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The most anticipated track off Pink Friday, Nicki's alter ego Roman Zolanski goes toe to toe with Em's Slim Shady. The result includes many many Lil' Kim jabs.


  • ....

    Nicki is way out of her depth going toe to toe with Slim Shady here.

  • Brienna

    This Song is amazing!!!RaRa

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Adam J-Boogie Amin

    So I might be late, but does this track go at Lil Kim?? I'm sure it is and its funny as fuck. HAHAHA. Not a huge fan but chick on chick disses crack me up. haha

  • Anonymous

    I am obsessed with nicki, honestly. i want to know her inside and out. she is my idol.

  • Anonymous

    eminem makes this song good...

  • 73R]VX@18t@0

    nicki went in.... haters

  • snook794


  • ....

    just because shes got a fresh style doesnt mean it's good. Her style consists of an annoying as voice & "flow", and the stupid fucking bangs that make her look like she smells like fart. She can't rap, and Marshall should just retire as he got worse after MMlp. I don't care if she grew up smoking crack and her dad & mom beat her ass for it. Please listen to bay area rap people, as it's the only thing keep hip-hop alive, cuz this shitty swag music ain't

  • b

    nicki hang it up flatscreen u wack

  • RealHipHopKy

    It Gets a 5 from me because there too many Haters, and im not even a Nicki Fan! Lupe Fiasco All Day!

  • OhLawd

    Nikki's alright on this, but why have Slim come on your track and eat it like that? Don't you want some recognition?

  • philly

    eminem kills it , and props to nicki !

  • Filip Peralov

    This is tha shit! I love Eminem's part and the hook is great :)

  • gdo

    Holy crap, Eminem is angry again! FINALLY. Good track surprisingly enough, but I don't like it usually when rappers bite older lines and then use them as a chorus, so I could've done without that part.

  • Lorander Moody

    This track is not bad at all. Her punchlines are hilarious to listen to.

  • Self Evident


  • A.J. Carroll

    Fuck Nicki Minaj and fuck all you pussy-ass lames bumping her shit. It's like clit-riding's the new dick-riding lately. Grown men spazzing to some bitch rap. SMFH!! Sad times we live in. Biggie must be rolling over in his grave.

    • shadina

      well den you go out there and show how its done then what the fuck! if you don't like her ass why even give her shit a try? people have they ups and downs no one is going to be the best! everything is opinionated. get da fuk outta here

  • BIGL


  • Maddy Rivera

    I love Nicki put this shit is wack as fuck. She needs to gain a few years before she starts thinking her shit don't stink.

  • beeeerad

    it a 8 outta 10 they rippin though

  • biggest T.I. fan

    Minaj is gay. dunno how lyrical she is but her flow is gayass.

  • duepayer

    I fux with Nicki somethin' serious but Kim crushed her on that Black Friday shit. This isn't moving me at all. And oh yeah, I'm officially over Marshall if he's not on some all out Shady shit. #sadbuttrue

  • Brookz

    Are you clowns serious? Nikki is str8. Goofy as fuck some times but shes puttin in work. I never at any point in Lil kims career flipped through the radio and herd Kim on 3 or 4 stations with another song on. N Kims ass is washed up. Shes famous for a couple decent tracks and fucking famous niggaz. If anything this is the best thing 2 happen 2 her career in the last 5 years. Whens the last time Kim had shit out or ne1 even thought of her? This shit might just be a publicity stunt 2 try n save her busted ass career.

  • Chuck Niddy

    this is garbage but what else should I have expected from this lil wannabe kim.

  • Cocobaby

    Garbage juice, Lil Kim Clown Clown oooowwww!!!

  • Anonymous

    nicki admitted she was born a man!!! unfair advantage lol

  • Robert

    Terrible, fucking terrible.

  • haters

    is this the thanks i get for putting all u bitches on? you bitches just mad b/c she took the top. so funnyyyyyy love it

    • field day

      well we know why your kermit the frog looking ass is mad...lol and your a girl...uograde ya face...tosha whooped your ass friday at the store now you posting shit...bitch go hide!

  • Les Woodz

    Nicki sucks. fake ass hoe

  • Anonymous

    nicki used to look busted lol she cleaned up nicely

  • keke

    this song is thaaaa shitt !!!

  • amp

    this is dope! nicki did her thing although apart from this she is wack! and yeah whoever doesnt buy banks album kill yourslef

  • yuk

    whoever buys nicki and not banks should get they ears cut off.. or be shot in the head

  • biggest nicki fan

    O.M.G!!!!! Shady and Nicki did it on em!!!!.....ya'll bums are laggin lollol ....dam right she's a bad BITCH

  • Raïssa Strike


  • Alexillmatic822

    If i was on a song with one of the best rappers in the game, id spit 'Hang it up, flatscreen, Plasma, hey Nicki hey Nicki, Asthma' Nicki and Drake need to listen to 'The Shoes' on mood musik 4! I hope its not just me who hates the punchlines these days... 'I make rappers cry, ONIONS!!!'

  • misterpurp

    do you bums listen to music or do you just skim throught it?? female rapper aside...this track is what hip hop needs...creative, dope..coherent lyrics....

    • Anonymous

      uhhhhhh misterpurp....youre gay

    • Anonymous

      maaaan stfu wit that "do you bums listen to music or do you just skim throught it" bs...if u wasnt bitin jay wit yo corny ass i could see where u comin from but this track is worth skimin thru...like the entire 1st verse

  • VOR

    Em couldn't save this one....

  • em

    nicki minaj is going to have the number one album by next weeks

  • em

    no one even likes his music anymore

  • em

    lloyd banks going to do more than kanya album

  • em

    kanya has the biggest flop of the year

  • em

    who ever but kanya west ablum before eminem in that order is a fuckin idiot so go and kill urself kanya has no hits off that album that is the shittiest ablum of the year going to do about 50k

  • Anonymous

    nicki killed kim on this Hahahaha bum bitch

  • Anonymous

    this was a dope track. didnt like the hook at 1st. but the verses alone have me jammin all day Chek out the illest webshow on the net http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QNTpF-O_bg sponsored by youtube and Phat Asses inc.

  • TiagoMoura

    what? every one likes eminem, i don't understand it. 5 years ago, em was one of the best rappers ever. but now? all of the rappers now a days just wanna make some money. fuck it. fuck lil wayne. fuck young jeezy. fuck eminem. fuck them all. just listen to old school hip hop, golden era!

  • Mike Powell

    Nicki Minaj is good for a laugh on this track but Em just kills it. She shouldn't even be on a track around these Em verses

  • Brandon Charlesworth

    this shit is just plain hot

  • Anonymous

    Top 10 Albums of 2010 1.) Kanye- Twisted Fantasy 2.) Big Boi- Sir Lucious 3.) Cudi- Man on Moon II 4.)Eminem- Recovery 5.)Raekwon- Cuban II 6.)Drake- Thank Me later 7.)Lloyd Banks- Hunger II 8.) Roots- How I get over 9.)Kurupt- Streetlights 10.)Stat Quo- Statlanta No mixtapes allowed..or J.Cole would have be here

  • Anonymous

    after awhile you get tired of how she raps, it's fuckin' annoying come switch it up once in awhile

  • Alex Rybaltovsky

    hahaha. I'm a dungeon dragon. I wanna see some1 bump that shit in their car.

  • what

    its amazing, ELI MANNING!!! should have sent a thank you note to all haters

  • Maurius D. Lion Mustin

    Lol this is sick.

  • Alex Tulloch

    Nicki didnt do bad. Was actually pretty good lyrically. Definitely nothing I would Hate on. But the "ruh ruh like ah dungeon dragon" shit was a lil weak if you ask me. And all Nicki's weird vocal changes are so.... not cool ? lol idk its just not my thing. 4/5 Youtube.com/Alex2lock You dig em

  • nicki

    these song right here hard and mean at the same time fire fire

  • em

    these ablum right here going to out sell kanya west different because alot of people dont like kanya anymore for what he did last year white people different not going to buy kanya anymore and with eminem on the ablum thats another reason why it is going to do well

  • AlwaysRIght

    Top Ten of the Year 1. Eminem 1. Kanye West 2. Big Boi 3. Lupe Fiasco 4. Raekwon 5. Drake 6. Rick Ross 7. Fat Joe 8. B.O.B. 9. Fabolous 10. Lloyd Banks

  • Rogue Agent

    Nicki came (no pun intended) hard on this, though not the best verses, especially that weak first verse. Eminem came correct too, actually better than Nicki. But this beat- it's fuckin terrible. Someone please remix this shit with something good behind it, because that wannabe futuristic shit ain't helpin' much.

