Action Bronson & Party Supplies - Blue Chips 2 (Mixtape Review)

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"Blue Chips 2" is a deranged stoner narrative, with a protagonist that's equal parts Hunter S. Thompson and Austin Powers.


Action Bronson & Party Supplies“Blue Chips 2” (Mixtape Review)  DX Consensus: “Free Album (the highest possible praise for a mixtape)”

In a genre often compartmentalized, Action Bronson causes problems. The dude is predictably unpredictable and impossible to pigeonhole, constantly mixing the grandiose of a Ghostface solo album and the irreverence of a De La Soul skit. On “Blue Chips 2,” Bronson straddles both styles with aplomb, and the result is one of the stronger—if not stranger—projects of the fall.

Bronson isn’t the perfect lyricist, although his pen game certainly holds its own with sharp multisyllabics and a cache of metaphors. The mixtape also isn’t novelty Rap, but it’s hard not to laugh as the Queens native spits such vivid and cartoonish storylines while jabbing with lewd one-liners. It’s his eighth project in the last three years, and though Bronson still hasn’t switched up his formula much, “Blue Chips 2” hits as fresh as the original did in 2012.

Despite its free form, the tape does function as a sequel: Party Supplies is back behind the boards delivering brash horns and unconventional samples, while Bronson is still rapping about getting high, cooking dinner, smuggling money and charming hookers. “Blue Chips 2” features a follow up to “9-24-11” and somehow sets the bar even higher on name-drops of ‘80s athletes, B-list actors and historic mobsters—Gary Sinise, Beau Brummel and Placido Polanco (!) make appearances in the just first half of the mixtape. Fans of Action Bronson get more of what they’ve come to expect, and there’s not much of a learning curve for new listeners.

“Blue Chips 2” is a deranged stoner narrative, 19 garish adventures with a protagonist that’s equal parts Hunter S. Thompson and Austin Powers. Bronson hides meth inside of a Shih Tzu on “Flip Ya,” surprises his girl with face-to-face toilets on “Rolling Thunder,” and coerces Patrick Ewing to miss his famous finger roll in the ‘95 NBA Playoffs on “9.24.13.” There’s no deeper theme or message, just inflated Lifestyle Rap from a rapper with no semblance of an attention span.

That lack of attention is seen not only by song but line-by-line. Bronson’s non sequitur style includes punches that seem to be missing a line or two of set up, and obscure cultural references that are brought in without warning. “Flicks with Ellen Degeneres, rockin' Perry Ellis / Been a degenerate, cutting ribbons with senators,” he raps on “It Concerns Me.” It’s not quite concerning given Bronson’s charisma, and as out of control as things get, it’s easy to start rooting for his ego trips and rolling with the randomness. Bronson fluctuates between a con man, a wrestler and a comic book villain, but he doesn’t stumble once in his quest for the listener to pull for the bad guy.

Not all of the praise on “Blue Chips 2” can go to Bronson though. After dropping a solo album of funk and foot-stompers, Party Supplies comes correct with complimentary beats throughout the project. He lets Bronson weave in and out of menacing horns in the Allen Iverson-sampled “Practice,” flips The Champs’ “Tequila” into the soundscape of a drug heist in “Pepe Lopez,” and somehow melds John Mellencamp, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel into the frenzied “Contemporary Man.” The idea of one emcee and one producer is all but lost in Hip Hop these days, and the chemistry forged between Bronson and Brooklyn-born Party Supplies helps capture New York’s cultural palate with authenticity.

No mixtape’s without its shortcomings. “Blue Chips 2” runs an extra three songs longer than its predecessor, and some of the tracks on the back end begin to blend together. Bronson’s cousin Big Body Bes steps in a number of times to give songs an unnecessary spoken outro; on “Twin Peugots,” Bes spends a minute rambling, breaking up stellar verses from Bronson and Mac Miller. And ending multiple tracks with commercials—“It Concerns Me” inexplicably concludes with an Applebees ad, while a Phil Mickelson spot for joint pain medication wraps up the tropical “It’s Me”—gets distracting.

