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  • Gabriel Estaba

    almost everytime, regardless of who hes collabin wit, eminem will deliver. simple minds wont understand this song. actually simple minds wont understand many of his songs

  • trey_wit_it

    illness_personified you are dumb as hell bro..you obviously aint know rap at all if drake is better than eminem...anyone who hates on eminem doesnt know rap so please everyone ignore them...everything bout this albumn is saucy...only mediocre track is on fire every other one is amazing


    Ima bump dis in ma ride through ma neighbor hood while i swerve. lol not really.. This is some ipod shit..

  • first post

    I can't believe some of the things people say on here... This is a very EMINEM like song, but it's 2010, not 2002... it is a bit different hearing him "keeping up with the times" but either way this is a good song

  • 2nd_2_none

    Em is the man... Great song



  • goonie!

    HIP HOP IS BACK THIS YEAR!!! even though i dnt like him much... u got Drake comin out... The Game... Eminem...CD is crack... T.I. ....CD is goin to be amazing Young Jeezy....hes kool... Ortiz from slaughterhouse NAS and DAMIEN,....THAT CD IS AMAZING!! Dr. Dre...CD is gon be ill! all these Albums comin out this year,...it sooo good to kno hip hop is back and THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING...every song is good..im not white im black im from the east coast..ima fan of em. ima fan of all music..GOOD hip hop/rap music and all those ppl i just named r doin their thing...my favorite songs on this album...is So bad, Seduction...Going through Changes....No Love...Space Bound...Almost Famous....Cinderealla Man...every song is good to tell u the truth haha but i like those the most.

  • bluckbluck

    solid song....just dont like em's flow.....idc what yall got to say, but the message lets me give it a 5.

  • David Cash

    this is probably the best song out right now, music is supposed to be about REAL shit people go through and what theyre feeling WHILE theyre going through it. if anybody out there has ever been hurt by someone, mother father sister brother husband wife then this song should send chills up your spine. if it doesnt than youre either heartless or you aint been thru it. this song couldnt get any better. rihanna and eminem sound surprisingly great together. wish there were more stars...

  • JLegit

    this is not for simple minded people

  • 19masssp

    nawwwwwwwwww shit aint wack you mutha fuckers are crazy.He's tryna not to crack on people he's tryna be fucking diverse em is always gonna be dope.I wish i could slap the dude that made that comment.F u c k i n g f a gg o t bitch.Em has never gotten that personal in the sense of before em rapped bout his struggle then,now he raps bout his present stuggle and road to recovery.As far as that 40 number is the new 20 bitch quit hating.What i mean is now he's more humble,then he was back then.Although em flow hasn't changed a bit dude still spits that endless fire he spits with or without a mic.

  • Flawl3$$

    Great song with a lot of meaning.. this is how radio songs should be done. fucking amazing album.

  • noivad12

    mann dis shit go stupid hard throwed hook rhianna fine ass singin lyrics hard this shit is fire....big ups to em for makin this

  • godz

    this snog is weak honestly drake would of dun it better

  • jcr0315

    Damn give it up and just let the haters hate all they want, every fuckin eminem song thats posted theres a battle with people calling his fans stans and filled with BS comments like "wack" with no reason or anything just to get a rise out of people. And it works everytime, most "haters" are just trying to make you upset, they're fuckin trolling waiting for you to bite on their bs and everyone falls for it. Let people think what they want but the truth of the matter whether they like it or not is every fucking song Em has on this site and every other hiphop site gets at LEAST a 4 haha so haters hate on, its all good...even your favorite rappers are loving this cd!

  • 603 Assassin

    This shit is dope.

  • illness_personified

    the album is fucking whack and if you dont think it is then you are a fucking stan or pop music lover...his beats are garbage and he whines the whole fucking album about his poor little life...fuck eminem im doen with his sorry ass after this garbage...

