

    • Calvin Brett

      naa... dude u got it straight twisted.. what u got to realize about Jay Elec is that hes not about making music according to what music is supposed to be. Hes gonna create shit from his heart and leaveit as it stands. Thats why when u hear this shit you dont even have to hear or understand the words to know that its real... and honestly thats what hip hop has been missing. Hip hop became hot because it showed reality raw. Then it went commercial and lost that. Today, even dudes with crazy bars are whack because hip hopis about so much more than the combination of writing a few 16s hooks and having a chick sing a hook. That basic 16 style is played out. That nigga JAy is painting pictures and using syllables and words as his brush. The songs over when hes said all he has to say.

    • HIPHOP

      A tissue for your sorrows!

  • dstokes

    A tissue for your sorrows!

  • Anonymous

    Jay and Ye are running game they treat it like a chess game

  • ASEE

    I prefer this to Shiny Suit Theory. This is the sort of shit Jay does best - minimalistic beats and straight flow. ***** stars

  • Anonymous

    Wow jay electronica my man damn

  • April LaRae Garcia

    Jay is so that dude!! =]

  • Anonymous