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  • mypitts2

    This is the track of the album, along with "Karoake." T.I. is exceptional. And people who deride Drake for singing must not know Drake -- that's part of his style. Your solution to his successful career is for him to change the style that helped put him there? Huh? This is why the superstars ignore comments from the peanut gallery.

  • Beatz.

    This track is hot.

  • Guala T 773

    man quit criticizin nd realize a good song ppl know dey b hatin now a dayz end of day who makin money u or dem stupids

  • Get2IT

    TI go hard. Drake bout fucked it up wit dat singing shit. I like dude but that singing getting old. Guess if Swizz prod, he gotta be on the hook.


    one of those nice commercial songs i love it



  • mr608

    the song is str8. but swizz beatz sucks

  • Blackmok

    Nice joint til drake started that somber dry shit...that's gettin a lil old 2 me.. don't fuk wit swiss on the hook tho!...almost fuk'd da song up...

  • dihudson

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    aye they went real hard really feelin this and fuck who not yal are all some hatas lovin the KING AND DRIZZY{FIRE------

  • k5gixx

    top 5 on da album love dis fuckin track especially after da beat switch

  • dihudson

    If yall get a chance show some love and head over to http://hudsonproductionsmusic.com/media.html to listen and comment on our music. Just dropped the third album and all three of the albums deliver. Show ur support and comment on the music and let us know wat u think. http://hudsonproductionsmusic.com/media.html

  • moolah

    the KING and dreezy........thas the future.

  • Royalb28489285

    I was being generous with this rating the beat is annoying n drake is okay on it.... I would say drake is a pretty decent rapper deffinantly has surpassed Wayne in this day but If you look at emcees such as Royce n slaughterhouse Rae wu Lupe drake is just not up there point blank

  • scottymaserati

    I rate it. Big choon. Intelligent lyrics. But still a little bit street.

  • Ghgggggjjij

    Real hope that u thank me

  • Second Half

    I was meh about this track in the first half, but my mind completely changed as soon as the beat switched up in the second half. For some reason I was feeling the shit out of the hook and rhythm in the second half, it all makes sense at that point. T.I. was forgettable tho.

  • gottadoit

    just got done blastin swizz on another post.....this beat is ok, granted its not to hard to rip some soul samples and mix it nicely, but still can we get swizz off the hooks.....stick to production homey

  • WURKinprogress

    There's no way in hell I'm paying a super producer all that money to be all over the track(fuccin swizz)!!!! Beat is fire tho

  • dihudson

    dis track dope thank me later nice too If yall get a chance head over to http://hudsonproductionsmusic.com/ to listen to some of our music head to the media page to comment and let us know what you think. Just dropped the third album and all three of the albums deliver. http://hudsonproductionsmusic.com/

  • fucku

    Swizz Beats is soooooo horrible. Why do niggas let him get on the track. god damn......his hooks are so stupid

  • ThatNiggaTino

    I give it a 3 strictly because of the beat . the concept was ok and the hook was annoying

  • Jay_MelZ

    I fuck wit Drake on alot of his shit but this is trash. for really real


    hook is fucking annoying though


    forgot to rate


    reallly hot !!!! toronto da new home of hip hop ?!?!

  • clean_polo

    Lol T.I. sounds like a Cali nigga on this shit but he killed it...Drake did his thing...nice hook by Swizzy and especially giving homie props if he made this sick ass beat.

  • CANT....BAN......DUKE....... BOY


  • nastynas4life

    nothing special.

  • the_905

    dope.. beginning of the next main stream hip hop artist

  • Ghgggggjjij

    Toronto is here my nigga

  • gfk

    good song. im not a fan of drake that much but swizz beatz is always a good addition this is a 4. its original

  • Lan$ky

    If you dont like mainstream rap you dont like drake. if you do then this album is hot, but if you dont like mainstream rap thats cool. But dont knock the majority for liking the shit that most people like. Just do you. I everything he say I think to myself I agree thats me. be you be different but dont be the diffrent for the sake of being different because other wise you become the same

  • wussupworld

    I fucks with this. Everybody hatin' give him a break people its his first album. Hes got alot waitin for him in the future I'm sure he'll improve that flow.

  • far and wide

    haha @ these fuckin kids cheering on drake to do big album sales what fucking clowns get a life drake sucks, no matter how you slice it

  • jerrell2k9

    Quit hatin'....the song hard

  • William Munnerlyn

    The beat iz sick, really good song. I'm not feelin' the other leaked songs as much as I'm feelin' this joint. DRIZZY!

