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"Mastermind" is simply a hodgepodge of classic Rick Ross tropes thrown into one and tagged with a title more fit for super-villainy.

Listening to any Rick Ross record requires an overwhelmingly prodigious imagination. It also requires an innate appreciation of harmless deception; it’s a lot like being an adult at a magic show: you know it’s not really magic, but there’s something wondrous about having your perception of reality challenged. Few dare to so blatantly test the murky waters of Rap surrealism. Ross, however, does so unabashedly, and he has been pulling the same rabbit out of the hat for the better part of a decade now. He has burrowed so deep inside his feigned illusions of grandeur that he has even grown enamored with his own mystique. As Rick Ross’ career grows long in the tooth, it’s becoming harder to bank on its prescience when its context is so marred by fiction, especially as its exposition proves to be less and less interesting. Rozay’s sixth studio album, Mastermind, once again explores his heavily dramatized excursions as a drug tycoon with great depth, but it reads more insincerely than ever and his imagination has seemingly reached its limit.

Mastermind functions illogically conceptually not just because its claims are groundless but also because it lacks solidarity. The overarching premise of any given Ross album usually gives way to his grand thesis while additionally carrying its own narrative. However, in this case, while Mastermind fits like a glove into the Ross canon it doesn’t preserve its own individual identity. There isn’t a lot of diabolical criminal enterprising taking place. Instead it is simply a hodgepodge of classic Ross tropes thrown into one and tagged with a title more fit for super-villainy. Even so, it would be much more bearable—and even relatively engaging—as a fictional retelling of mythic proportions if it simply sought a bigger climax.

Despite its flaws, 2012’s God Forgives, I Don’t was Ross at his most visionary: channeling a fictional, human-skinning serial killer, placing himself at the pinnacle of urban culture side-by-side with Rap moguls Jay Z and Dr. Dre, and venturing deep into the Roman numerals for a fourth installment of the “Maybach Music” series. His eyes were bigger than his stomach. He was thinking colossally; thinking it terms of astronomical achievement. Mastermind thinks on a much smaller scale. It focuses on the immediate future. This is its undoing: it shrinks back into familiarity and seeks neither to explain itself nor to grow. It peddles its coke narrative formulaically without ambitiously pursuing unheralded heights.

Perhaps the worst instance of Mastermind’s lack of aspiration is “What A Shame,” an electro organ-backed bore which incorporates an interpolation of Wu-Tang Clan’s “Shame On A Nigga” into its mechanics. “Full magazine bitch, shoot for the stars / Snatch a nigga chain just to post it on a blog,” he raps, sounding rather pleased with himself, as if he really didn’t just suggest hitting licks as a new form of click bait wasn’t a lame idea, and this is simply a microcosm of the entire album. On “In Vein,” The Weeknd shows just how diminutive and hollow Ross’ coke lord impression has become by essentially lapping him with his own exceptional drug rhetoric—“All my niggas ‘round me getting kickback pussy / All my niggas ‘round me all be hidin’ in Stussy … Tour bus like a National Geographic / Bitches runnin’ wild getting faded in the bathroom.” If your brand is grandiose Mafioso kingpin-style drug Rap then you’d better be pitching a sonic Rayful Edmond biopic on steroids. Ross fails to deliver that.

Mastermind simply lacks flair. It doesn’t possess the pizzazz of Teflon Don, which made Ross a power player or the pure gaudiness of Rich Forever, which perfected his aesthetic. Rick Ross has seemingly run out of moves. His imagery isn’t quite as awe-inspiring as say Kanye West’s, and this truth is magnified when the two egos are juxtaposed next to one another (“Sanctified”). While Kanye is transposing himself with Muhammad Ali and washing his sins in the blood of Jesus and boldly second guessing God’s direct message the most grandiose thing Ross can muster is an ill-fated (and perhaps uninformed) comparison to fallen Waco cult leader David Koresh. It feels tired and uninspired. In truth, it is a reflection of the entire album. Though Ross’ command of his booming bass voice is entertaining in spurts—when he starts packing words together under the influence of that heavy timbre, it’s like a snowball rolling downhill building momentum—nothing about Mastermind feels fresh or creative and without much semblance of truth, there is no magic. Its themes and motifs are generic to the Ross trademark.

There isn’t anything really compelling about Rick Ross’ fictional tale anymore. It has become stale. There is no real wiggle room for his kingpin fallacy. There’s only one angle of interest left to explore: the truth. “The truth will set you free, son. The truth will set you free,” executive producer Sean “Diddy” Combs shouts smugly on “Nothing,” assumedly at opposing rappers pretending to be something they’re not. How ironic. Ross could’ve used that kind of advice himself years ago. Perhaps he’ll take heed before the next mastering.


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  • Jacko5689

    I enjoy this album even though he's the fakest rapper alive I think the dudes got a killer voice for rap and his beats are heavy

  • Rickyrozzzay

    4/5...stop hating. Its Classic Ross

  • Corey

    Same old ish from this saggy tit officer

  • Ricky Boss


  • Jabba

    Still enjoying Mastermind

  • Vincent van Empelen

    This is Rick Ross how we love him

  • Arian

    A mediocre album. Most tracks were awful IMO I would give it a 2.5/10 thats just my opinion though a lot of bad hooks and simple verses the only songs that I enjoyed was War Ready,Devil Is a Lie and Thug Cry with Drug Dealers Dream the rest solid or awful

  • hanssmith

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  • Dipsetwest

    I get the whole coke rap thing and most people who don't be with that life won't understand the hussle. Rick is just making up his rhymes to relate to the streets and 9-5pm workers. That's the music that drives Ricky I'm not his biggest fan but I read the post and giving a fair review of what his message is about on most and on this album it comes in under value for reply. As a hussler go geter I like how he uses the rap lyrics but it's not Ricky for real and I'm sure that is what is pissing off people that it's not real so why would you want to support fake rapper but the raps are real it's just not on Rickey's level. Looking forward to cam'ron new LP and new Dipset album.

  • Anonymous

    ppl really voting this trash cd 5 stars lol?

  • j brown

    This fat piece of stinkin shit needs to retire

  • j brown

    The fraud artist has run out of moves, polish up that badge Ricky

  • Andre

    Best Album Ever #MasterMind

  • drake runs rap

    drake rick ross nicki manaj lil wayne all run the rap game now deal with it broke virgin haters


    Album was not worth the money... But then again when is a Rick Ross album worth the money??? He never goes platinum so that explains everything!!!

  • sd

    A few good songs, rest are horrible

  • EdKing

    nice album, he is not a great poet, but he have a good taste.

  • What's really wrong with hiphop

    Rick Ross represents everything that is wrong with hiphop today and why its on a steady decline in terms of originality and real skill. The most common point about Rick Ross that Ross supporters will say is that "its just entertainment, it doesn't matter what he says he's just an entertainer." That argument by most Ross supporters proves why hiphop is headed away from authenticity and into the realm of actors turned studio gangsters. With the emergence of Rick Ross, a proven florida government correctional officer turned into the larger than life drug dealer on par with the Pablo Escabars and El Chapo's, record companies have finally been given the blueprint on how to coach and transform someone into a phony street gangster on wax. Now adays and from these years forward, forget about ever arguing with anyone about who's the realest; forget about it. Ross's lyrics about dealing 100k keys of cocaine, being in the medillian, and all the bafoonery he raps about in albums are imagined delusions he's had for his entire life since leaving his job as a florida correctional officer. Hot beats have become confused with hot tracks, the image of Rick Ross has been taken by a confused public as okay so long as he makes a hit record. Does being real for an artist count anymore? Def. not, and for those looking for an authentic street artist to represent what goes on in the streets from the perpesctive of a real street gangster is gone. What we will be left with is rappers who glorify street elements they either never lived or had a late start on, and their supporters who will claim rap is nothing but entertainment and who cares whos real or fake. The consumers can blame themselves for the downfall of real rap, anyone listening to Rick Ross jamming thinking he's so great just understand you are the reason Nas said hiphop is dead.

    • 1000w

      The new generation doesn't care about keeping it real. Drake been exposed..nobody cares... Kendrick lamar disses everyone...everyone he disses stays on his dick...All these fake street kids get exposed....nobody cares.... its strictly about the music for the new generation...and the music isn't even original or good like it use to be

  • @djicecold

    Pick any of Top 4 tracks on Mastermind, and play them against any Top 5 on GFID or Rich Forever...even Teflon Don. They sound like album leftovers: demos, incomplete ideas that are yet to be serviced. The reviewer's argument is 100% legitimate on both points: The apex of Rick Ross' presentation was on Rich Forever, and the themes are unimaginative and reduced in relevant appeal. Excellent review talking about the album's theme compared to the artist's proposition, and previous works.

    • Rozay O'Donnell

      If that's your opinion, then you're an even bigger idiot than the reviewer. Ross tackles topics such as paranoia (Nobody), religion(Sanctified), and racism(BLK & WHT). Listen a little more closely to the album.

  • 1000w

    This review sucked...the reviewer just wants to call Ross a fraud...talk about the music!

  • TurntDown

    The real rick ross is not a rapper. Ross and Drake both lie, how can you respect that. Not only liars, but ross was a CO, worse than a cop.

  • Anonymous

    To b straight, Amateurmind is what my view of ur new album. This album def gives a damage to ur luxury name n career. Ya been built da imagine like 'Real Boss' so far but this not gon help for that. Lack of the grand sound by Justice League, 'In Vein' is actually Weeknds song, 'Walkin On Air' is Meek Mills and 'Sanctified' is for good music. No shit is urs. FMontana killed his part is jst a good thing. Loose, borin, nothin cool. Srsly bfor u puffing ur money azz, bfor ur appealin gangsta yaself, jst b a true musician and hope u not call yaself ur a rapper wit this album. This album is def disappointed. I wanna ask "How many boss in this album n who da fuckin boss" Ya been this game for alot yrs but how could u be gettin worst like Mercedes aint make Maybach no more. 20$ is nothin but I spent for meaningless colorful empty CD thing. Sucks. -Send from far Asia as ur big listener.-

  • From_NYC

    great article by the way!!!! I mean he only talks about Mastermind in 4 out of 6 paragraphs... and still these foolish minions attack him for being biased to Ross and judging the album based on his personal feelings to the big ol' tub of lard. LOL... sorry!

  • Anonymous

    PILOT SNIPPET-http://vk.com/hiphop_and_rnb?w=wall-47681870_14172

  • Dominic

    CLASSIC. The writer just wants to see him fail. He probably listens to EDM or some gay shit

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    How dare this incompetent write slander Rick Ross? Does Sheldon Pearce know what the fuck he's talking about? What a fucking idiot. It seems like they'll give ANYONE a job as a journalist. Fucking dumb ass. Evidently he's never heard of poetry or classical music for that matter. Whenever I'm listening to Ross, I feel the need to play his music over and over again because his songs are very deep and they cater to the human emotions. Not only that, his uncanny ability to pick superb beats matches his witty and profound lyrics. I suggest that Mr Sheldon Pearce cleans the excess earwax out of his ears and ACTUALLY listens to Mastermind a few more times because he's missing out on a grand musical experience. I give the album a perfect 5 out of 5 and the review gets an unsatisfactory 1 out of 5.

    • Anonymous

      you his bottom bitch

    • Rozay O'Donnell

      Actually, gents, I am a ghostwriter for Rick Ross as well as his closest confidante & friend.

    • From_NYC

      Ok.. just read more and now I know your a publicist... makes sense now. Ross is the absolute worst thing in Hip Hop right now. 5 out of 5???? LMAO... I think the 1 out of 5 the writer gave is a little bit more believable... don't you?

    • From_NYC

      yoooo do you work for Ross?? you would have to be pretty fucking ignorant to be able to listen to ANY Rick Ross song "over and over". Are you some type of crack addict that just enjoys hearing how dealers spend your money? Or are you a stripper in the club that loves them 1s? Cause other than that... HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU LISTEN to RICK ROSS on REPEAT??? SMFH in disgust... than want to attack a man for his opinions... sorry but you need to be drop kicked in the face.

  • sumguy

    Wow the writer definitely doesn't like Ross lol. If you listen to this 1x you're not going to like it. I loved all the religious references. Took me back to deeper than rap. There was 3 tracks that was a no to me, 'what a shame' was one of them. I would give this a 4/5

  • abraham

    the editor of this article on mastermind is a fool...how can you explain something bigger than your thoughts.Pls get in to the studio and wax an album, lets see how good u can be?

  • Yup

    Another come and go album. no timeless songs yet for ross. "hit" songs but for ross to have so many dope albums noone ever quotes his bars.

    • Anonymous

      "clearly you havent listened to the song NOBODY that shit is pure, he embraces the culture in every way with that record" brah you know that was a Biggie song he basically just copied right? What part of the culture is that?

    • From_NYC

      Where can I find faithful minions like this... or should I just call them peons @Yup I agree 1,000,000% ... In my opinion Ross has NEVER made a timeless song... (maybe Free Masons with Jay)... now watch all the minions say what about Hustlin??? Do you still listen to that shit? There's your answer!

