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Ab-Soul has let his high filter out some of the revelations, but "These Days..." is his accessible introduction to the world.

Ab-Soul is in a familiarly different place from where he was two years ago. While Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q tacked on some extra label affiliations for their latest albums—Aftermath and Interscope for Lamar, just the latter for Q—Soul is still free of that pressure. But as TDE and its roster have plotted a successful mainstream assimilation, he doesn’t need either of the bigger vehicles for These Days… to feel like its own commercial introduction. If #controlsystem garnered the Black Hippy member the critical reception he deserved, this album is a separate arrival into a more general public interest.

A quick look at the tracklist shows Soul leveraging a larger rolodex too. All of TDE show up somewhere (even if uncredited) and features like Lupe Fiasco and Action Bronson aren’t out of left-field. The Rick Ross appearance seems like a bargain for appeal in comparison though. On face value there are as many features as tracks, but unlisted appearances from the likes of Mac Miller, Joey Badass, Earl Sweatshirt, and BJ The Chicago Kid push it over the top. Either way, as the album is more of a ramble than a relay, it doesn’t feel overly calculated or suffer from excessively punched in verses. Still, it’s crowded and Soul isn’t as isolated or solitary as a result.

“Tree Of Life” seems like a running Jay Z inspiration and it’s immediately one of the album’s most fun to listen to. While it isn’t as straightforward as borrowing a Nas chorus for “Stigmata” later in the tracklist, the rapper manages to flip some Watch The Throne Hov into his own codeine brag. “I used to cop a little Deuce / Now I cop a whole case of Actavis to give Sprite stock a boost,” he raps. The same track is also home to one of the release’s best tucked away moments as DJ Dahi’s separate bonus song fits Soul’s name flip bravado perfectly. It’s a highlight of straight-ahead rapping and bounces as well as anything on the record. The Ross feature on “Nevermind That” is at least well matched, a clean electric guitar lick spices up the downtempo Trap beat and pushes it into a smoother theme. “Closure” is the only track that features Soul singing exclusively—with helpful support from Jhene Aiko—and is the subject of a release-week video. It’s also noticeably the only song that doesn’t bear an “explicit” stamp on iTunes, a somber crossover but not a complete bait and switch. With far fewer words than the rest, the song is one of the most obvious moments of catharsis as Soul continues grieving the death of his longtime girlfriend.

These Days… juggles production styles throughout but a couple transitions miss the mark. “Twact” lurches forward into full-out Trap and sticks out too much in the process, an unfortunate dip into a mold that’s readily enough available elsewhere for it to be interesting in this set. “Kendrick Lamar’s Interlude” splits the album into a more consistent but shorter second half. It’s an immediate jolt back to Section 80 with nearly shared Terrace Martin production on “Ab-Soul’s Outro” there. Kendrick’s booming delivery feels like a final bit of symbolic set-up for TDE’s once lurking intellectual. “So Herbert Anthony Stevens, you make or break bread before we break even,” Kendrick raps, “Before they broke our records we broke records and wrote pieces of history.”

The Actavis references and predictable cast of party drugs aren’t new in the rapper’s music, but on These Days… he seems to be reveling more than reflecting. At least once though, on a song that thankfully devolves into some self-awareness, Soul checks himself. “Don’t tell my moms that it’s a lot more than marijuana in her son / I walk on the dark side, only to shed light where they ain’t no sun / Deadline snapback on my mind, I ain’t suicidal I’m just fly,” he raps. While that last bar may be a nod to a clothing brand on the surface, “I ain’t suicidal I’m just fly” seems as much like a poetic justification for the codeine. Nearly an hour earlier, a couple minutes into the album, Soul explains that he’s coping. “My girl died and I lost my mind,” he raps of Alori Joh, “I’m off everything except Heroin.”

More often, These Days… is a snapshot of Ab-Soul’s recent success. On his last album, the Carson, Californian product shrugged off the call to fall in line on “Illuminate:” “they wanna see me wearing Polo drawers” he rapped. This year, Soul is starting a track called “Hunnid Stax” with a different note: “People treat you real nice when you got fifty dollar drawers on,” he says. It sounds like an outright money anthem but maybe there’s some subversion when he yells, “Y’all know what this shit is talking about?” in the background. At the end of the song, Puff Daddy chimes in for a surprise professional reference. “What?” he asks. “It ain’t no more to it. Soulo eatin’ now. Tell’em Puff said so.”