    • JLegit

      hes actually rappin about your pathetic life you should feel honored "his beats"? check the producers idiot where's your beats? you lose

    • noivad12

      gotta check u nigga please this album recovery is off tha fuckin chain u probly a big ass plies fan somebody who cant rap even good basic rap ur probly a basic minded fuck lmao trash nigga please lmao That fuckin white boy kills errbody in hip hop wit Recovery fuck yo extra fuck ass opinions with no meaning behind them since when did just blazes beats or Dr dres beats become trash?? nigga go kill yo self youve taken your right to comment on this damn page anymore away.......

    • tbeezy

      your an idiot

    • sdot12

      What album in eminem's collection have u been listening to? he does that every album, u dumb shit. Dude is a beast if u dont like it go somewhere else

  • OTAY

    Forgot to rate...this is boring to me...


    5/5 for Mainstream, who cares what the haters say,. this song has depth

  • rebel

    nas was right... hip hop has flatlined.... eminem is now makin songs for women on their periods sitting on the couch eating ben n jerrys getting fat while tryna get over their boy friends cheating on them....this shit sounds like a cheesy prom night song...this shit sounds like theme music for an episode of friday night lights...i think we found the new theme song for gilmore girls....kill yaself em

  • insanemacbeth

    just heard 'SO BAD'. yeah, that's sikk (but then, DRE alwayz comes through). i'm interested in hearing some of the JUST BLAZE tracks.

  • crillzzzz

    Space Bound is fuckin crack too, i dont see how ppl can rate this song less than a 4, its better than ne music out right now, this shit moves u, what music is meant to do, this is the essence of great music

  • crillzzzz

    OH, and that Cinderella Man track, also goes stupppiddd harddddd!!!! shit is fuckin crack

  • crillzzzz

    Best song on the album in my opinion, though there are so many great tracks its hard to say what is best, but this shit goes hardddddd, em and rihanna did their thing and killed this shit, fuck the haters, this is great music, period, u cant deny it, hate it or love it, this song is crack, just like the whole album is, SEE IM NOT A STAN, IM A SUPPORTER OF GOOD FUCKING MUSIC, PPL DONT KNOW WHAT MUSIC IS NOWADAYS, AND DUDES LIKE EM AND DRAKE AND KANYE, ARE GIVING US GREAT MUSIC, HATE IT OR LOVE IT, EMS ALBUM IS UNTOUCHABLE, DRAKES ALBUM WAS FIRE, AND YE'S ALBUM IS GUNNA BE CRACK, PERIOD!

  • iceman_det


  • noivad12

    mann dis song go stupid hard..bout damn time he make some real music relapse was a big let down for all em fans accept for a few tracks like stay wide awake we made you deja vu and beautiful oh and baghpipes from bahgdad but he saved it wit relapse refill hes back no no love wit him and wayne raw as fukk Recovery is real dark deep and personal no bs as a whole it is 1 of his best albums an em classic fa sho im proud of em for steppin outta the box and making this sing kinda unlike him

  • rewindboy1

    kanye and eminem are bringing hip hop back!

  • BGG

    while everybody wanna rate they fav em song on recovery y i aint nobody talkin bout how "cindarella man" bangs the fuk out...shit goes hard

  • Prov City

    shits OK for what it is..... and LMAO @ the dude who said Em, Kanye and Nicki Minaj are the best in the game.....smh.....yall eat up that wack Rap n Bullshit huh....


    I feel like I'm watching a teen movie. And the senior football player leaves the chick for college... or something of that nature... lol I could never bump this in the car on blast.

  • Da Drums


  • Mylie

    reminds me of the song ''Kim'' great song (even tho i hate Rihanna she was perfect for the hook)


    I listened to the whole album, love it only complaint is the jim jonson track space bound had a gay ass brutal chrous that just ruined the whole song for me, i donno what em was thinking on that 1 top 3 songs of Recovery in my opinion: 1. Talkin' 2 Myself 2. Going Through Changes 3. no love wit lil wayne the untitled havoc track was sick it was like an outro, cold winds blow n almost famous were another 2 sick songs over all 9/10 not a hater but had to jack ya down a point for that gay jim jonson chrous, sorry slim support ems album june 22





    • JordanM91

      Okay, im gonna respect ur comment. Im not gonna call u a hater. Just do me a favor: Give me 3 good reasons why this song should be rated below a 4. Since everyone that has posted "Hate" commens has YET to give any good reason why, and no good evidence that anyone should take seriously. Care to be the first? Take all the time u need, get back to me.

