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"Nothing Was The Same" finds Drake showcasing new skills--trimming the unnecessary songs, and focusing on narrative details.

Sadness has been a booming business for Drake. Between his breakout mixtape So Far Gone and his Grammy-winning album Take Care, the Toronto native’s innate ability to embrace his emotive side—and pen catchy, quotable pop raps—have earned him critical acclaim, millions of records sold, and a spot among Rap’s elite in a relatively short amount of time. After a steady buildup through 2013, Drake returns with Nothing Was The Same, a record that tempers his usual dysphoria with some appreciation for where it’s taken him.

Drake continues attempts to balance pre-fame normalcy with the perks from his hard work, but on Nothing Was The Same, he finds more closure while revisiting deteriorated relationships. Personal pitfalls and braggadocio are only bars away from each other, with equal candor and without as much bottom-dwelling. “Tuscan Leather” takes a four-bar break from six minutes of boasts to note a fallout with YMCMB cohort Nicki Minaj, and “Furthest Thing” apologizes for the negligence of an ex before concluding with an exultant, soul-sampled production by Jake One. Elsewhere, Drake points out how his loved ones’ transgressions can be just as harmful as his. “Connect” narrates his submission to a toxic relationship. Some of the finest moments on Nothing Was The Same come when he puts more focus into storytelling or sharing his perspective instead of placing the blame on one person or another. “Too Much” sadly recounts relatives distancing themselves from him and worries about them lowering expectations for their own lives. On “From Time,” he questions a lack of substantial relationships while sipping brews and rolling up with his father, pondering words of wisdom from his mother, and sharing memories with an ex, who is portrayed by an empathetic Jhene Aiko.

With less guilt tripping, Drake dedicates time to enjoying the perks of his success without as heavy of a heart. “Started From The Bottom” and “Worst Behaviour” use anthem choruses and punchline-laden verses to revel in victories despite humble beginnings and naysayers, while “The Language” reuses the precise staccato flow from Drizzy’s verse on Migos’ “Versace” to stunt on competition. “305 To My City” admires the hustle of a stripper, while “Wu Tang Forever” shows a pair of BDSM relationships Drake has with a woman and with the music industry. Album closer “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2” sees Drake trading stunt raps with Jay Z before a final verse that enjoys his accomplishments and accepts the terms that come with it.

For an artist with the most number one songs on the Billboard Rap/R&B charts, Nothing Was The Same is notably lacking such obvious hits. Early leaks of “Started From The Bottom” and the bonus track “All Me” took from their momentum, especially without much back up support. But there’s also less fat in general: throughout the album’s lean, cohesive set of 13 tracks, Drake packs multiple emotions into individual songs instead of adding on extra items. This approach would’ve made Take Care an even stronger effort. Also, 40’s subdued, murky sound beds that dictated the direction of Take Care aren’t as dominant; songs like “From Time” satisfy that itch, but cleaner, more buoyant productions like “Tuscan Leather,” “Worst Behaviour,” and the R&B and house-infused “Hold On I’m Going Home” have an equal say. The primary flaws on Nothing Was The Same are in individual corny lines: “Your mama used to live in the church on Sunday / You just go to LIV after church on Sunday / Oh Lord, we’re not in Kansas anymore,” he coos on “305 To My City.” And on “Connect,” he says the cringe-worthy line, “I remember my schedule was a flexible as she is.”

Expanding his subject matter next time around would be a smart move, before it gets stale. But Nothing Was The Same showcases new skills—trimming the unnecessary songs, and focusing on narrative details the way he does on “From Time”—that will strengthen Drake’s arsenal and help him continue to cement his status as a pop-rap heavyweight for years to come.


  • Jacob

    Drake is one of the best.. This album is awesome. Drake actually raps about real shit unlike other fake rappers that only rap about money and drugs.

  • John

    This album is by far one of the best albums out. Drake definitely is a great rapper/singer.

  • Timothy

    Should've been the best album of the year.

  • Anonymous

    1. Take Care 2. Nothing Was The Same 3. Thank Me Later

  • Nicole

    Different Brilliant.

  • Hater4738284403

    Nah. This album would be shit without all the features. This isn't hip hop. I hate pop. Maybe if I was a female I could like this, but nah.

  • Shannon Evans

    Best rap album in year's, he nailed this one. Loved every song.

  • Nicole

    Kind of a step back from take care. If trophies we made it jodeci freestyle and 5 am in Toronto were on this it woulda defffffff been a Classic.

  • Anonymous

    stop hatin...drizzy went hard.

  • Anonymous

    Average rap album ..good music album

  • mom

    The entire album was okay, loved "Started from the bottom, Worst Behavior and Hold on......" the most !

  • scrapes

    Drizzy guh hard , ntn was the same a di maddest ting ...

  • jim

    By far the best mootherfuckin album of 2013 #Worst Behavior!!

  • Breeze

    One of the best albums of 2013 for sure. Relatable from all angles and gives the laments a glimpse into the high life a perfect mix. Production is superb and the sound quality is great! All around an outstanding piece of work.

  • Anonymous

    Quality album, only 1 or 2 tracks weren't amazing, would give 4.5 if i could.

  • Anonymous

    You can't say Drake didn't start from the bottom because he was an actor but where was he before that?? And you can't say Drake is an average rapper because average rappers only talk about money, girls,and clothes

    • Anonymous

      Before he was an actor, he was just a kid living with his mom and you're right, Drake isn't just an average rapper, he's an average pop rapper.

  • Anonymous

    I like Tuscan Leather and Pound Cake. Rest of it I could do without. Feed it to the birds.

  • Anonymous

    Average at best. These days anybody with a pretty boy image gets on. I can see teenage girls liking this but it's weird seeing dudes like this shit. Just doesn't seem right. No substance at all. Average rapper and singe. No variety. Boring shit. Typical Drake.

  • Hiphop fan

    I want to give Drake a chance, I listened to this album and I fucking hate it. It's awful, dude is saying way to much, way to much bs and him repeating ugly ass one liners like started from the bottom, which sounds terrible and is a really annoying track and btw, isn't true because Drake was getting paid hundreds of thousands as an actor on Canadian tv while making his first mixtapes.

  • Nate Higgers

    Best Tracks: Tuscan Leather Furthest Thing Wu-Tang Forever Own It Worst Behavior The Language Too Much Pound Cake The Motion Solid Album 4/5

  • Anonymous

    It's a hip hop classic. Get over it.

  • jukino

    Drake did that shit bo

  • Brett

    His best album to date.

  • LU

    From time is actually the best song for me on the album.

  • Anonymous

    Mostly hype. At best its a 3. HHDX lately has been giving 4s to everybody and their mother. Tuscan Leather and Pound Cake are good songs, the rest are just "eh". Even with the good beats, Drake is just really average as a rapper. No bars. Whiney voice. Even for female songs, this isn't good.

  • No lie

    Drake, smh, average album at best.

  • Valls

    the first eight song are really good..

  • kester hamilton

    This album totally hyped me up!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Mixed reviews I see here. Some absolutely LOVE this and some hate it with a passion... I'd say its neither wack nor is it great. Dope beats. Bumps in the whip. One of those albums that's good if your with a chick. It has its purpose and place. I'd say its a 3. Decent. Not wack. Drake is one of those guys who isn't what I would consider a top notch MC. But I don't listen to Drake to hear lyrics. So I wasn't expecting that. His content is what it is. Money, bitches, bling, cars, parties, his condo up in Biscayne, etc. As for his battle with Kendrick, come on. Drake ain't that kind of rapper. So if he tried to do that, he would come off looking wack because people would look at him like "Come on, Drake, be for real." Just keeping things in perspective.

  • Ebert

    Expected better. But at the same time, I think Drizzy is trying to tell everybody and establish how far he's came with his music. Best songs are The Language, Tuscan Leather, Furthest Thing, and Too Much. (All Quality Songs). He wanted to make a new kind of record that showed Transformation and that's what he did. From here on out, Nothing will be the same, for the world's best Hip-Hop ARTIST.

  • Migs

    He may be from Toronto, but I hope people aren't thinking that this weak, syrupy shit is the best Canada has to offer. Tuscan Leather, Hold On We're Going Home, and Too Much are probably the best tracks on here. Skip the rest.

  • ferociouslions

    this album was pretty bad overall. not impressed.

  • Pegasus Flow

    If people like this kind of Hip Hop/Pop, fine. But all in all this is pretty boring.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is alright. I read some of the comments here and I would think some of you people are describing Nas or Jay-Z... STOP RIGHT THERE... Drake is not on that level. Not even lose. He's an average rapper, crap singer, who has an excellent ear for beats and makes catchy hooks. That's enough to get him radio and club play, but it ain't great. And don't act like it is. If your into soft music that females like, this is for you. If your looking for hip hop, then this ain't it.

    • ^

      You're joking, right? Everything you just said is all a lie.

    • alonzo c.