    • Dominic

      Hustlin is first of all a classic hit and clearly you havent listened to the song NOBODY that shit is pure, he embraces the culture in every way with that record

  • Hopewell

    master of hits, rozay, six no.1 LPz in a row damn

    • From_NYC

      I feel like educating people today... If you are basing your opinions about Rick Ross based on album sales you should know that Def Jam/ Universal (and all majors) purchase anywhere from 500,000 - 1 Million albums on pre order to ship out and guarantee the artist is no. 1 on the charts for that week or month... the sales are not real until ALL THOSE albums are resold... and that is why some artist go broke because if your album is not sold back someone will end up owing all that money... some contracts state the artist has to buy back those albums

  • A Trillionaire

    How is this dude going to rap about being a drug king pin when he was in no way, shape or form ever anything close to being a top figure in the drug trade? How he has made a career out of this and this is his sixth record is mind boggling. People are SO stupid! This isn't a judgment on the type of music people like because I enjoy some gangster rap but I just feel that this dude is the biggest joke in the world and can't believe he has made money and continues to make money off this.

    • jimmy

      rick ross is the inspiration for anyone to be a rapper, I could live comfortable working as a C/O theres no way you could convince me he'd risk it to sell coke on the side

    • From_NYC

      I agree with both opinions. But it is weird to see a former member of law enforcement glorifying the drug cartels in Miami when he was an overseer of those in-humane prisons in Miami... yes I have been locked up and I swear Rick Ross beat me down a few times... maybe that's why I hate him. Dade county prisons are as bad as slavery!

    • Dominic

      its entertainment....notto mention, unless you were side by side with him every step of the way from the day he was born you will never know just how well connected he is to the streets.

  • Anonymous

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  • critic

    His first 3 albums was just off the chain and he wont top those, just like any other rapper. the only rapper that got better with the more albums they made is 2pac. Any of those are classic. how many rappers you know like that.

  • Dominic

    The dude that wrote the review for this album clearly doesnt understand the culture, he also forgot its music and entertainment. A documentary is rarely as entertaining as a great action flik. With that said, for true hiphop fans a track like Nobody is incredible, a powerfull chorus with intense verses that bring back that 90s B.I.G. flavor and style. War Ready with Young Jeezy which if you followed the history of thw 2 rappers you would understand the main point of releasing the song and what it means to hiphop. Those 2 guys could had guys coming at each other instead they chose to put their history aside and come together and make gangsta as fucking track. Tha mafia boss thing is Rick Ross all the way, its his style, and hes an entertainer. Are you going to tell country singers to stop wearing cowboy hats and denim jeans? Prolli not, its entertainment, and the album is entertaining. Not to mention he couldve taken a very raw route with it but why not make it like a movie, i dont wana hear basic gun talk, i like for it to sound good.

    • Rozay O'Donnell

      @NYC them niggas you mentioned suck. They be spitting pure garbage juice.

    • From_NYC

      PLEASE STOPPPPP THE MADNESSSS!!! Rick Ross does NOT DEFINE MY CULTURE!!! you fucking crazy I am HIP HOP, born and bred.. my culture is defined by: Talib Kweli Nasir Jones Mos Def Common OutKast Dead Prez Little Brother Jay Electronica Skyzoo J Cole (yes J Cole) and Slautherhouse

  • Anonymous

    wack. rick ross's persona as this bigger than life drug dealer are finally played out. his rhymes offer nothing than a glorified fantasy ross has played out in his mind since watching over real drug dealers and killers during his time as a correction officer. rick ross knows how to put a song together but his lyrics offer nothing than regurgitated rhymes from previous albums. if you like top notch production than this album is for u, but for real hiphop heads looking for something more than a wannabe drug king pin who was on the other side of the law once in his life, this album offers nothing.

  • Anonymous

    this album is not bad at all! I hate dx album reviewers

  • Mcebo

    U r rocking the word boss. Salu e by my side.

  • Anonymous

    the song Mastermind by Nas is better than this whole album.

  • Kizman

    Damn.... I listened to the Jeezy song ans dismissed this as shit but usually Ross makes at least decent music. This shit is fire. Not one skippable song, War Ready is forgettable and is something I feel like Ive heard before. The rest is pure Hip-Hop and Ross talking shit. Production is top notch and I even enjoyed the skits. To bad this will either be forgotten or hated on without actually being listened to. Best SongS: Walkin On Air Sanctified In Vein Thug Cry Supreme Rich Is Gangsta Blessin in Disguise The Devil Is A Lie

  • Anonymous

    this review was whack and Mastermind was definitely a solid album for todays standards. its not better than Freddie Gibbs and YG's album but its definitely better than Schoolboy Q's. I feel like this is biased due to it being Rick Ross

  • SMH

    The Reviewer wasn't a music person his whole review was about his personal feelings for Ross and not the music.. SMH and he still gave it a 3 so go figure. Critics gave it majority good reviews but fans seem to really like it.

  • j benjaminz

    I was expecting maybach V . What happened to it

  • Andy

    Compared to God Forgives I Don't, this is actually entertaining to listen to. Minus the fiction, it's a basic and safely played good effort. 3/5

  • Anonymous

    rick ross runs the rap game with drake

    • From_NYC

      Arguments about who is running the game Ross or Drake, only proves how fucked up Hip Hop really is... its not DEAD... but definitely on LIFE SUPPORT! Dam and I thought Drake was an R&B singer???

    • M'aiq

      Ross runs nowhere. Have you seen a picture of him? M'aiq saw him on a plane and he purchased 3 tickets for 1 seat

    • Anonymous

      Drake sells out stadiums and arena's while Ross fails to fill small theaters.

    • Anonymous

      Ross is no where near running anything or close to Drake. Drake sells more first week than Ross sells in 2 years.

  • meh

    Letdown year for "big" releases. This and Schoolboy q are meh.

  • Replay Value

    Dope Album, Close to Teflon Don.

  • anonymous

    please retire from making music

  • Anonymous

    i'm a rick ross fan, but this album is wack.

  • Anonymous

    Ricky is garbage

  • john mickins

    one of his weaker efforts. starts off hot then as it goes on the air just gets let of the balloon...

  • Mr. Tibbs

    Just stop it. Garbage.

  • Anonymous

    Still Rick Ross put together a hefty album. So far my list this year Oxymoron My Own Lane, Paranoia of Success, Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon Pharrell's G I R L isn't bad. Future has a album dropping that may make the list.

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLn1r1Ig0TI The jury is in, the burbs are all over this shit but the hood and the streets ain't feeling it.

  • 49guitars1girl

    i feel like he's just been tryin' to remake Teflon Don for the past two albums now this shit's just disappointing

  • Anonymous

    Who is Bruthadee?

    • Anonymous

      40 year old MMG groupie who takes pictures of himself inside his car with long ass fingernails to post on his IG for a bunch of niggas, would drink the sweat out of rozay's ass crack for a chance to shake the mans hand.

  • Anonymous

    Schoolboy Q's album had 70 more people rate his album than this one... interesting

  • Anonymous

    ALL these rappers lying and shit! Dont get mad cuz Ross is good at it. None of these rappers really into that dope shit. If so, they wouldn't be rapping, they would SELL DOPE! Respect this album! Shit motivates me and SLAPS HARD IN THE CAR.

    • Anonymous

      the thing is he isnt good at it, his lies are so blatant no one believes a thing he says. i just laugh

  • TheRZA

    Truth will set you free... Except nobody wants to listen to an album about being a CO

  • MMG presents.....


  • Anonymous

    This music is for the streets so if you not from it stay on the fucking sidewalk homie....yadig!!!!!

  • Shomo

    I'm not a fan of Rick Ross but I did enjoyed "Mastermind" even though it was mostly fictional as usual yet the production is a top notch and unique to his braggadacio lyrics about being a drug baron,owning the most advanced technology cars that are expensive like Rolls Royce,and balling with the baddest bitches. It has become his specialty and he seems to thrive on that, only this time he is out to prove to his haters and critics that he is wealthier than they assume by telling us how much he has in his accounts,how many chicken wings joint he owns and his purchase of mansion that was owned by Evander Holyfield. Those are things he keeps talking about throughout the album which is understandable to most of the critics that find it repetitive and boring. He may not able to sell platinum like Jay Z and not as good as Nas and Eminem when it comes to lyrics and technique but one thing he is good at is that he has perfected formula of making coke rap hits with a unique lushful production. But how long is that formula going to last before he becomes irrelevant. 3.5/5

  • Anox

    Teflon Don was the shit, last two were kinda shitty

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    This humble, giving man took me off the streets of Carol City, FL where I was homeless & hungry. I had just lost my job working at Wendy's and took residence at a shelter. Rick Ross was holding a songwriting contest in his area; the prize was a ghostwriting deal worth one million dollars. I decided to enter just on a whim, but in the back of my mind I figured I wouldn't win. So I wrote some lyrics, mailed in my entry, and waited. A week later, the winner of the contest was announced on 106 & Park and I was absolutely floored. The next day I was eating soup at the city mission when one of the staff told me I had a visitor; it was Rick Ross. He simply said "Come with me" and I was left speechless as we entered his limo. We drove off to the studio in Miami, where we recorded Port of Miami, and the rest is history. From that day forward, I became Rick Ross' most trusted ghostwriter & closest confidante. By the way, this is another phenomenal, star studded piece of work from Rick Ross the boss. Stellar production, sharp & witty rhymes, and star studded guest appearances. 5/5 #bawse

    • g.d.stubbs

      That (true) story is genius. It's from the intro to "Million$z Made Daily, N*ggaz" ( a little-known but highly sought after bootleg of rozay outtakes, champagne-induced booth bloopers and entertaining protools fuckups ).

    • Anonymous

      you belive his story ahah you a fool

  • Does Rick Ross Really Have $92 Million In His Checking Account?

    No. What? That wasn't a good enough answer for you? What more do you need to know? You're really gonna make us get into this??? Ughhh. OK fine. Over the last few days we've received a few angry emails and comments from Celebrity Net Worth visitors who believe our estimate for Rick Ross' net worth is way too low. We currently have Mr. Ross at $28 million. Not exactly a pittance, but according to the angry emails, this number should be raised to $92 million. More precisely, they think the number should be raised to $92,153,183.28. Where are people getting this number? None other than Ricky Rozay himself! Here's what's going on On March 3, 2014, Rick Ross released his sixth studio album "Mastermind". The third track of the album is called "Drug Dealers Dream". Not to be picky, but the word "Dealers" in that song title should technically be "Dealer's". That's a possessive noun. This track starts out with an audio recording of one of those automated voices reading a bank checking account balance. The automated voice dryly states: "Please hold while I locate your information. Your checking account balance is $92,153,183.28. This reflects the most current information available on your account." Clearly the implication here is that Rick Ross called up his bank, selected the option to check his account balance and then recorded the results. All $92 million worth of results. But is this possible? Could Rick Ross really have this much money sitting in checking? Is he following the Floyd Mayweather savings and investment plan? (A few months back, Floyd Mayweather showed a reporter his ATM receipt that had a checking account balance of $125 million.) Or is this just a run-of-the-mill rapper exaggeration? First off, if somehow this brag is true, keeping $92 million in a checking account would be a colossally stupid way to allocate money. Checking accounts might AT MOST earn around 0.50% interest nowadays. The national average is probably closer to 0.10%. Splitting the difference, Rick would be earning just $184,000 in interest per year off his massive wealth. That's not nothing, but as any basic financial planner would explain, taking the money out of checking and putting it into mutual funds, ETFs, maybe a few stocks, should conservatively be able to yield a 5% rate. That would bring Mr. Ross $4.6 million a year from interest alone. If he got lucky with the right hedge fund, Rick might be looking at $10-$15 million. The second big problem with keeping that much money in checking is the fact that only $500,000 is insured by the FDIC. If Rick's bank goes under, which as well know isn't exactly impossible nowadays, Rick's money would evaporate overnight without any recourse. Ok so we've established that keeping $92 million in checking is clearly a bad idea. The more important question is whether or not Rick Ross actually has $92 million in the first place. Our current estimation of Rick's net worth is $28 million. That number might go up in a few weeks when we release our annual list of the richest rappers on the planet, but we're talking about a bump of maybe $5-6 million. Definitely not $62 million. Don't trust us? Well according to Forbes, which we think is a little too conservative with their estimates, Rick earned $6 million in 2012 and $9 million in 2013. That's a grand total of $15 million during what were arguably Rick's peak earning years to date. Let's also keep in mind that in order to have a checking account balance of $92 million, Rick would conceivably needed to earn a little less than twice that amount before taxes. And that's before he spent a dime on cars, jewelry, houses, private jets, vacations and biggest expense of them all for Rick: Food. Even if Rick was the most penny-pinching saver in the world, we're still talking about $200-$250 million in earnings over the last 3-4 years, in order to be left with such a gargantuan bank account. Unfortunately, this isn't reality. Even for Mr. Maybach Music himself. In conclusion, it's pretty safe to say that this is simply one rapper making an extremely over-exaggerated brag.

    • Anonymous

      if he's so rich i dont see why he couldnt just use his actual account balance. im sure it's still impressive and more than all his listeners have but liars got lie.

  • Anonymous

    this album is trash

  • siamakf

    Beats are crazy good, but when every single featured artist outperforms you on your own album, it's kind of over. I still enjoyed listening to it though.

  • Anonymous

    only substance fat boy has is the stuff he puts in girls drinks to trick them into having sex with him

  • mr floss

    I don't usually comment on shit I don,t really like but what the f r people still doing with puff daddy ? You done lost already having him on your stuff . Listen these cats might be able to get away with that fake ass versace , gold rope chain swinging , drug dealing , fast car driving and every bitch in the world want to fuck em shit in the 90's but its 14 and that stuff is played . These cats are just actors , with a whole bunch of people behind them . There whole persona is made up in a boardroom with people around a table. They push products and pawn it off on society , making people think that , that is the way to live. Everybody is a tough guy too , this fool been done . Commercial ass rappers like this fool r nonsense .

