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'I am the day Ice Cube met Michael Jackson. Keep 'em away, huh? Something might happen.' Kanye is on his A-Game with this G.O.O.D. Friday release.


  • sun_god7

    The production is dope. Should of been on the album. Maybe it will be a B-side to one of the singles?

  • Anonymous

    Its a not literally about chains you morons!

  • Shots_is_King

    lolz @ this song. Kanye West is an idiot.

  • Tru hiphop head

    Yo, this fire I wish it made the album but I don't care the album is my fav this year so I kno it will not be album of the year cus everybody crying Em, but it's album of the year in my heart, Kanye makes art not just music from the cover to the sounds & stories he tells he is one of musics all time best emcee's !!!!! Also look for hiphops newest artist Young Cassius "Power" YouTube

  • jj

    why was this not on the album.

  • Niggaitsttooheavy

    Heavy track! They go in on this ill Q-Tip beat!

  • Anonymous

    cons murks it! nice

  • BreakinChainz

    Aside from Kanye West and whoever else decides to put out an album this year I want to hear YOU. I know that sounds cheesy and corny as hell but it's the truth. Let me clarify what I mean when I say that, "I want to hear YOU!" This shit that they play on the radio is toilet floats. You can summarize the lyrical content by saying, "Skeet, Skeet, drink, smoke, skeet, skeet, talk shit I'll shoot ya, bling bling." Seriously how many different ways can you say the same shit. With that said all of this is being pumped into the airwaves and now people that even attempt to rap end up regurgitating the same crap. It makes no sense for people to purchase the same album over and over again. I want the commercial rap to be REAL HIP HOP. I have worked with children for a number of years and I encourage them when creating to tell their own stories. Your life is real, why not share that in your songs. I want to hear YOU, not what you think you should be, what you think you should say to make money, pure untainted YOU. This shit has got to stop. Weak metaphors and a barage of unrelated similes can't cut it. If you hear a rapper say "like" more than five times in a rap sit him down and let him know that he needs to step his game up. You guys know what I'm talking about. I honestly believe that the average joe can rap better than Lil' Wayne and could come up with better lyrical content. I'm no record exec. or anything of the sort, but if you have some music that is real shoot me an e-mail at dacurious1@hotmail.com. I want to hear YOU!

    • idk123

      Ok, a few flaws in your argument. 1- not everyone is eminem and has a crazy/fucked up child hood story and at the same time is a lyrical genius even after many nights under the influence of any and everything. 2- Kid CuDi... listen to the shit he has to spit and he comes no where close to the intricate lyrics of papoose. cudi is trying to do exactly what ur asking... listen to just about any of his songs and u will find out he has night terrors almost every night, thats whats unique about him and hes trying to use that to get to the top and have that huge bank account. having said that the other artists your having problems with dont have that intense background so they talk about whatever they think is going to make as many people as they can get to play their music one way or another and make that cash flow and have that "dream" lifestyle. now dont get me wrong i love the artists your referring to who really come up with bars and bars of real shit they went through and can still kill it again and again on the track but there are a lot more fake bullshit wanna-be's that just want the fame as opposed to the real legit artists we all want to hear more of.

  • john

    lame as usual good beat

  • Ason Jones

    this nigga talkin about the devils that own him/pay him. kinda on the borderline between underground talk & mainstream rap. prolly the dopest verse i've heard from yeezy as far as the G.O.O.D. Friday releases go. Ice Cube & MJ?? Cube keeps it real 24/7....MJ got played by joe jackson & geppetto (fuck them niggaz). Mr. West has a smart flow on this one....Q-Tip is a freakin genius for the beat....Talib/Consequence held it down but could done better. nuff said, im out. don killuminati style all day, every day....Fuck them haters.

  • jj

    this is hot hope this is on the album.

  • exclusiveKICKS2


  • BreakingChainz

    Obviously some people got the point of the song and others did not. "Chain heavy" is a metaphor representing the burden that Kanye West has to bare as an African-American. The burden has remained the same throughout the years in the United States. Though the physical chains have been removed we still have mental chains that aren't as easilly broken. Let someone rape, beat, and enslave just one generation of your family and lets see how much counseling your family would need. (300 years worth are wounds that take a looong time to heal) Blacks and whites both wear chains. The black chain is one of being misunderstood and struggling with the idea that in order to be successful he/she must assimilate. Kanye receives so much bad press because he makes attempts not to assimilate. He reached a place in his career where he can speak his mind and not have it affect his well being.

