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The production and detrimental hyper-lyricism showcase Eminem's worst habits throughout the album, but there is plenty of good on "The Marshall Mathers LP 2."

Ever since Eminem announced he would be releasing a follow-up to his diamond-certified The Marshall Mathers LP, fans have waited anxiously to see whether Shady’s eighth studio album could meet the tremendous expectations necessitated by its title. After all, the original MMLP is widely-regarded as Eminem’s best project, a classic, and as one of the finest emceeing performances committed to wax. So does The Marshall Mathers LP 2 represent a return to form for Slim Shady, or just another in a string of disappointing-to-mediocre albums?

Eminem can rhyme with the best of them, and is peerless in his technique. Unfortunately, too often does Em focus on technique at the expense of actually making a good song. This technical hubris is on full display on MMLP 2. It’s difficult to be too upset with “Rap God,” which will have fans hitting the rewind button, but “Berzerk” and “Love Game,” among other cuts have the distinction of having an absurd number of syllables mashed into a track that ends up saying absolutely nothing. The album would have been much better served by Em spending more time crafting song concepts than he did on his über-complex rhyme schemes.

Listeners who have closely followed Eminem’s music will note that the production on The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is actually a tighter soundbed than the noisy mess that was Recovery. “Rhyme Or Reason” is a nice flip of a familiar sample from The Zombies’ “Time of the Season” (even though the hook is painfully obvious), while tracks like “Legacy” and the synths on “Evil Twin” do a great job of carrying Em’s wicked rhymes. However, it’s not all good, with “Survival” essentially unnecessary after Recovery’s “Won’t Back Down,” and “Berzerk” existing merely to let everyone know that, for the right price, Rick Rubin will happily make a poor Beastie Boys impression for you.

Although the production and detrimental hyper-lyricism place Eminem’s worst habits on display throughout the album, there is plenty of good here. Extremely compelling is the theme of Eminem’s growth, particularly in the form of repenting for much of his misdirected anger towards his mother (and setting his sights on his father, who abandoned him when he was an infant). This is a well Shady goes to on several tracks, including “Bad Guy” and “Headlights.” On the latter, he deals with agonizing guilt: “But I’m sorry mama for ‘Cleaning Out My Closet,’ at the time I was angry / Rightfully maybe so, never meant that far to take it though, ‘cause / Now I know it’s not your fault, and I’m not making jokes / That song I no longer play at shows and I cringe every time it’s on the radio.”

So how does The Marshall Mathers LP 2 fare as a sequel? Interestingly, on “Bad Guy,” the album’s intro track, Em rhymes, “And hey, here’s a sequel to my Mathers LP / Just to try to get people to buy / How’s this for publicity stunt? This should be fun / Last album now ‘cause after this you’ll be officially done.” It’s almost as if Shady is trying to be preemptively self-aware of the fact that calling this album MMLP 2 may scream moneygrab—and he’s absolutely right. A few lyrical references to previous songs, an extension of an old skit and a few played Insane Clown Posse references do not a sequel make. In all honesty, MMLP 2 suffers as a project when Eminem asks it to be compared to his best release. Sure, it may be one of the better LPs you hear in 2013, but make no mistake: The Marshall Mathers LP 2 only serves to tarnish the original’s legacy, whereas titling it something else could’ve just meant another passable addition to Eminem’s night-and-day catalogue.


  • Will

    Dont like some beats, this nigga has a fucking flooooooooooow

  • Damn

    'This technical hubris is on full display on MMLP 2. It’s difficult to be too upset with “Rap God,” which will have fans hitting the rewind button, but “Berzerk” and “Love Game,” among other cuts have the distinction of having an absurd number of syllables mashed into a track that ends up saying absolutely nothing.' HipHopDX is one of the most retarded sites when it comes to reviews. Your ratings are absurd. "Your 1 listen reviews are fucking up Hip Hop" - Cole. If he has a more technical song, you invalids need to understand that it takes longer to take in and familiarise yourself with. Good art is NOT taken in on one exposure, jeez. Saying "plenty of good here", when talking about Bad Guy, is an absolute disgrace. That track is one of the most incredible pieces in Hip Hop over the last few years, transforming from Stan's brother into an insightful Em. Man, I need to make a Hip Hop site and do it properly because giving 'Ratings' on albums is one of the stupidest things ever. You're mad if you think you can quantify a rap album with a fucking star rating. I looked you up and it seems that you're part of a bigger media company, so you gotta make that money, and you'll make a ton of it if you'd as provocative as bugs bunny...

  • Anonymous

    40 year old guy still rappin like hes 20 just sounds wrong. grow up make some fire shit people can bump. stop the nonsense

  • Because The Internet

    You already know the RAP GOD can't be touched..

  • RapLord123

    Eminem said dat Macklemore is dope so start listining to him

  • RapLord123

    I think Macklemore is better than eminem cuz he has more creativity and they should make a song together

  • kyril murry

    Dope ass album added to my collection

  • Michael

    Eminem does not show creativity such as kanye West, he does not bring a new sound but the same thing over and over. You always know what to expect in an Eminem's album.

  • juihbuihbi

    dbd hbsuihb uisehuihuid iojdruo uojejiojer

  • Alef

    best work since The Eminem Show

  • wyl snap

    Survival is one of the best songs on that LP...Brainless is the best sing

  • Anna

    I love this album!! It got me hooked back on Eminem.

  • abgrenv

    It's way better than Recovery, I don't really like the track Asshole and Monster, and the female chorus vocals are completely unnecessary. Also Baby, Groundhog Day and Desperation should have been on the original tracklist, they are among the best songs and they only made it on the bonus tracklist. Otherwise great album.

  • Martynas Perkumas

    Just awesome album, eminem is my god

  • Annie diggs

    the Marshall mathers lp2 is just awwesome :)

  • Mehak

    He said all he had to say. #respect #legend

  • Etien

    One of the best albums:)

  • deborah

    Eminem is the best

  • BETS

    Relatively underrated classic.

  • Saurabh Gupta

    Awesome Work!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • slim shadyy

    Eminem Rap God :*

  • Anonymous

    Rap god Eminem love ya

  • Alex

    Absolute lyrical wreckage by Eminem. I would rank this above The SSLP as his 3rd best album. Way more positives than negatives.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem is unique

  • Hujda

    Really amazing album with very good bonus tracks !

  • Lefort

    100/100 le meilleur album ! Il est magnifique comme tout le reste de la carrire d'Eminem.

  • Dubillot

    The best album of the year

  • Dub

    8/10 The most you listen it the most you love it!

  • Arian

    4/10 Obviously everyone knows Eminem will never make an Album better than The Marshall Mathers LP Its a perfect album.MMLP2 Has to many Female hooks and while the lyricism on MMLP2 Is more complex than the original Mathers LP But sometimes less is more.There are some good songs Legacy,Bad Guy,Headlights and Rap God are Amazing but the rest is mediocre Rhyme or reason is not bad but Survival and Monster brings the album down.So Far And Berzerk are solid. At least Slim ends his album on a high note with a great last verse on Evil Twin.Over all I am dissapointed this album tarnishes his old album.I just hope this is not Slims last album.

  • Arsham gharbi

    Amazing lyricism and passion shown in his songs.

  • John

    6.5/10. Once again, Em's lyrical abilities can't make up for poor beat selection and cringworthy hooks.

  • Alan Garcia

    This song should have been on the regular album.

  • Mert

    It's amazing! My favorite album in 2013!

  • Gree3d

    This album was great. Out of the 8 albums ( SSLP, MMLP, TES, Encore,Relapse, Recovery and this) This is Like maybe 3rd or 4th best. It is better than recovery, relapse and encore for sure. I'd proably even say better than infinite. Rap god alone destroys.

  • Anonymous

    how in the fuck is this a 4 and oxymoron is a 3.5? this album was embarrassing for hiphop fans everywhere and ruined a classic album in MMLP.

    • Alex

      Are you serious? I'm not a Stan, althoug I do consider Em top 3 all time. I just can't believe idiots dont understand the difference between a revisit/ closing of a chapter and a sequel. The albums are connectd only in that Eminem is kissing his old grudges and beefs goodbye while still keeping a midde finger aimed at ignorant halfway anonymous crooks like you dopes.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree

  • Ross

    this last album sucked IMO

  • Bad Guy

    MMlp2 is good but not great. Some songs show flashes of Em's greatness, his lyrics are always dope but the beats were no better than average. Rap God was genius but beat wad shit. Over all I was pleased n hope he continues to create music cuz lets face facts most mc's cant touch his skills. Ppl will disagree w/my comments but idc. If you're a Shady fan you'll love it just lk all his records. MMLP2 is good but not great.

  • louisrivera

    this song I great definitely my favorite if not 2nd favorite

  • louisrivera

    im llllllllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeennnnnnn it

  • Anonymous

    At first i felt it was 4/5 ..Gets even better with time deluxe tracks make it even better 4.5/5

  • Robert King

    G.O.A.T enough said

  • Anonymous

    Amazing album only seen some hate on this troll site ..metaphors and rhymes take awhile too take in after a month of listening its his best since eminem show

  • 4

    eminem loves dick fag youtube.com/eminemisafaggot

  • 3

    vind ik echt nie kunne kk zeugien

  • Anonymous

    This got good reviews but if some underground MC no one knows was spitting as hard and complex as he was on this album people would've been all over this shit and DX would've gave it even higher rating either way Em still at 41 is rapping better then most

  • noche

    The fad out of the first song is probably the best part. I can't even figure why he would continue!

  • Fayssal Roukabi

    rap god's back

  • Youssef

    Seriously, one of the best and most underrated albums I've ever heard. 90% of the tracks are nothing less than amazing. I love this album and all it's songs, the only downside though is the distribution of its singles. Bad Guy should've been the first single on the album. Overall, an easy 5/5.

  • buttchug

    Esoteric is a faggot and I'd shit down his throat if his mom wasn't sitting on his face.

  • Anonymous

    Esoteric would crush him in a battle, a beef or a brawl. Period.