  • daman

    Wow the haters are out, good music is good music been listening to hiphop since 80s. If you can't rock to this please let me hear your music, your concepts, what you bring to the table of the game. One of his best joints hands down.

    • DACO

      I bring my ears and what I hear is just like the review said (same repetitive stuff from Ross) shit starts to lose appeal eventually. Have to evolve as an artist.

  • Anonymous

    cant wait till this clown dies or some shit... what a fucking actual piece of garbage this dude is for still trying to convince people he even pushed dime back in the day..

  • bigo

    DX is taking a turn for the worse. The current editorial staff has is not on par with how DX used to be. The album has good music that you can knock in your ride. The editors hate this album, but they love Yeezus, which was terrible. You give Yeezus 4.5, and give Ross 3????

    • Anonymous

      ". The current editorial staff has is not on par with how DX used to be. " hip-hop is not up to par with how it used to be

    • Troof

      Cosign. I don't know if their screening process is effed up now or what, but I used to respect DX's reviews as the realest out of all hip-hop sites but they are fallin off harder than SOHH. I bash Ross all the time, but anyone who thinks this album isnt packed with a SLEW of bangers something is wrong with your ear.

    • Anonymous

      your actually a tool man, yeezus was a masterpiece ... comparing it to fuckin mastermind by officer ricky is a fucking disgrace to hip hop

  • Tangie

    How can people listen to this clown?!?!? Imposter, cop

  • Branon

    Dope album! Supreme, Mafia Music 111, Thug Cry, Rich Is Gangsta, War Ready, Devil is a Lie...

  • SHiNE

    More like 2.5X's by the sounds of this review.

  • Anonymous

    Mastermind finds him slipping from character into caricature. When hes not falling flat on bad puns, hes busy hawking his Wingstop restaurants lemon pepper chicken wings. When Masterminds not clinging to famous friends, its thrashing at 90s classics for direction. Hes badly in need of reinvention after running out of recipes for his gangster shtick, but hes too set in his ways to change direction six albums in. the moments where Mastermind gives us William Roberts the man instead of Rick Ross the gangster flick composite character with the borrowed name are scarce, and he remains committed to dialing in good life platitudes that increasingly ring hollow. Mastermind finds Ross at a Truman Show moment: his characters reached the logical end of its universe. Going forward, he can either break out or keep up a jig he knows that we know is way past expired.

  • Anonymous

    "Mastermind" is an incredibly apt name for the sixth Rick Ross album. It's the name of a famous and long-running British quiz show where a brainy contestant sits on a black leather chair for a couple of minutes and is interrogated by the host on their chosen subject of knowledge. Once you've listened to this album a few times, you start to see that Ross, rather than create anything new, is effectively talking about his "chosen subject" for over an hour and dragging in anything/anyone within earshot to help him. He throws around Tupac quotes, Wu choruses, does a Biggie impression and trades bars with a guest list that goes into double digits. It may not be particularly original, but bizarrely enough, "Mastermind" ends up being arguably the best album of his career. The problem is that it's probably a couple of years too late. "God Forgives, I Don't" was an instantly forgettable, overblown waste of time that sapped the steam from Ross' impressive career arc. In an ideal world, "Mastermind" would have been his fifth - a long play with no real singles, consistently excellent production, catchy choruses aplenty and surprisingly little filler. It's clearly designed to garner your respect, and as long as you don't analyse it too deeply, it should succeed. Dig a little deeper (than rap), and the weak points of the entire Rick Ross propaganda story surface once again - it's just that in 2014, his stubborn refusal to go away and decent level of artistry/lyricism mean that his audience is far more forgiving than it used to be. To put it another way, since 50 Cent's last meaningful work ("Curtis" in 2007), Rick Ross has released five albums, with every one finding his target audience and selling healthily too (assuming this one doesn't buck the trend). A promising first track ("Rich Is Gangsta") would ordinarily lead into a gigantic single, but such a song simply doesn't exist on "Mastermind" - so instead we get a surreal double whammy of an imaginary "Drug Dealer Dreams" and Biggie homage/rip-off "Nobody". The latter initially has you yearning for Gorilla Black to make a comeback as Rick's impression seems rather lacklustre, but it does grow after a while. Still, there is no substitute for originality and the clear lifting doesn't ultimately do Ross many favours. The prerequisite Jay Z duet is decent enough, but is followed by the superb "Mafia Music III" - featuring a perfect instrumental from Bink! alongside a brilliant assist through the mighty Mavado. Ironically enough, it's the kind of beat you could actually imagine a modern day Biggie Smalls rhyming over, but Ross doing Ross straight nails it. Apparently the MMG head honcho and Young Jeezy had issues (seriously, after a while you just tune it all out) but they have now "quashed" it. The result is alright but about as noteworthy as their initial beef. French Montana returns to help Ross in his "Hip Hop Karaoke" quest to go all ODB over "What A Shame"; the strange combination of fake cocaine dealer Rick Ross with fucking huge cocaine addict Scott Storch on "Supreme" veers into filler territory; "BLK & WHT" fares better, mainly owing to a clever chorus, but Ross doesn't ride the tempo particularly well. After the ladies section (skit + The Weeknd track), the riotously enjoyable Big Sean and Kanye West track "Sanctified" really doesn't need Ross popping up at the end (harsh, but fair). Meek Mill and Lil Wayne help close the standard version of the album off relatively well (even if Ross forlornly asking if "thugs cry" just sounds Razzie-worthy). The deluxe version is, for once, totally worth your money - without ruining any potential surprises for you, just know that Scarface is worth the admission price alone. In the end, your thoughts on "Mastermind" will rely less upon your taste, and more on your stance. I've never been much of a Rick Ross "fan" - I can certainly appreciate his qualities, and various songs/verses have temporarily won me over. This album is surely his most consistent from start to finish, and in that respect it's probably his most enjoyable to date. It's just that the level of fabrication involved in almost every song FOR ME undermines the very foundations upon which his story is based. Putting that to one side, there are clear strengths (beats, hooks, sequencing, no reliance on singles) and obvious weaknesses (certain verses, feeling like a guest on his own album, borrowed subject matter and, ironically, no actual singles). His hardcore army should love it; casual rap fans should find more than a passing interest; and those who only get on board due to big singles will probably barely realise this was even released. Saying all that, you know that "Rating" button in iTunes, where you attribute one to five stars to a song? When push comes to shove, there are only about three songs here that merit that kind of mindshare - and none of those come close to his best singles. By his standards, "Mastermind" is technically a good album, but neither timely nor memorable. Music Vibes: 7 of 10 Lyric Vibes: 6 of 10 TOTAL Vibes: 6.5 of 10

  • sjhflasjhf

    Eh. There are some bright moments but this album isn't putting up a great fight for AOTY.

  • Anonymous

    Oxymoron got a better Editor Rating and a better User Rating!

  • RHX

    William Roberts is NOT Rick Ross tho.....

  • MMGSuede

    Its some good old school music, he just need to step it up a bit more lyrically

  • Kushmasterchef

    rick rosss is that nigga!! album of the year

  • Pauli

    I LOVED this album I just diidnt like that stupid Raggay song with the Jamaican guys.

  • Monaviois Chironie

    Really good album from fron to back Crazy production Street rhymes Excellent features Dope singing Rozay is talking that talk, streets been giving this the thumbs up.

  • Optimus Rhyme

    This is the same as the rest of his albums -production far outweigh the rhymes -out shined by every feature -every song is a fairytale -severe lack of honesty in the music -no growth -he literally says the same shit on every song -no substance or nothing of significance to rap about This pretty much sums up every Ross album.

  • Anonymous

    10 good reviews, 3 mixed reviews and 1 bad review. With Social Media so huge rappers dont even read critics reviews they just hashtag their album title and see what the people that DL it have to say.

    • Anonymous

      Stop acting like you know what every rapper does. LMAO They all read the fucking reviews or have their people do it for them.

  • Anonymous

    Smh I'm done... I'm literally not coming to this site anymore. Niggas is out of touch like a muthafucka. This album easily deserved a 4-4.5. Wtf do ya'll listen to hiphop for? To hear some lame ass nigga stumble over big words he doesn't understand? Don't get it twisted... I'm a smart guy so that's fun sometimes... But i like to hear hiphop that's PUT TOGETHER WELL. That's what this album is. From top to bottom every beat, every flow, and every feature is masterfully crafted. That's what mastermind is about. Niggas have completely missed the point... And this ain't the 1st time... Ya'll stay fuckin over commercial album reviews... But what ya'll fail to realize is that it's good commercial albums like this one that keeps the genre going. dx is a part of the reason why hiphop is dying... No one respects the music anymore... The craft... Everybody thinks they're a critic and they know what real hiphop is when hiphop will always follow the culture... Weather you faggots like it or not... Last post

    • Anonymous

      " Wtf do ya'll listen to hiphop for? To hear some lame ass nigga stumble over big words he doesn't understand?" isn't that Rick Ross? smell ya later bitch nigga... lol im leaving this website forever cause you gave an album an unfavorable review! HAHA I don't need a review to tell me if an album is good or not.

  • Anonymous

    this album is whack

  • Johnny

    Catchy at first but I can't sit through the whole album of this. Production is basically pop music. Rick Ross has a good sound but uses basically the same delivery on every track and doesn't say anything that interesting. Are there any really standout verses?

    • Anonymous

      standout verse was from scarface on blessin in disguise

    • Justin Case

      Not a single standout verse. Not a bar worth rewinding. All that matters to Ross fan is the production. That's all they talk about. Might as well make instrumental albums. Standards are getting lower and lower every year.

  • Anonymous

    I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaSNK0pm4eY

  • Mactearz

    The album is fiery hot. Haters is salty that my man Rozay got another hit album under his belt. Great album that is slightly better than "God forgives I don't" which was pretty good. Mastermind is a banger plain and simple period.

  • Anonymous

    Despite all the dick riding the numbers show that REAL STREET NIGGA have never and will never fuck with ross like that. Dude has never went gold first week. Has never shattered the charts with crazy numbers. Never been platinum. Niggaz rock with slim cause he nice i like his rap game just like plenty of niggaz do. But im not buying a fake nigga shit im not supporting a Whore nigga i just cant do it do a fucking whore no way i would ever buy this nigga shit and support a fake ass nigga. Ive brought bg's albums to support a real nigga. i brought all beans albums cause he a real nigga. i brought fifty first second and last album cause he a real nigga. i brought all bucks joints cause he a real nigga. Im not putting my own money in a whore pocket aint no way

    • Anonymous

      ^^ look everyone it's BruthaDee the over emotional middle aged Ross groupie

    • Anonymous

      The OP sounds like a white boy pretending to be an ignorant Black person, but he overused the N-word and made himself sound cartoonish, plus he left 10 other titangraphs like that, he must have been drunk or having emotional problems.

    • Anonymous

      Cole could go plat one day, Born Sinner sold 300k first week and well over 600k.. and he's not that big of an artist

    • Anonymous

      Ross will never go platinum but neither will Lupe, J Cole or 99% of the rappers who drop albums, who needs to go platinum when you can make millions going Gold? Platinum been dead but props to MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice for going Platinum and proving that lyrical HipHop goes platinum and that platinum is based on talent.

    • Anonymous

      cause im sure you a real nigga you fake ass internet thug I dont like rick ross but not because of what he was its because he's a no talent artist real hip hop heads no that and thats the real reason he wont go platinum or even gold ever again it has nothing to do with real niggas cause real niggas dont buy albums

    • LOL

      LOL okay bro we get it....

  • Anonymous

    entertaining album with great production

    • Young Guwop

      Diddy mixed the album.

    • DJboutit

      I agree the mastering engineering on this fuckin sux it like someone is tone def. I only listened to some of 3 tracks and the beat was way to fing loud you could not hear Ross at all. This album and Ross whole career is just pathetic

  • Anonymous

    Ross might get another Grammy nomination, well according to the Sales projections from Complex it looks like Ross will have his 5th Number 1 album of his career. He did it.

  • rth

    the deffinition of bullshit

  • Anonymous

    It grew on more than OXY but satellite is the AOTY.

  • MasterMind

    The album sounds good but it will sell according to climate. Last year Wayne and Kanye didnt go Platinum so its impossible for Ross to sell as much as his last album.

    • Anonymous

      Blog people care about sales more than they do the music itself, but that reminds me of how some people go straight to TMZ website instead of CNN, it just depends on your maturity and intelligence.