  • Mr G

    this is the same shit that everyone is putting out, a great rapper w/ an R&B hook!! just because it's eminem doesnt mean it's a 5 star song! this is typical em, talking about his life and just because people think they know him they want to relate! this album is trying to be to mainstream for my taste, yeah he has that crazzy flow but its nothing new! ..... and of course all of the em dick riders will love and bust nuts off this album!!

    • docjer

      If he is not mainstream then he gets shit for talking bout killing etc. When he talks about normal stuff he's mainstream. Bottom line not gonna be able to please evryone but production is top notch and lyrics/flow second to none. I guess he could "walk it out" and everyone would love em.

    • Mr G

      not trying to base it or argue anything, just saying this is the same ol ish ffom em

    • Mylie

      you have no bases or arguement. this song is tight.

  • dfreit808

    fire. real good beat for him... being a chuck hamilton fan I gotta love the rihanna hook

  • Fredddy

    If people were still buyin records circa 1999, this song would send Recovery to 5x Platinum no problem. I heard Em talkin about how he could only see Rihanna on the track and I had no idea what he was talkin about. But now it's obvious. She killed it and so did he. This is Em's "Song Cry".

  • Rachael5922

    This is my favorite song so far that I have heard. How many people have been lied to, raise your hand, i bet every poster here.....and some of us, still go back don't we?

  • emwayne5'9

    emienm killed it i didnexpect rihana to do ood but se did

  • Joe_Kerr

    idk y ppl didnt want him to have rihanna on hhis album jus cuz yall couldnt picture them doin a good song together *i couldnt picture them collabing but i knew he wont pick someone if it wasnt gonna sound good* and it does i like this song a lot

  • The man from the D

    Em is finally back, yes!!!!!. Emotional album i love talkin to myself and goin through changes. The worst song on the album is the song with pink but isnt bad for being the worst song.Overall this is ems best albulm and possibly the best album of the decade. still aftermath and aint nothin after that

  • chocomeelquik

    clearly this track (and probably this album) was made so that it would be more listenable by a more general audience unlike relapse which was made for the more hardcore listeners i say this not only because of the type of songs that are on the album, but because also the features that are on it as well. when somebody sees this album and turns it over, they see pop music contemporary artists (rihanna, lil wayne, kobe, pink) and think, "oh cool, i'll give this a listen" the thing with eminem is that even with popular features, when you hear those particular tracks, you tend to (at least in my case) be more eager to skip the choruses and the feature's parts just to get to the eminem verses. i guess he kinda figured if he was going to have those artists featured on his album, he'd better rap his ass off in those tracks to make up for it i'll give this a 4 and the album overall a 9.5/10. my only complaint is that there wasn't enough of that trademark dark witty humor , but hey, that's was relapse was for right? lol

    • Acoustic808's

      Right because eminem needs to be pop to have more people to listen to his album.... Those people are featured on the record because he worked with so many different producers. He wanted to have multiple perspectives of sound on his album. Instead of there being 1 producer he wanted to have fun with it and let them do what they thought was good. Also people need to remember that he's nearly 40 years old. He will never rap like he did when he was 20. He has matured as a person and thus has different things that he raps about now.

  • JordanM91

    Hey Haters...Numbers dont lie...look at the ratings for all the eminem songs thats been posted up here lol...Then look at the number of comments...Then look in the mirror and stare into the eyes and soul of a hater...lmao... Then when Recovery sells mad numbers first week and wins big at the grammys, do us all a favor and shut the fuck up when anything that has to do with eminem pops up. Nobodys taking u haters serious, stop wasting ur time, dont come here if u dont like eminem. Period.