  • Anonymous

    I can't listen all the way through in despite getting it for free and trying many different times. I feel embarrassed when a song from it plays randomly off my iTunes in front of other people.

  • SebastianCz

    For me MMLP2. Is a nice album. Does not matter what this page says is the album and eminem is the RAP GOD nice job Em

  • Lokesh Agrawal

    awesome.one of the best.great.

  • Sara

    I loved it ,t was amazing

  • A fan

    B.o.B might catch up to eminem, yeah underground luxury sucked but if you look at his interview he says why he did that type of album. Wait for his new mixtape, it's gonna be clean!!!! Eminem= rap god, t.i= king of the south, nas= THE legendary mc, b.o.b= pop master

  • Oh yeah

    I like nas, eminem and t.i Great album it's like a 4.5/5

  • oh yeah

    bought the album ass soon as possible only bad songs imo, survival, baby and parking lot

  • Your dick

    the guy below me has a very hard dick, like platinum

  • My dick

    my dick does not go harder than this

  • freshly bleached anus

    This album is cleaner than a freshly bleached anus Survival and baby where bad songs

  • Evil twin

    evil twin the best song on the album, love game was a great song shit! them editors wrong with that Recovery was his best work, idk why they say is has shity beats, almost famous, cold wind blows every song is great in the album except white trash party The album is a 4.5 imo recovery a 5

  • Maaaan

    Sean Price, Jarren Benton, Jay-Z (in his prime versus Em's prime, Jay was better in consistency), Freddie Gibbs, LL cool J (see the "ripper strikes back", you don't need complex rhymes to get point across), WC (only rapper I believe that can truly blow anyone out of the water except for last mention), Pharoahe Monch (Everyone loves him because his beats are dam good and lyrically Em has cited him as being better than him!). Rappers that can touch Em lyrically or even blow him out of the water, Not an easy task though.

  • Dubya

    Took about a month of daily listening, but this ranks at the top of Em's catalog. Truly unbelievable.

  • dilma

    maravilhoso uma obra consistente e eu no vou cansar de ouvir valeu a pena esperar.

  • Anonymous

    With the songs from the deluxe edition, it was a solid album

    • Anonymous

      Under rated?? Seems like its getting plenty of love to me especially if u ignore some of the trolls on this site

  • Anonymous

    Average, Technically pleasing, but really not a quality album at all.

  • Anonymous

    This is a fantastic LP and if you listen to each song carefully, you can easily feel the nostalgic vibe that goes back to MMLP1. Bad Guy was a continuation of Stan, Evil Twin served the same purpose as Criminal did in MMLP1 and the beat in So Much Better was a modified version of the Criminal beat. His mindset is not going to be the same as it was when MMLP1 came out; he's gone through so many things since then and has a far more mature outlook on things in general. Anyone claiming that he's lost his step in rap truly need to reevaluate his/her taste in hip hop. Also, who cares about the number of rock samples he used? Golden age hip hop producers used many rock samples; Em was simply trying to experiment with old school production elements. That's why Rick Rubin was hired as an executive producer alongside Dre, since Rubin was a prominent producer in the golden age of rap. Em=Shady and if you really can't take in his more mature outlook, don't even bother calling yourself a fan.

  • Aditya

    Shit couldn't get any better!

  • Anonymous

    Ill-ass album, was the number socre rated by one person and the review written by another? they seem to be contradictory





  • Anonymous

    Deleted this album last week and see no reason to revisit 1/5

  • Thomas S

    recycled themes, always talking about how "hes back", tries to hard in my opinion, i think em needs to just make some sick tracks and stop trying to PROVE hes still got it

    • Anonymous

      I'm sorry I don't understand your argument. What exactly is a "sick track"? because I think artists try to "prove" themselves by making a good song. This album has conceptual songs (Bad Guy... great song) and just straight technical fire (Rap God). So I'm not sure what you're trying to say. I swear everyone finds something to complain about or to compare to, instead of just evaluating it as a musical piece from an artist. People are way too ignorant.

  • Because The Internet


  • Jesse

    Listen to the lyrics. That's all that needs to be done

  • Christopher

    I'm sorry... Kanye, Jay-z and Eminem....all three of them have had horrible albums this year ...all though you may consider them as greatest (as do I) !! ... But this year just wasn't their year.. I'd have to give it to "James Blake" or "Imagine Dragons".. But if where speaking hip-hop only... I'd have to give it to "Drake", "J cole" or "Pusha T"...

  • WN21

    Jaw - Droppingly Amazing

  • Matt

    Stellar Album, his best album since The Eminem Show... 10/10

  • Anonymous

    Berzerk wasn't a "poor beastie boys impression", it was on point, but an outdated style of rap and unlike anything eminem has done before. I think people should see it more as a tribute to the boys if anything.

  • Polza

    I've listened to this so many times, amazing. Not old school Eminem, but still, better than Encore and all albums after that.

  • Slater

    Amazing, I don't even know how many times I've listened to the album already.

  • Jay

    I'm a huge Eminem fan. His lyrical skills imo are ridiculous. Nobody can touch him. Not Jay-Z, not Nas, and definitely not Lil' Gayne. And he's not even my favorite MC. This album unfortunately was a disappoint for me. It definitely had some great tracks that made me have to hit replay, but it also had some huge disappointing ones. Probably in the Relapse range. Too much white boy music going on and that lowers the quality of the album. MNIMN > MMLP2

  • Mike

    Yeah...seems like he just tried too hard with all these rock samples. Reminds me of Dewey Cox after his acid trip when dude has like 85 people playing instruments on one track lol

  • DrewDown91

    Relapse is more like The Slim Shady LP 2 than this is the Marshall Mathers LP 2. I don't see the parallels. That said, album is solid, would be better with Survival, Asshole and Headlights being replaced with the bonus tracks Beautifal Pain, and Wicked Ways plus the sadly ommitted "Don't Front." FAIL on the sequencing as well (skit track 2?). I'd give it a 3.5 if we could do halves.

  • bryan

    This just sucks imo.Whats with all the rock samples??? Fucking gay.Missing Dre.

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone still listening to this garbage?

  • Anonymous

    Yelawolf used Time of the Season on a song back in '08. It's cool to see how Eminem uses the Time of the Season on Rhyme or Reason compared to Yelas song. They are so different, yet both are so good. Am I the only person who made this connection? lol I'll add that Yela was virtually unknown at the time so the mixtape went generally unnoticed, but it is a great mixtape, its called Stereo, its a tribute to 80's rock.

  • Anonymous

    Can't listen to this album anymore...Lyrics are solid but beats and hooks are almost unlistenable. Em needs to just do an acapella album.

  • Da Realest

    My God, I had no clue Eminem fans were WORSE then lil Wayne fans. God ya'll are sensetive little girls. I must have read 300 comments that said "if you rate it low you're a hater". That's completle bullshit. Would you want to be called a hater if you didn't like an album? Don't think so!

  • Nick T

    in a Battle 2Pac>>>>> Eminem in a street fight 2pac >>>> Em Albums 7 day theory is his 2nd best album>>>>>>>>>>> any em album Energy and passion on the mic 2pac>>>>>>. EM His 1st verse on DEAR MAMA>>>> any Eminem verse 2pacs single >>>>>> ems singles 2pac impact on the game >>>>>>> Eminem impact

  • shyne

    rapwarzgame.com Rap Warz the first ever hip hop trivia game show. Where hip hop/rap music fans battle it out for big cash and top prizes while Learning and educating themselves and sharing our hip hop culture.

  • Anonymous

    Yelawolf used Time of the Season on a song back in '08. It's cool to see how Eminem uses the Time of the Season on Rhyme or Reason compared to Yelas song. They are so different, yet both are so good. Am I the only person who made this connection? lol I'll add that Yela was virtually unknown at the time so the mixtape went generally unnoticed, but it is a great mixtape, its called Stereo, its a tribute to 80's rock

  • Anonymous

    I'll add that Yela was virtually unknown at the time so the mixtape went generally unnoticed, but it is a great mixtape, its called Stereo, its a tribute to 80's rock

  • Anonymous

    Yelawolf used Time of the Season on a song back in '08. It's cool to see how Eminem uses the Time of the Season on Rhyme or Reason compared to Yelas song. They are so different, yet both are so good. Am I the only person who made this connection? lol

  • Anonymous

    Very good album. Some of the songs are too poppy and radio friendly for my taste, but its nonetheless solid. Not on the level of the first MMLP or SLLP. Eminem Show is better too. But it bumps and is better than his last few projects. Recovery was ok but Relapse was just horrible. I couldn't get into it especially with those corny accents. But MMLP2 is what we could consider a modern day version of the first and that's good enough.

    • Anonymous

      Relapse was good in concept. The beats for the most part are great, and his lyrics/ flow are arguably the best in his career... all of these were overshadowed by the accent... but after I got past the accent I love it now! seriously giv it a full listen again... its one of my favorites now.

  • Anonymous

    if yall really listen to rap god lyrics he show yall different styles in one song and the actually rhythm of the song show how he is who and what he say he is

  • Peter

    No one can judge Eminem, he doesn't care that his songs are not like the modern day shit, that's the point he tries to make, he hates the way the game is, he's a lyrical genius & he shows that with every song he's ever written & any one who says different just doesn't understand his music or lyrics, only real fans can realize how legendary every masterpiece he makes is. If you people understood lyrics, you would know the MMLP2 is phenomenal.

  • Anonymous

    This review doesn't even make sense...check this one out. www.eminemalbum2014.com

  • Mack Theol

    After countless listens, I can confirm, the album is sensational. Wow.

  • ?

    Bad Guy alone makes this album worth a 5/5. Eminem has always been a lyrical beast and that's what I hoped for. He's 16 years older that MMLP and this album reflects this. Wish he had some better beat selections on some of the songs.

  • Tom

    i find it way dumb that they made a big deal about it not being a real "sequel" Eminem himself said this wasn't even really a real sequel. just called the album that, it doesn't mean he is trying to sound like his greatest selling album, it's called that cuz he's trying to get a bit more into his Detroit rap roots and some Missouri ones too. who cares about the album name, don't judge it off that, judge it by the music, which has to be the greatest music i've ever heard, best album, period.