  • MasterMind

    This album is a dedication to Black music during an era where artists attempt to stray away from traditional Black musical elements in favor of more trendy Europeon sounds but this album stays true to the foundation of traditional Black music without the experimentation, the pandering or the obligatory cross-over attempt and token features. If you would have told me that a modern day HipHop album would have Betty Wright & Sizzla on it simultaneously I would have laughed in your face, even moreso if you added Keith Sweat and the criminally underrated Z-Ro, but those voices added some crucial sonic energy to this album that made it very enjoyable for me on that melodious vibe. I cant ignore the R&B contributions that Kevin Cossum made on "Paradise Lost" and Teedra Moses made on "Nobody" and the beautiful Betty Idol made on "Thug Cry", the harmonic elements from these talented but lesser know artists shouldnt be ignored. The production on this album is absolutely incredible from Black Metaphors floating production on "Rich is Gangsta" where he deftly flips the Average White Bands classic "Soul Searching" to Bink!s and his Kingston Reggea dancehall masterpiece "Mafia Music III" complete with sirens, airhorns and lasers. One of the early standouts on Mastermind is the Ross solo "Drug Dealers Dream" a stripped down menacing track with Ross painfully bellowing: "Lord forgive these btches gettin their money strippin chasin this fast money, next time we'll do it different" ...the song serves as the perfect appetizer for the dramatic "Shots Fired" skit before the Notorious B.I.G inspired "Nobody" massages your eardrums with a nice concoction of sound but short on the greatness that made the original a classic. The familiar tune "Devil is a Lie" with its pulsating Jazz horns and Soul swooning is another JayZ collab to add to the vault of JayZ and Ross collaborations, "Fat Boy need a 10 piece....." The certified street-banger on Mastermind has to be the angry shootout-in-the-projects tune "WarReady" with MikewillMadeIt making fellow producer Lex Luger sound like Frank Ocean. Complete with gunshots, a looming bass line, triple snares and Jeezy laying his most murderous bars in years. The song success despite the slightly irritating Migos clone Tracy T who stutters over the hook like a dyslexic having a seizure while reading a text message from a street soldier. "What A Shame" has an East Coast vibe due to the Camp Lo hook chanted by the always apt French Montana, the title being an ode to Ol Dirty Bastards classic "Shame on a nigga". Brooklyn born producer Reefa is the brains behind this head-nodder but many listeners will be disappointed at the songs short length (2:04) that leads the listener hungry for more. "Assasinate ya name, nigga spraying in the dark hate you with a passion but he askin for a job" (At about 7 songs in at around the midway point of the album you realize that Mastermind is solid but has an almost underlying East-Coast vibe to it.) Scott Storch has definitely been soaking up those Miami sun rays because the bouncy "Supreme" feels like palm trees, white sand and Mojitos with a hilarious Katt Williams on the intro/outro and Keith Sweat taking us back to 80s, the song is a success and a refreshing change of mood from the serious overtones of the earlier songs. The chick in your passenger seat will want a few rewinds you have been warned. "300 horses in this bitch, need a Jockey inside false floor for firearms thats how you should ride" "BLK and WHT" a slinking Bass line driven ditty from D-Rich where Ross channels his best Juvie impersonation, I have heard many people say this is one of their favorites but I thought it was decent, not one of my favorites even though it was interesting hearing Ross adopt a new flow. "In Vein" is another hilarious example of The Dream hijacking a song and making it his own and leaving the rapper feeling like a guest on his own album, its a Dream song so of course its a high quality medly of sound xomplete with Rock guitars, a song that could easily be a chart topping radio hit if promoted properly, a definite standout jewell of R&B excellence. "She give me brain, she a Mastermind to be exact" If The Weekend (pun intended) gave us that Saturday at the club feeling then it only makes sense that Kanye West takes us into Church Sunday with a heavy dose of Gospel on Sanctified. A blasphemous Big Sean hook on what is easily the best song on Mastermind shows you once again why Kanye is an egomaniacal genius and at his best when he stays home and gives us Drums and Soul. Ross gives us one of his more hilarious rhymes with: "Bitches that I don't don't get degrees but they can dress fellatio amazing, make grilled chees for you the best" "Walkin on Air" is standard fare and a decent enough track but another D-Rich production with minimal and sparse production that just seems out of place on an album with such extravagant production but it will be a favorite amongst the trap fans and the hardHeads. Meek Mill does what Meek Mill does and it's efficient if not impressive. "Bought a bitch a hundred acres, all roses lyou niggas Judas, I'm the son of Moses Illuminated resurrected as Selassie Bob Marley through the trumpets on the day I die" No Ross album is a Ross album without Justice League production and with "Thug Cry" they saved the best for last, reworking a haunting Billy Cobham sample over spooky chords and crisp drums we get to hear LiL Wayne sound like the Wayne we all loved before he got lazy, Ross doesent dissapoint and Betty Idol kills the hook. Its the perfect ending to the album because it isn't a thudding or triumphant song but rather a mid tempo smooth track to send you on your way with a feeling of balance. "Get the yellow tape it's well orchestrated 200 acre estates a young nigga made it" A solid and dope album, the obvious complaints will be a lack of substance and repetitive subject matter but Ross sticks to his formula and you know exactly what to expect when you hear Ross on a song. Ross sounds spry and slick on the tracks but not as exuberant and jolly as he did on "Rich Forever" and I surmise that the trials and tribulations in his personal life contributed to the darker feel on Mastmind compared to the playboy vibe on GFID. Ross has his limitations as a lyricist but his husky baritone, adlibs, and emotion are good enough to keep you at attention Nothing sweet, hippy, Pop or crossover on here just straight up Black music in a pure digestible form that you will enjoy most when you are with your people, play it loud in your car and in your home and enjoy it. Production 9.5/10 Lyrics 7.5/10 Features 9/10 Skits 4/10 Packaging 9/10 Overall I give this album an 8.5/10 a few missteps but the Deluxe version with the inclusion of "Blessings in Disguise and "Paradise Lost" make it a must purchase ro add to your collection.

  • Mylie

    Good album. Yeezy verse was so old Yeezy i love it.

  • ballsdeep

    wow.. So you actually think Led Zeppelin saw a girl taking a stairway to heaven? its called fucking art! this is why hip-hop is moving forward very slowly, not all artistic expression is based on real events/memories/whatever..

  • Anonymous

    not one track on this album fuckin with the funeral

  • Anonymous

    cmon steal the camp lo shit damn they shark bitters album full of hip hop and rb remakes thats it sounds like a mixtape

  • Anonymous

    MM 3 and a few other tracks but a 3.5 is accurate

  • Anonymous

    Animal Ambition will be ten times better...FACT!!!!!!!!!

  • Mastermind

    Best Lyrics I heard with 'Rick Ross' in them: This is a meeting of the minds Combined to find and outline The things needed to realign Hip hops heart from being aligned With sensational crimes. Rick Ross rhymes. Kris Kross lines and Cross out lies. Learned lyrics led hip hops prime. Now hip hops blind to fake bling And media's money-puppet-mimes, I'm reading "Inbetween The Lines" And dropping dimes. Every master has an art. Hip hop is mine. - Christiano Can

  • Anonymous

    metacritic got this shit at 70/100 now, heres the projections, LMAO half of what j cole sold first week Rick Ross (Def Jam/IDJ) 145-160k Pharrell Williams (Columbia) 85-95k Lea Michele (Columbia) 50-55k Eli Young Band (Republic Nashville) 24-27k American Authors (Mercury/IDJ) 21-24k David Nail (MCA Nashville) 19-22k Ashanti (eOne) 18-21k Drive By Truckers (ATO) 12-15k

    • Anonymous

      phat boy said, deeper than rap, would outsell get rich or die trying....LMMMAAAOO!!!!!! get off of 50's dick and stop biting his style. I see you phat boy....

    • Anonymous

      could be his lowest FW sales yet if he doesn't sell more than 158 Port of Miami 187k Trilla 198k Deeper Than Rap 158k Teflon Don 176k God Forgives I Don't 218K Mastermind 145-160k

    • Anonymous

      will this be rick ross lowest selling album?

  • tROOF

    WAR READY, MAFIA MUSIC 3, THUGS CRY, DEVIL IS A LIE. I don't really listen to anything else... That NOBODY joint pisses me off listening to Ross try to steal Biggie's flow, that shit is horrible.

  • FactsMachine


  • TBagYourMommA

    GaaaaaaRBGe Azz Album if u think other wise U defently groupie azz niggA but fake niggaz Like dat fantasy rap shit give dat nigga a oscar For playin all you fools listening to biggest fraud in da game!

  • Anonymous

    This negative review of an album I really like and enjoy is deeply affecting my life so I'm going to keep commenting about how bad this review is and maybe post some good reviews from other websites in the hopes of changing absolutely nothing.

    • Anonymous

      damn a nigga caught feelings from that comment

    • Anonymous

      I posted good reviews from other websites and it only effected your life enough that you felt compelled to comment about it while thousands of others didnt care enough to respond. Looks like I can effect your life easily.

  • Anonymous

    heard this desperate ass nigga mentions 50 on the album but he aint say nothing when Gunplay's chain was in that music video with Jeezy and Snoop.

  • Anonymous

    Certified banger, shit blew my speakers.

  • Anonymous

    Ross probably ducked when they laid the gun shots in his songs! Pussy ass nigga hears them shots and drives into a wall scared but then he goes and puts gunshots all over his album like he's about that shit. Nigga please.

  • Lawrence Okolie

    Rozays best album. Absolute classic! Mastermind > Teflon Don

  • Napoleon Bone-A-Hoe

    Review on here is utterly horrid, I go to MetaCritic and read all the reviews combined so I can weed out the bias and get a more general consensus but at the end of the day my ears are what I go buy. This was a pretty dope album I enjoyed it more after the 5th and 6th listen as I was able to recite the hooks in unison and let it sink it, upon 1st listen I would have said a 3.5 but now its an easy 4.5 for my taste.

  • Thriller Night

    Another solid album from Ross, Im not the biggest Ross fan but he put together an impressive album that I believe is superior to Oxymoron. Im a musicHead so production means a lot to me and this album is three stars based on the production alone.

  • Anonymous

    Just left Metacritic and so far the are views are good their was only one negative review and that was from the LA times. This reviewer is horrible, he sucks and didnt delve enough into the album. I gave it 4/5

  • Anonymous

    Ive never seen a rapper benefit from production and features more then Rick Ross but thats just me

    • Anonymous

      Production is the key to any good album and the production here is Flames! The features were murdered by everybody except that Migos guy and those irritating golddiggers on that intermission.

  • Mattayo

    4/5 folks. Not Ross's best album by any means but hes trying to continue to refine his sound. Teflon Don remains Boss's best work. That Dope Bitch Skit is so stupid tho

  • killah

    Terrible review. Good album.

  • paulie

    If you say this is a bad album you're a hater or you don't know music!

    • Anonymous

      ^^ groupie comment, what kind of speakers you got in your 2001 chevy bruthadee?

    • Captain Crunch

      @Pauly I know music and I have listened to the album for almost a week know and let it digest, I played it front to back on a car stereo system and I can give you an honest opinion. This is a superb album and an improvement on GFID this album is more in the vein of TD with the bangers and less R&Bish with GFID, but it is not perfect and here is why: Dope a bitch skit is just useless and nothing more than a shameless plug for Belaire and the Intro skit sounded goofy. Remove the skits and the album is 4.5. If you are making a mix of your own then you can add Box Chevy, No Games, Oil money or Oyster Perpetual. 4 out of 5

    • Anonymous

      its not bad buts its not great either. most of the songs are weak

    • Anonymous

      and he has no content to his rimes...I heard him bite one of 50's lines too....just a phat nigga rapping. the most disrespect was using Biggie's beat....shame on you puffy....sucka

    • mr hand

      ehhhhh.. if you think this album is anything above average, you may just not 'know music.' im not a fan of ross, but when god forgives came out, i decided to give it a fair listen, and ended up liking it a lot.. but mastermind, not so much. god forgives has a unified sound, good track order.. seems like an actual album. mastermind seems more like a loose, random collection of (mostly leftover) songs.. its all over the place, no focus.. theres enough good songs to make a solid EP, but way too much filler to be considered a good album.

    • Anonymous

      the shyte is wack....I don't hear not one turntable scratching

  • jack tripper

    good not great album. on a few tracks id rather just hear the instramentals lol, namely war readu

  • S F

    Rick Ross being fraudulent as always. Some nice rhymes here and there tho.

  • Tator

    I could almost gaurantee that if the album reviewer Sheldon Pearce actually listens to this album more than just the instant it was released his 'opinion' of Mastermind will change. Websites are so anxious to be the first to review an album that they don't have the patience to absorb the music. This album has some darkness and insight to it and Ross. Sort of reminds me of Reasonable Doubt, in overall feel I mean. It's doesn't have a ratchet mix tape feel. That's what mixtapes & Meek Mill are for. Pretty close to classic IMO.

  • Marlo Stanfield

    This punk ass reviewer wanted it to be one way, but its the other way. Album is a 4/5 at the least.

  • Grand Protege

    This is another one of those albums where I enjoy a lot of the production, but not a lot of the rapper.

  • Anonymous

    Super hott album no doubt! #DrugDealersDream #DDD

  • Brandon

    I like Teflon Don, but damn...his music got even better with God Forgives I Don't. Ashamed, Maybach Music 4, Amsterdam, Presidential, Ice Cold, F*ckin U, Hold Me Back, Diced Pineapples, Ten Jesus Pieces ..are you serious? I haven't heard Mastermind yet, but I'm sure it's way better than what dude is talking. People holding on to that CO job he had at 19. Really need to quit.

  • akash

    average albhum only thug cry track is worth listening rest wack

  • Kenny

    That CD/Body of work is fire. It's an excellent CD...