The final addition of a quiet Rap battle against the perpetually weird and expert battler Daylyt is a legitimate surprise. The song it follows, “W.R.O.H.,” and is also one of the album’s best moments, with Soul digging in as deep lyrically as anywhere else. The battle itself is more of a coup for Daylyt and Battle Rap in general than a productive addition to the album, but it’s separate enough to stand apart on its own.

If TDE has an unheralded trait left it’s an almost universally thoughtful approach to song sequencing. These Days… feels complete by the end as another properly dosed project. Somewhere on the album, Soul projects his own self-worth: “enlightenment from a low life that’s more than likely high.” He’s let the high filter out more of the revelation, and it sounds like a more accessible piece of entertainment than his last. It’s not the call to arms some expected, but Ab-Soul is as convincingly conspicuous as he’s ever been.


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  • D@mn

    4 stars is a pretty accurate rating. If U're looking 4 some1 2 really rhyme over some beats that U can do U 2 (turn up, whatever) then I think Absoul pulls it off pretty nicely. I fucks w/ it!

  • freddiekane

    Ab can do a lot better, his trademark are deep lyrics and there are not that much on this album. Disappointed!

  • Anonymous

    i swear yall mothafuckas are really funny you rate this album less than 4/5 while you gave yg's sophomore album a strong 4/5 yg's album sucked big dicks so please explain to me how ab-soul's album is worst than his this album may be different from soul's previous works but still it's a good album 4/5

  • goldrick


  • Ph.

    What a dissapointment, he has totally forgotton his roots, overproduced !

  • M

    I wasn't a huge fan after the first listen but ya'll need to stick with it. After a few more listens it really grew on me. Couple of the banger songs in there are not his style and you can tell but as a whole I really liked it. TDE will be hot for a long time.

  • Anonymous

    Best album I've heard this year. The lyrics and wordplay Soul uses is next level shit...you really have to read deep into his lines.. If you like bangerz this album prob isn't for you.

  • Jake Mac

    The album had no set idea. If it was it's making fun of the industry then why we're there artist that are certified in the songs. If it's talking about just what people do "these days" then why were their songs that were genuine and didn't really relate to what people do. There were some good songs but then there were some awful ones. I'm not trying to hate but that's just my opinion and what I got from it. I was definitely hoping for something more like control system.

  • Anonymous

    big fan boring album

  • Soulo Hoe

    He tried to encompass the sounds and styles of "These Days." The concept is ok but it ends with soul unsuccessfully replicating styles rather than making it his own. Fans want a Soulo album and a sound true to himself. Not his interpretation of the trash coming out now.

  • Jay Castillo

    ab-soul is that nigga

  • Tshepo4ever

    Very disappointing album. I feel like he completely strayed Away from the sound which initially made us fall in love with Soulo. Weak production and I also feel like the content wasn't on point either. I struggled to identify some sort of theme or whatever it was he was trying to communicate. Stigmata was dope but even then the entire song felt recycled. Anyway, it was nowhere near Control System

  • Zach

    Hated most of the first half of the album.. First two songs are good, but Hunnid Stax is a bad club banger, Dub Sac doesn't grasp my attention, Nevermind That is a total pop song with an awful feature, and Twact just sucks. From the 8th song forward though, I liked the album. Closure is a deep soulful song and Stigmata delivered, even Action Bronson's verse was solid. The battle with Daylyt at the end was sick too and I like Kendrick's interlude with the Terrace Martin production.. But on the whole, the worst TDE release so far this year, behind Oxymoron and even farther behind Cilvia Demo. I expected more of a trippy album with tracks similar to Pineal Gland and Terrorist Threats from Control System. This album was a grade below his last: 3/5.

  • Anonymous

    great album. don't give up on it after one listen, it takes time to fully understand and appreciate alot of the wordplay on this album. dope stuff.

  • def

    dude needs to lay off the psychedelics and youtube conspiracy videos. Bring back "Drift Away" Ab-Soul. This new Jesus reincarnate feelin himself a little too much for my tastes, and the music is suffering as a result.