  • Anonymous

    Already deleted all of these songs out of my Itunes except for Rap God... Horrible album IMO 1/5

  • Anonymous

    Check out this MMLP2 album review if you didn't like this one (like me). www.eminemalbum2014.com

  • M&M72

    Damn... Em Went HAM on this, finally! Thank God we have him back! 5/5

  • dididoollkketrrn

    one of the best rappers to ever do it. Album is dope as fuck and great for any hip-hop fan. 5 stars

  • Anonymous

    not even Mixtape worthy

  • E

    Album of the year. Simple as that.

  • Anonymous

    album that gets better the more you listen to it. eminem reinvented himself here. he's got that witty asshole shit on lock again and he's rhyming at incredible levels all over the record. he's older and still holding on to what makes him eminem. that unpredictable character with personality that can string words together like no one else on weird beats he sounds at home over. maybe 2-3 tracks i wasn't in love with but the album has so many flavors. straight b-boy mic boss shit like "evil twin". personal heart spilling shit like "headlights" and "legacy". "so much better" is the classic eminem we haven't heard from in a long time. maniac on fire. 5/5 and will be revisited years from now with more appreciation. in the age of one click downloads and forgettable media eminem dropped an album that rewards multiple listens. great work.

    • MegaDon

      "album that gets better the more you listen to it." I laugh when people say this and I see a lot of comments like this here. A lot of fans are forcing themselves to like the album cuz its Em. Whatever happened to an album being fire from the jump? None of this after a dozen listens the album has grown on me crap. There's like 4 good beats on the album. And as far as Em being a "witty asshole", isn't he like 41 years old? What rapper at that age wants to be known as a witty asshole? He's not in his twenties anymore.

  • Dylan

    EMINEM IS THE BEST RAPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    EMINEM IS A NO THE RAP GOD!!!!! HES A GENIUS AND A HELL OF A PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D

    FIRE!! Was a pleasant surprise. Lyrics make this Ems best album despite the overall influence of commercialization.. 5 mics

  • Maxwell

    MMLP2 is unlike any other "rap" album released this year. The first time I listened to it was on a friend's shitty home stereo system. Felt it was just OK. A few days later, got under my SR325is and damn near shit a brick. It takes a few days to digest, and to be honest I'm still discovering things about it that I love, but I'm already convinced that it's his best work to date. People that think he's run out of ideas or that it's too homophobic clearly have not paid much attention. There's a couple tracks on here that I'd rather see replaced with "Baby" and "Groundhog Day" but that's a very minor complaint. If Em wasn't such a polarizing figure, this album would've been reviewed and user rated a perfect "5". Assuming you had your headphones on.

  • abryce

    a lot of the songs i feel should of been on a mixtape.

  • nrmacias


    • Tom

      now why MMLP2 and GKMC are my two favorite rap albums ever! (Wolf being right next to them) you can't compare them, Kendrick's has a lot of story to it and at the same time perfect if not that then near perfect feel and mix of songs. Eminem's MMLP2 does have a lot of deep songs but it isn't really based on a story really each song is it's own story in a way, and they are two very different types of rappers, Kendrick: Cali influence, mostly up type of feel, some get drunk/high party songs, real deep storyteller. and Eminem is deep, personal, makes you kinda reflect. both however, can spit and go harder than any other rapper ever, and both call each other one of the best rappers ever. so why they are both the best, they are kinda hard to compare

    • Anonymous

      LIFE IS GOOD still ain't been touched lol, u trippin..

    • Keenan

      Stop it. That distinction lies with Kendrick Lamar and his stellar GKMC album. Conceptually it is far better than MMLP2. This is only my opinion though and in the grand scheme of things doesn't mean shit because Em is still a fucking RAPGOD.

  • dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for YMCMB, I can confirm Hip Hop started in the streets and it will forever be in the streets, the fact of the matter is. Nobody in the streets is listening to kendrick, only kids from the burbs. I ain't feelin this album, i don't care how lyrical he is, it's fuckin wack in the streets. Only people in the urban community (not suburban ) should have say to what is dope hip hop and what isn't, this is NOTHING special. Kids from the suburbs tend to think just because a rapper is "lyrical" that makes them great! 2Pac , Too Short, Eazy E, and many many others weren't the most complex rappers but they are more legends, why? Because they kept it street. These underground, and lyrical cats can rhyme as many words out of the dictionary that they want and it is still wack in the streets why? Wack subject matter, wack hooks, wack beats, nobody wants to listen to any of that. People wake up, street hip hop (biggie, 2pac, big l , dmx, jeezy ) any rapper that reps the streets, YES even Meek will have more respect than these lyrical cats, because hip hop IS the streets, and if the streets aren't feelin it, than it doesn't matter how versatile you are, wack is wack no matter what!!!!

  • Cole World

    shit was garbage! born sinner = aoty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike

    I wonder why dre didn't do any beats.... :-|

  • Nick

    Solid, not his best. He did say that he has never made an album while not being on drugs before rehab and Recovery/Rehab was about his drug life so hes trying to go back to the old ways but without drugs. Headlightts is my favorite on this album. He raps about forgiving his mom and with Nate on the chorus it kills.

    • tom

      when i saw he featured on it i was like "da fuck?" and didn't know how well it was gonna work but it went really really well, one of my favorite alternative singers (not cuz of Fun. i don't like Fun. his old band The Format is waaay better) with my favorite artist ever and made a very personal song

  • partha

    In my words. mmlp2 is as good as the original mmlp. Still inferior to "the eminem show". coz eminem show was a real dope masterpiece. i know many of you will disagree, mmlp2 is so calssy. if we left the "monster" track and COD one,,, then mmlp 2 is easily one of eminem's all time greatest work. so energetic nd filled with pride. Faourite tracks - Rap god, headlights, Bad guy.

  • Somfana

    There's one thing for me to say; RAP_GOD he is. Best in the league.


    From a true hip-hop (and Eminem) fan's perspective.. As the case has been since he came back; subpar, wack production that didn't even complement his lyrical ability overall. I mean there were a couple of tracks that were reminiscent of the vintage slim shady (Evil Twin, Brainless, Asshole) with some good production...I mean Brainless was one of the best tracks on the album with a good beat, and it's no coincidence that it was one of the few tracks that Em produced himself on the album. Legacy was good, a Headlights was an unexpected surprise that wasn't as bad, considering it was a collabo with the fuckin lead singer from Fun...but the rest of the album was pretty much mediocre shit. Technically Em still has it, and he always will..rapping is second nature to him, but he's definitely losing his ability to connect with people since he has nothing of substance to rap about. He just makes up for it with crunched, but sick wordplay now. 3.5/5

  • Anonymous

    As an MC Em has still got it. I just don't get this insistence of him continuing to cater to white teenage girls and soccer moms with this poppy sound rap album. Its like dude you have so much money and you don't need to do that anymore. It seems to much to ask to just make a straight hip hop album, these days.

  • jack johnson

    It will take a couple years before Eminem fans finally an album of his sucks, they loved Encore at first too

  • bah

    Overall, great wordplay and flow, technically he kills it, but the lyrics lack substance for the most part. Disappointed in the beats as well as hooks-- too poppy. With that said, I do like the album, but I probably expected too much.

    • Anonymous

      I'm not afraid would be the second best song on this mediocre album Stanley Mayweather

    • Anonymous

      Lol u probably did... I'm just glad therea are no "I'm not afraid".. afterschool special songs... Brainless and LEGACY are fuckin phenomenal

  • Anonymous

    technically the album is a classic, but I'd rate it 4/5 because of the missteps and no classic beats

  • Anonymous

    album was disappointing but this reviewer didnt even notice the 1st song (bad guy) was a continuation of stan and talks about it in the review as if its another song witout even mentioning the concept behind it. sup wit that dog

  • Ashton

    People that listen to the mainstream shit are too dumb to figure put what he's saying. You guys are pathetic. There is a reason for almost everything he says. Humor, his life, and disses. If you don't know much about Eminem you would probably say this is a terrible album. No meaning. Why would you diss your own mother? People probably ask themselves. Some people just don't see some things, or they're just dumb.

    • Anonymous

      Some of us understand him fine and just are not impressed. The ol, yall don't like itt cuz its over ur head bullshit. Being able to relate to a concept, doesn't alone make it great. I could make a som g called "pussy feels good".. that being a general fact amongst people who agree, won't make it a great song, unless I write it correctly. Too much of the album is overly technical and underdeveloped conceptually. There's good on the album, there's also a lot of bad when it gets to the point, every rhyme is soundin the same, its a sign.

    • Anonymous

      With desert drlines like " they say I'm a robot, so call me rap-bot"... perfect is far from a descriptive word to fit this album... better than the last two albums.. yes, classic, ummmm, no :-)

  • Anonymous

    The guy creates his own genre of rap and tells you the darkest stories fasst, and VIVID. You can close your eyes and see the story unfolding before you just by listening. Lyrics are unimagineably creative and complex. Hes back on his shit, plain and simple. Rick Reuben adds to Em's identity with great production and detailed sound fx. Who puts emotion into wax like this? Who can rap in voices (yoda)? Only someone great.

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_TRuEeddjI detroit

  • EminemFanButNotAStan

    Are you kidding? 4? It feels like one person wrote the review and another person ranked it. I'd give it a perfect 5, this album was perfection. Better than anything else put out this year.

  • andrew

    Dont agree with this review AT ALL.. Hyper-lyrcism?? What other record than Rap God are you guys having trouble understanding?? Come on now..

  • Anonymous

    Life is good over this album any day

  • Herbalizer

    I can't say its straight trash there are some good songs on there Legacy being the best that song is crack, but i agree he needs to get away from all that pop bullshit I dont know what hes thinking with that, and he needs to get away from Reuben that dude and Em are a horrible mix. Bezerk makes me want to throw up. Em needs to get back to his roots and get some sick ass Dr Dre beats and just shred and shit on society like he used to. Thats what true Shady fans want and what we should get.

