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Big Sean's sophomore set is a celebratory tribute to achievements gained through a dedicated work ethic, but its predictability may leave some disinterested.

Ever wondered what the soundtrack to success might sound like? Chances are it would probably be similar to Big Sean’s Hall Of Fame. And why wouldn’t it? With the release of his Detroit mixtape, illustrious verses on Cruel Summer and a collab with pop supernova Justin Bieber, the past year has been exceedingly G.O.O.D. to Sean. Named one of the best dressed by GQ magazine, he even segued into fashion launching his own clothing line, Aura Gold, and releasing his own pair of Adidas.
The year 2013 continued to propel the 25-year-old rapper to new heights. Just this month, he and his girlfriend, Naya Rivera, of “Glee” fame, attended a party in his honor for selling 10 million singles. On the red carpet, he gracefully admitted that the game-shaking verse Kendrick Lamar laid down on his scrapped song “Control” outshined his, but expressed his rhymes also carried weight.  

“I love my verse. I think I had some great quotables in there. I think I was going in,” he articulated lightheartedly.  

The blatant truth is, Sean Anderson’s unwavering confidence has undoubtedly been the key to his fruition. Like Finally Famous, the breakout project that spawned major hits with Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Chris Brown, Big Sean’s sophomore album is a celebratory tribute to the stardom and achievements he’s acquired due to his dedicated work ethic.

Hall Of Fame’s opening, “Nothing Is Stopping You,” is filled with violins and audience cheers sure to inspire listeners. “What you know about having faith / In something you can’t see, tell me how much do you believe / What you know about feeling something you can’t even touch?” he asks. A proponent of the law of attraction, he introduces recurring themes on the album including sincere gratitude and manifesting one’s thoughts through the power of positive thinking.    

He credits living his dreams to his overzealous hustle on the bountifully soulful “Fire,” “It’s Time,” featuring Young Jeezy and Payroll and “10 2 10,” in which he facetiously brags, “I woke up working like a Mexican” and has “three jobs like he’s Jamaican” over a menacing beat co-produced by No I.D., Travis $cott, Young Chop and childhood friend Key Wane. His frequent flashbacks to growing up in Detroit make the album delightfully autobiographical.

Exalting Biggie as the first emcee to popularize jewelry in Hip Hop, he and Nas share the joys of attaining wealth on No I.D.-powered “First Chain.” Despite recently departing from G.O.O.D. Music, Sean enlisted friend, Kid Cudi, as well, but his discordant moans throughout the track devitalize its power.

Sexual escapades like threesomes are glorified on “Mona Lisa,” and “MILF,” a club banger dedicated to dating a mother with overprotective kids, which features Juicy J and Nicki Minaj. The Harajuku Barbie steps into the cougar role spitting a hysterically raunchy verse tempting young Sean. She offers him fellatio minus her dentures and asks him to bump it in her “ass-matic” before children sing the infectious hook, “Man, that’s my mama / Quit messin’ with my mama.”

Sean laments about relationship drama on single “Beware,” but the farewell song dedicated to his ex “Ashley” featuring Miguel is painfully bittersweet. He attributes his ex-girlfriend’s love and support to shaping the very core of his being and admits infidelity led to the long distance relationship’s demise.  

“Sorry when you put your faith in me I was unfaithful, disgraceful, distasteful,” he apologizes over beautifully heartbreaking piano chords.  

On the heartfelt “World Ablaze,” he empathizes with the pain of comforting those bearing the cross of illness, and he shares words of wisdom on “All Figured Out.”  

“We create this world so we make what exists / It isn’t about the award, it’s about the award of being immortalized,” he remarks sincerely. The tracks display his human side and make him extremely amicable.

