Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead

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There are really only two things that have ever hurt Nas' career: his beat selection and his extreme shifts in content. When he does what he does, his talents are baffling.

The title Hip Hop Is
probably takes one extreme or the other with most of you. Either you
say "yeah no shit it's been dead for a
" or you went on a tirade about how Hip Hop hasn't lost a step; you
just need to look in the right places. The reality probably falls somewhere in
between the two, as there is certainly plenty of great Hip Hop on the
independent scene and still some available from major labels these days. But
for Nasir Jones, an impressionable
teenager during the early golden era and a cornerstone of the latter golden
years who probably doesn't stay up the MF
and Brother Ali's of the
world, it's pretty justifiable for him to toe tag the genre of which he has
seen the apex.

Provocative title aside, LP number eight from God's Son is likely his most
anticipated since his untouchable debut 12 years ago. After engaging in Hip Hop's
battle with Jay-Z in 2001, he and
the Jiggaman set an example for the
rest of usually childish Hip Hop community by making peace last year. The surprises
continued several months later when Nas
left Columbia for Def Jam, the label
that Jay-Z presided over. Some saw
it as Nas conceding defeat, others
only saw it as a means to two of Hip Hop's all-time greats to finally rhyme


  • JpTres

    This album proves hip-hop is dead. Mainstream hip-hop is just a beat. Its not music. Theres no message. Early in hip-hop, there used to be two types of artists the party rappers and the real emcees. Today, there are almost no real emcees in the mainstream, and the party rappers are crap. Party rap in itself was NOT hip-hop in the early days, but now the big record labels and media moguls have made you believe that this crap on the radio is real hip-hop. Source: CaughtInAHustle[DOT]Net

  • Anonymous

    Extremely dissapointing. Weak lyrics for someone who's my #2 on the best rapper of all time list, boring production, and just an overall boring album. Not to mention Jay kills him on Black Republican (by far the best song on the album and the only reason I'm not giving it a 2).... Worst NaS album I've heard (I haven't given Streets Desciple or Nastradamus a listen since I heard they are pretty bad..)