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This is the final version of Biebs, Ye and Rae's unlikely collaboration. New beat too!



  • Kanye East

    I preferred the good friday version, but still gets a co-sign cus the chef is on it!!

  • Chris

    actually enjoyed the g.o.o.d. friday version, this just sounds like a stereotypical bieber song. the original remix was way underrated. lots of people passed it up cuz they saw bieber in the title. if you can find it give it a shot it's not bad.

  • Digster

    ive never heard of Rick Fouche but he got some dope stuff... Im hearing he is working closly with Em

  • JThePro

    Sure he sings like a girl, but I heard he's hung like a horse. :)

  • JThePro

    average cock size (in inches) asians 2.5 mexicans 2.6 whites 5.5 blacks 9.5

    • Anonymous

      wow i just clicked on yeezy and rae song and i get a cock size chart...wtf

    • Haha

      Haha you looked up the websites to correlate the info cause you aint packin 9.5 lmao ... NO HOMO NO HOMO NO HOMO, just funny...

    • Anonymous

      not even true according to every website also

    • Anonymous

      I hope you're a female.. Otherwise, why the fuck would have dick size statistics readily available? Oh nevermind... I forgot that its "cool" to be gay these days.

  • Anonymous

    Justin got cheated for best new artist...hopefully this year J cole or Rick Fouche will get it!

  • tonic dry

    Let me get this stright??? You lose respect for a iknon because he work with a talented kid??? Has nothing to with money has to do with you getting sick of doing the same thing over and over like repen the street. No one shit on ODB when he did his thing with M.C on fantasy??? Its called evolving!! We all grow and diside what we want and what we wanna do. MJ was a kid and one time and he had the world by the balls just like JB and thouse songs were about love gurls etc??? So you would bump a MJ song but not a jb??? You got to ask your self why??? Trust me back in the day it was't cool to be a dude bumpen jakson 5 when you were 17- 28 . And if he did't sing about gurls love ect and about being poor from the hood HOLY SHIT!!! we would be fake etc blah blah. So quit haten and being narrow minded and see that music is subjective and it touches us in deffernt ways and how we can relate to the story or pain or happyness ect. Not to have that would be less of a free world.

  • Frank Knuckles

    Nooooooo... Rae why'd you do it?

    • cause

      I did it cause JB a beast, where your heart at kid? You telling me what to do with my science? Lace up ya wallies, this joint going on the Shaolin vs Wu-tang Album crumb.

  • Eddie Cruz

    Ummm I dont think so..and rae you must be hurtin' for money. Cmon' Man!

  • Jerrell James

    Ye killed it

  • bitch

    just lost some respect for Rae

  • April LaRae Garcia

    He sounds like a B**** when is dude gonna go through puberty. Still can't believe Rae sold out like this

    • lol tonic drys a douche

      I like how its being narrow minded if you dont like bad music

    • tonic dry

      Let me get this stright??? You lose respect for a iknon because he work with a talented kid??? Has nothing to with money has to do with you getting sick of doing the same thing over and over like repen the street. No one shit on ODB when he did his thing with M.C on fantasy??? Its called evolving!! We all grow and diside what we want and what we wanna do. MJ was a kid and one time and he had the world by the balls just like JB and thouse songs were about love gurls etc??? So you would bump a MJ song but not a jb??? You got to ask your self why??? Trust me back in the day it was't cool to be a dude bumpen jakson 5 when you were 17- 28 . And if he did't sing about gurls love ect and about being poor from the hood HOLY SHIT!!! we would be fake etc blah blah. So quit haten and being narrow minded and see that music is subjective and it touches us in deffernt ways and how we can relate to the story or pain or happyness ect. Not to have that would be less of a free world

  • Big Bubba

    mmmmm when i get out of prison that ass is mine

  • I did not listen to that song


  • Trish Gilles

    AMAZING as always JB you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  • josh

    Sell out. JB sucks ass.

  • 462647

    lol u guys are catching females cause a 17 year old is doing it big. he gets more money + attention + girls that you'll ever get. don't hate. not homo, or a fan, just keeping it real

  • DatNig$

    i agree with my man down there Everybody gassing that fouche dude up. his beats are so so http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZcB-e5Xjk0

  • sasa

    oh my god!we need no uncool bieber in here all we need is raekwon and kanye

  • ticker174

    new LIL WAYNE/BIG SEAN... hot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3zvSJcsDzk

  • bob

    new DRAKE Track called "My Life" Leaked!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ze-uv06oEkk

  • Anonymous

    jb is the man. he gets mad bitches. stop hatin on his hustle yall.

  • kolt

    if i saw jb i wood punch him and then spend a night in jail cause i hit a minor

    • ANON

      Person above me says Beiber got the "hood" behind him. What a dumbass. Like thus jump him in their cars. GTFO

    • wtf

      Hating ass... You wouldnt do shit.. Bieber got the hood behind him... Punching a kid isnt gangster, doing songs with Kanye and Rae is ...

  • Anonymous

    Here is the nigga that has been ghostwriting Wiz Khalifa. Dude is sick http://www.datpiff.com/Tig-Tigga-Takeover-mixtape.191231.html

  • rob

    ppl hate on justin waaayy too much

    • Anonymous

      hes rapping with wu tang son thats bullshit fuck that kidd and disney for that matter he needs to grow up a figure out what drug hes gonna o.d. on

  • fragglerk

    man that dude rick fouche is not that serious....why the fuck is everyone talking about him!!!!!

  • donda8

    this is kinda hot. rick fouche did this beat for him. he just signed to young money. he is the next kanye west!

  • Jd Williams

    who convinced Rae to get on this?

    • Jason Williams

      Lol priceless.....It does seem like someone pushed him to do this but after a few interviews he just wanted to himself. It does seem like and odd match-up but I can't hate on any artist growth or co-performers.

  • ds

    This is awful. The original was one of the best GOOD Friday tracks yet and was one of the few songs in the world that I'd say was actually perfect. So.... this one's mad mad shitty in comparison. That beat sucks ass.

  • Aerycka Johnson

    i llike this but i wouldnt want this on my ipod I ABSOLUTELY DONT LIKE RAEKWON I LOVE JUSTIN B. AND KANYE THO

  • Rexhep Gashi

    Such a "BITCH" song the second voice is it a girlyy she sounds really good . I AM SO SORRY FOR RAEKWONDO he just died in the hip-hop life abt this biatch kanye he has been a gay and he stays like that .DEATH TO HOMO'S

  • brains

    Just to let you idiots know, this is the beat for JB's original version of this song.

  • TheLegacy

    Super pop...but still I give credit where credit is due and this should kill the radio right here...it's just the nature of things. 3 stars... You know how all these people put comments on hiphopdx talkin about how great they are and they post a link, you watch it and it sucks?!?! This isn't one of those....check me out. You'll be glad you did --->> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2EBCYkjW3k

  • Anonymous

    wat the hell justin danm the world is ganna end

  • Whoolio Gee

    I actually liked this collabo when it first leaked but this version is ass... That beat makes it sound like everything else that's being played on the radio.

  • YoungStarsEntertainmet

    OK, i'm not a fan of JB, but real talk, the kids got some vocals. If his voice were to mature a little bit, he'd be a pretty sick soul/jazz/r&b singer. But anyways, the song was pretty legit. I'll do a 4/5

  • Madiee

    Justin Beiber is a lil boy and needs to stay outta hip-hop. That's the only thing I listen to, and if he gets in it then I'll be pissed. Like get that fagg outta here!

  • Biebermania

    Bieberiffic! This song is dripping with the freshest swag. Its cool of Bieber to bless the lesser gods with his presence.

  • Surprised

    This song is actually great. People hating on Bieber because he's a young kid and has retarded fans, but this is pretty legit.

  • Just me

    Sorry, but I have to say I'd rock to this in the car.

    • Anonymous

      are you a fucking girl? if not then yoo this is, at MOST one of those songs you keep on the low on ya ipod r something never ever should a man be ROCKIN jb in his car,thats some suspect shit

  • Anonymous

    j.beaver needs to stay outta hiphop. n thats just keepin it 100.

  • Steven Ireland

    Im kinda surprised The techno beat dosen't over power rae not bad

  • ThaLokster

    The Bieb has voclas for days!@ U cant take that away from him. Lol he is gay thoo. The original remix is doper tho cuz of the beat. I think thisis the original beat for the Justin Bieber song. Wasn't feelin this version

  • The truth

    Im not gonna listen to this, but i am gonna give it a shitty rating, and you know why? Cause Bieber is on it. Sorry but I dont want my kids to turn into a dumb little metrosexual, and no im not calling him dumb because he looks like a little girl, or that he makes more money than me, nothing like that. Its solely based on an interview i saw when he was asked some questions and he was too stupid to answer them. That guy makes me ashamed to American, real talk.



