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  • Anonymous

    remeber when this got leaked, this was my shittt! still love itt!!

  • thizzle dance

    I don't usually do this but.... TOP 10 ALIVE: Nas AZ Talib Kweli Black Thought Redman Andre 3K Big Boi Jay Z Eminem Mos Def *No order other than Nas at #1 of all time, dead or alive. *Black Thought will OBLITERATE your favorite rapper. Top 3 Freshman right now: J. Cole Jay Electronica Fashawn and one final, random remark: Method Man has the best flow since Biggie Smalls.

    • sas

      yea u are fuckin retarted..

    • Ferrari


  • thizzle dance

    hmmm... No. this is bad AUTOTUNED-R&B

  • thizzle dance

    hmmm... No. this is bad AUTOTUNED-R&B

  • RezzieThaRapper

    NO... BUT SINCE I'M USING HIM TO PROMOTE MYSELF, I GUESS I'LL GIVE IT A 5 myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST" myspace.com/rezzie573 "THE BEAST OF SOUTHEAST"

  • Trae-Osa

    5 out of 5.. huge drizzy fan.. this shit better than night off with lloyd. anyway.. the dream did his thing.. whoever produced this joint must have been horny and high.. the shit goes hard..Kudos. OSA

  • young swagg boyz

    #10000 da movement Young Swagg Boyz twitter.com/youngswaggboyz wen we hit 10000 followers we droppin our mixtape fire!!

  • WeGotItFirst

    Fireeee.....but i personally think that Dr.Dre's single featuring Jay-Z is hotter...hear it here first.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZelYXkP05BM

  • ShaanP

    NEW XZIBIT FEAT. ICE CUBE - NIGGAZ IN THE GAME! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3gvEfXiXKQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3gvEfXiXKQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3gvEfXiXKQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3gvEfXiXKQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3gvEfXiXKQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3gvEfXiXKQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3gvEfXiXKQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3gvEfXiXKQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3gvEfXiXKQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3gvEfXiXKQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3gvEfXiXKQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3gvEfXiXKQ

  • KaylaDiva

    Dis tha jam drake is on ............dis tha couples groove

  • Rube Luva

    dat shit is off the hook... ya buggin if ya said dis shit weak.... If u all bout da ladies den u know dis shit getys dem wettttt. u feel me.

  • grover

    houstonatlantavegas mk II and this is worse what was the point?

  • voltron770

    This song is that business... Dnt see why yall aint catchin on to that seriously

  • Will Walker


  • best their eva is


  • Samesame

    This Song sucks..... i dont hate Drake but i think hes style is getting boring... i mean anyone can make these type of songs..... Im thinking hes over hyped.. 1 out of 5

    • Sidneydaddy

      This is fire...... if you can't jam this you don't know music. @ same same if anybody can make songs like this why don't they. this will bang in the clubs.

  • itsangiebruhh

    This song ain't that bad, but Drake can do better.

  • cash7414

    it was okay at first but it started getting corny when the dream came in like when they both started singing at the same time that was garbage

  • BIIG

    Is there anyway to download these singles?

  • legit.0

    str8 check me out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lkbhyU2xEc

  • Ms. Reese

    That sh*t just made me mad. I can dig Drake but that negro sings in a monotone and then to add insult to injury (or however you say it) they put the worst R&B singer of all time on it to. Ugh. Nice song. Baaaad homies on it.

  • TheGetUp

    Why can't i post a comment?

  • SMOKY612

    Fuck the haters, this shit is hawt.... Radio KILLa doin his thing...

  • mecheon

    I don't know bout of some of u cats but i will be gettin pussy off of dis!!!l

  • K.Lindsay

    New Detroit Artists. =] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oU0xBc81l9k

  • Jesus Jones

    The track is aight, it's not something I would throw on my ipod but I see where the fellas taking this track - into some fine shawty's bedroom. You can tell what dudes don't get much p*ssy out here by the way they bash music targeting women. Everything shouldn't be some backpacking shit. Some mofos need to mature and get some ass lol.