    • Alexander DeSimone

      BreakinChainz that was the most intelligent thing I've heard someone say on here

    • BreakinChainz

      Money doesn't make life any easier, but it does give the illusion of comfort. Wouldn't it suck to think that money was going to make things better, get the money and still be unhappy. Now you can't just be unhappy, you're unhappy thinking that you should be happy because you've got money.

    • 905

      OOOH yaaa kanyes life is real hard. But ya I get what you're saying and what he was trying to do but how long he gonna talk that shit while he's sittin on millions.

    • Mark Gonzalez

      Nice explanation .... We need to be reprogrammed seriously !!!

    • Anonymous

      Everybody has been enslaved one way or another.

  • jake

    a few solid bars from kanye littered throughout his verses, but a lot lazy/corny ones and the "Here we go, like we should, Feel the sweat on your face, ALLRIGHT OKAY" over and over is pretty damn annoying. Solid q-tip beat. Kweli cuts KANYE as an emcee obviously, b-c well he's a dope MC and kanye is simply a very good producer (in his prime) and unique overall artist

  • Shlomi TalentDisplay Samya

    Hook could've been played with, but the track is great, its got a raw feel, great lyrics, and truly sounds like hip-hop. Beat sounds simple but really what it does is give the lyrics an extra shine. It's a special beat. Sincerely, http://www.youtube.com/TALENTDISPLAY P.S Kanye killed it best.

  • saha

    why aint nobody givin probs to fucking kweli here? dude murdered the track!

    • realityrap

      yeah you right, kweli had the hardest verse.........the d.a. attack us want us in chains like b.a. baracus lol

    • jake

      Agreed alot of clowns if they don't think kweli kills it hardest. Kweli is a top 25 emcee of all time arguably, in terms of lyrically/storytelling/unique voice, longevity in the game (12 years now), respect of other dope emcees in mainstream/underground (Train of Thought is classic, Blackstarr w/ Mos is classic and alot of his other albums are very good)...Kanye is an AVERAGE mc...his A+ producition is top 15 producers ever in hip hop, but LYRICALLY as an mc? He's a tad above average when you compare him to an Em, Nas, Kweli, G Rap, Pharoahe Monch, Black Thought, Rakim, 2pac, BIG, Big L, Big Pun, Redman, Crooked I, Tonedeff, Cunnin Lynguists, Elzhi, Royce, Budden, Louis Logic, Juice (from chi and doper), Lupe, Diabolic, Andre 3000, Jay, Most of Wu-Tang, to name A FEW who are doper LYRICISTS. Kanye is a solid ARTIST (when you take everything into account) and is pretty unique, but as an EMCEE he's merely a lil above average. These are just the facts

  • wtfnj

    The beat is kinda simple..one loop and one lead synth. His verse is serious tho.

  • McFlow

    "My dick heavy yeh yeh my dick heavy my dick heavy my dick too lengthy"

  • realityrap

    kanye went hard on this song..............i think u folk are missing the point of "my chain heavy"............maybe because your chain aint heavy

  • Anonymous

    tell me how hard kanye is trying nowadays

  • Rivateer

    yea kanye keeps gettin worse. this song aint good, and his rhymes suck

    • Rivateer

      How dare you disagree. Shut up before I slam my dick up yo ass and make it hurt.

    • Jason Bultman

      maybe this aint dudes best track....but u a god damn fool if u dont notice that Kanye is killin everything latley...Back on his grind, no doubt about it, its GOOD MUSIC MA FUCKA


    Props to Q. Everything else was boring.

  • SaveRuthSynder

    Kanye shoulda came harder working with a legend like Q-Tip!

  • Quintin Mason

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  • Quintin Mason

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  • raptvnet

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  • Eh

    Kanye knows how to rally the metrosexuals like nobody else. Talib/Consequence ripped the beat...Kanye spit jibberish as usual.

  • marco

    is this song on the deluxe version of the album as a bonus? and does neone kno what other bonus songs will be on it?

  • wyhat?

    kanye can't rap for shit, you're all fuckin' nuts.

  • Mario Slim-Branch

    Kanye best rapper in the world

  • bwsryda

    wtf? are you serious? my chain heavy? motherfucker some of us don't have huge rapper chains! come on bring the old Hip Hop back! Dre take out Detox and save us all!

    • realtalk

      u my friend a complete idiot, chain heavy is a metaphor, most of u clowns dont understand what the man is talkin about bc most of u are stuck on some bullshit. and detox?? really, u want to hear a 50 year old rappin about low riders and bitches. Child Please..

    • huh?

      you seem to be complaining about substance, but Dre's albums are about big cars, bitches, and blunts. how's that gonna save anybody?