  • realhiphop

    either way this about to be all over the radio

  • HWK

    This is fuckin class...ur problyl gonna say I'm just a teen who don't know shit but it's time we got back to the music that started this culture...I'm not sayin this is it Coz it's not...its just gettin so much criticism just Coz it's jb....yeezy killed it...

  • I Hate JB

    Wow, Justin Bieber stays ruining music and the other 2 morons decided to accept being sellouts, smh at the music scene of today...

  • ANON


  • Jeremey Pope

    I feel bad for this kid. We have all seen this scenario a too many times. The Child pop star use by the corporate label to make millions. As soon as he ages to a man and loses his boyish look. They cast him off and replace him. I can't hate this kid because I feel bad for him.

    • true

      your soo right jb is kinda poor but he still shouldnt stick his nose into hiphop, but i guess he didnt have a choice its all up to the big industry greedy bitches.....

    • Sami Ibrahim

      The last human being on earth any human being should "feel bad for" is Justin Beiber. Wake the fuck up.

    • Sami Ibrahim

      You're so right bro. These corporate labels are so inhumane for only letting the kids make money while they're kids, they should just let everyone make millions All the time! How dare they only pay people who sell records, what do they expect them to go out and get a real jobs when they're adults? Or transition into managing or producing?? God forbid!

  • Anonymous

    JB ain't that bad my lil sister loves him,

  • darius

    All haters frontin' like they all some hardened career criminals, that only listen to hardcore musci, eat hardcore food, sleep and breathe in a hardcore way etc.If you don't like it just express your opinion, but don't hate.Let it slide and listen whatever the hell you like.Nobody stops you. After all, we're talking about a Wu-Tang Clan member right here.

  • Anonymous


  • Fred Philp Jr

    Sorry to burst all of you guys bubbles but THIS IS THE ORIGINAL beat. The last beat Ye did for this track was Good Friday mix. Once again this beat is the original beat for Runaway Love not the Good Friday one (kanye shrug)

  • Brian Farrar

    this beat is real chill but i like the orignal better, showed of the Biebers range alot more and was just more intense

  • iddle

    Barz; I know your mixtape is hot so every one check it out, but lemme say this dont start promo with bieber makes good music, and finish w/ go check my mixtape lol.

  • T-Barz

    Justin Bieber makes good music. I cant front on the kid. People need to stop hatin on him. But anyway, ya'll should listen to my mixtape. its 100% Free and 100% from the heart. Comin str8 from cali. check it out! http://limelinx.com/files/18bcc3830e3255da76caf6fb2d13329b

  • Anonymous

    why is raekwon everywhere lately


    Hate is the new Love. None of you could outwork any of those 3 and 2 of them are legends. Keep listenin to waka flocka and gucci mayne you lames

  • yo

    what is this song even about?

  • infamouzxodus

    As much as i dont like bieber the kid knows how to make money and the fact usher is showing him everything, hes got a lot of potentional. As for rae and kanye, kanye spits pretty dope n rae is not on his game cause dude dont spit to this shit..

  • cheez4

    Yo some people can not wake up with out serioulsy just being a crab ass hater...so sad yall can't just be happy that someone is making more bread then you Jay-Z said it best "Youngster you not feeling me fine...cost you nothing pay me no mind" take notes clowns. This song is not Rae's or Kanye's best but it's good for the kids it's that fun shit that we use to dance to at our school dances. Maybe some of you fags or salty and just don't remember going to dances and getting it in with the girls jaming to Anthoer Bad Creation or jumping out the building to Kriss Kross cause your bum asses was at home mad with busted xj900's..lmao...scrubs!

  • Anonymous

    this makes me wanna cry

  • Dot DOuble

    Fuck you Justin Beiber.

  • wtf

    the original was way better.

  • chase berry

    WHACK AS F^CK some sell out nukkas right there

  • Ramnjit Singh Boparai

    Atleast the younger fucked up generation will get a taste of the WU...plus this gives Raekwon some mainstream exposure something real MC's need alot of

    • HWK

      just wanna say my generation ain't all bad...we be listenin to wu and the real shit we just don't be out fuckin spreadin like the dickriders the pop acts attract...

  • Anonymous

    must we even be remembered this song ever existed. why is it being re-posted again, we know it was made once and im trying to forget!

    • Anonymous

      I dunno gotta disagree, the original with that wu-tang beat was smooth. And beiber soundnig like a young MJ a little bit. This remix is a little wack, but the other one, dope.

  • BrownJack

    This new beat is kind of simple. I liked the original a lot better. I guess this one fits Justin's style much more though. This is good pop IMO.

  • C Starr

    So what DJ mashed this together? The original so much better and it's painfully obvious that it was the beat they made their verses for. This new beat really took A LOT away from the song.

  • darius

    Man I quite enjoyed this.Stop hatin'.

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    People hate too much, this is actually a good song, I liked it over the wu-tang beat better even if JB sounded a little weird on it. Rae went in, and Ye was being Ye. And btw, Chef's a legend as far I'm concerned, and nearly 20 years deep in this game so I don't think anyone has the right to call him a showout if they haven't done what he's did

  • TD

    5 For Raekwon. Stopped listening after that...

  • Anonymous

    hate to join in like a commercial ass nigga but this version is better

  • Anonymous

    Take that picture down. He looks so lame.

  • Its Sik

    justin bieber suits this beat better from the original one. this ones gd but the otha 1s beta. raekwon n kanye flow 2 that better. still 4 stars

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    what a beat! I wouldnt call the beat itself overly commercial, it goes hard!

  • Frankie

    Its not that bad, just commercial as FUCK. like everything else. dude can sing, I always dig Rae. and Kanye went in. still its some radio shit, which aint my bag. but um, 3/5

  • Anonymous

    Shit Is Dumb Old. I Like The Original Beat Better. But Fack It. Their All Dope Artist

  • Anonymous

    raekwon still actin tuff , haha fuckin sellout , he probably assfucked bieber to get on this , you could expect it from kanye but ... this entire hip hop game is flushed threw the toilet , its all about the money somewhere along the way they forgot about the muzik

    • Luis Reynoso

      who the hell comes on here to talk about a grown ass man having sex with a 16 yr old? go kill yourself for that commentand how raekwon sell out? Did u listen to what he spit over this? or you just retarded? Y

  • StopHating

    Not as bad as I thought it was. Justin Bieber actually has some talent, but yeah he sounds really out of place on the Wu-Tang beat. Rae was great, n' Ye was aight.

  • ei8trak

    i guess niggas is getting that doe lol...at the end of the day they probably made enough gwop to each by an SUV off this

  • TheTruth

    The song isnt as bad as I thought it was going to be and the little boys voice isnt bad for his age and is better than i thought it would be. Thats the best thing i can say about this song. 3.0

  • WhYESProduction

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  • Anonymous

    if i could give it a 0 i would

  • Anonymous

    nice track minus beieber but i dont give a fuck niggas go get those beiber fans i aint hatinYOU TIRED OF BULLSHIT ABC LYRICS? TIRED OF SONGS ABOUT CLOTHES, MONEY AND CARS??? THEN CHECK OUT THE PILL POPPIN BEER DRINKIN BLUNT SMOKIN SPIC FROM NEW JERSEY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXnvuNmXDIE

  • Real Hip Hop

    This is the true definition of rappers selling out! JB is Gar Bo

  • Christopher Johnson

    I could have done w/o justin bieber on the track, maybe jasmine sullivan or keys in his place.

  • tre

    this beat was aight, make money making beats with this http://su.pr/2vdxBS check it out!

  • kid of the east

    this is hot no lie

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    195 people have voted. 5 is the most popular ranking. 55 people gave it a perfect five. OK. I'm a huge Wu-Tang fan (check my name) and a huge Kanye fan too. But when I see something like the data above, I can't help but wonder what the hell is wrong with people? They put JUSTIN BIEBER on the Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin ta F Wit beat. How could they do that? It doesn't even make sense! Terrible song.

  • ColdStoneDaKing

    Who da fuck are yall calling my man Rae a sellout he smashed his verse plus Kanye gave props while smashing his verse too..yea JB high voice takes a while to get used to over this beat..RZA and the rest of the WuTang actually condoned this and gave kanye and rae props, so shut the fuck up wit the whole sellout shit dam

    • Wu-Tang Forever

      If it happens once, then I wouldn't call it selling out, I'd just call it dumb and ignorant. But if JB ends up on Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang I'll have a serious problem with Rae.