As a whole, the feel-good album’s set of eclectic beats doesn’t disappoint, but it lacks diversity. Most of Sean’s content still teems with predictable material risking leaving listeners disinterested. The deluxe version of the album features bonus tracks including a solid remix of “Mula” with 2 Chainz and Meek Mill; however, it totals a lengthy 76 minutes. Random skits also slightly interrupt the flow of the album, but if you’re looking for motivational music centered on the money, the cars, the clothes and hoes, this album is sure to get plenty of replays on your iPod and local radio stations alike.


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  • tom

    Nas verse of first chain was dope

  • mike

    this guy probably has the most boring voice in hiphop

  • Anonymous

    Average at best 3/5

  • Curtis Jones

    sick album, with dope lyricism

  • Sean Don

    beast, high energy, decent lyricism, could have used more feel good songs


    This is a horrible review man. Why are you talking like that?

  • Dev Taylor

    I'm a little disappointed in this album. Compared to his first, the production is very forgettable and his lyrics are not nearly as thought out or punchy.

  • Anonymous

    This is quality the haters, fuck you too. To the people with GOOD ears for music, they feel this shit.

  • Fuck retarded kids

    Are you serious ??? Fuck Weak Sean.

  • not 4 me

    very over rated album 6/10 for me

  • Ray Jackson

    Very good album throughout. I don't have to slip a song.

  • Will

    Best hip hop album of 2013

  • Hologram Tupac

    best albums of year so far 1. yeezus 2. doris 3. born sinner 4. something else 5. longliveasap 6. hall of fame 7. indicud

  • Mr Jake Carson

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  • fan

    He may never have lyrical genius in him, but he's still getting better as an artist.

  • blackula

    Now I see why Sean was one of the guys Kendrick told to step up on Control. Albums trash.

    • ME

      Album is far from trash. Amazing beats, and solid lyricism. Besides a garbage feature from nicki minaj,the features are great, and sean isnt the best lyricist, but hes far from wack. And the most important thing is he makes good songs. Not quite sure what you expected to hear, but imo, best album ive heard in a while. Props to Sean.

  • Shaad

    dope ass album! Classic Big Sean sound, to a higher level. He's consistent and progressing as a rapper/mc, which is why he's my favorite rapper. #FinallyFamous . . .

  • bremos812

    The cd is only uptempo beat whic hurts it in my opinion while big sean is a lyrical rapper he does Not know how to put together a complete cd my rating of the cd is a 2 of 5 he's still rapping about becoming famous like he's a freshman still I see why the cd was push back twice


    Nothin' special...LOL

  • mac

    Im a big fan, but am i seriously the only one who thought this album didnt live up to expectations and isnt as good as his first album?? Idk im disappointed

  • ysma


  • Jefferson

    Was really good. But I expected for it to be better.

  • moe

    Classic. This album is killing the first album. Big Sean really did his thing. Detroit Eastside showing love.

  • Looking At My Gucci Its About That Time...

    Gucci Mane is the realest rapper outthere: - this nigga throws bitches out his car - shoot niggas dead - beat niggas up. Gucci aint no fantasy nigga like: - mobb deep were 12/14 years old when they met at the school of arts, - nas escobar lol nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong - 2pac never gangbanged - rick ross is a legend but not a streetlegend but a foodlegend - ice cube was bullied at school and this guy calls himself a G? - Eminem says he hate gay people but did a song with Elton John??? Gucci aint nothing to fuck with

    • jim

      how much of gucci manes cum do u have in ur mouth


      So now we listing superpowers and felony sound like somebody comparing Hulk to Spiderman or something...If hip hop had a Comic Con, you'd be the first fan boy in line...fall back, private...

  • three

    solid. i put it up there with born sinner and gifted

  • Quany

    This Album Is REAL, CREATIVE, & FIRE.. You Get A Little Of Everything From This Album. It's Going To Definitely Be A Classic For The Fans. Hall Of Fame Wise I Think Sean Still Growing. Great Album Non The Less.

  • Jay Deluca

    shits dope i believe in god and rubbbers

  • harvey

    creative and classical... one of the best albums PERIOD....this shit DOPE

  • Anonymous

    I dont feel this shit. Not cause this is fake or real hip hop. Cause this is just bad music

  • B

    Definitely not "Hall of Fame" worthy..

