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  • Carlos

    Where's the song?!?

  • anthony

    even twitter said JElec be on that next shit! He's That Shit, period.

  • theTruth

    it would have been 5 stars if diddy didnt speak on this track.

  • heatitup

    Honestly, dude is so cold, I don't even mind Diddy back there...

  • Big Greg

    Diddy, shut the fuck up...

  • Big Greg

    Diddy, shut the fuck up

  • Big Greg

    Diddy, shut the fuck up, please.

  • gavdude

    I would love for an emcee to tell Puff Dildo to "SHUT THE FUCK UP!! STOP TALKING ALL OVER MY VERSES. YOU PRICKK!!" Good track, but the whooping and hollerin' in the background just winds me up to listen again.

  • Big Greg

    Diddy, shut the fuck up.

  • TD

    Very nice; Diddy do what he do....If you had his cash you would too

  • DoloMic

    it absolutely needs a third verse it reminds me of mc drop'in a fire freestyle it almost flows to good to be written,but to much jaw jabbin the last 4 min.

  • negro naps

    Jay Elec. pretty nice .. track was okay .. mad he was shoutin out ashy niggas tho lol


    this feels like something that would come from the mouth of biggie himself and with that being the whole fucking point i applaud mr. electronica. puffy whining like a bitch in the background makes it feel all the more bad boy-esque. this needs a thrid verse tho.

  • dihudson

    this song raw jay electronica comin through If yall get a chance head over to http://hudsonproductionsmusic.com/ to listen to some of our music head to the media page to comment and let us know what you think. Just dropped the third album and all three of the albums deliver. http://hudsonproductionsmusic.com/

  • FRESH410

    I'd rather listen to Rakim or Brother Ali.




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  • SiorDaMc

    Hott as hell from J.E but here again we got this dick rider talkin smack all over the track

  • iBar

    www.myspace.com/ibaronline a song about biggie... not bad



  • tru niggga

    igght homies . i dont c y biggies so good. pac is the best no doubt but i just dont c how every single nigga loves biggie we he aint that good. i think im just listening to da wrong songs. can any yall give me some of his best songz so i can c why he so good. lett me no

  • Kcdabeast91

    this shit is raw!!!

  • lee anthony

    pure fiya.....diddy kinda annoying though. jay elect is rated next, fa sho...

  • fofosho

    Drake - Light Up (Feat. Jay-Z) http://usershare.net/ou2mte7fckjr

  • jrkinley

    honestly this does not impress me. im a jay elec fan you cant say youre the ghost of BIG and not come with crack. This is the ghost of RZA or somethin lol

    • jrkinley

      lets really be serious i have heard some amazing work from jay elec over the past few months but this is sub par. and i like jay so im not hating

    • Ruggid Terrain

      Not J elec's best but none the less heat. stop being so critical.

    • Joe.Callahan

      How much crack do you want? I dont think that he really meant the Ghost of BIG, literally...just the significance of a rhymin' spirit!

  • Mardi Graz

    This man is bananas.....and I been hearin alot of new B.I.G. shit lately.....Mashup verses...New Project?

  • biggkevg

    its time for a jay elec album its been 4 years since he been signed its time for the album, cant wait

  • Joe.Callahan

    "Fyodor Dostoyevsky" (Crime and Punishment...states that reasons for actions are not reasons at all) and the Predictions of the Hurricane Katrina and the Hell Afterward, hence "Hurricane (Hellfire) and Brimstone"

  • Joe.Callahan

    ...6+; Diddy and Jay Electronica, good shit! Mr. Officer...Please observe my skin tone, Please observe the prophecies of Hurricane and Brimstone, Flow so told story, Theodore Dost-ory/ Half Oyster, Half Shrimp/Fully Dressed Po-Boy! Is that what he said? Damn....!!!

    • JGrizzlie

      still alot of ppl sleep on his true lyricism...he is a monster WHY GOD WHY ARE U STILL LETTING PUFF TALK AND TALK ALL OVER GOOD MUSIC FML

    • Close

      He says "flow so Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoy" for Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Too much substance. Love it

  • bobAngel

    I love Jay Elect, this songs is really cool but Diddy kinda fucked up on this one. Too much bullshit. I wouldve liked to hear him talk about BIG instead of spittin random background bullshit. Diddy good as fuck so I dont know why he didnt really say anything.