  • Dontbother

    *it's garbage AND Kanye and Rae are disgraces.

  • Dontbother

    Majority of people on here are too ignorant and stubborn to not generalize all of JB as crap music. Sure, it's shitty pop music, but honestly, just because JB is on this song doesn't mean it's garbage Kanye and Rae are disgraces.



  • Anonymous

    i honestly could not even get to ye's part, when justin beiber finally hits puberty, he will never be able to sing again, hes such a fagg and yeah ima hate cuzz this was a horrible call by rae and ye


    This shit makes my WU ink hurt.

  • Anonymous

    they jus getting some of the young beieber fans to listen to them. cant hate on that. the beat was serious ye and raes flow were both dope so dont hate it just cuz biebers on it. niggas went it. minus beiber if you like DRUGS and TITTIES check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXnvuNmXDIE

  • Killalex

    Garbage, disgrace to the Wu fam.

  • Anonymous

    First of all what does "gay" or "queer" have to do with music? Those terms refer to someone's sexual orientation, not a music artists' music genre or the merit or quality of anything whatsover. Next, I don't hate the song, but I don't get it either. I think it's just TOO much of a mash-up. If Justin Beiber had been singing the hook on a Kanye or Raekwon song, then perhaps it would've made more sense. As it is, it just sounds like rap song with JB singing a hook instead of a few verses from featured rappers on a pop song. The original version is VERY pop and very catchy. It's a hit on it's own without any assistance. Here, on this remix, it sounds as if it's been hijacked by hip-hop and it loses it pop appeal while not really crossing over into appealing to rap fans because of JB's part. I think Kanye meant well and I'm sure WuTang/Raekwon didn't mind the money for the beat sample/verse, but I think it's just too far of a stretch.

  • Declan McCabe

    Kanye is a genius but god shoot me now :/

  • Jesse

    This song is sooo fuckin retarded!!! Wtf were rae n ye thinkin?! They shoulda left out dat fuckin queer (bieber) outta dat song.

  • artnew

    No, no, no.. I hope it's just a joke... I can't believe that Kanye did something LIKE THAT

  • really????

    they have disgraced a piece of classic hiphop. kanye should die, and rae has sold out, this is gay as fuck, on the beat wu tang clan aint nothing to fuck with?? are you kidding me?? the game is over its done, ive heard enough

    • Its Sik

      the verses were gd by ye and rae. not hatin on jb but he ruined it. and the game aint over yet. lupe fiasco lasers is gna be the ressurection of the game if atlantic records fukin release it.

  • nooooooo OMG


  • worst sellout ever


  • Chase_k

    this dude on tv movies shows now he gotta hood pass....wow Its another power remix that Ye should release instead http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDLYjOp9lyQ checkout my artist page while u at it http://www.reverbnation.com/#/chasekush

  • Anonymous

    Because a white kid sings a hook on an already known hot beat, with two fiery verses by ye and raekwon, there sell outs? stfu.

  • Fat BOii

    I am hating Kanye is fuckin" wack! I am sorry to say this but "JB" is wayyyyy more talented than him. Kanye need a hell lot more than Jesus to make him a good artist!

  • ed0n

    justin bieber with kanye and raekwon? the most retarded song i've ever heard please no more songs like this one...

    • YES BRO


  • anon

    raekwon though? what a sell out c_unt

  • WhYESProduction

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  • Diee Haard

    This reminds of that Bad Boy R&B 112 sound...the Chef smashed it though

  • Logan Brennan McBride

    IN NO SITUATION EVER should justin babier be in a song with raekwon on a wu tang clan beat... this is so disappointing

  • Anonymous

    the beat is tight...no hating on justin but his part just doesnt fit...edit him out and its a perfect 5 with raekwon and kanye...no hating though

  • fasf

    What is this beat originally from?

  • Brock Sanders

    Why Do Ppl Hate So Much ...

  • Herewegoyo

    Not working for me.

  • Reefer Sunderland

    The song is a hot mess. Nothing against Bieber but that kid doesn't belong on a gully classic beat like this, and doesn't mix in the song at all. It's wack, there I said it.

  • Mga-Czar

    this joint is mad rite don't understand what the fuss is about you never know with these fake ass hiphop heads anyway.....

  • Anonymous

    maybe if it weren't on this classic beat... like i'm open minded to different types of music but there's a line you just don't cross...

  • Science

    LOL This beat is older than Bieber

  • tommygunz2001

    Nice start by raekwon,Justin can sing but MJ was singing like this when he was 5 Overall werry dope track!

  • WhatMoreCanISay

    This song is embedded in my dome, I had to listen to it @ 9:00 in the a.m. its a very catchy tune and great song. ONCE PEOPLE STOP ENVYING Justin Bieber, ALL WILL HEAR THE GREATNESS OF THIS SONG. I mean the theme, melody, and poise of r&b and hip hop is outstanding. 5/5(Don't be jealous this guy is young and doing what most of you haters can't do and have a fan based bigger than your imagination)

    • DroopyDaDon

      i feel u ppl jus bein closed minded. i mean its different to hear jb on here but if he held his own an it goes with wat the songs about. im rockin wit it. keep doin ya thing ye! chef killed it.

  • JD Harmeyer

    Check the respect on the Kanye verse. FIRE!!!

  • Anonymous

    WTF Justin Bieber makes the most terrible hook

  • Nova

    My ears like bled when that bieber kid came in. WHAT-THE-F*KK?

  • Adam Petty

    I thought Ye was just kidding when he posted this on twitter. This song is not that bad though.

  • fraserboi

    soooooolllllldddd ooooouuuuttt Justin Bieber just took the gun out of the holster and Officially murdered hip hop. I'm going to go burn all my kanye and raekwon cds...

  • HipHop Is Life

    It's not that Justin can't sing he can sing. it's that he don't fit this song. I mean it's like 2 different songs his part and then the rap part. It's not seamless.

  • i am your saviour

    this will get radio play for sure

  • i am your saviour

    Michael Jackson gone...now Justin Bieber hits the scene...devil in a new dress

  • truth

    if he was a lil black kid yall would dig him cuz he can sing better than any young kid since mike, usher couldn't blow like this sammie couldnt who else you got? hahaha i mean tell the truth, can he not sing? if you can't admit that your just racist.

    • bushidobrown

      Thats the truth. Its sad but true, if Usher came out with this years ago it would be hit. Justin Beiber isn't tripping because while they hate he makes the bread.

  • F. White

    Damn. This track made my day...... Not because it was good, but cause it was funny as hell switching from ain't nuthin to fuck wit to justin's singing.

  • imeafk

    when justin bieber part started i was like fuck... thats the worst thing ever happened to my ears... kanye on some old school beat is crazy.. rae of course...

  • DelinquentRealm

    I dig remixes... but, mixing Rea with Justin... not a fan. Sorry, someone did this for the $$$$ and not for music. Lyrics are sick, but you need to keep that bubble gum pop music out of REAL hip hop.

  • turtleland

    "Ju-stin Beiber aint nothin to fuck with?"

  • Pat Neeland

    As much as I didn't like this song, Rae came correct and Kanye's verse was good, too. I don't think the Wu-beat backing fit with the piano and the singing, and it REALLY sounded like they shoulda brought the beat out more in the mix. If they were going to use an old Wu beat to back the remix, then they should have altered the piano and Bieber's singing bits to match the beat a bit more. Those two elements did not mesh with the Wu beat AT ALL. As well, the piano and Bieber's singing were WAY too loud in the mix. 3/5, saved by Rae and Ye's verses, and the underlying Wu-nostalgia beat. Would I bump this in my car? Probably not, but I'm glad I took the time to at least check the shit out and form a decent opinion on it. Did Rae sell out on this one? I don't really think so. He came correct as usual. He didn't sound any different than he usually does, apart from maybe a bit cleaner. Quit hating on Rae for doing a track with Bieber, and focus on the fact that Rae spit a good verse on a song that might have been a bit out of his element, and going to get him a bit more long-overdue and deserved exposure. Remember: The Chef is still The Chef no matter who's on a song with him. Even if it's someone about half his age.