  • loose cannon

    an ight tape.. expected it to be doper but whatever


    Im a huge TDE fan. but i didnt like this album.

  • Yikes

    Expected soo much more. 3 stars

  • Anonymous

    Hella diappointed

  • Anonymous

    Great album takes a few listens.. Soulo likes his drugs that's for shur.. Abit to much puttin d cop on a track bout real..

  • Dexter Hughes

    He Flipped the script on this one and approached it like usual, going hard.

  • Kenna J. Moore

    I totally agree to everything in this review. I was a little surprised at TWACT. It seemed unnecessary and commercial. W.R.O.H. = Genius. Kendrick Lamar's Interlude= Black Hippy Love at its' Finest. Nevermind That= On the surface, it's clearly the ladies' joint but for those that listen, Words for the Real. Overall/ Soul is Living his Journey.

  • wow...

    Such a disappointment. Content was absolutely shit. He has a few eye-opening lines, but it just wasn't anywhere near Control System.

  • Anonymous

    what really holds this guy back is that he has the weakest hooks and that sabotages his songs... i.e. "they feelin us, they feelin us, they feelin us, they feelin us, etc." Im come on soulo thats weak. Also he spits some... blah blah, illuminati, golden eye, syrup sip, but... never mind that baby move your body..." WTF? I feel like back in his long term mentality phase he was much better and more anticipated more well rounded. now he's the weak link


    ab-soul cool dude like the whole team TDE

  • Anonymous

    still a great album tho, I would of left twact off the album and ride slow could of been a lil better, those are the 2 that hurt the album to me he still put out one of this years best lps so far, 4.5 for this one, control system should of got 5

  • raywahKEEN

    This album was amazing, front to end. I definitely enjoyed this listen.

  • Anonymous

    Dope album Soul

  • true story

    Although it's got my favorite songs of 2014, I think 4/5 and this review's assessment is spot-on.

  • Anonymous


  • finesse

    soulo best body of work

  • Ruvunja

    tut tut tut... damn Ab, not this shit, wtf happened??! smh

  • polo hova

    Keep in mind all these haters on here skewing the rating up like a mf'er. Like this stupid fuck under me. I'm from LA too. We love you Ab. If you want some good music get the album. Buy it and support this dude. The best album I've heard this year hands down. Same stupid ass people hating on this album is gonna hate on Jesus when he decides to come back. That's what they do.

  • BarcelonaBoy_

    This shit is #WACKASSFUCK & I'm from LA... If Ab-Soul is and Kendrick albums are Dope then what the fuck is NAS? NewSchool niggas got the game #FUCKEDUP

  • Karl

    Lyrical masterpiece. you have to listen to the whole thing a couple of times to appreciate its awesomeness

  • createtheimaginary

    Ab Soul is one of my favorite artists, maybe because we share a lot of the same beliefs. The wait for this album was so suspenseful and long so I was expecting a masterpiece. I didn't get all I was expecting. A great album yet my expectations were just a little inflated... A lesson to TDE I hope, when you keep the people waiting the more they are going to expect. Much love for Ab and the TDE family, finally we can say the CA rap culture is back in the west coast.

  • Ja

    GKMC>Oxymoron>These Days

  • taurus

    Im off everything except Heroin. He's playing off the word heroine, not justifying heroin use or saying that he's on heroin or even "reflecting" on his drug use. With that said, Ab's drug references on the album aren't "reflective" for a reason. The entire fifth paragraph of this review seems pointless to me. The only musical concept you actually delve deep into on this album is drug use and you're doing the project a huge disservice...but then you pull a 4 star rating out of your ass, which is a huge stretch.

  • Anonymous

    It's a decent effort, unfortunately his hardcore fans are going to expect a little more and the TDE haters are gonna talk shit regardless.