  • wishworks

    this that shit . It feels good to you

  • Sunspect

    That's right... go in.

  • Blacc6

    The Majority of u retarted assinternet niggaz is hatin on this shit is because yall dnt like diddy and for what reasonz? u stupid assholes aint got one so shut the fucc and listen to hip hop fucc yo comments dicc ridin asses

    • crackpot

      jay could've had another verse on this but diddy fucked it up by talking stupid shit for 5 Minutes straight. Are u tellin me that hearing Diddy talk shit for 5 minutes is better than or equal to another jay elect verse?? Diddy is annoying and it would been better without him

  • Val Hicks

    Shame on folks who use Christopher Wallace for a prop for their gwap.

  • Amirinho

    Classic Shit Like tha Beat

  • iforce

    don't feel jay mixing religion with music and his rhymes ain't that good and this has nothing to do with biggie except for puffy talking ish

  • Brown Suga

    Take that...take that... and give that one to your girlfriend! FUNNY! Real talk. We can hate or love Diddy but we cant take away from what BadBoy did for HipHop. Now I must say it was a lot better when BIG was alive. I hate to think Jay Elec is getting in bed with him, because the only person he didnt fuck was BIG. But i understand why Diddy is trying to get in with the new artists. Did anybody like his Dirty Money shit? ...Exactly.

  • Articulate1

    Jay Elect is authentic and is the real deal..the beat is ill too. But Puffy single handedly fucked this rap game up and is the equivalent of Hip-Hop cancer...that dickhead cosigns bullshit like wack floka faggot and now tries to ride Jay's nuts for some underground love...shut the fuck up already and leave the game...you are irrelevant and have been since B.I.G. died.

  • ramsin

    wack shit... i0no why everyone hating on diddy tho, if it werent for him then dave chappelle wouldnt have one of his most funniest skits ever. i only appreciate him for his influence to dave to make my ass laugh hard. bad boy, uh.

    • Mardi Graz

      Wrong Sir, Wrong! This is one of the dumbest comments in the history of the internet. So in that you're an immense success in every way else, #FAIL You need to go back and listen again and again to what this dude is sayin and disregard Diddy This shit is FLAMES!

  • Deezy314

    and i hate the title of this song let my nigga rest. cnt nobody do it like big dnt try to resurrect him cuz he neva died he the reason we listen to hip hop cnt believe diddy had somthn to do wit this

    • Mehran

      you can't believe diddy had somethin to do with this??? when did Diddy blow up? "I'll be missing you" with Faith Evans. It was the pivot point in his fucking career. He got famous off of Biggy's death. That album "No Way Out" right after Biggy died. He also turned his back on Shyne & Black Rob when they went to jail.

  • Deezy314

    reg Jay Elect nothn special i wasnt surprised and diddy go fist urself fukin washup

  • cleezy

    i bet if i come punch you in the mouth, you'll shut the fuck up puffy, diddy, daddy puff or whatever your name is. i hate you; and your music sucks

  • zjigga

    shut the fuck up puff daddy. ha.

  • BezzyBimma

    Jay Electronica ='s highly under rated. This shit is bomb with or without diddy he's gonna in rap's hall of fame

    • The Music Majors

      yeah i agree a lot of people sleeping on Jay E. The Music Majors Affordable Beats/Music Production @ http://wwww.BUYBEATSTODAY.COM



  • Kingshon

    these industry niqqas aint fucking with devious ... www.soundclick.com/silkcitylabanddevioussoundz

  • j8ailey

    The tone of voice, the references, the similarity in rhyming style... REAL!!!

  • Skool City

    check this music out http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=11781376&id=651565242&fbid=10150165340265243#!/pages/Skool-City/114575698561001?ref=ts

  • dawudjalil

    This track goes hard. Damn! If only Diddy would shut up..

  • B Johnson

    jay elec is a beast. er'body know it. but diddy a lame. and er'body know dat! so why jay? why r u doin tracks w diddy? and why is it the ghost of biggie? dont try n get extra shine usin a dead mans name.. it aint a dedication song, he dont talk about big in the song at all? and why is the song 6mins long w diddy yap yappin for so long. stuuupid!

