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Though Tech N9ne played it surprisingly safe with the actual "Collabos," his Strange Music team is talented and cohesive enough to appease his loyal fanbase.

Those familiar with Tech N9ne’s “Collabos” series know that the name is misnomer. Each of the five LPs feature guests on every track, but those guests are almost exclusively Strange Music signees, resulting in cohesive but intensely insular projects. If anything, 2011’s All 6’s and 7’s is the true collaborative Tech album, with appearances that range from Lil Wayne and T-Pain to Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar. The “Collabos” instead function more as Strange Music showcases, and the aptly titled Strangeulation is certainly not an exception.

There’s no problem with Tech N9ne putting on his own artists, but Strangeulation’s creative potential is stunted by just how much those artists are trying to sound like their label head. “I don’t rap fast, I’ma leave that up to Tech and ‘em / Ces, Bernz, Krizz, Rittz, Wrek and the rest of ‘em,” newly signed Murs raps on “Hard (A Monster Made It).” He’s not kidding: almost every feature deploys the double-time, dense rhyme schemes, vocal layering and other stylistic nuances that Tech has been popularizing for more than a decade. The output is consistent, but after 17 tracks and four bonus cuts, equally exhaustive. Loyal fans are amply rewarded; those unfamiliar with the self-proclaimed “King Of Darkness” likely aren’t using Strangeulation as a starting point.

Thematically, much of the album is centered on Strange Music’s stringent independence and agency-assuming spirit. Strangeulation’s manifesto is declared in its opening lines, where a facetious Tech sings, “Smashes the masses, but the industry’s hatin’ asses.” Most of the proceeding songs form a rallying cry against mainstream and commercialized Hip Hop, with each member of Strange Music making a persuasive effort to prove that they’re going to be fine without the backing of a major label. The anti-mainstream attacks have a communal spirit, be it the four-part “Strangeulation” cyphers or gang vocals over the wailing guitar and driving stadium hook of lead single “Over It.” But the “fuck the industry” message so forcefully inscribed throughout the project is more effective when approached from an individual perspective; established names like Tech N9ne, Murs and Rittz offer more poignant reasons for going independent than fellow collaborators.

Touching so often on independence and the disregard for industry is eventually self-defeating. The standouts on Strangeulation come instead when Tech and Co. dive into more involved subject matter and tone down the rapping about rapping. “Fear” is a harrowing account of Tech N9ne’s mother losing her memory in a battle with epilepsy and lupus, and the faith-shaking questions that result. Using three different choruses, whirring 808s and elegiac vocals from Mackenzie O’Guin, “Fear” offers some of the most earnest introspection of Tech’s career. An equally trenchant discussion of addiction and alcoholism comes on “The Calling” and “Withdrawal.”

But Strangeulation isn’t without some strangely-themed posse cuts. The American Psycho-inspired “American Horror Story” is plagued by jarring alarm glitches, an unsettling hook and some throwaway lines (“I’d rather be the one pissed off, than to ever be the one pissed on” raps Ces Cru’s Godemis). Worse is “Na Na,” which finds Tech rapping, “My goodness / You’re the reason for my woodness,” over background moans and amorous guitar strums. Rittz takes the third verse to detail “leavin’ hotel comforters and sheets destroyed” when his girl is on her period, before asking if that was TMI. Probably.

Of course, Strangeulation separates itself from essentially every other release of 2014 from a purely technical standpoint. Tech N9ne’s multisyllabics are sharp as ever, while Murs spills dense rhyme schemes with his tongue firmly planted in cheek. The ascending Rittz keeps up with Tech and Krizz Kaliko and fits the Strange Music aesthetic impeccably well on “Make Waves,” and following along with all four “Strangeulation” cyphers is enough to make even the most ardent backpacker woozy. Stevie Stone continues to evolve, and the dour Kutt Calhoun shines in a diminished role.

Now five albums into the “Collabos” series, it would have been interesting to see Tech N9ne hook up with some of Hip Hop’s other independent heavyweights. Tech raps about seeing “me, K. Lamar and Macklemore sharing the same stage,” and while the major label aversion is understandable, Strangeulation only has so much upside without expanding beyond Strange Music. An artist so comfortable with cross-genre experimentation and forward-thinking lyricism played it surprisingly safe with the actual “collabos,” but Tech’s in-house team is more than good enough to keep the project in rotation for dedicated fans.

***Editor’s Note: This review has been corrected to reflect Strange Music artists Prozak and Ces Cru being referred to as “up-and-comers.” Prozak and Ces Cru have released multiple projects via Strange Music.***


  • Trevnasty

    He kills it, enough said.

  • Anonymous

    Deserves a higher rating than a 3 period.

  • Austin Clark

    My dream is to rap right next to you tech n9ne

  • Austin Clark

    This song blows my mined

  • Con

    Haven't taken a DX review seriously since the doctor's advocate got a guys suck.

  • AceUndead

    Lets see you guys that are callin him overrated and bad at rapping try to be in the rap game for as long as he has and come up with shit that hasn't been said on every rap album ever.

  • Fuck yea

    Im still jamming this album everyday, so far it deserved at least a 3.5 if not a 4, c'mon!?!

  • Omerta Six

    Overrated rapper.

    • Anonymous

      I don't think you know who Tech N9ne is.. Tech drops about 2 albums every year one is his solo album and this one is his TECH N9ne Collabos album you ass clown!!! If you don't buy his shit or ever listen to him then why come on here to comment and talk shit about Tech? (Because I got No life) I get it lol!!

    • nigga you dumb

      nigga you dumb he not overrated he a dope rapper

    • Omerta Six

      What I mean is that he's simply overrated, he's not as dope as these ratings claim, This fool features other artist in every track obviously because he sucks by himself.