  • Anonymous

    Look up the concept for this album and then you'll get why certain songs are there. Soul said that this album would reflect the music being made today (Twact similarly sounding like a mustard beat) and show what hes been working on. I admit i didnt really like it at first listen, but its grown on me. (8.5/10)

  • Daylyt

    Garbage album and garbage album cover...so played out, wish we could just go back to regular hip hop w/o all these super deep underlying messages

  • Jay Fullarton

    Ab-Soul has always been a good artist, as is the rest of T.D.E Top Dawg are bringing Hip-Hop back to life and Ab-Soul is certainly one of the people helping, the album is great, full of good lyrics and catchy beats. I just question why Ab-Soul is not more succesful than Rick Ross. This project reminds me a bit of Oxymoron, and I have recently seen Schoolboy Q and Isaiah Rashad live, after listening to this album I want to see Ab-Soul live too.

  • Because The Internet

    It was aight..

  • fatboyrule

    I've been listening to this album for over a week now. I've come to two conclusions. 1) This dude fucking sucks. 2) See #1

    • Anonymous

      have you tried listening to any of his prior work tho? Especially Control System? I think you might be missing his witty clever wordplay. I haven't listened to this album yet but I don't expect Soul to completely flip and flat out suck

    • fatboyrule

      I'm not sure exactly what that means. I like a lot of different rap, liked Kendrick's album, Schoolboy's was okay, Jay Rock's album on Strange was decent... I just can't get into this at all. Maybe it's the Rick Ross track talking about "real n*ggas"... that's just a joke.

    • Anonymous

      Your prolly a migos fan....

  • Anonymous

    The rap battle is the most boring song released in 2014... Otherwise it's fine. "Hunnid Stax" and "Kendrick Lamar's Interlude" the standout tracks.

  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    only suburban whiteboys gonna front and act like this album was anything remotely good... "Ohmahgawd a new TDE album! This must be super rad! Wow Ab-Soul is like the new Nas or something with his lyricism! So lyrical! OMG so much lyrics! Wow he's so deep! You don't even get how deep he is because he's so lyrical!" fucking faggots

    • MixedbyMerk

      Homie your trippen bruh. Go into suburbia man, all the white dudes bump the most gangsta shit so they feel hard. Most white people never got the chance to be gangsters so they pretend to experience what it is like through music. I'm a white mixing engineer not a thugg but most my best friends are black an from the hood.. Just speaking on behalf my experience.

    • my nigg

      lol i see where you coming from, but my nigg, I'm interested in what your favorite album of 2014 is so far.. only so i can see what you think real music is.

    • Chriiiv

      Only white people? That just shows your ignorance right there. Ab soul is just as good as Kendrick. And him and Kendrick are am saving the rap game by bringing this real material. I know it may be over your head because you don't really LISTEN to the lyrics. I bet Gucci man is your favorite rapper lol. Get enlightened dude, and understand what real music is.

    • Anonymous

      I'm a hood nigga and I enjoyed this shit. Been listening to ab-soul since before section 80 even came out. If you don't enjoy it then fair enough but no need to be a dickhead about it

  • ERIC

    eh disappointing, but it's enjoyable

  • HUH

    Well I liked 10, since the last track was cool too. Forgot about that one.

  • HUH

    I like 9 songs, but didn't like 5( Dub Sac, World Runners,Closure, Sapiosexual,and Ride Slow) I didn't count the freestyle. It's not that I didn't like the message, I just didn't like it musically. Cool album though.

  • Anonymous

    These Days is WAAAY better than Oxymoron! But Oxymoron is still better than 60% of any current releases out! But I don't think people really GET "These Days". Most people look at the product an artist makes when in reality, you have to look at what decisions he chose NOT to make. Ab-Soul could have made another Control System album. Why didn't he? Because he wanted to make an album that was relatable to people OR to make a statement to say "Hey I can go against any of these people doing what they are doing now." I believe he PURPOSELY made cuts that are "trendy" because he is saying he can do what they do and do it better. Even though "Nevermind That" goes hook happy, I still fuck with it because of it's musicality and Ab's rhymes. Ab-Soul can truly rap! But he is exploring making songs! Kendrick is the best out of the group to make songs. Schoolboy Q is second with it but Ab is truly improving and once he truly learns to have songs on point, his lyricism is going to shine even more. But folks get me to dissing it when most of these songs are intentional. Ab is playing the game the way the game tries to play him. Just like Kendrick, Just like J.Cole. They gotta dumb down their shit so the common hood folks or folks who want to hear ignorant shit can relate. Then, they put their artistry in there a lil. If they put too much artistry, folks will shy back because average people don't want to think and use their brains!!!!! Great project, I agree with DX 4/5

  • polo hova

    And you have to listen all the way thru. You go to skipping around you miss all these little gems in between the tracks. Fuck the haters Ab killed this album. Its starting to feel more and more like a 5 mic album to me. Twact probably keeps a 4.5 its not perfect. Its a solid 4.5.