  • mattyg

    Jay Stay Paid (both of them) rip dilla dawg

  • fuckoffmeniggas

    2 stars jus for jay elec, diddy is everything hip hop is NOT, he seriously jus a fuckin embarassment, cant dance, cant sing,make beats, spit, he is jus totally fuckin garbage ay dude STFU

  • HaVeOnE

    this dose not sound like B.I.G

  • zay - r.i.p skill

    o nw dis da wakkest shit i hurd him spit. true talk

  • The Azrael

    So the Jay Elect's verse ends in 2nd min and the song is 6 mins? Diddy talks dumb shit for straight 4 mins? Ridiculous... Hopefully, Jay Elect won't sell out to just to get some shine. And as for Diddy, he gotta shut the fuck up, he is opposite of everything Hip-Hop stands for... He thinks we forgot that he was on same track with Waka Flaka? That's definition of garbage! Now he is all "fuck wack shit"? He is too old to be talking reckless like a 12 year old bitch going through puberty. Peace.

  • ChydePark

    I love what dude brings to the table. He needs to drop an album soon before his buzz fades.. On a far other note: PUFFY GO AWAY!!!!

  • Heavyhittah808

    Electronica a beast, good shit right here one of the many unknown rappers that got skill and can hold a mike and track by himself

  • mdrocknroll

    good music *itch

  • Los Mina

    This kid needs to come out with an album. Electronica is an animal.

  • Tjay

    Everybody look up a real vicious verse from Jay Electronica-------Jay Electronica - "So what you sayin'"

  • jayanderson07

    YOu know whats crazy this song might not get 174 comments if Diddy wasn't on here. Hey anything Diddy is on mainstream pay attention. I remember when nobody didn't know about T.I. until Diddy was on the Rubberband Man video. Damn shame. T.I. was out way before that video. People actually thought that Trap Musik was T.I. first album.

  • RepNoName

    NoName Freestyle On Tyga's Holla At Me Ft. Chris Brown .. BETTER THEN TYGAS !! LISTEN AT : http://twaud.io/Vd1

  • A...j....

    Song gives you that back to 90s vibe and Puff sounds right talking over that background "take that take that" Lmao all in the video but seriously it was nice and refreshing

  • PMC

    This man is a PROBLEM! Lyrics 4/5 Delivery 5/5 Beat 5/5 ...And to the clown beneath me -____- You must've NOT heard The Come Up or The Warm Up frm my son J.Cole. Then holla at me.

  • Prov City

    shits bangin..... J Cole is wack!!!!!

    • Heavyhittah808

      WHO?- TRUE WORD.

    • who?

      haha nothing about j cole is wack.. i dig them both.. but in order to say j cole is wack, you must be a grade A hater.. because 98% of hip hop fans would disagree with you and say that j cole is not wack!

  • itsme

    my nigga go super hard..

  • Gr1pSTEALz

    J-Elect is proving by example that hip hop in its truest form CAN penetrate the industry, and that capitalism doesnt have to dictate the doctrines of artistic expression...and uhh oh yea... fuck fuck, nigga nigga, pussy water, cum drinkers....

  • D-Town D-Boys

    Once again Jay goes real hard. Once again Diddy jumped on the mike just to say a bunch of bullshit and take away from a hot song. It's to bad rappers like Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy and Young Money get all the attention while rappers like Jay Electronica, Kid Cudi and Lupe don't get a fraction of the respect they deserve.

    • TheBakery

      Kid Cudi gets plenty of play...just with emo white kidz dogg

    • Chris Sal

      thats the music industry for you man...the wrong people are listening to our genre...its w.e thpugh rap isnt about makin stacks...its about doin what you love and bein satisfied with makin ppl happy and rockin the stage for your fans

  • Bigg Kev

    would gave it a % if Puff would have stayed off the mike and ate a sandwich instead of recylce adlibs that are over 15 years old..... As for an average MC.....this cat is definitely not that......he is above average.... Him and J Cole and a few other cats could change the game back to what it should be.. IMO.....

  • Beantown

    yo i agree this dude is average not BIG , j cole got the throne for the future neway..this dudes energy puts me to sleep thats why u need puff to come and here and hype some bull shit

    • maniac85

      My first listen I was a fan!!!! Dude Is part of the future 2 bring back REAL HIP HOP. J.Cole is sick 2. Elect is sick my dude.

    • DJ KlegsY

      YESSIR . i read your comment and agreed completely and thought yes sir and looked at your name and that was your name. Jay has got an ill flow.