  • Jermaine

    Mastermind is Brilliant! Are reviewers paid to hate? They hate with such passion. Objectively this is one of Ross' best albums. Anyone who discounts Ross' lyrically ability is insane. The content is heavily focused on hustling, but that is exactly what I look for in a Ross' album. You dont have to be a drug dealer to appreciate the content, its really just a hood version of a rags to riches story and ambition. You just have to re-purpose the content to your career to appreciate the hustle. I dont know why people are so upset about the content,

  • yikes

    This absolutely deserved a better rating than Schoolboy Q. DX really missed the mark on this review. Let an opinion that matters try next time.

  • apzee

    I'm not even a big Rozay fan for obvious reasons but you've definitely hated on this album. Anyone that derides this album of its true worth, is lacking in objectivity. Truth be told it's a good album, his second best after Teflon Don. The production is superb and he delivers where expected. Yes it's no classic(we can't expect such a feat from Rozay), but it's also not a bad album. I'd give it a 4/5. Plus it's way better than ScHoolboy Q's Oxymoron.

  • harrygusto

    Well this album isn't good. The production great,but he has no lyrics follow suit. On another note, who ever wrote this review need's to tone the vocab so everybody can understand what he/she is writing about.

  • jmoji

    is aight... not the greatest thin ever but aight

  • Anonymous

    all reviews are mixed, so dont blame HHDX

  • drastik

    well this album is straight doo doo and just like that shit sandwich jay Z dropped last year, it is impeccable on the production end but the rapping just kill it for me, if twas an instrumental only lp, it would be a classic, i give it a star just for that and that verse by Yeezus

  • Anonymous

    beats out way the rhymes mafia 3 track is fire

  • Sam Snead

    3/5, is fair. It's not teflon don or port of miami. neither of those would I give a 5/5 either

  • the poison

    this album is garbage - aint there no unreleased tupac-big joints left in the vaults

  • the poison

    i would give this album 1 out of 10 - aint there any unreleased tupac joints in the vault - bring out some old school shit these new cats aint cutting it

  • the poison

    had a listen - dont bother its awful

  • Anonymous

    its not a great album the beats are good no doubt but the lyrics kind ok not bad at all he just a rapper not a MC

  • Kizman

    that joint w/scarface is seriously top 5 song of this yr so far...


    Ross is one of the few who can carry a album by his own. Beats are top notch and yes he is repeated himself but he did a good job and kept it street and gangsta and fuck the haters who say Ross is FAKE i have news for you: ice cube fake nas fake eminem fake wayne fake mobb deep fake etc. And never somebody is complaining about these rappers

    • Anonymous

      rely heavily on features like all of his albums. they're all the same.

    • Anonymous

      this album relied heavily on big names from lil wayne, diddy, jay-z, jeezy, meek, kanye, big sean, scarface, french,

    • Anonymous

      Did you really say Ross is one of the few that can carry an album on his own? You must be trolling. Go through all his albums and I bet he easily has more features than songs.

    • CHECKIN bitches

      Cosign all them niggas is fake. Hov is reaL SO FUCK YOU CLIFF THE CAMEL.

    • cliff

      Lol well said sir but your forgot the biggest fraud ever Jay-z aka joe the camel..



    • Anonymous

      hating would be if they gave it a 1 or 2 star, this just seems like it wasnt their cup of tea and rightfully so, not everyone like the same thing. look at the user reviews and see that.

  • auzy rap

    this album goes hard n it aint generic like some other bullshit dats been goin on. its 5 times better than schoolboy q. its jus erry body is ridin on TDE's dickright nw

  • COCA


  • redrum

    rozay the best rapper since rakim

  • Mike

    Actuallu this was a great album. Well thought out track list, so it was just "a hodgepodge of classic Rick Ross tropes thrown into one and tagged with a title more fit for super-villainy."

  • TheSupreme

    This album more is more of a "Life of a dope dealer" kinda album. I think was better "God Forgives I Don't" was more well rounded for everybody

  • Anonymous

    Dis album sounds really good. . . .

  • Anonymous

    Yall trippin again. This album was hard as fuck

  • StankFoot

    Another Wack Ass Lying Album We get it already. You got some money, which you wish you earned selling drugs. You are a Whore's Trick.

  • CompleX

    Think of Rick Ross' catalogue as a resounding march from Port of Miami to "B.M.F.," the 808s popping deeper at each successive turn. A progression from the screwed hooks and beachside conspiracy bluffs of Ross' debut to black-glove mafia menace, all culminating in his last studio album, God Forgives, I Don't, an obese symphony including all possible instruments, features, ad libs, boastsmaking for a sometimes indigestible buffet. Thankfully, Mastermind loosens the belt a few notches. In the sense that 2009's Deeper Than Rap marked Ross shift into cinematic, charismatic storytelling, and widescreen appeal as a persona, Mastermind is Deepers rightful sequel. From jacking the synth flood of Brian De Palma's Tony Montana soundtrack to launching its first act through alternating Caribbean sunshine and .38 caliber hail. Traces of Trick Daddy and Young Jeezy lingerthe former's influence most clearly pronounced on Mastermind's first single, "The Devil is a Lie." Yet all Ross flows converge in tribute to Bad Boy's new jack soul and Drake's reconciliation of banging beats with R&B deceleration. Like all of Ross' albums, Mastermind is expansively gorgeousa scenic blend of curbside taunts, felonious overreactions, groupie shout-outs, and orgasmic braggadocio. It's cohesive without being concept. Its soundscape is dynamic without being as scattershot as God Forgives. Where that record crowded Ross out of his own projectthe beats were too atypical and the features too plentifulMastermind brings a somewhat more understated rosterif you call Puffy and French Montana and Kanye West and Big Sean and Lil Wayne and Jeezy and The Weeknd and Mavado and Sizzla understated. Diddy and French tag-team throughout as Mastermind's consiglieres, with Montana blues-crooning the hook to "Nobody" and lending his favorite ad lib and new money cliches to "What A Shame." As Mastermind's final gueston "Thug Cry," the outro till infinityLil Wayne flips his most sober verse since the Bush administration. Jeezy outdoes both himself and Ross on "War Ready"not that Ross seems to notice or mind as he cackles. Even the project's most gratuitous featureBig Sean's eight bars of just-happy-to-be-herebolsters Kanye's heathen-gospel contribution, in which Yeezus waxes raspy as Shyne. With Ross the past always rings present. Whether he's spitting his bounciest Weezy impression over the purple Prowler brood of "BLK & WHT," or answering Puffy's Vicodin-deprived rants with a Biggie memorial flow on "Nobody," the influences are clear. Scott Storch, Puffy, Kanye, and Bink!all doing their best to approximate the fun of a Mannie Fresh sessionoverwhelm the dynamite booms and trap claps favored on so many MMG projects. "The Devil Is A Lie," featuring Jay Z, and "War Ready" rank as Mastermind's biggest, most lethal beats, bookended by blues and reggae relief. The levity of a pyretic Puffy and a faded Katt Williams rounds out Mastermind's comprehensive leisure, concluding with somber Acknowledgments from our grateful host. Hand him the Oscar, already. As the curtains fall, Ross' fantastical resiliencewoven from equal parts truth and absurdityseems justified, earned. Hand him the Oscar, already. Consciously or not, the Mastermind has positioned himself as both Drake's older, wiser brother, and Kanye's sober cousin. Thats ambition without the galactic grandiosity of God Forgives. At Rick Ross' zenithembodied by 2010's Teflon Donhe thrived by obliterating beats that thumped too heavily for his skinny contemporaries, on the one hand; and by jet-skiing over piano riffs on the otherhis lighter, more recreational tracks. Here he's dialed down the symphonic onslaught of his later efforts, opting for island bass strums on "Mafia Music III" and the marching brass segno of "Rich Is Gangsta." It's a graceful balance from an artist who, in recent years, could easily be accused of trying too hard, doing too much. All of which goes to say, if you love Deeper Than Rap, then you'll fuck with this. For all of his cheeky experimentation with flows here, Ross Mastermind features minimal innovation of the formula that he patented five years ago. This album isn't growth, exactly, so much as a feat of pure persistence. Ross appropriates Kanye's funk and YMCMB's pop hypnotics without meaning to become them. And so, true to the album's artwork, Mastermind is a graffiti portrait of the artist as a grown-ass multi-millionaire.

  • Amazon

    Mastermind is another definitive and progressive body of work by the legendary Rick Ross. Album number six is a lock to be another gold certified chart topper for the MMG bawse! Haters can be mad at this record because Rozay keep putting out dope albums. Stand out tracks like " in the vein" featuring the weeknd and "sanctified" produced by kanye west is pure fire. The bawse is lyrically in boss mode. Yes the drug talk is a little tedious at this point. But expecting Ross not to spit about the hustler lifestyle is like going to a strip club not wanting to tip the strippers, it does not make sense. Ross create detailed and vivid street tales that only a boss would know. C.O background granted, a lot of rappers had past jobs before they were stars that would surprise you. Sorry haters its true (ha ha). Rick Ross is a legend period. Mastermind is another hit album for his true fans. If you like coke rap with internal street intelligence, then add this stellar album to your collection you will not be disappointed. Salute to the MMG kingpin of street rap. Rozay!!!!!

  • Rolling Stone

    Rick Ross: Mastermind (Maybach Music Group) What irony! Heres platinum rapper Rick Ross, back with his sixth album, titling it Mastermind and not realizing the MIND part of the title was printed backwards on the album cover! What a dope! Aside from that, though, this record is great! If youre like me, youll probably agree with ace Amazon reviewer Ronald Mcteer, who noted only this week that expecting Ross not to spit about the hustler lifestyle is like going to a strip club and not wanting to tip the strippers, it does not make sense. Exactly! And when it comes to that unique slice of life philosophizing that rappers like Ross do bestthe sort vividly on display here via tracks like Dope Bitch Skit, Thug Cry and the thought-provoking Rich Is GangstaMastermind shows Ross has risen to a completely new level: The eighth floor, specializing in housewares, kitchen appliances and home dcor!


    Found a review that actually does this album justice! http://thehiphopbassment.blogspot.com/

  • XXL

    A very solid effort from Ross, I hate the Weekend but other than that I dont skip any tracks.

  • XXL

    XXL: When Rick Ross car was riddled with 18 bullets in a drive-by shooting last January, it affected the rapper more than he let on at the time. And that brush with deathwhich caused Ross to veer off the road and collide with an apartment building, luckily leaving no one injuredinforms Ross sixth album, Mastermind, more than most might have thought; the lushly produced project dwells early and often on the subjects of mortality, violence and the costs of being The Bawse. Mastermind also comes at a critical point in Ross career, with younger artists hot on his tail in terms of relevance and many wondering what, after all the albums, collaborations and guest verses hes put out since his 2006 debut Port Of Miami, he still has left to say. But as the album was pushed back repeatedlyfirst from the summer, then from Dec. 17 until it landed yesterday, a day early, on Mar. 3 as Def Jam tried to find a single that would catch on at radiothe question became whether Ross had anything left at all, or any way to put it all together in a way that could stick. The albums first single, The Devil Is A Lie featuring Jay Z, answered those questions to an extent; Ross has always had an exceptional ear for beats, and the Lie beatproduced by Major Seven and K.E. On The Trackas well as the Bink!-produced Mafia Music III, Mike WiLL Made Its War Ready, Kanye Wests Sanctified and Scott Storchs Supreme, all prove that that ear hasnt diminished at all. Hearing Ross dance and drive through a reggae beat on the same album as he slinks through Yeezy soul and The Weeknds delicate soundscapes keeps things fresher than they were on God Forgives, I Dont. When Ross is at his finest, he can treat a beat as his own personal playground, always exerting control while twisting and turning on top of it. But even though the production is of the highest quality, and Ross has a newfound credibilityin everyones eyes except 50 Cents, of coursein the lifestyle of a drug kingpin that hes cultivated over the years, that doesnt really mean hes changed up his lyrical rubric, and he seldom steps too far out of his comfort zone. Hes the bossman who gives Wale a Cartier watch and Meek Mill a Range Rover in Rich Is Gangsta, then hes the drug dealer selling cocaine out of his Benz in Black And White. Hes lifting The Notorious B.I.G.s hook and flow on Nobody, then repurposing Ol Dirty Bastard lines for What A Shame. War Ready is a meditation on the violence of the streets, where Jeezy outshines everyone and Tracy T pulls a hook straight out of the depths of Futures hard drive, and Kanye steals the show on Sanctified right out from under Ross feet. And throughout, the tracks are peppered with gunshots and death references, reminding the listener that that January shooting never strays too far from his mind. What Ross does well, and what he does again on Mastermind, is put together a body of work that is as formidable as he is, and taken as a whole its impossible to call this anything other than a very good album. Where people like Kanye and Drake and Kendrick Lamar keep winning by shaking up the formula and dabbling in the unexpected, Ross long ago identified his lane, and he is the undisputed kingpin of his brash brand of hip-hop. Ross die-hards will not be disappointed; anyone looking for something new and different was probably looking in the wrong place to begin with. Mastermind is a powerful album, an album with an identity, and one that has some solid songs and a handful of hits. Ross delivers just what he promised. Dan Rys

  • ChimiChanga

    this is the worst review of the album I read but the idiot still gives it 3 Stars which is favorable, I doubt he listened to the album because he only commented on 3 songs and the rest of the review was his opinion about Ross Persona instead of Ross music.

  • Boss Hog Outlaw.