  • heavyhittaz

    Trey Songz, Scarface, Maino Producer, 50 new beats up !!!!! http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1055800

  • Marcthebest

    Drake your not kanye this is garbage

  • C Clique

    This is the 2nd single, can't wait for Final/Mastered version!!

  • rectangle

    MR BLOGGERS............the HARDEST "IM ILL" REMIX you will ever hear! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEWkK6Yw8Lw


    Faithums hates Drake. Faithums mainly hates him because Drake is Faithums jewish and because he is a yellowish-faithums colour. Faithums


      Faithums thinks you take internet faihtums bloggin too faithums-far bro. Take a Faithums-Pill.

    • Humboldt805LA

      I don't use this word lightly...but are you retarded? Thanks for the super helpful and enlightening comment. Now I know Drake's "Faithums jewish" and has a "yellowish-faithums colour." Gosh, i wish i noticed that myself. Go fuck off fathums

  • heavyhittaz

    Trey Songz, Scarface, Maino Producer, 50 new beats up for lease!!!!! http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1055800

  • the cool kid

    Drake is the shyt and stop hatin......we shut that mutha fucker down...lol....chris paul is a bitch

  • Knowledge1L

    garbage...if you like this record your a chick, a homo or under 16


      At least we can tell who the highschool flunckie wanna turn rap artist is. Knowledge the reason why this is so much better then conventional rap is cause its not talking about the same old same old. You know what I mean. Money cars and hoes. Get your head out the clouds. Get an education on some literature and then start raping. But don't ever dis some unconventional shit.

    • Sum69fm

      true dat... fuck drake.. listen to royce

    • Sum69fm


    • cntgetlikeme!

      Now if u dnt like this track ur a straight up jackass motherfucker who aint got nothin all u ppl hatin on drake sayin drake is the reason hip hop is on its death bed could go fuk themselves..yall stillb bumpin this yet tlkn trash if u dnt like drake o his stuff get the fuk outtta here!! U shouldnt even b trying to get at it so fuk off to all the haters hating on weezy too?? come on now fuk yall he go hard nd if u dnt like it straight up u aint shit BAHH!!

  • loconline

    this is talent stop hating!!! if the dude can sing like that wa is he suppose to do...nuh mus make more money..come on!!

  • juju0190

    hes makin another 808s and heartbreak album. with the rappin/singin. once again niggas cant pick they own lane. or i'll give u the love below actually andre gave kanye the formula for that.

  • Lam5

    Everyone needs to have a slightly more open mind. You have to think about the angle Drake is taking on the game..he's trying to have a broad range which won't single him out to just one genre. That being said it's also grounds for haters-a-plenty to come out and state their two cents. I'll admit at first i wasn't really feelin' this track...both Drake and Dream have done better..but he's the radio killer for a reason..it's a track for the ladies and the radio...after a couple weeks this song's now stuck in my head. Great for that baby makin' playlist..that's why it gets a 4 ha

  • Tybabiidoee!

    add meh on facebook !!!! esha_michael@yahoo.com

  • Tybabiidoee!

    dis the shxt doe

  • yagyrlr

    This track is WACK.... The Dream needs to prove to me HE can sing.. WITHOUT auto-tune.. Drake needs to go back to Degrassi..

  • eliteone

    This shit is crazy-whack. THE WORST SONG HE EVER DID...PERIOD!!!!!!!

  • g-scott



    Hot. Haters your welcome.


    I thought this was HIP HOP DX not R&B & POP DX...

  • Renaissance man.?

    Jstt becz Drake can do whatever he wants, the fact that he can do both just proves that his is multi-talented and at least i respect that. i listen to his rap and his songs., it depends on my mood. back in the day if you could do more than one single thing it would raise your status., they called yhu a renaissance man. i respect what Drake is doing and i hope he stays on top of his shitt and keep improving both.

  • NJ Lou

    This is where Drake has a problem. The people, who rock with "Over", probably won't rock with this shit, and vice versa. He's trying top be a one man best of both worlds, and I don't know if that is gonna work.