  • Eric


    • rideonemjixxer

      Did u make it past the 3rd grade? use a comma,otherwise you sound like an idiot. Look,I agree Nicki is pretty whack.In no way should she be on a track with eminem either, but c'mon,this beat is crazy and Em murders it!

    • Maurius D. Lion Mustin



    This is the worst song I've heard since... idk.

  • t

    em is fire song is trash 3 stars for em ripping it

  • real nigga talkin

    PPl so fuckin ignorant this shit is dope 2 mcs doin some original shit and its mostly for females anyway Its NICKI MINAJ ALBUM and song ft slim for all faggot men commentin on this like its on Recovery..Lmao lil kim is officially beaten accpet truth she will never beat out Nicki now even if Nicki did steal her swag hahaha

  • Asee

    I think a lot of you little boys are just straight sexist. Nikki's got one of the most original voices in recent years -- I think she has more talent and creativity than Lil Kim ever had personally. I like how she takes the Busta line from the hook because the first time I heard 'Monster' I was reminded of how Busta just comes out of fucking NOWHERE with that crazy verse at the end of Scenario. I used to think Nicki was wack, but she's definitely proven herself as more valuable to hip hop than Drake or Lil Wayne in my opinion. four stars

  • Odee O

    Are Ya'll haters deaf? WHat happened to letting a artist create art. This shit is tough, but the track muffles the lyrics at some point during both of their rhymes. Every hip hop song isnt supposed to be a number one hit, hip hop is just expression and beat. This shit is crazy dope!!!!!!!!!

  • April LaRae Garcia

    Gosh I hate that this bitch basically took what lil kim did with her image and then decided to put inflection in her voice like every other mother fucker does these days and capitalized on it. people eating up this bullshit

  • Mr Mogul

    On second listen, this is crazy... Wish she would say names instead of being subliminal.. But, I guess the target is fairly obvious..

  • Kyrie Philbrook


  • em

    reverbnation.com/astacks1215, real hip hop like AZ , kid is amazing, check him out, EM killed it, nikki did okay

  • undef

    Em's presence just makes the song barely listenable...nicki minaj was garbage on this

  • hmm

    reverbnation.com/astacks, real hip hop, kid is amazing, check him out Em killed this, best nikki has ever done

  • angeldep

    Worst song I've ever heard in my life

  • marz

    Nicki went Hard EM is Incredible.

  • Sheldon Fielding

    This song is da shit

  • Swamp Thang

    "Ruh, ruh like a Dungeon Dragon??" Man, Nicki sounds like a chihuahua with a cold and sore tonsils.

  • xripperx

    nikki needs to keep Roman Polanski's name out of her goddamn mouth

  • big RALPH

    She murdered kim. song aiight

  • Realness121

    Eminem killed it( i mean his lyrics were ill,still a lame song,Nicki Minaj was garbage on it.This song sucks though NO RATING

  • Michael Barnes

    this song has been the hottest single for awhile... and i've given it a couple chances, but i just i don't understand, its painful to my ears and the lyrics are stupid

  • john

    these song is crazy hot and fire at these same time needs to be number 1 on the hot 100 charts eminem killed it nicki want hard at these track kim career is over hang it up flat screen

  • Las Vegas Website Design

    Not bad, but I was expecting a lot more.

  • OldSchool4U

    this song made me cry tears of happiness nicki you were good but eminem was raw on this track. thumbs up all the way Nicki dont ever roar again though

  • icu ucme


  • Quintin Mason

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  • Truth

    Eli Manning is garbage.

  • RealHipHop

    wow did'nt know that Nicki had so much mcing skill but obv Slim killed this as per...

  • Femworld

    This shit is fresh haters.

  • ccha

    pleasssseeeee no more nicki minaj hiphopdx im begging you

  • Dave Robinson

    Was expecting way better

    • Clay Balzer

      str8 trash.... if it wasnt for that terrible far east movement track nicki would be the worst thing on the radio . still a close second to like a g6. insipid lyrics and repetitive house drums rule the waves. my advice to all you fellow haters is to turn off the radio

  • Steve Rio

    on first listen.. was like what the fuck.. but second time thru this shit is pretty crazy. love the sick low build this beat has, not Nicki's best verses.. but she is still pretty rad and Em kills this. just his flow over the beat is dope

  • Doze1Da

    Yeah like they said eminem wasn't feeling this shit. Maybe it was a favor for wayne or the fat paycheck he got..

  • Andre River Hardesty

    this song is shit eminems part is the best he fuckin destroys this beat even though its fuckin wack

  • Djdontopper Vega

    i think they needs a better beat!!!

  • dcypher

    Nicki the female version of ODB is not workin

  • rain

    this song SUCKS DONKEY NUTS.

  • Chalie

    Nicki kills this fuckin track...word ta mother b I don't care what no one say she waaaayyyyy betta than Kim...nd she most definetly took sum hooks@her fuck jabs my G...

  • Calixtine

    this shit is nice, the more i listen to it the better it gets

  • Anonymous

    this song is so fucking gay, why does she keep using a british accent? like what the fuck are these record executives thinking??? massive attack and now this???? whoever is picking her beats must be high as fuck on something

  • FRoSTYtheSNoWMaN

    Had to stop after the first 20 seconds. Just not feeling it.

  • D.N.G

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  • Dungeon Dragon

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  • WeenDogg

    Bahaha lasers really?? Nikki not hating but shits not top ten material. Eminem your so emotional got flows but chill man (someone piss you off or something everything you spit on got way too much emotion just chill a lil) Bout to put South Carolina on the map...

    • mike

      eminem needs to chill lmfao dude who are you to tell eminem what to do while he raps? Hes one of the only rappers who has expression when he raps! he quoted that when he raps he wants to feel like he means it

  • Roger Rabbit

    The beat is whack it sounds too futuristic they voices didn't go with the song Nicki Minaj switches up her voice way too much

  • Sambodee

    This is better than nicki http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoE0l_qnyQ0&feature=recentlik

  • givemebackmypickle

    "yea i said it, haas beaak, eat it up, bird seeed!"

  • Ben Heat Karlin

    Only eminem's verse is worth listening to. Nicki Minaj is terrible

  • IsaiahReed

    'I swear to god i'll piss a happy meal off' lol at eminem

  • Anthonykc1

    - this go hard a lil bit.. i like it 5/5 tht album bout to be good stuff cus she said it got the old nicki and tht nicki went hard

  • StreetDose.com

    "B*tch if u ain't sh*ttin' then get off the pot" ^^^ Nicki killed it! I still love Lil Kim, but Nicki murdered her on this track.

    • jake

      How in GODS NAME is that a hot line? My little sister could of written that. Minaj is the definition of sex sells who tries to over compensate usually wack young money type lyrics w/ weird lady gaga type outfits/awful voice changes. You want to listen to a dope femcee youtube Invincible (the track sledgehammer), Jean Grae, Lauryn Hill, Bahamadia, Rah Digga to name a few MURDERING her

  • Donald Robertson

    damn this trck is fire.....fucks wit it

  • David

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  • lonestar playa

    em did his thang but goddamnit nicki wuz up wit those same lame ass "pause" punchlines u and half(IF NOT EVERYBODY) keeps doin in their raps nowadayz?........"hang it up....flat screen" "and i'll kick dat hoe....punt" dat wuz suppose to b hot yall???? YALL can come up wit betta "pause" punchlines den dat!

    • Anonymous

      lol real shit, check my music page out mane...no wack pause punchlines just real hip hop str8 up...peep it @ www.listn.to/drado

  • Avengerz23

    ra-ra lyke a dungeon dragon,but really ilike the song...it kinda has a weird freaky vibe to it....nd clever lyrics/ways to throw shots at Kim

  • Nickk

    Very akward and weird but i love it! Em murders these verses as always!

