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Canibus is the prototypical rapper's rapper, and while he does a few things well on this LP, his 15th effort is plagued by obtuseness and shoddy production.

Canibus’ position in Rap is a little similar to Pete Rose’s in baseball: fans aren’t quite sure where to place him. Should Canibus be remembered for his prolific output, of which Fait Accompli makes the 15th full-length LP? Or should he be remembered for the lows of his career, such as when he broke every cypher commandment and read his rhymes off a notepad in a Rap battle in 2012? This newest album is certainly a vote for the first viewpoint, as Fait Accompli is just about as good as good can be for what it is. Contrary to past career flops, Canibus seems to have raised the artistic bar so high on this new album that he could only sink or swim, and he turns out to be capable of a damn good Michael Phelps impression. 

The lofty goal he has set for himself here is no less than a concept album with a story that every human being is living out in the real world. It’s a cosmological opera with the world for a stage and a battleground over which the very soul of humanity is being fought for as a setting. The characters include God, The Antichrist, Canibus, and the listener. As he raps on the excellent “Sinflation,” “It’s always me and God when I’m talking,” or “This Ain’t The Movies,” where he rhymes, “The son of perdition wants to kidnap all of our women / And make slaves out of all of our children.”

The structural framework for the album is a series of interludes from a radio talk show’s segments that discuss different conspiracy theories, such as the Illuminati and Area 51. Canibus himself uses those bogeymen to set the artistic stage to publicize the gross pathologies of society from a philosophical, macro-viewpoint rather than a practical, micro-viewpoint. For example, the erosion of American civil liberties is at the forefront of the mind of this NY emcee on the song’s title track: “Why’s the flight time shorter than the pat-downs take? / It’s because freedom is fake in a police state.” He mentions Raytheon drones, name drops Pussy Riot and the fall of the dollar, but rarely does Canibus connect the dots or get into the specifics of censorship, conspiracy theory or an infringement upon civil liberties.

One of the knocks on Canibus over the course of his solo career has been his ear for production. Unfortunately, Fait Accompli does nothing to remedy this opinion. Producer JP Beats and his martial sonic world, full as it is of hard-hitting military snare drums and pugilistic army marching chants, assist Canibus. But sonically, the project falls flat. A lack of variety and overall hollowness plagues each production, as the snares, kicks and low ends all suffer from a dated, cheap sound. Combined with the fact that Canibus largely gives you only this one apocalyptic look, and the lack of versatility in both his delivery and the production, Fait Accompli becomes an increasingly difficult listen.

The literary landmarks Canibus’s cryptic style uses to put this ideological fight in perspective are accordingly universal, as he refers to everything from the Book of Revelation, H.P. Lovecraft, and The Fugees to Shakespeare, Five Percenter Theory, and millenarianism. Canibus utilizes contradiction, paradox, and irony to express meaning at a time in a postmodern era when meanings’ very meaning is being questioned. The nihilism found on “Sinflation” in Canibus’ observation that “The best outcome is always out of reach” is reflected all over the album, such as in his feeling on the 13th track, “Last Christians,” that “All the plaques we got were fake / Just like this horseshit reality they make you think you create.” With a dexterity characteristic of the whole album, Canibus even masterfully manages to bring his artistic message off the album and into the real world when he creates his own true liar’s paradox by telling you to not trust other people, and then telling you to not trust the person who is telling you to not trust other people: “Trust no one, even yourself / And this includes the person giving, receiving, or needing some help.” Judging by the simplicity of those short external rhymes, it seems that Canibus has somewhat sacrificed his usual tight technique for poetic message here.

But Canibus does resolve many of the usual downsides of apocalypse-themed art when his observations into politics go beyond a gloss of the usual political talking points. Meanwhile, instead of throwing up his hands and cursing the darkness, Canibus also gives listeners advice on how they can solve these problems: “If you were me I would be humble / Seek out those who love you.”

Fait Accompli will appeal very much to fans, but those fans will be in a smaller niche group who enjoy this very specific type of album. So if this isn’t your cup of coffee, then don’t feel too bad when you pass on it.


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  • evolve

    5 of 5.. intros were a bit long, and recording sounds a bit cheap but this tops any album out there now.. canibus not even human to spit this kind of lyrics.. damn..