  • Peezy

    Overall: Biggest disappointment so far in 14. Theneedeledrop hit the nail on the head.

  • Anonymous

    Hard to compare to control system but not bad. Honestly this and Oxymoron are listen a couple times and forget typa albums.

  • Lara

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  • Anonymous

    beats are pretty nice. rhymes so-so. but the album cover is terrible! worst cover of the year thus far...by far.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty disappointing album. I expected more from Ab-Soul

  • Jay

    TDE Runnin' shit this year!!!

  • dash

    albums not perfect but its pretty sick, definitely deserves some mainstream attention

  • Anonymous

    What holds this album back is the production on some tracks. That generic trap sounds really has to stop. Just use something different than the the same kit that's been used 1000000 times already. Only the first and last few songs really stand out. Can't see myself listening to this a month from now. 3/5

    • Anonymous

      It's a bit shocking too because TDE projects usually come correct with the beats. Very disappointing.

  • Ab-Soul

    These Days... actually symbolizes these days with the referencing to Drake, Chief Keef etc. and the use of Rick Ross, Daylyt, his TDE label mates. If our look at the album as a snapshot of Ab-Soul's perception of Hip-Hop currently, you'll realize he's done a pretty great job and deserves credit. However, a 4/5 is fair when you compare it to Control System and Longterm Mentality. As a side note I think Ab-Soul's Outro on Section.80> Kendrick Lamar's Interlude on These Days...

  • Verbal Tim

    with the exception of that acappella freestyle battle (that is fucking boring) this album is really hot

  • Troof

    TWACT ruins the album.............. lol naw, but on the real, the album is just OK. Tryin my best to give it more spins in hopes of getting something new from it with each listen but...still kinda disappointed...for no reason other than the fact that I've been so spoiled by the quality of the rest of Ab-Soul's projects.

  • Chill Black Guy

    4/5 On first listen, i immediately liked this better than Oxymoron. I thought Schoolboys offering was dope, but Ab-Soul is really in these bars. It may take a few listens to catch every double entendre, but These Days is definitely in ode to duality in ways people may not expect. Also, unlike Oxymoron, I could definitely feel Ab-Soul's continued growth as an artist, where as I kinda felt Schoolboy stunted or maybe even reverted to some degree. I also hear Mac Miller helped a lot in the sequencing of the album, his presence is felt a lot (Ride Slow is my favorite track). The overall highlight of the album in my opinion is the rap battle sparring match with Daylyt, a Los Angeles battle rapper whose been holding it down for years. It was dope for Ab to put him on in a way they could both shine. If you thought this tape was wack, i don't know, you're free to that opinion, but you probably didn't "get it" or "get" most things in general

    • Anonymous

      Definitely agree with that last statement. I mean, fair enough if someone can come up with a reasoned argument about what they didn't like, but the people that say stuff like "this shit trash" are probably missing a lot of it.

  • polo hova

    4 to 4 1/2. Shit was dope. Review was spot on too. I was worried y'all fall to all the negativity. This album absolutely does not deserve that. Glad y'all took y'all time with it too. You won't get it in the first 48. Not that type of album. I'm still figuring it out and it been a week but it gets doper and doper that's for certain.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was a decent album. Stand out tracks for me... Gods reign, world runners, ride slow, WROH, Second half of the tree of life! It had a few points where I was less enthused but overall a great project. Not really for everyone but I think the ab-soul fans will be pleased

  • Anonymous

    Ok haterrrrrs.... deal with it!! White people are running hip hop!!! G-EAZY sold more than any rapper this week! RIFF RAFF is hotter than ab soul!! IGGY sold more than all these cats!!! Stop the racism and accept the truth!!!!

    • D

      Your crazy honestly souls album is disappointing but if really you think white ppl run hip hop your even crazier. Eminem is the greatest white rapper n macklemore knew it was bullshit winning those grammys and knew Kendrick is way better than him.