  • Anonymous

    Dope ass album !!

  • Anonymous

    official sales projections Big Sean (Def Jam/IDJ) 75-85k Juicy J (Columbia) 60-65k pretty bad for little sean.

    • Anonymous

      Clearly a hater, calls him little sean, but spends the time researching his stats then comes to his page to comment. Clearly a dickrider also.

    • Anonymous

      hey thats more than he sold last time and its more than French Montana, Tyga, Ace Hood and Rich Gang so its not so bad

  • Ricardo Ufret

    YO THIS SHIT IS DOPE!!! Better than his first album!!

  • Jason R. Snipes

    my buddy's step-sister makes $81/hour on the internet. She has been fired for seven months but last month her pay was $21124 just working on the internet for a few hours. look at here... no they havent moron, their album came out on October 9, 2012 and Kendrick album came out October 22, 2012

  • Patrick

    This has a running for album of the year... I don't know why people are sleeping on it

  • Ken

    G.O.O.D ALBUM #halloffame

  • cody

    This is a really good hip-hop album. I've heard a lot of people say he's copying drake/Kanye's flows? If you are a hip-hop fan you should probably know he's one of the original innovators of Drake's punch-line rap flow, and most likely writes a good amount of Kanye's verses. That's just ignorance

    • Atlas

      you just went full retard bro. sean writes kanye's verses? are you kidding me? this dude has zero lyrical prowess compared to ye. i think this album is passable, like his other one. i'm never going to be a big sean fan, i think he's mediocre, but i listen to his stuff anyway hoping it'll surprise me. but you can't disrespect kanye like that man

  • Chris

    Top 5 albums this summer Born Sinner Holy Grail The Gifted WMWTSO (Mac Miller Hall of Fame Yeezus (just to put ye on it)

  • Anonymous

    He should named his album HALL OF SHAME. This dude bites lil wayne, kanye west and drake. He has no own identity or flow.

  • big sean the don

    fuck haters album of the year

  • zai

    I love this album. especially first chain with Nas and Kid Cudi. By far my fav album of the year. It has a song for every mood. Head bangers to slowful soul. He stays true.

  • Abhishek Jha

    Slightly above average. I really liked only 2 tracks

  • treble clef

    bars is bars and I am behind those.

  • treble clef

    I am a fuckin idiot, sorry people, Big Sean is a cocksucker.

  • treble clef

    bars is bars, and sean got those, the 'hip-hop' people refferring to that got crucial in the 90's is classic, but after a decade of the Nas's & the Common's and that intellectual style of hip-hop, its time for change, and Big Sean, Drake, Kendrick & Joey Badass is a good change, flows over solid beats. i cant stand motha fuckas talking bout dick ridin and commercial rappers and stupid shit like that bcuz they made it and they got endorsements or wat not, the people who be like 'im true hip-hop, underground is the realist' and that dumb talk is sayin this shit cuz they didn't make it, u think those people talkin that shit put there heart & soul into there album and still live in there mommas basement is happy bcuz they so called 'keepin it real', get the fuck out, bars is bars and the modern day youtube rapper thats proven they got the stamina to put out 3 mixtapes & 3 studio albums got this new rap transformation down cold. Hip-Hop

  • trebje clef

    sean is a fucin story teller, he got crazy flows and metaphors, u cant listen to songs like beware & first chain and not give big sean his props, head bangin album, i expected a lil more but it was solid as fuck, and yes kendrick shined on control but sean's verse was hard as shit, Hip-Hop

  • Mr. Tibbs

    So niggas won't say I'm hatin Sean had the best verse on Mercy, now with that said this album was trash. The only reason this album was on my radar was because of Control which Sean didn't have the guts to put on the album because he got murked on his own shit by Kendrick. Talking that sample excuse shit, I wouldn't want to get bodied on my own album either. 1/5