      Really? Drake isn't an incredibly talented artist? I know you are probably still into the fantasy of the gangster rap lifestyle (you will never live because it's a fantasy), but if you are into "art" and "good music" drake is taking hip-hop to another level. I'm get from your comment that you are not very comfortable with that new level because you aren't very honest with your own emotional insecurities. I'm betting most dudes who hate Drake aren't in tune with their emotions and try to emulate their hip-hop hero's fake persona. Someone who can do "Headlines" and "worst behavior" is a fucking artist, I don't dig his R&B stuff, but I respect the talent and the balls to do wtf you wanna do, thats why he is successful. Whats wrong with soft music? You don't like the Isley Brothers? How about Radiohead? If this isn't Hip Hop, then I guess "the Mis education of Lauryn Hill" isn't either?

  • Anonymous

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  • A Person

    How the hell do people actually think this guy is a good lyricist? Hell, if this is good lyricism, Freddie Gibbs is god (hell, that dude can spit, but as a lyricist, he isn't anywhere near that top tier)Give me a better lyrical album, Run the Jewels, No Poison No Paradise or something like that, this guy is shit.

  • Anon

    Garbarge.. Kendrick is better.

  • Trey

    Bought NWTS. Although it's missing the full 'All Me' (due to a missed credit sample). 40 & Drake set out to make a full album of quality listening at 15 songs and nailed it His junior did get 'meaner' - Nothing Was The Same

  • x-man

    Drake really drops bars in Tuscan Leather though.... "this is nothin for the radio, but they still play it doe, cuz it's that new drizzy drake thats jus the way it goes" and "sitting gucci row like they say up at UNLV, young rebel young money nothin you can tell me" woo fiya!! keep bringin in Drizzy!! Love this album! no radio BS!!


    Tuscan leather - 5/5 Furthest Thing - 5/5 Started From the Bottom 5/5 Wu Tang Forever 4/5 Own it 3/5 Worst Behavior 5/5 From Time 4/5 Hold on...4/5 Connect 5/5 Language 5/5 305 to My City 3/5 Too Much 5/5 Pund Cake/Paris Morton..5/5 Come Thru 4/5 All Me 4/5 Overall classic. Not a single throw away track. Some artists are leading with singles that are Drake throwaway tracks. Kid is unstoppable.

  • Anonymous

    still cant stand his stupid whiny voice, deleted every track apart from jigga's verse

  • Damonta

    I love the album, the beats were nice and Drizzy still got the nice flow.

  • Diana

    As he stated in one of his interviews "this in an album that you have to listen front to back and back to front". He did not lie! it's filled with complexity and it's up to the listener to connect it to their own personal experiences. Not only does drake make you think in his song he makes you feel connected to your greater self. Honestly everyone talks BS about "oh he so sensitive" or He's "the type of nigga that" blah blah! Drake is able to be real about how he feels and he doesn't have to put a front or a persona to look good for the sake of his fans and that I admire. He's himself while the rest of the world is too afraid to admit they have feelings or say what they really think. Drake is able to connect with his fans and he's able to go deep into his soul and express all thats down there. I admire a person who isn't afraid to say I've been hurt, or this is how I feel about my life and my experiences. I would like people to ask themselves "can I connect with a song about chains and money?" obviously you don't have fame nor the money nor the chains so what are you relating to? oh wait I get it it sounds cool! Right? when half the crap most of the rappers now days rap about doesn't even make sense at least not grammatically. People think that being a rapper is putting words that rhyme together. Rather than focusing on what's real people focus on whats "cool" superficial, materialistic and outer focus on life. And yeah you fuck bitches and yeah you get money but at the end of the day I bet they all ask themselves "why do I feel so alone?" because right after you climax and you pull out that high orgasmic feeling is gone and all you're left with is emptiness and only a shallow person with no substance will talk crap and criticize Drake for being in touch with his emotions. At least he's doing what everyone is afraid of doing. Being real! And thats why I'm a fan of drake I don't care to listen to the typical "Bad Bitches, Getting Faded, Getting Money, Wearing chains" raps out there. I care about depth. Drake is thoughtful, profound and INTENSE!

    • Migs

      "Drake is able to be real about how he feels and he doesn't have to put a front or a persona to look good for the sake of his fans and that I admire." - except the whole "Started from the Bottom" bullshit. Dude grew up in a good neighbourhood in upper-middle class Toronto, and even starred in a TV show before he became a rapper. He should just stay away from rapping about his beginnings because he's had a decent upbringing - it's not like he grew up in the projects or something. I doubt he's even been to Jane & Finch, Flemo, Regent Park, Jamestown and other lower income areas in Toronto.

    • Young Guwop

      More like real pussy and soft.

  • Anonymous

    Had it for a few days and the replay value is already dying down... Drake just isn't that good of a rapper. He's not the worst... Let me get that out there. I've definitely heard some wack rappers and Drake does have some talent. But he's not good enough to carry an album with his lyrics alone... Beats are nice. I'll give him that. And as far as the females go, they will probably LOVE IT... And that's what gets him the sales, radio/club play, and the hype. But he's just another Nelly/Ja Rule/50 Cent... In other words, once the hits run out and he no longer is the main man that ladies are checking for on the radio, he'll either end up in Hollywood making movies or go back to Disney. No way he'll last a long time in this game with his one note content. As for the album itself, it bumps in the whip and if your trying to set the mood with your girl, then it fits. But as a HIP HOP product, its not gonna fly.

  • Anonymous

    Why do yall keep saying this is a straight rap album... Its not, hahaha atleast get your shit straight before you start hatin

  • Anonymous

    Album of the year.

  • Anonymous

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  • Da Legend

    Way too much singing on the album, does more singing than rapping on the album. but he can rap when he decides too...still disappointed drake albums never live up to the stature that his fame is.

  • wdwd

    when classic rock fans say "rap? haha more like CRAP" I now understand what they are talking about.

  • Anonymous

    gayest rap album ever!!!!

  • ordinaryYEEZUS

    Great album, this r&b/rap that he made is so amazing.

  • 777

    Best Drake album yet. 3/5

  • eye-roll

    DX puts its finger in the ass of all talking-piece/mainstream albums in 2013. This site's reviews lost a lot of cred after Yeezus.

  • Anonymous

    3 stars. Mildly decent, nothing special. Just typical Drake talking about money, bitches playing him, and bling... His lyrical content is pretty boring. The production on this now... DOPE. Beats wise I have to give it to him. He has an excellent ear for them. And that's what makes it listenable. Nothing to really write home about. He'll get the sales, hype, and radio play but I doubt a year from now we'll still be playing this.

  • sun_god7

    Heard the album through, about 3 times. It's OK. 3/5 stars. Not too impressed.

  • Shawn

    To ppl saying he cant rap..youre are retarded. He obviously talented and your favorite rappers know this. His singing is so/so nothing to run home about. Jay-Z himself said Drake is the "Kobe of the new era". im not saying we have to agree with Hov but how can you say he cant rap when he gets co-signs by legends??? mind boggling.. Anyway, the album was 'Good'. Not better than Take Care but better than Thank Me Later. He said he wants to make a full rnB and it shows becuz He slowly trying to integrate more all RnB tracks into his albums. Im not really a fan of most his RnB stuff but "Hold on, were going home" was good. IMO his lyricism and flow get better every album. Content wise he talks about the typical drake topics... relationships and having money. In a few tracks he does talk about some personal issues like "Tuscan Leather" and "Too Much". Some tracks wouldve been better as bonus material or not on the album entirely like "305 to my city" and "Worst behavior".. Bottomline, the album would be more appreciated by drake fans. Solid album.. 3.5 Stars

    • huh

      good joke tool ..I don't give 2 shits what that nigga hov got to say he ain't dropping nun special eitha he should sit simmer the Fuq down ..this moist nigga ain't gone b king or nun baby cheek bars corny subject matter Jimmy wheelchair background rnb LPs alliyah tats.this nigga got no makings of a hhp king bitch

    • Kwaaa

      Kanye said the exact samething bout big Sean ..nigga Kobe got 5 rings Drak will never have even 1 classic record when its all said n done mark my words b ..n have u heard hov lately he been dropping sub pa shit himself so u already his "visions impaire"

  • Rembrandt

    Honestly Drake whines too much and this emphasis on 'story telling' is fraudulent. There isn't any real story or substance to his rhymes and constantly trying to drop 'knowledge' on some woman from his past gets annoying. These songs with him stunting are boring and he doesn't even have great similes and metaphors.

  • Anonymous

    Drake just isn't a good rapper. He's an ok singer at best but his bars are seriously lacking... The beats save him but the beats should never be the stand out of an album unless your name is Dr Dre. But that's music today. Get a dope beat, catchy hook, and you got a star over night and the dude can't rap for shit.

  • Anonymous

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  • dan

    this is superrrrrrrrrrrrr wack. anyone who likes this must be a keith sweat fan. where were the bars? i listened to this album 5 times hoping i missed something but each time i was more n more dissapointed. Wu Tang Forever? Raekwon need to have his man smack the shit out of u. I dont care who bought ya album. Then i heard him say he lost respect for kendrick...keep singing r and b bc rap lost respect for u.

