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Domo Genesis, Left Brain and Hodgy Beats provide little in the way of anything interesting for the sober-minded on "MellowHigh."

Three years since their rise towards prominence, evidence suggests Odd Future is yet another camp whose shine risks being dimmed by nepotism that rewards underachievers on the merits of mere affiliation. Whether lack of preparation for glory, charisma, or drive has been to blame, their only Rap act with a considerable measure of stardom remains energetic commander Tyler, The Creator. At a prior point, similar lofty expectations were held for MellowHype (comprised of producer Left Brain and crude stoner emcee Hodgy Beats) given the pair's capacity to stir up a frenzy amongst hardcore followers, but crew underdog Domo Genesis has recently forged ahead with an insistent need for his high octane hunger to go recognized. The shared love of marijuana has led to MellowHype and Domo forming an offshoot supergroup for a project appropriately named MellowHigh.

Where their clique initially relished in standing apart and leading the pack, MellowHigh's lowered standards compete with newer acts they've already run laps around. "Goon'n" does its best to replicate A$AP Mob's homages to Southern double-time flows carried by ominous keyboard music, while "Self Titled" has but a trace of ingenuity with its simplistic Trap rhythms. Riding the wave of popular trends is a surefire method of staying afloat, but the trio hardly challenges themselves in the booth or with their production. On "Air," Left Brain once again experiments with overused rattling percussion; it's a song that becomes further amateurish thanks to dull rambling from OF's usually comedic juvenile crony Jasper. "Nobody" also falls short attempting a nearly identical threatening vibe, with both of the aforementioned suffering from poorly sung hooks.

Though MellowHigh distinguishes its brand from their collective's melodic, chord-driven sound, Left Brain offers up a concession to day one fans with the smoothed out "Yu" (the remix closing the album with a brief yet outstanding guest appearance from Tyler). Here Domo pays due respect to Eminem's delivery, also supplying a well-crafted chorus which makes for a more complete song than much of what they have to offer. Unquestionably stealing the show, he mows down competition on "Extinguisher" (the record most likely to please those clamoring for boom bap's resurgence) with sharp punchlines including "Bitch, I'm batting like I'm on PED's / Niggas woof then switch their words like Baby Boy on BET." The other notable nod to traditionalism is the New York influenced head nodder "Cold World," where aspiring newcomer Remy Banks and Earl Sweatshirt tag along for a full-on lyrical barrage accompanied by synths.

As a byproduct of a team that has actualized potential for groundbreaking contributions, MellowHigh misses the mark by a wide margin. Copious consumption of weed has played a factor in many a Hip Hop masterpiece, but in this instance it has Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats coasting and providing little in the way of anything interesting for the sober-minded. Confusing moments are not limited to "Roofless," a weak try at reviving the spirit of Crunk architect Lil Jon, perhaps the greatest indicator of inspiration gone awry. Taking cues from the current climate with slight salutes to that which preceded their time, most of the praise for MellowHigh will probably come from those blindly accepting mediocre performance.


  • Matthew Waugh

    What a terrible interview. MIssed that Domo's definitely emulating The Underachievers vibes (how i found this review, searching any reviews that already caught this, but nobody did..)...NOT just A$AP. He's basically using the exact same imagery as the psychedelic beast coast rap duo- its pretty obvious. Also, the criticism for Air's production is terrible, there is no rattling percussion. A beating, thumping, repeating trap bass kick is nowhere near "rattling percussion". Absolutely useless review, Jessie.

  • Matthew Waugh

    *review : P

  • nq

    Honestly, I always liked MellowHype...I am a hip hop head and thought they are the closet to it in the camp. Hodgey just stands out to me for some reason, love his delivery! But I realllly like MellowHigh and I didn't know that Domo was so hungry. He suprised me. I really hope they keep making music together with LeftBrain on the beats. Keep it up!

  • jones

    this is the freakin album

  • sflow

    this shit sound like all there other shit tho

  • Anonymous

    Roofless was the only weak track. This was better than Wolf, period.

  • Chi Town Bound

    Why 3/5 stars? This album was pretty sick! It deserves a higher rating

  • Anonymous


  • 7 mile back block

    Hodgy beats getting knocked out he comes near detroit

  • Kathryn Forbes

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  • bklynsfynest2000

    this review totally missed it. I copped this album of the strength of Yu and the mix tape song Timbs. This album is tight as hell. If there is an award for most improved lyrical beast last 2 years Domo would win it hands down. This cat rhymes rings around the average rap artist period. Hodgy has definitely stepped up his pen game and together they dropped an album that surprised the hell out of me cause I didn't know if it would be what I expected or a bunch of struggle bars. The production is sinister, Left brain came with some heat and them boys sparked it! Is it a 5 mic classic..naw....but it is damn sure better than 3 X' is 4 X's for sure and definitely the best hip hop album from OF i have heard as of late.

  • Anonymous

    Dope album if you ask me. I enjoyed it.

  • str8 up

    Fairfax and Burgess are the best reviewers on DX.

  • badreview

    i like how the reviewer says Tyler The Creator is the only one in the group with potential. completely ignoring Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt, and the rest of the gang. whoever penned this is dumb as hell

    • Anonymous

      he said RAP artist. Frank Ocean is probably as big or bigger than Tyler

    • fapnuts123

      Yeah this site is trash with the reviews and doesn't even get their info right half the time and every time I point it out they delete my comment and temporarily disable me from posting comments lol. But yeah Domo Genesis and Frank Ocean are the only ones worth listening to in OF. Fucked with Earl until Doris dropped and that shit was disappointing and boring.

    • BNug

      I think you misread what the reviewer wrote: "Whether lack of preparation for glory, charisma, or drive has been to blame, their only Rap act with a considerable measure of stardom remains energetic commander Tyler, The Creator." He is simply pointing out that Tyler is the only one known in Odd Future who is widely recognized. I don't know how true that statement is, because I don't dig on mainstream media, nor do I have cable--and I don't have much interest in Odd Future. But that doesnt mean it lacks validity. I like the song they linked, but the rest of the review--particularly when discussing which sounds the group is attempting to replicate or pay homage to--was useful enough for me to not go out buying anything without first listening to snippets somewhere on the web.

    • Anonymous

      Don't be too surprised. Its a DX review afterall.

  • GuillaumeSHM

    3/5 ? Come on ! It deserves 4/5 for me. This album is pretty solid and some tracks are great like Yu. Domo is just the best potential of the OF.

  • art

    I usually agree with these reviews but this one missed the mark. While there is what some would consider "filler", the gems outweigh the bad. And roofless is a dope ass song. Agree to disagree on this one, but why not tell us once more about how great mmlp2 is?

  • Fridge Turner

    call this mediocre but then you dick ride mmlp2 come on hiphopdx -.-