    • $Tacks

      Aye i agree with you 100% he needs a song to unite both his "Rap" fans and his "Singing or R&B" fans and this song just alienates both groups.

    • Roc Boi

      drake either needs to pick one or the other pop or rap because tryna do both isnt working out for him, Like lil wayne he either needs to pick rap or rock because he is not very succesful in both

  • Denzel


  • Roc Boi

    this baby making music doesnt even desrve to be called hip hop... Drakes shit isnt even hard, the only track off of thank me later is going to be light up feat jay-z because everyone knows that jay is the only 1 true to the game

    • Trims

      jay z true to the game!!!!!!!!!??? maybe back in the 90's when he dropped reasonable doubt. do you hear the lyrics and beats to his tracks these days???? you kiiddin yourself.

  • Roc Boi

    dezzyree must be a chick because she doesnt kno shit about hip hop

    • YagYrlR

      Umm.. Really? R u serious? "roc boi" I admit that dezzyree's comment made NO sense but really? Fa reah fa reah? She must be a chic? gtfoh..

  • Dezzyree

    I fucks with drake. This nigga is just making good music, fuck hip hop.


      I agree! Fuck hip hop. Nowaday's I hop in the car feeling sad, a lil lonely, sometimes ontop of the world. But as soon as I hit the radio button I get money, cars and hoes. Oh and a little talk about how bad the rapper is. Rap is starting to make me sick. Honest I feel in love with guccie Mane's lemonade background music but I can't stand the rapping in it. Its like he used up all the skills on making the beat. And don't get me started on all the new basement wanna be rappers underground who say that the stuff on the radio isnt rap. Have yall herd some of the trash these highschool dropouts been burning on cds. Honest as a grown man, drake is a little bit of fresh air, but im still sufficating. And don't even let me get on JZ. Beyonce used to be the classiest black rapper ever. Now she just look like a hoe, JZ thankx for your farm like style. Horse shit.

  • DonP

    Drakes that dude no homo..fuck page, jealous ass nigga. Only reason ppl show up to his shit is for thate drake song..and get disappointed when drake aint there for the hook!!

  • Neesh B

    He Can Do Shit like that..doesn't matter if he's singing or rapping i stll sounds good

  • crizdagod

    listen singing and rapping is wat drake do if he really wanted 2 rap and kill shit he can hes done it b4 jus cuz he dont sale drugs and shooting people in songs dont mean he wack

  • J-Hole

    Y do ppl keep sayin this is hip hop its fuckin r&b. N west coast is good but aint no one fuck wit tha chi. if u want some real shit listen to the legendary traxster sum older twista do or die cap or jus ne one on tha C-Wal mob

    • KEMs

      AMEN! this shit aint hip hop its just some autotune crap like all the other apparent hip hop that has been coming out!

  • zasman

    drake is wackass...him,jayz,lil wayne r killing hiphop!!its all about slaughterhouse and wutang!! and westcoast! and PAPOOSe!

    • armystr0ng


  • Jerz300

    1ST off I am a Drake fan and a Dream fan. I am also a fan of the new atlernative generation of Hip-Hop (808's, So Far Gone, Cudi's Album). With that said, the track is mediocre.

  • Roc Boi

    we are officialy going to thank drake later for throwing away hip hop... He is the reason hip hop is on life support


      Get your facts straight, hip hop was dieing when JZ's H to the Izzo and dafful bag album was in season. All while Chris Brown was whyning that He was a thug. But now there are so many whyning singers its hard to tell if Chris Brown has retired, honest Drake is far from a whyner. But hip hop died from sad over imitated lyrics like "put the money in the bag" and all sentences starting with the phrase "I got the" 'namebrand of a car' "sipping on some" 'namebrand of some liqur' "with some ice/money" located in a house on some hoe or in the car. These are the reasons why rap is dying today. "IN FACT" some of the only reasons why hip hop is starting to carry its own is cause of the beats that are being customly made by some real auto tune tech savy artists. These background beats are so good that they could sell without the rap. Seriously. Isnt it sad. lol but its true. Why else do you think we have so many underground rappers who think they have special skills. When really they just got high one day started rapping to another rappers beat and said to themselves. "HEY I COULD DO THIS TOO"