    • well

      i think you're missing what "chain heavy" means. hint: it's not a gold chain

  • SharksBreath

    I guess I'm the only one that sees Kanye as a serial thief. Now he's stealing Royce's flow and style.

  • Eva Datdiva

    yes, this is the Kanye from college dropout and late registration with a little more darkness and maturity. dynamic beat. not big on the hook though.

  • Johnny P

    as much of a dick that Kanye is.... he makes great music

  • frank

    after that "today" show embarressment i lost respect for kanye sorry!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bart3000

      after that "today show embarassment" I lost respect for George Bush... two failed trillion dollar military campaigns, a half assed week late response to a natural disaster that swallowed an american city, the collapse of the american economy, and a large portion of the population of the WORLD hating him and everyone he represents to to point that they are willing to go to war with all things american, and this clown says the low point in his presidency was fuckin Kanye West's speaking on behalf of the millions of black families displaced by Katrina that do believe the former CEO of America is apathetic toward the plight of black people? fuck outta here with that bullshit! Kanye west owes nobody a fuckin apology for speaking his mind when they gave him a mic! I woulda said the same thing if they'd asked me but I was too busy treading water!

    • scott

      yeh fo real Jamaal

    • Jamaal iLLEGAL

      This mental midget fails to realize that Kanye's job is to make music not give politically correct interviews with fuckin Matt Laur. Dont Judge Just Listen. You smurf!!!

    • ha

      you are a douchebag

  • Anonymous

    wow..... straight fire.

  • mrconceited.com


  • LeJames

    Kanye cant stop wont stop, da man is ill

  • jrmcuboulder

    Shout to Q-Tip. You are a legend and a genius. Beat is damn near perfect

  • jrmcuboulder

    Pure hip-hop. No one can touch Kanye right now. Hands down the best rapper alive

  • Anonymous

    worst hook possible. but the verses were reallly tight to make up for it

  • Akim

    Kanye is a best ,Talib is the most mature in rap music and Q tip is dope on the beat

  • Nedas Punys

    you can make goood music and sell a lot. kanye - proof.

  • Anonymous

    nice ye on his a game. im coppin lloyd banks hfm2, will cop ye too if i have the $ but for now its just banks

  • teezy

    straight fire, maybe we'll get mamas boyfriend next week..?

  • thecityofsteel

    One of the best Kanye songs ive heard since College Dropout, this is going straight in the whip

  • illestmaninnyc



    OkAy oKaY kAnyE, i FeEl yOu sPeAkInG! yOu gOt goOd aRoUnD yOu...

  • bf

    cool lil beat by tip. 4/5

  • Jude Zephir

    Oh man dis is real spit on all levels man shit is tuff

  • Alex

    And Oh Yeah....Go Ducks!!!........Fuck Auburn.

  • Alex

    Its 10:00 Pm In Portland, Oregon and i just got off a 16 hour shift and this is one of the better songs i've heard in along time, This is real Hip-Hop, My Night is getting started right by hearing this, Time to get Fucked Up, fuck some slut and then wake up and watch some football. One.

  • science

    Who the fuck are those people on the cover WTF?

  • Duke

    I feel like they were like "hey let's go in here and just make a song. no writing. nothing. off the top. sound good?" "Yeah!" and i like it. old school, fun, freestyling.

  • Sam

    Yeah Kanye this is where its at now we just need Mama's Boyfriend next week on the final G.O.O.D friday or on some deluxe version of the album and we good!



  • D Jam

    This production is genius. It has a hint of Bossa Nova. Q-Tip killed the whole track, without a single verse. And that's saying a lot, given how tight and on-point the bars are delivered.

  • Kayo

    hmmm....little over rated i think. album dope, good friday's been real good....this solid hip hop production but as a whole song don't think its on kanye's usual level. hook is below average and verses are good but not amazing...cons is just boring, no personality, and just raps and raps and raps! hahaha good song though just could have been better!

    • Blackie Chan

      I'm not sure if you mean the album or this song, but if you mean this song I disagree. Kanye has made hooks like dis before, his verse is full of his personality. If someone else rapped his verse I would be like "dat sounds like something kanye would say". His flow is kinda boring but it has personality.... personally my favorite verse was Kweli

  • hiphopismymiddlename

    Kayne been changing the game but he never gets his due, yall wanna lable lil wayne as best and kayne been doing this since he came out.... (rant to myself)

  • Michael Greene II



    I HEARD THIS IS ON THE DELUXE EDITION, THE SOURCE IS KINDA... YOU KNOW LOL.... BUT THIS WHERE I HEARD FROM.... stereogum DOT COM ............................. This slicker version with production and cameos from Q-Tip, Talib Kweli, and Consequence, is rumored to appear on the deluxe edition of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. --- but fuck it.... THIS IS CLASSIC NIGGA

  • Nastynas4life

    Q-Tip produced this?!?! holy shit, its fuckin mad dope!