  • What is this??

    This beat sucks. This song is unnecessary!

  • eminem

    eminem kills these track

  • tbo

    Em does his thing, as always. But why is he cosignin this whack ass chick?! I mean she sexy but no lyrics

  • recovery

    these song is fire dont know what ur talkin about

  • O

    might make you blush once in a while but... still better than 95% of everything else on the radio !

  • Rego777

    RUBBISH!!! Shit, I clicked a star, it deserves zero this crap!!!

  • masterkush

    Fuckin trippin all of you. This beat is bananas and em comes hard, same with ms minaj.

  • Sun Walden

    oh and I do think she was goin at Kim on this...she really dont want that drama....

  • Sun Walden

    Im not a Nicki fan but I really cant hate on this like I want to. I can actually listen to this. Sad that sooo many dont know the whole dungeon dragon hook is from Busta Rhymes. I have been surprised with nicki's solo stuff. Very different from what i expected and different from what everybody else is doin.

  • Angel De Peña

    This is the worst song I've ever heard in my life

  • deathofthefake

    what a horrible song...dam she comes off on guest verses but all of her songs are ass

  • young menace

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  • Anonymous

    she is straight garbage this she is the reason why hip hop is dead

    • Anonymous

      nicki fans think they know hip hop LOLZ

    • tlac

      you the reason hip hop is dead.. for you to be hatin.. she the only female in the game killing it right now.. what the hell you kno about hip hop.. acknowledge good music wen you hear it stupid lil boy

  • ActualRealHipHop

    Em killed this, Nikki's best song so far lyrics wise. Need more Em though, check out this new up and coming artist you won't be disappointed, he is amazing. http://www.reverbnation.com/astacks1215

  • t

    Stop hating on her lol she bodied this shit i dont even like em and he murdered this

  • Beata

    they going both hard on this song, good flow

  • Real nigga talkin

    This shit str8 original, lyric wise, diff, how tha fuck is shit like this killn Hip Hop this 2 mcs and they both lyrically crashin..tha fukk more do you want..im confused about NIGGAS STEADY TALKIN ABOUT NIKKIS FLOW she always sayin fly shit she sayin more shit then some niggas..HOW MANY METAPHORS DID SHE WRECK IN THIS DAMN SONG lmao she went in on this..this is a females album and for a girl mc she doin her thing..so shut tha fukk up wit bullshit talk..y im even respondin i dont kno..ppl will always have their bullshit opinions 1.wayne cant rap lmao somebody is actually sayin dis shit and believing it to themselves..LMFAO

  • Chris Henderson

    i like this song....its kinda of raw....

  • Mr.Smiff

    Corn Chips -1... The White Boi was the White Boi...Nikki didn't steal Queen B shit she owes The White Boi a check.

  • travis guest

    this track blazin

  • Deuce

    NiKKi Goes In AGAIN!!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm sorry people, but right now I gotta hate. How the hell does this song have hype surrounding it? Its an overall weak song. Lame flow/lame beat/lame rhymes (obv. Em did his thing though). I mean Nicki Minaj sucks. I tried to get into her stuff, but she isn't real. Can she do one song without a stupid accent? Can she talk about real shi* thats going on in the streets? NO! This is the type of trash thats killing hip hop. CMON SONS, WAKE UP

    • tlac

      of course you wouldnt get into her music cuz you so single minded

    • alleyedoishiphop

      She got something I like...lol but c'mon son ..dont you think its time to hear some new type shit? I dont think because you listen to Nicki , you CANT listen to Jada, or 50, Wayne Jay or whoever.. we are not all one dimensional - besides that, I DONT REALLY DIG her flow to much either, but i aint mad at her... besides downloading the FREE stuff your fav artists give you ..BUY RECORDS and go to the SHOWS (not sayin u dont)!!..thats the only way you can show a record company that the REAL shit we like has value..otherwise what sells is what they will push...but hey.. it is a business!!!

    • Preston Arteaga

      real talk.

  • Anonymous

    this mad weird and different. lovin nickis flow... this dude rick fouche is about to sign to GOOD music. his tight ass video is right here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qijvgwxcDU8

  • fcvs

    not even eminem could save this song nicki made this shit so wack that it's impossible for eminem to save it compare this bullshit to "where I'm at" with banks and eminem THE HUNGER FOR MORE 2 NOV 22ND SUPPORT REAL HIP HOP

  • Dion Juju Williams

    em go hard as usual . . .nicki lame lil wayne metaphors on 1st verse . . .got better her secon verse . . .this gets 3/5

  • C-weezy

    Tired of people sleeping on Nicki. This shit is sick. hands down.


    Ok song, not great. So far, this chick is ok too. Def best chick out right now. Actually, prob best chick out this decade, which is a sad statement. Rhymes like Wayne, which like Wayne, makes her just ok.

  • exclusiveKICKS2


  • Loupé

    love the beat, so different without being weird. also love minaj's voice.

  • Niceee

    Damn you guys are SLOW. This song is sick.

  • D ROG

    how is EM sellin out to young money? nicki minaj isnt exactly my type of style but hands down the hottest bitch in the game. its not like he doin joints wit gudda or tyga wack asses. love her last verse though real shit, and em is just em...it goes without saying. love his new style too.

  • Anonymous

    whoever said eminem's career is finished is just dumb...yea not his best of verses but he killed it, he always does...and just because he's doing tracks with wack people that you may not like doesnt mean he sucks. doesnt matter hes on the track and he always kills it 90 percent of the time

  • Anonymous

    the beat is on point, bru bru like a dungeon dragon.....come on....nothing better for a hook. nikki went in but switched up the flow where it didnt need to.

  • Luis Casillas


  • dollarsthaproducer

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  • Anonymous

    i understand why some dislike the track cuz personally i dislike nicki's weird soundin flow buh i have to admit some of her lines are sick..Em always kills..you can say he sells out by jumpin on young mmoney tracks buh he always do his thing no matter what (not countin the relapse album)...buh anyway who am i to say this apperently everyone that had a negative comments had multi-platinum selling albums lmfao

  • LUISITO022002




  • jesus

    omg....how yall not feelin this?? 3/5?.....ya'll wack..not the song. give a 2nd listen dipshits

  • peter parker

    wow...shit is dope....got that psycho vibe..feelin that fer sure..get a job haters....

  • Briee BanginBabez Coates

    WHEN did nicki minaj have ANTOHER alter ego...swear she got like....multiple personality disorder

  • yesyesyes

    Honestly song is solid and it brings back em being funny on someone else's track,and its not about love

  • Anonymous

    Wow song was so borin

  • FresherThanYou

    Ok, OK I was kinda sleeping on this song at first but now the shit is flames. Keep it up Nicki and Em did his thing.

  • Avengerz23

    hmmm....believe it or not this kinda has a little freaky vibe to it,thats satisfying

  • cloverjoker

    aight so imma give this a 5/5 cuz nicki and em murked dis

  • Z White

    I'm not a fan of Nicki Minaj but I give credit where it's due. She put it on Kim. Nicki's delivery is annoying but if Kim responds it's gotta be hard.

  • Anonymous

    If u feel'n dis grab a gun and just body ya self

  • JJO

    Not bad....Nikki steppin up

  • Mylie

    Eminem is losing fans doing these songs with wack ass young money he has no chemistry with any of them and IMO is LIGHT YEARS AHEAD. hop on a track with Lupe Fiasco muffuka stop selling out. seems like biting lyrics is accepted nowadays. i bet they make Nicki say she was paying respect or whatever. fukk outta here. have your own ideas and try and be creative b1tch

  • Herc

    Good song. Kim took an L

  • skurr skurr burr burr

    he nicki u so fine u so fine u blow my mind

  • 2k Champ

    I'm not a fan of particular artists. I'm a fan of good music. I don't understand how these negative comments and such a low rating can b rationalized. This track is fire. She jus "either-ed" lil Kim in the first round. Haters get a hobby.