  • Anonymous

    This is a classic. Almost every song would be the main single on anyone else's album. But oh well..Drake will never get the respect he deserves.

    • Anonymous

      Classic???... Bit premature don't you think? Usually an album has to hold up in replay value for 10 years before its considered a "classic"

  • Hachitori

    Is 4 the new mediocre?

  • Anonymous

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  • GOD

    Please stop trying to say this is a Hip Hop ALBUM. It is a R&B album with some rap sprinkled on it here and there.

  • Anonymous

    FIRE. fuck the haterz

  • BABY

    NWTS = TRANNY MUSIC (Chicks with Dicks)

  • mr. Tibbs

    Drakes best album in a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, long time. Too many whiny songs for my taste still but it's got flavor. Album of the year? Hell naw!!!! Hovi baby!!!! 3/5

  • Anonymous

    not a big drake fan but a solid album 4/5


    Drake is god Bruhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

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  • Sherrylene Gauci

    awesome album! must say haven't heard drake sing in ages!

  • amir khan

    Great Album. I downloaded the leak and still had to purchase the album

    • LOL

      LOL @anon, you dumb nigs, you answered your question and then asked it...... "I understand you trying to support the talent" WELL THATS WHY HES FUCKING DOING IT YOU FAGGOT SMH you butthurt stans are fucking ridic, who cares if he bought it or not, is it your money you fucking black fags????

    • Anonymous

      Why? That makes no damn sense. I understand you trying to support the talent, but why have two copies?

  • Drew

    How are they gonna come at drake for being corny when Kanye is mad corny. They gave yeezus a 4.5... "They be ballin in the d league, I be speaking Swaghili" - Kanye I am a huge Kanye Fan too

    • Anonymous

      I wish a nigga would, boy you can't out-smart me I let you feel like you the shit, but boy you can't out-fart me

  • Kizman

    The real album review Content: 1/5 Guest Spots: 4/5 Lyrics: 0.5/5 MC: 2/5 Production: 5/5

  • Anonymous

    Its ok. Not bad by any means. Its not really my style because its just WAY TOO SOFT. That's the thing with Drake. He's also really corny. I just can't get past that. Its hard to take him serious sometimes. But that aside, tracks like Tuscan Leather, Pound Cake, are decent. The production is the best thing about this album. Drake overall is a mildly decent rapper and an average singer at best... If your a Drake fan you'll love it. But if not, then I wouldn't recommend it. 3 outta 5 I say.

  • DAD

    This album does not appeal to most nigs because it does not contain the word "Molly" or talk about what kind of guns he has

  • C

    5 stars y'all. Compared to other releases, this is just a really good, cohesive album as far as content and sound go. I'm sure everyone that gave a 3 or lower hasn't listened to the album at least once front to back. All you so-called real hip hop fans whose favorit rapper is Eminem shouldn't even be able to rate it, because you'll always hate it.

  • Victor

    all these motherfuckers Rappers are irrelevant when Eminem comes out his album

  • Anonymous

    "Trimming unnecessary songs"??????? What was "All Me" and "Started from the Bottom"? Is it just me, or are those songs awful?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Started from the bottom was one of the worst songs I ever heard, couldn't believe what I was hearin, like, damn thats the hook? lol

    • Bakins

      Started from the bottom was a radio song, not suppose to do what the album songs do. But All Me probably sounds bad because 2 chains sucks...

  • Rake

    Average, 2-3 stars at best.

  • Chad

    The whole album is solid.

  • b

    i tried to give him an honest listen, but he still does nothing for me. he can rap but is EXTREMELY boring and repetitive. also, his raps are pretty simple. some dope punchlines here and there but absolutely no depth to it. ok, you're rich now... is there anything else to you? 3 stars

    • Anonymous

      Drake requires multiple listens. His music seems boring at first but if u keep listening it gets better. This is why he dominates the radio. His music can be addictive

    • Bakins

      He talks about a lot more than money and fame... I hate people that can't listen to music with the depth that the artist intend and then hat on the artist because all you hear are the silly punchlines. Learn how to decipher music better then you will know where he is going with his songs. But I feel Drake, he has to put the punchlines for idiots that can't understand his life, keeps you listening.

  • drake runs rap

    drake gonna have the highest album sales of the year he is the face of rap. Why is it so hard for all these delusional cunts to acceopt that drake is the nost popular artist right now and the face of rap. Why is it so hard to accept facts?

  • Mike

    Great album, 5 Stars. You really need to listen to it multiple times, start to finish, to really appreciate it and understand it.

  • chuck berry?

    Whoever stated their opinion that Drake is close or like Chuck Berry??? Most of his shit is cover songs or overly used samples. Wu-tang, aaliyah, kanye, ugk,tlc even wayne etc etc...Chuck berry sampled nothing or noone....He literally helped build and originate a culture and trend in music. Sorry drake fans but god damn.... Let's just c about this decade claim before we crown him anything....

  • asdfsdfa

    drake fans are total idiots. shit music, shit album, shit artist. he cant rap at all. soft bieber pop, thats not even RNB. 0/5

  • d-block lox y.o

    Charlamagne speaks the truth on drake dope rapper but when he sings its wack as fluck. Drake the type of 'nigga' skip into the prison showers and slam the soap on the floor!

  • Anonymous


  • wun

    darkdreams.wakeupnow.com darkdreams.wakeupnow.com darkdreams.wakeupnow.com

  • Anonymous

    I just don't get the hype

  • Datcoolbrothajones

    Drakes deliverers again !!! most definitely should go platinum

  • Brahm

    An evolution from previous work, this album will definitely last and continue to grow after each listen

  • tha OG

    Bullshit album 1 star fuck Drake soft R&B ass nigga

  • Gucci The Realest

    Gucci Mane = realest rapper ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - T.I. snitch to the feds - Young Jeezy was never bmf - 50 Cent snitch and was never in jail but a youthcamp - Game was never a banger but lived the life of his brother in his lyrics - Nas Escobar never sold drugs - Ice Cube never was a gangbanger - Dr Dre never was a gangbanger - 2pac was a ballerina and never sold drugs after he become famous he was doing some stupid stuff like beating and shooting at people because he though he could get away with it. Without Suge Knight 2pac was just a skinny motherfucker. Oh and i like his music so fuck you. - Mobb deep are the biggiest pussies in rap they are short as midgets and keep talking this g shit but never did g shit.

  • Malone

    This was a classic album. Point blank period. You could tell the rappers who will be around a decade from now. Drake is at the top of his game! This is why I only gave this album a one star rating.

  • Michael

    I tried voting with a 0 star. Oh well... 1 than.

  • Michael

    He may have sold albums, but Drake will always be the corniest entertainer (if you can call him that) I have ever heard or seen. The only good Drake has done is created great comic relief that I have been seeing lately sweeping the internet. GREAT comic relief. If I could vote with a 0 star I would.

    • ^

      sad thing is, that the the success of drake bothers you enough to go on pages that clearly say drake while drake doesn't even know that you exist.

  • Rubio

    That Ellie Goulding sample on Pound Cake is soo dope, beat of the year

  • Moe

    I would give this a 5 but it felt repetitive. The worst song was Wu Tang Forever and the best was The Language. It didnt match up too take care though take care had me listen to the songs at-least 10x each but NWTS wasn't like that for me only 2 3 songs made me come back

  • Gucci The General

    Gucci Mane = realest rapper ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - T.I. snitch to the feds - Young Jeezy was never bmf - 50 Cent snitch and was never in jail but a youthcamp - Game was never a banger but lived the life of his brother in his lyrics - Nas Escobar never sold drugs - Ice Cube never was a gangbanger - Dr Dre never was a gangbanger - 2pac was a ballerina and never sold drugs after he become famous he was doing some stupid stuff like beating and shooting at people because he though he could get away with it. Without Suge Knight 2pac was just a skinny motherfucker. Oh and i like his music so fuck you. - Mobb deep are the biggiest pussies in rap they are short as midgets and keep talking this g shit but never did g shit. Fuck faggot DRAKE and the whole YMCMB movement with there supporters

  • fonz

    this album sucks if ur gonna keep singin R&B learn some new notes!

  • charles to the z

    Love this album, I think people don't like it as it is different compared to his other 2 albums, he's trying new stuff out and with this album I think he was trying to make a point and get stuff out there which he has done. It's not an album with songs for the radio to play all day but this album will still be a hit. Listened to it like 6 times all the way through now and it's getting better every time.

  • Wtf

    You gave drake the same rating as earl, hhdx you dissapoint me

  • Anonymous

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  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Good album but it has less energy than previous material. Overall, the album is good and shows progression from his first album until now. It's time for Drake to become more agreesive on the mic and production though and demonstrate why he is top 5 in the game in terms of star power. Less talk about money, cars, jewlery, chicks and more focus on overall skill is most important. 4 Stars though!

