Tony Touch - Piece Maker Vol. 3: Return Of The 50 MCs

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"Piecemaker Vol. 3: Return of the 50 MCs" is a mixtape in its truest form, for better or worse-showcasing both great collaborations at times and some filler.

The connotation of the word “mixtape” has changed. During Hip Hop’s Golden Era, a mixtape was put out by a deejay, and it featured various artists, scratches, shout outs...the works. Now, a mixtape could simply be an album sometimes released for free by an artist to avoid paying for sample clearances and guest features. The Piece Maker Vol. 3: Return of the 50 MCs takes it back to when mixtapes were mixtapes, the results, as expected are a mixed bag (no pun intended).

Piece Maker Vol. 3 features a combination of classic mixtape favorites, and a couple of newer additions. While tracks like “BARS” features the LOX, “It’s A Queen’s Thing” showcases Action Bronson and Kool G Rap, who both flow smoothly over a laid back track provided by Statik Selektah. “Take it to the Bronx” features mixtape vets, Fat Joe, Sadat X, and KRS-One with an upbeat flow. The presence of Shady Records is felt on multiple occasions on Piecemaker Vol. 3. Eminem appears with lines reminiscent of the “old Eminem” that his fans often ask for on “Symphony In H.” Eminem raps, “Plus you remind me of cocaine hoe / You always in a mirror with your face, so I feel an urge to put you all in a line and, chop you up with a razer blade / Yo, wait, I’m an a hole / Devil with a halo / Yeah I nailed J-Lo…to a railroad...” Meanwhile a Joe Budden-less Slaughterhouse kills “Slaughter Session,” dropping an abundance of punchlines over a triumphant Just Blaze beat. It’s the kind of material that fits perfect on a classic style mixtape.

While Piecemaker Vol. 3 has its highlights, it’s not without its flaws. At times, the production of the Beatnuts (which covers most of the project) can feel dated, as do some of the featured emcees. On “Double A” AG and Masta Ace seem stuck in early ‘90s, over a slow, sleepy instrumental. Too Short brags of rapping since 1980 on “VIP,” and his flow and rhymes sound like they were written then also, especially when put next to what sounds like a reinvigorated Xzibit. Prodigy rapping “She dig me…like archeology / She looking for a big bone, she done hit the lottery” on “Street Corner Freestyle” also comes off incredibly bad.

Piecemaker Vol. 3: Return of the 50 MCs is a mixtape in its truest form, for better or worse. While some of the tracks are likely to create excitement for future projects (A new LOX album), or force people to go back and check the newer material of the featured artists (Papoose holds his own on “Brooklyn’s The Borough”), other tracks will probably be heard once, and never listened to again. While some will champion this as “true Hip Hop,” the abundance of filler can’t be ignored.



  • Anonymous

    The beats are on point for the most part. I appreciate how Toca puts 50+ emcees on each project to keep up with his "50 Emcees" theme but I would rather hear hot rhymes from 20 dope rappers than dated lyrics from past-their-prime rappers like Too $hort and the Beatnuts.

  • Anonymous

    "On Double A AG and Masta Ace seem stuck in early 90s" Y'all trippin for sure. That was one of the best tracks on this join. Masta Ace's verse was killer.

  • DWondah

    I loved all 3 50 MC's mixtapes from back in the day. It's dope to see all the cameos once again bless the mic for Tony Toca. Nuff respect to the legend Tony with another banger for your speakers.. that real shit.

  • Giuliano

    Weak review, this holds up to anything that's come out this year. Really not as much filler as Bruce Smith seems to think. 4/5

  • c-dark13

    Every track is pure gold

  • Anonymous

    > RICK ROSS is the Best Lyricist in the game >

  • Klap

    This is what HipHop needs! A must have for any fan of true rap music!

  • DFlo

    Dope album, people need to cop this

  • banannaz Production Credits: Red Cafe, Chinx Drugz, Kid Ink & More........

  • banannaz Production Credits: Red Cafe, Chinx Drugz, Kid Ink & More......

  • SDK


  • Bulletproof Wallets

    Ill shit. Dope format. Couldn't be more pleased. TOCA!!!

  • son of a sax

    I'd give it a 3.5. Not the best, but it is a solid piece of work. Worthy of spins. My only problem with it is ALOT of the guest spots. MAN, I can think of alot of other emcees, that would of made a few of the songs better. But you gotta please everybody and Tony has been doing this since the Maxell and TDK days. Nuff respect. 1ne

    • son of a sax

      OH YEAH!!! And thanks for finally getting The Beatnuts and Liks in the same room together. Hopefully now, they might start working on that album they promised us. LOL!!!!

  • Anonymous

    C'mon guys this HHDX they post dope sht to hate on it nd cosign popular shit to get bigger. What do you expect?

  • Anonymous

    this album is way better than jay z album!

    • Lasmooth

      Man yawl some stupid niggas. You can't compare this album to jay Z album cause the peace maker is mix tape album with abundance of mcs & producers to the truest form. Jay z album is recorded by him with couple of guest spots that's different category Idiots.

    • Anonymous

      "this album is way better than jay z album!" - this is stated as a fact "I like this album is way better than jay z album!" - this is stated as an opinion an opinion is not a fact

    • Anonymous

      "I agree with you. Its just that some people will give good review for albums they like while bad ones for those they don't like. I have listened to this album twice and is amazing." - just like you did there, right?

    • Anonymous

      cant compare

    • mike

      I agree with you. Its just that some people will give good review for albums they like while bad ones for those they don't like. I have listened to this album twice and is amazing.

  • cinavenom

    This album is amazing why the bad review, even Eminem did his thing on this one. Dope ass album.

  • John

    Hey you guys should really check out my friends music. He got talent

  • Anonymous

    rather have single albums from all of them than this

  • son of a sax

    With offerings, such as this one. You just learn to appreciate whut your getting. Alot of the heavy hitters that WE grew up with. The ones you saw on the tracklist, that made you go out and cop the album. Have already earn their stripes and have nuthin else to prove. What else does Krs need to say or do??? And to be honest, i'd rather hear alot of " golden era emcess" on a mixtape capacity. That way, they don't have to carry the whole weight of a 10-15 song LP. Cause alot of their BEST years was left in the mid to late 90s. Thats just keepin it right.

  • tony toca

    The Lox track is dope only group still sound as good now as when they came out. Real nice shit I fucks wit it

  • brahman

    I loved that album but why review was that harsh?

  • word

    Everything since Piece Maker 1 from Tony Touch been trash. I miss his cassettes.