Nas - Untitled

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With Untitled it appears that Nas truly understands and embraces that you cannot please everyone. Because of that, he has rid himself of the handcuffs that fans and critics have bound him with and expresses true creative freedom.

Nas' potential is so immense that it puts him in the uncomfortable position of living up to a level of artistic greatness that presumably doesn't exist. Case in point, Illmatic was an unintentional classic. It came at a time when Hip Hop wasn't begging for a savior. Nas just became its leader. There was no pressing cultural issue that demanded an icon. Nas just rolled his young sleeves up and menaced the microphone.


  • Anonymous

    Probably a 3.5-4/5. Way too mainstream beats and chorus wise but some nice lyrics and subject matter.

  • MCScarface

    This is how id rate his catlog Illmatic 10/10 It Was Written 10/10 I Am..... 8/10 Nastradumus 7/10 Stillmatic 9.5/10 Lost Tapes 10/10 Gods Son 9.3/10 Streets Disiple 8.5/10 From Illmatic to Stillmatic The Remxies EP 6.5/10 Hip Hop Is Dead 8.5/10 Untitled 9/10 Distant Relative 9/10

  • Gino Anello

    album of the year

  • joby

    That album was genius

  • ernutis

    The best of the best , shout out to Nasir

  • weedman

    pretty dope but not great. imo q.g.t.m. is a step forward for nasir. it's incredible that a artsist can still develop after so long. nas is goat no doubt. i find it impossible to rate his works in the sense of 1-9. i think of it in categories. category 1 best of the best. my fave streets disciple, it was written , illmatic. category 2 better than what most artists can do but not nasty. i am untitled stillmatic gods son. category 3 dope but coulda been better. nastradaumus hip hop is dead. there are tracks on all these alblums nas shows his full potential but not throughout. here's a little somethin from out me head yo one love frome pipe passer life snatcher knife slasher dope ass white bastard,to lounge is not why i came the highest status i will attain on my head the crown will remain my ground i will sustain my sound skills and game came from shit i've been around my realest pain don't doubt i feel your pain i don't chill wit lames i chill wit dames get killed and maimed i peel the game the ill insane fuck lil wayne

  • lankaistai

    classic!!! artistic, raw..Thank you Nas

  • c/gaddic

    THERE'S NO WAY THIS IS LESS THAN AMAZING The annoying 'hero' and the game collab killed the vibe of a full-fledged classic Hip hop is dead was not better but practically flawless because of the consistency Imagine this dude dropped Ilmatic in 94 and is dropping another incredible album in 08 How many rappers can do that? Jay-z hasn't dropped an album with substance and true meaning in ages A gangster isn't half as good as this!

    • Suggamatic

      I understand what you're saying about the tracks "Hero" and "make the world go round" however, with out those two tracks, this album woul have no commercial appeal. The lables would never release it.


    Louis Farrakhan is one of the best songs Iv'e heard in a while. After stumbling across it Ive D/L this album & put it on my ipod. Best Nas album he's done in a while werent too impressed with HipHop Is dead & Streets disciple. Few good tracks but I lost the C.Ds & aint bothered downloading em again. Just goes to show you even if a rapper starts releasing mediocre albums they can come back with solid releases. 1 of my top 5 artists. Hopefully Ludacris, Fabolous & Eminem can do the same. This album has got me expecting big big things for the Nas / Damian Marley collabo.