  • God mc

    This nigga is singing to the bank again and to the top again bless him tho but to all you new hiphop fake fans go eat some pussy if y'all think he is #1 at this day and age stop fucking up hiphop and label these niggaz like drake rb when ja rule did it y'all all got made when 50 did it y'all was on his dick odb did it y'all said he was on drugs biz did it he was a clown drake do it he's hiphop new king people do me a favor say of hiphop dick now go run sing that!

  • Anonymous

    Why don't R&B singers cop as much hate as Drake? because he raps too? Y'all are some ignorant motherfuckers. Either listen or don't. No need to get all homophobic. That being said, I am always down for Drake music. Found myself tuning out of some songs, but for the most part I was diggin it. Pretty good.

  • Young White Boy

    here's my review G.O.A.T. 5 William E. Ketchum III Faggots Out Of 5 William E. Ketchum III Faggots Excellent album. PALE WHITE DICK BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • William E. Ketchum III

    Sorry y'all this is the real review Aight so once again we here to discuss the latest release from a dude who prolly gon need no introductions but Imma introduce him anyways namsayinYall might knohim as that owl-obsessed Aaliyah stan from the great white north wit the exotic budgie tat n the wild flamboyant hand gestures that makes bout 63 questionable facial expressions per minute while hoppin around on stage in a tank top who installed a a showerhead that sprays lavender scents into the air n a stripper pole in his crib n calls hisself Champagne Papi but yohol up son I mean only in this fake ass industry can you go from bein a silver spoon swallowin jewgro witta blend of melted butter n warm Ovaltine flowin thru ya bloodstream playin a paraplegic lame on a corny teen soap opera to becomin besties witta fake Blood who looks like a cross between a gremlin, a cabbage patch doll n a chupacabra n call yaself Champagne Papi n still be crazy respected by ya peers b We talmbout a dude who done made songs so moist they could tenderize a steak if you left it in front of the speaker Songs that could hydrate ya skin n cleanse ya pores n shit Songs that could make swans appear at ya doorstep Shit that could pasteurize milk. But yall guessed itits the AJ Soprano of rap hisself the 2013 Chandler Bing the Human Rollerblade Drizzy Drake. I aint gon lie bI aint what yall might call a Drake fan n shit. Matter fact most yall muthafuckas be like WORD YOU A DRAKE HATER Bwhich aint true. I actually appreciate a lot of what this beige muthafucka done accomplished in his career. I mean aint like I was a fan of ALL that shit but there was definitely joints that I was feelin since back in the Room For Improvement/Comeback Season era namsayin. Son wasnt whylin on some all the way corny shit back then tho. On the other hand he wasnt exactly what you might refer to as a nigga you take too seriously neither. He kept it straight lightskinned n on some boy next door type shit n whatever. He was a safe nigga. He seemed like the type of dude who actually knew what the fuck a backgammon board was for n shit. Son seemed like he done got busy witta pottery wheel at least a few times in his life beforeshit like that. He seemed like a dude who would kno the difference between a dinner fork n a salad fork n might gon chuckle if he seen you usin the wrong one or some shitthe kinda dude who had hedgehogs or some other kinda exotic rodents growin up instead of a dog nahmean. He seemed like the type of nigga who favorite hood flicks was Set It Off n Jasons Lyric. Like he might coulda been the type to somersault down a hill laughin or make a short film of a plastic bag blowin round in the wind n have his friends come thru the crib to watch it n make smores n shit like thatthe type of dude Alfonso Ribeiro would play on a tv show n shit. After So Far Gone dropped thoit was over b. The success of that shit jus opened the floodgates to a world dominated by dudes who never had male role models growin up n females that insisted on puttin the fakest n corniest niggas on the planet (I mean you Tyga) on a pedestal n worshippin em like Greek gods b. After that mixtape blew that was itlike the nigga Drizzy had found his purpose in life n was on some o.d. sucker shit for the next 4 years wit back to back stripper rescue mission anthems n audio manuals for dudes on how to excavate the least masculine traits outta they own personality. But it was a sign of the times g. DMX had fell way the fuck offM.O.P. hadnt dropped any official albums in like NINE years n shit Eminem was bout to use his Relapse album to prove that takin 5 years off in the rap game is like tryin to reheat a burger from last week Dr Dre was too busy pretendin he was in the lab makin an album to actually make oneso on n so forth. The landscape in hip hop was changin namsayin The year before that Kanye had got his heart broke into a million little tiny pieces by his fiancee n forgot how to make a rap album.so we got 808s & Heartbreaks instead. Which brings me to my point yo.If I had to pinpoint the actual origin of when exactly Drake had got bit by the radioactive butterfly that changed his life forever I would say it occurred the moment he heard track 8 from that album come pourin thru his Skullcandy earbuds. No one song in the history of rap music ever influenced a niggas whole career the way that Kanyes Street Lights affected ya boy Drizzy. Son must been mesmerized by that shit cuz his entire career path from that point on basically revolved around tryin to remake that Ye joint in as many different ways possible yo. But he took it a step further than that nigga Yeezy by bein on some wild insecure shit instead of jussa straight obnoxious douchebag genius witta broken heart. Niggas always been like NAW THAT NIGGA DRAKE JUS IN TOUCH WIT HIS FEMININE SIDEHE HONESTHE MAKE HONEST MUSIC N HE IN TOUCH WIT HIS FEMININE SIDE N HIS FEELINGS N ADMITS HE GOT FLAWSHE HOLDIN IT DOWN FOR HONEST NIGGAS THATS IN TOUCH WIT THEY FEMININE SIDES N GOT FLAWS SON. But yofrom the beginning of rap its always been muthafuckas dreamin of havin shit that niggas round they way aint had. Even back in the throw ya hands in the air n wave em like ya jus dont care days. Best believe it was more than a handful of niggas in the BX wit names like Kool Luv Ski that was rockin Jordache jeans n Pro Keds talmbout YES YES YALL IM GETTIN CRAZY DUCATS HUH HUH HUH HUH or I GOT ALL THE FRESH GIRLIES ON THE TIP or 1, 2, 3 IN THE PLACE TO BE ITS THE SURE SHOT PARTY ROCKIN ONE WHO GOT THE FELLAS JOCKIN That shit evolved over time into language that was a lot less corny n eventually niggas was jus compoundin all that shit into phrases like FUCK BITCHES, GET MONEY. But the boy Drake put those thoughts thru his own filter n came wit some suckerfied shit. He put the sucka nigga spin on that. He translated that shit into Fuckboynese for you. He jus spoke to the inner sucka ass muthafucka in you n told it to come on out n join the movement. He seduced the inner sucka in you n told it LOOKDONT EEM WORRY MMKAY? IMMA MAKE ALL THIS SUCKA ASS FUCKBOY SHIT HOT N YOU GON BE FREE TO ROAM THE EARTH N ALL THAT MY NIGGA AAAAWWWWWWW. Word is bond this nigga had songs where he was sayin shit like I JUS WANNA BE SUCCESSFULI WANNA BE FAMOUSI WANNA BE ABLE TO TELL NIGGAS WHO AINT BELIEVE IN ME HAHA I TOLD YOU SO. I WANNA BE ABLE TO SWOOP IN ON ANOTHER NIGGA GIRL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WHILE HE NOT AROUND N THROW DIRT ON HIS NAME JUS SO SHE WONT BE HAPPY WIT HIM NO MORE EVEN THO I BROKE UP WIT HER A YEAR AGO N SHE DONE MOVED ON WIT HER LIFE BUT I CANT STAND TO SEE HER HAPPY UNLESS SHE WIT ME EVEN THO I DONT WANNA BE WIT HERn put a fucknigga spin on the whole thing. The whole Take Care album was like a Code of Hammurabi for dudes wit white iphones n females who hate rap. Take Care was a manifesto for the entire bitchmade nigga species. But I aint wanna get into all that. Yall already kno the whole repertoirethe boy Aubrey made it cool for grown men to openly admit all the lame thoughts that go runnin thru they head when they drunk n at they emotionally vulnerable-est n made it so niggas jus started to embrace those impulses while they sober n in a good mood too. To make shit worse you started seein more n more precum babies sproutin up all over the place like dandelions n sharin they own fairytales n fables of not havin no dignity or regard for mens fashion n shit like that. If you a dude who was raised on soy milk you prolly thinkin why we need shit like dignity n separate clothing sections for males n females in the first place right? Yall thinkin whats so bad bout dudes not filterin out all that hoe shit before they start sharin they honest true blue feelings on whatever whatever Its cuz deep down we kno its some unseen forces outchea tryin to get us to stop procreatin b. And what better way to do that shit than to turn yall niggas balls into some ovaries yo? So THE MAN been cool wit pushin all this fuckboy music on yalleven tho yall be thinkin NAW I BE SEXIN TO DRIZZY MUSIC ALL THE TIME SONbut yo you ever EVER ever ever ever impregnate a female to some Drake joints bruh? Naw that shit impossible b. Unless its some shit like Uptown or November 18th maybe But thats another topic yo. Ion wanna get way off track n shit. So we gon discuss the Nothing Was The Same lp now. Imma start out by sayin I was disappointed to see that 5 AM In Toronto aint on the albumnot even as a bonus joint or nothinwhich is a damn shame cuz I really felt like that was the best verse Drizzy spit since before So Far Gonen that beat was cold as hell too. That joint was like my favorite shit for a minute in all honesty b. I remember thinkin damnthis nigga Aubrey might gon have some shit on deck for us when his album drop forreal forreal. Like how the fuck this the same dude who was rappin bout goin thru a chicks purse while she in the bathroom? But thats neither here nor there since it aint make the album. Lets get into this shit tho. 1. Tuscan Leather Aight so this shit starts out soundin like the music from a movie trailer for a quirky romantic comedy that got quirky white folk like Zooey Deschanel or muthafuckin somebody somebody Wilson or some shit in it exchangin witty dialog between theyselves while tryin to save whales n drink warm soy beverages or whatever cuz I never really actually seen none of them fuckin movies ever but thats jus what this shit reminds me of. Yall might be gettin the same vibes But then you like oh hol upits that Whitney Houston joint from The Bodyguard playin backwards n shitlike damn this nigga Drizzy tryin to ether hisself on track 1 or what? But nah he seriousn son aint singin or bringin none of that do you mind if I suck ya toes for you? shit he usually be bringin. Right out the gate he wanna let yall niggas kno you dealin witta whole different animal on this album. The Drake who could shoot lotion outta his wrists n spin a web aint show up on this track. Instead we got the Drake that likes to throw out warnings for anybody who be forgettin that when he not croonin a gentle ballad he also be spittin barsn summa them shits can be dope. Only thing Ion get is why anytime Drizzy bring up Lil Wayne in a song he gotta talk bout somebody catchin a body in the next line Im jus as famous as my mentor But thats still the bossdont get sent for Get hype on tracks n jump in front of a bullet you wasnt meant for Cuz you dont really wanna hear me vent more Hot temperscary outcome Whatever you say b Personally I prefer when son eases up on all the tough talk cuz its jus hard to take that shit serious comin from a dude who wore a leotard to the VMAs last year bruh. Only time you really felt like the old Take Care Drake was tryin to pop back up on this track was when he mentioned that even Ellen love our shit. Yeah the old Drake still alive n well b. But that aint the only shout out Drizzy had to drop a quick Wu-Tang reference n mention that he be sippin Pora n listenin to Cappadonna No disrespect but Ion even think people who actually kno Cappadonna personally be listenin to Cappadonna b. You whylin b. 2. Furthest Thing Aight so apparently homie that was rappin on the last track jus tip toed out the room to let Take Care Drake take the wheel for a minute. This the nigga that fans his eyes when he cries spittin on this trackn what you expect him to do other than talk bout his imperfections while he simultaneously brags n takes shots at the imaginary chick he pourin his heart out to on this shit over some somber emo type music. But a glorious thing happens bout 3 minutes in n the beat his boy 40 hooked up switches to some shit by the homie Jake One. Its almost like the beat jus slapped a hundred naked midgets wit valentines out the boy Drakes ass n helped him act like a man again. I still wasnt feelin all that melodramatic shit happenin on the first 2/3 of the track tho. a snow 3. Started From the Bottom I remember when this shit dropped back at the beginning of the year. Muthafuckas on twitter was talmbout EWWW THIS NEW DRAKE SONG TRASH BREHHHso I decided maybe Id peep that namsayin. After I heard it I was like yono wonder his fans hate this shit.son really stepped his masculinity up without een breakin away from his regular formula which usually starts wit him either directin all the shit he