    • JAM

      If you think riff raff is better than ab-soul you have no idea what MUSIC is... Not just hiphop... Just look at this sights review for riff raff's recent release and u might catch a glipse if what DMTruth & i are talking bout

    • DMTruth

      Correction, white men owning music labels run hip hop. If u think riff raff is good music, never mind being better than ab-soul, u have no idea wat hip hop is.

  • Anonymous

    Y'all need to stop being so mean to my nigga Herbert. All these negative comments are hurting his feelings.

  • Jordan

    This album is cold!!!!!

  • omzig85

    and that 18 min battle rap shit at the end wtf was that that aint battle rap and for those that liked it go check out a underground rap battle in your area or club and you will be amazed at how hard dudes go in ab soul is trash no good bars

  • omzig85

    1 good beat 1 good song fuck this crap cd ab soul cant rhyme worth shit no good metaphors no flow dude is straight trash so glad I didn't waste my money on this cd I wont even give his sophomore cd a listen Kendrick and schoolboy are the only artists coming outta topdawg records alive the rest are crashing and burning

  • Drake runs rap

    drake makes all these tde ovverated scrubs irrelevent. Drake is more sucessfull than all the new generation rappers combined. Drake is putting up big numbers rivaling eminem the popstar while the rest of these new gneration rappers can never even think of putting up drake numbers. This album was trash drake is better than all of tde combined. 1 decent album from kendrick and these nerd groupies hopped on his dick. Ever since that album kendrick hasn't done fuck all. Drake is the face of rap drake allready has 2 classic albums and continues to put out better music than all the TDE garbage rappers combined. Drake makes hiphop what it is with out drake hiphop is dead.

  • okydoke...

    This dude could have delivered the greatest album of all time and it wouldn't matter to some of you. You'd still say it's garbage...Unreal. This is dope for real.

  • Anonymous

    Next up, Jay Rock? I know that nigga will not let me down like Soul did.

  • shh

    JAY ROCK's new album will be way better than OXYMORON &THESE DAYS....JAY ROCK is the only TDE artsist who can beat out KENDRICK..#FOLLOW ME HOME...isa CLASSU+IC STREET ALBUM...JAY ROCK is like TUPAC/BIG DADDY KANE......#JAY ROCK GOT NEXT 2014

    • your daddy

      you must be younger than 18 or you just dont know shit about rap, if you think Jay Rock is in the same planet as Pac/Big. Luv Rock's music dude, but your trippin

  • shh

    1.GK,MC...album of the decade....instant classic 2.THESE DAYS 3.SB-Q OXYMORON....his mixtape SETBACKS is his best!

  • Anonymous

    The singles that were released/leaked before the album dropped were wack. The album is better than I thought it was gonna be. 4/5

  • MikeCorly

    Ab Soul... Awesome artist.... Awesome lyricist.... Good album, Not great But Slightly above good.... Def not disappointed. Keep it up #SoulBrothaNumber2

  • jj

    This album is good 5 stars

  • wow

    HHDX outdid the commenters on this one.. for anyone hating on this album it is probably cause you're too stupid to understand the lyrics

  • Hip-Hop

    Everybody is hatin cuz he made fun of the mainstream hip-hop. He showed how easy it easy to do what everybody else is doin. This album is 4/5 fuck what yall say.

  • these days 5/5


  • Anonymous

    This album is straight trash. TDE ain't released nothing worth hearing since GKMC. I really thought they were on a roll after Section 80, Control System, Follow Me Home and Habits & Contradictions, but once Kencrick blew up they all got Lazy as fuck and started dropping the same kind of mediocre bullshit everybody else these days is making. Such a waste.

    • Anonymous

      The beats on that Isiaih album were weak, that whole album was like taking 3 advil PM's and then fighting to stay awake, shit had me yawning all the way through.