    • Tjay

      Yea J.Cole doing his thing right now. Bip upps 2 tha dude. I just wish Consequence would come out wit more material tho cuz his flow is nasty too 4real

    • JDR


    • yessir.

      it takes a few listens to recognize how ill dudes flow is, maybe not this track. i thought he was average and hyped for a minute but ive changed my mind completely. dude is something different. if he would just put out a fuckin album...

  • riplilBen&Mary

    join SLAUGHTERHOUSE lmaooo... Diddy fucked it up.. good track though!

  • Tjay

    "Jay Electronica = God Mc" "JAY ELECTRONICA IS THE FUTURE" ???..The ghost of....MAAAANNNNN This nigga is straight average 4 tha majority of this forum is suckin dude like a mf .......and Is tha title of this boring ass verse supposed 2 be a joke or sumthin? Change tha name of this run of tha mill shit outta respect please......



  • jscot

    May 25th is The Title You Expected...Sorry

  • BLACK7

    Jay Electronica = God Mc

  • *Ry McFly*

    sounds like some old black rob shit...

  • Dillon Bergin

    i like to suck on dick. If anyone is looking for a blow job call me at 605 645 8472. You wont regret it baby!!!

  • bsmoov

    Nice track, nice flow until Puffy fucked it up. Man Puff, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! Get off these tracks man. Damn!!!


    Check out a new video from a new york representer that is affiliated with some major players in the game....TUGE - mixtape hosted by DJ GREEN LANTERN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWVf8AQm1wE

  • dashitfoo

    if u like off the top of the head lyrical freestyles check out http://www.myspace.com/whiteboyspttin

  • blitzlegga

    Jay Elec got flow, but what the fuck is Puff talking about at the end of the joint. his shit talking is almost as long as Jay's verses.

  • This shit's a wRap

    5 stars for jay but seriously like if Diddy was that desperate to say something in the song why didn't he just rhyme something it would of been less annoying when i play this song on repeat !!

  • Shawn71

    Jay Elec is killing em lyrically but his songs the ones i've heard so far are short and the music continues and it make u want more


    YES SUM OL RAW HIP HOP SHIT!!!!!! Cant believe Diddy on sum underground sounding shit!!!!! Adlibs also make the song!!!!

  • nastynas4life

    ah yeah this shits tight..

  • Trappajon

    I Can do without Puff

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    Shit was fire!! without da talkn at the end hell!! Da South just getting betta and betta!! TI stepping his lyrical game up even more.. All we need is Big Boi and Dre3000 to drop now!! REALEASTNIGGA-NDA-ROOM 239/404

  • Lemonz

    Fucking tight ass song. I'm giving it a 5 for what it would be like without all the ad libs from Diddy, his little speech at the end of the song (like 3 mins. & something??? c;mon dude..) and how it sounds like it needs to be mastered still or something. Like it right now its more 4X's sucka duck. BEsides that shit, the dude Jay Electronica is the man, for real, can't argue with him on this, right from the damn start, "The game aint been the same since B.I.G. died/ And Wu swarmed on New York from out that bee hive..." Good lyrics bro.

  • Zion You

    Cool, but not really polished.

  • jesterdx

    jay goes hard but beat is shit!

  • E O E

    lyrically refreshing.

  • css1323

    Wow, I actually thought the "Uh-huh" sounds were old voice samples from Big, not by Jay Elec! Hah, damn. And the beat is fuckin' addictive. The melody keeps ringing in my head. They say the song is "unfinished". I hope there's a longer version without dumbass Diddy though.

  • Stop it slidimeee


  • l33ch

    Oh and he doesn't SOUND like Killah Priest...true Priest fans will know this...

  • lonestar_playa

    and ppl say da south ain't got lyricist................ha!

    • l33ch

      it's cuz they didn't have an ILL rapper repping the south like this...don't even name the *usual* names cuz they can't touch jay elect like that...

  • JordanM91

    Ppl need the ghost of christopher wallace to ghostwrite there shit cuz majority of shit sucks these days

  • Arlando

    Yo straight from Harlem's child this nigga is killing them and if you aint feeling him get tha fuck outta here yo real talk son he got mad lyrics no lie

  • yaboymal

    why the fuck is niggas so focused on this dude age?who gives a fuck!!!if anything its the older cats keeping the quality bar set where it should be

    • l33ch

      triple cosign...see what rap/hiphop's missing?? conscious thought...not the usual dumb-down shit we hearing over the radio....i'm mad that funk flex fell the fuck off in promoting shit like that instead of doing his own thing....oh wait, gotta follow the radio industry...fuck that..

