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  • gza361

    T.I. sux (Now-a-days anyway), Enrique can sing his ass off, but this song is a straight female song. So if a female likes it cool. If you a dude and you like it, thats cool too. Just tell your parents your gay first! Lol

  • twall012

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  • mr_sur

    Enrique makes good POP music emphasis on the woed POP for all those who say this is rock T.I. was alright not the best song though, i'll stick to rap/hip-hop


    YES!Enrique strikes again with another classic and this time he had the audacity to put the best rapper alive, T.I on the track as well?WoW:Best song of the year and i have to put T.I's verse in the top 10 of greatest Hiphop verses EVER:YES: R&B 1)Usher 2)Enrique 3)Trey Songz: "The Truth Is Back"

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    I can dig it.. TI kills everything he touches!!

  • swiper

    i like it haha nice song this is not rock please dont get it mixed up this is pop nothing rock about this

  • MeDude

    Enrique is dope. T.I. makes it even more dope. "T.i.p here with my homeboy enrique" hahahaha.

  • E50T3R1C

    shit is wack as fuck. T.I. should kill himself for making a song with this faggot

  • Mr. I Rap Better Than U

    Shocking to her T.I.P on this...but i can listen to it maybe once a week or if i'm in a really good mood...

  • Rattlesnake93

    i hate music like this

  • D D H

    first off this is not rock this is more Electro/Pop shit & this remix is good T.I.'s flow was weird though, i perfer the Pitbull version better

  • ProSource_Entertainment

    All set!


    Yo this shit is hot. When it first came on i thought it was some rocker bullshit but this sounds like that good rock from the 80s mixed with T.I. and the shit came out pretty good. I like it but i could understand why most people wouldn't. I still don't give a fuck.

  • Dade Countess

    Forreal? I never thought TI could be corny until now.

    • Dade Countess

      Am I not entitled to an opinion? To me this is corny as fuck, and I'm not on his dick, you are. He's gonna make his money whether you defend him or not. And this is not rock, it's pop. I like all music but this is wack. Sorry.

    • jsmoke

      dude he is making that money your not get off his dick...


      Even if you didn't like the rock shit how can you call T.I corny? He came hard with the flow as usual. He had no weak lines in his verse.

  • lupendFnF

    no thanks......

  • Rachael5922

    lol i love Enrique ha ha ha ha ha ;)