  • bonus

    55.... you can just tell whoever wrote this review listen to Justin Bieber....

  • Anonymous

    I was really impressed with this album. Canibus is still one of the best lyricists around after all these years. 5 Stars

  • real

    It is pretty fun how the editor of this website only gave this album 3 stars, when 32 people out of 45 gave this album a perfect 5/5. While the editor gives a 4 star rating to albums from artists such as MIGOS, AZALEA BANKS and other shit rappers. Fuck you HIPHOPDX.

  • CJ

    Had to listen to this twice to truly appreciate it. I don't think this one is for everyone or at least the uninformed. Canibus really is lyrically amazing, every bar is like a star burst! "used to take 2 to tango, now its just artificial intelligence' - I mean damnnnn, even just that bar - its too much...! Peace

  • JohnnyA

    Dudes the of science not rap

  • Quan-Chi

    ""Trust no one, even yourself / And this includes the person giving, receiving, or needing some help. Judging by the simplicity of those short external rhymes, it seems that Canibus has somewhat sacrificed his usual tight technique for poetic message here" Come on....if this is such a crime in your eyes then you ain't fit to review an album. Content > Technical ability/flows all day for me

  • emcee

    This album has WAY TO LONG intros. Some verses are 1:40 into the song! Besides that I like it, beats bang, lyrics make you think, and it puts you in the sceneries he speaks of. Although it is a bit fear mongering_ish. Although a lot is truth. He should Collab with "1love1light" Dude that would be the best pair up in the world! Holy s*** I'm about to put that in my blog! If anyone knows either of them MAKE IT HAPPEN! If you don't know 1love1light just look on YouTube, dude is SICK and abstract they would blend perfect


    Canibus is such an intelligent rapper it boggles my mind. Much props to him, just look a the title of the album and its meaning! He is in a league of his own. He should do a collaboration with Immortal Tech... fait accompli fet kmpl,ft/ noun a thing that has already happened or been decided before those affected hear about it, leaving them with no option but to accept.

  • david

    "Finance your fine ass" Bis doesn't disappoint on this one. the beats are pretty dope aswell.

  • George MerchantBX

    Man his modern style is like Hitler dictating. You can try to break it down as much as you'd like but not everyone is into tongue twisting mind bending double meaning lyrics that you can repeat three times and say some slightly different shit every time. Hes dictating. Listen. Besides all that hes the best to rap on anything ever. No one comes close. I mean a few come slightly close. Im drunk. The point is: it is what it is. The greatest lyricist rapper hip hop artist. Ever. Thats that

  • Xavier Hustler

    Beautiful album

  • Anonymous

    Awesome album, Canibus kills it on every verse. He's still one of the best lyricists around.

  • MrRicoSlick

    Fait Accompli is a solid effort at best from a legendary lyricist that is Canibus. However Bis' inability to successfully marry his battle rap-honed technique that is heavily dependent on his wordplay and alliteration, with his storytelling is his major Achilles heel. Canibus is always armed with a wealth of vocabulary but rarely ever utilizes this armory to make intelligible lyrical content & Fait Accompli is no exception. Unlike his social-political contemporaries like Immortal Technique, K Rino and Brother Ali, Bis struggles to delve into the crux of the subject matter he usually brings up in most of his tracks. This is largely down to his underdeveloped skill of story telling. This is why his conspiracy theory musings feel largely like baseless rants rather than a well constructed treatise on this subject matter. Fait Accompli is a conceptual album but is their anything new we really gain in terms of Canibus' own perspective? Or is it just regurgitated thoughts from external sources? I feel there is a strong case for the latter. Fiat Accompli's soundscape is quite modest when compared to the aura the album intended to create. Even Canibus' aggressive delivery overpowers these beats, they negate the power of the message he tries to put across. Surely if you want to draw the listener in and retain his attention the backdrop has to be more ominous than this, especially when speaking on trepidatious subject matter like Area 51, Armageddon and secret societies. Grandiloquence took a back seat on this one but oblique quotes are still prevalent, the enigma that is Canibus' inability to create a cohesive masterpiece persists. For all his lyrical dexterity Canibus rarely offers anything original or meaningful. 3 stars.