But those don’t do much to hold back one of the most unique releases of the year. Bronson’s crutches become charms on “Blue Chips 2;” each line of food porn as savory as the next, every comparison between an old ball player and Bronson’s weed budder still getting laughs. “Blue Chips 2” is unfiltered and incongruous, just what we’ve come to expect from Hip Hop’s unexpected.


  • bizzalls

    DX, you fucking homos!! Get OFF Bronson's sloppy 2 inch dick! This mixtape SUCKS! Production is fuckin horrible. How can you even tolerate a Ghostface-knock off over crappy beats? This dude straight up BIT Ghost's style and people are okay with it. Except, Bronson's voice is way more annoying. FOH.

    • gjgj

      Lol! Tell me buddy, what are artists you consider good then? Bronson is dope as fuck. The commercials are shitty but this mixtape is one of the best releases of 2013 hands down.

    • uniggazbitch

      faggot you the same guy posting the same hater commentsFOH Album of the Year, go listen to wayne

  • narcotik

    anybody who thinks the production is lacking or off has no ear for good hip hop and should go kill themselves immediately.......also if u think bronson's lyrical content isnt there it's because it's over your fucking head ........he doesnt ramble he tells stories which your simple mind cant get or understand......this and the first blue chips are one of those records that u have to listen to more than once to grasp the idea of what bronson is and why he's one of the top 2 best rappers out right now period bottom line end of story........go hate somewghere else because this man is hip hop

    • realtalk

      any sane producer would kill for the loops Party Supplies got on this tape. Not one great beat? Go listen to Rolling Thunder a few thousand times then jump off your nearest bridge fuckface

    • TAT

      I think you should kill yourself you retarded fuck, the production fucking sucks on this mixtape. Not ONE GREAT beat on the whole fuckin record. Fuck off, you probably ARE Party Supplies himself!

  • motorizer95

    So much awesomeness! Bam Bam is at his best when produced by Party Supplies!

  • Anonymous

    THAT COVER IS FUNNY!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    His lyrical content is lacking, mostly just random bullshit that happens to rhyme

  • Ash168

    AB brings it again here, although some of the craziness, both lyrically and production-wise, is starting to get a little old for me. I mean, Phil Collins samples?!! not for me. I guess Party Supplies treads a thin line with the restyled pop music strategy. I much prefer Saab Stories. Harry Fraud's production is much more my thing.

  • Herbalizer

    Good shit 9.24.13 best track beat is dope. It concerns me is nice too, overall great mixtape hope to see more from the big boy.

  • Anonymous

    the white rick ross

  • polo hova

    I'm giving this a 5. This shit is dope. If you like good music check this out. Party Supplies murdered this production. Great f'n album. One of the best releases this year.

  • David

    I love AB, I'll tell it like it is, up until I discovered this big bastard I had nothing to listen to at all, always listening to old joints and nodding my head. AB brings back that real Hip-Hop, he can flow, amazing timing, lyrically disgusting, he's nasty, versatile. Idk wtf people are always comparing him to GFK for, you only sound like a life hating nit-picking prick finding little things to get stuck on so you can prevent yourself from giving him a real listen, you're a Hip Hop freshman if you can't readily distinguish Ghost from AB, their styles are completely different, its not pepsi to coke. In any case, Blue Chips 2 was a total letdown for me. What made Blue Chips 1 dope was the fact that it had energy, the tempo/pace, his flow was ridiculous. BC2 is slow to a point where he's talking through it, similar to the Bronsolini mixtape. He's getting huge, eating more or partying harder, who knows, maybe its the fact that he puts out so much stuff he ran out of his well-polished ideas/material and so now he's just putting stuff out just to put stuff out while the iron is hot. I also find myself cringing now with all his gangster references, overdoing it man, be real, thats not like you. This is a honest reaction, no hate. Im laughing at these cornballs here flocking to comment just to hate, GHOSTFACE! GHOSTFACE! RAWR! Are you retarded? Even with the 2 of them on a track together they sound nothing alike and still you bitch and complain like you're tone-deaf. I'll say it like this, AB is grown man music, 90% of his subtleties go right over your head and make you feel left out and stupid, I feel for you. Real Hip Hop heads know this is the cat to watch because he's one of the only mc's right now really rapping, there isn't a rapper out there (Ghostface included) who could have pulled off Hookers at the Point. I could quote this dude's rhymes all day. He raps just to rap, no controversy, no bs, i.e Kendrick, not to mention I fucking love how these bitch mc's steady act like he doesn't exist because THEY KNOW THEY WOULD GET SHITTED ON IF THEY RAPPED ON THE SAME TRACK TOGETHER. Sick of the bs, image-obsessed nit-picky posers who don't know shit about Hip-Hop supporting artists of the same caliber just trying to make a quick killing. Thats not Hip-Hop.