    • thizzle dance

      cosign YABOYMAL and cosign dude below. i dont often make biggie comparisons, and there's a only a lil similarity, but the deep voice and flow is a bit reminiscent of him. diddy's regular bullshit helps of course lol

  • lucasv

    sounds like biggie a lil

  • UnoJAMAL

    myspace.com/ Silentknightma SiLent Knight and Jay Electronica got nexxt.

  • Wakka Flakka

    He makes me believe in hip hop if only for 4 min...

  • devmanbasketball

    Dude was spittin but the sound quality of the track was semi ok. And Diddy is diddy lol he can do whatever.


    Jay Elect is gonna end up back workin at Burger King if he doesn't drop an album soon. I will buy that album!!!

    • HiHIHihHH

      nah i think he was homeless actually. I'm not hatin, I'm just sayin, the man was struggling and now is his chance... where the fuck the album?? I will buy it!!

    • achillesking

      wow really cause i work @ burger king now maybe i could become like electric :) .......................................................................................................................... F#$K OUTTA HERE!

    • younghistory

      he used to work at burger king? like recently?

  • akim

    Jay is the truth right now

  • KeepinIt100

    People listen to music for different reasons. The majority of todays hip-hop fans listen to hip-hop for entertainment purposes. Im not a weezy and drake hater but i just dont feel that they bring that much to the table other than mad punchlines. The reason todays hip-hop fans dont like jay elect and this style of hip-hop is because they are conditioned to listen for punchlines not substance because of whats gets played on tv and the radio. The other type of hip-hop fans list to hip-hop because they relate to it or in a sense feel it. Everyone has their own personal taste so you cant really hate on what people like but at the end of the day real recognize real.

    • KEEPINIT100

      What you gotta be all hostile for AMARU? Oh wait let me guess, you must be a lil wayne fan or something and your mad cuz im not dick riding him like everyone else.

    • amaru

      how about u shut da fuck up

    • KeepinIt100

      Yea... good hip-hop live underground these days. Jay Electronica, Joell Ortiz, Sha Stimuli, Skyzoo, Fashawn, Diz Gibran, Dashah, Reks, Torae, Emilio Rojas, & The Illz are all about to ressurect hip-hop. Bring back that old school feeling thats missing today.

    • WTF!?

      This dude has the talent and the potential to bring hip-hop back to the glory days. Yo, and him and Lupe are working on a collab so when that drops the game is in his hands...

    • icu ucme

      Good point, but I say that 80%(meaning at least four out of every five songs/albums) of todays hip hop is complete and utter bullshit.However, to say it in a different way than you, to-each-his-own. Muthafuckas like what they like. And this song is dope by the way.

  • kush nap

    this boy need to stop bullshitting and drop something of subtance. in other words, drop a fucking album son. he spits flames, but he seems satisfied dropping a track here, track there. if you gonna walk in this game, you should leave some footprints. this nigga catalog hasnt caught up to his skillset, he already 30 something, clock is tickin homie. hi-tek, just blaze, alchemist, dre, get this guy some dope beats and give him a deadline. homie could wet the game, but i dont know that he really wants it. ima support whatever this he puts out though, been quite a while since i heard an emcee that can deliver poetry like he does with vocal punch. real emcee shit.

    • ~thedeadbeat~

      to articulate, Alan and Kush I think this was actually a fool proof move, he made a song called "the ghost of Christopher Wallace" and had diddy making a fool of himself in the background... brings back memories for real. I don't think Diddy is anything but money hungry, but having him co-sign on this was brilliant, plus it shows the weight behind dude... Marches to the beat of his own drum was a good way to put it, do it how, when and with whom you choose and you can't wrong yourself.

    • HiHIHihHH

      I dont wanna hear Jay Elect workin with Diddy. Diddy's character is highly suspect and he doesn't even make hits anymore so what the hell is the benefit of gettin Diddy on your shit?