  • cuthbert

    canibus killed this album

  • cfobia


  • D-money

    Classic album- plenty of replay value. 1 theme throughout. No skipping songs. 1 song with guest appearances. Beats to match the themes. More detail and lyricism than any other album ever recorded. Soundtrack to the times we live in. No breaks inbetween songs. Canibus at his best. Well put together album.

  • Anonymous

    I haven't heard anyone comment on the bonus ghost song

  • Anonymous

    Although the lyrics are complex for some, the subject matter is something even people with mediocre intelligence can understand



  • Anonymous

    This is a bipolar review. The person that gave this review should be spade and neutered

  • PayJay

    RTJ00 gonna be crack, just like PL00 is. I haven't listened to this album yet, cause of how political it sounds, but I will give it a listen.

  • All right ok

    I love Canibus; the guy has lyrics, delivery and intellect. But the conspiracy theory stuff gets old. Alex Jones is as full of shit as Bill O'Reilly.

  • Mike

    He's been in his own league since he got on the scene.

  • 7one9

    Lyrics are amazing , nobody can spit like that. I bought album for lyrical content only . Only downside on this album was too much of that radio host talking.

  • Canibus Fans are Stans

    Jeezus look at all these faggots in here who wanna suck Canibus's dick. It's disgusting. Dude is not one of the goats. He was a blip in hip hop. The only reason he's still around is all the faggots in the comments section gassin him up. He's been irrelevant for years. I don't even have to listen to the album to know it's ass but I will give it a listen just to confirm the faggotry of Canibus dickriders. Of all the ppl you pick to dickride and you pick CANIBUS?? HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Anonymous

      Canibus is thee greatest of all time!!

    • umad?

      Shut the fuck up.

    • Ninja

      Also, he's still around because he keeps making music and is obviously financially capable of producing it and recouping, therefore able to live off his craft. What more reason does someone need to create hip-hop other than that they can? Canibus fans didn't post this review or any other reviews. If music media covers something, they're making it relevant of their own volition, with or without any comment sections anywhere.

    • Ninja

      Not everybody listens to music purely based on relevancy and popularity. That severely limits what you can enjoy.

  • Ninja

    This review rubs me the wrong way, but at least it's not brutal. 3 stars is better than 1 star. "plagued with obtuseness" is just not how I see it. It's metaphor, poetic language and references that operate under a presumption that the target, core Canibus fanbase will try to interpret or be learned enough to have some of the context already. He's serving himself and the fans who dig it, rather than trying to tap into a larger market by keeping it simple and superficial. Yes, the production isn't like having an all RZA, Kanye, El P or Primo album, or 17 different "hot producers" on every "single"... but it being one producer with a cohesive soundscape, vision and presentation, as well as a great chemistry and committed work ethic has done more to deliver a solid album than Wyclef on executive production, post-recording mixdowns that Stoupe did, or the total randomness from track to track that most of his albums have always had... for better or worse. A lot of people simply doesn't get the idea of real album making, imo. The target demographic wants Doggystyle/Be/Infamous/A Piece of Strange/Only Built 4 Cuban Linx style family affairs, not scatterbrained production styles and rosters that can only benefit marketing teams and year-long plans for single releases + videos. When you make an album the opposite way, you get an end to end burner, and a self contained piece of work. When you try the "hot producer" formula you get a wannabe greatest hits album that might as well be sold piecemeal, in single-serving songs on itunes nowadays. I'd rather a decent example of the former, than an excellent example of the latter. I think it works, works well, and brought out the best in Canibus.

  • Imwatchingyou

    Deep album. Cohesive message. Good replay value. Support one of the GOATS in hip-hop. God bless.

  • Hexagram

    Btw, I just saw Hop Hop DX gave a 3 star rating. What the hell? Overall, the review does seem quite amateur, regardless of any rating.

  • Hexagram

    Canibus killed it! Complex rhymes and nice delivery with some really good production. I think the beats do set off a great vibe for this album. I say support real hip hop and purchase a copy!!!

  • Anonymous

    Bis is on fire and this is only the beggining fo 2014

  • Anonymous

    seems people are 50/50 on the beats, i like them, bis went ham on this. dim wits won't appreciate.

  • A$AP

    The beats on this project is TRASH. Whats going on yo...