  • cinavenom

    Action Brons continues to carry hip hop on his back...him Meyhem Lauren, AG da Coroner, Hannibal Stax, Maffew Rags are bringing that real NYC shit back. Anything from outside of the Mecca is still irrelevant.

    • gjgj

      Had to comment to yours since i can't comment directly to Young White Boy. And to Young White Boy I say... gr8 b8 m8. i r8 8/8

    • Young White Boy

      This Fat Ginger aint' carrying shit but fanta pants Lil wayne,Drake,kanye,eminem,rick ross, they the ones carrying son!!!!

  • Action Bronson's accountant

    O.K.E. was soooo much better. I apologize. I tried to tell him but he probably couldn't hear me over his ridiculously loud chewing.

  • mongo

    They talk shit about The Game name dropping then praise this douchebag? wow HHDX pick a fucking opinion..

  • son of a sax

    I really have a hard time in giving this cat his full due. Simply because of the obvious, he sounds TOO much like Ghostface. And the old school rules wont permit me to condone this. Not to mention, WHUT IS HE SAYIN?!?! His topics are all over the place. With a foundation of "potty humor". The production made up for the lack of substance and direction. To each his own, I'll stick with RA The Rugged Man

    • Anonymous

      a man's voice is his voice, he can't help that shit; he can help the fact that his raps are complete nonsense with no cohesion

  • Anonymous

    the fake ghostface killah

  • redrum

    best mixTape out this yr

  • Anonymous

    Great review!! Great ALBUM.

  • Anonymous

    This MixTape was ass

  • Hathaaa

    Classic .... Like it actually sounds classic ...

  • Jacob


  • JRich

    Bronsolino is the shit, one of the better projects I've heard all year

  • Anonymous

    Great and hilarious tape

  • s23dad

    part 1 was it... part 2 is the shit. 9-24-13 is the dopest track.

  • Anonymous

    This is that crack rock in musical form.... Dopeness

  • Ronnie

    bronson neer disappoints with his ta

  • abu_maryam

    I liked the original better, but this is still John Blaze. If you are hating on Bronson, you are a clown with no sense of humor.

  • cpg718


  • Matt Monk

    Perfect sequel from one of the most unique rappers ever. It was exactly what I was expecting from BAM BAM. I can't wait to see some of it performed live tonight here in San Antonio, Texas with Flatbush Zombies. If you like any of his previous work then this is definitely worth a listen. Not only is it FREE, it's more entertaining and overall better than most of the albums these other rappers are trying to charge you for. I just wonder how he makes money with all these free albums, not to mention all the herb/concentrates he be smokin and giving away at shows. I guess he don't care cause even if he quit making music he still has a career as an amazing chef. I love how he throws his food knowledge in his rhymes too, it gives me the munchies!

    • Anonymous

      how is he the most unique rapper when he sounds like ghostface? not saying he stole ghostfaces style, but he definitely aint "unique" love for them both though

  • MB

    another amazing collection of tracks from bronson and party supplies, not as good as the first Blue Chips but still good. So glad they did another 9/24

  • Anonymous

    damn....mixtape just shitted on most of the hiphop albums that came out this year