  • mike jones

    I love music! This is music! Stop hating. this is track is better than half the songs out. Go do the stinky leg

  • LeftHook

    Raekwon must have a short memory. He needs to go back and re-listen to his OWN SONG Ason Jones which only came out a year ago, and listen to what Ol' Dirty was sayin at the end of it: "My people know me... know what I'm sayin.. See if I try to come any different they ain't gon' respect me no more" "If you try to like jump and cross over to the other side - people don't understand that and people don't like that" "See we keeps it REAL. N we aaallllwaaays gon' keep it real" C'mon Rae wtf!? How could u forget words like that?


    the song is hot but they should've left the piano out it does't match. Next time use strings to match the melody, better results, Oh and the use of wu track was nice, i can listen to this

  • asdas

    id say raekwon lost alot of respect throughout the whole hip hop industry and well kanye fuck kanye 1.Eminem/Biggie 2.Big L 3.Lupe Fiasco

  • James Robinson

    What the gay is this?

  • wellioninginsion

    bieber sounds like a girl....however i do like this joint

  • hyperivan23

    this is good like reallyyyyyyyy.

  • earle

    why would kanye and raekwon do such a thing???

  • DrUmZzz


  • wack

    wen the song started and rae started spittin i was about to give it a five but god damn justin sux. i dnt really mind wen rappers collaborite wit pop artists like wit timberlake or robin thicke but justin beiber is tooo corny for hip hop

  • dillaDOOM

    i love this how much does jb sound liek young mj at the start rae and ye could bea good partnership. im loving this justin bieber death mix by el-p is something to be hold tho check it out

  • Hip Hop Analyst

    Worst Sh^T I've ever heard in my whole entire 25 years of hip hop... Bad business decision on this collaboration, fellas... WORD!

  • acekeyz1

    i can't believe they used this beat for a remix! Wu-Tang Clan Aint Nutin' To Fuck Wit!!! And Rza Let this shit happen, Rae Kanye Great job just the singing not gooooood! a 5 for the beat

  • WhYesProductions

    Calling All HIP HOP & R&B ARTIST!!!!! Need beats?? Take a listen and lease my beats at Soundclick.com/whyesproductions whYes Productions_ IF YOU DON'T GRIND, YOU DON'T SHINE!

  • Anonymous

    I don't know what y'all niggas is complaining about but this songs sick as hell. Rae kills it and so dose kanye plus JB's hook was real smooth. Man I think I'm the only person in the world who welcomes stuff like this. You hip hop heads are to closed minded about change an that's what killin hip hop. And no I'm saying bump soulja boy or gay wakka flokka.... I'm just saying y'all need to open your mind and ears to stuff like this. Also there is to much hate for Justin y'all starting to sound abunch of complaing fools leave that boy alone.

  • Dj Rockstar

    WTF!!!!! How Raekwon and Kanye could?!! This is not about money! So what??????

  • dammit

    All I want to do is get rid of JB in this song. WTF were Kanye & Raekwon thinking?


    ignorant people are gonna be all over this in like a year man this shit is good get passed the bullshit its fuckin good music

  • K-Mo

    help! my ears hurt! this song arrangement makes no sense. I already forgot about Rae's verse by the time Ye came on. BOOO

  • Accurate Intellect

    Fuck you Raekwon you sell out motherfucker. How you gonna claim to be hood then do a track with firstly Kanye West, the overrated bigot and secondly Justin Bieber?! Justin Bieber?! WTF Rae?! By assimilating Hip Pop into real hip hop, people like you are destroying what hip hop really is. Bring back Blackstar, Tragedy, NY Oil, Immortal Technique, Binary Star, Jedi Mind Tricks, Black Thought and all the rest of the real hip hop mcs.

    • -----------------

      Exactly. What the fuck, is this fuckin bullshit fucking garbage. Sounds like fuckin crap. Two separate songs, its like mixin vodka and milk. I'm goin out blastin this shit sucks.

  • Anonymous

    like the old school beat from the 90's but wtf this song doesnt work lol kanye killed it nicely

  • A.Par

    Fuck Justin Bieber but Rae and Ye was alright on it. 2.5/5

  • jay

    ob4cl2 was def a classic... n even tho is is CLEARLY no wu music.. rae kills it , ye kills it bieber does his thing..song rocks

  • King Rick

    Yeah man, i agree. These pathetic Wu fans make me laugh. Fuck them! Get your money Rae! OB4CL II was a classic btw.

  • Whoolio Gee

    Wow, gotta love the stuck up hip-hop fans on this site! These clowns are quick to call Rae a "sell-out" before the song dropped. Anyways, i loved this remix. Kind of unexpected to see these 3 on the same record but Rae and Ye did their thing...

  • urallmychildren

    heres the perfect analogy: you know when your listening to a son on limewire and itunes pops up and 2 songs are playing at the sametime. Well this is wut that sounds like lol....song sounds horrible...but the verses were pretty good so i gave it 2 stars instead of 1

  • FacebookGirls1

    What the hell...go download facebook girls and ease your mind... http://www.appbrain.com/app/com.qstudios.facebookgirls

  • Sehwordson

    What The Fuck?? I passed on this shit for days, and once again, I shouldn't listened. Fucking Z100 garbage. BOOOOOO. Only a 3 for the Rae verse! Ye tripping

  • stevert

    what the fack my ears are bleeding

  • bx gp

    sesame street shit but rae playin the game son thats wat it comes to day. drake just went platinum...hows gangsta rap gonna stand up to that shit? my man wants money my mans gna have to remix wit a teen bopper aint notn serious props to rae for chasing that gwop

  • Stuey

    this song doesn't work what so ever to me. to soils the wu's hardcore image. At first your pumpin some hard wu beat and rae is doin is thing then along comes the chorus and it's not even the same song anymore. It really doesn't work as a whole song.

  • SCY

    Its not a good look for Rae. He should have known this, why you think Luda lost his hood pass?

  • Cultures Clothing

    LOL it cracks me up how people are FLIPPING OUT over this track! They're like Oh My God Raekwon sold out!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! REAL TALK: Selling out is when an MC dumb's down their lyrics and puts out something half-assed in order to get some mainstream acclaim. That's not something that Raekwon did here. He simply did a collab with a mainstream pop artist. There's nothing wrong with that. The problem is, right now Justin Bieber is the symbol for pop music, and the majority of the pop music out right now is terrible. The Pop genre in itself isn't bad...it's just the shitty music flooding the airways right now that's giving it a bad name. In that way, it's not that different from the state of Hip-Hop right now. Back on point, people just have a knee-jerk reaction to a song like this because of what I just spoke about. But, think with a non-biased mind for a second: If this was some random kid that Ye and Rae found on the street doing his best Jackson 5 MJ impression...who's balls didn't drop yet lol...would it be as bad as people are making it out to be? Not to me at least. In my opinion, it's not the best thing I've ever heard, and I won't be playing this on my iPod any time soon, but this isn't the worst track in the history of mankind like people are making it out to be. For a mainstream pop song, it's not THAT bad...my ears aren't bleeding. Real Talk...people are over-exaggerating.

    • Slashius Slay

      @Cultures Clothing - THANK YOU for having a rational opinion and a definite understanding of the difference between selling out and collaborating with a mainstream pop artist. To be honest, even with Rae on the tune, I expected this to be fucking horrible. But honestly, it's not nearly a bad a collaborative effort as I thought it was gonna be. Probably not something I'm gonna bump in public cause of the Bieber presence, but it's far from terrible.

    • .

      Cultures Clothing, I completely agree.. i think rae and ye have tight verses.. yeah bieber kinda throws the song off but its just something different that they were trying.. no ones selling out

    • Njck Atkins

      my problem with this song is with Beiber. It's the beat chose. Really? That's all you can say to that. Basically this is just kanye sullying, watering down the Wu-tang brand that real Wu fans have been supporting since 1993. and the fact that Rae let it happen. So yes Rae is selling out

  • RealWuFan

    straight up this shit isnt that bad. Ye and rae represented. Chorus was wack but what there is much worse on this site that lames seem to love.

    • --------------------

      You're calling somebody who likes this song a person with a brain. This song is shit. Doesn't matter how smart you are, don't take much to figure it out.

    • digga

      thank god for somebody with a brain on this site. funny about the wu fans and hip hop fans is they don't say anything about em doing that shit but rae do it,it's the end of the world. this been happening for 6 years right now. this is normal rite now. rae gotta widened his fanbase. he can't cater to u wu-chumps. most of ya'll didn't even buy the album.where's rae's spot on billboard.he deserves it more than anybody rite now(expect for distant relatives.that joint was official)where are these chumps when he need your support.how about requesting the songs on the radio sometime

  • LOL

    bieber, please stay out of rap its not your place. But you still make paper can't hate! 3/5

  • former Raefan

    Rae you fucking sell-out!!!! I will never support you again!!!

  • Chris Hernandez

    If only Justin Bieber wasn't on this track..