    • dumb

      I dont get how people say this, how is he overrated? Because you dont get what he says? lol elaborate man, because if anything he's underrated

  • Anonymous

    was dissapointed

  • Anonymous

    Can't get enough of strange..for those hating go PARTY THE PAIN AWAY." TECH N9NEEEEE!!

  • Anonymous

    Even AFRICA is loving it.Strange music!!

  • Anonymous

    congrats to tech on another dope project

  • Verbal Tim

    Fuckin boring. Everybody raps the same way on this album. Plus this kitschy fake stadium rock sound makes me bust the screen. Tech N9ne used to be an original dude but now he just repeats himself and shits records without any motivation. Mad overrated. 1/5

    • Anonymous

      Murs rapped nothing like tech Jay Rock rapped nothing like tech Godemis rapped nothing like tech Stevie Stone rapped nothing like tech Kutt Calhoun rapped nothing like tech Big Scoob reapped nothing like tech Bernz rapped nothing like tech Ubiquitous rapped nothing like tech And Prozak rapped nothing like tech You have no idea why you don't like it (if you even listened to it. Just blind hate.

  • Anonymous

    5 Outta 5 mother fuckass's

  • Bernadette

    HARD!!! DEEP MEANINGFUL REAL RAW CREATIVE CLEVER Lyrics and Beats; TRUE HARD MUSIC MASTERPIECE; So INCREDIBLE - I play CD nonstop. TECH is a MENTAL GIANT TALENTED GENIUS; showcasing such talent individually and with his artists for everyone to listen to. I bought this at Independent Grind Tour's Omaha, NE show on May 9, 2014. *This Deluxe includes an insert (11 page BOOKLET) in which TECH shares POWERFUL insightful thought-provoking poetry and pictures. **SUPER SPECIAL UNIQUE BONUS ITEM included: The 2014 Strange Music TECH N9NE -COLLABOS- STRANGEULATION Inaugural .999 Silver Collector Coin which is MAGNIFICENT STUNNING and very meaningful; I've carried coin with me daily - it does come in a protective case.

  • Young Thug a.k.a NotReally

    Lol classic retort from Ice Yous a funny nukka Heavy rotation this week 1.Homeboy sandman - Bad meaning bad 2.Mos def - Cream of the planet 3.Fat freddys drop - Mother, Mother 4.Viktor Vaughn - The drop 5.Das Racist - Shut up dude! 6.Dangelo - Greatdayindamornin 7.Jungle bros - Brain 8.Watts Gangstaz - Hennessy & chronic 9.The Roots - Proceed pt.3 ft Bahamadia 10.Pink floyd - Wish you were here Fuck yo mama

  • drake runs rap

    ovo shits all over these unknown scrubs

  • Anonymous

    This album was crazy. Sure they all have a variation of the same flow, but they all have their own voice. Consider me Strangulated. PS give Mayday a push. Mursday is gonna be dope.

  • Gravitational 1

    This review is straight Wacker than vanilla ices TV show. This homie tryna act all holey and cast this album down like the devils dick. Fuck hhdx strange is hands down the best label in existence at the moment in the hip hop game.LEARN SOMETHING!

  • Anonymous

    HIP HOP DX IS NOT CREDIBLE. Bad reviews all the time. They gave Kanye west yeezus 4.5! enough said!

  • Jesus

    Editors notes should detail a lot more of the mistakes this fuck up of a writer made fuck you HipHop DX pull your shot together and get rid of this bullshit writer who sleepy doesn't take his job seriously

  • Anonymous

    That editors note is missing quite a few mistakes made in this review

  • Flamez

    To be honest,i always look forward to looking at DX Reviews on Strange Music artists because i know it always end up so fucked up. I find it to be disrespectful for DX to put at the end " Editors Note: This review has been corrected to reflect Strange Music artists Prozak and Ces Cru being referred to as up-and-comers. Prozak and Ces Cru have released multiple projects via Strange Music. ". Its like the person who have done this review have no understanding on what Strange Music is about and clearly this Collabo album,judging from this statement " Now five albums into the Collabos series, it would have been interesting to see Tech N9ne hook up with some of Hip Hops other independent heavyweights" . This album was meant to be only featuring Strange Music artists and to be honest,the amount of songs that dont talk about "Fuck the Industry" outweighs the songs that are rebellious to the Mainstream. and the fact that a album like this gets a 3/5 clearly shows the reviewer dont understand this shit. I would honestly give it a 4/5 with room for improvement.

  • abgrenv

    I wouldn't even mind him giving it 3 stars because that's just his opinion. But I believe the biggest problem with this review is that it's done by someone who obviously knows Tech N9ne for All 6's and 7's. Him calling that album a "real" collabos album shows that he doesn't know shit about any other of his albums (maybe Something Else). He misses the point that the Collabos albums are made to put the Strange Music artists into the spotlight. Yeah maybe some big name collaborations would be good, but only if they were featured along with Strange artists and not instead of them, as the "reviewer" wanted. It would be advised to re-review the album with a critic who at least gives a fuck to at least check wikipedia or something in order not to look like a dumbass who clearly doesn't know much about the rapper who's album he is reviewing. It's fine if you don't know his music, but if you write a review at least do your research. Anyway for me this is a 4 star album and in my opinion it wouldn't deserve anything less than at least 3 1/2 stars. I was hoping to see Prozak and Brotha Lynch Hung on more tracks though, they are great rappers but somehow they with the little appearances they make on Strange Music releases they don't get the same shine as others on the label (same goes for Jay Rock).

  • Elijah

    way better than any of the crap on the radio

  • sk3tch

    8/10 could have gotten another point if the cypher wasnt broken up into 4 parts.