sayin towards a chick he use to mess wit who dont fully appreciate herself or understand her own special secret powers or towards some random nigga who doubted him while mentionin all the dudes he came up wit who he be keepin warm under his wings. Next he usually name drops some cities he feel like he at home in even tho his hometown loves him By this point he usually done said at least 5 things to make you doubt he actually got any male reproductive organs so he gotta balance it out wit some tough talk or some nasty vulgar shit to prove he still only human n got plenty flaws but he got enough dough to make those feelings go away n how when ya girl not answerin her phone its cuz he imaginarily flyin her to some romantic spot someplace thats outta ya budget so take that bruh. My reaction to this joint was basically yoeven tho he still sayin some hoe shit this gotta be the hardest I ever heard son spit without soundin like a delusional fuckin moron. Son really created a new flow on this shit too. And the beat yo? No wonder sons most loyal hardcore diehard fans hated this shit bthe shit barely got any melodies or nothin. Drizzy stans wanted the nigga who could make em cry til they get the hiccupsn this started from the bottom shit wasnt cuttin it b. His female fans hated it cuz like wtf is this shit a rap song or sumn? 4. Wu-Tang Forever n heres where we switch to son steppin back into his old comfort zone. I never fucked wit the concept of this record b. First of allif you aint kno already this shit uses the name of the second Wu album as its titlen it samples probably the hardest song on the albumn this shit is a ballad. That shit is like Michael Buble makin a song called Appetite For Destruction that samples Welcome To The Jungle or some shitn the shit is a ballad. Word is accordin to the legendary U-God that the whole Clan jumpin on the remix too. I understand that niggas gotta make sacrifices to stay relevant or whateverbut its a reason why a lot of folks feel like the last 2 or 3 albums was wackn its cuz they hardly ever on the same page these days b. So when Inspectah Deck tweeted out that he felt like the song was in no way a tribute to the Clan n it had no business bein called what its called n then like a hour later his boy U-God tellin a journalist that the whole Clan jumpin on the remix its hard to understand what these dudes is thinkin namsayin. Truth be told the song aint horrible or nothin but it damn sure aint what niggas is tryin to hear when they read this song title b. 5. Own It Aight so now this nigga jus overdoin it This is basically part 2 of Wu-Tang Forever wit the same Its Yourz sample except now he switched the its yours meaning from how the chick tellin him that all her good stuff belong to him to how he tellin the same broad that his heart is hers. Son I cant een listen to this shit. Only a dude who would walk into a McDonalds n ask for a salad wit lightly steamed carrots n a venti Sprite could make a song this light in the ass. Drake actin like a nigga who jus discovered Wu Tang for the first time in his life on this shit b We only on track 5 n this nigga done based two whole songs round the same inspiration n shouted Cappadonna out on the intro to the album. Shit reminds me of when niggas got juxed for they luggage in Coming To America n Akeem tells Semmi Let us dress like New Yorkers n they come out the spot rockin the head to toe I NY shit. Naw fuckouttahere wit this shit 6. Worst Behavior Cant decide if this shit sound more like the unreleased worst song from Yeezus or the unreleased worst song from Magna Carter Holy Grail b. Like forreal how this shit make the album n son left 5 AM In Toronto off bruh? This shit sound like when your computer crash n you restart the muthafucka n restore the previous session n you got like 3 tabs wit youtube videos open n they all start playin at the same time n shit. Nigga aint een rap til halfway thru the song neither. Up til that point he sound more unfocused n confused than a Swizz Beats hook. Shit jus terrible b. 7. From Time (feat. Jhene Aiko) This shit sound kinda right yo. The very talented Jhene Aiko blessed this track wit her vocal goodness The beat is kinda simple but provides the nigga Drizzy wit some breathin space to tell his tales n whatever. Bein that this shit aint directed at one of them niggas who doubted him while he was on his come up that means its gotta be directed towards some chick he use to mess wit. First verse is cool Its like he catchin up witta past love interest n shit. On verse 2 this nigga jus start reminiscin on every chick he ever came across in his life prior to blowin up n shit tho. Its like chill muthafucka. Talmbout The one I needed was Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree I always been feelin like she was the piece to complete me Now she engaged to be marriedwhats the rush on commitment? Naw son get that Marvins Room shit the fuck up outta here. Let Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree live her life b. Basically if you ever messed wit dude its only a matter of time before son puts ya whole shit out there n have distraught 12 year old girls from every corner of twitter all in ya mentions talmbout U SO UGLY NE WAY I KNO Y DRAKE AINT FUK WIT U EVA AGIN BYTCH. You foul Drake. 8. Hold On Were Goin Home (feat. Majid Jordan) Not een gon lie bruh. I fucks wit this shit pretty heavy. Besides it jus bein a dope song his lyrics on this shit dont air no exes dirty laundry out n he aint flexin his newfound G or nothin like that Of course he gotta sneak in some shit bout how the chick in the song is a good girl BUT.Drizzy knowin exactly who she really could be. That line in the song basically sums up how Drizzy views broads in general b They like lost puppies to him who dont kno how to use they legs n whatever til he comes along n helps em figure out how to put one paw in front of the other n shit. But thats minor. I always use to say Drake really needs to stick wit rappin cuz it aint like the nigga a gifted singer or nothin like that. But he might coulda found his zone right here cuz the song works even for a dude wit limited range as a singer namsayin. Yeah its some lightweight 80s Commodores/Lionel Richie type shit but it works. 9. Connect This more of that Take Care Drake again. I aint mad at the beatbut he doin too much on the lyrics side of things b. Isnt it amazin how you talk all this shit n we still lack communication? How beautiful our kids would be girlI dont need convincing Cmon son Dont talk to me like Im famous And dont assume cuz I dont like assumptions babe Im jus tryna connectwit sumthin babe Really bruh bruh? She jus wanna run over my feelings Like she drivin in a 18 wheeler Its almost like J Cole donated this line to him n shit The 3rd verse is jus the worlds most pointless story bout how he usin his uncles car for like the third time on the album to go see a girl n had to stop for gas. The nigga even gave us directions in his bars like we tryin to go see her too. This shit aint really got no purpose in existing yo. 10. The Language Son brought the Versace flow back for this shitI aint mad at it. The beat is kinda like some Eurythmics type shit but it aint terrible or nothin. Imma never understand why this dude talks bout other niggas bein jealous of him so much tho but Im almost startin to not notice when he doin it. Its like sonwhy you clingin to all this bitterness for? Let go of all the angst n shit b Jus enjoy ya life or whatever. You aint gotta be so salty dawg. Son probably be goin on Facebook to look up niggas he aint seen since elementary school who hit him too hard when they played dodgeball together in gym class n shit to tag em in pictures of him standin in front of his crib wearin erry single chain 11. 305 To My City (feat. Detail) I get it I get it I get it I get it I get it I get it I get it I get it I get it I get it I get it I get it. Jus shut the fuck up already nigga. 12. Too Much (feat. Sampha) This almost like the Look What Youve Done of this album except he kinda pattin hisself on the back for makin it instead of thankin his loved ones n those who made his success possible nahmean. Also he kinda broken up n upset bout some muthafuckas on this shit again n venting his heart out n whatever . I cant front on the hook n the beat thon truth be told Aubrey aint exactly disrespect the track or nothin like that. He done stepped the flow up infinitely since Thank Me Later so you gotta give the nigga credit where its due. Anyways this definitely one of the best songs on the album regardless of the feelings bein caught on it. 13. Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2 (feat. Jay Z) So this the joint muthafuckas been waitin on for like 3 years n shit. Last time these two niggas dropped a duet (Lights Out) there wasnt really no clear winner n shit. This time its a different story tho. But before we get into all that can we jus talk bout this muthafuckin hook for a minute yo? Like its 2013 bwit the art of DJing slowly dyin out in actual rap musicis it really necessary for niggas to have Timbaland doin this ficky ficky shit wit his mouth? Its like 1. it aint like they got somebody like Rahzel or a dude who really does this shit well I mean 2. didnt Eminem play that shit the fuck out already anyways? And 3. cant we jus keep Timbaland away from recording booths already? 4. How they gon use the most classic Wu Tang hook n probably the one of the greatest hooks of all times PERIOD anyways b? But Ion wanna let all that fuckery distract me from the verses. Its no secret that Hov these days is kinda like a pale shadow of his old self n shit. From time to time he still be gettin busy but this aint the same Jiggaman that was tradin bars wit Biggie n holdin his own or the same nigga who use to cook up flawless verses from thin air in his head n spit em in one take 5 mins later n shit. Either he aint been inspired to go in like that no more or he really jus losin his touch slowly. I mean I actually appreciated the MCHG album but that shit aint had a lot of lyrical depth to itlike a lot of the shit he dropped after 2009 basically. Minus a couple highlights here n there. Lets jus be honest b. I mean thats my favorite rapper but he aint exactly hidin his blemishes too good these days. But for Drake to spit his verse n you like maaaaaanthis nigga Aubrey still salty bout his old classmates n shit but his bars was kinda fire. Then Hov get on the mic n he like cakecake cake cake cake n you jus like cmon Hov. You better than this sonn you gon take shots at the Broadstreet Bully like 3 years after he dissed you? Aint he join thru enough anyhow?a beansI aint mad at the verse. It was aight. Shit would be dope if it was Nelly or Flo Rida spittin or some shitbut we jus expect more from the GOAT. To add some insult to injury the nigga Drake spits another verse on the Paris Morton shit n lets loose wit all his frustrations wit bein seen as a lil nigga in the game still. Wonder why that is bruh?a jaynbey Anywayhe throws a couple rocks at the throne n vents n he out. Its a dope way to close out the album so I aint mad at it.IMG_6859-1So thats that. I aint touchin the bonus tracks cuz far as Im concerned that aint got nothin to do wit the album itself. This my honest unbiased thoughts on this shit thoafter I heard Started From The Bottom n 5 AM In Toronto I felt like yoguess maybe this fool Drake wanna step his whole shit up. He had also jumped on the Versace joint n it was like aightI see what he doin. He dropped a couple more hot verses on some other shit. Then he had that wack ass No New Friends record which reminded me why I aint like this niggas music in the first place. But I had the glimpsesthe dude capable of better shit than what he get be gettin credit for sometimes. Is Drizzy a salty cornball who cant get a grip on his emotions n has a hard time lettin go of exes, coulda-beens n deceased female music artists he aint never een met n spends too much time reflectin on the hardships of his upper middle class childhood n tryin to lyrically ether anybody who ever knocked his juicebox over in the school lunchroom or broke his crayons? YES. Did son kinda ease up on all the moist towelette pillow talk n leave the nigga who claps his hands n jumps up n down when somebody brings a puppy into the room at home while he recorded this album? YES. Does the nigga got a funny ass habit of airin out other peoples business n dedicatin random lines in his verses to chicks he once knew (This for shorty up on Glengrove who love when I catch my tempo)? YES. Is this sons best album? YES. Theres a few tracks on this shit thats jus straight garbagebut Take Care was 80% unforgivable to me bruh. Thank Me Later was aight but son was goin thru that stage where his raps was trash. So even tho he got some bullshit songs (Own It, Worst Behavior, 305 To My City) he also made summa the best music of his career on this shit. Not all of this shit is for me but I wont say shit like Furthest Thing is trash jus cuz I personally skip thru the first 2/3 of that track whenever it comes on. Im unbiased enough to see what the vision here is b. So even tho I had expected a lot more after the quality of the singles he dropped Imma ghead n give this shit the fairest n most unbiased n accurate rating yall gon find outchea in these internets I give this shit 3.5 Zeus Slaps Outta 5