  • Ripper311

    Lots of typos in here. My bad. The next to last like should read "hip hop to the core"

  • Ripper311

    First of all, this review of 'Fait Accompli' is trash. Who's the editor, here? Get with it, people. Second, this album is brilliant. Rip The Jacker is back and he's bringing more knowledge than ever. Canibus speaks on certain topics and things that mosr other rappers don't even know about. Flow, lyrical content, delivery, story telling and imagery are top notch in this album. The production has somewhat of a 90's feel it and JP Beats brought production that fit perfectly for the vibe of this album. Canibus proves, yet again, that he is one of the greatest lyracists to ever do it. The lack of choruses in the album, make for more thought provoking informative material for the listen, creating somewhat or a "vibe", if you will, connecting each song together with a professional sounding, seamless, connected feel. Love him or hate him, Canibus is back with 'Fiat Accompli' as Canibus provides us an album with a true hip hop feel. If you want the mainstream/pop hip hop with the "singalong choruses", you won't find that here. If you want real, raw hip hop, to the car. Check this album out and don't forget to thank Canibus for dropping more classic material for all real hip hop heads and Rippers to enjoy.

  • Anonymous

    This is by far the best album out this year!!!

  • Brian

    GARBAGE. 5 is the most popular ranking. 18 people gave it a perfect five. LOL. Canibus street team hard at work.

  • bmac

    album is certified classic, despite all the skits canibus has delivered the gems and the masses continue to be blinded by the bubble gum hip hop on the radio

  • Rocky

    Regardless of the nehativity. .. Canibus kills it, murders it and completely obliterates this album. People concerned with beats listen to my nigga YG or the Young Money Empire. You want lyrics, mind, thought provoking shit this is it my dude. BOOM!

  • dewy

    THIS ALBUM NEEDS TO BE REMIXED. BEATS ARE ASS! canibus fucking killed this album start to finish. the best end of world lyrics and content ever featured on a hip hop album. canibus delivered here. every verse is some dark, thought provoking, bugged out shit. it appears canibus has found salvation and is expecting more of the human race, knowing what to expect. I HOPE A LEGIT FAN/ARTIST remixes THIS WORK. it truly is some of canibus' finest work, on his end of the deal. the worst beatgs on a bis album maybe ever. hip hop for sale level production with bis cutting heads off. im giving it a 4 cuz bis is one of my favorites of all time and he did great work here. the beats REALLY let him down though. cheap kits, boring samples. lacking in soul. bis needs to find one great producer and roll with it. JP BEATS is GARBAGE. all his shit sounds cheap and SOULLESS! white nerd beats. no hate.

  • VegaX

    Classic record, Canibus is back! Highly advise everyone to buy and support this! Great features and production!

  • Crit

    So HipHopDX starts a "Album review" by trying to Clown a Artist???? Son i cant stand these fucking reviews anymore.

  • hrzn88

    For lyrical content alone this album easily surpasses all other recent releases, these are actually thoughtful lyrics, that are thought provoking for the listener. Poetic in essence, and to the right souls, you'll understand the deeper meanings. The production was surprisingly good, I think reviewers just expect Bis to always have bad production, or it's some sort of inside joke that I don't get, but his production over the years hasn't been that bad, there's a lot of artists with worse production. RTJ had undeniably great production, I thought Mic Club was solid, For Whom The Beat Tolls was excellent, Undergods, Melatonin Magik, Lyrical Law were all solid... anyways. You're missing the bigger picture, a beat is just a beat without meaningful lyricism over it, pay closer attention.

  • Anonymous

    Canibus should get on the rebel music remix with MC Ren and Ice Cube!!

  • Anonymous

    How the fuck does Mac miller get a 4?

  • Sgt. Armpits

    I'm a die hard Canibus fan , I'm always going to support that brother in his works. I dont care what any review reaads or what any critic says, This album is fucking amazing and all the true hip hop heads and rippers know this. Peace!

  • Mythril Shield

    The more you read, the more you know. Conflicted souls stifle their owns offspring as they grow.

  • Rainbow

    blog whores love satan

    • Rainbow


  • Adam

    Dope album, some of the best Canibus has put out, only downfall is the large amount of skits, but Bis more than makes up for it when you consider how there is so much to digest when Bis starts ripping the mic! One of my favorites from him! :)

  • Anonymous

    Great work from the Ripper

  • tcruz

    heavy on the conspiracy side, but great nonetheless...not my favorite canibus album content wise but lyrically some of his best work in years

  • dave

    This may be the corniest line ever written in a review for anything: "Canibus seems to have raised the artistic bar so high on this new album that he could only sink or swim, and he turns out to be capable of a damn good Michael Phelps impression."

