OK with the title of the CD called Da Finale and the rumors floating around that David Blake will hang up his mic and focusing completely on production of other artists, a whole lot of people will be crying the blues that Quik will never again grace us with his laid back party flows mixed with a bit of Compton Gangsta flavor.

DJ Quik has been hitting us with his signature sound for over a decade now and what I think keeps us looking forward to the next Quik album is fun filled lyrics and his diverse production. This is his Best Of collection so you can expect to have all of his hits spanning his 11 plus years in the game. Tracks such a “Tonite”, “Safe & Sound”, and “Pitch In Ona Party” but of course this wouldn’t be a DJ Quik album without a Quik’s Groove and on this album his 9th track “Quik’s Groove VII” is one of the two new cuts on here. Quik goes for a different sound an African influenced flavor that sounds more like something you would expect from a Jazz artist than Quik but that is one of the things that made Quik dope; he is not afraid to experiment with different things.

As for the other new cut on here, “Streets Iz Callin'” Quik is talking about things that he’s been through in the business and Quik is giving us bass heavy, live instrumental sound that we have come to love from him. This CD is hot and if this is last album that we get from him, then he has definitely left his mark on the Hip Hop world, I just hope this isn’t his last.