  • Gucci king mathousand

    Nicki killed it,dont minaj hate,Em also killed

  • lembouchure

    pretty interesting stuff

  • Rich

    that transition from nicki's 2nd verse to em's 2nd is dope

  • Kslip

    this is a classic! Yea its weird, but its original and its sick as fuck... no amateur rapper could make a track like this


    OH SNAP! SHE SAID "HANG IT UP...FLAT SCREEN"! TOO RAW.........................................sike!

  • Greg Dougherty

    Can't listen to Nicky Minaj without feeling sick. Kids are the reason she is big. Couldn't even make it to Eminems part.

  • Bicbeatsz

    Love the spit tin but wha the f.@&$ is up wit the fukin beat the shit is wakkkkkk.......

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  • WhYESProduction

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  • Eminem


  • wavy dior

    hot shit, eminem is da best believe it or not

  • BraveHeart

    alrite. Like the fact its shady rather than em, bit more crazy!

  • wavy dior

    hot shit. eminem is like dat

  • Anonymous



    shit is fuckin good.dont hate on her


    Nah I'm not gonna lie i don't really like her much but I'm not gonna be a fuckin hater like most of yal niggas, this shit was fuckin' good. She had some decent punch lines and eminem's flow is still nice.

  • Asafo

    Why is this lady still being allowed to rhyme...just start acting, thats what u wanted to do in the first place. Man she gets worse everytime..

  • GEKO

    Thiz iz crazy but ni#@az haz a problem with Bi@$hz making it.It iz what it iz. RIP Lil kim

  • Anonymous

    wooooooooooooooooow if dis bitch write her own shit she da best for years to come she take over dis whole shit kanye was right did u hear what she said about kim mean

  • numoney

    luv eminem but nicki murdered it man

  • Jeremy Orr

    @tal.elefant: if Lady Of Rage is the only female MC you can listen to mayb you need to turn the page 1 decade! ever heard of Lauren Hill, Rah Digga, Eve, Eternia? 2name a few. some of those I named can out rhyme most of the males on the billboard charts right now...Nicki Minaj is a breath of fresh air that females need. She has many styles (missy elliot) she got the sex appeal (lil kim) she has hard rhymes (Eve) she has wordplay (Rah Digga) she has all these things incorporated into her flow..I jus dont see how ppl hate on her...It aint like she a bitch & jus starting shit wit other rappers..Kim had it coming & NO she CANNOT out rap Nicki!! Oh the track is dope by the way..who else would fit her many styles but Slim himself. Cmon Hip-Hop fans recognize evolution!!! #outro

  • Anonymous

    i dont like eminems new verses..

  • tal.elefant

    what the fuck happend???!!! are yall listening to the same shit that im listening? this the first time that i hear this bitch in a song and wow...shes one of the worst things that i heard in my life, and i heard em all yo. for months now im hearing and reading about this girl but i dont like femail rappers (sorry to say, but hip hop is not for girls, the only femail that i can listen to is lady of rage) so i ignored that shit but i saw this song with em and i had to find out what its all about and damn, that got to one of the worst songs that i heard in my life. tht bitch is a joke and its shame that em put himeself on the same track with her. that shit is not for him. damn that shit is lame.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool. Takes a few listens but this is pretty good.

  • Elmer Ayala

    Took a couple listens.. but i dig it.. foe

  • Anonymous

    eminem killed all the major young money ppl on their own tracks lol lil wayne - Drop the world..but weezy wasnt really rappin..plus that was his rock album which sucked Drake - Forever..eminem had the best verse nicki - Roman revenge Eminem - No Love..eminem killed weezy just find it funny lol evferybody hates on em. but he does songs wit these wack ppl n kills them on their own track

  • Rich

    Swizz killed the beat... nicki is the busta rhymes of chicks which explains her popularity and something chicks have lacked. as of late, the females rappers only talk the sex... and as far as a hip pop female, at least she got the gaul to do different shit. i personally have a great ear for music... and when the video come out for it... definitely gonna be trendy. em is em.. i like the both of them in that crazy back and forth. by the way, i'm tired of biased wack hip hop fans... y'all kinda' suck

    • Victor Cruz Perez

      I agree. A lot of female MC's talk about some raunchy ass stuff, at least she offers a little bit of variety. Not her biggest fan but I can see what your saying.

  • WhYes Productions

    Beats! Beats! Beat! Calling all Emcees!!!! Need SOULFUL BEATS?? Check me out at Soundcloud.com/whyesproductions! Interested in leasing please contact me! WhYes Productions_ Real Hip Hop Is Still Alive!

  • bf

    who writes for nicki minaj cuz i know she dont know who pun is. shit was so wackkkkk. 2/5

  • TheCloser

    very good production, but she overused that punchline flow.

  • Zack Meltzer

    yea... really poor. I mean Em was def doin a relapse type verse. "2 pees in a pod"? really? I mean he kills nicki but thats just not sayin that much. The beat is bizarre and the rhymes are poor. Other than that great song! :/

  • BeanTown Breezy

    Like the hip hop back in 1992...The track Scenario is untouchable compared to any shit that fag Drake and Nicki does...they are garbage compared to the pioneers of 90's hip hop...fools!

  • Soundwaves

    meh its ok the only reason i played it becasue of em...3 stars

  • Rufus Hunter

    it's raw raw like a dungeon dragon busta first used it on a tribe called quest scenario she bit (old school word) much she fake like a barbie doll

  • Yuuuuuuuup!

    This is the shxt! You people have to recognize Roman&Slim Shady are going hard on the haters&its's a awesome combo having Nicki&Em on the same track. Pure genious.

    • Anonymous

      thats what them white business people be saying for the $ but us hip hop dudes know that this is wack as hell. (and i still bump old em but damn man wtf,

  • fatboyrule

    Tech N9ne > Eminem > Lil Wayne

  • fatboyrule

    Song is f*ckin catchy....!!!

  • j.r

    slime if you say this wack you buggin do you hear how this shit blowing up on the radio

  • vaughn.scottie@yahoo.com

    hm, excuse me, BITCHES. what chick is right now goin half as hard as Nicki M is? whos sellin as many records as Eminem is? i kno it dont tell the whole story but fuck, why are yall trippin? swag level astronomical verses less than phenomenal. but for yall to say it sucked is comical. only reason im talkin bout this song is cause i feel it. was bored nd this rap's garbage nd wouldnt care if u steal it! but watch u lil fuckers ima hop on this beat nd kill it. reel it gut it then grill it this flow's dangerous fear it. fuck what u heard before im puttin my dick where ur ear is. but ill leave ya dick in a knot if u tryna fuck wit me on some queer shit! haha..i like this song, fuck u haters! 5 for yall!

  • warpath

    Wack...........The opening lines are harsh. One star cuz of Em.

  • BOSTON 32

    woof woof like a dungeon dragon? get the fuck outta hea

    • BeanTown Breezy

      It's actually from the track called "Scenario" back in 1992 with A Tribe Called Quest and L.O.N.S homie.I grew up with REAL hip hop...I know.

    • s

      it's rawr rawr like a dungeon dragon.. and that line was used a long time ago by busta rhymes on pass the courvoisier..the original version

  • Truth

    Anonymous U R right. I just hate seeing him when all the awards, I can't even lie. He's stepped into the hiphop arena and dominated.

  • Anonymous

    for you to say recovery was not a good album just cause he had pink...weezy n rhiana on it..that makes u dumb becuz that album went double platium and he was number 1 on the billboards for 7 weeks straight in a row..def. a Goat. your dumb

  • IWC Superstar

    I swear Nicki Minaj is the worst female rapper ever. Even though I like Eminem, his verse was weak, not even he can make this song worth listening to a 2nd time.

  • Kofi BeyHodges

    That beat is stupid hot and she kept up wit Em so I give props....still debating if I wanna buy the album though

  • illegal as foo

    i could only imagine how stupid shes gonna move around when she starts rappin, she mves around all stupid and enoying, the she raps is likr drakes " hang u up, flat screen" fuckin stupid!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Eminem is a fuckin faggot sell out these days.... Recovery killed him to me went pop...Pink Rihanna Weezy now Nicki? Fuck Eminem.... This is why he will never be G.O.A.T.