  • Anonymous

    Q - tip is crazy wild on beats . this reminds me of halloween though

  • Jamaal iLLEGAL


  • Rachael Misek

    cool song. I liked that song Ballad to the Black Gold also. This time the chain is so heavy the oil leak needed a leavy but the leavy broke we weren't ready.

  • Adrian A-Classic Joseph

    This is some rock star shit right here. Kanye has pioneered a new genre of hip hop.

  • 1, 2 many

    Ok. I like this song, but why 2 verses for Kanye. One verse woulda been fine. Maybe add a Mos Def verse at the end. The prophet!

  • Martin

    This and joy, classics

  • Zachary Goulbourne

    Verses are on point but I dont like the beat at all

  • Jockin

    This aint that good its ok 3/5 stop jockin kanye

    • J-hunt da Prodigy

      I wonder why does somebody say people are jocking someone just because the majority think it's dope lol, ur opinion isn't fact son

  • JohnnyBLaze

    Tip's beat MAKES this song.. soo sick.

  • Anonymous

    is it me or did kanye just destroy talib on this?

  • DocturJay

    yes it was...you know you gon' get that straight boom bap if Q-tiptheabstract is on the keys...love live ATQC.

  • prie72


  • DocturJay

    Did Q produce this?

  • Bubu K

    looks like another classic

  • Felipe Caropreso

    i like this song nice song

  • lol.

    WOW!!! this is what real music is. I am going to play this shit everyday for months haha Classic.

  • Burnin

    lmao this shit FIYA niggas. take notes

  • Alex Avram-Rusu

    actually, the aliens did built the piramids...

  • How....

    chain too heavy !!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/en/play/s/45132ed-116277/ Listen to this Much Appreciated CISCO AVILA 18 yrs old from Sacramento CA

  • DNO

    Damn! "Chain Heavy" is heated heavy!


    Kanye classic shit. Talib and Con came to play as well, and QTIP ON THE BEAT YEAAA. bioexam 31/31

  • H.I.T.T.M.A.N.

    Now this that shit!!!

  • Jerrell James


  • Anonymous

    Didnt consequence dis 'ye on man purses?...the track is strait fire tho!!! Rosewood

    • lonestar playa

      nope. pay attention to dat song a lil more. it wasn't a diss song he wuz jus airin out his personal thoughts.

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    MBDTF & Good Friday > Every other rap release this year, only FNL even coming close lol