  • Jaja


  • Harvey D

    "You want my old shit, buy my old album"

  • Fuck this fool

    Fuck that, heres Steven Goldsteins twitter - @Steven_L_G , go give this fool hell. How do you get paid to butcher reviews bro? sorry ass shit

  • Teeej

    mobbin like some immigrants!

  • Slum

    The industry is a bunch of punks. Let them hate. The fans will make it the highest rated album on the site. He gave the fans what they mother fucking wanted for once much respect. Hiphopdx Didnt have the right person scoreing this. (They should do another review.) And not listen to that fucking over it song, personally I hate that song. Be grateful.

  • Vinny Vendetta

    Love how people are saying that Tech fans are getting butthurt but those are the ones that would be butthurt if someone doesn't like their music. It's not because the guy has a valid point about why he doesn't like the album, it's the simple fact that he has no idea what he is talking about. Like saying All 6'S And 7's was a collabo album, NO. That was his solo album. People need to know their shit before flapping their gums about what they think they know. Lol

  • god

    How can this guy have such annoying fanbase?

  • Anonymous

    Best album of the year, this guy does not know shit. Strange= Raw talent Must be too hard, for you punk ass bitches. Hahaha I bet they would love lynch Grrr!!

  • big mike

    Strange worked their asses off and tech shows his skill with very little time to put together his verses, he still hits it hard. imagine what he could do if he took his time.

  • grant

    this cd is lame as hell i want old tech back

  • grant

    not the tech nine i knpw that makes rap not crap

  • Steven Goldbitch sucks tranny dicks

    Horrible Review We demand redo by someone that actually understands what talent is now days. Tech and Strange have it this fag must be stuck on Justina Beonca's cooch! Album deserves the highest stars available and an award for Tech!!!

  • YEP

    Strange Music... get with it.

  • Anonymous

    this is a good review of this album too

  • esco

    these fanboys ... omg

  • Martin


  • Anonymous

    really didn't listen to that last 4 then. the point is to collab with strange artists. he collaborates with other artists on his own albums...

  • Randel Hollingsworth

    Who the fuck is Steven Goldstein anyway. They need to re review this by someone who actually knows their shit. Steve should kill him self for disrespecting Tech N9ne.

  • fox

    steve sounds like a fucking dumbass

  • D

    Did u listen to the album? It's five stars u can take ur Tpain Kendrick N SYNC and put them on timberlakes and give him five stars. Your a fucking pussy Steve .... Why no reveiw but ur a hater so u can suck me. Embrace the album as one of the best and don't downplay because they left out miley cyrus n shit.

  • Simon

    I can understand that this album is not received as good as a lot of other strange music albums. Songs like Red Rags, Make Waves, Withdrawal, Over it make up for a lot though. I think though, that a lot of people, is having a problem with the rating system of HHDX, I mean come on, Future's album "Honest" got a 3. I mean, read the review for future's album, and even the article writer basically calls it garbage, yet it lands a 3 anyway? This is far from SM's best, but SM is growing, and I think the 2nd time around, with this roster, will be perfection. This was more finding itself as a "major" label in the sense, that they got a bunch of artists on now. So my guess is, if/when the next collab album comes, it's something that will blow the competition out of the water. With that said - WE WANT KUTT CALHOUN! Kutty Cal, conceptually, flow-wise, lyrics-wise, is the dopest artist on SM. I want to hear more from KC.

  • Anonymous

    This is one lousy review editor did not do his research on the artist or the album Album was dope 5

  • pie

    Review seem to be done after one hearing. I can't rate review, I can review album, and it's dope. Some hooks are lame unforunately, but it still deserve better rating and 4 is minimum. Please, do better next time hhdx while reviewing Tech N9NE's album, I really would like to see what is your opinion after diggin' this album. (sorry 4 mine english )

  • Luke

    This album deserves a better review, as a die hard to the bone technician this album still quenches my thirst for new and great music from strange music. Whoever wrote this review needs to have their head examined.

  • Fuckyourcouch

    Nevermind, everybody just calm the fuck down, it's just a Jew talking shit, that's kind of what they do, talk shit and give bad ratings to things that don't praise them or worship satan. It's all good, carry on.

  • J

    You're an idiot, the artists ARE exclusively Strange Music artists, there are no artists that aren't strange, you're a bad writer who's done no research on the product you're reviewing, and that's not an opinion, it's an observation. This review is bad, and you should feel bad.

  • Eserox

    I've yet to hear a song where he disappoints and doesn't bring what he always has to the 'table'. He keeps it up and doesn't f*** it up

  • BLasphemousDA

    I have "Which One" stuck in my head

  • Anonymous

    hip hop dx comments are worse than fucking youtube comments

  • Adam tha 1st

    I love it. Tech never dissapoints.

  • Zupplanter

    Strange Music allwayz comes out with some fire and different.

  • the lurker

    as a hardcore fan I love this review, this album has so many issues -tech flow chopping us to death on half the album -krizz never breaking out of techs chopper style -hooks are annoying -sound effects make AHS inaudible -cypher beat is bland -song topics are overdone (drink, smoke, f#ck- i love nana- whose f #cking with us, etc.)

  • Steve-Ooh

    Strangulation went hard as h*ll I like it and I've had it for almost a month now this review is poor (^S^)trange Music all day

  • Benjamin Washington

    This review wasnt completely correct. Either way i gave Strangeulation a 5 because it was more lyrical, versatile, and in many ways better then Something Else. Strangeulation together is almost as complex as one of Tech n9nes first albums Anghellic.

  • Reed Slater

    It's what I expected and more. Nobody do it like strange music do it do it!! Had the album playing all day. Can't wait to see tech and kali in two weeks.