  • everything was the same

    Bird man had the best verse on the album

  • dcsg

    so weak and bad. nothing like hiphop. this isnt even a 1/5. its boring as hell, zero innovation, shit voice and lame rhymes. his rapping is annoying on every track. its mby good for girls who are into soft rnb with some rap. thats all.

  • Anonymous

    Yall quit hatin on drake love him or hate him hes as tslented as they come and is right up there in the top the game

  • Black Ironz

    3 Stars...I'm getting tired of these weak niggas talking about being eclectic, nigga get yo Black Eyed Peas listening ass on...this album is weak. This is Hip Hop stop trying to mix the shit up !! Rhyming not fucking singing !!

  • TJ

    This is nothing for the radio but they'll still play it though cause it's that new drizzy drake thats just the way it go

  • Amp

    Before I get the 'hater' patter I would like to state I actually like Drake , got his previous albums n mixtape sand seen him live a couple of times....but this album is mediocre and I'm surprised it got such a high review score. Don't get me wrong the album is quite enjoyable at times and has some good tracks but Nearly every song has typical Drake subject matter: girls, break-ups, money and fame. The lyrics have very little depth and I would expect to find them Ina mixtape or freestyle. He's good at what he does (pop records) but can't understand why he gets held in such high regard, he doesn't deserve to even be in the same sentence as the likes of Kendrick or Jcole. He may out do them on sales but when a huge amount of the buyers are teenage boys and girls who probably also bought the likes of Justin Bieber or Britney Cds - does he really deserve to be mentioned in hip hop / rap articles about top mcs etc???

  • Anonymous

    Only degrassi junior high faggots support Drake!

  • Anonymous

    The best joint on this album is "Raining Weiners" that shit go hard my niggas

  • Anonymous

    go checkout Big Ghostface review shit is hilarious

  • Chris

    You can either way with this album. Either a 3.5 or 4, but Im still undecided.

  • JG

    Def sounds like a better rap album than Take Care, something you can actually bump in the whip without the windows rolled up. But I don't think it is as great a musical endeavor as Take Care was. Not what I would consider grammy worthy.

  • WTF

    Sick album better than Take Care for sure

  • Queerbait

    Drake is Hard, I love his music

  • OVO

    Drake is up there with Chuck Berry, Beehtoven and Nina Simone. Like them, he has revolutionized music. Truly, nothing will ever be the same. I encourage the government of Canada to give this man a national holiday. The world as a whole is forever blessed because of this man's groundbreaking musical achievements. I give the album 5/5.

  • treemarkerDG

    The Language is the best track so far on the album!!!