  • Anonymous

    (Kanye West) Uh We got the black elite in the house tonight Rosewood! I feel like I’m at the NAACP or som’n right now Essence Festival Q-Tip on the beat, too Uh, uh My chain heavy, yeah, yeah, my chain heavy My chain heavy, my chain too heavy My chain heavy, yeah, yeah, my chain heavy My chain heavy, my chain too heavy They tried to tell me my chain broke the levee Maybe ’cause it’s flooded While you walk around with a baby cross’ cousin My teeth already white, y’all gon’ make floss for nothin’ My teeth real diamonds, what’s the cause of the frontin’? Why y’all got all caps on? Don Cheadle time, get extra black on ‘em Burn, Hollywood, burn Take too long for niggas to get they turn Prolly be cremated before I get my urn They tried to tell me the aliens built the pyramids I swear life’s a bitch on a period For every inch they cut the nose off the Sphinx I make my jeweler add a few more links You could look at me there, and fuck what nobody think And my face always lookin’ like somebody stinks My chain heavy, yeah, yeah, my chain heavy My chain heavy, my chain too heavy My chain heavy, yeah, yeah, my chain heavy My chain heavy, my chain too heavy Here we go, like we should Feel the sweat on your face Here we go, like we should Feel the sweat on your face All right, okay Here we go, like we should Like we should, like we should Like we should Question What color was the skin of the man who beared the cross? No matter how many lashes, they couldn’t beat it off How many Cassius will we see in one lifetime? That’s why it’s Miles Davis, Kobe, it’s Mike time I keep that G.O.A.T. book on the ottoman And wrote hooks about slaves that were slaughtered in The 1800s, y’all forget it I got called nigger on Twitter so many times, yo, I lived that Now I’m just tryna find where to raise my kids at ‘Cause they don’t want niggas next to where their crib at Hey, realtor, I’m lookin’ for a nice park Twelve noon, she said my family gon’ make it too dark This is the flow that solar eclipses So hopefully one day, that real soul will eclipse The bullshit they got us listenin’ to, and its existence Don’t give up now, just a little more persistence I am the day Ice Cube met Michael Jackson Keep ‘em away, huh, somethin’ might happen This is the making of a masterpiece So we broke out the chains and told the master peace My chain heavy, yeah, yeah, my chain heavy My chain heavy, my chain too heavy My chain heavy, yeah, yeah, my chain heavy My chain heavy, my chain too heavy Here we go, like we should Feel the sweat on your face Here we go, like we should Feel the sweat on your face All right, okay Here we go, like we should Like we should, like we should Like we should (Talib Kweli) Some wear a suit and tie, they don’t wanna remain average Some wear a suit and tie like a chain and a straitjacket My chain heavy, stoppin’ that traffic, coppers harass us The DA attack us, want us in chains like B.A. Baracus So the major factor in my decision to be a rapper Was rebellion, being antiestablish was attractive To a black kid from Brooklyn, flames got them thangs cookin’ Land of the jooks where the lames get they chains tooken It ain’t lookin’ good for you if you a tourist here Sometimes the rhymes is on a frequency that only purists hear A couple rappers tried to beef with me, nobody scared Niggas was so fuckin’ corny that nobody cared Why I gotta battle rappers? I debate scholars Question, do it gotta make sense if it make dollars? Sick visions is livin’ us out our brains It’s like we sadomasochistic, addicted to whips and chains Figuratively, quite literally, clinically insane Spit flames when I visit the higher plane Try in vain to ignore, don’t buy the chain if you can’t afford it Ye, they’ll know all Horus by divorce, trust (Consequence) That ol’ ball and chain had me chained up for weeks So of course I’m off the chain as soon as I hit the streets And now when we link, she sayin’ the game’s over I drove her crazy, and she became a chain smoker Now the new dude she sayin’ that could stay over Should be a chain, who goes by the name of Choker That’s what he did when she told he should play this over So the chains on the dorm on the way over But when I came over, his only response Was “You must be the owner of a chain of restaurants ‘Cause I’ma eat your food for that chain that I want ‘Cause you be runnin’ round like the chain make the man” So it’s obvious that he don’t know the chain of command ‘Cause my chain commands that kind of respect And it’s so chunky that it’s a pain in the neck But it came wit’ a check, I remember, on Chaining Day It spoke for itself, and this was what the chain would say: “Them chain-snatchers are hopin’ that you ain’t ready So don’t get distracted, keep your aim steady Or there’ll be a chain reaction since my chain’s heavy” My chain heavy, yeah, yeah, my chain heavy My chain heavy, my chain too heavy My chain heavy, yeah, yeah, my chain heavy My chain heavy, my chain too heavy Here we go, like we should Feel the sweat on your face Here we go, like we should Feel the sweat on your face All right, okay Here we go, like we should Like we should, like we should Like we should


    still shouldn't of apologized to that bush thing, but i like this. THIS IS FUCKING DOPE!

  • zkeez

    Ye came with some dope verses

  • Hell Yeah!

    The beat is cooked up perfectly. Al dente! You can speak backwards in turkish and sound good on this track. Laced up tight! Good work fellas!

  • UM


  • Jugo

    What more needs to be said?! G.O.O.D. Fridays has been nothing short of amazing. Kanye is bringing it for real. Cannot wait for the album to finally drop. Support real hip-hop!!

  • LB213

    Whoa...where this been at?

  • Jimmie Jones

    AWESOME! Its good to see the contuation of evolution in music. It takes way more energy to stay amongst the social normal than to be yourself. Thanks for the post. Your content is on point. Keep it UP! Jimmie Jones www.insomnaicjones.com

  • Ethereal

    my chain too heavy!!

  • Michael De Los Santos

    Hot track, Keep em coming Ye' your doing great !

  • Thank You

    Forgot to rate. 5 Fuck the apologies Ye and do you!

  • Thank You

    Don't look now, Kanye leading Rap back to it's roots. Long live real HIP-HOP you fucking haters!!!!!!!!!!! Shout out to Banks, Lupe, Pusha T.

  • John Lynch

    KANYE WEST! making real fucking rap

  • Sean Michael Patrick Murphy

    Is this going to be a bonus track or what?

  • Shady99

    Kanye is the best artist since 2000.

  • FlashFixter

    Ye teaching/preaching now. He is next level and can't be touched. Leave'em alone. Good shit. G.O.O.D. Music. Kweli was a nice touch for cultural effect. Still not sold on anything Cons has spit. He's kinda stagnant stuck in that Beats, Rhymes and Life mode. And what year was that?