    • ChiToooooooown

      I don't care about his content....that doesn't matter to me....I'm sayin musically mc wise he's not as good....or i donno he's still good but it's not showing, whatever u wanna call it....the content is fine, but his flow, delivery, style, hooks, is just not as good...plain and simple...And i understand he's switchin up the flow to evolve...i understand that....but the flow and delivery is just not on the same level...he fell off....the man was hooked on pills and that shit fucked fucked his ass up...I'm not a hater, just bein real

    • JordanM91

      @Chitown...Em is no where near what he used to be? Yea, cuz ppl grow up. They age, they mature, and for real artists, it shows in there music. Eminem is not gonna be rapping about the same shit he did 10 years ago, thats behind him. Hes rapping what is going on thru his life now, and hes still making quality albums, hes 37. Get used to it, or only listen to his old albums if ur gonna complain.

    • ChiToooooooown

      Damn man....Em is no where near what he used to be on infinite, slim shady lp, marshall mathers lp, eminem show....plain n simple....numbers lie sometimes....the music doesn't....em used to make timeless music....he only won a grammy for relapse cuz of his status...well that's what i believe....

  • J-Blue

    People don't know what they want. Relapse he was joking around too much and the songs weren't about anything just raw lyricism. Now that he has a song with substance you want him to spit that raw shit again. Make up your damn mind.

  • beatrixkid

    Today's Recovery Favorites: so bad: Reminds me of some 90's Dre: Love the beat(especially the waaa waaa) and the comedy in the lyrics. 25 to Life:Very different beat for Khalil. love how the beat changes completely with every verse. Space Bound: Eminem does David Bowie. Love it!!


    this song reminds me of the opening of a chick flick....i like the hardcore em..and DX can you guys please make a pop out player feature so we can make a playlist of everything on the site

  • MFKing64

    not bad. 1 million times better than the song with Pink.

  • JE$$IKA

    this was surprising in a good way.

  • harveybabeee

    what a song to wake up too & sending replying to drunk messages with the ex

  • Hiphop4980


  • MightyMike27

    Better than I thought it would be. I thought it was gonna be sum corny pop BS strictly for the radio. Good Song

  • pigfacee

    shady slaughterrr

    • young log

      He def killed it. Everything I've been hearing from Recov sounds ill. Check out this new kid Live Wire, he's pretty sick. http://livewirenolabel.bandcamp.com/

  • tizzle0608

    Incredible. This is what hip hop has been waiting for. We've got a classic album on our hands, people.

  • Top-DOG Ent

    this is good muzik.. Rihanna did good on this one .Em allways killing erthing...

  • Jake D

    honestly if ANYONE gives this lower than a 4 they're completely HATING. Fact... Again i love underground as much if not more than ANYONE on this website (favorites are Elzhi, Crooked I, Lous Logic, Diabolic, ILL Bill, Royce, Juice, Sean Price, MF Doom, Brother Ali, Atmospere to name a few), but Em is mainstream now, period. He can't help that kids He sold 80 mil records worldwide. I LOVED his prime days of coming u from the underground battle scene. It's impossible for him to sound/rap the way he did from 97-2002/03 for numerous reasons. But for a 37 yr old LEGEND who almost died twice from overdosing, got divorced twice his high school sweetheart of 17 years, his childhood best friend of 20 years was MURDERED in april 2006, I'd say Recovery is a classic given all that. Please stop hating

    • its.the.incredible.

      Obviously you dont know shit about hip hop..did u see the rating on this fukin song..and no one said u gotta like em..but its clear u got some interest in him cuz ur on this site listen to one of his songs... you wasnt asking a question you were implying that likin this song is ridin em's dick...BITCH! which is the dumbest shit i've ever heard.. and u say im stupid..i gotta MBA! BITCH! and if u dont know wat that is maybe u should look it up... and that def aint real talk..real talk BITCH! And u prolly dont know shit about basketball!!! BITCH!

    • OTAY

      it was a simple question "bra"....I didn't call anybody anything...but since it's making you all emotional inside I now understand how much of a bitch you are... Listen, dude said whoever rates this a 4 or less is hating...then he went on telling a story about Em... Then you say that because I don't agree with you with the song that I don't know hiphop and I'm saying its dead etc. etc.... So if you're a hardcore Laker fan and I'm a Boston fan does that mean I don't know a thing about basketball? Listen Stan don't be mad because this is the realest talk that you have ever heard but please don't talk to me unless you can come up with something more intelligent because you sound like you are all different types of stupid. OTTAAAYYYYYYYY?