  • Anonymous

    Bad beats, but great verses.

  • Anonymous

    This album is dope. Deserved at least a 3.5 but I'd give it a 4/5. The production wasn't bad at all. Some of the beats like on "Sinflation" are actually really dope. Content-wise this album is jam-packed. The best songs are: "Sinflation" "Dysons fear of spheres" "The principle of equivelance" "The last christians" "Godless america" I really enjoyed this...and I wasn't expecting much going into it (just because I wasn't sure where Canibus' head was). But there are times on this album when he was brilliant.

  • Hip Hop Is Canibus !

    Another Masterpiece From The Canibus Man !

    • Adam

      WTF Bis has tons of classics, 2nd Round is one of the best battle records in all of hip-hop, your the dumbass lmao Plus there are IMO way better tracks out there that "should" be considered classics but its just to advanced for the general sheeple

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick >>>> Can I bus Cornibus is the most overrated under ground lyricist ever. K-Rino is a superior version of what Canibus tries to be.

    • keizypaul

      ^^^ go listen to Lupe or kendrick, this is for the real heads

    • Anonymous

      He never dropped a classic you dumbass.

  • tRUlEE tHEE eMCee

    RAWWWw SHiT ! Five Mics Type Shit ! The People Is Sleeping On Some Real Serious Shit That's Willing To Occur ! #RTJ2Infinity #FaitAccompli

  • JRich

    Not to get too nitpicky...but comparing Canibus to Pete Rose is dumb as fuck, to put it mildly.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    These dudes on this website that either don't know how to spell, or don't have enough sense to proof read thier own articles trying to judge this album is like a kindergartener trying to review a Kafka novel. C'mon man. Stick to what ya'll do best, stirring up frivolous contraversy, and jocking commercial rappers.

    • Sensaye Sixkller

      You're not DX staff, and them niggas do not have a dining hall. If they do, they need to shut it down and turn it into a library so they can do some homework and write some articles with substance, instead of a two-paragraph article on which one of Kanye West's toenails is the longest. Don't act like we don't have the right to critique poorly written material. That's the problem with Hip-Hop, too many sensitive motherfuckers that need to be patted on the back all the time.

    • Anonymous

      Dumb ass, unless you hope to vomit, people don't eat meat in tandem with seafood, fucker. Saw it happen once, fucking fruit tried it at a workplace luncheon and ended up hurling from stuffing his face and ended up losing his job. p.s That's not DXstaff replying, they wouldn't be that dumb.

    • hrzn88

      Not sure why I can't reply to @DX Staff, but this is the exact sort of unprofessionalism we're referring to. Get the fuck off your high horse, insult people for not eating as good? I think the Canibus man himself said it best: "You sit around your tables and say grace Eatin' steak, while you live like kings and treat kings like apes" Greed is a disease, don't let it get you killed, DX Staff. And never put someone down for not living as well as you, you're missing the entire meaning of life.

    • DX Staff

      I believe the word is spelled controversy, you dumb sack of shit. And don't worry about proofreading or spell check. Worry about which Hungry Man dinner you gonna be chowing down on while we're in the staff dining hall eating filet mignon and lobster.

  • Anonymous

    hiphopdx reviews are losing credibility, you guys give slaughter house' 2nd garbage album 4 and a half but give bis and atmosphere a 3 when their music actually has substance.

  • PB9K

    The person that reviewed this album is very inconsistent and hands out back handed compliments. This is album about corruption and conspiracy in today's society and stays true to that format. It's not often in today's day and age the one producer handles all of the production duties. Maybe the editor who wrote the story would prefer adhd styles beats or maybe trap? In short spurts some rhymes are a bit simple, that's to ensure to that particular message gets across. Some would also view that as versatility. All in all this is an above average album worthy of at least four stars.

    • DX Staff

      Oh come the fuck on LOL. Why are you hipppity hop fans always got your nuts in a twist about the reviews. Sheesh. We gave it a three. To us, that seems like a decent score. Every album cannot be album of the year, you know. Shit doesn't make any sense.

