Jay-Z - Kingdom Come

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Ultimately, it is perspective that makes this a special album. We've got a crack-dealer-turned-rapper-turned-Def Jam President, a perfect personification of how hip-hop has grown, making music to reflect that. Take off the blazer, loosen up the tie...

Kingdom Come comes
with impossible expectations; anything short of a classic album is going to
leave most Jay fans let down. Jay-Z may just be Hip Hop's greatest
emcee with among its finest catalogues, but that doesn't make these
expectations reasonable. A few near-unanimous classics shouldn't cloud the fact
that he has more than a handful of flawed albums his fair share of ghastly
songs. People acted like his sub-par single "Show Me What You Got" was a crime
against humanity. Shiiit, I'll take that over the likes of "The City Is Mine," "Sunshine,"
"Do It Again," "Excuse Me Miss" or "Bonnie & Clyde '03." He may be the god
emcee, but not everything he makes is the gospel.

One thing lacking here coming off The Black Album is his hunger to prove himself and seal his legacy
once and for all. Black was a
statement album from front to back, he was closing the chapter on his career
and out to prove beyond a reasonable doubt he was the greatest. This album is
obviously under very different circumstances - a triumphant return that comes
in the wake of his cemented legend. It's kinda like Jordan
coming back with the Wizards - in
more ways than one given their management titles. You can say he has to prove
his mettle amongst the young guns - but let's be serious, does Jay need to show he can run alongside Yung Joc, Jibbs or Young Dro?


  • lil

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  • god

    Hov is a musical god... if you can do it better, lets talk about you then... You Rat Bastards and 22'2 for y'all in hell he sold fire in Stupids!!!