    • its.the.incredible.

      look bra..your over here sayin if u rate this above a 4 ur a dickrider..you need to go somewhere...i aint even the biggest em fan..he aint even in my top 5..so stfu about the stan ish...all im sayin is u have no idea wat hip hop is and ur a big part of the reason people say its dead...cuz of dead dumb fans like you...u prolly more about beats than lyrics jus like every other mainstream dickrider...so u need to gone talkin about giving this above a 4 is dickridin..

    • OTAY

      look another stan...just great...I bet you dye your hair blonde too and rebel towards your parents... anyways dude just ask Em who his favorite artist is and he'll tell you its Wayne...thats the sad part... I don't think Em needs these names to sell records...rihanna?...Pink?...Wayne?...c'mon man I know Em could be more original and more creative then this...

    • OTAY

      @bigg dogg seriously dude...you completely missed the point that I was trying to make...I'm not hating Eminem...I'm just trying to show you how angry ya'll get when someone says they personally don't like a song of your favorite rapper... I think Em is a legend...Wayne isn't there yet but I think he has potential to becoming one...but just because Em is considered a legend doesn't mean everything he puts out is going to be the illest track ever...relax man I honestly don't care what an artists background is...so long as they make great music for me to listen to..im cool with that...you got corrupted with what these rappers are telling you and not really looking at the big picture...listen to the music dont just hear it...

    • its.the.incredible.

      otay and lay...yall shouldnt even know about this site..yall aint real hip hop fans..gone somewhere...hip hop aint dead...its fans are...straiiit up

    • lay

      My point is, its stupid for you Eminem stans to expect everybody to love his shit the way yall do. Answer me this. If im not feelin an Eminem song, am I a hater? And what does wayne have to do with anything?



    • lay

      @Otay co-fuckin sign!

    • OTAY

      is it fair to say that anybody who rates this higher then a 4 is completely dickriding? just because you are a big fan of Eminem doesn't mean everybody should be...you're probably the type of person for hating on wayne for his style of music... my point is hiphop is saturated with you kids that are having this "my dad is better than your dad" argument...who cares really? am I supposed to feel sorry for him for almost dying because of his own stupidity? or getting a divorce? or his friend dying? wake up and realize that these type of things happen to a lot of people in the world... thats cool that you like doing your homework on Eminem but please dont rate someones music based off of trials and tribulations...you sound like Stan

  • knucklesakanuk

    Dope song. Cool how they've both been through the shit they are talkin about and speakin from their own perspective.

  • bob0923

    really impressed with this song and surprised with how good rihanna was on the hook

  • kenneth duffy jr.

    Hits home... can't be objective about it. I relate so five from me. Love the song.

  • icu ucme

    Wow, a song about how fucked up relationships can be. I guess some niggas just can't relate.

  • dis is good music SNM

    i cud c dis bein numba 1 4 a very long time...this is good music his talkin bout stuff ever1 goes thru from a G to A Fag....n That is LOVE ...ITZ REAL SERIOUS STUFF...N da guy that put da list of the tunes 2 name dem gay stuff WOW ur Sad n must be gay 2 tink like dat

  • c/gaddic

    All of y'all fucks shitting on RElapse Are either fuckin haters or lack true taste for amazing complex rhyme shemes and skillful wordplay! Ignore the accent and listen to 3 am word for word and tell me this dude ain't crazy! Recovery is solid just wanted more Just blaze beats and better hooks Who the fuck is alex da kid? and Boi-1-da is over-rated! MMLp was a classic REC isn't get over it!


    ALMOST FAMOUS is the best beat on recovery. SO BAD is the best song in my opinion. this song is bottom of the list.

    • MightyMike27

      I think that really is sarcasm. Almost Famous the best beat? lol.. So Bad? The Best song.. I disagree. The "Almost Famous" track is pretty corny but I don't hate it. "Going Through Changes" and "25 to life" Are the best songs without question. "Talkin 2 Myself" is the best beat. Don't like the chorus but the verses and the beat are dope as shyt.. PeaCe!