    • S.

      you're stupid bro. how are you about to say eminem's new album isn't good? when you PROBABLY don't even know what the fuck he's talking about in his songs. lmao, anyone who doesn't respect eminem or nicki clearly don't know what hard rap is.

  • minnesota slick

    fuck this wack shit bump that shady nate - mobb marley instead

  • Nikki Minaj

    i know i fcked up on my lyrics, and i had drake and wayne write em for me... but i had to have something where im acting rapping on it rite

  • Skylivedk

    Honestly this is better than a lot of Lil' Kim's shit which is the purpose, no?

  • fb

    dragons grawlin like dogs, OK .. bulshit Alter Ego's. and this barrowing flows and constantly using it line after line after line on here. That type of flow Drake and Wayne made popular(heard Big Sean use it before them)is kinda lazy to me..SMH that rappers follow other niggas flows.. your flow is what stands you apart from every other artists so why fall in line..Got off topic but ok Dissing lil kim or not this shit weak. To me at least

  • Rappas R. N. Danja

    Nikki is a disgrace to hip hop. Just listen to that bitches lyrics all just one random line after another with no story telling ability. It sounds as if she wrote her entire verse using a rhyming dictionary. And for all you "Real" hip hop fans that don't understand the "Rawrr Rawrr like a Dungeon Dragon" line, its from the song "Senario" by A Tribe Called Quest... Maybe you've heard of them...

    • Faggio

      So she's a disgrace to hip-hop but she is referencing Tribe that only ""real"real hip-hop heads can understand. Of course.

  • justsayyinthough!

    this is what we waited 4 months for!! this is why nicki went in too silent treatment to unleash this trash too the world!! im no kim fan but i hope Kim gives it too her Quiet Storm style...

  • Petey Pete

    This is easily the funniest song I've heard a long time. Every line from Nicki is bassically "blah, blah, blah (pause) Vatican blah, blah, blah, (pause) manniquin" And Em's verse sounds like a couple verse he forgot to put on Relpase. I'm not hating becuase I find it hilarious (though admittingly for the wrong reason)

  • Barbie_XOXO

    Romans Revenge = TRASH!! I love Nicki Minaj in all but I am a highly disappointed fan right now! I thought this song was so God awful. It made me ashamed to say I even like her. ruh ruh I’m a dungeon dragon um no. #fail UGH made me throw up in my mouth alittle bit. Her first verse was soooooo whack! It was soooo elementary compared to what I’ve heard from her in the past. The second verse was a little better but not much. Her delivery was really terrible. I felt like Enimem was the one tryin to save this song. I really hope for the sake of her career that there are actually HITS on this Pink Friday Album. I kinda nervous for her now.

  • Anonymous

    Did Drake write Nicki's verse? That delivery and lyrics sounds like every Drake song and every Wayne song of the last year.

  • Arii Price

    ....Holy Shit. *Runs this track back immediately* *5 minutes later* Yeah. Holy fucking shit that was insanity. Extra dope off kilter insanity.

  • Voodoo

    Ahh Nicki Minaj best Female rapper? Well most of you don't know Missy Elliot! OHHH thats RIGHT FUCK THE REST

  • Anonymous

    keep blockin me dx. haha

  • B


  • omrock

    Glad to finally hear Nicki on a real rap track

  • sickest

    if you like nicky minaj than you'll like first lady check her out at http://www.Myspace.com/1stladyrkz my friend just put me on to her last night its crazyyyy

  • Anonymous

    yea why is em on this track shit is corny as hell or does it just fit ems corniness lately i dont know. niki is just a copy of waynes out of control flow voice changing shit.

  • rain

    This song sucks, Nicki kills me with these alter egos and she bits off wayne's rhyme patterns and bars, and on top of that eminem verse sucked.Not really a eminem fan but his last album was alright got real old after a while. I can name a few rappers now that can rap better than eminem, but they will never be as famous because they're black, sad isn't. Lupe Elzhi Jay electronica Royce 59 Joe budden shit whole slaughter house beside crooked i

    • Anonymous

      your a fuck fag....im not even gonna respond to everything you said cuz ur an ignorant monkey but to say crooked i is the weekest link in sh is just funny...WHITE PEOPLE KEEP HOLDIN THE BLACK MAN DOWN LOL....yea sooo yall cant do shit about it...and ya never will monk

    • Anonymous

      Agree but really only Lupe is better off that list. Budden is repetative only raps one way

    • Anonymous

      cosign with the dude above me

    • Javito_1

      Elzi is decent but not better than em, em's verse was better than joe buddens on the cipher, em killed royce on bed meets evil, jay electronica is dope but he's relatively new, nothing he's done has topped the way I am or stan, Exhibit C came close though. Pulling the race card is retarded and outdated, the reason these people are dope but don't sell is beacause they can't put songs together like em. hating isn't going to change anything.

    • stop crying

      i think she got at lil kim good im glad she said something now kim can come back at her and so on

    • stop crying

      because there black its sad that u think thats tru ur a clown plus em is gonna hopefully make slaughterhouse blow up

  • 2pac Alive Ha.H.aha

    NIcki is the only rapper that didnt get killed by Eminem on a Track, Nicki was the best on this, Eminem killed Jayz,T.I.,Wayne,Drake,Kanye, and the list goes on, but not Nicki Minaj.

    • tipster

      I usually dont comment on websites but when did Eminem ever kill T.I. sir? Never..On T.I.'s song, Touchdown, Tip crushed eminem. Get it right

    • Anonymous

      you guys are delusional to think nicki didn't get ate on this track (no pun intended) bunch of clit huggers

    • B

      you are right in a way bc on monster i felt like she had the most rap time and Jay-z didnt make since on that song i think the fact that em gets on a song and starts spazzing is wy he takes the light not because he is talking about anything relevant crazy ass

    • the real deal

      haha look at you fools he did not kill jay z and renegade is the bets collab song he has done, maybe he should go back to work with real emcees, this shit is garbage they be spewin out there mouths, rrrrwww dungeon dragon c'mon you clowns.

    • RAINE

      YES!!!! thank u!!! finally someone commenting with sense!!! this is raw rap music at its best! love it! both went hard and so does this beat!!! LOVE ITTTTTT errbody else kick fucking rocks!lol

  • Marvin Yeaboah

    swag king .hahah

  • Marvin Yeaboah

    charley this track de b ....me self i be don for ma hood

  • whoisthespiral

    Internet people hating on popular music because they want to be cool to other internet people hurr.

    • the real deal

      that might be the dumbest comment i have ever heard, mainly because us hip hop heads know who deserves the money and the fame.

  • dillaDOOM

    is it just me or are we all worried by how effected nicki is by wayne, when your starting out and especially when you get your fame from a awsome cypher wherre al lyou did was rap. on your first album just rap tone it down a little have the confidence to rap and know ppl like it then all the voices and that can go more more but shes defo at her best when she just rap normal still think shes good though


    EM killed it.. Nicki should get killed..

  • Lemaine Mitchell-Barrett

    Nikki was either completely biting Drake's rhyme pattern and the way he drops punchlines or he wrote it, I'm going with both! Em destroyed it, but the beat was average really

  • yungwun

    weak... beat was dope and Em was cool but Nicki butchers the track. She is trying too hard on the mic and falls short. Like she said in past interviews, she's an entertainer and not 100% about the music so it's no shock to hear this below average verse from her. Keep getting that money Nicki but leave the battling/beefing to lyrical, more talented people. The 'game' is shoving this woman down your throats and a lot of you cats are eating her up. She's charismatic, extremely attractive, a business woman but wack when it comes to this music thing; no denying that...

  • Anonymous

    It was hot shot out to Busta

  • M.L

    Great song, Eminem and Nikki huh, Em ripped this song apart...Em is at his best when he's in his crazy psycho rap mode

  • Louis Anthoni Soriano

    This song is either pure genius or pure garbage....still can't figure out which one

  • tommyj

    sounds like alotta kim fans here. she's past and nicky is present. . . get over it

    • thetruth718

      oh yeah we will be saying that about nicki next year or so!! soon as another chick comes out who looks better and wayy more sluttier and oh bite another rapper complete swag!! then we good to go!! on to the next

  • rigo1392

    this is worst than the last shit i took

  • mattyG

    damn....beats pretty sweet. i feel it.