    • kush nap

      articulate... youre a 100 percent right. getting with diddy is a bad move for any REAL emcee. ill never forgive diddy for pimping krs one on the i got next album. all that mad rapper, "whats real rap if youre broke?" talk, comes from diddys arrogance. since biggie died he just gets behind whatever already hot and tries to steam it more. he must hypnotize these guys cuz he got a history of fuckin niggas over. if you wannna sell your music, and make a career out of it. youre gonna take some hits. but its what ultimately builds your legacy. a collection of b-sides isnt making any real noise long term. fear of failing drives the greats to great things. jay needs to face the test to get to the next level. like i said, i support him 100 percent. buts time to get to work, nuff bullshittin.

    • Alan k Toler

      jay electronica is hip hop other rappers should follow suit, not emulate but start kicking substance take you to a place you never been the game is lacking ceativity

    • Articulate1

      I hear what your saying...dude needs to drop a major label debut soon...heads are fiending for this. On a different level tho.. I kinda like how Jay Elec marches to the beat of his own drum and shits on the industry... But to make the type of impact he can, he needs a major release. On a side note, Diddy is an industry leech who contributed to fucking up this art form big-time...How do you back Wacka Faggot Flamer and Jay Elec at the same time with a straight face?

  • D-HALL

    Yeah he can spit i been on him since he drop that joint on "fight night round 4 is it me or did diddy jap-out on this track?

  • gasoline

    boy is sick with it, and its good that everybody has recognised it, from game, to diddy, to nas, to jay-z, every1 who matters...

  • Yssup Kidz

    Real good. I actually miss Puff's shit talking. :)

    • thizzle dance

      haha crazy that hiphop has changed so much that we miss Puff's shit talking a lil.... it does remind one of the 90's, even if he's a clown


    You faggot as honkies always starting disrespect then reporting comments to mods a bunch of big typing whore ass internet pussies, just like this wack ass shit with no type of substance

  • phillygirl215

    this goes hard......i needed this...exhibit a and c are the shit too, this nigga spent time in philly too he cool with me


    jay is dope! fuck these haters!

  • thizzle dance

    @THEMIGHTYHIM yea he def sounds like an NY rappers. I'm an east coast dude and I was honestly surprised when i figured out where J. Cole, Jay Elect, and Fashawn were from after bumpin all theei shit cuz they sounded like some east coast rap to me.

  • PAS

    This is fiyah! If you cant respect this as quality, you in the wrong place cuzz. He he he he. If you can bang out on repeat then u know what it is. Uh huh.

  • dibs

    ..All of yall saying this aint dope need ear wax treatment

  • Cent4


  • hmmm


  • B.Dolla

    There was more Diddy on this shit than Jay. Definitely hot ass beat and rhymes, though.


    dudes flow is nice cant hate on him at all. better than wayne's on-off topic ass. i like he reps NO but sound like a off the block cat from NY.

  • DBJPotamus

    how is this exceptional??

  • Terrence Penn

    Thank You Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • adfasdfadf

    "Half oyster, half shrimp fully dressed poboy" Man you gotta be from New Orleans to get that one!! JAY E FOR KING!

  • icu ucme

    God damn, the second and third listens feel even better............................. (again)drop an album nigga. Now I don't mind Puff as much.

  • yves st lance


  • Rodjilius

    dam the dude got some nasty ass bars i knew he wasnt gonna have diddy spit a verse... but dam i cant believe diddy litterally started talkin for like the rest of the track like dat

  • bklynsfynest2000

    honestly i wish diddy wasnt on this track....just Jay electronica alone was fire..the best is hot..his verses is hot.....puff doumb ass should have stayed home or stayed in his office trying to find ways to get niggas to buy ciroc vodka. puff is a waste of air and time...........

  • b haze

    jay is the shit. good song sucks diddy is even in it, he is such fucken fag.

  • Kyle A. Milligan

    Diddy should stfu!!!

  • carolinallday

    ILL WIT IT!! Enough said

  • moh112

    flow reminds me of killah priest


    @NickelNINE 90's throwback = money off of V.A.D.O!!!!!!!!!! jay electronica+ Vado + Skyzoo= Biggie, Jay Z, and Nas(sic) btw: I only said that for the lyrical reference and in my opinion Skyzoo is the east coast PAC THE SALVATION= GAMECHANGER

  • KeepinIt100

    Crack... Jay Elect is UNFUCKWITABLE... best rapper out New Orleans

    • illness_personified

      cosign son, wayne aint got shit on this dude...he sounds mad hood and has a throwback NY sound...