    • Anonymous

      Well said ripper

  • Anon

    It's a masterpiece no doubt. Didn't like the beats very much at first, but they're pretty solid. The lyrics though, WOW. Comparable to his "Rip the jacker" album!

  • Chess

    Always appreciate the lyrics of Bis but the majority of the production on this album is shocking. 'This ain't the movies' is possibly the worst beat in history!

  • anon

    i haven't listened yet, but the community rating is 4.20 so no one else needs to vote

  • Anonymous

    this is a 4 star album at the very least.

  • What???

    Y'all gave Mac Miller 4 and this 3?????? Hiphopdx needs to get a reality check in music taste.

    • Robert Earle Stanton

      "Finance yo' fine ass, they cherry pick off the street" Canibus release "Fait Accompli" offers a "Concept album" (in this day and age and in hip hop, a rare thing) with amazing, tight, production, based around sound bytes throughout from underground radio conspirator "Hawk"is not only brave but a true work of art. Most hip hop fans would not appreciate this. A noise-esque version of the Star Spangled banner plays in the background while we hear cryptic samples to silence and Hawk saying "Luciferians" Canibus does not even start rapping until close to 5 minutes in. He brings up several apocalyptic/post apocalyptic samples (eg the title of the album) yet lyrically speaks on where we are at as a whole -"Mother Mary Magdalene said a prayer with a tweet" and leaves us where most Philosophy does, as reading Plato - begging more questions. It's a very groundbreaking album in many ways, as again, it would not be accepted by mainstream. This is an artist, and I would definitely recommend it,however, probably not to most hip hop/rap fans. The powerful singe, "Pay Me in Gold's" video was abstract with The Director putting a song "The Last Christians" to open it. Interesting the writer of this article brought in the "Dizaster Battle" where early on Canibus metaphorically spoke of our demise (The Owl on the Dollar bill, Bohemian Grove, ect) Canibus is in a place he said he was the first song of his first album in 1998. "Put me in the same category you would put Marilyn Manson in" as "Don't put me in a box" and begged called said "9 out of 10 of these rap artists are garage" and begged them, "to start spitting some *hit I can listen to" After that first album, the brilliant "2000 BC" and what followed that was an artist with conviction. Putting out a bad album on purpose in "C True Hollywood Stories" (where he knocked not only just one rap artist yet hip hop in general) That album could be seen as a brilliant achievement or him screwing himself. That album was followed by the brilliant "Mic Club The Cirriculum" and "Rip the Jacker" - a not so great "Hip Hop for Sale" would follow yet after that in '07 we got the brilliant "For Whom the Beat Tolls" and then came, "Melatonin Majik" -"C of Tranquility" to "Lyrical Law." How these can be overlooked is easy, you can't put him in a box, he's a true artist. While some close minded people would understandably have problems with "Fait Accompli" others would see it's fresh, new and different. After the Dizaster Battle and Fait Accompli Canibus would make news around last Christmas on stage at Barkley Center performing with LL Cool J putting squashing their beef that goes back to 1998. May 12, 2012 his new LP "Time Flys... Life Dies. Phoenix Rise" will be released. Two samples have been put out at this time - by Robert Earle Stanton

    • SIGH

      Jesus Christ!!! A 3 is a decent score!!! Why must you people always cry about our ratings??? Fait Accompli seemed like an okay record, nothing special. Every artist isn't capable of coming out with a phenomenal album of the year type record, okay? Would you give Jay that title? Nas maybe? No. Even legendary artists have okay or sup par albums.

    • HipHopdx hates Canibus

      BS Review again, HipHopdx did a BS review for Melatonin Magic & C of Tranquility

  • Regardless

    Again, a very misunderstood record from the great Can-I-Bus. Canibus, either you hate him or you love him.

  • WinterWarz

    dope, real hip hop

  • asher dust

    Decent...nothing more

    • Anonymous

      this album is two hours of fire my ninja

    • AreYouKiddingMe

      That was decent at best. I can't understand everyone saying this has terrible beats but it is still a masterpiece. 40% of the album is recorded audio clips. If you don't want to spend money on this album and want a better experience, just play your favorite instrumentals while you have CNN on in the background.

  • benjy

    A good hip hop album but nothing excting.