  • top 5 eminem slimshady marshal matthers the guy from 8 mile

    album of the year since recovery all of eminems albums are the best he is on another level than every rapper. He is the rap god the king of rap and drops nothing but classics

  • jiggy

    i guarantee if all you cock suckin ass haters would listen to just any song on the Album. Yall would find out why he is really The Rap God. Nobody is fuckin wit dude foreal.

  • NME


  • MenaceIISocieties

    Album of the year? Ya'll must only listen to mainstream rap. There are plenty of albums that have been better in the realm of hip hop (there's a big difference between hip hop & rap). What good is being "lyrical" if there is no purpose or meaning behind what you're saying? He's an extremely corny rapper most of the time. Not hating but this is my honest opinion on this album & Em in general, outro.

  • Dsmbr

    If you say that this album is wack, you never understood eminem as an artist anyway. This LP is a sequel to his progression as slim shady and marshall mathers. He knows what's right now and feels more responsible, but still slim shady is around the corner. I will never be the slim shady from the original mm lp, but this is a amazing lp compared to what's going on in rap. Eminem is wiser, stronger and wants to put more positive into his music, get over it man!

  • Jason H 2 tha Izzo

    album is good.even though its dark.darness sparks the truest art

  • Anonymous

    This album is too complex for most to understand

  • Anonymous

    Who would've seen it a day when the best rapper is white and the richest rapper in black. #WINNING

    • sam snead

      I co-sign Ray Allen but I put eminem at #3 unless 3 stacks puts out something good in the next year or so

    • Jesus Shuttlesworth

      Nas isn't white and P. Diddy (yes P. Diddy's net worth is higher than Jay-Z's) can hardly even be looked at as a rapper so therefore my good man, you are most indubitably wrong! Eminem may be top 5 alive 1.Nas 2.Jay-Z 3.Andre 3k 4.Eminem 5.Kool G Rap Thank you for your time Stanley

  • Ernest

    As an eminem fan, I was extremely disappointed by the album, but it makes me want to believe em' didn't put as much effort into this like he usually does cuz HE WANTS TO QUIT!!(Listen to rap god)

  • Ernest

    As an eminem fan, I was extremely disappointed by the album, but it makes me want to believe em' didn't put as much effort into this like he usually does cuz HE WANTS TO QUIT!!(Listen to bad guy)

  • Beatz

    Kendrick murdered Eminem on his own ish!!! Love game was the only track I did not skip through... He clearly isolated himself in his Detroit studio and spewed out this album from his rear-end without using toilet paper... #disappointed... This album will be ignored like jordan on the wizards... He would be lucky to get 2 stars because of Kendrick's verse. 1/5

  • Anonymous

    Rap God, nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    1.75/5 but I'll give it a 2 since Em is a legend..Smh weak project every forgettable overall.

  • Quota

    the album is stra fiiiiiireeee!!!!!! he never said its a sequel eminem called it a revisitation its the best album of 2013 by an infinite amount of miles kid shit is just amazing he just won " the global icon " award and best hip hop plus he jus landed besides the fuckin beatles with 4 songs on the top 20 and thats from this new album and except rap god those are radio songs the other 16 songs are all lyrical as fuck he didnt even count bars for his verses he went off till he felt satisfied man bad guy, evil twin, wicked ways, asshole, rhyme or reason, love game, so much better, baby, groundhog day, headlights,beautiful pain, etc etc there all dope unique shit even stronger then i was n so far are dope lol

    • Nick

      I feel u. I always say that I'm a fan of hip hop, but I'm a bigger fan of TALENT. People might say that Eminem isn't talking about anything meaningful, but the talent is there. The multi-syllable schemes that he does, is talent, and many people can't do that no matter how hard they tried. That's true talent, doing things that other people can't. I'd rather listen to a talented Em talk about nothing, then someone with AB, simple rhymes talking about something.

  • olebarak

    this album is the shit... i wont even compare it to other albums that are out in hip hop these days coz theres no comparison... no money talk, no ballin talk... no im living beta than you or chics with big booties... its true and puts you in a state of mind where you escape capitalist reality and makes you think about all the fucked up things you try cover up by listenin to your lil waynes and drakes. em thank you for cumin back snappin us back to reality

  • T-Rosen

    Ermine continues to impress, rap god is accurate description of himself and his accomplishments

  • mistercheeseman

    Ok first off this is a good album. Not Em's best by a long shot. I like recovery better than this but they're on different levels. We're never getting old em back. He's a new man and a new artist. I give this a deserved 3. Theres a few throw away songs but with the deluxe cd it makes up for the crap. Em's still got it. nuff said

    • Anonymous

      there is too much lyrical content on this album to only rate it a 3. trust me, make sure you listen to what hes saying and you'll understand. lyrically, it out does recovery.

  • Karl

    I dont think people understand the complexity of this album... A true eminem fan will give this a worthful rating of 5

  • tnigga

    I really liked it at first but after listening to recovery again I have to drop this down to a 3 out of 5. Sorry em, you're losing it

  • Sum hood

    Sounds better after a few listens couple horrible tracks but its a solid album compared to the other big name releases it shits on MCHG Yeezus and that bathtub faggot Drake

  • Anonymous

    This is HIS SECOND HIGHEST REVIEWED ALBUM OF ALL TIME. look on Metacritic. METACRITIC take reviews from all sources: NY Times...THIS WEBSITE, etc... It is tied with the Eminem Show. Only behind the original MMLP!!!!!!!! suck on that haterssss

  • mikeymike

    here is my top 10 based on lyrics but also song quality.. 1. Groundhog Day 2. Don't Front 3. Bad Guy 4. Evil Twin 5. Headlights 6. Legacy 7. Brainless 8. Beautiful Pain 9. Rap God 10. Wicked Ways



  • Oskar

    You have to spend some time to fully understand the album. Great work, Marshall!

  • Tsengel

    This is definitely one of his best albums...

  • Paisan

    This album was underestimated by far...I'm a huge Eminem fan and I thought because of how the singles sounded I wasn't going to be to fond of this project, but it turned out pretty damn good. Yea, some of the beats and chorus are a little weak but lyrically this cd was amazing. Eminem still has it without a doubt and he crushes any skepticism with this album. Overall, nobody right now matches him lyrically on any aspect verse for verse.....

  • Anonymous

    This is HIS SECOND HIGHEST REVIEWED ALBUM OF ALL TIME. look on Metacritic. METACRITIC take reviews from all sources: NY Times...THIS WEBSITE, etc... It is tied with the Eminem Show. Only behind the original MMLP!!!!!!!! suck on that haters

  • Anonymous

    This is HIS SECOND HIGHEST REVIEWED ALBUM OF ALL TIME. look on Metacritic. METACRITIC take reviews from all sources: NY Times...THIS WEBSITE, etc... It is tied with the Eminem Show. Only behind the original MMLP!!!!!!! suck on that haters

  • Brick City

    Ya can't even lie cuz homeboy still proves that's he a proven lyricist and track killer. His wordplay and insane technicality is proof of why he is respected by real legends of the art. Hate it or love it, this nigga gon kill the sales game regardless. More awards and plaques. Real recognize real, point blank. 4.25/5 overall. One of the best albums of the past couple years.

  • Anonymous

    This is HIS SECOND HIGHEST REVIEWED ALBUM OF ALL TIME. look on Metacritic. METACRITIC take reviews from all sources: NY Times...THIS WEBSITE, etc... It is tied with the Eminem Show. Only behind the original MMLP!!!!!!!! suck on that haters...

  • Anonymous

    This is HIS SECOND HIGHEST REVIEWED ALBUM OF ALL TIME. look on Metacritic. METACRITIC take reviews from all sources: NY Times...THIS WEBSITE, etc... It is tied with the Eminem Show. Only behind the original MMLP!!!!!!!! suck on that haters

  • Anonymous

    This is HIS SECOND HIGHEST REVIEWED ALBUM OF ALL TIME. look on Metacritic. METACRITIC take reviews from all sources: NY Times...THIS WEBSITE, etc... It is tied with the Eminem Show. Only behind the original MMLP!!!!!!!! suck on that hater

  • Cadda

    Hahaha typical HipHopDX users giving everything 5/5, even shit like this. The staff tend to massively overrate everything mainstream as well. Really don't want to have to hear the whole thing, from the tracks I've heard it's 2/5 at best,

  • moo

    All you can be is critical of em because he set the standard so high with his first few albums, but just stop it! This is a great album! A couple of the hooks aren't the greatest but still!!! Have you heard the radio? Bad guy, legacy, evil twin, rap god, rhyme or reason, brainless, survial, so far and love game are all amazing tracks! There are so many lines in this album that i love! Like "why am i so differently wired, am i a Martian?" 100% satisfied, this is truely a gem. Although there is one NEGATIVE thought that there's no appearnce from slaughterhouse, yelawolf, d12 or even dre! would have been great to hear them all on this album!!

    • Anonymous

      Actually his albums are usually lackluster his classic to horrid album ratios is about 50-50 so he really doesn't have that high of a standard. If you mean just lyrics then you're right if you mean overall project he's not even a Top 25 rapper all-time. Sorry STANS

  • Timberland Hikers Euro Dub

    Eminem is a great lyricist. We all know this. But this album is straight trash. The production/beats and those god awful hooks are what makes this album suck. Why is he trying to do this whole pop thing doing songs with Rihanna. Making a video with Call Of Duty as the backdrop. He's a commodity. A mainstream cash cow to lure all you young white folks. HE Just needs to release an album of him just rapping on hard beats. NO hooks. Just dopes heavy dark beats and him going crazy. EMinem doesnt need fame or money. He already has that. Just give the real hip hop fans what they want and not this pop plastic crap of an album.

    • I used to sell heroin

      Relapse had incredible beats ppl forget how great that album was production wise cause of the accents

    • Optimus Rhyme

      Straight truth here! Em still spits heat, but lyrics alone do not make an album. But for whatever reason he gets a pass. He has one of the worst ears in the game right now. Plastic beats with zero soul or rhythm. Just like his work on Slaughterhouse's last album. The Eminem Show is the last album he put out where the production matched his stellar technical ability from start to finish.