  • Horwill


  • luuuc

    Equal parts excellent and garbage. A few tracks are definite keepers but overall I give it 3/5

  • HipPOPdx

    I have to space out their names because HHDX won't let me post tem without it saying: "Error Submitting Comment You have been temporarily blocked from posting." Y E S S I R, Y E B O, Ja Rule fanboy, the Drake stan (y o u n g s t a), D E N T A L D A M B O Y, S O I C Y B O I, B E A V I S & B U T T H E A D, B O Y, E y e C o n t r o l, F R E S H 2 D E F, B o b y a h e a d, R I C K Y R O Z A Y, the Anally Pussified Anon Guy (Anonymous & :^) who says "Everything You Say Is BULLSHIT LIES" and "Haha Good Joke", Q u o t e m a n, is the same pathetic fuckface immaturely replying, cosigning and arguing with himself (as other trolls) to look convincing because he is a waste of fucking space in real life. This comment section is a humongous piece of elephant shit now with the same bullshit posts and arguments being made by little ass high school/middle kids everyday. Only very few posters here are legit now. Fuck Generation Z, Alpha, and almost anyone born after 1994. Go the fuck back to your KanyeToThe, LilWayneHQ, Tumblr, HotNewHipHop, WorldStarHipHop, Twitter, OddFututeTalk, TrShady, or any other faggot-like website you came from. Between bullshit TMZ-esque articles and its editors and the retarded "hip hop" stans, it's safe to say that this site (along with much of the Internet and the world) is officially dead and pointless!

    • Anonymous

      I want a butthole on my face right away, I love Drake & dicks & balls.

    • t

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH this is why I check this site. You guys really care that much. Please please don't stop, you are an amazing source of entertainment for a few. The way you guys motivate eachother to newer and lower lows is incredible. It's like in poker where you never ridicule the fish because you don't want to discourage their action but I know that nothing I say will stop it...All in all thank you and keep up the good work

  • nwts bigblogtalk

    Download the hottest songs of the week for free @ bigblogtalk.com/songsoftheweek Artist include: DRAKE RICK ROSS J.COLE WALE YO GOTTI NELLY TI ASAP ROCKY THE WEEKND JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE & MORE! DOWNLOAD NOW FAST & FREE SPREAD THE WORD! THANKS! #NWTS

  • Goddess

    Truly gifted... huge fun!

  • blackgod




  • -

    this album is good. it's alot different than his other shit which i've never really liked, i'm 30 and i'm a huge rap fan i got everything from Freddie Gibbs to Eyedea & Abilities to Devin the Dude to Roc Marciano in my IPOD. If you are a head that likes every type of rap and you listen to this album start to finish you will like it. His rhymes and flow are sharper, there's less singing and the songs are well written songs not just verses to a beat. i can't front on it and i don't even really want to after hearing it

  • guylloyd200

    lets not let this go any further

  • Maynard Barnes

    Nothing Was The Same does produce standout tracks such as: Too Much, Wu-tang Forever, From Time, and Tuscan Leather. But in contrast, the album does contain various low points such as 305 To My City, Own It, Worst Behaviour, Connect, The Language, and the lack-luster Started From the Bottom. 3/5 stars would be a fair rating.

  • Don Dutch

    Cop that deluxe version, "The Motion" is the one of the best tracks on the album

  • Anonymous

    Haters can't even front on Tuscan Leather, Pound Cake, Too Much...classic shit..classic hiphop ..lyrics are crazy..Haters hate Drake cause hes look soft but u can't front on dope music

  • icekrunk

    this shit right here is classic.

  • Anonymous

    It's pretty good, I liked it

  • Fuck lil wayne Fuck minaj

    Dope album, drake needs to go independent

  • Rachael Crabill

    until I saw the paycheck which was of $9068, I be certain ...that...my mom in-law had been realie taking home money in there spare time from there new laptop.. there brothers friend has done this for less than eight months and resently paid the loans on there house and bought a great Honda. read the article... WWW.Fb39.com

  • wouzi

    dope ass album... but its not a classic,so yall muthafuckers needs to stop dickriding



  • Myron Gaines

    Not mirin Drake's gains in this at all

  • toronto

    fuck drake im Canadian

  • Come On

    For those of you hating on this album go back and listen to it properly and not skim through it or listen to the first 30 seconds of each song and then decide that the album sucks, because it is a sick album I admit it took me two listen but the second one sealed it for me.

    • Anonymous

      All of you idiots are wrong. This is mediocre.

    • Come On

      10000000% co-sign thank you!!!

    • -

      90% of this people on this site are stupid as fuck and have no taste. they are either lame ass children that only listed to 'hood shit' but a soft as fresh pile of dog shit or underground snobs that rank immortal technique, canibus & ras kass as the top 3 greatest of all time. there's not enough heads with eclectic taste that just like good rap or atleaast know what good rap is.

  • Anonymous

    kvhraeugbr a hgodaihgd;oihg;do'aiho 'uhg'sohg bullshit comment on a bullshit page

  • micah dancy

    Great album start to finish just keeping hip hop refreshing

  • lohen

    This nigga sing too much 2 dicks/5

  • Anonymous

    Yall be clownin Drake be runnin R&B fo real

  • Corey

    Love the album has that genuine feel to it

  • Anonymous

    What can I say, I am a fan of all things Dick & Penis related, I absolutely love Drake. I am gay

  • ouch, my head

    foolishness. Fuck.

  • ded

    dis bitch nigga can suk a fat dik

    • Tom

      I love Drake so much & I love eating fat dicks, I also like them in between my buttcheeks & inside my actual butthole. I love wieners, they are so good, I like a good weiner, a glass of merlot & a Drake song. Buttholes are my favorite thing in this world after Drake.

  • Pedro

    I can't believe it's not butter

  • Greg

    I can't stop thinking about Drakes weiner & butthole, I bet it smells divine.

  • Killah

    If you guys don't support gay artists then why even click on this? At least he is comfortable being a gay man.

  • Juicy

    I can't stop dancing to this!

  • Anonymous

    HipHopDrakeX, fuck this site I am done coming here.

  • BB

    Drake is taking over R&B, he runs that shit

  • Rain

    Can't lie, this Drake album is really good. The production is good, and he mixed rapping and singing well. Not a huge fan, but he made a good album. I give it 4 star..

  • xavier

    ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!! #round2

  • Anonymous

    15min is up 3 but dx gives a 4 for dick riding

  • sever246

    This album is one of the worst I have listened to in years. Usually it is Drake's r&b songs on the album that are the non listenable tracks but on this album it is Drakes raps. He is just constantly talking shit and alienating his fans. And hiphopdx what humble beginnings did Drake come from? He came from far from humble beginnings and is far from a humble person who is a sucker for love. I'm giving this album a 2 our of 5 and I am being generous. I haven't been this disappointed from an album in awhile.

  • GG

    I'll have to take another listen, usually albums get better as you play them more an more. The first time around I found it boring, it's as if Drake thinks of his audience as if he was sitting at his shrink's office, always going about the same issues. Wish he'd change the tone and talked about other things, it's getting old.

  • Anonymous

    this shit sucked. There's way too much singing on this album. It's worse than Take Care & obviously worse than Thank Me Later or So Far Gone. If u like Drake's singing, than this album is for u.

  • pussies

    when did "hip-hop" fans become such pussies? fucking disgusting

  • Anonymous

    Great album...all haters can hate like they always will :)

  • Anonymous

    Not as good as Take Care. He fixed the weepy R&B thing, but the production is mostly flat, and he just doesn't sound as hungry as he used to.

  • drake runs rap

    album of the year drake is going platinum in a week. Drake is the king of this rap shit just cause you hiphop nerds can't appreciate good music, good r n b and good rapping you have to hate on it. Drake has the best flow and he can sing better than your favourite rapper. He makes big hits because he can sing his own hook well rap more crisp than your favourite rapper. ACCEPT THE FACTS DRAKE IS THE FACE OF RAP HE RUNS IT.

  • Anonymous

    Can somebody kill these canadian dickhead

  • T-Dot Official

    Drake > Eminem, 2pac, Jay-Z & Nas combined Drake = Jesus Christ

  • Anonymous

    too much singing for me but respect i guess

  • OUCH!!

    3/5. its alright, it grows on one but definitely nothing CLASSIC worthy just like his other albums.

  • Vandal

    honestly it's pretty good

  • Bury me a G

    This nigga sounds nothing more than a fart My ass can rap better than him I will not even download it for free

  • tha OG

    Fuck this album fuck Drake fuck YMCMB Fuck Drakes family 1 star for this motherfucker & his bullshit music!!!!!!

  • wu-block

    U be listening to drake n he be spittin sum bars u start getting into it then the fuckin singing shit comes on destroys everything Fuck this Fruity Niglet

  • Jay

    Haters be haters but this album is pretty solid top to bottom.

  • david

    love it when I hear drake at gay bars brings so much equality to hip hip drake is gay icon love him

  • Mack

    sounds like a lot of dick eatin...