  • Mike

    This review is not even credible. This guy has no clue about anything having to do with the concept of this album or the Strange Music artists. They are not trying to be like Tech, they have rapped like this forever and that is why they are signed to Strange, because they can actually rap. I listen to everything and this album is honestly some of the best hip hop that i have heard in a while, it is a shame that a "hip hop site" cannot recognize this. The writer makes himself seem like an idiot with this review. There have been some really bad reviews on here but this would be the one that Dx needs to seriously think about redoing. Oh, and how the hell are you gonna give an adequate review only a couple hours after it dropped?!

  • Michael Fratto

    This reviewer totally didn't get the concept. This is not a tech n9ne album its a strange music collabos album putting people outside of strange would have diminished the product. I think this review just wants a song about him by tech. I think this reviewer need a better understanding of independants.

  • Vegas Hustle

    The Producer" Seven" came wit it on those beats. Crazy how versatile he is. BEST STRANGE ALBUM TO DATE !! GO ahead and Hate if you want too those boys rapping they ass off .No crew has a Roster like that or came with an album like this!! SHIT IS FIRE!! "WE ARE FREE".. Ga Damn !!

  • Ed

    This shit bangs HARD! It goes up! ^S^

  • Vegas Hustle

    THIS ALBUM BANGS !! I would rather here FUCK the industry rap then the Repetitive i got this chain, this car and mansion bullshit. Fast rap or not true talent is shown on this album in all areas. LOW BLOW on Kutt he went hard on his appearances. That Review is not accurate. But That song NA NA is terrible though. Real talk. They were trippn with that bullshit.

  • Jason Brooks

    epic album, love it

  • @CrackhouseBars

    No ones mad at the fact it got a 3/5, their mad because this dude doesnt know what he's talking about, and that would/should offend any fan of any artist it happens too. Even though hhdx thinks they know rap, they clearly dont. Im not pulling a stan or nothing, but if they knew rap, Tech and people like him (I dont mean just rapping fast either) should be a 4 every time just because they are more skilled than these future-ass rappers. Just doing that would make their 5 rating relevant, because now to get close to a 5 you have to only fill half your cd up, give the people that buy it no artwork other than red tape, and then dont let major labels and networks advertise your album-which was and in ways, still is how strange does the latter of the three. As a Strange fan, this review was an insult to a label that in my opinion put(s) out some of the most relevant and thoughtful music we will hear these days. That being said, I thought it deserved a 4, it goes back to that old strange music sound that made stuff like vitiligo and anghellic what it is to us now(dont crucify me for that comparison please) For a collab album, this was on point. Special Effects will show the people doubting him that he still got it, why would you put solo album effort into an album you know wont compare? think about that

  • Vincent

    This album IS perfection !! These guys are awesome

  • pizzacutter

    eh. 3 stars is appropriate.

  • Anonymous

    Yo, I been a big Strange Music fan for 4 years but I'm not a fucking Stan like half these fuckboys on here. This shit was kinda weak, it deserves a 3.

  • T-Wagz

    The entire point of collabos is to show whats going on at strange.

  • Myles Lacayo

    I keep finding myself flipping back and forth through several songs, and avoiding the rest of the album. This in itself reveals to me that I'm not quite as comfortable with or excited by this album as I was with past collaborations. Also, the beat for the Strangeulation cypher quickly becomes annoying and repetitive after Part 1. It was also not as balanced as I expected, with several already underrepresented artists making very brief, infrequent appearances.

  • Mckenzy M

    Tech killin' it again!!

  • NotAsGoodAsWTS

    Lol at one guy calling the rating blasphemous. Everyone's entitled to their opinion but Tech's fans get so butt hurt when anyone calls him anything less than one of the best. It's really off-putting. There were definitely stand-out tracks but they got lost in the cyphers, and songs about sex, superior rapping and anti-industry sentiments. It's starting to get stale to me. Not even Fear, The Calling or Withdrawal could salvage the album. Now commence the hate from pissed off juggalos and white teenagers.

    • the lurker

      Thank you, the tech-c#ck riders are in full force over here

    • ty

      Im a huge fan of Tech and I am a Juggalo but seems you are right he is getting hella stale just puttin shit out to stack his pockets he should spend more time on a project not bring one after another out it was an appropriate rating

    • Anonymous

      EXACTYL! I fuck with Strange but this shit is nothing compared to Welcome to Strangeland

  • Anonymous

    Wackest review clearly the writer does not know anything about tech or strange HIPHOP DX sucks balls for this shitty review This was a dope album especially American horror story

  • Anonymous

    so it all makes sense now why everyone on this site is so cynical and shitty. By all the comments mad at this review, all the trolls on this site are huge Tech N9ne fans lol. Bunch of dorks

  • lowkey

    Album is sick.... hiphopdx didnt listen very well

  • Anonymous

    So according to HipHopDX Tech N9ne's album is of the same caliber as Future's latest album. And Collabs is just half a star better than Iggy's album. Ok...

  • H

    What blasphemy. You contradict yourself by saying you expect a range of collaborators, when already boxing it as a Strange Music showcase. How can that take away from the material? The production is the toughest it's ever been, the lyrics are technically at their apex, and the content on some of the songs is touching and intense. How are you gon do American Horror Story like that saying it's 'plagued' by that shit you listed. That's the entire point of it. It's supposed to resemble an American Horror Story. I don't agree with this at all - the review seems hypocritical and shallow.

  • Greg

    Great album as always. Strange Music for life!

  • Adam

    I think its the best one yet. Can't wait for the next one and to make things better the coin it comes with is sick. Keep up the work tech and all of strange crew.

  • Carlos

    This album is dope. Great tracks by great artists! Intense lyrics!