  • MakaBiggie

    How'd they give his first faggy ass sub par Kanyeinfluenced album a 4/5 but this shit gets a 3/5 get outta here Current Hip-Hop Hatein Deluxe. Ya niggas trippin, this the best shit comein outta Detroit along with Danny Brown and Doughboyz Cashout, IDC if it's commercial or not, Hip Hops been commercial since Run-DMC you hate comercialized rap blame them and Hip Hops first Conglomerate Endorsed Rap Group bitches and fuck that New EMINEM SONG STRAIGHT TRAILER TRASH, AND I LOVE HIS OLD SHIT UP TO ENCORE, RECOVERY GROWS ON YOU BUT FUCK BEZERK, THATS THE FUCKIN REASON WHY THEY SAY THE INTERNETS KILLING HIP-HOP, TOO MANY MOTHERFUCKERS FEELING LIKE THEY CAN RAP AND HAVE AN OPPINON, INSTEAD OF GOING TO SCHOOL TO RIGHT BULLSHIT EDITORIALS LIKE THIS MOTHERFUCKERS CAN JUST WORK AT HIPHOPDX AND MOTHERFUCKERS WANNA RAP, THEY JUST CAN MOVE TO CHICAGO AND COPY OFF OF WAKA FLOCKA, WHO NOW WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT IS A PIONEER, AN ORIGINATOR, FLEXXX BOW BOW BOW BOW, LMFAO (CHIEF KEEF)

  • Plenty

    2 Stars With all the hype of this album, it highly disappoints. Wasn't there an article about Eminem listening to it and calling it a "Classic"? All of the beats blend together and are quite bland. His style is sort of like Drake's. Rapping then some weak singing.

  • mike

    Aye....if u dnt like this nigga then dnt comment!! That's goes for all u hoes that's hating from a webpage but in the real world....he don't give 2 fucks wat y'all haters gotta say! Hell! He don't even know y'all so stop embarrassing yourselves

  • sebas

    He over sold it, it's ok, i loved 5 songs, thought 6 songs were average and i didnt like the rest, it's not that i didn't like them but they werent suppoused to be on an album called HALL OF FAME

    • treble clef

      thats a solid and honest review, thx for that, all these other dumbasses calling Big Sean a fag and all kinds of dumb shit thats jackin off to pics of girls that Big Sean already smashed sound stupid lol

  • you idiots

    big sean was placed on your screens and radios by whites who want you to follow big seans feminine ways, lack of knowledge, and proud ignorance. You will never be a leader, and you will always be a soft defensive coward since you follow the nonsense in the media. You own nothing and will complain forever. Cause you think this is real!

    • ^DUMBASS

      That is a shit analogy, saying the album isn't good because it doesn't represent the culture is like saying an artist sucks because he is unrefined and lyrically useless, which Big Sean so happens to be.

    • Phoenixx

      "Hip Hop heads" have to be the most close minded people in the world. It's an art. Since when is there one thing that makes art good? You can't judge every single piece of art on the same criteria. There's more than one reason to listen to music. Saying the album isn't good because it doesn't embody the lifestyle and the culture is like saying Kendrick Lamar is a terrible rapper because he doesn't have many clever punchlines.

    • ^Nah

      Big Sean is about as lyrically gifted as a brick, time for a change my foot. Hip hop is about the lifestyle and the culture, and some of these new cats don't embody that.

    • treble clef

      u sound dumb, bars is bars, and sean got those, the 'hip-hop' u refferring to that got crucial in the 90's is classic, but after a decade of the Nas's & the Common's and that intellectual style of hip-hop, its time for change, and Big Sean, Drake, Kendrick is a good change, flows over solid beats


      Mainstream media brainwashes fools, now go listen to some real hip hop instead of this played out pop shit.

  • ryan

    dope as fuck. reppin the D baby, hall of fame on the top 5 fa sho


    This album is flaming shit

  • bob

    SEAN KILLED IT. Listen to the album completely through more than 5 times to gain an appreciation.