  • SB

    The older you age the more cornier Eminem gets. This album is trash. I'll be listening to Action Bronson for now on.

  • Optimus Rhyme

    -Great lyrics -Production on this album is horrendous!! Possibly Em's worst yet. There's only a few songs you can actually nod your head to. -Hooks, awful! There's waaay too much singing going on. Either cheesy chicks singing or Em crooning himself. It seems like no one wants to rap their own hooks anymore. -Em's technical ability somewhat saved this album. 3.25/5

  • Anonymous

    This is HIS SECOND HIGHEST REVIEWED ALBUM OF ALL TIME. look on Metacritic. METACRITIC take reviews from all sources: NY Times...THIS WEBSITE, etc... It is tied with the Eminem Show. Only behind the original MMLP!!!!!!!! suck on that haters.

  • Carlwinslo

    You Eminem dick riders need to listen to some real hip hop for once. Em can still put down some solid verses but him trying to sing on hooks and getting all exciting and hype and just making noises and shit is whack. Its def not the album of the year Legends Never Die by R.A The Rugged Man blows this turd out of the water. Go back to the basics Em and quit trying to sing.


    There is maybe 2 or 3 tracks on this album i could live without but all in all Eminem paints his lyrics with crazy flows hooks a continuum of originality, style , with singing on his own songs the art and mind set to create an album of this magnitude within this subservient cluttered garbage music industry has to offer I rate this album a 5 !

    • Anonymous

      So 15% of the album you can do without but you still give it a 5? Someone please pick up Stanley from the missing child section!!!!

  • systemdek

    Unbelievable album.

  • MrYepp

    5 Star album, classic feeling to it and btw everything sucks so damn hard compared to Eminem

  • Ayushya

    Amazing. Unexpected but very lyrically rich.

  • Matt

    although the review given is agreeable on some levels, the problem is that it seems too intent on comparing it to MMLP1, yes it is titled MMLP2, but i do not see this as a comparison more a going back to the topics being spoke about in the 1st LP, like his personal torments, each album Eminem has released has had its own theme. Shady LP - funny and dark, MMLP - personal demons with some humour, eminem show - his battle in the rap game, encore and relapse - unfortunately poor attempts. recovery - an album of redemption from the previous two, and now MMLP2 shows more personal demons with more humour in places, and it also shows a slight change in style which an artist as big and influential as Eminem is has every right to do, and this style can be taken as the listener desires it to be taken

  • RapGod

    Best Album of the year by far

  • Abdulhakeem

    apparently the person who did this review doesnt understand so much about music in the first place secondly he doesnt understand eminem's verse on love game. maybe he doesnt even understand the whole love game song

  • Lillian

    this album is an instant classic, it touched my heart deep inside. Slim's sexy voice gives me an orgasm every time I'm with my boyfriend. I dont enjoy sex with him :( but Em's voice makes it better :) I even image his abs, uhhh so sexy. back to topic. this album is a masterpiece. Eminem is the best

  • Jacob

    What makes this album so incredibly amazing is that every single song is so polished and enjoyabke to listen that the album is a must-buy or a must-have cos who buys albums nowadays ;)

  • Crip4Life

    "Hello," "My Name Is" "Marshall Mathers". "Remember Me?" "I'm Back". "Cum on Everybody," "If I Had" a "Guilty Conscience" it's not because I'm a "Bad Guy". It's not "My Fault", it must have been my "Evil Twin". And if it was me then it wasn't because "I Just Don't Give a Fuck" about my fans, it's only because that's "The Way I Am" sometimes, plus I think I may either be "Brainless" or have some "Brain Damage". It "Must Be the Ganja" I was previously "Under the Influence" of. I'm not a "Bad Guy" though; it's just "Business", you understand. I still have talent, I didn't "Just Lose It". I'm not "So Bad", I'm "So Much Better" now, guys, I'm "On Fire". Look at my "Legacy", "I'm Shady", I'm a "Rap God". I'm not at "Rock Bottom" I'm "Space Bound". I was "Going Through Changes" but "It's O.K.", this new album will be some "Deja Vu" for "Old Time's Sake". It'll be the "Same Song & Dance" as it was 15 years ago. The money I get is "Never Enough" so "Say Goodbye Hollywood", I'm "Cleanin Out My Closet" and returning to the "Underground" because that's what my money-paying "Stan"s want. But I'm not just selling out to "White America" and Call of Duty players; I'm sure I can come up with a good "Rhyme or Reason" for doing it if you wanted me to. The business executives "Love the Way [I] Lie" down and take it in the "Asshole" and how I'm "Not Afraid" to suck a few dicks in order to get ahead. My anus is "Infinite" and my mouth "Never 2 Far" from Dr. Dre's "Big Weenie". Dre loves to "Crack a Bottle" open and invite me over at "3AM". He says I look "Beautiful" when his semen "Drips" off my chin. He sometimes either fucks my mouth "'Till I Collapse" or until I "Puke". Indeed, a "Cold Wind Blows" through the spot where my soul used to be. #retirement #cleveralbumtitle

  • dukecityspecialist

    Half of this piece of work sounded like a mixtape. Eminem can rap but thats really half of the album to me. Just rapping...Some parts were good ,some were blah. Ive come to the conclusion that Eminem is one of those artists that need to develop a certain kind of chemistry when doing an album. This is dres fault. Recovery was more like an experiment album. It just didnt work musically. This album should have never bore the name marshal mathers lp. Damn dre get off your lazy ass and keep Em on point you rich bastard!!!!

  • Nas The GOAT

    I knew exactly what MMLP 2 was going to sound like the moment it was announced, and after listening to it I wasnt wrong; Eminem just sounds like this new trend in Hip-Hop nowadays where rappers rap super-fast just so they sound clever, or lyrical or something it just sounds irritating to me, and I cant listen to a whole Eminem song from start-to-finish anymore.

  • jukka

    seriously, he needs descent beats. i don't know who should produce, but at least it's not rick rubin anyway.

  • Kizman

    Overrated=People like this artist and I don't Underrated=i like someone so they should be liked by everyone else. goat=I relate to them a lot more than any other artist or theyre popular so theyre the better than everyone else. Fallen Off-I dont see them anymore and Im not searching for them so theyre failures. Lyricist=Yo they dope,but I dont know whats so dope about them,

  • Jesse

    Just as good, if not better than the 1st MMLP and his last LP! Slim shows everyone, once again, how it's done... no question!

  • Anonymous

    Best album of the year

  • hiphopdxsucks

    DX, you really suck at reviewing albums. MMLP2 is probably the best album in a long time.FUCK YOU HIPHOPDX.

  • Renz

    This album is by far the best hip hop album we've seen in years. I can't say it's better than the first mmlp but it's close to it. Definitely one of eminem's best albums

  • Domjell

    DX, you've written a lazy and simple review, so let me direct you in the right direction: MMLP2 might be the most focused, complexly detailed rap album in history. As a b-boy and supporter of hip-hop for over 30 years I didn't develop this opinion haphazardly. From beginning to end, each song displays great lyricism, rhymes within rhymes, specific references that only a true hip hopper will catch. Even the sound effects on songs like Rap God and Groundhog Day are specific to the verse. He also touches on thoughts from MMLP in subtle ways that are overlooked by mainstream fans and media. Dare I suggest, this might even be better than its predecessor? MMLP, has more emotion adoration because of its impact and it's incredibly for an artist to garner the same amount of attention. But think about this, Dr. Dre was in his prime and was an awesome spring board for MMLP, this time around it's just Marshall. Every hip hop aficionado should relish and salute a masterpiece.

  • anonymous

    There are 2 OK tracks and the rest is pure awesomeness. Hands down best rap of the year.

  • Anonymous

    This is one of his best albums,and I know with the MMLP and SSLP... yeah everyone is better when they first come out, all the hype, it's something new, etc. BUT if he came out with an album with wordplay and lyricism like this MMLP2 10 years ago, yall would be callin it a classic right now. THINK ABOUT THAT.

  • Anon

    Replace just a few of the tracks on the main disc with a couple of the bonus tracks and it would be a classic rap album.

    • Anonymous

      the bonus tracks dont fit in well with the concept. Theyre dope dont get me wrong, but they wouldnt fit as well. Maybe, if you take out survivor, cuz that doesnt fit tho.

  • Anonymous

    0.25/5 but DX forces me to give this a 1...SMH

  • yoyo

    was listening to em from day 1... the first 2 lp's (sslp, mmlp) were/are very good, after that he started putting out average lp's with some standout tracks, now he arrived putting out shitty stuff, very disappointing... and fact is, like other artists (jay-z, kanye, etc.) he could put out the worst lp of the year, it will sell... it's not what they're doing, it's more about what they've have done. once you made it, you (almost) can't do no wrong. these guys will always have kids supporting them and call their stuff classic or at least lp of the year, kinda funny and sad at the same time.

    • Justin Case

      How has Em progressed? If anything resorting to making a sequel for MMLP is a sign of regression. Em can still spit but has nothing significant left to rap about. Nas at 19 on his first album sounds more mature than a 41 year old Em on MMLP2.

    • Anonymous

      no way. Nas was way highly regarded, now no one gives a fuck. Eminem has made great music, hes just progressed and changed. You just dont like seeing that.

  • Nick T

    .Hating Lil Wayne is the cool thing to do.Eminem has non-stop dickriding stans that swarm wherever he's mentioned because he has pop appeal.Not to mention 99% of them are racist and know shit about hip-hop. Case in point -> When em says a wack line, he's playing, but when Wayne says a wack line, it's a voids all the good ones he's said and he's a complete garbage rapper.I don't like Wayne, but he is not trash, maybe now, but he's still okay.People just hate because he's popular.


    No words.. Just awesome. FYI, I'm 30 and listened to Eminem in middle and high school. He's evolved lyrically over time and I personally like it. This man is pure genius.