  • Daniel Varela

    Only 3?maybe you didnt listen correctly! Maybe you need the take the time and listen to what tech is saying to you. All I listen to is strange music! No one else can compare to his craft. GO AHEAD and compare him to these other people but he will always be number 1!

  • zonedout559

    strange music taking over you be warned

  • Vinny Vendetta

    Is this Steven guy really a noob? He clearly misses the point that it's supposed to be about all of the Strange Music roster. That went waaaay over the critic'S head on that one. Lol @ him saying 'All 6's And 7's' was a real collaboration album. Really?? Where did HipHopDX find this guy, in a trash can??

  • youngkorgy420

    Strange does it again. Fuck this review.

  • Frankolon

    Best album Tech (or anyone else for that matter) has ever made. Period.

    • ty

      You are obviously a noob yourself this might be one of his worst to date right up there with welcome to strangland

  • TaZzZ

    I have been a huge Tech fan since MLK and he is one of my top 3 favorite rappers, but I'm not so much of a Stan that I can't see the crazy flaws in the songwriting and concepts of this album Yes the lineup is great and technically, each artists stepped their game up, but I thought Wale was supposed to be putting out the Album about Nothing! None of these songs are all that memorable, and like the reviewer said, that "fuck the industry" approach and literally "rapping about rapping" on almost every track can get monotonous and downright boring. Granted, this is Strange music so them at their worst is largely better than other artists best albums, but c'mon, this is nowhere near a great album. It all sounds to similar and forced, each artist on Strange has their own distinct personality and strengths, and they were limited on this album by the forced cohesion of the sound and content. With that said, 3 is a little low in my opinion, I'd go with a 3.5 at least. As I said yesterday in regards to the Atmosphere release, I'm sick of DX rating albums based on the artists potential rather than the rest of the musical landscape. This may be a 3 within Tech's catalog, but is it in comparison to what else is out there? Fuck that Same with Atmosphere. And fuck all this comparing everything Tech does to 6's and 7's, thats one of his worst releases by far, just because it had a bunch of big names does not make it the pinnacle of his career. Pretty much all of the albums preceding it were far better, 6's and 7;s was him going out on a limb to try to reach a larger audience, which worked, but its not Tech and I'd argue it is the least "Tech" album of his whole career. Oh and American Psycho-inspired? You're a fuckin retard, call the editor and fire his ass too. The beat samples American Horror Story the TV show, does it not? If not, that is definitely the inspiration for that beat...

    • the lurker

      @TaZzZ @Anonymous Do you really think it makes sense to compare an album to whatever other albums out at the time? As opposed to the artist other bodies of work? Really? Lets think about this for a second.

    • Anonymous

      I agree the album is flawed but I think what is pissing people off is the flawed review structure HipHopDX uses. Like you said it's based on artist potential and what DX sees fit for that artist instead of the landscape. I know there's lots of Future fans but from a purely hip-hop standpoint analyzing lyrics, flow, song structure, content and beat selection this album is more hip-hop than Future's yet DX gave them the same rating. There is little to no consistency in their reviewing. And the comparing to 6's and 7's shows the lack of respect DX gives to the underground that they're considering that his pinnacle because of the plethora of mainstream artists versus him helping his crew get shine. Throw Lil Wayne and T-Pain on something and it immediately becomes amazing in their eyes

  • Jorge

    So "hip hop dx" wants garbidge Mainstream rappers to help improve techs work? I call BULLSHIT! It deserves more than 3 stars open your ears!

  • erick

    Great album it's a must buy!

  • Technician#1

    This album is fucking amazing! The producer 7, have Tech N9ne some amazing, new, fresh beats that I never heard tech work with before!

  • tmos

    Yall have to remember this one thing....most these reviews are from people in New York...And you know how bratty they are about hiphop. If your not Jay, nas, or anyone from there, they will not give you good looks. Im from the west and we are open to everything. This is a great album! yes they rap fast but, the put metaphors in there lines unlike alot of others.

  • ky

    I wish Tech would take at least 2 years to build up his albums... Actually I could care less how often his collabos come out b/c I don't consider them his solos, but he should get out of the solo/collabo every other year routine and take more time to find the finest beats and especially choruses. they're cool but they're just starting to lose that special feeling. I was VERY pleasantly surprised to see a title and release date for ces cru's upcoming album in the advertisement slipped into the cd tho. "codename: ego stripper" this fall, I can't wait.



  • Sirahbil

    Such a good album, worth the wait and has one of Tech's best songs.

  • D.J.O.

    What other crews can make music like this? Elite group of artists. Seven and tech deffinetely did a good job creating this collaboration.

  • Diego Chavez

    Dope ass song

  • Josh c

    This album bumps hard made driving around today enjoyable

  • Kaleb Wendt

    Love this album! It is very cohesive, and the tracks come together with collaborations oof epic proportions. I feel like Tech did play it a little safe, but I still am in love with this album. DIBKIS

  • hamzeh qatanani

    best flow

  • talal alsaje

    best album in 2014

  • Sam

    Dope always knew Tech would come out on top

  • Demietrius

    5 great songs can't make a 5 star album. Furthermore THIS IS A COLLAB ALBUM NOT TECH ALBUM! so much more to strange then tech.....

  • Ethan Sharp

    This is a dope ass album! A must buy!

  • slcdjcrispy

    I really think that the writer of this article doesn't understand that the concept behind collabos series is to do a cd that features his label mates! In that same aspect it is my opinion that it is also not intended to real in new fans, that is what his solo albums are for! I was surprised to not see one mention of Mayday in this whole article.

  • Dylan Hernandez

    This is absolutely ELITE !!

  • zach

    Tech came through hard on this, and brotha lynch left a filthy verse on the cypher

  • Nic

    Tech kills it once. Again!