    • TaZzZ

      You stupid? Cilvia was incredible, still bumping that shit at least once a weak. Amazing project straight through

  • White Nilla

    Control System > These Days H&C > Oxymoron GKMC > Section 80 So far only Kendrick's newest album has been better. We'll see how Rock fares

  • chris

    Take out TWACK and NEVERMIND and I think the album would be solid. I just think that CS was so great that any album that wasn't like it would be a let down. Yes I agree the subject matter, the beats, the lyrics and ESPECIALLY the hooks were weaker but I think it is one of the best albums out. Better than Oxymoron

    • Steve

      'the subject matter, the beats, the lyrics and ESPECIALLY the hooks' What else is left. You must be a dick rider because you cant call all that weak then state the album is solid.

  • Anonymous

    i didnt like it really. too many drug songs. thats all it is really. Ride Slow is the only good song imo.

  • A Guevara

    Dope album from a young dude thinking beyond his years. He needs to give up the lean so he will have a sustained career - Great he has Daylyt on it, Ross is i guess for commercial reasons, he has a lot of guests but i think thats cos they all like each other not because he or TDE think it will sell albums. Correction. TDE allowed it so the album can sell, Ab Soul had them on because he likes them. Good catchy beats and production, great sound phonically, mixed and sequenced really well. There are a LOT of MCs and A&Rs that could learn from this album. It will be spoke of at the end of the year as one of the best to come out in 2014.

  • T-wiLLz

    people have to chill with calling this album bad n whatnot, yea control systems was lyrically crazy and mind bending and shit but this album is 10X easier to vibe too, and thats whats real important if he wants to be as recognized as the rest of the group, at this point in time for most non hiphop head people they would say ab soul is the weakest(not my opinion, so i think this album is great for him, its about something (his life) its easy to vibe to in different situations and gotta remember LT3 is coming and thats gonna be more of his crazy shit, so support this shit if you actually want him to get someone

  • Gbeg

    An overall great album.

  • Rico

    ab-soul smh yu ruining yourself with this bs control system was hot this is just trash i understand you push for lyrics but do you have to pick such terrible beats its so fucking weird i bet that fuck boy lupe was like yah this is maaaaaaaaaaan talk to kendrick and Q they got this shit on lock i understand your different but better beats would've helped here i listen to lyrics but if the beats are sack man i aint spending money an album is a whole package album cover was ok the lyrics were probably ok too but with such bullshit beats i found myself skipping call hit boy call swizz call justice league please

  • Word Iz Bond

    Album of the year, thus far... Tree of Life, Nevermind That, Just Have Fun, K.Dot's Interlude, Stigmata and Feelin Us...

  • Ja'

    GKMC>Oxymoron>These Dayz

  • TDE FAN 47

    I think Ab-Soul did a good job. He experimented. Not my favorite but still amazing.

  • mando

    Disappointed in the album, not a bad one just thought it would be better. Control system is a million times better. Best Songs: Dub Sac, World Runners, Stigmata and Closure. Hopefully it will grow on me.

  • KrazyKwon

    I'd rather listen to Riff Raff's new shit because I at least am expecting the quality of the lyrics to be what they are... But with Ab-Soul you expect more and this is what we get... SMH.

  • Saul

    Fo real that's the worst song I've heard all year

  • Anonymous

    This album sucks. One word. "Twact".

  • Ink B

    The only reason this has 4/5 is because of that Rick Ross verse and that Daylyt round other than that this is pure fucking garbage that you white suburban faggot dickride to the fullest . Flop Soul is TDE's weed carrier .

    • Anonymous

      I'm white but I am not a fucking faggot dickrider. I am well aware that this album sucks cock. I hate all these white TDE fanboys sucking Ab-Soul's dick and likening his wack ass fucking lyrics to Nas

  • Anonymous

    all the TDE dickriders are gonna come thru and give it a 5... fucking white suburban faggot basement dwellers

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Disappointing like Oxymoron. Kendrick, Jay Rock and Isaiah are the best in TDE. Ab-Soul is way overrated as a lyricist (people compare him to JAY and Nas, SMH) and ScHoolboy has never ever been that great.

    • Anonymous

      dunno why you would take those comments seriously tho. are you that gullible? their above average rappers imo and their music is dope. stop crying so much

    • Anonymous

      COSIGN Ab-Soul and Q are shit. They arent saying anything nearly as profound or lyrical as Nas or Hov. They just mediocre hyped up lames

  • Tha_Lord

    This album is too sick man! And all rounder, better I keep it short and simple. And then people say thee legacy of hip-hop is destroyed.

