Snoop Dogg & Dam Funk - 7 Days Of Funk

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Dam Funk's stellar production and arrangement combine with a refined, sometimes oddly romantic Snoop Dogg to make "7 Days Of Funk" Snoop's best effort in years.

When Clyde Stubblefield first recorded the two-and-a-half minute drum break on James Brown’s “Funky Drummer” in 1969, he couldn’t have had any idea that he’d just laid down a groove that would help shape an entire genre not even in existence yet. To this day, that infectious rhythm along with Brown’s iconic raspy chant, “Ain't it funky!” awakens a sense of nostalgia (and likely, an unshakeable head nod or foot tap) in Rap producers, emcees, DJs, and b-boys alike. The ‘80s brought a new era of electronic-infused funk, with acts like Zapp & Roger, Slave, and The Gap Band providing the template for the synth-heavy sound of West Coast Rap in the ‘90s, spearheaded by Dr. Dre’s production on The Chronic and Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle. Though the genre may be on a bit of a hiatus in its traditional form, it’s an indisputable fact that Hip Hop owes its heartbeat to funk.

Twenty years, 11 albums, and two name changes since Doggystyle, Snoop Dogg (now known as Snoopzilla) is the first commercial rapper to release a modern funk album. Though he’s always had a deep love for the funk, many would argue that he hasn’t necessarily paid it the respect it deserves. His funkster pimp alter-ego in the late ‘90s and 2000s seemed like a caricature for the most part; the shiny suits, feathers, and fur he had such an affinity for would lead one to think that the genre didn’t exist outside of Blaxploitation films and Parliament shows. His 2007 Auto-tuned hit “Sexual Eruption”—complete with an ‘80s-style, VHS-quality music video reminiscent of Prince’s “When Doves Cry”—may have been incredibly catchy, but arguably set itself up to be received as satire. Up until 7 Days Of Funk, Snoop’s latest collaborative project between he and Stones Throw’s acclaimed modern funk master Dam Funk, he’s truthfully been most successful in his homage when he’s just being himself.

Dam is Funk without the frills, and he’s undoubtedly guiding Snoop on the path to enlightened funk. His fresh synths and keytar riffs provide the perfect backdrop for Snoop to exercise his right to groove. It’s a return to that groove so loved on Doggystyle, but he’s left the Dogg back in ‘93. Both singing and rapping, his verses are low-rider laid-back and positive without being preachy. His hood pass is obviously still intact (word to Dam), but he’s got no need to wear it on his sleeve. On the hard-hitting opener “Hit Da Pavement,” he light-heartedly asserts his stature while encouraging a hustler’s lifestyle: “I live with a maid / I won’t be happy ‘til my whole team paid / From my mama to my daddy, to my kids, to my wife / And all my kinfolks in the afterlife…” Appearing fresh off of “Higher,” his own full-length collaboration album with Dam, legendary Slave frontman Steve Arrington lends his unmistakable crooning to “1Question?,” and Snoop’s harmonizing results in a surprisingly smooth lovers’ lament.

In fact, 7 Days Of Funk is oddly romantic—much more so than one would expect from an ordinary Snoop project. But this isn’t an ordinary Snoop project, largely due to Dam’s stellar production and song arrangement. Their musical chemistry is exceptional, with their mutual love of “the funk” being the bond. “You may think I’ve had enough, but it’s a must I find my way back to the funk…” Snoop raps on “I’ll Be There 4U.” Appearances from Kurupt and Tha Dogg Pound add just the right amount of G to the funk and help to compensate for Snoop’s overall lack of rapping on the album.

Though some may be discouraged that his rapping isn’t the highlight here, this is a literal and figurative passion project for Snoopzilla, and everything about him on this album feels sincere. In addition to being Dam Funk’s best production work to date, 7 Days Of Funk is Snoop's most enjoyable album in years. Only time will tell, but they’ve perhaps opened the floodgates to allow for a new era of funk to flow in.