  • J

    dope album hes coming into himself

    • #Word

      After listening to a no. of tracks, I think Big Sean gave it his all in this album. Better the last one and I am sure in the future there is room for improvement. Hopefully, it will go GOLD this time around because if it doesn't, I guess he won't be motivated to release an improved album next time round!

    • Anonymous

      i expeted a lil more but the good news is when it was hard it was hard as fuck, wen it was wack it was still ok, solid album and ma man still got crazy flows and he a story teller

    • Big Sean


  • Irene J. Martin

    my buddy's mother makes $86 every hour on the computer. She has been unemployed for 5 months but last month her check was $16662 just working on the computer for a few hours. Go to this web site and read more... Yeah being the co founder of Def-Jam with Russel Simmons, he sure is whats wrong with hip hop you fucking IDIOT. And he's rich because he's a musical genius, do some research.

  • Anonymous

    wow. this is a 4 album but hhdx will always hate.

    • Y0mKrddvv

      just before I saw the check saying $6867, I accept cousin woz like actually making money in their spare time from there labtop.. there friend brother started doing this less than 10 months and just now cleard the morgage on there apartment and bourt a brand new Ford Focus. I went here, ------> WEP6(dot)COM

  • Anonymous

    i been on the fence with big sean n this has made my mind up...he is ok to fill in here n there, but hes really feeling himself to much n tbh hes not top 20 mcs...

  • Kramer

    Album of the Year so far is Mac Miller Movies for the Blind

  • Leo

    I was looking forward to this CD it is alright. FIRE,GUAP,SWITCH,BEWARE ,NOTHING OS STOPING YOU are the best tracks

  • Lynx

    This album is doper than Jay's in my opinion cause its more heartfelt and more bars too

  • Kody

    Sean didn't sound as hungry on this album. He raps like he's already on top.

  • icecassidy

    better than Kendrick's better than MCHG better than Wale & Cole. best effort of the year

  • Anonymous

    Soul Temple is a scam.

  • diamond

    Big Sean hall of fame album is very inspirational for everyone. All his music goes hard and amazes me through my life.

  • chillin

    I hate his voice. He's average at best. And that is one of the gayest album covers all-time.

  • o0nedflanders0o

    Album sucks. So does Juicy J's.... Not enjoyable efforts.

  • Sifiso

    Yo this Album Sucks...And The Way He Was Hyping It Up..SMH

  • Anonymous

    very average, yet again an artist fails to deliver

  • C-zar

    Not even in Top 10 of this year's albums, probably by teh and of the year it won't make to the top 20. Disappointment.

  • C-zar

    Not even in Top 10 of this year's albums, probably by the end of the year it won't make it to the top 20. Disappointment.

  • Anonymous

    he's so corny and whack

  • Joel

    Better than album of the year

  • Anonymous

    u cant make a classic with different producers on every track. usually a classic has a certain atmsphere to it.

  • Izan

    Second best album of the year, after Yeezus. Sean did his thing on this album, there are a few misses, but the hits are great. Best songs on the album: Sierra Leone Toyoya Music Nothing is Stopping You First Chain Mona Lisa

    • Anonymous

      Out of the 5 you mentioned only RTJ and 12Reasons To Die would make it in my Top 10. Legends Never Die and Czarface were good though.. 1. Kismet 2. King Remembered In Time 3. Run The Jewels 4. Magna Carta Holy Grail 5. Summer Knights

    • ^triple fail

      There are exceptions, its just the majority of mainstream hip hop is retarded

    • double fail^

      yeah cause tech n9ne, eminem, mayday, and kendrick lamar don't have that...we're all dumb

    • ^FAIL

      Because apparently listening to music that is lyrically complex means you are a hipster. Right, maybe when mainstream artists make tracks that have a real deep concept behind them, I will listen to what they have to say.