    Great album that has got a lot of good reviews, so far 9 Positive, 3 mixed and 1 negative. I love the direction Ross took on this LP, he stuck with a proven formula and didnt try to cross over to appeal to the Hippys. Im disappointed that Blessing in Disguise didnt make the original LP but rather the Deluxe but their are so many great songs on the OG version that Im not Mad. LOlOL, only Ross could put Keith Sweat, Scott Storch and Katt Williams on a track and make it work or put Sizzla and Movado on a DanceHall track in 2014 and have you feeling like a Kingston Crime Boss eating Jerk Chicken wings from an armed Villa. Ross sounds grandiose and boastful as ever as if the attempts on his life only fueled his Hustle and made him more hungry for Lemon Pepper Wings and more thirsty for Pink Champagne. Sanctified is the stand out track for me, its been two years since Kanye dropped a guest verse and the track is epic with Gospel crooning and Ross finding a way to rap about grilled cheese over angelic drums, its a tasty treat and another Kanye/Rozay gem to add to the vault. I wasnt really feeling the Meek Mill track or the reprise to Fuckwitmeyouknowigotit but Thug Cry shocked the shit out of me with Wayne actually sounding hungry again. My Fav tracks: MM 3 Sanctified Thugs Cry War Ready What A Shame Blessings in Disguise Nobody Another solid effort from the Boss and a much better product from GIFD but a bit short from the pinnacle that Teflon Don was.

  • BigMartyStylr

    This Album was bangin clearly the dude writing this review is a hater. Next time listen to the album fuck boy.

  • Anonymous

    NOW THIS IS A REVIEW http://bit.ly/1kXx8Sg

    • Anonymous

      Rick Ross made the decision to release his newMastermindalbum a full day early before its schedule release date of March 4th. According to the MMG boss, the streets demanded it. Whether that claim is true or not, the album does not disappoint its hype.Mastermindfinds Rick Ross continuing street narratives as a successful drug kingpin and descriptions of living life in excess. Boss. The albums standout is definitelyNobody. Last year,Rick Ross narrowly escaped death by a drive-by shooting; it was only a matter of time before he referenced the incident on wax. That near-death experience has had an affect on Ross and this song is evidence of that. It closely samples the Notorious B.I.G.s classic 90s hitYoure Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You). Rozay raps about mortality, employing a flow clearly inspired by Biggie that is sure to give the listener chills, while MMG cohort French Montana eerily sings the hook and Diddy gives a motivational lecture in between verses. Longtime collaborator JAY Z joins Ross once again to on the albums first single,Devil Is A Lie, on which both emcees drop quality verses over a rousing jazz-infused production. Rick Ross dabbles in reggae onMafia Music IIIbefore he and former rival Jeezy squash their beef and reunite to deliver hardcore street rhymes over the Mike WiLL Made It produced bangerWar Ready. Rick Ross has always had a fantastic ear for production throughout his career and the beats onMastermindare no exception. All the producers do their job well, providing Ross with lush, grandiose backdrops to his braggadocios rhymes. Highlights includeSanctified, which features Kanyes trademark soul-sampling and quality verses from both Ye and Rozay, as well as the Scott Storch producedSupreme, an energetic beat Ross matches with a fast-paced flow. The albums closer isThug Cryoddly the only track produced by frequent Ross collaborators J.U.S.T.I.C.E. Leagueutilizing the same sample used on Soul of Mischiefs classic track93 Til Infinity, this song is highlighted by perhaps Lil Waynes best verse sinceTha Carter III. The album has few weaknesses. TheDope Bitch Skitfelt unnecessarily long and a bit awkward.In Veinfelt more like The Weeknds track featuring Rick Ross rather than vice versa. However, most surprisingly was the lack of presence by Rosss fellow MMG rappersguest appearances by Stalley, Wale, Rockie Fresh, Gunplay, etc. are nowhere to be found onMastermind. Despite its few flaws,Mastermindis a successful album from the Boss. While some may criticize Rick Rosss repetition of drug dealing tales, the man has found a formula that clearly works, and while the subject matter may remain similar, the presentation changes with each album enough to make each an enjoyable listen.Mastermindis another triumphant notch in Rick Rosss extra-large belt of mafioso-themed Hip-Hop albums.

  • logan hessefort

    Very good album that has gotten, very bad reviews, by editors.

    • Anonymous

      Rick Ross - Boss Level Interviews exclaim.ca It feels like it was eons ago, since then up-and-coming rapper Rick Ross dropped his first hit single, "Hustlin." For almost a decade, Ross has been at the top of the rap heap, doling out celebratory club bangers about pushing cocaine and dealing "eight balls" to his connects. While many of his contemporaries have come and gone, Ross has always had the uncanny ability to endure. And endure he has. Whether taking shots literally and figuratively from his opponents, or backlash over his stint as a correctional officer, he's remained unscathed. His musical body of work is also well fortified, with five successful albums under his belt and countless collaborations with some of music's biggest artists. Despite these accolades, the rapper's stock has wavered in the last couple of months. Suffering from several low-charting singles, album pushbacks, and losing his Reebok deal over his infamous "molly" line, the Teflon Don has never appeared more vulnerable. Motivated to hold his title as a hip-hop heavyweight, Ross returns with his sixth album, Mastermind. Executively produced by Sean "Diddy" Combs, the album is filled with soulful cuts that act as a backdrop against the rapper's usual gangster retrospectives and thinly veiled threats. Exclaim! caught up with Rozay to talk about the new album, working with Diddy, and capturing the soulful sounds of the '90s. On Twitter you mentioned the first time you heard yourself on the radio was "Something's Going On" with Trick Daddy. How do you compare that with now being on your sixth album? There's nothing really like that first time, but just remaining consistent means the most to me and I think is the biggest difference. The first time I heard myself it was just about me and [being] on the radio. But now it's [grown] and become more about reaching the fans who support me. You talk about how you approach songs from a writer's perspective. Which song on Mastermind challenged you the most as a writer? "Nobody" was definitely one of the more challenging ones and I was really passionate [about that song]. As a lyricist, it's not about putting the words together a lot of the times, but it's about catching those moments that mean the most to you and translating that and putting it on record. Also "Black & White" was another difficult one that took a couple months. Talk a bit more about "Black & White." What is that song about? "Black & White," I'm really just talking about a young brother who's in the streets and dependent on narcotics cocaine to survive. I talk about the highs and lows, the growth and the rise [of dealing drugs] and at the same time I let you know there's life [sentence] waiting for you if you do this. How did the collaboration between you and the Weeknd happen? I've wanted to collaborate with the Weeknd for a minute now. It was just timing. We got together and we spoke about the collaboration and then he was on tour and I went on tour, but we stayed in touch. We spoke over the phone several times and we just talked about doing something that was a little slower-paced, a little more intricate where it almost felt 3D and that's when I saw the homie's pen game; he may be one of the best writers in the game. It's just a powerful record. You talked about wanting to take the sounds of the record back to the '90s. Why was it important to capture that era? I feel like the mid-'90s was my favourite era of rap music, It's just what I grew up listening to. I had some of my best memories during that time and Puff Daddy was most definitely the dude to make that happen. And he's family so it was all good. You're already a recognizable presence, but of course Diddy has that wealth of experience in production. How did he push you musically? Most definitely, I mean he sold over 75 million records, so he knows what he's doing and brought that experience to the table. So when we were in the studio after the songs we're complete [Diddy] worked his magic during post- production; bringing in guitarists and other musicians so the music would reach its full potential. For me personally, I think "Presidential" off your last album, God Forgives, I Don't, sonically is one of your best songs. Will we have tracks on this album that have that same soulful yet grandiose punch to it? Most definitely. When I think of "Presidential" I can't help but think of this one record, "Supreme," because it's in the same vibe and I wanted to do something different and splash an older feeling of just going back [again] to that '90s vibe. Do you see yourself making more music in that style and moving away from the trap sounds you've helped launch to popularity? I just create whatever it is I feel. Whatever zone I'm in, whatever vibe I'm in, if that's the music I want to make, that's what I make. You said once, "My passion for art and being successful supersedes yours." Speak on those words a little bit. "Boss".

  • Shuttaman

    Once again HHDX with the attention whore review. Seriously did the guy even listen to the album? Goddamn idiot this is a 4 at the most, same for Q's album. HHDX with their nose stuck up their momma asses acting out again. Fuck the Lupesection from KTT

    • Anonymous

      HHDX only give 4s to underground or Indie rappers or some unlistenable shit like Yeezus, fuck a critic opinion positive or negative, I feel comrtable enough with my own ears to make my own musical opinion.

  • j

    It just feels like he doesn't care anymore.. These songs aren't bad per se but Ross does nothing to do them any justice. Half the songs are either poor re-hashes of his upscale Teflon Don/God Forgives material ( Rich Is Gangsta, Supreme, Thug Cry) or poor re-hashes of his trap-influenced mixtape material (Drug Dealers Dream, War Ready, Walkin' on Air). The other half have a different vibe for being Ross tracks (Mafia Music III, Blk & Wht, In Vein) but he stumbles through them, sounding as if he doesn't really know how to handle himself on them. Ross was only ever good over tracks that were either evil-sounding trap or lush and grandiose, and even at this point you can't help feeling like those tracks have lost the magic they possessed on a record like Teflon Don. It all exposes Ross as being a pretty one-dimensional artist. I honestly don't know where he can go from here.. A shame considering I really liked him from 2009-2012

  • Anonymous

    I never liked Ross but I decided to give this a listen because Jake One is my favorite producer and I have to admit that I was blown away. Ross has an incredible ear for beats and he can skillfully ride a track. I guess you could say that I am a fan of his music now.

  • Anonymous

    I like the CD very much.

  • Anonymous

    Lol some likes this

  • Anonymous

    i expected more. this shit trash to me personally. jeezy killed him on war ready. jay killed him on devil is a lie. he should of left fuck with me you know i got it off the album. if you're gonna just keep yourself on the track you're suppose to kill it. i just expected more the way he hyped it up. i think he has put out better mixtapes.

  • Anonymous

    Great album. I'll remember to stay away from Sheldon Pearce reviews

  • Kody

    My favorite Rick Ross album to date coincidentally i don't really like Rick Ross's music that much so that should tell you something

  • the_truth79

    Great review. It's an honest appraisal of the album and Ross as an artist. Youngsters will get upset b/c they want to continue to indulge in Ross' fantasies.

  • Anonymous

    This album was FIRE!!

  • Anonymous

    Disagree with this review. This is a dope album. Kanye track, Jay-Z track and Young Jeezy tracks alone are amazing. And "god forgives, i don't" is not better than "rich forever", which is a classic. Rick Ross killing it. Fuck the haterz

  • steven longdong

    lolololol "classic Rick Ross tropes" if somebody sucks for 10 years straight, now it gets defined as classic sucking

  • Rozay

    It kills me how all of a sudden its 2014 and ppl young and old (for the past 12 years) have been all of a sudden overly critical about every lyric, beat, style, team, verse, wateva that comes out of every artist mouth now adays. It's like them comic book geeks who wait for years for movies to drop just so they can shit talk about it and not take it as what it was. I personally like the album. Its a good definition of great stuff in new times which I have to admit is rare. But truth be told it's as rare as it's ever been. PPL act like biggie and pac especially didnt make weak tracks pac had mad wack songs before he was crowned that nigga. The waves are no different. Biggie and Pac was just the first and almost only two niggas ever of their calabare who died at the height of their wave. Say that shit neva happened and Ross got shot 2 weeks from now. mastermind would be crowned a classic and ross would be the top 10 to have eva did it. PPL minds to small to realize that hip hop/rap aint been round dat long. Give dis shit time and the artists a chance or else we gonna loose it and it a neva come back. Over thinkitive ass mufuckas

    • steven longdong

      You're right that Tupac made probably at least 200 tracks that nobody ever listens to. I don't really like his music, but he seems to have affected a lot of people. If RR died tomorrow, everyone would still remember that he has always sucked and is a phony. The people giving his album 5 stars now would probably be happy to admit that they are never going to listen to it cause who gives a shit. HUGE difference

    • Anonymous

      You're the dumbest Ross stan on this site.

  • Sham

    Why couldnt Kanye produce the whole album? would of ended in more sales, and sanctified was actually A GREAT song, and i hate ross, dont like sean, and i havent cared much for kanyes recent material, but that song was really well produced, and kanye came with energy. Rosses mafioso persona shined well on the soulful production. Even though I agree this album is still a 3 or 3.5 out of 5 because of the one dimensionality and his hollow persona that can develop into a broken record, Ross has never been a bad rapper, just too consumed with his persona and image and Diddy in his ear constantly spewing nonsense trying to make Ross the next Biggie, which is not happening anytime soon.

  • Anonymous

    Not so good album.

  • Anonymous

    This is the same crap he gave us his previous albums, no growth or anything. It's nothing we haven't heard before. Next.

  • Cody Rhodes

    Great album, terrible review.

  • Anonymous

    Why does it seem like a lot of white boys (teens) hate the hell out of Rick Ross? They say he's fake as if they're some hardcore gangsters or something.

    • Anonymous

      how can you tell age and skin color from comments on here? i think you're jumping to conclusions. lots of people of color cannot stand this man or his work.

    • Anonymous

      Ain't it crazy, the shit me overboard and intense. Every rapper has Haters but they hate Ross with an intensity that they usually reserve for Benzino and Lord Jammar.

    • Anonymous

      It's not just white boys, people of all races can't stand this fat fuck.