  • Lion_Down

    Nice mix, I feel it.

  • WhYESProduction

    Beats! Beats! Beat! Calling all Emcees!!!! Need SOULFUL BEATS?? Check me out at Soundcloud.com/whyesproductions! Interested in leasing please contact me! WhYes Productions_ Real Hip Hop Is Still Alive!!!

  • dc the producer


  • Concerned Citizen

    To Whom It May Concern: Please edit Nikki's verses out and I will gladly give this a five rating...until then, please remove it from your site... -Concerned Citizen

  • sunshine

    nicki gar-baj shits outta her mouth go toe-to-toe with pusha t motherfucking bitch

  • P Wonda

    Next hater can hop on then hop off my scrotal sac

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    lmfao. wut da fuck was dat shit?! i've neva heard nickgay minaj-a-tois and feminem embarass demselvez so freakin bad. diz song iz pure bullshit. feminem'z still tryin 2 recover from jay-z! destroyin him on renegade but can't get hiz head on straight. don't think he eva will. n-e-wayz, u nickgay minaj-a-tois dickridaz need 2 see da song title changez 4 her "pink friday" album. read it and weep bitchez! 1. i'm da worst 2. roman'z and feminem'z revenge on straight people 3. did it on em (da femalez) 4. don't want it rite thru me (i want pussy) 5. fly and land in a girl'z armz 6. save me from da straight people 7. gay moment 4 life 8. check her pussy out while will.i.am.gay checkz a dick out 9. kanye west iz gonna blaze me on nov 22 10. here i am (ready 2 sex a lesbian) 11. dear straight nicki 12. ur cunt 13. last chance 2 get sum pussy 14. super gay (bonuz track) 15. blow ur pussy (bonuz track) 16. sex muny from femalez (bonuz track) 17. girlz fall like dominoz on me (bonuz track) only lesbianz and gay men r gonna buy "pink friday" by nickgay minaj-a-tois. fuck u if u disagree.

  • maRmaN

    stop hating on them shit was dope ... def better than some wack ass waka flaka shit or 75% of the stupid as shit on the radio right now em nikki keep doin yah shit .......

  • FUkclsf

    omg can someone kill this ugly fake wads of makeup ass bitch already..........bitch ruined the song she needs to go suck a dick in the backseat with her trust fund bitch boy drake

  • FUkclsf

    omg can someone kill this ugly fake wads of makeup ass bitch already.........bitch ruined the song she needs to go suck a dick in the backseat with her trust fund bitch boy drake

  • philipwalker

    everything eminem puts out is fire! , long live the king of hiphop , marshall is the man and theres no one in this century that will ever top him, period.

  • Jake Bourey

    nicki can't write a good verse to save her life

  • Anonymous

    Ok why doesn't this song have a 5 rating?

  • Dontre

    I honestly don't care who is better but Nicki did go ham on Kim...I feel sorry for her!!

  • Cornelius

    Okay, this is hot! Haters step off, they both did they thing. Slim always goes hard. And I like Nicki and I know she has her ups and downs, but shes up on this track.

  • The Realest Answer Yet

    Ok, most of the people who have posted on here are just stupid. Period. Here's what's real--@Hottraxx, yeah, they PROBABLY made the song because they are both a little different and thought it would be dope to put out a track that was a little different, thus "Roman's Revenge" was born. The chances of either of these artists, Em or Nicki, making this song purely for exposure is slim to none. So quit throwing a fit that "Em's to good to be fucking with Nicki" because artists who are similar, maybe not in their flow or lyrics but in personality, are going to get together and try to make a dope song. I will agree that Eminem is better than Nicki Minaj--but I don't think Nicki is very bad and I don't think that Eminem is stupid for doing the song either. In fact, I think quite the opposite. At least they're real about it and make music that they like, not what you fucking whiny pussies wanna hear. That being said, yeah, maybe Em isn't as good as he used to be and his style is a little different. It doesn't mean that all of his music is shit now either. It's just different, take it or leave it but don't bitch because you just sound like an ignorant fuck. Get over yourselves, you bunch of self-proclaimed critics who don't know shit about music or the artists. Has anybody actually asked why either artist made this song? No. So shut the fuck up unless you've got the facts. Notice how I haven't really proclaimed anything as fact in this post. THAT'S BECAUSE THIS IS MY OPINION. So quit acting like your word is law. Here's more of my opinion: Eminem, as compared to everything pre-Encore (although Encore has a lot of good shit on it too) has a much more choppy and metaphorical style now, I think very much in cohesion with the predominat rap styles now (such as Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki, etc.). However, even though I also think that his new style isn't the greatest, I still think it's dope as fuck and that he pulls it off better than anybody I've listed. Nicki as well as much of the Cash Money label, has a very different style where they pause and throw out one-word comparisons that rhyme. I don't think this is very exceptional lyricism but as somebody else already said on here, not everybody claims to be the best in the world either. And if Nicki does, who cares, it's her OPINION, not FACT anyways, so get over it. @GSONII, you're stupid, go fuck yourself. Now, as pertains to this song, I think that Nicki does fairly good on it (3 stars), the non-perfect score dude to her "Young Money pause-one-word rap style" but here voices don't really affect that score. I think they're creative and unique, something that no other artist has. Em, on the other hand, absolutely destroyed this song (4.5 to 5 stars). The only reason I hesitate to give him a perfect score as well is just because his flow isn't as smooth and flowing as it used to be, although the flow here is still quite well done. The average of these two scores makes for the 4 star rating I've given this song. Also, I think that Em has sped up his style as of recent works because it more aptly shows his fire to return to the game and rule it once again. Even though I still love his new music, I hope that Em will re-discover his old flow, one full of confidence and well-timed, delivered, and thought out finishes, instead of the one-two-punchlines he utilizes now. Once again, not a diss because his music is still dope, but I just hope that he can make the full transformation back to his any-speed, fluid and momentous flow.

  • Jean Menard

    Nicki killed em on this! wow!

  • Bite-Me

    nicki is gonna sell more then jewish drake

  • Petey Pete

    Her verse sounded like Wayne wrote it. Damn that delivery was EXACTLY like a Drake or Wayne vere. Does she always rap like that? Now where are the 10,000 comments saying Em's verse is the greatest thing since Recovery

  • stigly

    maan i was expexcting so much more form this track ! gotta check out www.myspace.com/davidversis whether you listen now or not you will hear it!!

  • dboy313

    i meant 67 people typing too fast

  • dboy313

    67 peolpe gave this song a 5 kill urself and ur family em detroit is not feelin this one

  • CANT....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    You gays stop crying cause Em isn't working with your lame underground favorite rappers

  • D-Money

    LOL! And they call this good music? Shit just makes me laugh cause its worth a listen but to buy it? LOL!

  • yerrr

    uh, I m sorry EM ur back to ur old lyricism and dopeness so why link up w them? U went 2x platinum w out these fools why reach out to them? You are helping them not the other way around. You dont need them. features w wayne is cool cause u just kill em on the track and show us how ur still the best but why nicki? who next Gutta Gtta? lol come on em

  • Eric Evans

    5 just because she came hard at Kim lol

  • dumbsmart

    Em took this track. crumbled it up. ate it. then shat it out in a Em haters ears (n i dont even like Em like that). im sure nicki was good but i culdnt tell past all the voice changing (i swear that bitch is possessed) n all the lil wayne "say some random, add 1 word explanation here" style #jussayin

  • Cogna

    Ok....what the fuck....this is complete shit

  • 22nd

    Wow, a complete failure at trying to be new and creative; this song is shit!! The beat & verses.

  • Hottraxx

    A bunch of conservative cats on this site as usual. AKA nerds. Nicki is dope, deal with it. But I know Em just using her just like he used Wayne to be what, relevant? Really? Em doesn't need Young Money co-signs or exposure to sell. Could it be that Nicki is a great rapper in her own right and he's just linking up? That's what hip-hop was before you new fans came around with "beef" attitudes and e-thugging wannabe bullshit. Thanks 50, these are your people.

    • Mylie

      get your head our your ass! if you new anything about the industry you have to work for publicity with people you may not like because the label tells you too instead of making artistic material. if you can't see why Eminem is better then young money garbage you need to kill yourself for failing at life.