  • real music listener

    so wack

  • Alfonzo Hamilton

    Tech N9ne has proven himself over and over again that he is the tightest MC!!!! And that he would put 99% of these rapper 2 shaim and they know it!

  • jpw234

    I disagree with the score but I understand where he's coming from. This was an album for tech's fans. If you are already down with Strange you probably loved it (and I did) but if you aren't there probably wasn't much here that was going to convince you. Personally I'd give it a 4/5, not quite A6&7 but better than like EBAH and something else imo.

  • Zack

    Absolutely amazing work of art, my only "concern" was a couple songs seemed rushed a bit but Strange is ON FIRE!!

  • loyds Robeson

    This album is just more proof that Tech N9NE is the best. N no one can touch the talent that is Strange Music. BANG4STRANGE

  • Kilua

    straight fire ! Krizz kaliko is sick

  • jean pierre herlant

    bonjour tech n9ne,j'ai ecout tes cd,est-ceque tu pourras me le dedilicasser s'il te plait? merci tech n9ne

  • Ray

    Tech has the best artist in the game under his label most rap fast yes but each has their own unique style. You can look at other rappers who rap slow and have collaborations with other slow paced rappers but you don't complain they all rap slow so I don't see why having a lot of fast paced rappers is sort of your complaint.

  • Anonymous

    fantastic as alwayyyys

  • Angel Soto

    This is se of the greatest lyricism I've heard from anyone in a while this album showcase s them all and their talents greatly.

  • Anonymous

    the critic is a fucktard. he found 3 "wack" lines on a 17 song album. fuckin pessimist. hate critics

  • Casey Combs

    Strangulation is fantastic! Everyone from Strange did great! I would say its the best Tech N9ne callabos yet and its probably my second favorite Tech album with Absolute Power being first!

    • TaZzZ

      Are you fucking serious? It hasn't even been leaked 5 weeks and you're already ranking it that high? Opinions are opinions, but how can you digest such a dense release enough to say that? Not to mention this shit is weak, the songwriting and concepts are among the worst Tech has ever done. How can you compare this to the incredible joints on Killer, Anghellic and K.O.D.? People are so quick to call something amazing, give this 2 years and tell me if it has the replay value of any of his other albums...

  • Inferno

    Album of the year !

  • david

    I agree with the review. That's an issue I'm starting to have with Tech, since a year or two he's almost only rapping about...rapping. He kinda forgot that his story-telling got him pretty far. He should focus on being relevant and varied a little more. It was a great album to showcase his skills, but it's been a while since he talked about real ish.

  • Jamie Crain

    Strange Music ruined my life. ... TECH N9NE 4EVER

  • Anonymous

    this album is at best 3.5/4 the quality of strange is starting to diminish they keep using the same formula yet claim that they are experimenting with new styles strange needs to evolve they've been stuck with the all 6's and 7's sound for to long. They really need to change it up.

  • Hm

    Well it's the same website that gave Kanye's Yeezus a 4.5... :/

  • Anonymous

    This review is completely off. American Horror Story is definitely one of the best tracks on the whole album

    • Anonymous

      this is nothing like everready youre just being a stan

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, don't see the connection to's a different track, and the rapping is on point but that chorus is throwing me off and I don't fully understand the point or concept of the song.

    • Tanner

      Couldn't agree more! That song is so brilliant! I personally feel like this is one of Techs best projects. It reminds me a lot of Everready!

  • Cameron Ward

    Every song on this album is perfect!!!!!

  • kyle

    It's as real as it gets this music is sick

  • Zack

    Absolutely amazing work of art, my only "concern" was a couple songs seemed rushed a bit but Strange is ON FIRE!! ..forgot to put a star rating lol..... solid 5

  • Bromtoion

    You cheap dicks! You missed the point of this album - IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE STRANGE MUSIC ARTISTS ONLY! Geez!

  • Michael Toole

    Technician for life!!!

  • Grip

    You should replace the word perfect with Strangeulation. It's the same thing. Love the record!!!

  • madness

    meng strange music came strong like always nice beat sick flows

  • DJ

    TECH and the rest of the SM crew definitely brought it on this album. His last few albums havent been quite as good as I hoped they would be, but STRANGEULATION is by far the best album so far and DOES NOT dissapoint! All day all night!

  • Grayson G. Meadows

    5/5 all day. Tech and the rest of the crew did amazing, and that's all there is to it.

  • calle fkn star

    tech n9ne!!!!!!! nough said

  • Hm

    WTF! ''up-and-comers like Ces and Prozak''??? the writer should do his research much better. Prozak is definitely not a up and comer. He's been doing it for a long while now. smh

    • Anonymous

      ces been in the game for 4 years now and prozak for about 10 maybe more this reviewer knows nothing

  • John Smith


  • -

    You guys are out of your fucking minds! 3 stars?! This is the best album I've heard all year, hands down.

  • HM

    Dope ass album not a single track I dont love

  • Dope Album

    While not his best album, Strangeulation is way better than a 3/5... 3.5 would be a fair score. I enjoyed the album front to back. The only issue i saw was that their wasn't enough Prozak, Brotha Lynch and Kutt! The one thing I can agree with in this review is that Kutt shined on the project, but only 2 songs?! Krizz did 5, Rittz on 3 & Stevie did 4! Kutt deserves more shine. Lynch & Prozak too. Talk shit bout Prozak but dude killed his cypher verse. Lynch should have been on "American Horror Story," Which is my least favorite song, but i enjoyed it. Overall, great album that I feel has a lot of replay value. Strange Music is one of the strongest labels out. Each artist earned their spot. Tech has a strong group of MCs and the album just proved that and how he still has his lyrical ability. This isn't my favorite collabs album, but when you talk about a follow up from the successful "Something Else," This will keep you very satisfied until "Special Effects." TECH N9NE!!