  • luuuc

    I appreciated the conceptual links to the first MMLP so I think the reviewer totally missed the mark on that. Solid album overall, and one of the better releases of 2013. 4/5

  • Anonymous

    Not for lazy listeners this shit 1 through 21 only has 2 or 3 weak tracks ..end of the day I'd say what the fan vote is right now is actually about right ..4.25

  • Jibbex

    You all might enjoy this review http://blip.tv/rapcritic/rap-critic-reviews-the-marshall-mather-lps-one-and-two-6688118 (video) It goes very in dept on why he likes or dislikes songs on the album

  • wizdom

    One of his best albums if not the best!

    • Anonymous

      Kizman is right. A sequel to this album should have been done a bit earlier in his career. Most of the shit just sounds silly for someone 41 years old.

    • Anonymous

      You're dumb. Did you even listen to the album?

    • Kizman

      How was this album more mature? He's still on the same "my childhood sucked, I'm insane" formula. I expected a lot more from a 41 year old Em. Even lyrically Bad Guy was not on the same level as his older shit. With the bad production/hook aside, even his rhymes are not as coherent as it used to be. Just having a dope subject matter doesn't make it a dope song. The execution of it matters too. Most of this album was a regurgitation of his older topics and it just sounded tired. I wish he'd try covering more grounds.

  • Bulletproof Wallets

    'A' for effort 'C-' for execution Really could've used a few Dre beats to fill in the gaps

  • Mr. Tibbs

    1/5. I think Em hurt his brand naming this album part 2 of probably his best album. Name it "I Need A Pill and Drank Because Rehab Fucked Me Up Musically". Nothing's wrong with judging artist to the bar they set. Jay-Z can't sound good on Big Sean's level and that be acceptable. Same with Em, Tyler the Creator shouldn't sound better than you. Em has to grow up musically and stop throwing his girlfriend in the trunk.

  • Chris

    There's some very good songs on this, but also some very, very bad ones. By Eminem expectation, this album wasn't very good. But, compared to all the rap music coming out now, this is a masterpiece. Rap is dead.

  • P

    This album is straight "GARBAGE"; lyrics is wack and beats are weak. I give it 1-star for effort.

  • ------

    If this wasn't Eminem the ratings would be higher

    • Anonymous

      i disagree if this wasn't Em it would go wood cuz it's mediocre at best.

    • Anonymous

      Ha so fucking true if this album was made by some underground rapper nobody knew everyone would be riding this shit hard on this closed minded site . Still even with the trolls and haters its got a good rating

  • Anonymous

    1.5/5 but I'll give it a 1 to balance out the Stans

    • Anonymous

      That beats are horrible IMO and I can't stand some of the hooks. Also it feels very pop and it contradicts a lot of what Em stood for. So horrid beats, horrid hooks but good lyrics. If this was an acapella album it would be 4/5 but its not so I gave it a 1. Is that a clear explanation?

    • luis

      please explain this crappy rating?

  • 7 mile boldy

    Couldn't even get a copy of this album when I was out today 3 places all sold out have it downloaded and the shits dope apart from the pop tracks

  • Matt

    I was looking forward to the DX review for this album and am really disappointed. MMLP2 is a masterpiece that can't be deciphered in a listen or two and has strong staying power. If MMLP2 was released as MMLP (back then) everyone would be claiming its the greatest album of all time. What were people expecting anyways with MMLP2? It met all mine.

  • Anonymous

    eminem came really strong on this album. some of the production isn't my thing. that's the nature of hip hop production in general these days. it kinda lacks feeling IMO. eminem however, gives life to the tracks. this isn't 27 yr old eminem blazing through his prime. this is a more balanced eminem, acting like a fool and loving it. the raps on this album are consistently dope, technical, and entertaining. gone are the forced punchlines and whisper/scream flows. it's back to the incredible patterns and tight knit rhyme schemes. the album is a grower. song like "so far" isn't getting much attention. it's one of the standouts IMO. it paints a picture of early eminem growing up in detroit. sampling a song he probably heard around the house. the country rap flair mixed with rick rubin scratches and witty em. the hook is pretty strange. the song is dope. same with "love game". it's just a fun record. this album is more in line with early em in that it has a little bit of everything. some super personal shit, straight spitting shit, some comical moments. i think it's an album that will sound better the older it gets. eminem at 40 something still has a lot in the tank and at times here he shocks me with how sharp he sounds. evil twin. took me back to the time i heard "still don't give a fuck" to close an album. good job em. hopefully he drops another album because he's a lot sharper now than he was when he dropped his last 2 albums,

  • Anonymous

    Jake Miller's new album > this

  • Anonymous

    This Is Eminem We Talking About..You Can't Expect Garbage..This Isn't Em Of Old And Maybe It's Bad He's Trying To Be That But What We Get Is Something Not Better But Different..It's Not Bad..Upside Is Skylar Grey Singing Didn't Fuck Up The Song Asshole With Her Off Beat Singing..Oh Yeah And Rick Ruben Produced This So You Ain't Getting No Dre Bass..Just Pure Drums..So All Together It's A Good Album..Just Not By Marshell Mathers LP Comparision

  • koops

    Almost a perfect album, some hooks are a bit weak tho.

  • d3m0

    Honestly, I think a lot of the haters just don't understand the lyrical complexity that is occurring on this album.. shit, I'm still trying to catch up with a lot of them myself.. I think Em's just evolved as a writer /artist. This guy is obviously genius. When it comes to arrangement of words /syllables / triple meanings.. Fuck'n insane man. Call me a Stan if you wish, I'm 30, and Eminem dropped when I was in middle school / high school.. He shit on everybody then and still does when it comes to lyrics /technique. Sure there's a lot of hungry young cats who probably listened to Em themselves, that you consider better than Em - just remember who came first. Flame on. -d3mz.

  • Bollywongaloid

    I find it hard not to enjoy this album regardless of its flaws. Also, people who are hating on it seem to be the ones who are waaayy over-thinking and analysing every track instead of just chilling the fuck out and enjoying the music. At least Em is varying his voice again and actually sounds like he's having fun on the record.

  • SD

    Album grows on you. It's a classic. A lot better than other junk coming out

  • luke tokyo

    whether its a bad album or not..nobody messes with him..

  • ethan

    this album is awful.the sequel effect makes it worse. grab action bronsons new "blue chips 2" if you want good new hip hop that dont sound like the rest, alot of rappers have grown up and arent half as corny as he is now, smh fucking idiots especially whoever wrote this, refer to pitchfork for a honest review of this worthless record

    • Anonymous

      Pitchfork has no clue about lyrical rap music period and they hate anything mainstream ..the only honest reviews they give are for indie bands and music no one has ever heard it so they can get credit for discovering them. They honestly should stick to rock music cus they don't know shit about real hip hop flows, rhymes and so on

    • Anonymous

      Pitchfork is for hipsters and over analyzes/nitpicks mainstream albums for every flaw they can squeeze out. I think they gave Encore a higher rating than the MMLP2 and that was infinitely worse lol.

  • davisma

    Not really different from his last two albums where he got real emotional, guest starring pop/"alternative"(Skylar Grey) songstresses that really don't compliment his style as a hip hop artist. I just feel his appeal is to whiny outcast types that usually listen to Incubus, Sublime, P!NK, etc, tend to motorcross, do meth, where wallet chains... See where I'm going with this. I don't see why he beefed with Juggalos he damn near appeals to the same people. Or maybe the ones that are too afraid to be juggalos. Juggalos-lite because they are drawn to the rampant emotionality strewn through his albums over the years. I understand the expectation of him to appeal to a broad pop audience, but he'd be better served as an artist to try yo display his lyricism more often that this contrived drek. The samples used were to recognizable and just weren't flipped hard enough for my taste to not be as bland as they came off. I really don't understand Skylar Grey's presence. She doesn't have a good enough voice even for here alt rock crowd that she is probably supposed to appeal to. Heard her music, it is a commercial facimile of whatever is supposed to pass for alternative in this day and age anyway. It may just be some of the expectations I had for MMLP2 to return to for but when I think about it, it was pop driven as well. The MMLP's beats were that fresh in the first place and it was mostly controversy driven. I only see what he could've been as a rapper. What we got was a popstar.

    • Anonymous

      As a pop star he's rich, as a "Rapper" he'd be as broke as Copywrite and the rest of the backpackers from his era are. If those were my options I'd go the pop star route to, respect dont send your kids to college/ I agree with your opinion on his music...... I just dont blame him for making the choices he makes

  • Truth No Stan Here

    Hands down one of the dopest Hip Hop albums ever .. There's only a handful of those, but this is in there for sure .. Most of y'all won't get it for a few years sadly while those that do will live in Hip Hop bliss

  • A.H less

    1st of all the album is really good, people just are stuck in a time warp from 2004 tho, yall gotta accept he grew up and changed. This album is lyrical and not his best imo, I liked recovery most! but I personally think yelawolf and b.o.b are gonna surpass him. Haters i got a piece of advice for you, Jump off his dick lay off and stay off

  • Truth Serum

    My biggest problem with Eminem, his content sounds like it was written by an angry teenager, which was fine at first but c'mon dude your 41 years old. Pretty much every song this dude releases falls into 1 of 3 categories: 1. Angry rant about how much he hates women 2. Melo-dramatic BS about personal shit he already beat into the ground a decade ago 3. Just rhyning a bunch of non-sense together to show us "Hey look everybody, I can rhyme words together!!!" But its the same way I feel about Korn honestly, the first 3-4 albums were great but teenage angst don't look good on a 40 year old. He never grew up, he lives in a bubble so he has no new experiences to rap about. 10 years ago he's screaming about killing his mother, now he's apologizing on "Headlights", but at the end of the day, he's still rapping about the same topic he was 10 years ago and its boring now..... And does a middle aged man still need to dwell on not knowing his daddy??? Jesus Christ dude you got kids about to go to college and you still havent moved past your own daddy issues??? F......O.....H His flaws as an artist to me go hand in hand with his flaws in personal character. He seems to be a whiny, Immature, middle aged crybaby and its reflected very heavily in his music. If I knew a person who acted like this in real life I'd do everything I was capable of to avoid him. Em is the best technical rapper in the world. He is also by far the most boring rapper in the world. My 2 Cents anyway. Last I'm gonna speak on it. If you dug the album more power to you

    • me me

      You're all over the place with this. Where does bad guy, don't front, evil twin, wicked days, legacy fit into your music for teenagers opinion? And then when he gets in a deeper level talking bout his mom dying its boring.....ok....what would you like him to rap about?