    • budthegenius

      Thank you. Why can't two artists who respect each other just wanna make a good song? I think the people on this site just want to sound elitist because they think it makes their shit gold

  • Sindo95

    It's ok but beat is fucked up... you have to agree with this

  • ItsGood

    FRESH! They both rocked it new swag.

  • budthegenius

    Damn, reading the comments and all I see are a bunch of hip hop elitists. "Em sold out on this record", "Nicki ain't a real lyricist". Not everybody who holds a mic claims to be the dopest lyricist; some just wanna make music, some just wanna make money, and some wanna spit poetry. You have your choice of emcees to listen to, so if you click on the link already knowing you're gonna hate, then why even bother? Nicki ain't a great lyricist (and I more often than not find her to be annoying), but at least she's creative. Anyway, I think the song is dope.

  • Jbpc

    wasnt what I was hoping for, thought it would be better but its still a decent track...mainly because of the Em feature. although I like Nicki w/o Em this would be pure sh*t tbh

  • MPistol

    hold up - Nikki blah blah whatever, was on this? I didn't notice, cuz Em DESTROYED THIS ENTIRE SONG!!! LoL - so trust the rating I gave was for the proven lyricist on this one

  • RushRecklezz

    First and foremost, Imma say I am an Eminem fan. A huge fan at that. The only rapper I like more than Em is Nas. With that said, I was pissed as hell to hear dude did a collab with Nicki Minaj. I'm tired of Drake and this Young Money punch lines rhyme scheme that just dominates commercial rap. It's disgusting. This song is awful.


    Eminem did more to kill hip hop than anyone ever. Anything that takes away from the game being about skill is a detriment and Eminem gets so many passes because he is white that it is ridiculous. Dude is not a great lyricist, lacks in content (meaning talks about the same foolishness consistently just like a Gucci Mane of the world)and is just mostly hype formed by the internet and other parts of the world which are mostly white and needs to feel like there leader runs something. This guy has played a huge role in making hip hop about gimmicks with his built in gimmick of being just the best mainstream white rapper. By the way, I can't even make it through this garbage song.


    she's no missy thats for sure

  • Kyri_Nicolaou

    Refuse to feel this chick. Not lacking skill, but too many gimmicks dilute the music. Plus the beat ain't my thing. Not a stan or the traditional fan of Em, but its a waste of an Em feature.

  • kkklkkk

    damn eminem fell of soooooo hard holy shit, he used to be so hard to get on a collab but this loser goes out and does a song with nicki fuckin minaj before he does one with NAS? His new shit is trash too, raps the same way all fast and lyricism is downgraded.....rip to shady damn

  • Anonymous

    shaddy and nikki compliment each other on this track ..both have similar styles

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Ok, this sucks.... The beat is horrible.... and the hook is too..... The verses are good, but you can't listen to shit....

  • John Penn Rodgers


  • real nigga talkin

    aight just listened again this is a girl rapping lmao she is litteraly a beast u deny u just a fuckin hater who feel like hatin sumthn..lmao how tha fukk she trash Nicki is outrappin niggas in hip hop and she a girl lmao this a str8 song for a lil female

  • real nigga talkin

    hip hop this hip hop that ahh shut tha fukk up u winy ass bitchesss they lyrics on here is crazy they both eatin this shit up tha song aint that hot tho...plain and simple simple and plain

  • NC King

    WOW!!!! That song was bananas...I don't know who you guys favorite lyricist are but its time to ease up off the Young Money hate cuz they have quietly put together a nice lil lyricist lounge.

    • Whatevaaa

      Not half she's better. You stuck on some old school shit dude.

    • Charlie Alvarez

      eminen said hes a cocksucker like elton john. on "Cold Wind Blows"

    • Charles ExSavior

      Jay Electronica, Blu, Phonte, Elzhi, J. Cole, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, Common... the list of GREAT lyricists can go on with me. If you think Nicki is even half as capable as the above mentioned you don't have good taste. C'mon dude, this bitch screamed out "I'm a CUNT!"... name me a rapper that proudly shouts out "I'm a bitch ass nigga" like it's something creative. SMH.

  • Anonymous

    Nah Kid!!! Why Why WHY would EM waist his time with this??? Her 1st verse is trash the hook is weak! And to think I was kinda looking forward to hearing this thinking they would do something creative together but they dropped the ball big time. I do like the beat though. If you love Hip Hop check out eihill.com

  • pinp c

    yall all hate on younge money people and say em needs to not work wit dem but one of em's coldests tracks (no love) was with wayne and hes from younge money.... everybody makes wack ass songs... so fuck all u younge money haters

  • Mylie

    Eminem is losing fans doing these songs with wack ass young money he has no chemistry with any of them and IMO is LIGHT YEARS AHEAD. hop on a track with Lupe Fiasco muffuka stop selling out. seems like biting lyrics is accepted nowadays. i bet they make Nicki say she was paying respect or whatever. fukk outta here. have your own ideas and try and be creative b1tch

    • Agreed

      ^I agree with the last half of what you said. It's like the phrase "if you can't beat 'em join 'em" But in this case it's "if you can't beat 'em, outshine them on a collab" But dude. 86-03 wasn't the only time Hip Hop was good. Yes there were a couple of years like 06 and 07 where Hip Hop was asleep but there's a shitload of great new artists who aren't Hip Pop n shit.

    • jake

      I mean hip hop heads like us, YES, but a ton of kids who weren't old enough to care about 90's (or just don't bother studying 86-03 golden age) will eat this ish up. It's sad but like i've said before Jay (who i only liked 96-03 primarily as Empire state of mind was a hot 2009 radio rap song) has collabed with wayne/minaj/drake/jeezy/rick ross, nas just had Wayne on his very solid Distant Relatives album, Common has collabed w/ JONAS BROTHERS, Raekwon who just dropped a very good album in 2009 just did a joint w/ JUSTIN BIEBER (and kanye), Vinnie Paz did a song w/ Paul Wall, Royce was once featured on that white wack rb bia willa ford, talib just did a track with the GOD AWFUL Gucci Man. These dudes are all about making $/creating buzz in other markets/niches (south/younger generation/masses) more times than not. Part of it is the wackness that plays on the radio (or at least 90% of it) compared to MOST of the hot ish from 86-02/03 (when 90% of it was dope) and part of it is a TON OF PPL are illegally downloading stuff now so album sales are down a ton and artists are saying F#ck if i think this artist is dope or not, i'm trying to create buzz and/or make new fans/$. You feel me?

  • jake

    WE GET IT, you can murder young money emcees, so can any dope emcee alive or even average one. I think deep down he knows he's not as good as his TOP 5-10 all time UNREAL lyrical dopeness of 96/97-02/03 where he'd collab w/ dope emcees like royce, masta ace, g rap/pharoahe/tech 9/krs one/rza/chino/xzibit on Classic 99 joint ("The Anthem" where he shared the best verse honors, in my opinion, along with legendary KOOL G -RAP), jay (dope from 96-03 primarily), redman, method man, jada/styles p (sheek is wack to me) and always held his own and/or or shined the brightest. Won 97 Wake Up Show Freestyler of the yr (back when that was a big honor...legends and/or really dope lyricists like pun, big, big L, lots of the wu, chino, bis, crooked i, pharoahe monch, Juice who he lost to in 97 rap olympic finals in a LEGENDARY triple over time bout, g rap, etc used to come on all the time and em in 97/98 MURDERED that. Then SSEP-Eminem Show were sick, not to mention his joints on 8 mile soundtrack and b-sides/bonus joints/features/other Soundtrack songs like Stimulate, The Sauce and Nail in the Coffin, We As Americans, Love You More, Bad Influence, If I get Locked Up Tonight, Off The Wall (w/ redman), 365 (w/ skam), Anyman (off classic Rawkus Soundbombing II compilation). He's said as much..."I had to learn to rap/flow again, like literally. Like I def was way to high/f-ed up in my encore days, but even 97-02 I'd at least be high on weed alot or lesser drugs, but i could handle it, so writing/spitting in the booth/live COMPLETELY SOBER after taking 3-4 yrs off is a huge adjustment." He's prob just playing it safe due to all of this and even if he only comes ehh or solid, he looks good b-c the young money artist was ehh or wack like this Nicki fraud