  • Njck Atkins

    goddamit Rae I even bought Immobilarity and Lex Diamonds

  • Njck Atkins

    1. This song ain't nuttin to fuck wit... and not in the way Wu-Tang USED to be 2. WTF is up with that piano on the hook gay as shit 3. Is it me or is ye trying to sound like Deck. I can't believe anyone thought his verse was good. Anyone can jack classic Wu lines and sound decent 4. Rae... who authorised this? This is a discrace and a slap in the face to Wu-Tang fans. ye isn't not and will never be on Rza's level 5. Rae I can't promise you will pay for this cause you just pissed off a lot of fans who been holding you down for almost 20 years. You knew what you were doing. 6. The saddest thing is Beiber is the best part of the song. He sounds just a lil like MJ and he's gonna be the next chris brown... mark my words

    • digga

      damn u are really hurt about this one. it's not serious to me. so what.how about ya'll helping rae sell records and change the way the game is going but all of ya'll wanna complain on the blogs.i hate the damn song too.rae had a good verse on it though.i bet ya'll bought that eminem cd and that jay-z cd.that jay cd was worse than this song right here.ghetto techno? what the hell is that? that's a song on a jay-z cd. that cd was so pop,he might as well had put justin on the cd.in fact if he did,everybody would praise him for it....alll i gotta say is everyone is faking jacks on here. all of u chumps

    • xcsdsdf

      RZA's not even that great of a producer, I'm not eveeennn hating all he ever really did was grab small samples and loop em even his new shit isn't that great...it's not bad but it's not good.

  • ctfvyb

    watch this snitch try to rap lol

  • realnigga

    errbody watch this dumb funny

  • nasfan

    this shit is halorious

  • glies

    white snitch tryna rap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxRLpYYvpcQ

  • floppydisk559



    this is horrible... how you gonna shit on this classic Wu beat? this shit is horrible; atleast mix the fuckin' chorus right... that shit sounds off beat anyway.. and that little giggle before Rae's second verse is gay as hell. GTHFOH!!!

  • Mustafa TheRealest

    SMFH Kanye and Raekwon should be killed dead ass, cmon now man justin beiber son, u used to be raw raekwon wtf

  • Jason Koburov

    Check out the hot new shit from Contraband... http://www.vimeo.com/14462246

  • Ace

    Ay, how the fuck does Bieber have anything to do with The Legendary Wu Tang Clan???

  • weak

    a lotta cats tryna show love to this track and tryna make sense outta this weak ass joint but the reality is that rae is startn to slide down the slide of commercialism from what was raw and on point lets jus hope wu pulls thru but kinda lost some respect 4 rae. on top of dat kanye tryna step up when he aint all that

  • Dodge!

    Four words. FUCK YOU, Kanye West!

  • DevilishThoughts

    Raekwon should sue Kanye for using his verse like this. Ya'll do know this Rae verse is from a different song right? 'Ye just saw an opportunity to do somethin retarded and he went for it. Again. This song is garbage, save Rae's verse, and it soiled what respect I had left for the Wu Tang Clan...this isn't a song it's a fuckin joke.

  • jjevansjr

    When shit is classic only a few support,but when shit is garbage a fuckin player haters ball comes together.Cool if your a kids.If your over 13 and a dude bumpin this, you need your ASS KICKED

  • TheXTC

    justins a great singer but i dont think that hook went with the song and stop hating on the kid hes young hate on him when hes in his 20s

  • Leon The Pro

    I love how cats is hating on this, but they blind to the fact that Rae and 'Ye just helped hiphop out. 1. Now when them diehard Bieber fans search him, they'll hear 2 dope cats on puttin' up REAL bars to a REAL beat. 2. Those same kids when they do their research on Rae and 'Ye will open up a world of true hiphop. 3. The song bangs. Fuck the names, who's singin', etc, etc. Just let the music be the music -- no expectations. Rae doesnt cop out, 'Ye doesnt cop out, and Bieber holds it down. It's talented shit. I was sketchy at first, but I see the fruits of a track like this, and dig it. They got lil homie on THEIR flave, not the other way around. This is a BIG step, i think.

    • ----------------------

      XTC that comment is a bunch of bullshit. Stick the mature line up yo ass. People are going to find out who Rae & Kanye is no matter what. There are only so many big names in the game, and new stars ain't surfacing, its just the same old names that we all know. All any young person has to do is go on the internet, they gonna find out who Rae & Kanye is. Bieber got nothing to do with that.

    • thanhechelon

      I second Leon. Take out the Justin Beiber name. It's an early 90s boom bap beat with an R&B hook. Can you say Mary J Blge, and Beiber has a high falsetto so it works. Let hip hop grow. And if Rae's your dude, let him get his shine. Dude is nice and paid his dues.

    • floppydisk559

      No shit i'm not a wu's producer, or their marketing manager, if i was this shit would of never happened but i'm something better i'm a hardcore wu-tang fan too the bone since 1998. So i can't help but to listing to something that says Raekwon on it. and u say how many beiber fans go to hip hop dx, well you count as 1, this is also not a hiphop dx exclusive genius this is gonna be in other websites.don't be surprised if you hear this in tune disney. make that money, get the fuck outta here with that saying only a sell out would say that. go listing to gucci mane

    • ...

      umm how do u suppose they gonna make money if the masses hate the song? so for every raekwon fan who hates it another beiber fan joins??? and then i must ask how many beiber fans will listen to this most of them are 13-16 and dont go to to sites like hiphopdx this song is just another way hiphop = hip -pop...

    • Andrew Rogowicz

      wat if u dont want?? wtf kinda comment is that, u wu's producer?? u their marketing manager?? no?? than stfu, let them do their thing, u dont wanna listen than dont, they did their thing for a reason, and its to reach out to a new market. They aint here to please you, they here to make money


      but what if i don't want die hard Bieber fans to be wu-tang fans stop looking at the bright side because there is'nt one. I see what you mean but the last thing I want to see is Bieber fans at a wu-tang show. they don't deserve to listing to raw shit, stop sticking up for this song. DAMMM!!!! this faggot kid just ruined the beat that made my childhood.

    • TheXTC

      most mature comment on this page

  • zvc

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  • wwwwas

    Bieber screwed up the whole song

  • Ether_Q

    Lol at his glasses in the pic. I listened to the Rae part and it was really nice but once the kid started singing it really turned me off. 4 for the chef and who knows how Ye did lol

  • DukeDaGod

    i can deal with bieber, don't make him sing over a classic though...brushing that aside; kanye kills it, mixing different pieces of classic wu verses to make his own...shits dope

  • TheRealOzny

    ....Really? Et tu Wu-tang?

  • T

    in my opinion, kanye is one of the best hip hop artist alive, but this fucking joint wit this fake ass white boy gives hip hop artists a bad name. what happened to the good old days?

  • jerks

    Is this a joke?! Why the hell would Kanye and Rae do something with this child?! It's a little silly and he has no place in that equation whatsoever.

  • FutureRapper

    Is it me, or does Bieber really sound like MJ at the start of his first line?

  • alfytitos

    if this was just kanye and reakwon i think this could of been serious but no real nigga can seriously bump justin bieber he just ruins the whole moment i was diggin rae and kanyes verses then his voice comes in and im like dam

    • anonymous

      i completely agree.. i was really feeling the beginning w/ rae and then the kid comes in and then it goes completely downhill.. then im feeling ye's verse and then the kid again... if you cut bieber out its a solid track

  • joey Palack


  • Anonymous

    This is three nice verses sandwiched between the worst hook ever. Who is this meant to appeal to? The beats and rhymers are too dirty for Beiber fans, and Wu fans won't like it just out of principle? Even if he did do it for money it's a dumb move. He's a part of the most popular hip-hop group in history and had the crazy popular cuban lynx II recently, does he really need more money?

    • DevilishThoughts

      Ye took one of Rae's songs and cut it apart, shat on it, and put Bieber on it. Then he had the nerve to put on his own verse. What an asshole. If this is on his next album I'm not buying it. Rae should sue.

  • Anonymous

    It sounds okay, but, rappers have become "corporatist", so, listen to the music and evolve....Whether this shit is good or bad. Hip-Hop been sold-out!

  • fdgsd

    http://www.youtube.com/305ilovemia#p/u No Image No Gimmicks Just Bangin Ass Music I Love M I A Presents $WonDough$ http://www.youtube.com/305ilovemia#p/u

  • Joe

    This song is fucking blasphemy.. How could you disgrace a Wu classic like that Raekwon?... I expect Kanye to work with Bieber, but I don't expect him to shit on some of the most hardcore shit to ever come out of NY with some gay ass kid singing pop over the shit.. Fuck this song, fuck Raekwon.. Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with!