  • DrPoopMan

    As soon as I heard the first track. I knew this was going to be great. I miss Snoop on Dre's funky ass production. Doggystyle is his only album I can listen to front to back and it never gets old. It's timeless. Snoops pimp ass flow went so well with that funk inspired sound. This album takes the funk sound to another level. Snoop still has his smooth flow. It may not be as tightened as it once was in the early 90's. But the production on here is perfect for what Snoop Dogg should continue do on his way out of the game.


    Not my style...miss the days of his previous hardcoreness.

  • Sobek

    He needed to do this years ago!!!

  • videba

    best he put out in who knows how long in years

  • Bizzalls

    Pleasantly surprised!!! Dam Funk definitely ain't no Dre, Daz, or Soopafly, but he's pretty "Dam"

  • tzj


  • bambino

    Snoop Dogg resurection

  • Donnie

    Best Snoop album in years.

  • seduction

    snoop dogg releases too many albums hell nah!!! he sucks ass! used to be good, all his album sales= mmlp and sslp Look how little fans he has only 30 people voted, HAHAHAHAHA sorry ass artist

    • Anonymous

      still better than lil wayne and Drake so what he aint pop no more he still have more street cred than both those fags put together by the way f u to nigga west side for life bith

  • RH

    My comment was valid. Didn't say make an album with Dre (that is not going to happen). I said get a few tracks with him along with Dame Funk and Daz....mayble call it Doggystyle 2. Snoop and Game album could happen. Detox probably not, but we could only wish.

  • Anonymous

    better then his Jamaican album lol

  • RH

    Snoop sounds so much better on these kinds of beats. Only complaint is wish it was longer and wish he rapped more on it and sang less. Closest thing to doggystyle he's put out. He still has a classic full length cd in him if production is handled by Dame Funk, Dr. Dre and Daz (maybe 1-2 Pharell produced imitation Dre beats too). No trap shit/ nobody's trying to hear that from Snoop or his other attempts to "stay relevant". Make Doggystyle 2, maybe a joint album with Game, help Dre with Detox (ha ha-) and hang it up or just do features after that.

  • Anonymous


  • random internet guy

    I wish it has more tracks, nuff said.

  • TGT

    Without a doubt this is a instant classic!

  • Anonymous

    Original Snoop! Best shit since Dooggystyle

  • NinjaB

    Some straight cuts on here.. overall pretty laid back, but Hit Da Pavement and Do My Thing go as hard as anything he's done in days

  • Wu Tang

    This is the kind of music should make

  • Bizzalls

    SNOOP, you retarded muthafucka, you JUST damn near changed your name to Snoop Lion and I would refuse to even call you that. NOW, you change it again? And to SnoopZILLA?? That is the wackest shit I ever heard, dog. Cut out this whole Rasta act you clown ass nigga! Get the corn rows back and make another album with DRE fuck all this other bullshit!

    • Anonymous

      Plus it's a moniker he specifically took on for this one project with Dam-Funk. Will he use it again in future projects with Dam? Who knows. He's definitely not the first dude to take on alternate monikers for various projects, though. Also, "make another album with DRE" essentially equates to "don't put anything out for a long-ass fuckin' time" lately, so that's not a viable option in the least. Are you from 10 years ago? You must be from 10 years ago, otherwise you would've checked yourself before you hit ENTER on that ignit-ass comment. Then only clown ass nigga here is "Bizzalls".

    • CoolAssTuck

      ^^ "..that shit that burns slow.."

    • fyuckyomuhda

      the zilla comes from bootsy collins - who played for james brown and parliament (that's if you knew anything about the era that inspired g funk and hip hop in general you dumb cunt). seeing how his music's mostly based on the funk sound, it only makes sense that he uses part of someone's moniker that influenced him. you call someone a 'clown ass nigga', yet tell him what kind of music he should be making? take out whoever's 'bizzalls' you have in your mouth - oxygen is essential in maintaining brain function.

  • Money First

    Good 2 hear Snoop on that groove shit aka 'THE FUNK!!"