    • Jake D

      is that sarcasm? In 2010 this as good as it gets for dumbed down radio pretty much along with TI's best, Empire State of Mind, anything by nas that make the radio. Again it brings a tear to my eye, but it's not the 90's to early 2000's anymore AKA no wu-tang, gangstar, pac, biggie,pun, nas, even tighter em, hungry Jay-Z dominating the radio

  • Jake D

    In 2010 with the state of dumbed down hip hop on the radio (god I miss the 90's when you could hear gangstar, nas, wu-tang, 2pac, biggie, big pun, jay z, and Em on the radio ALL THE TIME....:( miss those days) this about as good as a radio song can get. Deep song also considering both of these artists relationship history....This and Not Afraid are easily the best MAINSTREAM radio singles along with NY State of Mind

  • Derick Mendes

    i fuckin love this song

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    wacccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkk..... after he got shitted on by lil wayne! once twice three times ina row,this lil white bitch ain't able to do a track.... lil wayne! is da greatest of all da time fuck haters and btw eminem is lil wayne's! fan and ur eminem's fan that means ur lil wayne's! fan though u don't deserve it

    • crillzzzz

      funny thing actually wayne is ems fan, lol, fuckin dumbass, what r u 12?

    • yowackkk

      Em = a white ace hood just screaming and shit fuck that punk bitch

    • 10 FOOT DICK

      handy i thought i told you to fuck off

    • kanye-likes-lil boys

      Do not feed this troll...he does this alllllllllll the time


      wayne was begging em to do a song for almost 2 years! personally im not feeling this. i like hardcore rap music not emotional r&b hooks and heartfelt verses. but saying em got shit on by anyone is crazy! Biggie is the greatest ask wayne ask em.

    • 2Pro

      you out yo rabbit ass mind, em shitted on wayne on every song they did together, stupid ass dickriders like you are the reason hip hop is such ass right now, wayne is garbage as fuck

    • stretchdollaz

      The Fuck u taumbout bitch?


    Buy Recovery. its amazing

  • tdubwilcocks

    This is HipHop at its best. Eminem and Rihanna really described abuse from both sides. and they did it so well. This is beautiful music

  • elarmthecity

    some deep shit.. love it

  • kjohnson

    Good stuff. I understand not everyone will like a certain artist or song, but damn, Eminem is going in these days.

  • Mortis

    People who want to compare Recovery to the MMLP are clueless. Can you compare anything in the Nas catalog to Illmatic? MMLP came out 10 years ago. It's not often in hip hop where an artist or group can drop an album 10 years down the road from a classic where that new album is even considered to be on or near that level. Outkast has done it. Nas did it with Stillmatic. Jay did it with Blueprint. Scarface with The Fix. It just doesn't happen. Appreciate the album for what it is and stop chasing comparisons that will never hold up. The album to compare Recovery to is Stillmatic by Nas. Follows the same 2 album disapointment scenario.

  • DatNigggaaa

    Recovery is Eminems Stillmatic. Case closed niggas. Quit hatin.

  • Sensaye252

    Somebody's gotta do it. I'm glad there's still some real niggas left at the party. Top 5 dead or Alive, easily.

  • alborob

    i used to say eminems overrated and hyped....this nigga is fucking MAD good. lol i think this is the 7th time i played today and i just woke up.

    • Eminwayne

      "I'll probably never get the props I feel I ever deserve" til I collapse

    • ummm

      lol glad you joined the real world...Eminem was never overrated in fact for being the best rapper alive or passed I dont think hes yet to get the respect and recognition he truly deserves?

  • insanemacbeth

    naaaaaah, don't like this. at all! i want to hear EM with pure freestyle lyrics, a la 'WAKE UP SHOW' freestyle.

  • chonsey Thompson

    fuck dat eminem do a song with trina called black queen you racist mutha$$#%#%#f

  • hjr23r156r415r5

    Great song..But this isnt eminem at his best MMLP was. None of these songs match the intensity he put into The Way I Am. He may be going through he troubles now but to me(remember this is my opinion) the way i am really showed eminem at his best.. Recovery June 22nd Cop Dat

    • Stanley Ipkiss

      I agree. Emienem won't ever match the intesity he put into The Way I Am. Recovery is still a sold album. I like how he put more substance into his songs. Rihanna sounds so good on this hook.