  • gasoline

    now i know why hip hop has gone to the dogs..im cing people here using words like 'drake is a monster', 'drake goes hard' and stupid funny ish like that, for a song where the dude is singing ALL THRU!l c'mon people, focus...do u listen to yourselves? is this hip hop now? no wonder lyricists cant sell records, coz of bullshit like this, and bullshit audience who jump on ne ish they hear..the track is cool, for an effin r& B singer!...kip this trash out of hip hop..look what kanye with his 808 and heartbreak ish started..angelic voice, using auto-tune?...RU PEOPLE FOR REAL!

  • Od

    This song fire....that Thank Me Later Album gon be sumthin viscous

  • @ThaLokster

    This Jawnt Is DOPE !!! Yuh Gotta Take It Foo Whaa It Iss ! R&B. . Not RAP/Hip-Hop !! Lol Itss Ahh Cold R&B Sonq . Dream's Loo'Key Wack Thoo .


    Same comment I made on the other Drake song featured here on HipHopDx. (See the other R&B Drake song) ...Would you really keep listening, or would you say, yo, this shit is wack and click right off the page? Beat Kid

  • Spliff

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9yknz79qRs checkk ma shitt

  • J-Hole

    This shit raw so all y'all who b talkin shit bout this track can go suck a big one if u aint like tha song then dont b listenin to it & talkin shit u internet thug wannabe ass niggaz

  • Raqim91

    thank me later = so far gone 2 which is definitely not a bad thing. i'm really surprised folks are hatin on this so much. Its R&B. Pure R&B. a heck of a lot better than most of the R&B songs on the radio now..

  • 3.P.B

    haters/old school hip hop listeners should really stop hatin on the neww generation of hip hop because its never gonna be the same again

  • bad azz yellaboi

    shut it down

  • bad azz yellaboi

    good song

  • Don Swagga

    Best track I heard this year!

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    I'm diggn that right there!!

  • Anto KUNGI


  • G-Unit Soldier

    Drake needs to drop like tomorrow. Look at the buzz around his name. Good song, not Hip-hop at all, but gotta love R&B as well. Hip-hop swag wit a couple singers.

  • James2389

    Stop hating on Drizzy

  • TDOT

    These girls ain’t got nothing on you uhh, say baby I had to mention that if you were a star you’d be the one I’m searching for all the girls they got attention but I just always feel like there in need of something you got its obvious you are pretty heard that your a student working weekends in the city trying to take you out girl, hope your not too busy and if there’s nothing wrong, got this little song for you to get ready to put those f-cking heels on and work it girl let that mirror show you what your doing put that f-cking dress on and work it kind of vicious like somebody’s taking pictures [Chorus] shut it down down down you would shut it down down down you be the baddest girl around round round and they notice they notice you would shut it down down down you be the baddest girl around round round and they notice they notice you would shut it, hey oh these girls aint got nothing on you nothing on you What you need [The Dream] I can be (I can be) your everything (who knew) them other n-ggas just wanna hit it but if they had it wouldn’t know what to do with it (and together) [Drake & The Dream] we shut it down down down they know we shut it down down down your the baddest girl around… [The Dream] TMZ, Concrete loop you shut that muthf-cker down down ice cream conversations they all want the scoop you shut that muthaf-cker down down down oh yeah, yes indeed, you shut it down down Drizzy, The American Dream You shut that sh-t down (down down down) you shut it down you shut it down you shut it down you shut it down you shut it, ohh you looking good girl go go go get em girl, go go go go hit em girl go go go go go go you shut it down [end]

  • Joh


  • Blackmok

    Not really diggin this joint... Maybe if i aint just listen Royce da 59 and Tip and all that ova shit i could listen this whole track but fuck this shit i out!!!!