  • krime


  • NASty#1

    yo yall are missing the point with diddy on the track. ya hes annoying as fuck, but do yall see what this means for jay elec? with the fuckin king of bad boys behind him, how can jay elec be stopped?


      Oh,I thought it was combo Biggie was signed to Diddy x Jay Elect always pays homage + Diddy is a coattail surfing attention whore = nothing for Jay Electronic besides making a magnum opus.I doubt this was the next "we aint going nowhere...." you understand.Not making the band 5 Jay electronica > Black Rob





  • :)

    Fuckin SICK,best rapper today!!

  • BlackLambo500

    Imma make it short. Jay electronica is the Strait Truth! Strait Heat!

  • blucka blau blau

    manifestation to mandkinds abnormality conception of humane inner peace. jay elec is cute

  • junkyardjay

    Too bad Puff Daddy had to be in the song to ruin it. Everything else was dope.

  • josh F.

    ohhhhhhhhhh! heat to say the least. that nigga jay elect someting serious.. im from new orleans and im glad to see this nigga comin up. is a problem for alot of niggas. this man spittin flames.

  • onyx black

    Jay Electronica is nothing new to me...he is not that dope!

    • Yssup Kidz

      WATA and ASEE, get a room!

    • hiphopjudge

      yea bro...go fuck urself


      @YVES ST LANCE There can be more than one master of a style.style is to be duplicated,technique cannot. All those dudes spit GOD rap

    • yves st lance

      He nothing more than a Klllah Priest duplicate! Nothing new to the game at all...Rakim did this in the 80's no big deal!


      @ASEE Thanks. your cosign was valid(the New.Orleans. reference).I am in agreement with anything dealing with education(school or street).mind elevation has been lost in translation over one short decade.Thats Jay Electronica the levy breaker.I just hope when his eventual album flops, which it will,that he will continue to release quality music for the true hip hop fans with no budget.like GFK

    • ASEE

      @Watallahthruyamonitor By the way, I teach high school in east harlem and you sound gifted as hell. Keep up the writing. You've got some serious talent with words.

    • ASEE

      @Watallahthruyamonitor Well put man. I like that metaphor about him being an ocean of hip hop. I would add that every track is like a levy breaking for a couple minutes. His flow is totally his own and that puts him up there with the greatest for me. The dude hasn't even released an album!


      If you dont feel this.Then you dont know rap. He as a whole is a body of water something like a ocean of hip hop.One song cannot encompass the inclusive as well as esoteric structure of what is Jay Electronica,He consistentlty metamorphs in to different genres of hip hop.b boy,back packer,conscience rap,trap music, gangster music,swag music with the penmanship to be as introspective as Langston Hughes, Jay Elechannukah writes so eloquently that he could be in my AP english class. the grammatical structure written in each bar should be transcribed and deciphered with the same intensity that you use NOT TO HEAR GOD MUSIC.

  • Young- Dou (Money Boi$)


  • toby

    don't need diddy on this track yelling shit in the background.. jay kills it though http://watchthishiphop.blogspot.com

    • PDUBB

      Yea, that's his retarded way of branding the song, he fucked up a lot of hits doing that including damn near the entire Ready 2 Die album. Plus some of my favorite jawns like Hate Me Now (Nas) and that Fantasy Remix (Mariah Carey Feat ODB). Plus hundreds more tracks.

  • icu ucme

    Good shit.....................make an album nigga.

  • pienman

    dope, very dope... i like the essense of this breed of mc! the southern Nas indeed... do it to def and respect Louisiana

  • Money First

    Real Lyrics!!!!!!!

  • kingdhee

    Jay Electronica my fav up and coming emcee (even tho he's not up n coming to me but since he's never come out with a cd he's still up n coming)

  • ty from the chi

    i like this shit jay e j cole wale drake knaan is the future of this rap shit

  • Its Um

    Like the song but cut diddy talking shit out.

    • kingdhee

      it's what you would called being politically correct i guess he has to include Diddy to big up B.I.G. its only natural that you include him...he irritates me too but you can't knock Jay Elec fa showing respect and give him 4 x's when we all knowin it's 5!!!

  • Beauty for Ashes

    Real Hip Hop right there. A breath of fresh air. What more can I say..........Mad Dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lay

    He sounds a little like Big on this track.