  • dihudson

    im really feelin dis one from drake everybody came through on it. drakes album is real nice If yall get a chance head over to http://hudsonproductionsmusic.com/ to listen to some of our music head to the media page to comment and let us know what you think. Just dropped the third album and all three of the albums deliver. http://hudsonproductionsmusic.com/

  • X.

    wow i cant say nothing just june 15th itz nothing you can do haters he is going to do a million album so sit back and relax cuz i am

  • Joe_Kerr

    chicks gonna eat this up beat great verses r on topic but yea the chicks gonna love this song cuz he talkin bout how they look

  • NastyNasss

    swizz beats is awful. but i like drakes verse and tips verse too. fuck jay z and swizz beats song up there sucks too.

  • far and wide

    I'M BACK CLOWNS one star for drake drake is terrible and should stop doing music immediately my lil cousin can rap AND sing better than this fool


    Someone tell me the last time Swixx Beatz made a hot beat? 1999 maybe. Drake is abelow average singer and below average rapper. I dont get it.Maybe its because i dont have a pussy.

  • MagiicalJay

    the chorus is nothing special. repetitive normal for swizz. but... Drake raps about what he knows, what hes been through what he feels etc. idk about any of you but i rather listen to Drake over alot of big "rappers" that are big in the industry. i feel like im goin through a big story with drakes albums. he keeps it real. his singing makes his music versatile and it sounds pretty dope most of the time anyway. Drakes big for those who understand him. for the rest of you, just dont listen to him. every artist has a couple weak songs here and there stop hating.

    • Joe_Kerr

      the fuck does sex have to do with talkin about a girls look & character which the song is about smh

    • kush nap

      drake rappin about pussy when he was a virgin in his early 20's. he dont know shit about what he rappin about. drake raps about whatever his label wants him to rap about. nigga is an actor, a fraud. one trick pony with one flow and one delivery. weak rhymes, corny adlibs. swizzy is a faggot these days. i like swizzy when he wasnt adlibbing every beat, swizzy loves him some swizzy. dmx should slap this lame. flesh of my flesh swizzy was a goon. this swizzy sweeter than kardashian pussy. drake = dumb rappin ass kike entertainment peep the wordplay, drizzy fans would jock that.

  • Mylie

    dope beat. Drake just sounds outta place.

  • Beasty Jones

    Great Song! Take T.I. off and put Kanye On.

  • im the boy

    the bitches are goin to love this tune, which means album sales in theory. Its a pretty nice tune for what it is, he aint gunna produce no gangsta shit is the boy.

  • Mr. Mogul

    This album is going to be a good listen

  • Shademan187

    Sounds like some Mixtape ish that 50 would rap over. Drake needs to switch that damn flow up, he needs to learn that all beats require a different rhythm in the raps, a different level of inflection in the voice.

  • Best Rappers

    2:45 is the Best part of the song, i wasnt gona even rate this song, but Until i heard that part, i was feelin it.


    3 STARS For T.I. VERSE But Other Than That... This TRACK Is TRASH Just Like His WACK AZZ CD!!!

  • whoa

    this album kinda sucked a bit. the beat change up is better than the original too. And The hoe singin at the end is mad unecessary.This is a rnb album through an through. It took him too long to put this album out and it didn't live up to the hype. He made a serious effort through all his mixtapes to put some really diverse music in there. From real hip hop beats to pop to rnb. This album aint hardly diverse. And 40 doing the beats on almost the whole album is the prob. Most of 40's beats sound like knock off ye beats and bring this album way down. because of the hype and the lack of diversity on here tml gets a 3.5 out of 10

  • D*3*Z

    I REALLY was going to buy this album ya'll for real... then I heard it... I bought Graduation even after I heard so the leak didnt change my mind... it's that... A SWIZZ BEATS TRACK IS THE BEST SONG ON YOUR ALBUM???????????? Drake fans.... what................ the................ fuck..............

  • Killa Kay

    i wouldve gave it a 5 but swiss beatz be pissing me off

  • hjr23r156r415r5

    compared to that "find ur love" shit he put out this is gold.. But seriously HE NEEDS TO STOP TRYING TO SING!!! His new album wont even beat his mixtape hes not living up to his hype..

  • Cos321

    this is one of my favorite songs on the cd thanks to swizz and tip haha didnt really think Drake lived up to the hype with this album, thought so far gone was muchhh better and i feel like drake never stands out too much when hes on a track with another notable rapper like jigga wayne tip I like Drake, but for being the "next thing in rap", this cd wasn't what i expected with all the features too, seems like a compilation album instead of HIS album Step up drizzy


    Is Drake gay? not a joke, every verse is on some girl power shit. i understand hes not a gangster rapper but shit, its like he follows his sister around in her everyday travels writing raps. good song just sayin.................