    • DevilishThoughts

      I hope that Rae doesn't know his song was ruined like this. I hope he had nothing to do with it. And I hope that he sues Ye when he finds out what he did.

  • Anonymous

    Like you broke ass faggots would pass up on that type of money!!!! Get tha fuck oudda here!

  • Klause Smith

    I understand why Rae and Kanye did this, money of course. They both kill it too. What bothers me is not just the fact they are on Justin Bieber song but they are rhyming over a classic Wu-Tang beat for a Justin Bieber song! Of course I know Rae is a member of the Wu-Tang so it fits and that's what fans of Rae want to hear, but for a Justin Bieber track?! Like I said I understand why, c.r.e.a.m it's just unfortunate it was at the expense of a classic Wu-Tang joint.

  • Anonymous


  • Smalls

    I dont know what to say!!!! I can live with people experimenting but at least give this kid a hip hop/R&B type hook...WOW!

  • britton

    wtf is this shit. justin bieber can do his own thing but u cant mix it wit this. this is almost an insult to the wutang clan. justin bieber does not belong on this website. this is just a horrible track.

  • bswift77

    Im not hating but this is pure BS. I mean Justin Bieber wasn't even alive when the 36 chambers dropped. What he really know about the WU. K=This just sounds like a mismatch. How can the Chef spit with Bieber doing the hook? Not feeling it at all.

  • babito

    new ROSA ACOSTA & D.STEPHENS video at www.wapproved.com

  • Kippers

    As long as we don't see WU TANG CLAN FT. JUSTIN BIEBER in the future, i'll let this one slip by as simple experimentation of sound. Which kind of failed. Rea and Kanye are beasty on it, but Bieber ruins their sound in one swoop.

  • Anonymous

    Bieber's soft ass baby shit, but this song goes in.

  • freshyboi

    he looks like such a queer in that picture, its only a matter of time before someone takes one for the team and slaps the shit outta him

  • freshyboi

    i heard they gonna make beebs the 10th offical member of the wu-tang clan, hes gonna sings dirtys parts

  • gunns4hire

    this shit is hot!! yall hatin....yea justin beiber is wack but he came through on this song!!

  • blackula

    Funny how this is a Justin Bieber song on a hip hop site, yet its getting waaaaaay more comments than than the new Game/Elec joint, Nas joint and the new KRS/Cappa one. SMH.

  • skeep

    Wow. This is horrible. Kanye calls himself a producer? Total generic garbage.

  • Chadwick Corbett

    Its sounds like something they didn't do together in the studio like it was thrown together but this is old wu-tang beat which is hot but justin beiber can sing or whatever but the track doesn't sound polished but song is ok

  • Anonymous

    it works. it doesnt suck..it actually surpisingly works for many different reasons. but i would not want to see it done again lol..at least its not too bubble gum pop or bubble gum pop at all for that matter

  • reckless

    oh dear oh dear oh dear oh fucking dear it dosent matter if rakim or big daddy kane was on this its justin fucking bieber this is a joke right??the beat sound like sumin put together on hip hop ejay pls pls pls if u wanna listen 2 real hip hop go www.cdbaby.com type cocky in 2 the search engine and listen 2 the undergrounds finest mc out of the us and uks fineest mc ona track produced by dj premier now that u uneducated pricks is hip hop justin fucking bieber oh my god

  • problem20

    I like this shit....

  • freshyboi

    i dont care if you are justin bieber, trey songz, or chris brown, when good rappers get on tracks with these guys it turns to GAY

  • freshyboi

    sorry buy that hook was gayer than ricky martin, you dont mix raekwon with a little kid singing about love, anyone who bumps this shit is a homo, the hook goes on way too long

    • Stop the Hate

      The hook goes on so long because it's Justin Bieber FEATURING KANYE WEST ABD RAEKWON It's a Justin Bieber song o_O

  • >:/

    Y'all being little girls about this. Plenty of underground Hip-Hop artists collaborated with pop stars, Talib Kweli & Justin Timberlake, Pras & Michael Jackson, Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson. How are you gonna say Rae sold out? This shit is good and he ain't rappin' about 'girl I love you, girl I need you,' fuck that. "I ain't gonna buy Rae or Ye's album," then fuck you, you will be missing out on some major shit. Chances are, this was just for fun and just to get a reaction. Even if this beat was a new one, y'all still be butthurt about Raekwon being on a track with Bieber. It's called expanding a fan base, dumb shits. And, chances are, Bieber fans are only gonna like Bieber's parts and will probably ignore Ye's verse and especially Rae's. Stop being bitches and man the hell up, this track is dope.

  • Jbpc

    I thought i'd hate this but I dont and I'm man enough to admit it unlike some suckas on here, real talk

  • BIZI

    Horrible... Now I'm not buying Kanye's or Rae's next sh!t. Let all of their new Justin Bieber fans support them niggas from now on.

  • thisisgay

    this is some bullshit , gayest shit i ever heard , wtf is this:@ why every good rapper has to sell out !

  • Eciti

    JB is too soft for that track (beat). Rae, Ye's verses good enough. And we couldn't say that Rae sell out. Many rappers have collab with pop artist. Like Redman with Aguilera, she is the rank as Bieber (for me).

  • relic

    this sum bullshit how can u put a little boy in a teal sweatshirt and white sunglasses on one of the most classic hip hop beats ever made and this is cool w raekwon. str8 bullshit.

  • deepfry

    omg... Seriously??????????????????

  • gavdude

    You can't desecrate a CLASSIC beat like that. Piss Poor.

  • yaphiet

    are u guys stpid dis sounds like da 90s all over again cum on now quit bein a gay ass hater, i thought we left haters in da last decade, hiphop needs ta go bak to appreciatn its diversity in styles.

  • Radachiggaman

    lol if I was RZA, I would slap the shit outta Raekwon for making a song with Justin Bieber and the fact "Ain't Nothin to F*ck wit" was sampled horribly.

  • zxZ

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  • G'

    For everyone acting like they surpirse Rae would do this....have NONE OF Y'ALL listento this nigga?! All them Wu niggas out there

  • realdawg

    aint nobody give a fuck bout the nigga kanye and the littl white bread cock cheese honkey doing a song but RAE!!!! oh hell nah!! ol sell out nigga im fittin to bust a creampie in his monkey ass

  • History

    Your Poor "Niggers" get me tite get the fucc outta here....This is wat hip hop was made from us tryin weird shyt...atleast Chef didnt do it to sum fagget pop beat!! yall ask for to much...when yu can make ah tracc half as gud as this 1 holla at da man but for now all ov your in da same position as me FANZ!!!!



  • AJS

    Rae & Kanye killed it. Also, don't fucking lie, front, or hate cause Bieber was on it. You know if his name wasn't on it, you'd think it was some female R&B singer.

    • dab

      You know I tend to ask the same question about Soulja Boy I'm asking here. HOW DOES BEIBER GET MORE LOVE THEN 90% of the PEOPLE IN HIP HOP? I admit I don't listen to Beiber outside of a few songs I've heard on the radio, but seriously 99% of rappers mainstream or underground would killer for a shot to rap with Kanye and Raekwon. And HE gets it?

  • Erik Quinty

    i cant believe they just did this to such a beat. rae....really?

  • jjevansjr

    I ain't like the use of the RZA's classic.I been a Wu-Tang fan since 93 or 94.Wu Tang did collabos with rnb and pop artist all the time in the 90's.Mariah,Jodeci,SWV,D'angelo not as corny as bieber but still rnb and pop artist. With Ghostface,Rae's classic and Wu-Massacre i could see why Rae made this move. i give a 3 just off of Rae and Kanye

  • sundown

    hahahaha im laughing at the thought of all the suburban soccer moms walking in on their pre pubescent daughters noddin' to some raekwon and classic wu ish... i can imagine their xmas wishlists 1) barbie's dreamhouse 2) raekwon's purple tape 3) a pyrex pot and 4) an onion of fishscale... i guess jay-zs verse on dead prez's hip hop remix was spot on

  • Cmik

    not bad but Justin Bieber has a really light voice and I don't think it really fit with the darker tone of the song. still good though


    Niggas is on here talking about its not a bad beat when its a classic Wu beat flipped. Damn do your homework dummies!!! Don't know Justin Bieber if I sicked my lil nephew on him, but this is some dope shit.

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    I like it, if you didn't know it was Justin Bieber singing on it, I bet u would've saw it as a dope Hip-Hop/Soul remix. Ye & Rae kilt it though, and I see what u mean, but I think Justin held it down pretty well regardless. *Kanye shrugh*


    dat classic wu shit......plus some beave...pause

  • Benin Badyal

    Bieber with the ace in the hole. This is what happens when you're a famous singer and give Kanye a compliment.