  • tek

    one of the best songs in the album believe it or not i don't even like that much rihana

  • andeedaloco

    the whole album is to nasty. whole album gets a 5

  • Acoustic808's

    love the hook.

  • Best Rappers

    Love this song, love RIHANNA on the Hook,Beautiful.

  • musikmoney

    One of the Best Hip Hop has

  • xripperx

    good, but I was a big fan of relapse, and i like my eminem like "3AM" more than "Cleaning OUt My Closet"

  • prewoz

    As a fan of hip-hop I honestly don't think any rapper fucks with dude. His song writing, emotion, skills on the mic. kill anybody. Even is weak rhymes still sound good! This dude is the best rapper alive,,, if not the best ever.

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    hey 2 all u bitch niggaz, feminem changed hiz song namez on hiz album recovery from fallin' flat on my face twice on renegade. here r da final song namez 4 u fuckaz: 1. cold wind blowz on my cock 2. talkin' 2 myself cuz i'm gay 3. dick on fire 4. won't back down from gay sex 5. w.t.p (wet-tipped penis) 6. goin' thru gay changez 7. not afraid of not puttin' jay-z! on da song 2 destroy me again 8. gay seduction 9. i love lil gayne 10. my dick iz space bound and ready 2 shoot in dr. gay'z mouth 11. cinderella man (he kept this title) 12. 69 to life 13. so bad at bein' straight 14. almost straight but found another good lookin' man 15. love the way you lick my dick 16. girlz are neva ova here (i invite boyz) 17. here we go, more gay sex (hidden track) so enjoy feminem'z gay porn album recovery from fallin flat on my face twice on renegade in stores june 22 under gaydy/afterazz recordz. any1 who buyz diz album iz gay. i prefer u niggaz buy anotha copy of jay-z!'z revolutionary resonable doubt, wich will b celabratin' itz 14th aniversery on da 25th, insted of buyin' feminem'z garbage album. jay-z! iz da greatest of all time! FUCK HATERZ, FUCK HANDDDYYYYYYYYYYY AND FUCK ALL CUM MONEY/TRASH MONEY AND GAYDY/AFTERAZZ DICKRIDAZ! IT'Z MANDDDYYYYYYYYYY UP IN DIZ BITCH! REMEMBER DA NAME!

    • stretchdollaz

      Dis nigga has no life. U gon write all that nonsense bout someone u dont like? Ur the gay one sir.

    • kjohnson

      I'm guessing this is 'HANNNDYYYYY' or whatever the fuck his handle is. Kid is half retarded, banging his helmet on his monitor as he types.

    • Rivateer

      Say what ya want dumb nigga, but i think you have heard a song ehhhh by the name of "Renegade"..yea u have, and if ya dumbass listens closely you will notice that eminem killed jay on his own shit. so..... You can THANK ME NOW

    • Stanley Ipkiss

      you must be like 10 years old. If your older than that, youre probably half retarded.

  • BUENO!

    People wanted EM to rap about something that had substance. Well he did and he did it well. How are you going to rate him now? Now it will be "I'm tired of this EMO shit!" When he raps about stuff that isn't serious, people say he's rapping about nothing. When he raps about life and his problems, he's emo. . . What else do you want from the man?


    this song is good men

  • beerat

    different to anything ever from him. But still dope as fuck!! A different side to mr shady.

  • Mortis

    Recovery is to Eminem as Stillmatic was to Nas.

  • Tam Mc


  • Young Lee

    Tight stuff. Nice to get eminem back to his best. Rihanna looks good on em track

  • wef

    ************************************************************ - W E L C O M E T O B l a c k W h i t e D a t e * C o m - ************************************************************* I strongly recommend ______ B l a c k W h i t e D a t e * C o m ______ to you where I just found my interracial boyfriend! You know it is a great place to meet black men and beautiful women. What’s kind of relationship do you want?

  • no way man

    eminem. what else can i say?

  • Show ya best

    I think it just awesome. Am i thinking right?