    • lol

      ^^ Underground-Internet-Hipster-Nerd Alert ^^ When are these fuck boys gonna realize it's okay to appreciate both the mainstream and the underground? There's good and bad in both, you just need to find a balance. I bet you think you're pretty awesome with your cute little top 5 list of albums that nobody else listens to. Man you're so unique for listening to music outside of the in-crowd.

    • ^NO

      Top 5 Albums of 2013 Twelve Reasons to Die Legends Never Die Capture the Sun Run the Jewels Czarface Get outta here

  • norbert

    - Random skits also slightly interrupt the flow of the album I agree with that though. Freaky and Greedy Ho's are kind of weird but the skits on Nothing Is Stopping You, It's Time and All Figured Out are just amazing!

  • norbert

    - but it lacks diversity You got inspirational songs (Nothing Is Stopping You, All Figured Out), turn up songs (10 2 10, Mona Lisa, MILF), bangers (Fire, You Don't Know, First Chain) soulful songs (Toyota Music, World Ablaze, Sierra Leone) hits (Beware, Ashley) - where is the lack of diversity?

  • Anonymous

    This album is very hit or miss in my opinion. There's some solid cuts in here (Mula, Guap, Beware, etc.) but a bit of filler and some straight up bad tracks. I had very high expectations and they werent even close to met, but still an average album. 3/5

  • OUCH!

    10 2 10 was produced by Travi$ Scot. co production Key Wane, Young Chop & mixed by No I.D. Just saying...

  • Fred

    I think that overall the album is a solid sophomore effort. I do believe that the "Detroit" mixtape is better than "Hall of Fame" but HOF is better than his debut album. He is got better lyrically and put away some of his gimmicks with the ad libs and actually attempted to bring something more to his artistry. I appreciate that he took the time to explain the concept of Law of Attraction to a lot of people that would probably never read a book on it or care to know about it otherwise. Standout Tracks: You Don't Know (feat. Ellie Goulding) First Chain (feat. Nas & Kid Cudi) Mona Lisa World's Ablaze (feat. James Fauntleroy) Ashley Guap Good tracks: Fire Beware Sierra Leone All Figured Out 10 2 10 Ashley (feat. Miguel) MILF (feat. Juicy J & Nicki MInaj) Forgettable/Predictable tracks: Nothing is Stopping You Toyota Music It's Time Switch Up (feat. Common) Mula (Remix) {Love the original, thought the remix was kinda weak} He stepped his weight up on this album but for a sophomore album it should've been a lot better. Mind you, I'm a huge Big Sean fan. For as long as it took, I thought it would be epic. All in all, I still think it was a strong sophomore effort. 4.0/5.0

  • A Person

    This is flaming shit

  • jerry

    agreed. Top 5 album hands down this year. Everyone on here seems to hate Sean because hes not Raekwon or Nas on the mic. The harsh reality is that the lyrical rappers arent putting on good SONGS. Most of them can spit but dont get great beats with catchy hooks. Theres no other way around it. I used to be like fuck Drake, Wale, Sean, etc., however, as older rappers came out with let down after let down(think Magna Carta and Yeezus), I have realized that the Drakes and Seans are putting out the best all around music right now. There are a lot of songs on this album that I will be playing in my car and you will too if you give it a chance.

    • Anonymous

      Lupe comes to mind with his latest CD Food and Liquor 2. My favorite track is "how dare you" great beat, sounds like a west coast anthem with chicago lyrcism, great hook too. Remember "Superstar" great lyrcism and it was deeper than I could ever imagine. Eminem and Royce as Bad meets Evil went pretty far in on "Fast Lane" especially Royce. I watched that video heard the word play and I was instantly intrigued I bought the CD 2 days later. Kendrick Lamar is another example with "swimming pools" the only reason that it is so popular is, because of the hook. I actually broke it down to someone and the first verse was talking about alcohol influencing his and others lives and why we continue to drink. In the end Jerry is right a complete song thats "Good" , at least by hip hop standards, needs to have a verse with solid flow that should make you want to hear what they have to say, but it must be short and to the point. Followed by a good beat and nice hook that compliments what was stated. Nas and Jay Z understand this. Thats why they are still relevant.