  • ESGN

    I was totally prepared to trash this album, aptly because I wasn't expecting this to be anything other than trash. He pulled some absolute tomfoolery for the promotion of this album, because he led me to believe he was running out of gas on God Forgives, I Don't, but he killed most of the shit he did in 2013 (remixes of New Zealand breakout stars aside). But then, he came out with two singles I didn't care for too much, "War Ready" with Jeezy and his interpretation of Biggie's "You're Nobody Til Somebody Kills You", which led me to forget 2013 ever happened in terms of Ross material (because hip hop is such a "now" genre). Not to mention that Twitter would've been a beautiful place in the unification of trashing this record, because this particular subject can inspire a lot of great material. But similar to that fictitious woman from "UOENO" when she realized her drink was spiked, Rick Ross surprised me. When I played the intro and heard the fantastic beat at the end, I thought he was gonna do some funny shit and only make that beat last 10 seconds. But nope, he came through in the form of "Rich Is Gangsta", and with that one song my fears were nearly quelled. That was his best album track since Teflon Don (Rich Forever not withstanding), and lucky for me it led into the equally-awesome "Drug Dealers Dream". And something funny happened, the songs I didn't like at first ("Nobody" and "War Ready") actually sounded quite a bit better in the context of the album. On God Forgives, I Don't, the main problem was that Ross sounded like he was on total autopilot mode, but on Mastermind he returns to being versatile and energetic like on Deeper Than Rap and Teflon Don (or tracks last year like "Box Chevy" or "No Games"). I thought he might have regressed into one-dimensional lyric territory a la Wiz Khalifa (2011 to today) but thankfully he proved me wrong here, he returns to the good lyricism and fantastic production that helped make Teflon Don one of the best mainstream releases of its year. However, unlike Teflon Don, these features looked very troubling for the quality of this album; Lil Wayne, French Montana and Big Sean aren't exactly names you want to see in the credits. Fortunately, French and Sean are only reduced to doing hooks, and Wayne conjures up a decent verse, especially compared to his current standard. As for everyone else, The Weeknd's feature was great, Hov delivered with with one of his best verses of 2013, and the dancehall vibe on "Mafia Music 3" was a really cool touch.



  • Dave

    Damn.... I listened to the Jeezy song ans dismissed this as shit but usually Ross makes at least decent music. This shit is fire. Not one skippable song, War Ready is forgettable and is something I feel like Ive heard before. The rest is pure Hip-Hop and Ross talking shit. Production is top notch and I even enjoyed the skits. To bad this will either be forgotten or hated on without actually being listened to. Best SongS: Walkin On Air Sanctified In Vein Thug Cry Supreme Rich Is Gangsta Mafia Music 3 The Devil Is A Lie

  • Anonymous

    but it was better than Q's album. site keeps looking credibility

  • Bob

    This screams hit piece.

  • Dapper Dan.

    Why are their no specifics in this review about the actual music? The closest thing to a comment on the music was this: "an electro organ-backed bore which incorporates an interpolation of Wu-Tang Clans Shame On A Nigga".

  • Anonymous

    Biased review, very little insight I to the muck itself which is what I wanted to hear.

  • Anonymous

    i listened to the whole album. i liked port of miami but im going to replay it. this aint it, wish yaull got to here the real shit. too bad this shit feels like im watching miami vice and not the wire!

  • Curtis Caires

    Shut up to all the negative comments.....he's on any level better rapper than y'all favorite rappers

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross remained a fixture on rap radio in 2013 thanks to guest spots on gangbuster singles from Ace Hood, DJ Khaled, Jay Z, and Rockohits so big they masked the fact that Ross didnt have one of his own. Ross has never been one to let inconvenient realities get in the way of awesome myths, however, so although his sixth album, Mastermind, arrives tailed by several flopped singles, he still carries himself like the biggest star in the world. He opens Drug Dealers Dream with a recorded bank statement ($92,153,183.28, and thats just his checking account), and dedicates an entire track to news coverage of a drive-by shooting that targeted him last January as if it were a headline heard around the world. In his mind he remains the center of the universe, an untouchable deity blessed with unthinkable power and riches and no reason to believe that prosperity will ever end. Thats probably for the best, since nobody wants to hear a humbled Rick Ross, but Mastermind does offer some insights into what a post-fame Ross album might sound like. Already, hes scaled back some of the ridiculous profligacy of 2012s God Forgives, I Dont, favoring leaner, dirtier beats over gilded indulgences. This is Ross first album since his 2006 debut without an opulent Maybach Music suite, and its pacing benefits greatly from that omission. Instead, most of the budget here seems to have been spent on judicious guest features. Jay Z offers an increasingly rare glimpse at his former greatness on the triumphant, horn-kicked The Devil Is A Lie, while Kanye West is a riot on his whimsical DJ Mustard co-production Sanctified. For all the vitriol he attracts from certain hip-hop circles, Ross is a rap traditionalist at heart, and with its gritty raps and loud soul interjections, Mastermind is the closest hes come to making a straightforward New York-style rap record. He even makes the citys influence explicit on What A Shame with appropriations of both Wu-Tang and Camp Lo. And really, at this point in his career New York is as good a model for Ross as any. In that city, aging veterans from the Wu-Tang Clan and the Boot Camp Clik on down have continued to release perfectly respectable, if stubbornly predictable records long after their commercial peak, and its easy to imagine Ross settling into a similar pattern should radio ever leave him behind completely. His star may be dimming, but hes still got some spirited music left in him.

  • Anonymous

    every remake was corny. still no vivid details about drug dealing or life in the trap. his rise. his losses. the niggas he lost. how his mom was. the shit with keith sweat a filler. gave some bum bitches like 3 min of my time for a skit to show he can afford to trick on them. im a bay boy. n.r. ca. i like authentic shit that i can feel words that touch me. my fav reality gangster rappers are juvenile solja rag,400,g code, etc, trick daddy dollar all his shit, soula slim, mac from no limit, seagram from east oakland RIP, 2pac a real nigga that stood for more than himself and his fortune, E40, C.I.N. from richmond ca, they all paint vivid pictures if you lived it they paint reminders Biggie, raekwon, ghostface, even 50 cent cuz i lived what he talked about. i cant support a man thats beefing with a man about his own name that came home a man and cant capitalize on his own name that his mom gave him and he earned with blood sweat and tears. i fucks with beans, free way, neef and chris, oschino and sparks, peedi make the mac go ring. i cant go from that to this. God bless rick ross and his fans. a real gangster/nigga teach you shit when he gives his testimony. this boy bragging like being indicted and running for your life is fun. everytime a sell pull up or call you dont know if you going to jail or about to be killed. ask big meech would he trade the $ he had to be a lil boy in detroit again broke if he say yeah and really could i a, he wont no real nigga will.

  • Anonymous

    This album is crazy especially if you like Soulful music. Best songs: Sanctified Dealers Dream Blessings in Disguise Thug Cry Paradise Lost Supreme MASTERMIND Is up there with Teflon Don, it's one of Ross best albums

  • Ben

    HHDX keeps talking about how Rick Ross "hasn't been at the top of his game since Rich Forever which should have been an album" and then when you click on the link they rated Rich Forever as "just a mixtape" LOL.

  • Seffus

    This sites reviews are becoming less professional and more amateurish everyday. Im no super Rick Ross fan but I admit the man consistently raps over some of the best, most sophisticated and lush production of any emcee ever. You know what you're getting with Ross just like you know what to expect with Schoolboy Q. Hip hop has alwyas had masterful story tellers who exaggerated images and glorified dum shit. Its called entertainment dumb ass. Biggie with the whole Frank White imagery did the same exact shit as Ross ( albeit way more skillfully) and when I tired of all the fake mafiosa imagery and the rampant ignorance I'd put on nas..who had his share of super ignorant, wannabe drug lord/scarface rap too( remeber NAS ESCOBAR). Either this reviewer doesnt know his hiphop history or just has a personal thing against Ross. i think its the later not the former.

    • Anonymous

      1. This album is trash. 2. You can't compare Ross to Biggie, Nas, and other rappers as they haven't let their personas take over.

  • jg

    lol It sounds like this writer doesn't like the Rozay used to be a cop. Yeah, Teflon Don remains a great album, but 3 albums later Ross has nothing worthwhile left in him clearly.

  • Anonymous

    Bogus review. Yall didn't even mention thug cry. Yall just trippin off the officer ricky joke, still. That's even more store than whatever you think this is. 50 cent get off your keyboard and make a hit

  • FactsMachine

    MASTERMIND IS WACK, except 3 songs. 1)Sanctified 2)Black and White 3)Walkin on Air (Wack ass Meek Mill saved this) The rest is recycled same shit garbage

  • Anonymous

    After a few setbacks, Rick Ross finally delivers "Mastermind," his sixth solo album that truly shows he is a master at what he does. In the last two years between his last album and now, Rick Ross has been through a lot, including surviving a targeted hit on his life. Critics bashed God Forgives, I Dont and many wondered if Ross had peaked too soon and lost his touch. After numerous setbacks and delays, the bawse is back with his sixth album to prove that hes a man with nine lives and a rapper with hits for days. Calling it a masterpiece sets the bar very high but Ross has no problem hitting the mark and surpassing it. "Its all about coming from wherever you come from and take it wherever you want to go to, the Miami rapper says about the title, Mastermind. And the minute you do that thats when you can consider yourself a mastermind." A soulful album that will no doubt feed the streets, Mastermind is rife with rhymes and lyrics about drug dealing coupled with the finer things in life. He name drops luxe brands with ease: Patek Philippe, platinum Audemar, Birkin bags, Rolls Royce Wraith, Ferraris, Belaire Ros, brazilian weaves, silk underwear, Balmain uniforms.No one does luxurious gangsta rap better than Ross and on Supreme, produced by Scott Storch, he shows us why hes the best: Speeding in the Ghost on the phone with the jewelers/ My new bitch out of D.C. call me Rick the Ruler/ Gotta gather my concentration while counting my stacks/ I got eight car notes and just lost me a pack/ On the beach Im up and down, women jocking my ride/ 300 horses in this bitch, need a jockey inside/ False floors for firearms is how you should ride/ Tried to murder me while in mine so thats how I survived Its not all Ros popping on Mastermind; being the boss comes with plenty of problems and Ross gives us a hint of what life is like living with a constant target on his back in reggae tinged Mafia Music III featuring Sizzla and Mavado: Moving bricks like its Black Friday/ She gotta fuck me or call me a fat crybaby/ Looking over my shoulder, I cant trust a soul/ Bought a spot in Anguilla just for me and my ho/ Glock .40 even when I shower/ Chrome .22 in my swimming tower/ Mob ties and I pray the music set me free/ May the powers that be, nigga let me be In Nobody, Rozays 2014 remake of the classic Youre Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You) by The Notorious B.I.G., Diddy steals the show with his classic yet inspiring shit talking rant aimed at an employee but caught on tape for our enjoyment. French Montana provides the hook, a spot where hes best. The coke boy also provides the hook for What A Shame, a Wu-Tang influenced song. His beef with Atlanta rapper Jeezy has been well chronicled but after T.I. and DJ Khaled intervened, the beef was buried and the two collaborated for the Mike Will Made It produced track War Ready. Kanye West and his G.O.O.D. Music signee Big Sean join in for the exuberant and joyful Sanctified, which opens up with a sample of Betty Wright crooning about being born again. Tapping into his soulful side, In Vein featuring The Weeknd sounds like it could be right at home on the Canadian crooners album but it fits at home just as perfectly here. Surprisingly, the Jay Z featured Devil Is A Lie is one of the weakest songs on Mastermind although K.E. On The track certainly delivers a banging beat. There are many stand-out tracks on Mastermind but none more than Thug Cry featuring Lil Wayne. The juxtaposition between the beautiful sound and violent lyrics wont be lost on anyone: Wake up in the world and Im just another nigga/ Call it public housing when you next door to the killers/ On them corners it gets better as you go/ Grind that motherfucker til its yellow brick road/ Free as a bird, spoken word in my verse/ On my knees prayin, niggas shootin in the church/ Wake up out my sleep in another cold sweat/ I lived on Billboard, where the fuck to go next? A mastermind at selecting just the right beat, Ricky Rozay worked with a host of producers but left it all in the hands of Diddy to executive produce and put the final touches on it to make it a true masterpiece. His best work yet, Mastermind reminds us why hes the Telfon Don and why hell continue to dominate the rap game, and that he still loves his lemon-peppered wings.

  • Anonymous

    The only criticism is it lacks any feel good/chill songs. Almost every track is about the same thing, and that wears things out fast, but for a few weeks it's not bad till something better comes out.

  • anonymous

    3/5 or 3/6 is the best score you can give it. it's good at times but not true heavyweight material. the skits were harder than most of the songs.

  • p-certified

    you are the true definition of a hate bruh!!!! Rozay ate on "MASTERMIND" sucker!!!!!

  • Tuff Criminal

    Mastermind is straight fire!! Soo much better than Oxymoron! Mastermind easily lived up to the hype; and this has been the Deeper Than Rap sequel we've been waiting for!! Ross' flow is unmatched, and so is the lyricism - straight fire!