  • MJ19786

    guys keep hating it dont mean shit Racism is coming back Fuk obama Fuk rap Fuk Niggas just remember the 1st MIXED President caused it.

  • MJ19786

    guys keep hating it dont mean shit Racism is coming back Fuk obama Fuk rap Fuk Niggas just remember the 1st MIXED President caused it.


    Drake's whole album is like 2.7 out of 5. Really overly hyped his album is mediocre to bad. This is straight though, they both did okay, T.I. flowed as usual and Drake had a slick line. It's okay but Drake is a borderline joke

    • Jf.Vigor

      I used to be so perplexed when ppl called Drake overhymed or a joke. Because So Far Gone was So damn good lol. It rly was a good mixtape. Probably because it has variety and showed Drake's versatility. His rhymes over Peter, Bjorn & John's song... and how he took Lykke Li's song and made it better than the original... showed me he's talented. But then he comes with this predictable & generic album. I'd give it a 2.7 out of 5 as well. I have to agree. I dont think Drake as an artist is trash, I just think he produced a trash album.

  • icu ucme

    Just listen to the difference between Drake and every emcee he gets on a song with(Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem, T.I., etc). It's completely undeniable that Drake is the inferior artist. Seriously, name one(1) song were this nigga out shines anyone other than Timberland. 2/10 singing ability + 2/10 rapping skill does not = a great artist. It just means he's average.

    • bob0923

      he's outshines everyone on any young money song including wayne. But everyone else you mentioned murks him on songs.

    • James carvey

      1 word... Ransom.... if anybody say he didn't kill wayne on that track you are a hater and need to take soft peach and smash on the soft spot on yo head aim high mother fuckas but he needs you all yo views made me listen to it... oh and I'm not dick riding this is why Nas said hip hop is dead because of the fans you don't want to seem like you dick riding so you bash whoever get hot and support trash that is why the quality of hip hop is way down but there are some shining stars in the game... j. cole, jay electronica, xv, and yes drake and the reason he still on that list for me is because he is willing to make good music instead of just radio ready singles... I don't even like some of the songs he made but listen to it twice and you gone be hummin that shit all day

    • Jf.Vigor

      His singing ability is average. But he CAN be lyrical. Give songs such as "Thank me now" and "resistance" a listen. To me, his most lyrical songs to date. He just needs to switch up his flow and have better beat selection imho

  • Jf.Vigor

    I have to say I'm surprised so many people are giving this song a good rating. It's NOT a good beat and Drake's wordplay is the same on this as it is on every one of his other 13 sounds. It's nothing original, the hook is awkwardly bad, and Swizzy's voice on his own tracks don't mesh well. I truly wonder how Swizzy can create a superb beat such as "On to the next one" and then poop out crap like this. No artist in the world can save this beat... except maybe Lupe Fiasco. But even then, it'd be a stretch


    this is waccccckkkkkk

  • deep

    Best Drake I've heard in a minute. This is gonna' be on the radio in no time.

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    TIP Just Nice.. Drake swift with them words to... Good Shit my niggas..

  • ugh

    swizz beats ruined yet another song. Get off of the fucking chorus NOBODY wants to hear you!!!

    • DI:Hard

      The songs leak on purpose, Genius! Oh, you never thought of that. It's called promo. If you still doubt, compare J.Cole's first week numbers to Drake's, if J.Cole ever drops. Because, that would be a 1st for a post-Roc-a-fella Jay-Z rap artist. I.E. TrueLife, Uncle Murda.

    • ugh

      and Birdman needs to fire everyone at cash money, for leakin their songs all of the damn time. They need to hire J Cole peeps. his songs never get leaked.



  • C-MACK

    I'm feeling this joint heavy!

  • meilz

    got to get this new drake

  • Vejs23_MF

    T.I. did his thing

  • FlintMi TA

    Str8 Drake goes in as usual I cant stand Swiss ever tho but thats just my opinion. Anywhoo tracks hot, but as usual let the hatin begin.

  • trobow10

    this shit goes hard niggas be hatin on drake

    • FazeondaGOD

      Nobody hatin on drake son, he just getting old fast. this the best song so far out of find your love and over. so far not sounding better than "so far gone". his name is gonna sell not his album.

    • the black man

      Come on.. Idk what people are talking about.. ain't nobody nice right now but Drake, that boy is like that, he produced that Unthinkable joint that got men singing like bitches.. and T.i. got me feeling like i need to rob somebody wit that new shit I'm Back.. Until somebody can tell me who better then them right now besides Eminem, then yall aint saying shit!!