  • How can you not love it?

    This song is hip hop mixed with R+B at its finest. Drake and Dream put together a flawless track. My favorite Drake song to date.

  • Mr.Glover

    Okay so its not a five but I felt like I had to balance out all the hate. I personally think this song is dope....his vocal range is on point, melody is right, tempo is perfect; its just an overall good r&b song......I mean lets be real this is a song for da ladies, not for the fellas so stop bitching and just appreciate good music!!!!

  • Vito100

    Most of these niggas on here just listen to the music but don't feel and hear the music.... Don't understand having a bad Chicc in the room with the mood just right. With that perfect lingerie on and She Shuttin That Motherfuccer Down!!!! You Gotta Feel This Shit LoL!!!

  • the cleaner

    Mr.Bloggers........................Who's Winning? Not Behold Prince Jimmy. If you thought what Duke Boy and Brooklyn Bag did to Billy Ocean was bad, how about Prince Jimmy? See the problem is, Prince Jimmy killed blogging and now hes one of those guys who wants to stay "Hot" and "Relevant" but he can't because nobody takes him serious anymore. Hes a big joke and just an all around clown of a person. See, he tried to diss other bloggers, get some fame, and make a name for himself outside of HHDX but it hasn't worked. I can't name you one good comment this buffoon has made ever. "Me, listing my height and weight" was the worst bloggin in the history of internet. I literally had to run to the bathroom just to throwup. I was ill for days and physically in pain from the blog itself. Soon after, i was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with "Blog Poisoning". I wanted to sue myself but i thought long and hard about it and came to the ugly conclusion that if i had to look in the mirror.......... A. I might get sicker...........B. I might attempt to harm myself physically.................C. Both A & B. The moral of the story is that Prince Jimmy killed blogging and forced real intelligent bloggers with credible knowledge and valid points out of retirement to clean up the mess he made. To all the people that are contemplating suicide because Prince Jimmy continues to blog, DON'T. I have faith that Prince Jimmy will stop soon. As soon as he realizes that people are laughing AT him and not WITH him, i think he'll get the message and stop his foolishness. "The internet is not for retards"

  • BtchBYE;

    My fav song on the CD so far, I swear Drake's voice is like a sweet sound from Heaven. It's so pure, but he's so fuckin nasty, wit his perverted ass words! and it's all being excused because of his angelic voice.. Yeah, He can lick the spot if he wanted...

  • legallycute

    mann i like over better but this one is good too !!

  • MarcMarc17


  • Luzh

    Drake's versatility has alot of people confused. It is exactly what I like about him. This is exactly the kind of track I expect from him. Its in the same vain as SO FAR GONE

  • Sugeknight662

    But you know what, sometimes you need to hear how the song sounds with the whole cd....so maybe we should be quick to judge each individual song?

  • Sugeknight662

    Sub-par. Drake can do much better than this...

  • dro409

    fuck drake wack ass

  • sweat20

    man why the fuckin hate? its a slow jam wtf do yall expect...if u dont like slow shit then fine, but dont be biased as shit.....I do feel this shit, keep doin ur thing drizzy

  • ordinary prophet

    beat is non existent melodies are wack emotion is phony song is garbage real recognize real

    • BtchBYE;

      You just don't know what "gett'n Puss" music sound like witcha wackass critisism. Fake ass Simon on hiphopdx ass...

  • Dirty Curt

    I wish Drake would shut down his music career

  • qdh#1

    this shit go hard, i can see me gettn a crazy juke from a bitch at a party, off that hennesy, niggas that dont get no pussy aint gone be feeln this

    • BtchBYE;

      I know what you talkin' bout... nice ass wavy flow wit tha goose in the left hand and the blunt in the right... gettin twisted; This is some feel good music- bout to hit that gspot all crazy typa song right here boyy...

  • cuzzi

    i like it it reminds me of houstatlantavegas i dnt think hvin da dream on this one wuz necessary . nice drizzy.