  • Prince AWESOM3

    Was it not Slim Shady that you all have pleaded for? Was it not homophobic lines and violent utterance? Yet all was given to you ,spoiled cunts, and are still calling Eminem a pop artist and identifying him as a fallen rapper that has lost his skill, when in reality, it is you Stans that allows nostalgia to blind you from ever enjoying an Eminem album! This album was not a perfect five since it DID have some problems (as most albums have), but it does not deserve a mediocre 3.

  • Kody

    It's crazy how many small references there are to things he rapped about in the original MMLP

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was dope! Lyrically nobody out right now can match it. Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to music. NOBODY is wrong or right. Tired of comment boards being flooded with fools arguing over what music is good and what ain't. It's called personal preferance.

  • Anonymous

    Solid album. Not the best Eminem album but good stuff. As an MC Eminem has still got it. Some of the beats are kinda eh. But he has some nice cuts on this. Good album.

  • Mugisu

    Weak ass Album Why all the fuss about this Album It is just run of the Mill Period. Same old recycled cliches, irritating voice and mediocre beats You lames know they are better albums than this, better emcees than this cat but y'all are ostrich's Burying your heads in the sand, Wake up u creeps

    • Anonymous

      Better albums? Yes. I don't think many people are walking around saying how this is the best album of all time... Better MCs? No.

  • Beerzy

    How come the HipHopDX editor's rating is 4 start when this review reads 3 star?? You know it's a 3 star album, we all do. Angry white-boy rap is getting old and so is Eminem, this album shows it.

  • Anonymous

    4 out of 5?????? So it's only 1/2 a star worse then the slim shady lp or Marshall Mathers lp? This album is 1 star away from being on level with illmatic, ready to die, doggystyle, 36 chambers, the chronic, life after death, the low end theory, criminal minded etc Really? 1 star away from being one of the greatest albums ever? Fuck outta here. This is hip hop. Not no fan boy shit. Eminem Stan's make hip hop corny. Eminems a legend and one of the greats but telling him this hot when its not is not hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      He never said you can't like it but throwing around Classic is not one person's opinion. So the Stan can pretend all they want, when 10 years from now this album will be forgotten about. This is nowhere near Illmatic, Ready to Die, or Reasonable Doubt.

    • DJ twelve Stepp

      Well thank you, Anonymous for letting us know that we are not allowed to like this album. SMH

    • RMAC

      ^^^^CO-SIGN 100%........if SSLP MMLP EMS are a general 4-5 all around......no way can this be that close......

  • Twillz

    This album was pretty dope. I was listening to the whole mmlp album before I downloaded it just to remember the whole vibe and flows he used, and not goin lie with this album, I can see the connection. Easily by far best album of his recently. He's got the whitty ass lyrics and rhymes just like the first one. Only problem he has is that there isn't any songs you could really bump like bitch please and remember me. And the fact that berzerk was supposed to be his nutty fun song was such a let down. Its a good attempt at old school hiphop, but overall compared to real slim shady it aint shit

  • Anonymous

    The deluxe version pushes it to a 4.5 for me not sure why he didn't just throw those songs in to the regular album there all sick but at the end of the day happy to see the good reviews cus people seemed shaky at first cus of the singles but he pulled it off

  • jike mones

    Ok I get all the hate. But after listening to the whole thing including the deluxe cd a couple times, I call this a 4. Yes its not shady back like we all hoped because of the title of the album. But we will never have that em back. He's off drugs, he's not that angry anymore, he's a new man, etc. The list goes on but it still holds up

  • Anonymous

    I give it a 5 just to annyoy you haters lol

  • Anonymous

    albume khbi bud khosham umad

  • Anonymous

    .....if it was a "revisitation" WHERE WAS THE; PAUL VOICEMAIL, STEVE FROM INTERSCOPE, TRACK 13 GIRL???...

  • Anonymous

    taken from a commenter RMAC: PROS Wordplay/Flow-------syllables construction for the bars hes spit---outstanding Mixing----I appreciate the mixing involved....the blending/scratching/voice overs was dope.....especially on "so far..." Everysong is saved with his 3rd verse.. Legacy----best song on album (my opinion) K-Dot had no problem staying with Em, concept and all CONS Title itself------another name (i.e Middle-Aged Slim Shady 2013) would have been a better title. Im guessing many stans (myself included) expected to hear a where Mr. Mathers head/mind is at in 2013..been a millionaire/icon/celebrityoff drugs...death of proof/other D12 members....owning a label....the rap game itself....etc...in a more serious way....MMLP I heard a man, not the outrageous character, dealing with a suddenly crazy life.this is not a sequel.of that same man.. (SMH) The bars--------no matter how you cut it-----hes saying a lot of corny shit in between those syllablesif it wasnt so frequent I could allow it The production-------no one in the world can convince me that this album has a hip-hop sound..no Dre, Bass Brothers (WTF!!!..woulda took even a G-Unit producers)..I can not say I nodded my head to any beat in a week..more so than not it was his flow...too many guitars/not enough bass...WAY TO MUCH SINGING...just a huge let-down all around production wise The songs--------every chorus was HORRIBLE mean holy shit thats bad...eveyone of them.......but he still salvages what he can in the 3rd verse of each one (COSIGN TO ALMOST THE FULLEST, he gets a 3.5 because of the DOPE WORDPLAY and care it took to make those verses)

  • The Slacks

    I gave it a 5/5. Truth be told yeah there might of been like 2 songs out of album that were ok. But not to be giving this a 3 or calling this a shit album. I would love to know what most of you people saying this is a bad album listen to.

    • Scarface the Racist

      5/5? No. You're puttin on the level of shit like Illmatic, or even The Eminem Show or Slim Shady LP. MMLP2 ain't shitty, but it is not on that level.

    • A Person

      Right now, Illmatic, later, Paid in Full, Enter the Wu Tang, No Poison No Paradise, Revolutionary Vol 2, York, Gods in the Spirit, Twelve Reasons to Die, Czarface, ESGN, Be, Legends Never Die, The Kitchen, The Final Adventure, Gas Mask, Full Circle, Monumental, The Reset, Donuts, The Preface, Elmatic, The Leftovers Unmixed Tape, I have an endless list. MMLP2 isn't bad, but there is no way in hell its a 5, its a solid 3.5 (good, but not very good)

  • Anonymous

    decent album but not better then yeezus 3/5

  • Mellow Tha Pro

    5 is the most popular rating. That really says it all. So far 273 out of 389 people gave this piece of shit a perfect 5? Are you fucking kidding me? Everyone and I mean EVERYFUCKINGONE knows damn well that this is not a 5 album. Shady/Aftermath are really doing everything in their power trying to sell this piece of garbage. I bet over half the 5 ratings posted on this site are from employees of Shady/Aftermath/Interscope.

  • A Person

    This album is a solid 3.5 in my book, some utterly horrid tracks (3-4 of them), some great tracks (Rap God, Groundhog Day, Berzerk, Bad Guy). An album that is 20% throwaway tracks is automatically a 3.5 in my book, and I can't call it a classic, because a classic should not have any throwaways. Good album, but as long as there are 4 or 5 throwaways, there is no way this is more than just a solid album release. (Yes, I like Em, No, I do not think he is the GOAT)

  • bz

    the ones who are disappointed of the album should listen closer! the lyrics are insane! don't condemn the album after the 1st time listening! this album is fucking great!

    • A Person

      If this is the standard for great, are all the releases that are better than this classics? Cause last I checked, there were better albums than this that were all around solid, if slightly unspectacular. This is a good album, but to say it is great is a huge stretch

  • Notorious LUG

    After a few days with this album, this album is Great. NO LIE. I'm not sure why there is so much hate. With "Bad Guy", "Rap God" "Brainless" "Love Game" "Evil Twin" "GroundHog Day" "Don't Front" "Wicked Ways" and "GroundHog Day" (Yes, it's listed twice because that track eviscerates all other competition), I don't know what else your MFers are looking for.

    • Anonymous

      There's not that much hate since it leaked people just seemed to hate the singles at first but the albums getting plenty of love now

  • juicy j

    ya recovery is waay better!!

  • largejeff

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Drake outraps EMINEM????????? OMFG cuz...no wonder u posted anonymous because that's the most retarded comment I read on here!!!!!!!!!! And Im from Canada...Drake would tell u hes nowhere close to Em, he never will be..ever lol Hilarious. Kenny got skill but he'd tell u hes not even hovering around Marshalls orbit. Not everyones gonna agree but u cant argue w the best selling artist of the last decade faggots :)All your fav rappers would tell u Em is one of the best to ever spit period.

  • gaddic

    Flawed but Solid Best Commercial Hip-hop album of the year Eminem is back to top form

  • D-Block for the streets

    Lyrics 5/5 Beats 3/5 Survival Bezerk Monster and Stronger than I was should of been replaced with dr.dre and alchemist produced tracks but I guess they for the radio plays. Its a dope album especially if u got the deluxe one its 21 tracks and loads of them are over 5 minutes long easily worth the money

  • k

    no hate bro. if you listen to his last album recovery, then listen to this right after, you will be able to tell that this is subpar. If you dont do that, you wont understand

  • largejeff

    24 hrs after I purchased the album and im still blown away! Love or hate it ppl its not gonna hurt the album sales. 21 tracks on the deluxe edition...chuck a few away u don't like and u still got an incredible body of work! Em cant rap or produce? He cant write songs?? Hes not hiphop??? hahahaha saying any of those just shows how nave u are. Over a decade on top of the game and he still receives the same lame comments from haters. Keep hating because the rest of the WORLD will be enjoying this! :)

  • rodJET

    I think this is his best album since The Eminem Show, the lyrics and production are great, Slim Shady is back !

  • Petter

    I rate this album 9/10. It's the best after MMLP2 and the eminem show, in my opinion.