  • wouzi


  • Cody Achter

    Beat is real sick like real real sick, Jay is one of my fav MCs but not a fan of that other dude diddy but Jay is so sick his mixtape what the fuck is a Jay Electro is so sick, him and DOOM should do somthin, CALL IT Electro Villain !!!!!

    • kingdhee

      it's what you would called being politically correct i guess he has to include Diddy to big up B.I.G. its only natural that you include him...he irritates me too but you can't knock Jay Elec fa showing respect and give him 4 x's when we all knowin it's 5!!!!

  • um

    now thats whats UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This straight, I really haven't paid this guy any attention, not much substance to the contrary of Diddy's statement. Sounds like just another dude bragging and worrying about other rappers before doing anything.

    • GSONII

      You cracker bitch, I don't believe you know black dude that grew up in an all black neighborhood, no one cares that you claim to be black on the internet. You must be a suburban little black boy, because where I grew up you don't disrespect another man's opinion, you little bitch as sucker nigga, I hope your fucking kids all got fucked in the ass by an aids carrier.

    • css1323

      @ WATALLAHTHRUYAMONITOR Damn dude, settle the fuck down. Track got you excited like a puppy full o'piss. Channeling B.I. what?! You crazy as hell, man. It's just a song, albeit not your average track. I'm feelin' this too, but damn, it's not like Jesus came down and touched the fuckin' song or anything. And yeah, I wanna hear good music! Good music has both a great production and a message though.


      I am asiatic black man ,you wigger.read a book and you realize that i did shut you fuck the up.

    • GSONII

      Shut me up dicksucking as cracker boy


      Then STFU. dont make a statement off a unsubstantial assesment. dive into jay elecks music.You will understand the wave he is on on this song(he is channeling the spirit of BIG not just regurgitating quotables and ad libs). He as a whole is a body of water something like a ocean of hip hop.One song cannot encompass the inclusive as well as esoteric structure of what is Jay Electronica,He consistentlty metamorphs in to different genres of hip hop.b boy,back packer,conscience rap,trap music, gangster music,swag music with the penmanship to be as introspective as Langston Hughes, Jay Elechannukah writes so eloquently that he could be in my AP english class. the grammatical structure written in each bar should be transcribed and deciphered with the same intensity that you use NOT TO HEAR GOD MUSIC.

  • bleakofase

    This Is Mad Dope.

  • lo godfather

    good job dx on this,...get some roc marciano on this bitch also!

  • TD

    This is a 10 star track, Never heard of this dude tho

    • nickelnine

      download some of his mixtapes. dude is straight dope. eve nas himself said he was the next coming of nas.

  • ignite and imagery

    ill give it a 5 even though i wish diddy wasnt talkin all over it. i guess if your gonna call a song that you may as well have diddy on it. at least he aint rapping

  • hip hop cpr

    jay elect is truly flashes of the 90s.everyone says that about all the newer mcs but this nigga really is.

    • nickelnine

      yep. this kid is the closest thing to a 90s throwback in the game (except for those rappers that are from the 90s lol)

  • not hot lik that

    This shit is just aight....


    Jay Elec always comes correct. dude before me rides the short bus or somethin

  • nickelnine

    fire as jay always does!

  • peter piper

    Aight. Kinda biting game on never gonna say goodbye off LAX and that other one off the red room

    • peter piper

      Jay is dope but I got high expectations from him on a track advertised as an homage to Big. Big can’t be imitated and it’s fine that Jay tried, but it’s like Jay was hindered by the concept and this is average for him. The novelty of this song is that Jay is imitating Big’s voice and flow, and the fact is, Game did the same thing better in 07. Game bites other dudes all the time, just look at him on red magic and angel. If game is irrelevant how come nas, wu tang, dre, cube, etc. all fuck with him?

    • kingdhee

      Game??? lmao...nobody bites Game dog...I fucks with Game when I wanna hear some gangsta shit but 10 years from now no1 will remember Game...even if Jay Electro never gets a major deal and put out a platinum selling cd he'll go down in history and will forever be remembered jus like AZ!!! Game=Irrelevant!!!

    • unpoliced

      Peter somebody must be piping you.. cause you not hearing this .. This shit i can listen too not some tatted up over zealous compton rap fan (Gayme)