  • Anonymous

    Oxymoron was better 1. Oxymoron 2. good kid m.A.A.d city 3. These Days now I'm waiting for jay rock new album

    • Anonymous

      Are for real ?? did gangsta, hoover street, blind threats or break the bank just to name a few sound like "electronic beats with some trap drums thrown over em" ??? get the fuck outta here you morons are too strong to discuss with im out

    • Anonymous

      the production itself sucked. not west coast at all.. basically just samples of electronic beats with some trap drums thrown over em...

    • Anonymous

      Most people agree Oxymoron wasnt that great dude.

    • Anonymous

      "Oxymoron was weak" said who ? you ?? I did not know your opinion was representative of what the common people might think

    • REAL NIG

      Oxymoron was weak bro. But yea, Jay Rock is the man

  • GJK

    a largely misunderstood album....flying over heads.


    Also the songs i liked world runners Just have fun and WROH.....Until AB and Daylyt jerk each other for 20 minutes WTF that was no battle

    • Anonymous

      yea that battle was wack. sounded like they were high as fuck just sittin in the studio groping each others nutsacks... so lazy.

  • TaZzZ

    I can always appreciate an artists trying to switch it up and do something different, but this is just so dumbed down and way below what Ab is capable of on every level. He gets a 4 because of who he is and his potential, but he totally went safe on this release I think the main problem is there is no cohesive concept across the album like CS or the LTM series. At this point, I can understand him trying to get more exposure off the success of previous TDE success, but not one of these songs says anything. Its just the same old braggadocio, drug addled bullshit and as opposed to standing out, this album just places him in the current landscape of candy ass emcee's. Granted, the lyrics are above average rappers, but the content goes nowhere, I can see trying to have fun but thats about all this album tries to achieve. Controlsystem was my favorite TDE release yet, just a hair ahead of Section.80 and GKMC, but I really felt like this album would be Ab's coming out party like GKMC was for Kendrick. The beauty of CS is that every song has a strong concept/message that had you constantly pressing rewind and all of them fit into the larger scope of the project. Guess I can't say these songs aren't cohesive as a whole, but even after 20 or so listens, it is so underwhelming, not one song had me running it back and trying to dig deeper Sucks we had to wait for 2 years to be let down like this

  • Anonymous

    This album is weak. Doesn't really have replay value. God's Reign is the best song on the album.

  • Louis

    Maybe it's not Control System 2, but it's damn good anyways


    GTFO!!!!! Control System was Tight this album is LAME as fuck sounds like a lazy mixtape with a junkie who rambles about the same shit with lyrics he slurred together while trying to form a punchline or concept claiming he's "open minded" LOL AB Soul You on too many drugs go to rehab or take some time to EDIT before you release WTF is wrong with reviewers giving this garbage 4/5 others sucking dick giving it XL or a 7/10......Call it like it is 3/10

    • Anonymous

      @MORE LAZY MUSIC COSIGN This nigga gets it. Fuck this weak lazy ass excuse for an album. I'd be embarrassed to bump this out loud in my ride

    • Chillax dude

      Geez dude calm down some, open your mind a lil, the point of this album was to give a quick run on of these days here been livin, not go on some crazy mind bending shit like control systems. And your hearing must be goin cus he sounds just as if not better than control systems quality wise. Beside if you control system dick riders would stop riding shit like that sounds control system like trees of life(which honestly is an ok track) and give other shit like just have fun a chance you might change ya mind. This album is easily a 4/5, easy as shit to vibe too

  • Anonymous

    i was expecting much more from this album especially coming from ab-soul who is better than kendrick as far as the lyrics goes

  • Anonymous

    Control System was a 4.5/5 this is a 2.5/5 but I'll round down because of how disappointing it is. Lyrics, beats, subject matter, and hooks are all worse.

  • Kay

    4.0 rating. Control System was better but this album is still good overall. Only songs I didn't really like were "Nevermind" and "Twact". Other then that, it's good. Lupe should have wrote a longer verse on World Runners.

  • blacklippaster

    bit of a surprise but nevertheless its sick top to bottom

  • Anonymous

    great review, the album is dope with a few exceptions imo

  • Anonymous

    Great album but not as good as controlsystem imo