  • Adrian street

    I bet anybody who really likes this album wont be listening to it in a year from now. I can still listen to the slim shady LP and it will still put a smile on my face. this "recovery 2" album wont stick just like jayz "magna carta" album. This is watered down eminem im sorry, and if you disagree, you just like everything he puts out like jayz fans. hip hop is dumbed down to the fullest, half the people dont notice (sheep) the other half never really liked the art of hip hop in the first place and just maybe like aspects of it. Like a person who watches hockey for just the fighting, nascar for crashes. sure you are watching it, might support it a little, might have an opinion based on the small sample size, but you only really like checking/fighting and crashes, not the sport. so when the sport changes for the worse the people who never really liked it in the first place either wont care/notice or will now start to like it because now the focus is only on that aspect and not the sport.

  • rapper2freedom

    terrible honestly I'm not writing an essay stand will support regardless.

  • Jimmy

    *Yo this album was on point. So sad that it's em's last album. End of Bad Guy was depressing. It's the end of an amazing saga of the most talented rapper ever. Sad to know that there's nothing new of his to look forward to. Hopefully he'll drop a freestyle or single or feature something here and there.

    • Anonymous

      Retard, he said the same kind of thing in Recoveryand people thought he would retire. The end of the saga most likely means the end of the MMLP's and Eminem's passed self.. Now he's ready to leave that behind and he feels that he has covered all he wanted on that and now want's to move forward. Have you even thought about that instead of jumping the gun? He never said he was retiring you dumb cunt.

  • Jimmy

    Yo this album was in point. So sad that it's em's last album. End of Bad Guy was depressing. It's the end of an amazing saga of the most talented rapper ever. Sad to know that there's nothing new of his to look forward to. Hopefully he'll drop a freestyle or single or festoon something here and there.

  • Third Listen

    I think the biggest detriment to this album is the name. I think because everyone expects this to be like MMLP they don't just listen to the album and are understandably disappointed on a first listen. It took me three listens straight through to really assess fairly what was on the album and some of the crazy things he was doing. This comes in as my second best rap album of the year behind Born Sinner which was a little more complete in concept As for MMLP2 Regular edition - 4 out of 5 Deluxe edition - 4.5 out of 5 (I would have moved some bonus tracks to the regular edition.....actually all of them save desperation...which I do like but wouldn't fit) And if were rating the technicality of this album 5+ out of 5 (he accomplishes things I can't see any other artist matching in full As for the hating on the Rubin production......I thought So Far was just one time too many.....Rhyme and Reason is really well put together, Berzerk is just a sh*t load of fun, and Love Game is a wildly underrated classic.....if So far was taken off the main version and replaced with wicked ways and love game swapped with so much better as far as order, it would have changed the entire tone of the tail end of the album

  • Well shit

    You know, this site is usually kind of a joke to me... promoting wack shit for a paycheck, clueless reviews, but... this one right here? Nailed it.

  • KingTD

    Pretty solid album when all said and done

  • Anonymous

    its a 4.5/5 album. hes back for real

  • desire

    its an ok album i'd give it 3.5 out of 5 only because of the bonus tracks the bonus track were better than almost half the actual album tracks and having rihanna on another lp just felt like a repeat of some shit weve heard before for me the stand out tracks are rap god,groundhog day and asshole the worst is def stronger than i was what da hell was dat shit its a better album than recovery at least lol

  • Tm651

    Purposely pickin average beats so people can focus on skill instead of production. Not a classic but still better then all the other bs comin out. He must have put together like a million words all together on this album.

  • w h o k n o w s

    dope bars... weak hooks... ok beats.. 6/10

  • dean

    eminem show why he the top 5 rapper of all time

  • kps

    Perfect follow up to mmlp. Great fucking album!

  • Anonymous

    apart from...: apart from parking lot bullshit skit berzerk rhyme or reason so much better so far stronger than I was (so gay lol) its a great album

  • Zap Sacever

    I guess a record must really suck mad balls to get lower than 4.0 here. These rating are really ridiculous. And to think this has the same rating as Danny and Quelle this month... Only liked the first two songs, they reminded me of old Slim. Everything else is just boring. Imo, Recovery was a way better record. At least it had a concept, whereas this one just doesn't, even if it tries to. And my god, would somebody please tell Rick Rubin to stop producing hip hop, it's just horrible. I mean, the sound worked with Beastie Boys, but it's totally passe now.

    • Scarface the Racist

      Anonystan, you ain't The Monster under the bed, you da fuckin Monster hidin in Em's closet waitin for him to leave so you can sniff his drawers. Damn nigga.

    • Anonymous

      You haven't listened to the album have you? Or maybe you gave it a quick listen and decided it was shit, am i right? If you can't put aside 3-4 garbage tracks to enjoy some true gems this album has, you are an idiot. This album has songs which are EM's best comeback to form since the Eminem Show. How can you even say this album has only 2 good songs in the whole 21 songs on this deluxe album? Even an Eminem hater would admit there is a lot more quality songs than that. Retards like you shouldn't even be allowed to rate or comment music on this website when you clearly can't give an album a fair review. Some people need to stop expecting a 2000 Eminem to comeback. It was already said that this was a REVISITATION and not a sequel. Yet, idiots like you come in here frustrated and give this album a terrible and exagerated bad review because you were too stupid and lazy to listen to the album for what it is. GTfo

    • Anonymous

      You haven't listened to the album have you? Or maybe you gave it a quick listen and decided it was shit, am i right? If you can't put aside 3-4 garbage tracks to enjoy some true gems this album has, you are an idiot. This album has songs which are EM's best comeback to form since the Eminem Show. How can you even say this album has only 2 good songs in the whole 21 songs on this deluxe album? Even an Eminem hater would admit there is a lot more quality songs than that. Retards like you shouldn't even be allowed to rate or comment music on this website when you clearly can't give an album a fair review. Some people need to stop expecting a 2000 Eminem to comeback. It was already said that this was a REVISITATION and not a sequel. Yet, idiots like you come in here frustrated and give this album a terrible and exagerated bad review because you were too stupid and lazy to listen to the album for what it is.

    • Scarface the Racist

      Rick Rubin at his worst on this for real. Beastie Boys were good, but he's done some dope producing with other artists too. I just don't think he has it in him anymore to do it, though. Time to toss in the towel, Rubin. Naw, to get lower than 4.0 you just can't be a big artist. You actually have to be good to get a 4.0 or higher if you're not popular or unknown.

  • Anonymous

    I've heard the singles before but I've only given the album a quick once over as a whole. I'm trying not to compare this to the first MMLP, Em said he was only trying to carry the vibe over but unfortunately this album felt nothing like the first and if you take that away there is very little connection between the two. Filled with ups and downs; some beats were fairly good, others I hated. Lyrically he was great but I have to agree that he sacrificed too much in an attempt to keep his rhyme schemes going in too many places, a couple of songs had good beats but they didn't match the atmosphere of the tracks, from memory I didn't like around half the hooks and wasn't too crazy about most of the features. Compared to more recent efforts the production was more enjoyable than recovery but relapse still feels like it's another step ahead. Em tried too hard with a lot of rhymes and more often than not he ended up coming off as corny instead of cleaver. Was expecting a lot more from this album and not just because it carries the name MMLP. I sound pretty negative here but there were enjoyable moments and Em still brings his skills to the table, I'd recommend checking it out if you have the time. 3/5

    • Scarface the Racist

      Damn, Anonystan, and I bet Em ain't even payin yo ass to say any of that. Touchin nerves with honest opinions I see.

    • Anonymous

      So besides the singles, you listened to the album quickly once and you think you can give the album a review? Gtfo. I Just can't believe the number of people not even listening to the album entirely at least twice before giving a fuckin opinion about it.

    • Scarface the Racist

      For real, Em shouldn't have named this MMLP2, I would've probably warmed up to it better if it was just named something different. Good review though, you make some good points. Definitely not his best work, but it's better than most LPs we've gotten recently.

  • Kyle

    Disappointing review...The Album is exactly what we wanted.

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign. Great album

    • shaheem

      exactly. for those of us that have been fans of eminem for ages, were with him when he was at the top of his game, when he disappeared, when he came back confused with relapse, when he tried to 'recover' and finally grew up. this is perfect.

  • Dolo

    wack album full of outdated beats. He was a better lyricist when he was younger. Its missing punchlines and its schematics are wack.

  • The Real Franchise

    Rap Radar (the site co-run by em's manager) probably has a less bias review than this one, this site fell off a while ago though. Detrimental hyper lyricism? Really? So to paraphrase, eminem's complex rhyme patterns were to much for this reviewer to keep up with so much like a pre school student trying to do high school work, i was confused and didn't like it.

    • Scarface the Racist

      What the fuck is hyper lyricism anyway? That's such a throw-away line. It doesn't even mean shit. That's like what a snob says to some shit that he doesn't get to just feel superior or something.

  • Anonymous

    i always thought slim shady would be the last man standing as he has got unique character, untouchable skills and mad appeals to people but now look at you slim, seems like your days are gone Relapse was the only one album that I enjoyed to listen to since TES

  • speechlesss

    gotta give the white boy a 5 this shit is off the fuckin chain lyrics is in another league even more on those delux tracks

  • Scarface the Racist

    MMLP2 gets a solid 3.5 from me. I'm pretty neutral on Em, he's a crazy good lyricist and has great flow, but I'm not the biggest fan of all his work. Still, this album would've gotten lower from me, but listening to it from beginning to end as one uniform work really helped my opinion of it. Started strong but ended a little weak, overall a good album though. On a related note, HHDX needs a third rating other than User Rating and Editor's Rating: User Rating of Editor. Because this clown who reviewed it would get a solid 1/5. Would be a great way for HHDX to know who to let go.

  • L.P

    I like the album, I've been a fan since day one so I got what I expected. MMLP2 is dope to me, I've been reading reviews and everyone in entitled to their own opinion. Personally MMLP was never my favorite Eminem album... The Eminem Show is, but MMLP is a dope ass album and no this one isn't better than the first one but its not that far from it, lyrically I think this album is better but overall song for song this