  • Tennille Goble

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  • Monniebucks

    This is truly a great review...very objective assessment. I've been playing this from the online streams and now about to cop me one for Xmas! Thanks to Bigg Snoopzilla and Dam Funk!!

  • haterswontgetit

    the production on here alone is 4.5 stars, then snoop proceeds to kill it. my only beef with it is that it's 8 songs, but quality over quantity

  • Anonymous

    Do My Thang >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Blooo

    Dope af! SNoop still got it

  • The Blue Boss

    Anyone who's mastered the art of being a true boss playa appreciates the Dam Dogg's flavour. This goes in. Don't piss me off! I've got my crocodile slippers and my perm on... Seriously though, they are both brilliant on this (and always). Match made 11. Blue Boss, Caramel Cream Dream

  • Anonymous

    DX dickriders. Snoop just copied his own style. This sounds if he recorded this shit 20 years ago. It aint 1993 anymore but 2013. Shit sound outdated as fuck

    • Daniel

      Copied his own style? You sound like an idiot brah. But I'm glad HHDX worked up the nerve to give something other than a 3.5.


      If you would have knew ANYTHING about this shit, Dam-Funk been doing this type of sound for 20 years straight now. It's just Snoop rapping like he has always done, over some dope ass Dam-Funk productions ...

  • Da Majestic 12

    Good driving/chill out song until the snoops passenger throws up the devil horns at the end of the real cool brother turned me off

    • ri067953

      I guessing that he is throwing up the P Funk hand sign. It is usually thrown with the palm out but I've seen it done the way Dam throws it before too.

  • Robizle

    finally snoop! always better over some funky shit!!! not sure why you tried to fix something that was no broken!!!

  • Pat

    dope, this is one of snoops top albums imo, did not expect this coming

  • Mortis

    DX thinks this is as good as Yeezus

  • Kizman

    If your not from our state... Snoop actually drives around by himself in a low rider. If you drive around long enough you will seem him around most hoods in So Cal. I dont know of any other famous person who goes around with that much respect. Don't get Pimp slapped!!!

  • freshnigga

    snoop and dam funk are a great combo, loved this album!

  • sarbchild

    I can see this take off into a movie. Dope-ness.

  • Anonymous

    This shit is jamming you gotta be from that era to get this young ones ask ya moms and pops about slave zapp pfunk the time alexander oneil cherrelle tom browne to name a few im 35 and iv been hip hop head since 1983 so i totally get what dam funk and snoop are doing

  • Shirley Phillips

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  • Funk Doctor Spock

    Yeh baby its definitely funky and if its funky its got to be SnoopZILLA and Dam funk.


    The Real West Coast authentic sound that hip hop loves and was missing with an invasion of bullshit music from the South. 5 stars.

  • poppa large

    4.5?? ha ha ha aha aha ha ha ha!!!! its pretty good. but not very hip hop sounding compared to a lot better albums that deserve a higher rating than this funk/rap album. and what the fukk is snoop saying anyways?? nothing. mind candy.

    • Monniebucks

      @poppa large and ryder, lets get technical for a moment...what really is Hip-Hop? Ever heard the line "rap is something you do, hip-hop is something you live" before? Do you know who dropped that line? So could you tell me, what are the elements of hip-hop music you think were not captured in the album for it not to deserve the high editor rating? Diversity is just a reality of life...I think sometimes we tend to diminish the stature of Hip-Hop by overlooking the concept of "Style" in the end of the day, everything doesn't have to sound exactly the same way, even if its all within the same genre.

    • poppa large

      its a hip hop site. album is a 4 max. but not very hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      Does music need to "Hip Hop" to sound good?

    • ryder

      yeah and its only 9 short songs. and some of then are border line pop. 4.5?? DX screws it up again.

  • Anonymous

    gangsta rapper pop rapper reggae artist (only promoting drugs ofc) funk artist who tends to be a gangsta who understands this shit?

  • Rebecca Zavala

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  • Anonymous

    Dam-Funk been dope, great album

  • top dollar with the gold flea coller D P G

    Best thing snoop done in years

  • Anonymous

    did not expect this...will def check it out