  • jake

    Nicki Minaj is THE DEFINITION of sex sells, b-c as an emcee she's THE DEFINITION of amateur hour...Femcees that are nice and WOULD MURDER N.M (aka never mind) include JEAN GRAE, RAH DIGGA, INVINCIBLE (white emcee from detroit, youtube sledgehammer...has elzhi aka legendary lyricist in the background of the video), ETERNIA, BAHAMADIA (from Rawkus days), JAN DOE (on Blackstarr album), Lauryn Hill (granted dorment for awhile, but would kill her)... Em is aight on this simply b-c Nicki is THAT WACK, and the beat is a 1.5/5 at best. Em's first verse has some dope lines and wack lines, but i miss the smoother flow/tone of love me, stan, rock bottom, murder murder, we as americans, no apologies, sing for the moment, going through changes, still don't give a f#ck, etc to name a few. For god's sake focusing on working w/ Slaughterhouse and other dope emcees/producers from the D (ELZHI, One Be Lo, Black Milk, Invincible) and on your next album ONLY have production from Primo, Rza, Dre, Large Professor, Em (avg producer, but em at least USED to flow well to them a la lose yourself, renegade, cleaning out my closet, sing for the moment, til i collapse, etc), Black Milk, Hi-Tek, Pete Rock, maybe a kanye beat or 2, NOONE ELSE!!!!!!!!

  • DA 1


  • 24 Hour Hip Hop

    snippets of all unreleased tracks off "Pink Friday" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJUoctvGZyc

  • Angel De Peña

    Hang it up.. flatscreen. Nuff said.

    • John-boy

      Sadly, most simple minded people who don't know what real lyrics are will think this a hot line. I laughed when I heard that part. SMH

  • Night Train 357

    Minaj is hit or miss with me. She does a hot verse like on Kanye's "Monster" and then she features on Trey Songz's "Bottoms Up" and sounds like garbage. I'm going to go against the grain and say this was a decent verse, but Em clearly dominated. She wasn't nearly as lyrically impressive as I thought she should be, but I won't go as far as to say it suck. Now, as for the beat? That was just said. The beat was too basic and dry, especially the percussion. Bad beats make the artist try harder. Nikki gave it her best shot and was meh... heard it before. As for Em, he has a way to turn lemons in t lemonade. I feel like saying, "Good job for salvaging the song Em. Nikki... keep up the good work."

  • Angel De Peña

    This is literally the worst song I've ever heard in my life. I'm honestly not exaggerating.

  • Dantell

    How in hell could yall say this is wack? They didn't go for the money and make a candy single for radio, EM shows his respect for Nicki. Plus, she kept it real, she spoke on her beefs... i think the joint dope.... Yall niggaz hatin waaay too hard.

  • Ben

    Definitely not the best from Nicki, but it's okay. It's all about being crazy. Otherwise she wouldn't've let Slim Shady on the track. I doubt all of Pink Friday will be like this. I hope. and pray.

  • hiphop

    Em's verse was decent...but besides that this is the worst song ive ever heard in my life....Niki minaj = GARBAGE

  • cange

    Did anyone really enjoy this? I personally think lil kim back in the day would of destroyed this chick. Her flow is half retarded

  • tjmuk

    em is legend tell all this rappers stop puttn em on they record please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rivateer

    Well, Em ripped it...Nicki still suck How you gonna have Em in your song and come as weak as she did. SMD

  • KingKeyes

    nikki sucks, Em destroyed it thoo

  • Gojo

    If you don't like Nicki Minaj, why would you click the link? For Eminem? People that dislike her are riding her dick more that people that like her, and she doesn't even have one. Who is a better rapper is subjective and difficult to debate, especially if you are ignorant and cannot express yourself coherently.

  • Sindo95

    guys this is just ok.... beat is fucked up.... this beat is hard to flow..

  • wow

    nicki minaj sucked. like i dont know how else to describe it except that she really sucked. em did his thing but what the fuck is minaj doin

  • Anonymous

    wtf is this shit? this bitch is just producing stupid shit with her possessed self.

  • Mkhooooo

    Lyrics are good but not a smooth connection with the beat. I would of expected a much more solid track from these two top notch artists

  • Epidemik

    Garbage... nicki's rhymes are so basic.. When i pull up, vroom, motorbike???? like wtf.. i cant believe em hopped on this track.. his verses are nothing special either.. Next..

  • John-Boy

    Eminem just exposed another Young Money artist. First he chewed up and spit out the top two males of the group (Wayne and Drake) and now he just shitted on their favorite female. Em knows what he's doing. He's saying "these are the artists that run the rap game?? Well look how dog them on every track we get on". He sounds like the greatest rapper ever when sided next to a Young Dummy artist. When he start rapping with them Slaughterhouse boys it won't be that easy though. I can't wait for those collabo's. Its gonna be lyrical murder. 3 stars and each one is for Em.

    • chuck chizzle

      well I grew up in the "Golden Era" as well and although I was a HARDCORE backpacker, I've learned to appreciate ALL hip hop. Now, Em OBVIOUSLY ripped it, but just because Nicki is annoying, doesn't mean she didn't handle hers! I cannot stand her, but I gotta give her props. You don't have to. But exposed? Naw man. And 'Bonz' has a point! Again, YES! Em killed it on "Forever", but everyone else did bring their "A" game. Em's just head & shoulders above everyone!!

    • Brandon 'Bonz' Williams

      how the fuck are you gonna say drake or wayne didnt hold their own in the Forever Remix? yeah Em slaughtered the track, but EVERYBODY on that track came with their 'A' game... 'last name ever, first name greatest boy like a sprained ankle i aint nothin to play with'...DOPE

    • wwwtheKONGLISTcom

      WOW! I consider myself a Hip-Hop fanatic dating back to when Fat Boys & Run DMC burst onto the scene -thru- The Golden Era of Rap (Wu-Tang, Nas, Mobb Deep, 2Pac, Biggie, etc. -to- the current state of Hip-Hop which is Dead...and I couldn't have said it any better than what you wrote! Way to go Johnny-Boy! lol

    • huey mello

      agreed. he dont need to prove anything no more

  • tdubwilcocks

    Nicki and Em coulda made a better track I dont really think that the beat is right. either way something about it isnt right. Em really spits on here. But Nicki seems to try too hard. Thats just me. But Who knows they sure did kill kim on here.

  • Fuck a Dungeon Dragon

    How anyone could listen to this pillow ass chipmunk do techno, let alone pay for it, is well beyond me. Hell, I'm even tired to listen to Em right now, this futuristic LARP shit ain't working. These are the biggest and most important rappers out there? Really?? WE FUCKED.

  • Banks

    young money need to die

  • open your ears

    Nicki ate him on this..The way she could switch flows and cadences makes it almost impossible to to outshine this chic plus she's nasty on top of everything

    • Epidemik

      are you serious?? nicki's rhymes were so basic.. a kid in grae 1 has more complex rhymes in his vocab... hang it up, flatscreen, haha, plasma hey nicki, hey nicki, athsma and when i pull up, vroom, motorbike.. i mean come on... that is what you call skill? open YOUR ears.

  • Dokta Elway

    Dis shit 's gat 3 b ill compared 2 dis, nt wif standin NICKI's stil d bomb...

  • ShowTime Ny

    Nicki can spit so can Em but this shit is whack. Its seems like they had nothing to say. Nicki goin on about kIm and Female rappers who hating in general and Em dissing an Imginary female and Nameless Mcees? What a waste. Why Nicki changed her cadence in the first verse to that punch line flo midway I have no idea. Its her song and she has 2 verses so there no need to have 15 flos. Sometimes less is more esp when its her own song and she's not doing a feature. Get back 2 the basics. She can spit I dont know about her song making abilites yet. although that see throuh me song is hot and her feaures have been tight. But they need to do this over or can it. Its a waste of talent. www.soundclick.com/showtimeny

  • Jscott

    Bunch of niggas hating on a female, yall wack as fuck, you mad she spit better than you? That shit slaps.