  • chu chu

    Good album worth the buy

  • Anonymous

    I want Drakes weiner in my gaping butthole

    • Come On

      I gotta be honest I am a Drake fan but that shit was hilarious disgusting as fuck but hilarious man I laughed my ass off for like 10 mins straight.

  • Hiphop is dying

    Southren hiphop is the worst what happened to hiphop with exception for a few. Drake, Wayne, Future, Gucci etc are garbage

  • Anonymous

    Why does nigga sound the same as Lil wayne. He is not original

  • mar

    The way the beat shifts on Tuscan Leather, shit was tuff to say the least. NWTS is solid though. Nothing classic about it, but there's know denying he's gonna be the greatest in his generation.

  • Anonymous

    Not bad. just boring.

  • Julie Young

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  • Everything Sounds The Same

    You Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me If You Think This Album Is Better That Cole's, Mac's, Hov's Or Hell Even Chance The Rapper's Mixtape...The Only Thing Selling This Lp Is His Name And The Pillow Talk Lyrics That Apply To Women....

  • ThaboZozi

    fucking great album

  • Rizzy Ravn

    This is 4/5 in my book, this my shit for a minute

  • Student>stan

    3.0 Great observation by one listener below about something missing from the album to truly make it a deemed "classic" or even have the notion of the best rap album of the year. I feel this review and another I read elsewhere gives the best description to fans, listeners, and students of hip-hop. The leaks of what would be considered bangers or the combination of sad, drifty lyrics with "in yo face", arrogant, but true declarations all in one song often misguide those following the story of Aubrey. I get it now, his formula for success is dedicating ballads to old ex's while fitting his self proclaimed crown of king in society, however, will that push listeners to appreciate the subject matter more or dead it quicker? What I'm saying is, 3RD Album, pretty much same story lines and news, but here's the confusion. ARE YOU HAPPY WITH BITCHES AND MILLIONS, OR EITHER MISSING BEING POOR AND IN LOVE? That's the tornado that i feel will have a large impact here on out with anything he releases. What truly is the message we all should know about the most popular and sought after artist since his mentor back 08? R U HAPPY OR SAD??? OR BOTH? Instead of more anthems for strippers, and more of the same with mom and uncle, take us to Ontario. Overall, music is still catchy and cool, but that classic hasn't been delivered just yet. Hip-hop Classic that is.

  • Dame Dash

    Does anyone know if he will be doing a song with his Uncle anytime soon?

  • Greg

    Just put the album on, now I'm lathering up my butthole & thinking about Drakes pretty mouth. He's so hot right now, Ima give him a facial all over this photo I have, he would love my fat cock.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed it, best pop rapper atm 3.5 or 4/5 max

  • Anonymous

    how do people put album reviews out the same day the album dropped? Even if you listened to the leaked version, your not going to sit with the album for a while, learn the intricacies of each song and melody? The production? I guess...

  • Brandon

    Definitely my favorite album so far this year. First half of the 2nd track is the best.

  • w h o k n o w s

    2nd most overrated album of the year behind Yeezus

  • K real

    I just can't put my finger on it but there is something missing from this album. Its not nearly as good as any of his other albums. i had to double check the production credits to see that 40 produced tracks on it. It's weird.

  • Anonymous

    I gave it a 2, to be honest I expected something better even when I'mnot a big fan of Drake..

  • yep

    Great Album And by the way, way hotter than Holy Grail

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ovo till you overdose fellas

  • OVO

    One of the greatest artists in music history! 5/5

    • Anonymous

      Joke of the millennium. Drake will never be one of the greatest in hip-hop; he hasn't done shit, you dickriders.

    • Michael

      I agree & he has done so much for homosexual community, without him leading us noone would respect us. I can't thank him enough for being a face for gay artists everywhere.

    • Clifton

      No doubt. It's truly sad to see all the hate for Drake. The man has done so much for hip-hop music and will (and should be) regarded as one of the all-time great hip-hop artists.

  • buuda

    dope album,definitely an improvement over take care

  • Anonymous

    it sounds boring, i only liked 3 songs. 2/5

    • Figures...

      yeah you only like three songs because most beats are slow tempo and you didn't actually listen. you probably only listened to "Started from the Bottom" and "Wu Tang Forever".. Listen to the songs, and what he's actually saying!

  • Anonymous

    Nothing Was The Same #juskno

  • Wang

    Shut the fuck up about this real nigga Bull shit!!!! Actin like u ain't got emotions Dumb bitch u should be glad an album is out U and girl can listen 2. Oh u a real nigga Biotch please!!!!!

  • Wang

    Don't understand the frame hate the album is On fire the review is 2 harsh great music been Playin it since I got bootleg this is his best album Even has so far gone beat salute Drake Leave that nigga alone that album bang!

  • Anonymous

    I listen to this album almost everyday. I absolutely love it.

  • gun2

    aint no real niggas bumpin this fam.

  • Anonymous

    Not going to lie, this is a pretty amazing album.

  • lordsoze

    This is a pretty dope album. Much better than Take Care. It feels a lot more mature in quality than Thank Me Later

  • gun


  • gun

    i have a fucking gun on me.

  • Oscar

    WOW! Drake is just on another level! Nothing Was The Same!

  • Hector

    NWTS is just superb! I've bee listening to it for a while now, and I have to say it grows on you. Drake all the way!

  • Oz. F

    You can't take a review serious when its this soon, it takes more than a few days to really be able to judge an album from front to cover.This is an indictment to all critics who are rushing to put a review first, I would rather have a review a week after the albums been out and get some real insight than to read a critics immediate reaction to it. Everyone knows they have an album they heard with a song that all of a sudden jumps at you outta nowhere that went completely missed on first listen. HHDX keeps playing it safe rating everything a 4.

  • M.Drizzy

    Man this album is dope. I'd say its right behind J.Cole for album of the year!!!! YOLO

  • Jakeo

    Solid album. Not better than take care tho...1/2 RnB tracks, 1/2 rap tracks...So for the most part dudes are only gonna have like 5-6 songs that they can listen to in the car without looking like a bitch. lol...nah tho i like drake but i don't like his rnB shit cuz they sound the same. Some stand out like "Find your love", "Fancy", "Take Care", "Hold on were going home"....but thats like 25% of the rnB he makes. The other 75% sounds the exact same..best song imo..."Too much", "pound cake", Tuscan leather" and "The langauge" side note...why do artist say "awl this next album is this and that" and the album comes out and its the same type shit they been doing. lol Same formula and everything...smh I don't understand that. Its like they gotta say that the next album is diffrent.

  • Sad

    First off, niggaz need to stop this "middle class rap" or "hes not from the hood" type rant..everybody isn't a gangsta from the hood. Cuz hood gangsta niggaz dont be on hhdx commenting on shit. lol. Yeah he didn't start from the "bottom" in terms of poverty but he wasn't in the place he is now. Its music..we got rappers saying that theyre killing, robbing, dealing and all this shit..ppl dont give them half the shit they give drake. Yeah, sometimes drake needs to pump his brakes but at least his music somewhat positive. We got rappers like Rick Ross rapping about rape and cocaine for petes sake.

  • Anonymous

    These are the same people talking shit about yeezus and that is prob rap album of the year

  • ddon420

    Great album. The hate is unjust. 5/5

  • Anonymous

    NWTS same is for real niggas.

  • Anonymous

    the only nice thing about this album is the production, I can't even take Drake seriously...

    • Jermaine

      I know you only listened to hate. You don't take him serious but you listen to the album? Oh wait!! You went even as far as to comment on the review of the album but you can't take him serious? At least you talked about the music, instead of records sales. I give you a little credit but just keep it real with yourself. You not a fan of Drake. Once you tell yourself that. You want even waste your time listening to a Drake album in your life. Simple as that.

  • bigfoot89@hotmail.co.uk

    Drake represents the rich kids in the suburbs that wanna be down with the streets and hip hop culture, he reminds me of Micheal's son in GTA V. Upper middle class emo rap.

  • OVO

    Drake went in on this album

  • iamhiphop

    2/5 It's an average album. The rapping's cool even though he sounds like he's half asleep. The production's alright, even if it's boring sometimes. The singles are trash. The content's the same. Nothing new is being brought out into this album. Good for one listen, but that's it.

  • TKofTK

    Yall sound like Republicans... "Middle class hip hop"... Lmao.. These comments r too funny

  • TKofTK

    This review sounds like an intro to a chick flick.. Haven't heard it yet but I know it will be overly hated on tho.. It'll be catchy and Dude is still gonna get paid.. I'll rate 3* just cuz.. Lmao

  • Savaga

    This review was poorly written. It seemed rushed. How many times did you listen to this album, if at all? Clowns.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is a rapper for middle class average ass people...not for thugs in the streets...get it right.

  • Rich Gang

    this review is a joke smh

  • Hold my Phone

    The album is great anybody hating we still love you

  • Trill Nigga

    Niggaz are too gay nowaday.

  • Kelvin

    Uhhh... delete the "the" from the previous comment. lol

  • Kelvin

    He's easily the hip-hop's king.