  • Anonymous

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  • Kayla

    People that are rating this album as mediocre obviously don't know tech. He made this album with only the artists signed on his label...that's why it's called strangeulation. Strange music artists. Of course he's gonna continue to say mainstream and the industry is punks. He's been saying it from his first CD. And ces cru is legit. Just look up Peter Parker on YouTube. Haters!

  • BlasphemousDA

    This writer is a dumbass man. Knows nothing about each artist which makes him pull lines and criticize them individually just like cnn and fox do to politicians they don't like. Its not an accurate way of reporting, plus this guy obviously bases how good an album is by the big name appearances on your cd. Awww!!! No lil wayne, Eminem, and Justin Bieber im gonna make you a fresh cup of tears to go with your elementary analytic skills.

  • Anonymous

    i guess im one of the few that liked this more than tech's other recent releases. it seems the score is a little harsh, id go 3.5

  • Gonzalez

    after reading the rest of these comments and stephanies review, I come to the conclusion that he don't know shit about real rap... saying American Horror Story is inspired by American psycho???? WTF It sounds like he's upset that he's Independent and mad at Tech for still saying Fuck the Industry

  • Nachoman

    Erm, only really average and not anything fantastic in my opinion. It has the kind of sound that if it's your thing you love it, but it's just not my style of "hip hop".

  • I>StrangerDanger

    This Drake Runs Rap pussy can eat a dick. You think you getting pussy because Drake is? I will admit this album is a step backwards for Tech prob juts him giving all his people shine like every other rapper with a label does. Even though Rittz, Stevie, Krizz, Murs all did their thing I'm gonna sit this one out and wait for Special Effects. Come on NINA! DUH DUH DUH DUH..

  • Gonzalez

    Dope album, not his best either in my opinion. I'd probably go with Sickology 101... This was actually a different collabos album, pretty much all the songs had Strange Music artists. I would say "American Horror Story" is the STRONGEST song on the album, come one, when have you ever heard mixing with their voices like that... It's not their fault that the hook is "unsettling" to yo pussy ass! Strange Music BITCH!!!

  • drake runs rap

    so irrelevent so pointless to review this no body. All his fans are clearly those nerd virgins with no hopes of pussy. Lets face it almost 90 percent of these underground rappers are the biggest losers in society either nerds, emos, social outkasts, and sickos. This nigga tries to act like the devil and he has an annoying flow and voice. Drake fans get pussy tech 9 fans are the biggest losers on the face of the earth. Tech 9 would be better off serving as drake's shoe shiner because atleast he will be more relevent.

    • Drake Fan

      I agree, Drake licks bhold like no one I have ever been with, he might be 3rd to last in vocabulary but he can flick his tounge like a lizard when it comes to booty licking.

    • drake runs rap

      "he sings to girls" hahahahaha what kind of girls listen to this shit. Probably sum ugly ass girls that any normal guy would not even think of getting with. tech fans are a bunch of losers straight up

    • tmos

      this is a opinion of someone who listens to drake?? he sings to girls and you say tech fans are nerds that dont get pussy haha...rather be a nerd than a fagot lol

  • RealHipHop1986

    Imma loyal technician & I too am disappointed with this Collabs - - Cant front. Dick riders need to speak the real so this mediocurr bs isn't acceptable. Prozak is the worst whoever said he's better than Rittz can't comment on rap, fuck outa here!!! STRAAAAAANGE!

  • Anonymous

    I honestly feel like you guys rated this a 3/5 just to get views and boost the article. I'd say 4/5 or 5/5 for sure. These rappers aren't emulating Tech at all they all rapped this way before Tech. Stevie doesn't have a chopper flow and I wouldn't say Krizz uses the same flow at all. I'll give you that American Horror Story and Na Na were pretty weak. Tech has a pretty complex lyrical structure and a great flow. And his artists all have a pretty great hip-hop IQ. The reason I feel that you are trolling is that Tech has a lyrical flow and the album was constructed well yet gets a 3/5. So you feel Tech's album was as good as Future's and only half a star better than Iggy and Young Money's latest album? I'd love to know the logic behind that thought process

    • Nachoman

      I think it's looking at it comparatively to other similar bodies of work. For example Tech N9ne & Strange Music's other albums

  • Anonymous

    I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support


    Where the Styles P album review at Phantom and the Ghost is fuckin banging

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    HHDX Doesn't Know What's Up! Like Tech Said "You All Will Agree (If You Don't Already)! It Still Goes The F*** Up... Rapidly!"

  • JustSaying

    mediocre album to be honest, nowhere near as good as his old shit used to be. Now he's just rhyming words to rhyme em and his approach to all his albums seems mad formulaic at this point in his career, but his fans still eat it up when he talks about being crazy and shit even though hes in his mid 40s

  • austin

    technician awhooooooo keeping it strang to the fullest grrrrrrr

  • Anonymous

    Good shit! Definently heading to best buy TODAY

  • jen

    Technicianssssss! (^S^)

  • Anonymous

    This guy knows nothing about Tech or Strange 3stars WTF!!! F.T.I

  • Karl kilp

    If he had actually listened to any of the artist that feature on this album he would know that's how they rap. There not trying to sound like Tech he signed them because there as dope as he is.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this guy 5 stars baby!!! ^S^

  • Winslow

    This guy lost all credibility when he said Rittz is established yet Prozak is an up-an-comer.

  • Mistahcool

    This album is outta control. Flows crazy and all STRANGE!!! ^S^

  • SxA

    3 stars my ass. Fuck you HHDX. This shit deserves 4 stars

  • Really DX?