  • pop-i

    Fuck man Im die hard Wu fan and id defend Rea or any of the members in any argument at any time but this shit just fuckin stupid. How the fuck did rea choose to disrespect a legendary beat from RZA and make a pop bullshit like this? This is a fuckin disgrace. And im not saying rae lost his ghetto pass or lost his gangster and judging the song by that because that gangster shit is waaay overdue. Simply from a listners point of view, overseeing street cred or whatever, biebers fagget ass voice made me wanna stab my eardrum repeatedly. This is bullshit

  • omezzie773

    I think it'z a gud look. Beat iz bananaz, rae killed it, Ye killed it, unfortunately I feel like tha beat iz juz a lil 2 dark and grimey 4 jb'z light voice.... a mariah carey, monica, or mary j blige would've killed it. Hell I even think brandy probably could've killed thiz, but tha song juz doezn't fit justin beiber. If thiz wuz a Kanye West ft. Raekwon joint thiz definetly would've got a 5 but i'm gonna give it a 3.5-4 instead.

  • Cognautic

    Not a bad beat, not bad rapping...And there's that...thing... Is it just me...or is the beaver sounding more and more like a girl...

  • Kirsch

    Justin bieber's part shoulda been done by mariah carey

  • sfjkfgbuysdtywev

    im not a beiber hater but... it just dont fit man yanno? ye and rae killed it tho

  • NemesisB3

    Wu Tang Clan aint nothing 2 fuck wit!!! lmao. Till now. Raekwon what the hell u doin nigga!. This aint you bro. LIke dude said b4 me, I can see Kanye doin this shit, but Raekwon nigga what was ur reason ?

  • uhhhhh

    Dam, what is going on in the world of hip hop. I read the comments with a non biased point of view without listening to the song... I just heard that right now and realized that raekwon needs to renew his ghetto pass. I almost lost mine n the process of hearing this. As for beiber.. just smh man smh

  • asdfdf

    http://www.youtube.com/305ilovemia#p/u No Image No Gimmicks Just Bangin Ass Music I Love M I A Presents $WonDough$ http://www.youtube.com/305ilovemia#p/u

  • N8lopez

    Raekwon & Kanye killed it!! Bieber... naaaah FML

  • Chris S

    i'm not gonna lie...i kinda liked it

  • jayBains

    Don't act like you're not curious... LMAO

    • ahab

      yah, and listened all the way through. rae kills it twice. ye took some shots but has been better. if i had never heard the name justin bieber i would have sworn that was a chick on the track with 2 rappers. kinda catchy, but his pre-pubescent voice just didnt fit with the grimey 90s sound the track has.

  • Fesheni MoMoney

    Rae killed it

  • IAP-TV dot com

    WOW, proof that NYC has hit rock bottom!!!! That little f a g g o t ain't from ATL!!!!

  • Nastynas4life

    Rae was fuckin dope! FAGber was just being his ol faggot self. and Kanye just did his thang. i would give this a 5 if it was just only Rae. but i cant.

  • kate

    I am a Justin Bieber fan, but I am not being biased when I say this... this song is amazing! I'm so glad Kanye and Raekwon can see past his age and all the judgment everyone else gives Bieber. It's refreshing to know that THEY can see this kid truly has talent.

  • Oliver Maggard

    this is just the beat from wu tang aint nothing to fuck with, with biebers one testicle making an appearance

  • Mark10

    Or not singing at all n make this a REAL hip hop joint..... Rae killed it....

  • TheTurk961

    Yo I can see Kanye's faggot ass doin this shit.. but RAEKWON?? is you fuckin serious ma nigga?? wow

  • Anonymous

    IF Justin bieber wasn't in this. An maybe somebody else singing. His voice just don't fit. It would b soooooooooooooo TIGHT........

  • TEC-N!NA

    this is a good track. i aint trippin on justin beiber tho cuz i know that lil niggaz balls will be droppin here pretty soon and hes not gonna have his lil girl voice anymore and no ones gonna ever here from him again and thats a fact! just look those other teenie bops like erin carter or jessie macrtney. where dey at now?! its a cycle in the industry and beiber is not built to last. enough about justin beiber tho cuz my mothafuckin nigga from the wu RAEKWON THE CHEF straight kilt dis bitch rite CHEAAAAAAAAAAA!!! i gotta give it a 5 cuz of rae even tho i want to give it a 1 for beiber and for kanye's "amazing" production skills on this one. smh -____-

  • sonatra27

    By the way Im not gonna bang this in my whip but if thats your joint that Bang That Shit!!! Why the old heads can't get over the fact that shit has changed!!! Music will continue to do so and you either ride or get the fuck off!!! I got off a long time ago but I catch a ride every now and then cause all the new shit that come out is not garbage!!! Most of it but not all!!! Just Saying!!!

  • sonatra27

    Quit Fuckin Hatin!!! Rae gave yall muh fucka nothin the real shit forever, and now Homie wanna do something dif yall calling him a sell out.. Thats Homo shit!

  • ksleep

    im not sure how i feel about this collab, but rae killed this shit tho. i feel like its a 3.5 but givin it a 4 to balance out the hate.

  • How I Got Over

    Minus Bieber, this is crack.

  • gutter man

    only ignorant robot brainwashed fag zombies like this track- go die you fuckin losers. and someone please kill bieber

  • G'

    Rae just pimped Bieber and 'Ye to gain more fans. If y'all niggas dont see it like that, then jump off the cliff

  • WhatMoreCanISay

    If you are going to critique a song critique it which requires critical thinking skills. Do not just say you HATE a song because someone is in it, cmon JEALOUSY IS A FEMALE TRAIT. Like JAY said "What you mad because he sale weight...Why you all aggy?...Nigga, RESPECT THE GAME THAT SHOULD BE IT..."--->HATE IS THE NEW LOVE

  • TruToThe

    Really? Talented kid but they might be pulling a Pink here. He signed with Usher so they gave him an identity; marketing carefully. I wonder what he will be putting out two albums from now.

  • D D H

    say what you will about this song but i think its hot, reminds me of some early 90s shit - all this hate on Justin Bieber is not healthy & Ye and Rae killed it

  • MUNZ

    rea is a fuckin sell out. YOU should be kicked out the whole music industry. And dont tell me that u did it for the money!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MUNZ

    WU and a faggot ass white boy. something is wrong here. This has to be a mix or something, or rap has issues these days.

  • Charmelle


  • Mike Meraz

    What's Knaye's mission in music nowadays? To ruin it? Make way Jay and Kanye.. Lupe and J.Cole bout to take over this shyt.

  • gutter man AKA owner of the boner diploma

    justin biebers mom should be beaten by dykes. and bieber should have his voicebox removed- fuckin over privelidged little pretty boy- the new industry pawn selling the masses b.s.

  • chief cheeba

    Im one to be open minded but this doesnt seem right. rae killed but this lil nigga singin is a huge no no in the rap world. i hope he emailed the verse.

  • AgE Electronica

    It was good until Justin Bieber started singing.

  • gutter man AKA owner of the boner diploma

    track is so weird and stupid. certain things just dont go togethrt. damn- its cool to be open minded, but DAMN!! kanye whatever, but rae do a track with ill bill and then justin? thats stupid rae- stay true or get smacked up rae- you got wu-tangs lineage to protect and you do some gay shit noe- shame on you- lets see if raes next album is any good

  • Kang Munir

    the rae verses are fire. that is all.


    Not saying anything bad about the kid but he dont belong on a hip-hop song

  • kals

    when u see bieber in a hiphop site u know rap hit a alltime low ftw sellouts

  • Jameil Lewis

    kanye is back fuck da haters and shout out to wutang

  • mickey

    kill your self kanye

  • Art Y-Rap West

    In the words of Dame Dash "It was actually kinda hot." Rae and yezzy killed, and if u think of beiber's singing in the sense of late 80's R&B, it kinda works. Good job.

  • sicoyall


  • Best Rappers

    Justin made this song hot, but what a terrible cOllab, Rae,Ye, and Justin, YUCK!shoulda got rid of Rae and got Nicki, but the song didnt need no rappers anyway, should of just been a Justin solo or collab with another R&B ARTIST.pROBALY jUSTIN AND cHRIS bROWN.

  • William Munnerlyn

    surprisingly itz actually kinda good. Too hip-hop for bieber but itz really good, u can tell kanye was highly influenced by RZA's production.

  • Fadel Badiane

    Damned, la fusion Pop/Hip Hop sonne étonnemant bien.