  • D.N.A. Da KiD

    Decent, would have gave it a 3.5 but giving a 5 to balance out the bias, MAJOR haters on here

  • boltz4life

    eh... more like a 0 rating. 0/5 fuck you drake

  • kush nap

    this nigga drake makes the softest "hip hop" music ive ever heard. nigga simping on records and cats jock it. calling other niggas fags for hating it, cuz we dont wanna hear a nigga trynna make love to our ear piece. this faggot should stick to r and b if he just wants to cater to bitches and soft men. hip hop dx some homos for pumping this clown hard like every other media outlet being paid to jock son. all hype and no skills. you fags can keep rooting for drake, im waiting for the falloff. someone DMX the game and get rid of this sweet shit.

    • BtchBYE;

      LMAO - making love to your earpeice? I'm dead. XD that was hillaarriouuss.. I mean, you gotta point becuz drake is overrated to be labeled an "hip hop" artist when he should just be titled the r&b lyricist with Hip Hop vibes feel me?

    • Dirty Curt

      I feel bad for true talents like the Wu, Nas, etc that even have to be mentioned in the same music genre as Drake

  • thehomegrownexpress

    Why you niggas gotta be hatin on drake. what nigga do you know who can sing and rap. i bet you in 10 fuckin years when drake gets more experience and works on his shit all you niggas who were hatin are gonna change your mind and hop on the drizzy band wagon and when ya'll do i'll be sittin in the back rockin my head to one of his tracks laughin.

  • BigTom

    decent, aliitle to slow, sort of R kelly its way better the 3/4 of this ish thats out right now

  • CWill


  • Home Of Philly

    I love this song but i hope its not too much all-singing songs on the album

  • fuck this

    drake is a fucking joke im glad everyone is starting to realize

  • Brahsef

    Ya'll must not have listened to So Far Gone, because half the tracks on it had this slow as fuck r&b sound. This is that Drake r&b song and I fucks with it. Bitches will get wet to this shit. Someone should chop and screw this.

  • dc burner guy

    a wasted opportunity by drake. he and dream coulda made a club killer that the ladies can't deny....

  • Ron Henny

    Im tired of this drake!!!! --> check out this producers with straights hitz ww w. soundclick. com/clydestrokesvsjimmydukes

  • chiano23

    DECENT song but drake can do way better

    • BtchBYE;

      So Far Gone had betta songs right? like, Congradulations, Ignorant Shit, A Night Off, Little Bit, Best I ever Had remix, The Calm, Fear, .... you know? them are classics.

  • mikeintx361

    i didnt think there was anything special about this or "over"

  • sean w

    the one is for the fact that a complete song was done....made outta crap.

  • Edub!!

    this song would have been straight without the dream... that fools voice irritates the fuck out of me!

  • kemizt

    shit is dope. i might like it better than 'over'

  • DdAsHbOY

    Aight song, but Drake least for me i really feel his music when he onli sings tha hook & rip tha verse instead of singin the entire song. RIP VERSES NIGGA THATS WHAT GAT U BUZZIN

    • Joe_Kerr

      actually it was his diversity as an artist that got him buzzing *remember his mixtape was the album of the year* so his singing & rapping got him hot not jus rapping alone


    Its not a bad song, good for when your with your girl. But drake sings to much, i think he's a good rapper but damn it gets to be to much at times.

  • B_EZ

    is it me or is this nig starting to sound off beat on everything out recently?

  • Vito100

    This Tracc is Smooth... Fucc What the Haters say! I can picture it being a late night in the summer right now. windows down enjoying the breeze... Grown Man Shit.

  • djf

    worst drake song ever im havn second thoughts bout his new album

  • Dirty Curt

    Drake is fucking terrible. Always has been. Not lyrical whatsoever. He is the garbage of the rap game.

    • Dirty Curt

      thanks dude, my room mate and i have a portable studio and have just used that

    • 204/204/204

      song is good if ur with a girl but i admit kinda gay otherwise. and this dirty cut dude is prolly better then any of these punks hating on him i actually peeped his shit out and he's straight lyrical keep doin ur shit just get some better production lol. voice sounds like nas neega.