    Man, I really dug this album. And I've shown it too people that don't listen to Tech and it made them fans. So yes, its not impossible that people can use this album as starting point for his music. I as a Tech fan, thought the album could have been better, but thats what makes it a 4/5. Not talking shit when I say it, but I can't wait to hear what Techs 5/5 album is gonna sound like. This review was a joke. I feel like were just all being trolled by this website on the daily.

  • Tech N9ne

    Steven Goldstein expect 'Fragile part 2' to be directed straight at your ass. This shits elite

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, I hope Tech reads this review and gets inspired to do address it on the Fragile (Remix) that'd be pretty dope

  • Hunter1016

    Tech never disappoints.

  • fuckyouinthefacemouth

    This is absurd. I vote it needs a new review by someone that knows what they're talking about. Most of the fans shouldnt be mad at the score, as much as they should be mad at how this idiot just tried to make shit up as he went along.

  • Anonymous

    so it all makes sense now why everyone on this site is so cynical and shitty. all the trolls on this site love Tech N9ne. these are the type of people that listen to Tech N9ne yall smh

    • Anonymous

      LMAO pro black and dont drop the n word. Tech N9ne is part of the Native Tongues Crew now? Shut up you nerds are ruining this site with your trolling

    • Slum

      The type of people who are pro black everything. And dont like the N word being dropped every 3 lines. who support real artist. Yeah if you dont like the way were living well fuck you.

  • Slum

    This has to be the best album ever! I love this shit from back to forth. Whoever wrote this is kinda dissing tech fans though and you need to check yourself. This is worth dropping money on for anyone who dont know.

  • Anonymous

    Steven Goldstein. don't review something and say things you know nothing about. No hate. Just do not do it again

  • Anonymous

    Yet another idiot review from another shitty DX writer, honestly fire theses mother fuckers they don't know shit! This album is good, not great but definitely solid & a good buy.

  • J dirty

    Sooo,The biggest beef with the Album is tech didnt put sum shitty Rugaular mainstream independent rappers on it?Im glad he didnt.Woulda been a waste....Coulda used More Brotha Lynch tho.

    • Gonzalez

      I know, could you imagine drakes bitch ass on one of these? Or wayne? Maybe Eminem on American Horror Story woulda been dope... Goldstein obviously doesn't know shit about his previous albums and collabos series

  • theBavarianIlluminati

    LMAO! 3/5!? Comparing All 6's and 7's with his Collabo's pieces!? LMMFAO!! Idiots.

  • Anonymous

    So Future's record and this record receive the same rating when they are drastically different? Idk about this one.....

  • Cody Carlisle

    Straaaange Music! Chyea!

  • Anonymous

    this deserves better, dont think they were paying attention to this album

  • Steven Goldstein

    I wrote this review. I didn't even listen to the album, well I did, but I was nodding out on heroin so it was tough. I;'m a dumb asshole.

  • Cash Maker

    This review is shit. This album is nasty, and tech stays on par with all his previous shit, calling prozak an up-and-comer? really? like how were you the one picked to write this review? you clearly have no clue of the history of strange music.

    • J Dirty

      Prozak has been grindin on the Underground circut for 10+ years...Leave it to a kanye west fan to refer to the dude as a "Up and comer"

  • Anonymous

    Ces Cru and Prozak are not new by any means. They have just as much reason to wave the Fuck the Industry bannner

    • Anonymous

      Ces Cru ain't new in Kansas City, but they are new to everyone else, all they got is a few local tapes and meh album from tech 9s label

    • Anonymous

      ^Another good point, especially since Prozak has been doing this for a minute. I'm not even a big fan of his music and I'm aware of that.

  • WTF

    Obviously this guy has no idea what Tech N9ne Collabos have been about. This guy's a fucking retard fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly not well versed on Strange's history. I'm cool with a lackluster review but it helps to do some homework.

  • Anonymous

    Its suppose to be just strange music artists! That is the point of the collabos albums you fool! Like cruel summer with Good Music. Its suppose to highlight the label

  • Anonymous

    Shitty review. this guy has no idea what he is talking about. This review made me nauseous reading. smh

  • Anonymous

    Wtf at this review. Dope album !

  • Anonymous

    What a terrible fucking review clearly didn't take the time to sit down and listen to the album or do is homework on the artist he is reviewing so many errors I thought HipHop Dx was better then this shit.

  • fatboyrule

    Prozak's first Strange Music album came out in 2008... Again, just try it. Here it is for you one more time. Your reviews won't sound so dumb if you just give it a try.

    • Lol

      Prozak released a group project through strange in 2004, and was releasing work in another group prior to that. So yeah the author is trippin The 3/5 starts tbh isn't too off, but the article itself was poorly written and the album poorly reviewed

  • faboyrule

    The Collabos albums are about shining some light on the Strange Artists, not about getting K. Dot and Macklemore on a track with Tech you fucking idiot. Have you ever heard a Collabos album?! Do you know what Wikipedia is? Here, maybe this will help out for next time. Another retarded review from another retarded DX writer. Jeez. This album is hands down 4/5, maybe even 4.5. But a 3? What a waste.

  • smithhans

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  • Anonymous

    Nobody is trying to sound like Tech. That's actually how they rap

  • Anonymous

    American Horror Story was not inspired by American Psycho..... it was inspired by the show American Horror Story

  • Anonymous

    I don't think this was the most fair review for this album. Yes there were some bad lines. Production was definitely more left on this. It's not just spitting for the sake of out-rapping tho. Cyphers are all FIRE. Some pretty good tracks that I come back to. Otherwise I don't think this is better than Something Else. I would say at least a 3.5 on this scale.