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Copy continues his freestyle series with #6. Can you relate?


  • prezentable

    sik wit it, i think we can all relate to sumthin in this session

  • bf

    this was dope. expect anything else? 4/5

  • Anthony Porter

    Fuck yeah I can relate

  • jizzle

    this is really flame......keep doin it copy!

  • WayneWerk

    Dope verse. I'm feeling the versatility of you approaching broader subject matter. OH-10 Biatches!!

  • Loch Last Flip

    This is alright.I heard of him.This is average

  • Jesse Scott

    ILL....put ur faultz and his aside....bring back da weathermen in da name of CAMU

  • Skyler Durden

    oh can i ever relate. put the hook as my FB status because it suits what i am now, an asshole.

  • Skyler Durden

    oh can i ever relate. put the hook as my facebook status because it suits what i am now, an asshole.

  • Jon Mc

    I love real rap...put out an album and i'll buy it...I didnt used to be a fan, but I relate to much not to be now

  • newcomment

    diggin this. i hope copy switches it up like this more.

  • Casper the friendly ghostwriter

    I think this was decent. It's a shame Copy is actually, like he admits, an asshole. He's got the ability to convince so many with being down to earth and dropping real shit, but he keeps tearing his own foundation down with the cockiness and holier than thou attitude. As an artist, I think it is important to be yourself, and the vibe i get from Copywrite, is someone who sometimes is himself, but often times tries to hard to be a gangster and a battle rapper. This verse was cool, though. Finally, he is talking some sense. I'm not a professional, I don't charge for verses, but at the same tinme, I don't make music I think people want to hear. I think that might be what Copywrite's biggest challenge is. He needs to stop making shit he thinks people will want to hear, and speak from the heart more often.

    • Idontcare

      The main problem with copywrite is his rep know for only being a battle rapper however I ask most people they would tell you his best material are songs where comes from the heart. If you ask most people They well tell that his Mixtape Jerk was great because he sound like he was coming from the heart. According to copywrite himself his new Album well be more about copywrite as person more then just battle raps. I personally feel he has grew as a artist. According to Copy he tire to make music that people Can relate to emotionally.

  • crew932

    word! PATH and Copy putting in some overtime, big uppers -932

  • IAmNotMoneyMike

    Can U relate? [ Question: Didn't copy say " Can You Relate "? in another song? ] Same here. I can relate. Nice freestyle but I'm starting to think about it as this from hearing this freestyle, I fee that it turns out to be writtens writtens turn out to be something greater! But you gotten BETTER so thats why I feel that way about an emcee like you! U get me~! NEX WEEK! The Life & Times Of Peter Nelson: Nov 16th 2010 This beat kinda reminds me of the OLD eminem beats when eminem was rapping to something like this: [ I'm slim shady and all the....Im just me I'm slim shady all the slim shady's something like that with d12 artist I forgot what song .] & Copywrite your style in Hip-Hop is past gone Im so fucking Happy I foudn your music in 2009 becuz your Hiphop era past and you know it but thats the Hip-Hop we need MOST. its that 80's type 90's HipHop!

    • Jon Mc

      "freestyle" has dual meanings these days...no one claimed this was an "off the top" freestlye - it usually refers to a one verse (24+ bars) with no hook - but usually off of a pre-published beat - this ones original though - think of "freestyle" as a commercial to highlight talent

  • jake

    Copy almost always spits RAW DOPE MULTIS/PUNCHES that make one press rewind at least twice per verse/track...very solid

  • PATH

    produced by PATH columbus, ohio holdin it down allday! shoutouts to copy! mad respect fam!

  • Extra P

    nice spit,beat slaps . good shit cop 5.5

  • hank williams

    Real shit. 5/5 blends with the day I'm having today. Yes copy,I can relate

  • Patrick Scientific

    Really good freestyle. Again, I say that you are a premier MC?

  • mrconceited


  • Doublea Archer

    (Jay-Z feat. Mya) best of me freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_5HU4B9JYo

  • brownshitstainz

    im feelin this fam......replay this one