  • Julius Jefferson

    Well Kanye and Rae kill it, but the beat is just terrible and feels lazy and Justin beiber vocals just don't fit and also felt lazy.

  • yourmomsballs

    Honestly, if it was nice I would say it... But it's too raw and hip hop for Bieber, it doesn't fit at ALL... Sounds very forced...

  • Anonymous




  • Best Rappers

    Whatz so tight and special bout Rae?Instead of Rae, people need to do songs with real talented Great old Mcs, like Rakim,Big Daddy Kane,LL,KOOL G,SLICK RICK.

  • Donovan

    Not bad. I like the ol' school feel with the beat, Raekwon and Kanye killed it as well. And I'm sorry, I dont mean to be a "hater," but I am not a fan of JB's singing. I liked it when he was humming in the background to the beat, but I didnt like the chorus at all. Just not the style of music I like to hear.

  • zombie

    i hope justin bieber gets hit by a dumptruck. fuck that lil fruit

  • asd

    F**K ME Jesus christ kanye what are you DOING?!?!?

  • Nate

    givin a five for kanye and raekwon

  • Ryandinho

    Not great but it its not horrible either. Worst thing about it is that they would allow Beiber to get on the track. It aint like he provides a voice that no one has ever heard. It did remind me of a 90's vibe though. anyways... RatherUniqueFLA.blogspot.com -Vintage Deadstock Snapback caps -Vintage Levis 501 denims Find us on Facebook!!

  • Anonymous

    wutang clan aint nuffin to fuck wit so leave it alone beiber!!! this is ULTRA WHACK why wouldnt u just cut the kid off. seriously just a degree up from HIP hop Harry

  • Anonymous

    Dear Hip hop Dx, Your web views will not grossly increase if you mention Beiber. Leave it alone. BOYCOTT IT! This is ridiculous i'm tired of all media using this kid to boost up ratingSSS

  • soundtracks

    Im impressed but I didnt expect nothing less than greatness when Kanye's name is mentioned! Raekwon excelled of course was able to switch up and still stay true to himself, Justin Beiber sounds amazing dude got a great voice and Kanye the master with the golden touch ..Beautiful Music Man!!

  • travis

    Ish was stupid hot...and I hate JB, my daughter loves this dude. But the track does what it shoudl do. BUMPPSSSS...and the flows are nice. can't hate on JBs vocals on the track neither. Real music fans will keep it real, fake hip hop fans will talk smack but listen to gucci mane and call that real hip hop.

  • why o why

    whats done cant b undone,but Rae please dont ever do shit like this again..and over the WU-tang clan aint nuthin 2 fuk wit beat...shit is embarrassin man..lol

  • Sick Bird

    Ha white people suck,. Oh wait i'm white... it was dope how they rocked that wu sample tho

  • J-BYRD

    THIS SHIT IS HOT!!! say what u want bout Bieber but kid can sing and he did his thing on this! Rae's verses were on point and Kanye came correct!

  • Philly


  • 56

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUT7-rnY06Q RAE!!

  • wtf really

    Dude this fucking proves kanye west is a fucking fag doing a song with this beiber kid what is he going after the 12 year old girl demographic

  • CJF

    Raekwon will always be that nigga. Bieber always sounds like a girl to me but it is what it is

  • Right On

    fuck justin bieber i just cant listen to him and take him seriously at all. kayne's wu-tang wordplay was impressive, new respect for west

  • R.Pgh

    I don't mind this. Perhaps it'll open up some kids eyes to real lyrics and the Wu.

  • exclusiveKICKS2


  • ptone814


  • ptone814


  • Mr Flamboyant

    This song is cool. Cool song. This song served as a salute and tribute to Rae and the Wu if y'all even paid attention to it. Not a bad song at all.

  • dibs

    Okay okay okay holdddddd the f**k up ..am I rockin to a Justin Bieber Joint..ha ha ha this is a Hate free Zone...Joint is Nice ..

  • bf

    Shit was bangin - Bieber kid. 3/5

  • just a person.

    oh i forgot in my comment below. Let us Hip-hop heads not forget....DJ Premier gave Christina Aguilera on of her biggest albums to date....and aint no love lost im sure. hell i think Premo is all the better for it. so um yeah...all in all this fuckin track is tight. and if you dont like this...then go listen to the shit Rae got with DJ Muggs and Ill Bill and quit your bitchin.

  • Miro Wilson

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?!?!? WHY IS THIS SO HOT TO ME?!?!?! The lil nigga went hard, Rae did his thing, Kanye did his, all together, 3 muhfuckas doin what they do best. No hateration this way son.


    Appreciate the fact that this gives the mainstream world a chance to be blessed with raw hip-hop. Appreciate this move, its genius. Ya'll don't understand but some people are trying to show the world what CLASSIC hip-hop is. If Kanye and Raekwon really wanted to sellout they would have rhymed over a bubblegum (pop) beat. INSTEAD, THEY CHOOSE TO CARRY HIP-HOPS LEGACY FORWARD. I APPLAUD KANYE AND THE CHEF :)

  • Anonymous

    I'm a big Rae and Wu fan, love their music. I thought this song was going to be a disaster but it's better than what I expected. I quite like it to be honest.

  • miguel Guttierres

    Man, this song actually surprised me. It was a lot different than what I was expecting. The beat had a 90s feel to it with the "WTC Ain't Nothin to F' Wit" sample. Rae and Kanye both killed their verses and I really hate to say it, but Beiber was actually decent on here. Still an unusual collabo when seen on paper but it worked itself out.

  • just a person

    um....uh.....ehhhhh..Rae is rappin in his usual ill style.....im just confused...people are gonna hate unnecessarily. i can see it now. like that guy that spammed hip-hop is dead. but anyways its like...does raekwon get points for not really dumming down showing tweens and teens what REAL lyrics are? or does he lose points for jumping on a song with bieber? i dont really know. and haahaahahaaahahah @ that guy who put kanye west is on real hiphop's dick...arent all us real hip hop fans to be completely honest? hip hop fans need to grow the fuck up.

  • sucka

    people hating on justin beiber and saying hip hop is dead but they dont say that when justin timberlake was singing on everyone choruses stop the hate people get a life if you think you can do better try-amen

  • South Carolina

    Is this the Beiber cat everybody wylin about in the pop world?!! whats all the noise about? peace.

  • i'mat work and bored

    yuk! How the hell u let jb sing over Wu tang ain't nothing ta f wit beat? This is blasphemy! Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothing ta F*ck with, so let me kiss you girl.

  • MainEventFerris

    this shit thru me off, i fucks wit this, grimey 90's wu tang beat is tuff>>>bieber hook isnt even bad, it really sound like some 90's shit tho im feelin this tru hip hop shit.....ohhh n yeezy ripped it 2


    I'm the biggest wu-tang head on this board right here, i'm a huge Raekwon fan and i love his music, i got all of his mixtapes and albums, and i've seen him live, but i'm not defending him for this bullshit. This a piece of garbage, and ya, rae's a bit of a sell out for working with KAN-GAY WEST and his little boyfriend here. Fuck this shit, no xs.

  • Graabeklis

    Rae with Bieber?! WTF?! I dont care about Kanye but Wu messing with Bieber...

  • Majic26

    the two RAPPERS ate it...but Beiber...ughh.........

  • Chris Newberry

    He sounds like a chipmunk!

  • Rachael Misek

    Well if you got other up and coming acts that want to make songs with Goldilocks what is the big deal if Justin sings a hook? He just made Rae's money day. Don't forget this.

    • icewatercrackerkiller


  • stephano

    new ROSA ACOSTA & D.STEPHENS video at www.wapproved.com

  • INOA

    I remember when people shitted on Soulja Boy's bullshit songs, niggaz was like, why ya hating on a 16 year old? So now Im a ask ya. Why ya hating on a 15 year old? Faggots, this shit is alright man.

    • Incognegro

      And what does rock music have anything to do with this? None of these dudes are even in the circuit. Granted, I think the mix is bullshit, but why hate on another genre of music?

    • TheOne

      It's your shit! not mines! you like rock music? no? HATER!!!

  • speekup

    what a joke, god please give me true hiphop: rae lookn for stacks, ye on realhiphops dick

  • Killalex

    Why ruin a smashin song with bieberfag? Should've thrown some talented chick on it, can't rep this. Disappointed as fuck @ Raekwon.

  • Alex

    Not bad. I like Rae and Kan's part. But wheres Justin Beiber?! And whos the chick on the chorus?

  • Dwayne Campbell

    lmao...question marks. They ripped it bt...???? Rae and Justin Beiber on wu-tang clan aint nothin to fuck wit??? ft Kanye???