  • Anonymous

    sound like whoever wrote this review has a bad case of "I hate rozay" happening!!! rozay is rozay. if you're in to the "square pop hip-hop then truly I understand the bad mouthing you gave ricky rozay, but us real street hop cats can dig every word spoken. music is nothing but entertainment, like the killer white America movies you love so much......it's just entertainment!!!!!! stop the hating and let the man cash in

  • asher9185

    This review is so biased, is this was journalism has come to? So should we not watch Batman because it never really happened? Oh and I'm sure Eminem really killed his wife right? So no more Eminem. Everyone lies, the question is how much, and I'm not just talking rap right now either. You're telling me you've never lied Sheldon Pearce? I'm sure you're resume that got you the job at HHDX is completely without fabrication right? I think I'm outgrowing this publication. The news is always days behind everyone else, the reviews are biased and have nothing to do with the music, and the mobile layout just sucks. Sorry rant over.

    • Anonymous

      asher1985 is your typical lying Ross dickrider.

    • asher1985

      True on the Eminem thing, but my point was as an artist it's your job to entertain people, and what you suggest isn't Ross's lane, it never has been and it probably never will be. Not everyone wants to rap like Kendrick. Maybe Ross likes living out a fantasy in his music because he doesn't find his real life all that interesting. Either way his formula obviously works because he's put out 6 albums, 5 of which have sold well over 500,000 copies, and 8 if you include the MMG compilations, not to mention 2 Wale albums and a Meek Mill album, so the guy is doing something right, and he's making other people richthe American dream

    • jg

      Eminem has A song about killing his wife. Everything else is pretty much one-liners he throws out. On every single song Rick Ross is living out a fantasy that's not real. Why doesn't he have a song about how shitty it was being a CO? Or about how broke he was that he had to take that job? Or hustling in the prison? He doesn't put himself into any of his art, which is why he is continually unable to craft a classic.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, yeah, yeah...Ross is a liar.....we all know that, however, I felt this was a solid album.....Its entertainment people, that's all....the reviewer sounds bitter because he once thought these rappers were telling the truth....

    • Anonymous

      That's your only argument that it's entertainment. It doesn't matter. This shit is trash and has no meaning besides fantasy drug rhymes.

    • Mario Lemiux

      It's just Beats and Rhymes, it's just rhyming words over instrumental beats it's not supposed to be a biography or a death bed confession. If all the murder guns and violence on these rap songs was real then they would all be in jail or under indictment.

  • Anonymous

    Sheldon Pierce is a fucking idiot. I don't even like Rick Ross and I thought this album deserved at least a 4/5

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    Pay no mind to this dip shit hack writer. They give anyone a job in journalism these days, especially if you got your degree out of a cereal box, just like this genius. Flawless production, stellar lyricism, refreshing guest appearances. Mastermind is simply a masterpiece. End of story. 5/5

    • Billy Lee Tuttle

      @Rozay Dont trip about it, its only one opinion and its not a popular opinion, most of the reviews have been positive, this guy talked about Ross more than he did the damn album!

    • Steve

      Did you read the review dumb ass? The guy has no substance. All the shit he raps about is fake

  • X Man Wolverine

    A three is way too low, its a 4 if you are a fan of the music this review says nothing about the instruments, samples or specifics on production. These people need to give us a review of each individual song and less off topic stuff.

  • young

    but what does lord jamar think about it?

  • hxxligvn

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  • DeeMusicNerd

    The writer didnt really tell me much about Mastermind. He instead went on and on about how Ross' career is folding. I thought it was a pretty good album needless to say. Give me more of a review of an album next time instead of a review of a artists career..smh

  • Anonymous

    jeezy said it best. first they love you then they hate you. two years ago ross could do no wrong. look how they turning on him now. lame af

  • Anonymous

    "Perhaps the worst instance of Masterminds lack of aspiration is What A Shame, an electro organ-backed bore which incorporates an interpolation of Wu-Tang Clans Shame On A Nigga into its mechanics. Full magazine bitch, shoot for the stars / Snatch a nigga chain just to post it on a blog, he raps, sounding rather pleased with himself, as if he really didnt just suggest hitting licks as a new form of click bait wasnt a lame idea, and this is simply a microcosm of the entire album." ^^^^Yeah the Reviewer is that freakin stupid, he can't even understand a simple line.

  • john

    Great effort, I don't enjoy it as much as Teflon Don or GFID but it is a good album. It kinda shows that Ross' writing skills are still on the rise but this time he did not had beats that good (some of them are boring) and some of the guests fucked up the song, Mavado for example, there is no need for reggae dancehall shit on this kind of album.

  • rickey

    Im presently listening to the album and I think over all this is a pretty good album.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed this CD. I got a full chance to give it some burn on a road trip this weekend. The production is absolutely incredible and Ross is spitting that slick shit like no tomorrow. Gone are the "trap beats" replaced with orchestric layered melodies that make you want to pop Champagne and smoke a Cigar or in a few instances stand on the roof of your house and unload an AK into the moon. I dont get caught up in the childishness of if lyrics are real confessions or simply just slick poems over instrumentals. Enjoy the music or ignore the music.

  • Its Um

    The writer complain so much about Ross that there wasn't a highlight song he did like, so why a 3 out of 5 X rating.

  • RC

    Same shit, different album. It's one thing to take artistic liberties & stretch the truth when making a couple songs or maybe even a concept album, but when your entire persona, identity, brand & career are based upon essentially a blatant lie you can only go so far. And pretty much officer ricky has reached his ceiling, this album is just a rehash of the same tired fantasies & illusions, even the production which is normally his strong suit was lack luster this time around J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League only produced one cut on the entire album & it was wack. The secrets out Rick, the curtain's been pulled back to reveal the wizard, might not be a bad idea to be a lil more grounded in reality next time around.

  • Anonymous

    8 positive 3 mixed and one bad so far on Metacritic but they haven't included XXL yet.

  • kanyetothe

    "Mastermind simply lacks flair." Shelley is a bitch that got his feeling hurts. fucking weirdo. Album is 5/5 Shelley acting like he's a gangsta when the farthest he went to the HHDX offices and got scared when some ole lady was playing sayign that she'd rob him. fucking hypebeast loser nigga probably old as hell.

  • Anonymous

    Im feeling Oxymoron more than this. I might take the bad songs from Oxymoron and put the few good ones from Mastermind in their place and call it OxymoronMind

  • Anonymous

    William Roberts the gig is up you had a nice lil run

  • Anonymous

    I like how ross stans talk like him

  • Hollywood

    Nice write-up Sheldon Pearce

  • Anonymous

    it's funny how the 5 Ross stans on this site are trying hard to defend this album.

  • Anonymous

    Really good album, just go to Twitter and hash tag #Mastermind, scroll down and see people's reactions ro the album.

    • Anonymous

      And those people's opinions don't mean anything because they like trash music.

    • Anonymous

      I prefer to see what real people have to say about an album, why would I give two fucks about one opinion from one review from a person that lacks the musical understanding to make a quality review

    • Anonymous

      why would anyone give two fucks about what people on twitter think of an album? chances are the people that don't like it arent tweeting about it so you're only going to see positive tweets.

  • WOOD

    I just listened to the First 7 songs and I'm hearing good beats and solid lyrics. 3 stars is some Lil B shit. I was expecting some bullshit.

  • anon

    Gave a listen all the way through. All sounds the same. Pretty weak IMO.

  • Bawse

    Mastermind will outsell Oxymoron. Mastermind>Oxymoron I'm sorry that you can't stand the truth.

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    It's a shame that the reviewer and all these Ross haters alike are so biased against an album that is an absolute masterpiece. Perhaps if they cleaned out their ears and gave Mastermind a few spins, they'd find that it is, by far, the most lyrically advanced soundscape of it's time. Rick Ross' lyrics are ahead of their time on such medleys such as "Black & White", "War Ready" and "Supreme". Rick once again shows us all his aptitude for picking dope beats by bringing in veteran producers (Scott Storch, P Diddy, Justice League) as well as newcomers (D-Rich, Black Metaphor, Reefa). Once again, the biggest boss thus far shows us that he has no intentions of ever slowing down in his ever ready & tight stranglehold of the rap game. #bawse 5/5

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, you're just dentalboy in disguise making up lies. This shit is trash.

    • Rozay O'Donnell

      I don't know this dentaldamnboy person of which you speak. Is he someone of importance? I may've let the cat out of the bag, but I've been signed to Maybach Music since its inception as a ghostwriter, crafting many of Ross' and other artists' hits. That's probably why you've never heard of me.

    • Anonymous

      no one believe you or that ross would ever sign an artist who calls himself rozay o'donnell you are dentaldambitch reincarnated

    • Rozay O'Donnell

      That's where you're wrong, sir. I am a signed artist for Ross, as well as his closest & most trusted confidante. I've been through the entire ride and I can safely say that Mastermind is a masterpiece. The skits, the guest appearances, the minimalistic production, the brash & witty lyricism that Ross displays is the reason why you haters look down on him. You wish to live his life, smoke the Cubans that he smokes, penetrate foreign broads in heated marble floors, and drive foreign cars across Miami. I understand you haters wish to live his life, but sadly, you cannot. That is why you must resign to your fate as an anonymous user who is probably some poor minimum wage drone living check to check just to get by in the cruel world while we, the bosses, are everything you wish to become and emulate. Imitation is a rather sad form of flattery. #bawse.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry but you a Ross groupie, you can't talk about bias. "by far, the most lyrically advanced soundscape of it's time." " Rick Ross' lyrics are ahead of their time" thanks for the laughs though lil homie.

    • TheREALDooK

      the skits are a masterpiece.. this album is nothing more than every other album.. GFID was more entertaining ...

    • Rozay O'Donnell

      CORRECTION: Once again, the biggest boss thus far shows us that he has no signs of ever slowing down or loosening his stranglehold on the rap game. 5/5 #bawse

  • ILL

    Hiphop dx is on some bull shit. This album is fucking raw. Real niggaz know.

    • Groova

      how you gone say you a real nigga, but you support an obvious fake niogga like ross??? Lmao, fuck outta here lame ass cream corn ass nigga!

  • XXL

    When Rick Ross car was riddled with 18 bullets in a drive-by shooting last January, it affected the rapper more than he let on at the time. And that brush with deathwhich caused Ross to veer off the road and collide with an apartment building, luckily leaving no one injuredinforms Ross sixth album, Mastermind, more than most might have thought; the lushly produced project dwells early and often on the subjects of mortality, violence and the costs of being The Bawse. Mastermind also comes at a critical point in Ross career, with younger artists hot on his tail in terms of relevance and many wondering what, after all the albums, collaborations and guest verses hes put out since his 2006 debut Port Of Miami, he still has left to say. But as the album was pushed back repeatedlyfirst from the summer, then from Dec. 17 until it landed yesterday, a day early, on Mar. 3 as Def Jam tried to find a single that would catch on at radiothe question became whether Ross had anything left at all, or any way to put it all together in a way that could stick. The albums first single, The Devil Is A Lie featuring Jay Z, answered those questions to an extent; Ross has always had an exceptional ear for beats, and the Lie beatproduced by Major Seven and K.E. On The Trackas well as the Bink!-produced Mafia Music III, Mike WiLL Made Its War Ready, Kanye Wests Sanctified and Scott Storchs Supreme, all prove that that ear hasnt diminished at all. Hearing Ross dance and drive through a reggae beat on the same album as he slinks through Yeezy soul and The Weeknds delicate soundscapes keeps things fresher than they were on God Forgives, I Dont. When Ross is at his finest, he can treat a beat as his own personal playground, always exerting control while twisting and turning on top of it. But even though the production is of the highest quality, and Ross has a newfound credibilityin everyones eyes except 50 Cents, of coursein the lifestyle of a drug kingpin that hes cultivated over the years, that doesnt really mean hes changed up his lyrical rubric, and he seldom steps too far out of his comfort zone. Hes the bossman who gives Wale a Cartier watch and Meek Mill a Range Rover in Rich Is Gangsta, then hes the drug dealer selling cocaine out of his Benz in Black And White. Hes lifting The Notorious B.I.G.s hook and flow on Nobody, then repurposing Ol Dirty Bastard lines for What A Shame. War Ready is a meditation on the violence of the streets, where Jeezy outshines everyone and Tracy T pulls a hook straight out of the depths of Futures hard drive, and Kanye steals the show on Sanctified right out from under Ross feet. And throughout, the tracks are peppered with gunshots and death references, reminding the listener that that January shooting never strays too far from his mind. What Ross does well, and what he does again on Mastermind, is put together a body of work that is as formidable as he is, and taken as a whole its impossible to call this anything other than a very good album. Where people like Kanye and Drake and Kendrick Lamar keep winning by shaking up the formula and dabbling in the unexpected, Ross long ago identified his lane, and he is the undisputed kingpin of his brash brand of hip-hop. Ross die-hards will not be disappointed; anyone looking for something new and different was probably looking in the wrong place to begin with. Mastermind is a powerful album, an album with an identity, and one that has some solid songs and a handful of hits. Ross delivers just what he promised. Dan Rys

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      "the tracks are peppered with gunshots and death references," Which is stupid ironic because when he really heard them gunshots he was so scared he crashed into a building and they weren't even shooting at his car!! LAWL!!!!

    • T

      mediocre album.. an thats from a fan.. accept it..

  • kanyetothe

    If yall niggas want a website that is un-biased, not run by fucking gump ass niggas who know shit about hip hop like that whore shelley pearce as reviewers all in the music albums dancing around the reviews... COME TO KANYETOTHE.COM

    • Anonymous

      bnigga you been hating on this website all day but you're still here! how sad it that. and gump has got to be one of the lamest insults ive ever heard!