    • Dirty Curt

      Not a problem at all. Not sure why anyone would laugh at good tunes though. Here's a link to one of my newer songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5Y2EkF31EI

    • YoungMulaCrazy

      then put a link up to your shit so people can hear that boo boo garbage & laugh at it ahah

    • Dirty Curt

      Already make my own songs. And i like them a million times better than shitty Drake.

    • llm9

      You are garbage of the rap game but yet they wouldnt let you in.Make a song then talk.

  • Rated-RnotPG13

    Tha Dream Owned This Love the beat

  • vadasd

    its a coo song i cant say its wack but not epic ill be bumpin this when i got my honeys wit me! lol

  • hartfordkid

    im wishin drake would shut it down and make some hot sh*t!

  • ANoNHater

    all i can think is "houstatlantavegas" lol its too similiar but still a cool track to listen too but woulda got a 4 if he at least thru a verse on it!

    • Joe_Kerr

      ummm u kno u sing verses right so there are verses on this song & say in yo opinion rapped a verse but that would of thru the song off

  • YoungMulaBby

    smoooooth, drizzy so versitile

  • JordanValleyJoe

    I think this song should've bin a potential 1st single & "Over" shouldve bin a promo single...if this gets leaked today, "Thank Me Later" has to drop in May

  • THE RC

    4 stars and one forthe haters cuz u know hiphopdx has the most haters but thank me later nad to bad so far over i didnt lik at first but now im bumpin it and this is sum sick "love your girl" kinda music i mean i dont know why people be hatin on due to be honest

  • Yea Aint That Great

    OK, this song is a 2. Dude is right about Drakes vocal range. They just smack some reverb on it and put some EQ on it and this is what you get. I like the phased snare but other than that the beat is simple. AND HOW MANT SONGS IS THE NIGGA GUNNA HAVE THAT TAPESTOP ON IT!!! It was cool for Over but it ruined this beat. I fuck with his music though. So far gone is a great mixtape, has decent guest verses, and Over was good. But be real, all the new artists are like new copies of older artists. Drake = Wayne Nicki Minaj = (Female) Wayne Nippsey Hussle = Snoop Jay Rock = Game Fashawn = Nas J. Cole = Whoever he listens too. (In an interview he said he bumps nas, tupac, or jay and then hes in that "mode" (imitating). B.o.B = Andre 3K I like B.o.B though and Fashawn. And these other niggas trash. Anyway its a 2 rating.

    • mindrelated

      J Cole doesn't imitate anyone. The dude is a beast. Why so many haters

    • Yea Aint That Great

      Lol i said he imitates whoever he listens to, go checkout the interview. Its on youtube. Its like first quarter or somthin like that. I like J. Cole how the fuck am i hatin, i said everybody up there is good.

    • Brahsef

      I love how you say you don't know who J Cole is imitating but then go on to say he is imitating. I'm pretty sure that's the definition of hating. Keep it walkin.

    • Yea Aint That Great

      Dam so an opinion is considered hate. I should have gave the definition of trash when i put it up... *Trash 1. Rappers that rely on well produced beats to cover up the lack of lyrical skill. 2. Non purpose raps that have led to a decline in hip hop's integrity. Dam all the niggas that i put up there are raw, im talkin about all this trash on youtube... If someone is FUCKIN SORRY WE CANT TELL EM THAT???!!!!

    • blow treez

      god ur a cocksucker stop hatin

    • Blouh

      Lmao @ J. Cole sounding like anyone at all exept himself. And ROFL @ him being trash. Gtfo

  • zaybklyn


  • f**kgaddic

    This nigga drake talented as hell this nigga spit then make some r&b type ish and too many that can do it sucessful

  • dj siccckwitit

    beat is ridiculoussss 40 is a monster

  • D.War

    decent little track... I can fuck with it... all this flocka giving me a headache.