    • ^DERP

      A good song is one that is lyrical and also has an artist with a good flow, over a ridiculous beat, sometimes a good hook too, you people are making me crack up.

    • Anonymous

      Jerry is 100% right. While lyricism is appreciated, if your flow is whack, or your hook is aggravating, or the beat is flatout boring, then it isn't a good song. And not everyone can sit and listen to word after word of every song all the time. Sometimes you need some background shit and backpack underground lyricism is not the best for noddin ya head to. Sometimes you need a good catchy hook to sing along with. If you can't appreciate that, then I dunno what to tell ya. Except that you're a bit of a strange cunt.

    • Anonymous

      " The harsh reality is that the lyrical rappers arent putting on good SONGS. Most of them can spit but dont get great beats with catchy hooks" WTF are you talking about bro?you'd rather listen to stuff with "great beats and catchy hooks" (ex:mula) than lyrical stuff that actually forces you to utilize your brain in order to fully understand ????

    • ^NO

      Top 5 Albums of 2013 Twelve Reasons to Die Legends Never Die Capture the Sun Run the Jewels Czarface

  • Cj

    Much better than a lot of albums like yeezus

  • asher1985

    First of all Yeezus sounds nothing like HOF, also Big Sean has been rapping just as long if not longer than Drake, ever thought that maybe Drake sounds like Big Sean? Oh and he sounds nothing like Wayne either. Your comment makes no sense at all

  • asher1985

    I don't care what anyone says, this is one of the top 5 rap albums released this year. Better than Kanye and Jay Z without a doubt. Also better than J cole's if you ask me. For some reason people hate on Big Sean, I think it's because he doesn't try to pretend he's hard and is just himself. Whatever the reason I respect his abilities as a rapper.

  • Fuck MGK

    Trash Detroit version of lil wayne this shit for the kids on the yellow bus

  • jay

    Big fan. Great album. Eventually people will realize Big Sean i one of the best out right now

  • Anonymous

    in other words this album is ASS

  • Anonymous

    "Exalting Biggie as the first emcee to popularize jewelry in Hip Hop" What about Slick Rick?? Hiphopdx doesn't even know hiphop's history...

    • zivaldo

      lol. Slick Rick, Rakim, Kane, Run DMC, LL were truckin' jewels waaaay before Big. Matter of fact I don't think Big was even recognized for wearing a lot of jewelry. Not just the fans, but even young artists like Sean are too lazy to dig back a little bit and see who really started these trends.

  • Dofosho

    Wow really? This album actually shows a grown up Big Sean w/o all the adlibs that people come to expect. The only song that sucks is "Fire". The rest of the album is just that... FIRE! I am not the biggest Big Sean fan, but I have to say that this album is really mature and has good subject matter. Definitely a 4 out of 5. The song "All Figured Out" is simply outstanding and should be getting more praise. Im giving it a 5 on here just to bring the ridiculously low rating up.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga has no own identity he sounds like kanye, wayne and faggot drake. his flow and voice are horrible and for the 100.000 time you aint B.I.G. your are weak, wack, annoying etc

  • TeamDAR

    Shit's kinda weak. Review Speed on the Beat. Made a rhyme, fuck your crimes I'll kill Sean's shit in my sleep #IMGEEKING #TeamDAR

  • Gucci The Realest

    Fuck HHDX for deleting my posts! You fucking YMCMB and Ja Rule faggots. You just mad that Gucci is a real nigga and you favorite rapper is a faggot! Oh and Small Sean you are the same faggot. Aint no stopping the GUCCI ARMY

  • whoa

    Ouch. If Yeezus got a 4.5 by HHDX, and MCHG got a 4, this probably deserves a 5.

  • norbert

    Hall Of Fame is dope!

  • trash

    2 good tracks that is all