  • JiggaThatNigga

    do people honesly like this song??? hahahha wow. Just aweful. I really hope this clown never comes out with an album so I don't have to hear his terrible material anymore. This faggot has not talent whatsoever.

    • Dirty Curt

      bunch of gay dudes on here apparently haha... dont know how any dude would like drake to be honest... but yeah, this song blows big time. Actually all of his stuff does... He isn't even as lyrical as wayne and wayne is even over rated

    • Joe_Kerr

      if he dont come out wit a album he still will ghostwrite for ppl so u hearing him there, he will be a guest on others songs so u gonna hear him there, & mixtapes r gonna be out so U GONNA HERE HIM THERE

    • rell478

      u muz not either cuz u rateing his shit

  • spadeofspade

    I fux wit it and ima tell you why, yall neva been in the club and u see a girl that look so fly u cant even hate on her for having some atitude.....like damn she got it goin on....shits real....shortys be shuttn clubs down.....spade of spade

  • name (required)

    man the dream sound like a bitch

  • richhie boy



    Mr.Bloggers.........................This is very nice. I thought i wouldn't like it but i gave it a chance and what do you know? It's nice. A smooth relaxing track to ride to. Nice. "Miami Is No NewYork"

  • jimmys father

    notice no one likes jimmy on the internet and clearly he has no friends in real life. off youself son

  • sokfjsklf

    this is terrible...

  • dj953

    thank me later i guess i'll hold off on rating this one or saying to much to soon it took a couple of listens of "over" before i really liked it "so far gone" is a tough act to follow

  • crzchris66

    decent r&b song 4 stars

  • AlwaysReady

    I think its a pretty good track, I just dont like male ballad duets that much. I think if either of them did it alone I would like it more, but its good.

    • Joe_Kerr

      deeznutzz he sed it was a pretty good track y u go off on em like that lol

    • deezeNutzz

      This song fire Fuck what You sayin, ..you prolly dont even like R&B groups: -Boyz 2 Men -Dru Hill -Jackson 5 -Silk * you'd rather listen to KC if there was no JoJo huh"..

    • deezeNutzz

      you must've been gay in your past life..................its ok to admit it, you just said it yourself..

  • Yuuup

    Wow. With every song he releases I'm getting more and more disapointed as a fan. 2 stars.

  • HHH

    Im a big Drake fan but.. Boring track.. He's starting to sound like a one trick pony. And yeah, he can do rap and rnb but come the fuck on every song is sounding the same.. This is sleep inducing music.. Damn..

  • kws

    forgot to add in rating..

  • kws

    in my opinion one of the things thats makes drake marketable is his ability to crossover between r&b and hip hop with ease which was one of the resons that so far gone was successful like it was... hate it or not thats why he blew up so why would he change that. overall the song's alright. would of given it 3 stars but had to balance out the 2 star rating...

  • sdfa

    music is music i fucks wit it ,, i dont think drake is a legend but that nigga trying

  • AngryJoe

    Why does Drake think he can sing? He has no vocal range, the average nigga singin' in the shower is as good as him. He's decent enough to be bearable singin' a hook, but not good enough to carry a whole song. I still can't believe Sade is actually doing a song with this clown. There are only a few mainstream artists that actually do real RnB and this nigga isn't one of them, this shit right here is straight pop.

  • hiphopscout



    simple lyrics but the beat is tight

  • jt8908

    shit is fuckin amazing! fuck you haters

  • Spliff

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61GBvi2UkTQ checkkk ma shitt

  • MTB420

    First! Gave it a 2 because for the most-part I don't know how to rate R&B. Expected better from this combo even if it's a soft joint. NEXT PLEASE!

    • Joe_Kerr

      lol it is funny cuz his comment was fuckin stupid wit his ol basic ass

    • deezeNutzz

      @ JOE_KERR.....................this is some funny shit..

    • Joe_Kerr

      how in the hell do u not know how to rate r&b ITS A SONG!!!! dont matter what it is u should know how to rate it how u gonna say u expected better when u sed u dont know how to even rate it SO Y RATE IT JUS COMMENT smh